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#albedo x reader
abyssheart · 2 days ago
falling in love [genshin impact x gn!reader]
pairings: albedo, childe, diluc, gorou, kaeya, scaramouche, thoma, xiao, zhongli x gn!reader tw/cw: brief descriptions of gore in childe's, alcohol consumption in kaeya's, and tooth-rotting fluff <3 word count: 1.6k
Tumblr media
Within Albedo’s lab, nothing but the way of scientific thinking existed. His understanding of its philosophy was flawless, nary a trace of bias, his data always pristine, and his emotions erased. That was, until his new lab assistant arrived.
To him, you were like a newborn calf, crying out for him every time you needed his opinion on something, instructions, or even help with particularly difficult problems. He’d always reach out to give you the attention you needed, with a bit of extra fueled by love on the side.
Of course, you were oblivious to the love part, and so was he.
Within his lab now is the light, rosy scent of love, his work now tainted by his feelings for you. His data is stained pink with the liking he has taken to you, and the color of methyl orange indicator in his titrations now seem…pinker, strangely. But of course, none of these anomalies are even scientifically possible, and so he sets out to investigate.
He squints for the last time at the conical flask containing this coral shade, and then looked back at you, who is busy with work. Gently, he places the glass container down behind him without so much as a clink, and gazes upon your form.
Perhaps, he thought, perhaps you are the cause of the recent anomalies I have documented.
Tumblr media
Within Childe’s adrenaline-seeking heart, a warm love blossoms, and within it lies your sleeping figure.
He remembers monsters charging at him, growling and roaring, the sound of flesh being ripped apart by blade. And he looks at your sleeping visage, bearing not a trace of tension. His hand extends towards you, calloused fingertips making contact with the soft skin of your cheek, the silence of the room not obtuse, but filled with your soft breathing, and his own in sync with it.
Under the moonlight, just like now, he had fought beasts beyond what man could fathom, barely escaping with his life. But now, before him lies the one he loves, sleeping, instead of defeated monsters, dead.
What was once trivial to him, paling in comparison to world domination, has now become important.
His heart, once purely seeking action, now seeks your love as well.
Tumblr media
Mondstadt’s very own vigilante, Diluc, had previously believed that he would have to face the trials and tribulations of life alone. Of course, when he met you, he still believed the same. You weren’t particularly special to him—he thought of you as yet another stranger who wouldn’t be able to help him.
He was dead wrong.
You blossomed into what he could only consider to be the perfect companion, and though it took years for the both of you to come to this stage of friendship, to be able to sit on his roof and watch the sunset in comfortable silence, to be able to share your problems with him and him you, he has to admit, he’s the one who’s the cause of it all taking so long.
As he gazes into the swirling depths of your eyes, he thinks, if only he’d let his walls down quicker. Because for the first time in his life, he wants more. More, more, more. He can’t hold back any longer, so he presses his lips to yours.
Tumblr media
Everyone but you knows that Gorou has taken a great liking to you, as evidenced by his tail wagging furiously every time he talks to you. He also talks way too much to you, a mere sergeant in the resistance corps.
“Hey, Y/N, take a look at this please?”
“…General Gorou, I don’t even understand what I’m looking at.”
“Rationing plans!”
When seen running across Watatsumi island, tail wagging and stack of documents in hand, one knows exactly what Gorou is about to do—find you and ask for your opinion on the resistance’s operations, but really, it’s just an excuse to see you. And, really, his excuses to talk to you are just so poor, he can’t possibly do worse.
Now, though, he stands before the door to your barracks, tail rapidly moving left and right, a bouquet of flowers behind his back. No more poor excuses. No more hiding his feelings from you.
He steels his will, and walks towards you.
Tumblr media
The burn of alcohol down his throat is a sensation Kaeya has come to associate very closely with your company in Angel’s Share. Knights, criminals, civilians alike—all within his reach, should he choose to simply extend a glass. He is an affable man, to the extent that truths, secrets, and personal weaknesses slip from the mouths of his drinking buddies.
Mondstadt has been whipped into order following the advent of your presence within the City of Freedom. But when Death After Noon is in stock, crime rate goes up a significant amount, and that social order wavers just a little, for Kaeya is a greedy man who covets both the pleasure of drink and your company.
Under the dim, warm lighting of the tavern, he waits, fingernails tapping against the surface of the counter. The sound of the tavern’s door opening cuts through the fluff of the static, background noise of the room that he barely registers. A smile tugs at his lips, and as he turns to face you, he feels himself losing his tight grip on himself, his deliberateness, his calculatedness. This time, instead of maintaining a poor, loose hold on himself, he voluntarily lets go. If he is to pursue your heart, he will leave his own open to you.
Tumblr media
Scaramouche can remember being angry with a person, but not without a person. That person, of course, is you.
Your presence infuriates him. But your absence? It fuels the veritable inferno blazing in his heart. His patience has a shorter fuse; he snaps easily without you. You are akin to his reinforcement cable, for all it takes from you is your presence and a gentle smile at him for him to calm down.
“Kuni,” you start gently, but do not have to continue.
“…Tch. You’re lucky I like you.”
And when your smile widens, his heartbeat speeds up just a little, and his face heats up just a little. With a flourish, he turns his back to you, and walks off in silence.
And he wonders if you’ll ever notice that he does not like you just as a companion, but as a partner, because he doesn’t know if he could ever swallow his pride to tell you that.
Tumblr media
Thoma can’t believe it when he sees you on Inazuman streets. The child with whom he’d played tag with countless times has grown up to be such a beautiful young person. Though his memory of you is old, the person looking back at him with what is probably the same expression as his is most definitely, most unmistakably you.
“Thoma? That’ll be 3500 Mora.”
He hurriedly pays, collects the goods, and looks back. But you’re gone. It’s only the second time he sees you that he gets to exchange words with you.
It is most definitely, most unmistakably you. Just as he did when you were children, he links his arm through yours, roaming the streets of Inazuma. He doesn’t know it right now, but this’ll be a classic case of reunited childhood friends becoming lovers. Be patient, Thoma, soon they’ll return the affections you always had for them.
Tumblr media
Xiao swears he hasn’t seen something so pretty since he’d discovered crystalflies.
Stray strands of your hair shining in the sunlight, or your features illuminated in the moonlight—how he wishes he could get closer to you so he can have a better look. And during the fifth time (he’s counted) he sees you, he feels his heartbeat speed up and his face heats up.
For now, though, you’re something of a crystalfly to him. He can’t get too close to you, or you’ll fly away.
That is, until you finally catch on that someone’s been watching. “Come on out,” you command, and Xiao finds that he does not resist your order, almost immediately appearing before you. Before he even realizes what he’s done, he feels something in his chest bloom. The look in your eyes, up close, stirs something within him.
To you right now, however, he is just a strange boy who appeared out of thin air. One day, that boy will learn of what exactly it is he feels for you, and you will grow to reciprocate this affection.
Tumblr media
The stone-cold heart within the god’s chest finally stirs as you walk past him for the first time. Who is this beautiful person with such an alluring scent, dressed in such sophistication?
“Who is that?” Zhongli murmurs softly to himself.
“That? That’s Y/N,” a passer-by who happens to hear him informs, also gazing at your form as you walk away from them. “Beautiful, aren’t they?”
“…Yes,” Zhongli finds himself agreeing. “Yes, they are.”
Steadily, the thrum of his Gnosis guides him to you, whom he so desires.
Your speech is gentle, your words mild and your tone unremarkable. You do not stand out from the crowd of personalities he has memorized. But to him, you are all he can see within the sea of faces.
His Gnosis calls out your name.
And so he pursues you, his attempts pure and eloquently conveying his affections for you. But be careful, lest you fall completely senseless for him.
Tumblr media
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wispycecilia · a day ago
hey , pretty stranger !
genshin characters as strangers you’ve met
various! genshin impact x reader. (albedo, childe, diluc, fischl, gorou, hu tao, itto, kaeya, kazuha, scaramouche, thoma, venti, xiangling, xiao, yanfei, zhongli.) - 5037 words.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
synopsis: genshin characters as people you’ve encountered, and have remained in your heart ever since then.
notes: modern! AU. long headcanons. british english used. lowercase. some cliche romance tropes used. edited. semi-proofread. gn!reader. mother used in albedo’s one. father used in diluc’s one. slight cursing used. arranged in alphabetical order.
a/n: this was meant to be released way earlier but then word deleted all my work are u srs.. but anywayysss most of these are happy, i promise :) key word is ‘most’ tho. and holy moly these are long asdffghhjkl new record for me!!
Tumblr media
• the person who let you have the last carton of eggs. you were rushing to the supermarket in an absolute frenzy; your mother wanted to make desserts, but you used up the last eggs in the house to complete a stupid ‘rubber egg’ science project of yours.
• it was already late, and the chances of the supermarket actually having anything there at all was very slim, but luck seemed to be in your favour??? lo and behold, right there in the poultry aisle, sits the last box of eggs. you could literally hear angels singing.
• well, your glorious moment was interrupted by a third party picking it up before you could. he was observing them with a critical gaze, and in a slight moment of panic, you were debating whether or not you could win against him in a fist fight.
• but as he gave you a quizzical look at your defeated expression, you opted for the second option: begging.
• it was a pitiful sight, really. you were about to get on your knees and plead at the poor guy just for the eggs. you knew your mother would be angry if you came home with nothing, and you weren’t about to risk a scolding, not today!!
• but instead, he just wordlessly handed the carton to you. no small talk, no need for you to throw your dignity to the side, nothing. it was like he could read your mind. you stood there in awe.
• you swear you could see a hint of a smirk on his face, though.
• the attractive person who was taking care of their sibling at the park. he was helping teucer climb up one of those spider web playground equipment things, and then his shirt rised up a bit and. oh. oh my god. ohhhhhh my god?!?!?
• turns out, he was your neighbour… the hot neighbour that you never noticed until now. you’ve interacted with his little siblings before, but never saw him?? and as you were having a mini crisis on a park bench, his little brother noticed you!
• you were invited to join them with a warm smile from both boys, and your heart almost skipped a beat imagining a domestic scene with the two: childe cooking a meal, while you and teucer sit at a table expectantly. ohh you hopeless romantic... imagining all these scenarios with a boy you’ve just met..
• you got attached way too quickly. you thought that childe believed the same: that you two hit it off, but apparently he didn’t. he gave you his number, but only ever initiated conversation if teucer wanted to meet up with you in the park. (the little boy had grown attached to you!) but it was never for anything else. childe never interacted with your ‘how was your day?’ texts at all.
• next thing you knew, the texts eventually faded into nothingness. you heard from a mutual friend of yours that childe started to date a new girl that moved into town, and that the two can be seen in the nearby park, acting like a sickenly sweet couple as they play tag with childe’s siblings.
• you occasionally walk by the park sometimes, and watch in envy as the girl took up the spot that you once had with the boys. it seemed as if teucer completely forgot about you; he liked the new girl more. and childe… he never once looked your way; he never saw you anything beyond a friend to begin with. childe may have never been yours, but a part of your heart still considered him to be a traitor.
• the person who helped pick your stuff up when you bumped into them. with you being the upcoming successor of a highly esteemed business company, the sight of you rushing to a meeting after sleeping in was embarrassingly undutiful.
• as if your day couldn’t get any worse, you bumped into a stranger along the way, all your files and documents spreading across the pavement like a snowstorm. he initially seemed to carry an impassive look, one that screamed ‘i hate idle chit-chat’, but once diluc saw your face fully?? you swear his eyes perked up in a slight amount of interest.
• one quick apology from both ends later, he helped to pick up all your folders off the ground. and after the situation was all said and done, diluc asked you for your number, his face staying ever-so impassive. and this… just left you shellshocked. him?? the one to initiate romantic advances?? he totally seemed like the unapproachable type. maybe out of your league. but he even called you cute!?!? how even??
• …although, you might’ve gotten your hopes too high up. later that night when you scrambled for the business card diluc scrawled his number on, the dreaded message of ‘number not in use’ popped up on your screen while you sent a quick hi.
• your heart sunk in an instant. one google search of the company written on the business card later, and you found out he was the son of crepus ragvindr, the man who your father left high and dry on a company deal several years ago.
• you seriously thought you had a chance with someone who wouldn’t judge you for your upbringing for once. but, this time round, it looks like you were the one who had gotten fooled once again. why were you involved in your father’s mess?
• the worker at a super suspicious shop you visited. fischl was there, dressed up in a half-magician half-princess get-up, with… somber music in the back. you entered the shop on an absolute whim, just trying to find a present for a friend, and instead? you get a girl trying to predict your death.
• it was oddly captivating, though, and soon enough, you were a regular visitor in this weird shop. you even managed to stick around long enough to meet the second owner, mona!
• fischl would go off on tangents about myths. in particular, shadow familiars. she claimed she had a pet eagle called ‘oz’ that would take form of a vengeful shadow, and would also do anything she asked.
• fischl dropped the act around you soon enough, and even told you her real name. she poured out secrets about her past that not even mona was aware about. fischl’s past was shrouded in more mystery than the mirror ball on her desk, and yet, she described all her tribulations with the crystal clear intent of getting you to understand her.
• as you two got closer, you realised she was just a sheltered girl that needed a friend. that all of this? this store that she set up with her one childhood friend that she had? was a form of escapism. this coping strategy was one that might be looked down upon by many, but was held in such high regard by you. fischl appreciated your presence more than you could ever know.
• and in your point of view? she was initially a stranger you met by pure accident. but now? she was more than that; fischl was someone you hold dear.
• fischl told you once that she lacked the capability to be loved by others. but, as you clutched the crystal bracelet you made for her against your chest, you hoped that fischl would understand that she was loved and cherished.
• the stranger who dropped popcorn all over you in the cinema. you two were in a movie premiere for an adaptation of the saddest novel of all time, and to say the least, you were in absolute shambles.
• sad films nowadays were filled with cliches that weren’t enough to make you cry at all. but this one? this one hit straight in the feels. a refreshing feeling, but crushed your ‘stone-faced bitch that refuses to cry during sad films’ title.
• and??? the hypothetical waterfall coming out of your eyes seemed to be so strong that it came into real life. a wave of pure salt and buttered popcorn came pouring out from behind you.
• the tearful moment you had was no longer, and turning around, you came face-to-face with a brown haired boy giving you a sheepish smile, holding an empty popcorn box. the white-haired friend next to him, panicked beyond belief, apologised on his behalf, but the damage has already been done.
• the cinema workers seemed to go heavy-handed with the butter machine today, as you were covered in the thing. great. you looked like an absolute mess; how were you going to recover from this moment socially?
• gorou came down to your row and gave a brief introduction, before offering you some tissues and wrapping his jacket around you. he escorted you to the toilets to clean yourself up, making playful jokes here and there.
• it would’ve been the highlight of your day, but it quickly became sour as he spoiled a pivotal part of the movie to you, only further adding to the pain.
• it’s okay though. gorou was cute; you forgave him. and on the condition that you two go out to watch the movie once more - just you two, alone - this encounter was later forgotten.
hu tao
• the person who was your escape. you were at the countryside temporarily to visit your grandparents for the summer holidays, and you liked to take escapades at nighttime to bask in the chirps of the cicadas.
• you first met hu tao while she was stuffing ‘help me’ and ‘come here at 3am’ notes underneath rocks at the riverbank the kids would stay at. the shock on her face as you caught her in the act is something that still makes you laugh to this day.
• after that, you two kept your nighttime meetings consistent. it would always be during a luminescent moonlight, besides the run-down convenience store that stood just above the river you first met at.
• you never caught each other’s name, but it didn’t matter. all that mattered was the picturesque memories you’d make together: climbing on top of a playground to look at the stars, watching the fish at the river, and you entertaining hu tao’s pranks by acting surprised whenever she snuck up on you.
• though, of course, good things always come to an end. you were just visiting the countryside, so you had no choice but to leave hu tao behind. you keep those memories in your heart, feeling melancholic every time you reminisce on the best summer you’ve ever had.
• hu tao gave you a ghost plushie before you left, telling you to call it ‘boo tao’. and yet, still, as you asked her for her name or any form of contact, she just gave you a smile, one that was unusually sad for her joyful self.
• ‘mysteries make the moment more special, don’t you think?’
• you hoped that the next time you came to visit, hu tao would be sitting there where you first met, welcoming you back with a tight hug and the cheerful smile you loved so much.
• the stranger who got you a stuffed toy from a festival stall. it was one of those absolutely infuriating strength games. you know, the one where you’d have to smack a table super hard with a hammer? yeah. those ones. the neon sign saying ‘strong striker’ was literally mocking you. you were neither strong or a striker from the looks of things. the game absolutely was rigged.
• although you’d probably neglect the toy after the adrenaline from winning it wears off, who cares? whatever! it would fit perfectly in the depths of your closet with the rest of your carnival winnings!
• you were going broke and wasted literal hours on this one game.. you hadn’t even had the chance to try out the cotton candy stall from the other end of the carnival yet! any rational person would’ve stopped right now, but who said you had self control?
• as you were about to hand over your last coins, an unmistakably attractive and muscular stranger stops your hand. he gives you a reassuring smile, before proceeding to look at the game with a challenging glare.
• ‘leave it to me, stranger!’
• …and just like that, the stranger hit the table so hard with the toy hammer that the meter just. went off the scale. the vendor, who was once looking at you with a look of maliciousness due to literally robbing you of all your money, was now awestruck at the sheer power the man holds.
• you felt your heart drop as he claimed the stuffed toy you were so obviously eyeing, but as he looked at you with a satisfied smirk (maybe even a little cocky), he handed it over to you with little-to-no reluctance, before proceeding to return back to the group of friends who were mocking him for showing off so much.
• before he left, though, he asked you to name the stuffed toy ‘itto’, after his name. you did comply to itto’s wish, and instead of rotting in the back of your closet, the toy sits on your bed, reminding you of the both kind (and a little terrifying) stranger who you met on a not-so average saturday night.
• the worker at an arcade you were visiting. you went to the arcade to blow off some steam after a relatively rough day, and decided to give their bowling venue a shot.
• what you didn’t expect, however, was how absolutely shit you’d be at it. a worker took pity on you and decided to put up the side railings so there would be no way you could miss a shot, and somehow?? It still never hit??
• after the 2nd set and an endless amount of disappointment, a worker, clad in the tacky uniform he had to wear, walked up to your station and just... laughed in your face. way to make the day worse, asshole.
• he then proceeded to ask you needed a ramp because of how bad you were at bowling and?? come on?? he knew you were bad; you knew you were bad. but, he could’ve at least tried to be discreet with your lack of bowling abilities??
• the stranger was at least perceptive enough to realise that you weren’t in the mood to entertain his friendly bantering, and even offered to play with you after his shift ended. just to teach you the proper ropes of bowling, of course.
• your day may have had a rough start, but kaeya, as the stranger claimed was his name, was here to pick you back up.
• the library crush. you first saw him while cramming a project of yours; you needed more stable wifi - the mcdonald’s one just wouldn’t cut it anymore - and had to renew your library card to be able to get in.
• and… shit?? since when did librarians get so hot??? you’ve only ever encountered the stereotypical ones. the old, cranky men that would yell at you if you were ever caught speaking a bit too loud.
• soon, these visits of yours became more and more regular. you’d pretend to act like you’re studying, but in reality, you were admiring the librarian that sat so beautifully on the front desk. you often daydreamed, wondering what he would look like if the afternoon glow cascaded against his face.
• you’d constantly sit at the table adjacent to the desk so you could get the best view of him as possible. maybe even occasionally freak out whenever he would smile at the book he was reading because.. he was just so cute??
• you thought you were being slick with your admiration, but apparently not. because one day, as you were ‘reading’ one of the books you just borrowed from him for ‘research’, kazuha approached you with a cheeky remark.
• ’the book is upside-down, you know.’
• that knowing, cunning (and dare you assume, a little flirtatious?) look on his face said it all. he knew your ulterior motive this whole time, and this slip-up of yours just gave you away completely.
• but it didn’t matter, because in the end, you received a kiss on your forehead, a reminder to take care of yourself, and a number scrawled on a sticky note on the book you borrowed.
• you may have just landed yourself a prince in the kingdom of literature <3
• the stranger who you dubbed as the ‘vending machine rager’. you know those compilations of those 12 yr olds screaming at their xbox on youtube? yeah. that was scaramouche, but with a can of cola instead.
• you’ve never seen someone take canned drinks so… seriously before??? it was. questionable. from afar, it looked like a child baby-raging at a vending machine for not giving them their soft drink.
• this thought of yours only intensified when you went closer, and saw that yes, he was kicking the vending machine out of anger. all you wanted was a strawberry calpis from the machine, but instead, you get a boy blocking everyone else from accessing it. poor you.
• eventually, the guy’s rage was no longer humorous to you, and you just felt bad that he was going this far. usually, people would’ve left it alone already and tried a different machine?? but he was still here??
• you purchased the drink directly above his stuck one, and it knocked it down instantly… scaramouche’s 2 hours of suffering was solved within 2 minutes of your presence. boss moment.
• you handed his drink to him with a smile; he gave you a disgruntled expression. not even a thank you in return. how rude. but this is a story you tell your friends often, just to lighten the mood. after all, what's funnier than an xbox kid personified in the flesh?
• the stranger who re-enacted a drama scene with you. there was a venue opened up for a drama that was trending at the time, and the workers were handing out props and other merchandise that was featured in the show.
• you were out of money, but there was still this trinket that you wanted to buy. the friend who you came with offered to get it for you, on the condition that you shout out one of the most famous lines, all in an attempt to embarrass you, of course.
• with absolutely no shame, you yelled, ‘why do you look at me like that?’
• what you didn't expect was someone from the other side of the shop to join in with you too, completing the iconic line of the well-known show, ‘how else should i look at you?’
• you two locked eyes, and you were convinced you found your soulmate. after all, no one had looked at you with such a warm expression like that before. the boyish laugh he gave, paired with your faint laughs of amusement, captivated the entire shop.
• from an outsider looking in, you and him looked like you knew each other all your life; like you were destined to be together. you later approached thoma, making light conversation to get to know this enigmatic stranger a bit more.
• but he revealed to you that he was enlisted in the army, and was due to resume training in a week or so. any opportunities for a relationship, let alone a friendship, were completely eliminated.
• thoma settled on taking a picture together, where you and him were holding hands, backs facing towards the camera. it remains as your lockscreen to this day. you’d visit the spot once every full moon, in hopes for looking for the boy of ‘what could have been’, called thoma.
• the busker who everyone was ignoring. the city was crowded and bustling in a way it never had before, but for some reason, even in the sea of people, venti managed to shine and stand out from the crowd.
• that day, you were in a rush to chase up a replacement for a kettle you owned, but as soon as you saw him pouring his heart and soul out into his performances, only for people to not even bat an eye in his direction?? what??
• you had placed to be, but you guess they could wait. and, the smile venti gave you as he noticed you watching his performance attentively, made it all worth it. the conversation you two had afterwards is one that you hold dearly, and you swore to yourself you would help him in any way you could.
• he would be there every tuesdays and wednesdays, always at the same time too: 2pm. and so without fail, you’d show up, 5 minutes early, watching him set up his instruments and the speakers so skillfully.
• venti loved having you around. little did you know, he would’ve given up had you not noticed him and supported him since that day.
• you knew diamond in a rough when you see it, and turns out, a man working in a scouting agency thought so too. you saw him giving venti a card one day, and the next, venti was no longer on the designated spot where he would play his songs.
• he was a shimmering star in the sea of talents, and you were there to watch him grow, right from the beginning. a star is nothing without the support from you, his fuel and fire, to shine.
• you smile in absolute glee whenever you see venti and his recent albums being advertised on the billboards across your city. you hoped he still remembered who you were; his first fan, the first person to see his potential to hit it big.
• but it was okay if he didn’t. you’d support him anyways.
• the stranger who kept going for free food samples at the food stall you worked at. she’d appear like, 10 minutes apart from each visit, each time with a half-assed disguise. even the little kid who refused to leave you alone noticed her after a while??
• you weren’t allowed to give out more than 3 portions at once of the sliced chili steak you were handing out, but she was on her 15th sample… oh goodness. you’re getting in trouble, alright.
• you knew you had to stop xiangling’s madness soon, or else you’re getting fired, but as she comes up to you with a fake moustache from the $2 dollar store, an obviously fake deep voice, paired up with an equally cute laugh at the end that gave away her disguise? who were you to decline?
• she kept coming until the end of your shift, using obviously fake names such as ‘bartholomew’ or ‘margaret’... it honestly impressed you on how much costumes and disguises she owned. she probably prepared this in advance.
• after that incident, you were never placed in the food station again. a co-worker ratted you out for having favouritism between customers, but who could blame you? she was so cute.
• chances are, she found another food place to harass for free samples. good on her. who knows? maybe you’ll encounter her again during one of your mall adventures. who knows. <3
• the airport crush. it was a dull morning, and you were preparing yourself for the jet-lag that was undoubtedly going to occur. and then, in the sunlight, you see the prettiest stranger you’ve ever seen in your life.
• you thought that would be it. that after the quick, fleeting eye contact you two made, that you’d never see the man again. it did put a slight ache in your heart.
• then?? he was literally on the same flight and everything?? this is your chance?? but you were wayyy too shy and couldn’t gather up enough gall to approach him and ask for his number. the guy had a certain air about him, one that seemed unapproachable, as if he was a deity that you could do nothing besides stare upon.
• you tried every method beside approaching him, though. you got so desperate that you even tried to airdrop people, asking if they know (or are) the guy in seat 365. however, it was all futile. you were unaware that the guy didn’t even own an iphone.
• and finally, as you two, by some miracle, end up leaving at the same terminal once more, you mustered up enough courage to approach him.
• but with his response of a quick ‘i’m in a rush; you’re wasting my time’, all your fantasies of ever seeing the fleeting airport crush once more were crushed beyond comprehension.
• nowadays, whenever you see a similar shade of green hair, you hide and revert your gaze as quick as possible. that nauseating feeling whenever you think of that day was too much for you to handle.
• your stupid friend’s legal advisor who they were crushing on massively. your friend got into some massive legal trouble after knocking down an entire aisle of precious antiques at a pawn shop, and now here you two are.
• you initially refused to play any part in this, but they did absolutely everything to persuade you to come with them because, in verbatim, ‘my lawyer is the prettiest person ever!!’
• they even sent you the whole ‘ohh lawrd im goin to jail my lawyers hot’ when they first met up with yanfei. put a leash on your friend so they don’t go and jump on her please <3
• they did end up convincing you to go, eventually. it was on the condition that they’ll go out and take you out to a restaurant you’ve always been wanting to try.
• but as soon as you saw the lawyer in question, sitting on her desk with a sense of maturity that you could never imagine having, even though you were most likely the same age??
• oops. looks like you fell for the legal advisor too. good luck to you :)
• that fluttering in your chest only seemed to increase as she sent you a warm smile, obviously well aware that you were forced here. yanfei even offered you her candy jar to keep yourself entertained as she talks business with your friend.
• you two wouldn’t be just strangers for long, and you both knew it.
• the coffee shop stranger. you’ve imagined this scenario plenty of times before, actually. it’ll be a cute moment: you’ll forget your wallet at home, and the cute guy behind you will offer to pay for it in full, asking for nothing besides your number in exchange.
• ohhhh nope!! how wrong you were!!! as the man in front of you, clad in a crisp suit, sheepishly turns around, (all the while a disgruntled worker who was definitely not getting paid enough for this sighs in the back) asks if you had any spare change??
• you wanted to curse the universe for this. what have you done wrong to deserve such a thing? the opportunity was right there, the stars were all aligned, so what have you done? you thought you’ve been a relatively good person all your life.
• seriously. why were you the one paying for him?? it was meant to be the other way around. what made it even worse was that he ordered the most expensive thing on the menu. the bashful smile that he gave you made your anger dissipate for a second. just a second, though. annddd then you were back to staring holes into the back of head.
• as he hands you his business card, thanking you for your kindness before promptly walking off, you stare in absolute awe. you weren't shocked because of how rushed his thank you was - the only thing in your mind was that he didn’t even give you his number after all that. the fantasy in your head was completely crushed now.
• but as you flipped the card around, your shock increased tenfold. morax co. was scribed perfectly onto the black card??? even a child would know that name. it was one of the most well-known companies around.
• maybe this encounter wasn’t too bad after all.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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coldgreystarlight · 2 days ago
Helloo, could i pleasepleaseplease request a nsfw with dom albedo, zhongli, and childe with fem reader? If you could include overstim, degradation and size kink that would be greatt. Totally cool if you can't or just not comfortable with my request too thoughhh
tysm for requesting!! the degradation didn't exactly show through on all of them as much as i intended and apparently i have a thing for grabbing onto ppls arms but i hope you like it all the same <3
content under cut!
Tumblr media
For Zhongli, making you cum multiple times isn't even intentional. His stamina stretches for eons as he fucks you, slow and sweet, pulling tantric orgasms from you one after the other.
It doesn't help that he stretches you out so much, that he's so big that you're pretty much already cumming as soon as he first slides in.
Hearing the pretty way you whine for him, your cries for more melding with the cries of "too much, gonna cum again", practically sets him into overdrive.
His pretty little slut has to cum for him just one more time, just one, as he reaches down to toy with your clit as well. Coaxing one final, mindblowing orgasm that makes your entire body quake as you desperately grip onto his thick arms for stability.
Tumblr media
Albedo loves finding new ways to make you scream his name. It's a rush, an addiction, curling his fingers into you again and again and again until you can't think straight.
The way you grip onto his shoulders as he drives you through so many intense orgasms, until the only thing leaving your lips is his name, only works to urge him further.
Then, when you finally think you're done, a chance to rest, and then he's pushing into your overstimulated hole with his cock and he's too big, you cry out. You think you might cum again from this alone and your head rolls back as you feel it building up.
"Already? You can do better than that, can't you?" He teases, pulling out so slowly before thrusting back in all at once. You see stars.
Tumblr media
Childe just can't help himself. When you're laid out under him like that, looking up at him with those fucked-out half-lidded eyes from him already making you cum with his hands alone.
He has to tease you more.
"You like that don't you?" He leans down to your ear, nipping at the lobe. "Cumming before I'm even ready for you, you're so desperate."
You whine, begging him to just put it in already, and he laughs.
"I bet you wouldn't even fit me, you barely did last time." He taunts, running kisses along your throat, drawing lazy circles around your clit with the very tips of his fingers. "Maybe I'll just keep fucking you like this and never give you the satisfaction."
But when your hands dig into his shoulders, tight enough to mark, he doesn't even hesitate to start fucking you like he's the desperate one.
Tumblr media
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madamepingmain · 2 days ago
BUB BUB BUB I HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU, snuggles with albedo and Kaeya (separate), like CUDDLES, SNUGGLES, FLUFFY ADORABLE MOMENTS THAT MAKE PEOPLE HAVE CAVITIES with a gender neutral reader pls :DD thank you💕
cuddle sessions
Tumblr media
feat. Albedo, Kaeya, Scaramouche
♡ a/n: CUTE VERY CUTE, also I added scaramouche hehe
Tumblr media
“I’m home” Albedo softly calls out the moment he opens the front door
he had just gotten back from his work truly exhausted from today’s events (there was an incident involving Timaeus)
Albedo immediately sets his bag down before instantly slumping onto the couch just as you came into the room after hearing his voice
you walked over to the couch, softly chuckling at the sight of your boyfriend
his eyes were closed, but the moment he heard your voice they flickered open
and in one quick motion, he pulls you down onto the couch with him, hugging you close
“long day?” you ask, wrapping your own arms around him in an attempt to snuggle even more into him
“very long. I couldn't wait to get back home to see you” he murmurs
as much as Albedo loved his work, he sought out comfort from you. the joy you brought to him was something even he couldn’t replicate with science
"alright, but since you got home, you really should eat something!” you say, preparing to get up to get some food for him
but Albedo pulls you back down, holding you tighter than before
“please, just let me recharge first. Just for a little bit” he says
and so the two of you lay there on the couch in each other’s arms
Albedo starts humming a quiet tune to himself, and hearing his gentle voice made your eyelids grow heavier and heavier
that ‘little recharge’ Albedo had wanted was extended into you two falling asleep, cuddling one another
and honestly, that was his plan all along
you expected to come home to an empty house, but to your surprise, Kaeya was home
“oh? I thought you were gonna go to Angel’s Share tonight?” you ask, shrugging off your coat
Kaeya, sitting on the couch, crosses his arms and pouts
“there’s no point in going if Diluc isn’t there. who else am I supposed to tease?” Kaeya sighs dramatically
you sit down next to your boyfriend, and he rests his head on your shoulder
“that sounds awful. You must have had such a rough day” you chuckle, rolling your eyes playfully at the situation
“Why yes it was. Thank you for acknowledging my struggles babe” Kaeya says, stifling his own laughter
after a slight pause, he lifts his head up from your shoulder to adjust how the two of you were sitting
and when he was finished... well in this case the two of you were no longer sitting
instead you were laying on the couch, wrapped in his arms, and you could feel his face in the crook of your neck
"mmm even if Diluc was working tonight, nothing beats being with you Y/n” he says, his breath tickling your neck
“well, I’m glad to know that you prefer being around me over your own brother” you reply, causing Kaeya to let out a loud laugh
it was all true though, having you right next to him and in his arms was something that even all of the wine in Teyvat couldn’t amount to
"Just where do you think you’re going?” a voice stops you as your hand reaches out to open the front door
you turn your head slowly to see your boyfriend leaning against the doorframe of your shared bedroom, his arms crossed
Scaramouche had just woken up, and the moment he heard you shuffling about he sprung to his feet to catch you right before you left the house
“I’m just gonna run some errands right now!” you honestly tell him
“no you’re not. I know for a fact you stayed up late last night so you’re gonna go right back to bed” he says, but you ignored his words
“I’m just fine you know. Plus it’ll be really quick so- aH” before you could finish your sentence, Scaramouche grasped your hand and was dragging you back to bed
he got into bed and pulled you down next to him before using his arms to hold you close to him, draping one leg over you to prevent you from leaving
“If you won’t go to bed for your own sake, at least stay in bed for me... I don’t want to be alone” he murmurs
you silently curse at your boyfriend- how dare he be this cute
still, you didn’t fight or resist him at all, you lay there in bed, surrounded by the warmth Scaramouche gave off
your eyelids were growing heavy and you curse at the fact that he knew that you were lacking sleep
not that you were mad at him for being attentive towards you- it warmed you up knowing he cared for you like this
and before you knew it, you drifted back to sleep, practically cradled by your boyfriend
you hate to admit it, but this was far better than going out to run errands
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beige-babyyy · a day ago
Tumblr media
“ɪᴛ’ʟʟ ʙᴇ ᴏᴋᴀʏ. ɪ ᴘʀᴏᴍɪsᴇ.“
now playing: electrical by bali baby
now reading: assistance, featuring albedo
description: after knocking over a mysterious vile in albedo’s lab, he’s left with no choice but to help you out again, however he’s not complaining about it.
contents: nsfw, slight injuries, fighting, aphrodisiac, slightly dubcon i guess, breeding, fingering, sex, unprotected sex, cumming inside, praising, afab reader, scratching, marking, overstim, rough sex, aftercare, unedited.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you were clumsy. maybe even more so then bennett. there wasn’t a day when you were able to come home without another scrape, scar, or bruise on your body. that was why you were very grateful for your relationship with albedo.
the alchemist always seemed to have another potion to cure your injuries, and a smile that numbed the pain anyways. he was happy to keep you company whilst helping you, making small talk and showing you some experiments he was conducting.
while he thought that you were useful as a test subject for his healing potions, it would be a lie to say he didn’t enjoy your presence as well. 
when you weren't in his lab, gazing up at him from the small cot in the corner with eyes full of fascination, he felt... lonely.
dragonspine felt a bit colder, and without having someone to show off his experiments to, albedo felt a lack of motivation.
instead of doing research, his mind would wander back to you.
imagining when you would reappear before him again. yearning for when he would next be able to touch your bare skin while treating you.
he imagined your soft melodic voice, proudly explaining to him where your new injuries came from, or yelping out his name when your wound stung from the alcohol.
then he imagined the others things you could yelp out. he imagined you underneath him, with your whimpers and pants filling his ears.
then he felt a little less lonely.
Tumblr media
he heard you before he saw you, your heavenly voice piercing the unbearable silence of his lab.
your arms looped around his waist, hugging him from behind and nuzzling your face into his back.
a gentle smile fell upon albedo's face as he set down the two vials he was holding. you always had been touchy, but he enjoyed feeling you so close to him. he welcomed every hug and hand hold, and relished in whenever your skin touched his.
"it's nice to see you again," he turned around in your arms, looking down at you with an upturned expression. his soft, whispy voice always made you feel so flustered. it made butterflies erupt in your stomach. you blushed and stepped away from him, taking your place on his bed.
you stripped of your shirt, excitedly showing off your new gash to him. you didn't shy under his gaze anymore, feeling perfectly comfortable exposing yourself to him after countless sessions of treatment.
"look at this one i got, bedo! i was picking windwheel asters but then this mitachurl came out of nowhere and..." albedo would be embarrassed to admit that he started to drown your voice out, his only focus on your exposed skin.
your body was littered with scars and scratches, but he always adored how they looked on you. they made you look like a warrior, his cute little adventurer. he thought back to all the times he'd dragged his hands around your skin. your skin was surprisingly supple and soft despite the many scars that adorned it.
he could only imagine how you would feel fully naked and under him, fully rubbing up against him as he pounded into you.
"were you even listening to what i was saying?"
"of course i was" with such soft eyes and a gentle smile, you couldn't bring yourself to accuse him further. "now then should i patch up that pesky laceration of yours?"
Tumblr media
once again you were left amazed with albedo's skill.
the gash was almost fully healed, only a slight tan line left behind. you gently touched the jagged scar, humming as you remembered how warm albedo's fingers were against your skin.
"are you feeling alright, love?"
love. his pet name that made your entire body flush red. his pet name with made your stomach flutter and your pussy drool.
"y-yeah. i'm fine." you hid your pink face by staring at the ground, refusing to let him see you in such an embarrasing state.
albedo thought it was cute how flustered you got. such a contrast from your usual energetic, outgoing self. he wondered how flustered you would get if he was in between your legs, mouth fanning his hot breath on your quivering cunt.
"would you care to assist me in my experiments, then? if you feel well enough to, of course."
"yeah, that sounds good! what are you working on?"
"i'm trying to recreate a breeding hormone, for species nearing extinction."
Tumblr media
it was a stupid mistake. it really was. you should have been more careful. should have actually kept your mind on the task at hand. but instead you allowed your brain to wander and fantasize about albedo. currently, he was across the room from you, measuring out various liquids and jotting down notes. images of his hands on your body ran through your mind, making your own hands loosen their grip on the vial albedo had asked you to hold.
the sound of glass shattering broke into the air. the vial lay scattered on the ground, and the fluid pooled at your feet, releasing wisps of vapour into the air, filling your nostrils.
a hundred apologies came to your mind, and you tried to yelp out how sorry you were to albedo, but you couldn't. your brain felt hazy, your movements were laggish, and the world felt like it was spinning. your body felt heavy and it was hard to keep yourself upright. the only thing you could stutter out was a small, confused "albedo?".
he was at your side in an instance. helping you over to the cozy cot you were on before and laying you down. sitting on the edge of the mattress himself.
his mind was already fearing the worse. the potion was meant for large boars and rare whopperflowers. he had no idea how it would affect a human.
he was snapped out of his thoughts by your hand on his arm.
"a-albedo... m'so hot," archons. your voice was so small. so whiny and needy and whimpery it made blood rush to his cock. he tried to push down those thoughts, trying to make taking care of you his first priority.
"i-," he paused. trying to choose his words carefully. "i know sweetheart. it'll be okay. i promise." truth was, he wasn't sure it would be. he didn't prepare any kind of antidote. the potion was only meant to help reproduction, and that was it. he didn't see a need for any kind of prevention against it.
he knew what was happening. what your body was doing. it was releasing all sorts of hormones into your system. serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, noradrenaline. he needed to do something before your body overheated. before the heat became too much and your body shuts down.
he tried to rack his mind with solutions, coming up with nothing.
you were getting worse. you were hot to the touch and shivering. every inch of your skin seemed to glow with a dark pink blush. your eyes were blown black, so dilated he also couldn't see the usual bright shine of them.
"hurts, bedo... s'too hot"
you were now frantically stripping off your pants, your shirt already off from before, leaving you naked in front of him.
he tried to avert his eyes. tried to give you some privacy and respect. but he couldn't. his gaze with practically glued to your form.
you were panting and heaving, each breathe making your chest rise and fall hypnotically. your thighs were rubbing against eachother, desperately seeking out friction. your thin white panties were basically transparent at this point. soaked through with your arousal and displaying the outlines of your cunt to him.
his cock was painfully straining against his pants, but he refused to take advantage of you in this state.
he choked out a gasp when he felt your hand settle on his bulge. you were now softly squeezing his dick through his pants, rubbing and stroking it. he quickly snatched your hand away, holding your wrist as he stared bewildered at you.
you only looked up at him pitifully. a look of neediness and wanting in your eyes.
"bedo, p-please. i-it hurts. help me,"
his resolve was thinning, close to dissipating to somewhere he could not regain it. you looked so helpless. so pained and needy it ached his heart.
you rose up from your position. leaning your face close to his. nose just barely brushing his and he could feel your breathe on his lips.
involuntarily, he felt himself leaning in. capturing your soft lips in his, his hands settling to your waist as yours winded up in his hair.
it started soft but quickly grew frantic. a clashing of spit and tounge and teeth. his pink muscle invading your mouth and tasting you. he laid you back down to the bed, hovering over you.
you were as gorgeous as ever. hair spread out and messy. lips glossy with spit and eyes blown wide.
"bedo, please" you whined out again.
he gave another quick peck to your lips, trailing his finger down your skin, leaving a wake of goosebumps. his fingers wrapped around the band of your panties, slowly pulling them off. clear, sticky strings of your wetness clung to them before they snapped.
a shuttered sigh escaped his lips as he took you in. your cunt glistening in the dim light of the campsite. experimentally, he brought his fingers to swipe at your folds. a loud gasp erupted from you despite him barely touching you. the potion must have made you more sensitive, he noted.
his thumb worked at your clit, gently rubbing slight circles. this incited a cacophony of moans from you.
he slipped his index and middle fingers into you. your wet walls easily accepting them. more whines filled his ears. he had dreamt of this for so long. wanted to see and touch you this way. his cock throbbed impossibly harder as he began to work his fingers. dragging them against your velvet walls, curling and uncurling them, softly moving them in and out. 
“f-faster, bedo,”
he complied. thrusting them at a quicker pace, making lewd and wet noises that echoed out. your hips rose every time he brushed against your soft spot. your stomach was coiling, you close to cumming and albedo could tell. your cunt was squeezing his fingers much more constantly, and your voice rang louder than ever. his thumb worked on your clit faster than before, making your orgasm crash over you. 
you keened, mouth open in a silent moan as your legs occasionally jolted with aftershocks. 
albedo removed his fingers from you, making you whimper at the loss. you looked ravishing. you were glowing with your orgasm and the pleasured look on your face was something he engraved into his mind. 
he waited patiently until your high passed, observing every change in your expression in the meanwhile. he truly was infatuated with you. 
it wasn’t long before you opened your eyes to glance up at him. hands reaching out to cup his face and bring him closer to you again.
“s’not enough. m-more, bedo. i want you. please?” 
how could he deny you when you were asking so politely? 
he shed his overcoat and slipped his shirt over his head. quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants and boxers until his cock was exposed. he was bigger than you had expected. his cock was pale and pretty and tall. the pink head already dripping with precum. 
one of his hands moved to position his cock inside you, the other cupping your face. 
he kisses you as he moves inside. the stretch slightly paining you as he slipped in. he makes an effort to kiss away the small tears leaving you. 
you both let out a relieved sigh as he bottoms out in you. his cock makes you feel so full. his head is kissing your cervix and pressing against all of your most sensitive places. 
“move, p-please?”
albedo drags his hips out, only to ram back into you. he relishes in the feeling of your cunt wrapped around him. pulsing and squeezing his cock in your warm, slick walls. he savours the feeling of your warm body against his and your breathy moans in his ear. 
his fingers have a bruising grip on your hips. he doesn’t mean to hurt you, of course. albedo is just overtaken by the lust. there’s a frenzy in his veins, making him hold you harder, fuck you faster. his cock is moving in and out of you at an increasingly brutal pace, making you scream and sob out. your hands flew to his back. scratching down it to cope with the overwhelming pleasure he was giving you. making deep red lines appear on his pale skin. 
albedo let out a slight hiss of pain, but otherwise paying it no mind as he continued to abuse your poor cunt. 
your orgasm happened seemingly out of no where. making you arch your back as your nerves erupted with fireworks. hands flying to grip onto albedo’s soft hair. your wetness coating your thighs and albedo’s abdomen. 
albedo kept going. rearranging your guts as his fingers moved from gripping your hips to playing with your nipples. pinching and rolling the sensitive buds in between his fingers. shocks of electricity shot down your back. 
your mind was haywire. you couldn’t comprehend anything anymore from the multitude of pleasurable attacks on your body. tears slipping down your face as drool escaped your mouth. 
each of his thrusts knocked the air out of your lungs. left you dumb and incomprehensive. 
“bedo, s’too- s’too much!”
“hah, f-fuck, bedo!”
“nnh, ahh, haah~”
another orgasm hit you. this one making jets of your cum squirt out. soaking the sheets beneath you even more. 
“fuck. that was hot. wanna give me one more, love?” albedo’s voice was deep and raspy. making your pussy clench and drool even more. 
you nodded. it felt like that was the only thing you were capable of doing by now. your body absolutely exhausted but still craving the feeling of albedo’s thick girth. 
he drilled into you even deeper. his speed somehow getting even faster as it grazed against your spot over and over. 
“i- fuck. i’m getting close.”
“i-inside me, bedo. please.”
“inside? are-are you sure?” his hips stuttered and paused for a second. your request shocking him out of his lustful delirium. 
“mmhm, please bedo. make me yours.” your request had his heart racing even faster. the lust overtaking him again as he thought about breeding you. stuffing you full with his cum and ruining you. 
only a few more plunges of his cock and he was spilling into you. a long, husky groan leaving his lips as he emptied inside you. the hot, heavy feeling propelling you into your fourth orgasm of the night. 
you both stilled. relishing in the aftermath of your highs. feeling airy and blissful as you basked in each other’s warmth.
as he pulled out, the mixed concoction of both of your essence rushed out of you, spilling and pooling onto the bed. sticky strings of both your cum strung from his cock. 
he looked up at you with a slightly sheepish manner. awkwardly clearing his throat before speaking.
“how are you feeling, love?”
you giggled before replying, “never better, bedo”.
“ah, let me clean you up.”
albedo hopped out of the bed to grab a damp towel. softly wiping between your thighs as you engaged in whispered conversation, trying to preserve the intimacy of the moment. 
albedo leaned up to kiss your cheek after he finished, “you should rest,"
his arms hooked under your legs and back, lifting you in a bridal carry. you arms hung around his neck as he transported you to the much cleaner sofa he had.
"i'll see you in the morning. sleep well, love"
Tumblr media
a/n: take a shot every time you see 'bedo' lmao
also im not sure if this is good or not ive written this over the course of like 2 weeks lol my comprehension of this piece is skewed, i'll have to re-edit it soon<3
if ur still reading this, have a good day<333
Tumblr media
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sidemariana · 19 hours ago
• Random Relationship Headcanons •
Pairings: Diluc, Childe, Venti, Xiao, Xingqiu, Albedo, Kaeya (separately) x GN!Reader
Warnings: None, it's only fluff, please ignore any mistakes. Reblogs and comments are very appreciated here!
Tumblr media
The author of the art it's on the bottom left of the pic ^-^
Diluc 🦉
Diluc adores to use you as an inspiration for his job. He often caughts himself naming drinks after your name or surname and he enjoys sharing his opinions about some innovation he can bring to the Dawn Winery with you, due your creativity.
Even though Diluc may seem distant to most people, and perhaps even harsh, he's a sweetheart deep inside and that man is very fond of your cuddles. His only rule is that he's always the big spoon.
Playing with your hair.
Diluc's always feel better whenever he plays with your hair or gives you head massages. He's really gentle with you and you often feel sleepiness with his ministrations.
Childe 🌊
Training together.
You knew where you were putting yourself. Childe enjoys a good battle and he'll often seek for your company so he doesn't get bored so easily.
Giving gifts.
He'll give you the most delicate and precious gifts out there. Your boyfriend has a great taste when it comes to choosing the right items so he can see the pretty smile on your face he so-often seeks for.
Visiting his family.
Ajax (his true name) trusts and love you way too much that is hard for him to spend such a long time without taking you to see his little brother and his sisters. The snowball fights you guys have in Snezhnaya is one of the funniest experiences you could ever ask for.
Going to the beach.
Childe absolutely adores beaches and his day is even better if you agree to go there with him, even if you don't like sand, the sea or the sunburns that you always get on your cheeks somehow. Your boyfriend tells you they only make you cute. He also collects seashells for you to put as a decoration in your bedroom just so you can remember him when he's away.
Venti 🍎
That's one of the things that bond you both. He has composed many songs about you already and most people of Monstad know his admiration towards you due his shows in the taverns. Don't be surprised if, out of nowhere, Venti starts playing a soulful song for you.
Yes, you read that right. He's the God of the Anemo Nation, right? So flying is no problem when it comes to Venti. He'll respect your limits if you're afraid of heights, but it is so much fun whenever he makes you float around.
His favorite flower. The bard often takes you to simple dates at the Starsnatch Cliff just so he can use those flowers to adorn your hair, that he's so obsessed with.
Xiao 🎆
Quality time.
Xiao multiple times come by your place exausted from his duties as the Liyue protector. All he ever wants from you is your support and you don't need to open your mouth to say anything, just your presence is enough to bring him comfort.
Spa days.
You were amazed when you discovered that Xiao enjoyed to watch you doing your skincare and other habits such as hydrating your hair or moisturizing your body's skin. And you were more amazed the day he asked you if you could help him use the correct products and learn the steps to a self care routine.
Xingqiu 💦
Reading together.
If you enjoy that hobbie as much as he does, the cozy space in his house designed only for that interest of his will be your favorite spot to stay and read something with him while you discuss with each other the plot of your
Visiting museums and libraries.
Xingqiu enjoys those kind of places and he'll be a bundle of joy if you invite him to go with you to somewhere like that. The photos you guys take of yourselves and of the interesting stuff you found out there are always so well-taken and pretty 'aesthetic' it's cute to watch.
Albedo 📚
Study dates.
Albedo enjoys whenever you accept his invites to study with him. You both are a smart couple and love to discuss about intriguing theories, stories and legends.
Drinking coffee/tea.
I headcanon that Albedo enjoys coffee and tea and if you do too, why don't enjoy that common interest together? He'll almost every day prepare coffees for you just like the way you enjoy them and he often takes you out to go to the best cafeterias out there.
Helping him with his lab.
You often go to Dragonspine just to organize Albedo's lab that can get surprisingly messy if you don't appear there for weeks straight. He also adores whenever you watch him make some experiment with such big and interested eyes, making sure you help him with some steps of his experience.
Kaeya ❄️
Holding hands.
Kaeya adores physical contact and he'll be even happier if he has the chance to hold your hands often. He always hold your hand with so much love and devotion it makes your heart warm.
Playing with snowflakes.
His cryo power allows him to make some 'tricks' and one of his favorites is creating snowflakes just to see how amazed you look whenever you see them floating around. Both of you often try to catch them with your hands or even let them melt on your tongue.
Love you all <3
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myuni-moon · 2 days ago
General albedo cult hcs pls 👉👈
#dust from dust
general headcannons for cult!albedo
warnings: yandere content, yandere cult stuff, mentions of violence, drugging, torture
Tumblr media
albedo is aloof, uninterested, for a majority of the time. most of mondstadt's citizens know that curiosity is the only thing than can put a gleam in his eyes, but when they see how he's too lost in thought, there is unenviable affection that pools within his teal irises for reasons unknown. however, it is truly a wonder when he is so taken with you?
he doesn't require rest like a normal human would, but on nights where he feels too complacent with the lack of activities to do, he sits himself down in front of his sketchpad and take a piece of charcoal into his hands. his fingers methodically strike line after line onto the pages, and in his mind's eye, he sees you.
the reason as to how he can see you is unknown to him, but he surely knows how to tap into it to work in his favor. sometimes, he doesn't see your face but the ceiling or a place completely unfamiliar to him; other times, he's blessed enough to catch your visage for a quick moment.
he's done it so many times that stacks upon stacks of drawings and paintings of you fill up the storage of his home, perhaps too much to the point that even klee's scared of the seemingly unsurmountable piles of paper.
before you had been transported to teyvat, he had the routine of picking cecilias and putting them in a vase by his windowsill. as childish as it may seem, albedo has always believed that with this humble offering, perhaps dragonspine would get just a little bit warmer for him to explore or for the day to be fruitful with new information and discoveries by yours truly.
he does the same still once in a while when he gets to visit you in your teapot. he takes with him a bouquet of the same flowers, treated to last longer than the usual cecilia. he gets permission from zhongli to be able to wake you and setting his gift in a vase in your room. the smile on your face from his simple gesture is enough to let him brace the cutting cold of the snowy mountain he resides in for the majority of his research.
albedo likes gifting you things he's made. the alchemist a sucker for handmade presents because he understands the care and effort put into them. he's an artist as well, and what better of a way to remind you how pretty you are than with a lovely portrait of you. he loves to see you get flustered since to him, it means you appreciate his efforts to please you.
he rarely gets into fights with other acolytes, particularly the extremely competitive ones like venti and baal. albedo gets aggressive in his assertion of being one of your favorites, and he gets particularly smug when you spend hours just talking and spending time with him. the blond might seem soft and innocent in your eyes, but there's a silent gloat in his stare when he locks eyes with the other knights of favonius when you come to visit him.
his fury is freezing, very unlike the raging anger of those like diluc or zhongli. if anyone tried disrespecting you, he has absolutely no remorse for them and na exact mirror to the kind if living conditions he's used to. in a daze of annoyance, he might accidentally end up doing something particularly violent, but he tries to keep his animosity with others away from you as much as possible. he doesn't want you getting scared of him, now would he?
instead, he waits for the proper opportunity to bring about divine punishment onto them. he either takes them himself with his alchemy skills, or he has another person that's part of the cult to get them for him-- that job would usually fall onto kaeya who's more than happy to do so. in the dead of night, he pumps them full of whatever chemical or concoction he has in hand, perhaps going as far as mixing them up for different effect. one thing is for certain is that they'll never see the light of day again.
albedo always carries a keepsake from you on his person at all times, and he keeps it even closer when he's close to a breakthrough in his research. at the brink of a discovery, he presses it to his heart and practically writes in a frenzy as he's possessed by the hunger of knowledge. if he has a hard time resting, he clutches it in his hands, close to his face. if it was a piece of cloth that you left with him such as a handkerchief or a shirt, he inhales your scent like a drug he can't get enough of.
he develops this dependency on it where he can't sleep unless he can smell your scent to the point he'd rather move completely in your teapot just to function.
"i can't sleep," he mumbles into your stomach. his hands are wrapped around your waist, tugging you closer in his hold as he tries his best to bury his nose into your clothing. "need you."
you hum. surely aware of his current conditions. you can't help but notice how tired albedo looks with bags under his eyes and yawns bubbling from his throat in intervals. not to mention the way his head bobs ever so quietly in your lap because as much as he needs rest, he wants to be in your presence for even a second longer. your finger card through his fluffy hair and smoothing down the tangles. you pick at the strands.
"sleep, 'bedo. i'll be here." you smile. he pauses, debating whether or not what he truly wanted was to close his eyes and drift off or to keep talking to you until his brain could no longer work. before he can say a word, you insist once more.
he whispers something as his warm breath tickles your skin from underneath the fabric, but it's way too slurred to be deciphered by your ears. you don't even have the time to ask him to repeat it before you feel slump against your figure.
Tumblr media
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alatusxiaoo · a day ago
Tumblr media
SEASONS. (a youthful otome game with the genshin boys)
love blossoms in all seasons.
Tumblr media
“an…otome game?”
a snort escapes your lips in disbelief, as you send a perplexed glare over to your chagrined friend. “oh, what are you looking at me for…you wanted a recommendation!”
“yeah. not this cheesy shit.” you cringed at the mere thought of it, begrudgingly inserting the video game’s dvd in the television’s slot. “i was expecting…i don’t know, something more interesting?”
the humdrum remark earns a playful slap on your shoulder from her, as you wince at the impact of her offended smack. “gods, just trust me already! it’s going to be life-changing.” she dreamily muses with a fanciful smile, however you’re not even the least bit convinced by her starry-eyed demeanor.
your eyes carefully scrutinize the displayed monitor, watching the game agonizingly load inside the box. dread crept up and sent chills down your spine as the screen slowly lit up, and your wandering eyes catch the sight of messily stuffed packages poorly concealed behind ajar closet doors. “actually you know what, i do have some unfinished monster hunter quests in the — ow! excuse me? what the hell was that for?!”
“come on y/n! you promised you’d play this time.” she childishly huffs in dismay, crossing her arms as she leans back on the edge of the bed in evident betrayal. “it won’t be that bad, i swear. let’s just finish one chapter today, and then i’ll let you decide after if we play a bit more…or you burn the damn game into smithereens.”
the latter option made quite the tempting offer, though you personally would have favored a third alternative where you could just burn the dvd now. “whatever.” you quietly grumble while snatching the plugged controller from the space on the wooden boards beside you. “fine, lets do it. but i’ll hold you to your word of that second choice.”
Tumblr media
SEASONS is a youthful otome game, where love blossoms in all seasons. Depending on the choices you make, you may encounter different characters, and unlock various special (and even secret) routes within certain chapters. There are a total of four major episodes — each contain storylines that require your decision on the choices you wish to make in pursuit of your love interest.
Tumblr media
chapter one, spring. (when the flowers bloom.)
route/s: ??
Tumblr media
chapter two, summer. (the warmer half of the year.)
route/s: ??
Tumblr media
chapter three, autumn. (when the leaves fall from trees.)
route/s: ??
chapter four, winter. (the colder half of the year.)
route/s: ??
Tumblr media
note: for the upcoming 600 milestone <3 this short series’ lovely concept is heavily inspired by seasons of blossom. if you haven’t read the webtoon, please do because i legitimately swear ;-; genuinely the most beautiful story i’ve read,, not to mention the build-up — the fucking build up!! literally the top-tier kind of writing and talent i aspire to achieve in this lifetime >;(( i laughed, shed tears and blushed a whole lot from the plot :””> so im sincerely hoping my own rendition will do greatly deserved justice to it ٩(˘◡˘)۶
warning: will contain webtoon spoilers, so i’d suggest you avoid reading if you’re interested in seeing the original first!
status: masterlist’s style is a work in progress, and speculated characters may be subject to change.
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luvajax · a day ago
Tumblr media
Author’s Notes; I got this from like those romance manga tropes or something idk?
Tumblr media
When you trip and accidentally land on top of his chest you end up being a burning bright mess. He assures you that it’s okay but you can only run away due to embarrassment.
Would be confused and SLIGHTLY pissed if you knock over a bottle of chemicals in it. You’ll apologize several times and he’ll see how confused yet sorry you were.
When you fall right into her chest she’ll blush like a crazy. It’ll be an awkward moment since you have to lift your head up and make eye contact with her.
Would be confused and angry, but she’ll also get flushed a little and just ask you to get off. You’ll be in her mind for the remainder of the day.
He would laugh at you for tripping but also tease you gently when you, fall face first into his bare chest. He thinks it’s funny and everything.
Would end up being extremely annoyed but cannot deny the fact that he didn’t secretly enjoy you falling into his arms. He even blushed when you did.
As soon as you accidentally trip sending you both down to the ground, he’d chuckle loudly and play with a couple of strands of your hair.
Would immediately start teasing you. Talking about how you cannot keep your hands off of him and all that stuff. He’ll lowkey enjoy the moment though.
Would get shy but forgive you almost immediately. Telling you that it was okay and that he wasn’t hurt. You guys might actually become closer friends because of this.
Would be a bit confused but he’ll ask if you’re okay. Always to make sure you are okay and you were okay before and after.
Would giggle and tell you not to rush too much and watch your step. She’d say you gotta be careful, or else you might end up with a scraped knee.
Would calmly ask if you are okay and if you aren’t he’ll carry you back home and mend your knee. He had nothing better to do anyways.
© luvajax’s content. Don’t steal or plagiarize my writing. Don’t repost in different language either.
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kazuwazu · 18 hours ago
make one about Kazuha albedo and thoma randomly hugging them ty 😚
Tumblr media
A/N: hrmrmrmm thoma hugs like if you agree .
*ೃ༄ Randomly hugging Thoma, Kazuha, and Albedo
Tumblr media
When you randomly hug Kazuha, it only startled him for a moment. He may let out a small gasp of surprise, but quickly reciprocates. He’d smile into the nape of your neck, slowly and tenderly running his warm palms up and down your back. It’s comforting, familiar, and calming. Kazuha would never shy away from your hugs, melting into your touch quickly and remaining in your embrace for as long as possible. He won’t let go until you do. <3
Tumblr media
Albedo finds himself growing tired whenever you hug him, his eyelids drooping and his forehead finding purchase on your shoulder. This is why when you randomly hug him, he’ll chuckle breathily and tell you “Dearest, I don’t exactly want to fall asleep at the moment.” Though, he makes no effort to push you off. Even if his growing tiredness distracts from his task at hand, he’ll always happily welcome any embrace from his lover. <3
Tumblr media
Thoma loves your random hugs, absolutely. He’d coo at you and nuzzle into the top of your head, rocking you back and forth, whispering sweet nothings into your ear. He smells of warm cinnamon and fire wood. He doesn’t care who’s watching, he just loves to hug you. Even if he is in the middle of a task, it can always wait a few moments. House chores are temporary, your love is forever. <3
Tumblr media
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Spending Halloween with them
Characters: Albedo, Cyno, Diluc, Kaeya, Venti
-Albedo is indifferent to holidays. He doesn’t particularly mind them, but it’s not as though he really cares about them either.
-He always celebrates them with Klee though. Halloween is probably one of her favorite ones because she gets to dress up.
-She dresses up as something different every year, while Albedo always dresses up as a lab worker. Sometimes he’ll spice it up and bring some goggles, claiming he’s dressing up as a chemist specifically.
-When you come into his life, he’s more than happy to celebrate the holidays with you too. He wants to spend his time with you and the holidays are just another way to do so.
-He gets you your own lab coat so you can match him, but this time he also buys two stethoscopes, one for you and one for him.
- “We can be doctors.” he says as he gently presses the diaphragm of the stethoscope against your chest to listen to your heart. He smiles at the sound of your heart beating in your chest.
-Klee dresses up as a heart this time. It’s not a realistic one, rather it’s one you’d see in love letters or cartoons.
- “Albedo hearts (y/n).” she says as she stands between you two, causing a blush to rise to both of your faces.
- “Yes, I do.” Albedo agrees with a smile on his face as he looks at you. “Now let's go get you some candy.” he says to Klee. Klee is quick to grab Albedo’s hand and your hand, dragging you throughout the streets to go door to door collecting candy.
-Cyno isn’t one for holidays like Halloween, but will spend them with you regardless.
-He’ll tell you interesting facts about the history of the holiday, telling you its origins and different ways it's celebrated.
-He has no desire to go to parties or go trick-or-treating, but if you’re insistent on it, he’ll agree to.
-He doesn’t dress up and won’t for the first few years you convince him to go with you.
-When he does finally agree to dress up, it’s as things such as mummies or plague doctors, something more realistic than your average costume.
-He’ll always compliment you on your costume, no matter how absurd it looks on you. “You look wonderful.” he’ll tell you as he moves to hold your hand.
-He prefers trick-or-treating over partying. More than that he prefers just dressing up with you and giving out candy to children.
-Diluc hasn’t celebrated Halloween since he was a child. He could remember celebrating his Halloweens with Kaeya well. There would be times where Kaeya would pull pranks on him, claiming that it was in the spirit of October. He was never fond of those pranks.
-He usually works on Halloween due to the fact that many people come into the tavern on those nights.
-Once you come into his life, he’s a bit more willing to take time off to spend it on the holidays.
-He prefers not dressing up, but he will if you ask him to.
-He’ll dress up as a bodyguard, saying that he doesn’t want to wear a costume that’s too extreme.
-He’s not just any bodyguard though, he’s your bodyguard.
-He’ll be right by your side the entire night, making sure you’re safe.
-Kaeya enjoys Halloween when he can celebrate it.
-As a child he used to spend Halloween with Diluc, but now it’s just him.
-He likes celebrating the holiday by going to parties.
-Once you come into his life and show an interest in Halloween, he’ll be thrilled.
-He absolutely wants to do couples costumes with you, but his ideas are always absurd.
-Tries to convince you to dress up as toast while he dresses up as an avocado.
- “Would you be the mustard to my ketchup?” he asks you.
-You usually shoot him down on his more absurd ideas, but that just makes it easier for him to convince you into other weird ones as long as they’re not as extreme.
-He doesn’t mind how revealing your costume is as long as you’re by his side. It doesn’t matter whether or not you can protect yourself, he prefers being around you just in case.
-Once he dressed up as a vampire and proceeded to try to nip at your neck. This was in Angel’s Share so Diluc was quick to scold him for you.
-Venti absolutely loves Halloween. He enjoys how lively people are on the day and seeing all the different costumes.
-He always goes trick-or-treating, whether it’s by himself or he’s taking a few children trick-or-treating for their parents.
-He won’t pressure you into spending Halloween with him, but if you do he’ll be ecstatic.
-He enjoys couples costumes where one of you looks normal and the other looks silly.
-Usually you’re the one wearing a normal costume while he wears something more extravagant to match it. It’s mostly because he’d rather make a fool of himself than have you be embarrassed.
-This time around, he went as a blank canvas while you went as an artist.
- “I might be the canvas, but you’re the work of art.” he jokes as he intertwines his fingers with yours.
- “Hey, Venti.” you start, “I can’t draw hands, can I hold yours as reference?”
-Venti giggles at your own pick-up line before giving you a kiss.
-Halloween was always fun, but he preferred it when it was spent with you by his side.
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lovelyy-moraxx · 10 hours ago
Cold and Colder.
[Xiao, Kazuha, & Albedo]
Tumblr media
→ Synopsis : After your death, the bed you both shared was warm on one side, yet the other was getting cold and then colder.
Tumblr media
Xiao ☆
Xiao never understood mortal feelings, the pain most would go through he didn’t. He couldn’t understand how others felt and that was just how it was.
He never understood love, he never understood sadness, he never understood anything until he met you.
Your warm smile would make him feel all fuzzy inside, he would tell you to go away yet you didn’t—you would only stay because you thought he needed comforting. Xiao could tell you wouldn’t leave him. Or so the Adeptus thought you wouldn’t.
Never once did he admit he had felt different around you. Every time you would ask if Xiao loved you, he would simply stay quiet. You didn’t mind, you stayed with him even though he didn’t give you an answer—something that no one else would do.
Oh, how foolish he was, bitter tears had never threatened to fall as they do now every night. He would lay down in bed and only hope you would be on the other side. Dear Yaksha, you weren’t coming back—and never would.
His pale hand would touch the side of your bed and then silent tears would turn into sobs. Xiao couldn’t tell you what he wanted to. You still had so much time left, yet he couldn’t savor the time that you were given by the gods. Now he understood, he understood very well, he loved you—just like a silly mortal.
Tumblr media
Kazuha ☆
You were with Kazuha from beginning to end—there when Tomo died, there when he was in his dim times, there when he would cry at night.
Yet, you weren’t there when it was time to live a full happy life with him. Your hugs and comfort were no more because you were gone.
Silky sheets no longer felt silky—they felt prickly, scratchy like they were trying to make his grief worse. The same person he would recite his poetry to was no longer holding him in their arms.
The only question he would ask himself was, “why?” — “why them?” — “Why are the gods so cruel?”. Every singly question started with ‘why’ because he really had no idea why.
The exact hands that would run through his white hair were the same hands that were no longer in Teyvat. His commonly warm smile seemed fake, his commonly awake eyes seem to be tired all the time, his actions were sorrowful unlike they used to be.
Ships came and go yet he knew you were not on any of them but he still had a little hope in his soul, though he knew it was just as un-true as his actions. When he is in bed, he can’t help but weep loudly while clutching onto your pillow that your scent was still stuck to.
Kazuha’s sweet autumn leaf had crumbled away because winter had come. Now all that’s left is a dying, deserted branch for him to miserably stare at.
Tumblr media
Albedo ☆
Albedo has felt cold, freezing even. But, the cold he felt on your side of the shared bed you both slept in was different—even worse than what he had experienced.
Never before had he felt the despair that he did now. Only a frown was able to make its way to his face. A remarkable smile that only you would receive would never be received by anyone again.
He never really felt emotions, yet when you died he couldn’t help it. Tears would come and rarely go.
Even his assistant, Sucrose, couldn’t help but grieve with him. She missed you just as much, it hurt her to know you were gone and Albedo mourning almost every day at work was a daily reminder of it.
Occasionally, he wouldn’t even show up to his lab. He would stare at your cold pillow every morning for hours and hours on end. Imagining your sweet, soft, comforting smile.
Life took a knife and stabbed him with it, and the final twist was when you died. Now all that was left for him was to painfully wait for death.
Tumblr media
© lovelyy-moraxx 2021
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dourpeep · a day ago
Thinking of You
Summary: I miss Albedo so have a drabble nodnod Contains: Albedo x gn!Reader, established relationship, fluff
You appear to him on a particularly cold morning on Dragonspine, bundled up in a warm coat and two of his scarves.
“I got your letter!”
It’d been sent just two days before, a few pages on how things have been, how he missed your presence, how he’d recently been craving the sweets that Sara made back at Good Hunter, if Klee was behaving herself (though he always knew she was). Tacked at the end, though, he confessed he’d be returning to the city soon. Two weeks, at most.
So why were you…?
“I brought you something.”
Your bag plops on the ground, a solid thunk noting the contents and you begin the work of emptying it.
First a carefully packed portion of lemon berry cake.
“Sara made your favorite, so I nabbed a slice…”
Next, a large thermos full of hot cocoa—right at the edge of being too rich and too sweet.
“Here’s something to warm you up while you’re working.”
Carefully, you open your coat and retrieve a folded paper. Once in his hands, he sees the familiar use of red crayon. A drawing of himself and Klee, big smiles and holding hands.
“She wanted to come along but I figured Jean wouldn’t be too happy about that.”
Ah, of course. He shakes his head and smiles. Perhaps next time, then.
Your hands draw away to tug at the scarves wrapped around your neck and shoulders. After a moment of struggle, it finally loosens and makes its way onto his.
The fabric is still warm and smells like you.
“You always forget this too, so I thought you’d appreciate it. I know you say that the cold isn’t too bad, but humor me?”
And finally, with your fingertips smoothing out the fabric of the scarf, you lean in close to press a kiss to his cheek.
“I love you Bedo—don’t forget that, okay?’
“I love you too.”
Another kiss and you hoist your bag back onto your shoulders with a wave.
…Time couldn’t pass by quick enough once you left. Observing hilichurls, sketching the landscape—instead, Albedo would wrap the scarf around his frame a little tighter, take a glance at Klee’s picture. His eyes linger on the parchment tacked on part of his board, the only part that isn’t taken up by quickly scrawled-out equations or untested theories.
But even with the way that the days seemed to drag on longer than usual, two weeks passed by and, already, he was packing up some of his equipment and doing a quick second look-over to be sure that he had all he needed.
When he was finally back on the path down the mountain, it was with a lightness in his step and only one thing on his mind.
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catcze · 5 hours ago
Reblogs are greatly appreciated!! ♥︎
Inspired by how Albedo apparently likes to sketch random people in Mondstadt and then give them his drawings. I had planned to make this for his b day but idk it didn’t vibe w me then so I never did anything w it lmao </3
⠀✔︎ Feat: GN!Reader, meet-cute, reader is implied to not be from Mondstadt, but has no specific place of origins.
Tumblr media
⠀As an outsider, it’s not hard to attract curious glances. From the way you carry yourself, to the way you stride and speak, it’s obvious that you’re not a native of the land of wind. 
⠀And yet the gaze you have attracted now... it is quite unlike any others before.
⠀For one, the attention comes from a handsome young man in a lab coat who watches you from across the plaza, sketchbook in hand. He stands at the booth where the alchemists gather, and you wonder for a moment if he’s an assistant. You doubt it, though, with how enamored he seems to be with his drawing, and with how focused he is on you.
⠀You can only wonder what is so fascinating about a stranger sitting at a table in Good Hunter. Surely it’s not that uncommon.
⠀As he continues to sketch, so to do you continue to look him over. Pretty hair with a pretty face, with stunning eyes, to boot. You can see the bright teal of them from all the way over here. The way he stands is poised and graceful, too, and the way his hands fly across his sketchbook makes you think that sketching is definitely not foreign to him.
⠀You don’t even realize when his gaze rises to connect with your own–– not until his hands still and the mysterious blond blinks twice in what you assume is surprise. You also pause. Wow, his eyes really are pretty.
⠀You smile politely and cast him a small wave. The mysterious artist waves back with the pencil still in hand. Neither of you know what to do after that, though, stuck in this motionless impasse. But when he makes a rolling gesture with his hand, your brow quirks.
⠀What? You mouth to him.
⠀Keep going, is all he says back.
⠀You laugh to yourself but acquiesce to his request. With a playful eye roll, you go back to your business, glancing at him from the corner of your eye and watching as he immediately dives back into his sketch. Your smile widens minutely.
⠀You’re aware of the pretty stranger who watches, diligently letting his pencil capture the strokes of your person. He’s focused on his art–– you can tell when you glance back at him a handful of times to see his brow furrowed in concentration. Your stares don’t catch again for the rest of your meal, but you hope you’re being a sufficient art model (something you hadn’t expected being today, honestly.)
⠀Time passes easily, and it’s just after you raise your hand to call the waitress that you hear the shuffle of boots approaching and a polite clearing of the throat. 
⠀“The artist,” You greet with a grin, watching with interest as he comes closer. You gesture to the other chair with a gesture not unlike the one had had given you earlier, and he chuckles.
⠀“The muse,” he says back, and heavens, his voice is absolutely lovely. He’s even prettier up close, too. Almost unrealistically so. 
⠀“I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect you to come over,” You say with a laugh, and he smiles, gently placing his sketchbook on the table between you two. 
⠀He deftly opens it up, flipping through pages and pages worth of sketches that you consider gorgeous after merely a glance, and finally stops on one of the newest drawings–– the one he had just been working on. He turns the book around to face you and slides it closer. “I wanted to show you what I drew. It’s only appropriate, given that you had been the subject of my creativity–– and a rather willing one at that.”
⠀“I’m happy to be a sufficient subject,” You chuckle, carefully pulling the sketchbook towards you. For a moment, you’re rendered breathless by the skill of the sketch, by the life that this man had brought through the mere means of a pencil and paper. Archons, he’s absolutely talented.
⠀He gives you a few seconds, allowing you to gape and gently run your fingers over the charcoal, careful not to smudge it. You’re just short of drooling over his work, honestly, and there’s no doubt that he knows it.
⠀“I take it you like it, then?” He asks, a small, knowing smile on his face.
⠀“Do you even have to ask?” You flash him a grin, gently pushing it back across the table. “It’s amazing, really. You’ve got some serious skills.”
⠀“Making a simple drawing shine is not a difficult feat when it’s subject is rather magnetic,” is how he replies, and you’re honestly not sure if he’s flirting or being factual, but it still has heat rising to your face either way.
⠀“A way with words and a way with the arts,” you marvel with a grin. You introduce yourself, holding out a hand for him to shake. He takes it gently, just as graceful as you had noticed earlier.
⠀“I am Albedo, Chief Alchemist of the Knights of Favonius,” the man ––Albedo–– says. “It’s a pleasure to both meet you and draw you.”
⠀You grin. Hopefully, you’ll be able to meet this alchemist again soon. “The pleasure is all mine.”
Tumblr media
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If your name has a strikethrough I can’t tag u </3 :(
Tumblr media
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bluexiao · 7 hours ago
#assigning genshin men with songs from my spotify playlist
—multiple scenarios depending on the songs assigned to them
CHARACTERS. Albedo, Childe, Diluc, Gorou, Kaeya, Kazuha, Scaramouche, Thoma, Venti, Xiao, Zhongli
THEMES. more fluff than angst, actually. only some has angst (venti’s & zhongli’s especially). comfort on thoma’s.
WARNINGS. reader is not a good person in scara’s part.
NOTES. this is quite new to me so i hope you liked how i wrote this one! it’s quite long each character so i hope you guys will enjoy~ i really liked Kaeya’s song & part here. I also literally listened to venti’s voice while playing the song and it resonates tf. also it’s funny how i’m referring to my spotify playlist here but i linked youtube for the songs,,,
Tumblr media
ALBEDO - Yellow by Kina Grannis
Feelings beyond the capacity of words, being succumbed and accompanied by the chirps of the crickets and the silent but gentle sound of the cold night breeze that passes by both of your forms with every chance it gets—as if the Anemo Archon himself was in approval of this. This moment feels reminiscent somehow; him sketching onto paper, your moonlit beauty radiating from where you were sitting on the grass, a curve of a smile playing by your lips as you stare up at the starry sky. If he was asked, he thinks the stars were smiling back at you.
“We should bring Klee here sometime. Although we’d have to be strong in case she pleads to go fish blasting again. I’d hate to burden Jean once she finds out about it,” there you went, thinking about other people. He thinks you worry about them too much, more than your own. Yet he keeps the words inside of him, knowing full well that it was one of the things he liked about you anyway; your love for others.
If he could wish for the stars, he’d say that he hopes that the shine in your eyes will never die—that genuine love and care to shine for other people.
And if it does, he will not hesitate to put it back on for you.
CHILDE - Crazy by Daniela Andrade
You very well knew what being close to a Fatui Harbinger would mean.
You not only have heard whispers, mutters, or talks about them—you were lectured by your very own parents not to even associate yourself with them.
It’s crazy ironic how now, those warnings were not heeded and were tackled very differently than it should have been. Consequences—such a word that most people had already told you about the moment they learned about your connection with him.
To hell with it.
Everything has their consequences, and if you had heeded the others’ words before, then you will also lose this life--the life that was almost robbed off of you just because of these stereotypes of a Fatui Harbinger.
You held your guards up when you first met him, you tried. But his charm was indeed something not to be reckon with, now you could barely imagine a life without him anymore. This must be what it is, right? This must be how it is to love and be loved.
You were suddenly aware of the softness of the locks in between your fingers, your eyes then glancing down as a smile forms on your face when you gazed upon your lover—your Childe; your Tartaglia; your Ajax. A man who had drenched not only his clothes and his hands but his whole mind with violence, a man who had sworn loyalty to a god who you do not worship—nonetheless respected.
It’s crazy how you love him.
But it’s also crazy how he loves you back and was willing to defy all odds just to have you by his side as well.
DILUC - Once Upon a December by Christy Altomare
It was almost like a fairytale. For him, meeting you was like a fairytale carved right out of a children’s book that his father used to read him with when he was way younger, when he still hadn’t got the sense of justice he had as he grew older. You were his savior, even if you were not truly aware of it.
“What are you thinking about, Luc?” he hears you say, in an instant, his eyes were on yours. He could feel it again—being bare in front of someone and letting it be like that, for them to see your soul and your entire being, trusting them with your whole heart.
He leans in to the side after a couple of moments, still swaying with you on beat with the background music that seemed to have continuously played despite the time that had passed by, his nose catching the fresh and natural scent of your skin. How many minutes had it been since you two were standing in the middle of the bedroom you shared since the day you two had gotten married? Basking in each other’s presence under the blessing of the evening.
“Would it bother you if I say that I’ve been thinking about you?” he says—almost like a whisper, actually. He very well knew you could hear him, but for him, this was like a secret, one that he wishes to keep with you and you alone.
One of your hands then curls to his waist, leaning yourself closer until you are hugging him whilst still swaying and taking hold of one of his hands. Also leaning to his shoulder and ear, he could only smile as you replied, “How could I when you’re also in miy mind most of the time?”
GOROU - Meet me on the Battlefield by SVRCINA
The world was unfair, Everyone knew that--both you and him were very aware of it as well.
Fighting an army by a god was never deemed as easy. With the limited resources and fighters, it was not a surprise that someone like you had joined them in the battlefield as well.
He was against this at first, but seeing your battle prowess, the Divine Priestess herself could not fulfill the General’s request to not let his lover partake in the fights. Sooner, he came to accept this and respected you and Her Highness’ decision.
The world was unfair, but he would not go down without a fight.
You suddenly feel his fingers slip to yours, feeling the familiar comforting warmth that had always been there since the start, his resolve that had never wavered and was infectious enough for you and of course, the other people around him. This is not just both of you fighting for your lives, this is a fight for Inazuma and its people. Even if your name as the Resistance was tainted amongst those who don't know why all of you were fighting, the echoes of your hearts will remain the same.
“Meet you later?” he turns to you like when he usually does, a small and assuring smile on his face, one that you could confess that you always look forward to. In every start of a battle for your lives, you two became accustomed to greeting each other this way--for you both to survive like you always do, probably; an assurance that everything can stay the same after a battle of fortitude against the Shogunate.
Mirroring his smile, you nodded, “Always,”
In the land of Eternity where silver clangs to silver, iron smashes to iron; this is an eternity that you both had always hoped for.
To be safe--it’s a prayer that your minds and hearts chant along the intake of your breaths. It’s a prayer that you both wished towards a god that is willing to listen.
KAEYA - Who Am I by RIELL (Acoustic)
(has implications of god!reader)
Threads of fate, strings of love, needles of the past—with unblind eyes, he knew what he was looking for.
When his eyes clashed with yours, when his hands met yours, when your voice penetrated his mind; he knew—knew what he was getting himself into, knew what falling under the spell of your kiss entails to someone like him.
He knew, and yet he couldn’t stop himself from having a taste.
The grip of his blood runs through his very veins, through the same eyes that you stare at with your Divine ones, through the hands that you still hold with your own tainted ones—tainted from the blood of his kind.
In this game of love, shall he prevail in the name of his family or for the sake of you—the god he accidentally fell in love with?
Who is he really?
Who was he supposed to be?
These questions ran dry from the answers it was neglected of as he grasped onto the handle of a door, turning them open to be blinded by the light.
“Kaeya, honey, you’re here?” your voice rings in his mind, infiltrating his plans and making him question his own identity.
You came, dressed in casual clothes that no one could even guess you were a god living amongst men—he didn’t, wasn’t able to until you revealed it to him as his lover.
He forgets everything and lets go of the rope towards the end goal as he leans in and presses a kiss on your lips and whispering the words “I’m home,”
KAZUHA - I won’t give up by Jason Mraz
A peaceful and windy evening, the unsettled sound of the leaves on tree branches and the grasses n the ground, the darkness of the sky illuminated by merely the moon alone.
A storm is brewing.
“Kazu, do you really have to?” you already knew that something was bothering him. That despite this supposedly jovial night date around the harbor, there seemingly was a voice that he couldn’t release. You didn’t need his hypersensitive sense of smell to read him—you’ve known him quite well enough with the year that was given for the both of you.
But tonight, tonight was different, and you’ve already perceived what the storm inside of his head had been meaning to say to you.
When you looked into his eyes, he wore the same ones from when you met him. And without any answer, you knew what it would be anyway. Before you could even look away, you felt the warmth of his hand on yours, meeting your gaze without a single thought hidden beneath the clouds of the plum of his orbs.
“I’ll come back home, I promise,” he says, because it was true. He already found his home here in Liyue, with you.
His other hand fishes something from his pockets and once he retrieves it, you could only gasp as he slips the silver band on one of your fingers delicately. Now, both of his hands were on yours, cupping them and grasping them with so much care and love that you felt it right through your bones how sure he was with his decision and his feelings for you.
“Meeting you was one of the most unexpected things that had ever happened to me, but unlike the others, you, my dove, brought the light back into my very eyes and gave me strength to face the sun once more. For that, I thank you. I want to come back to you with my heart whole and my spirit rested, so wait for me. And marry me by then.”
SCARAMOUCHE - Saints by Echos
At first, he was merely amused by you.
How could a thief steal from the Fatui—a Harbinger no less? It was purely entertainment to hear you spit curses at him and to feel the daggers of your glare, yet he was too amused, it seems.
“Be one of us, Y/n. Your skills will be wasted by the likes of your kind,” he said, holding out a hand—at that very moment, you knew that you were making a deal with the devil.
You took his hand and his path of life, became a part of it and soon, he was also a part of yours—too much to even see a world without him in it.
“Are you done?” his arms were crossed when he entered your tent, his eyes scanning over the Treasure Hoarders that you seem to have caught once again—seemingly in the same state as others before them. His eyes pierces yours, scanning them, probably to see whether there were remnants of your past self, ones that had vanished the moment you became one of them. “You’re far different than who you were before.”
You snicker to yourself, soon evolving into a laugh as you faced him, one hand on your stomach, finding his statement quite hilarious, “Coming from you,” you respond when you were able to, eyes glowering under the dim light, “you’re not so innocent either, dearest.”
He smirks, but there was hesitation in his eyes and a pressure in his chest that he could not seem to fathom—or particularly care about.
When he met you, without meaning to, you stole his heart too. And now, he didn’t know if offering you to be part of the Fatui was his best or worst decision of all.
THOMA - 17 by Pink Sweat$ feat. Joshua & DK of SEVENTEEN
Days with him never lacked energy and motion. Every person he had ever encountered is a testament to how he’s such a helpful kind of guy. Always there when you needed something, always holding out a hand in assurance that he was there—most especially to you.
“I apologize, but we’ll be taking our leave now,” he smiles towards the others and you could only wonder why he pulls you both aside, hand comfortably on your back, making you a bit closer to him as you walked side by side, the warmth of his form radiating from where he was, warming you up from the coldness of the night and the soul inside of your body.
It seemed, he sensed it again.
Wordlessly when you were far away from the crowd, he halted you both and he faced you to open his arms, to which you knowingly went and circled your hands on his waist, pressing your face on his chest. He wraps his own on your form, one hand tapping gently on one of your shoulders, “There, there. That party was stuffy, huh? Do you want to stay here for a while?”
When you nod, he leans his chin on your head, humming in response, “We could stay here for as long as you’d like,”
In the middle of the way towards Mt. Yuogo, there you two stood, only for the both of you to sway into a soundless music, nothing but the hums of nature surrounding the both of you, comforting you even more.
VENTI - Hurricane by Anson Seabra
Such sad eyes, that was your first impression of his viridescent orbs.
A smile that could mask any emotions that may be on that lonely soul of his, jovial music that clouds the sad words that he’s been hiding inside that mind of his—anyone could be deceived by then, honestly.
Not you.
The night you met him, it was as if a gust of wind had your heart pounding and your mind racing. Even without knowing his face or his name or his voice before, you felt that he was familiar.
“Do I know you?” you asked, and when you met his eyes, you were sure that the next words that slips your lips were affirmative despite his own answers.
“From a previous life, perhaps?” was your question, and he answered with a laugh.
“My, my, must you really be that curious about this humble bard? You could have asked for my name, you know!”
A liar, that’s what he was, and you knew it, he knew it.
Who was he to stop himself and bite his tongue of the lies that come out of his lips when he could still remember the way your eyes lost its life in front of him countless of times—all because of him, all because he was a greedy god who loved a human who’ll always meet the same fate as you would always do when you start to feel the same for him.
Fate hates him, but there is nothing he wants more than you.
XIAO - Can you hold me by NF feat. Britt Nicole
Not very many knew of the lone yaksha on the topmost level of Wangshu Inn, as well as the stories that lie beneath the surface that he holds upfrontly.
Cold, dismissive, very few with words; almost anyone would be riddled away especially if he wants to—he does, he needs.
“Desires? Ha. Do not judge Adepti by your mortal ideas. I have no desire.”
He does have one, actually.
His existence is an epiphany to most, but more so with the so-called lover who had tamed his heart—very few knew about you, and he meant to keep it that way.
“Xiao, you’re tense again,” your voice was like an angel, your touch was like feather, the muscles on his back easing up instantly at the contact as he lets you rub them gently and carefully, “relax, I’m sure you’ve vanquished the demons to temper the dangers for the meantime. You need to rest up as well, my love.”
He could never say no to you, not when you were beginning to calm the embers in his mind and the darkness of his soul.
It was not too long when he raises a hand towards yours, holding them gently before turning to face your form. He did not meet your eyes, but his lips met your knuckles; softly, mercifully, he kissed them with emotions that he doesn’t claim to have.
When you sat down in front of him, you were even more surprised to have him meet your eyes before leaning close; breath to breath, nose to nose.
“Can I hold you?” he found his voice even as he stared at the beauty of your orbs. You could only nod, voice restricted on your throat and from the pounding of your heart.
His embrace is rare, so whenever he initiates them, it is like your breath is being stolen away by him again. You didn’t know why he’s acting like this at this very moment; an act of impulse? Or is there an underlying reason? Either way, you were here to snake your own arms on his waist as you relished the love that he was willing to give you—the desires that he not so often speaks of, that he even denies he has.
Because even an Adeptus has desires, most of them just hide it.
ZHONGLI - More than words by Little Mix feat. Kamille
Like gravity, you found yourself being pulled by his presence.
Was it his face? His stature? His voice? Not that it mattered anyway.
“Mr. Zhongli, would you like a refill for your tea?” you inquired, smiling his way as he sent you one with his own politely.
“Yes, please,”
You could only watch him from afar. Being a little bit shier than any other else, you could only stand as you see other people flock his way and try to woo him on their own. He’s a gentleman, the dream of everyone—including you.
“I am grateful for your kindness once again, Y/n,” he says before he turns his back, exiting your teahouse as you watched once again—your eyes following his form until it vanishes out of sight.
With a sigh, you could only hold a heart over your chest. His baritone voice, his piercing yet warm eyes, the way he said your name has your heart pounding and you were worried if he’ll be the cause of a heart attack of yours someday.
“Why don’t you confess already?” those were the words of your friend, Hu Tao, when she catches you staring at him again. An ideal pair, you two were, seeing as he’s the boss of the person of your affections. Although with your circumstances now, it’s very much likely, to say the least, to be friends with her.
“I can’t,” you say, a sad smile forming on your face.
Awareness is a rather scary thing, such as knowledge.
Cursed with the memories of your past, you knew better to stay away from him—Morax, Rex Lapis. Others knew him by many names, but you knew him because he was your husband.
“You know I can’t, Director Hu,” you looked at her and she soon sighs.
“Are you sure you’re not going to say goodbye? There’s a possibility he could see you even if-“
“We already did…” you cut her off, soul turning back from the man who sat far from both you and Hu Tao; soul turning away from the world you had once lived on, “it would hurt us more if I show myself once again.”
Wordlessly, Hu Tao understood, and even without a physical heart and lungs you felt your chest constrict as you ached to see him one more time—to feel that once rush you had when you liked him, when he returned his feelings, when you two had gotten married to each other. All of those will be left now.
“I love you,” you whisper to the air, to the wind, to the breeze; hoping it would get to him.
And in his seat, he whispered back, “Likewise, my dearest.”
But you weren’t there anymore.
Tumblr media
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xiaosmoon · 23 hours ago
🎄 holiday writing collab! 🎄
Tumblr media
hi everyone! i wanted to host a writing collab that everyones welcome to join :) just let me know which day + character you would like to write for! i'll post the official master list later on!
Tumblr media
-> character x reader only
-> any genshin character is okay to write for! (excluding teens and children)
-> suggestive is okay with any of the prompts! just no nsfw bc i'd like everyone to be able to enjoy :))
-> be as creative as you'd like!!
Tumblr media
everyone who filled out my interest form back in early october: @eitai @eggmarr @clemmywrites @witch-hazels-musings @starglitterz @xiaophobic @bluexiao @cynettic @genshinspuppy @ohmykazuha @peachyphyr @albedostar @3rdgymbros @dootdootwriting @almondoufu
a special thank you for helping me come up with prompts! <3
Tumblr media
dec. 1: holiday baking – @clemmywrites + xiao
dec. 2: ice skating – @xiaophobic + thoma
dec. 3: spending the holiday with your/their family – @albedostar + childe
dec. 4: snowball fights – @hopebunnywrites + childe
dec. 5: dancing to christmas songs & karaoke – @icecappa + venti
dec. 6: going sledding – @aeneozen + zhongli & childe
dec. 7: finding the perfect christmas tree – @cynettic + scaramouche
dec. 8: being stuck because of a snowstorm – @witch-hazels-musings + diluc & thoma
dec. 9: building a snowman together & making snow angels – @peachyphyr + childe
dec. 10: warming each other up – @bluexiao + xiao
dec. 11: cuddling/kissing by the fireplace – @dourpeep + albedo
dec. 12: going holiday shopping – @bumbleklee + childe
dec. 13: ugly sweater party – @dootdootwriting + kaeya
dec. 14: driving around to see holiday lights – @wisteria-writings + diluc
dec. 15: drinking hot chocolate – @aviquz + albedo
dec. 16: holiday movie marathon – @starglitterz + xiao
dec. 17: building a pillow fort – @bananaapplewriter +
dec. 18: building gingerbread houses – @xiaophobic + itto
dec. 19: opening presents – @genshinspuppy + kazuha
dec. 20: wrapping presents together – @bluexiao + scaramouche
dec. 21: preparing a holiday feast – @weakestpoint + diluc & zhongli
dec. 22: decorating the tree & fireplace together – @ohmykazuha + diluc
dec. 23: kissing under a mistletoe – @bumbleklee + diluc
dec. 24: christmas eve traditions – @bluewritesstuff + kaeya
dec. 25: christmas day!! – @3rdgymbros + gorou
dec. 26: roasting marshmallows – @miam0re + xiao
dec. 27: new year's eve party – @eggmarr + diluc
dec. 28: midnight adventures to the kitchen – @glazelilyy + childe
dec. 29: spending after christmas at a winter cabin in the mountains – @almondoufu + xiao
dec. 30: new year's eve resolutions – @stellumi + thoma
dec. 31: new year's eve kiss – @hopebunnywrites + zhongli
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chichikoi · 16 hours ago
Klee saying "Witness my great undertaking!" After giving you a makeover. (Platonic)
While cuddling with Kaeya, you get cold because of his cryo vision and he says, "Don't get frostbite."
While baking cookies with you (he fails miserably) and you laugh at him, Zhongli deadpans- "I will have order"
And cooking something other than almond tofu for xiao he eats the food and says, "Is this... Retribution..."
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ganyusleepyhead · a day ago
Albedo: Why doesn’t Y/N find me sexy when I bite my lip?
Kaeya: What do you look like when you bite your lip?
Albedo: *bites lip*
Kaeya: ...Have you considered biting your bottom lip instead?
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venexus · 2 days ago
so i just recently came up with this idea! i hc albedo to tell random facts when spending time with his s/o, perhaps about things they like, and it happens most if they are similar to him. bc the reader is very forgetful, they remember the facts, but not who they are by. since the reader also tells random ideas and facts, they often bring up things that albedo told them without knowing it was from. him.
you can do what you would like to with this, whether make it romantic somehow, or a fic or a hc list, its all up to you and im curious with what you may right! could you do this w a male reader? if not, gn pronound are fine!! thank you. <3
i cannot Begin to tell u how obsessed w this hc i am i love it sm yes albedo absolutely would just tell random facts all the time 100% and as someone w awful memory i can relate so hard to the reader here LMAO also god tysm for giving me a chance to write some male!reader stuff, i guess this could still be read as gender neutral too but it's nice to have the practice all the same
Tumblr media
|Accidental Forgetfulness|
Albedo x Male!Reader (drabble)
[Genshin Masterlist]
warnings: very minor instance of self deprecation, kissing, albedo is kind of a little shit when he gets an idea
Tumblr media
"Hey, Albedo," you called out to your boyfriend, walking across the small expanse of his office to sit down on the edge of his desk. "Did you know that hot water freezes faster than cold water? Fun, right?"
He chuckled, shaking his head slightly. "I told you that the other day, love."
"You know, hot water actually freezes faster than cold water," Albedo stated from his position seated across from you, hands laced delicately with yours. Your eyes widened in abject fascination as you asked him to explain more.
"Oh. You did." Your head dipped low as you spoke, bashful at the fact that you had forgotten. "Sorry."
"Hey," Albedo frowned, reaching across to grab your hand. "You've nothing to apologise for."
"I just feel bad," you sighed. "I always remember these really interesting things you tell me, but I never remember that it was you that told it to me. Makes me feel stupid."
"You're most certainly not," Albedo argued, squeezing your hand gently. "So, you're a little forgetful. That doesn't mean you're stupid."
You didn't respond at first, leading him to continue.
"How about this, we try to help your memory out a bit? If you want to remember something and the person who told it to you, attribute something else that you might remember to it- using one of your senses."
"That won't work," you lamented. Things like that typically never did, as hard as you tried.
"Then I propose an alternate solution," Albedo declared, in that endearing way he did whenever he had decided upon a new hypothesis for an experiment.
He stood, walking around his desk until he was facing you, all the while still never letting go of your hand. You eyed him curiously, brows furrowed and lips drawn into a thin line.
"What exactly are you about to try, Mr. Chief Alchemist?"
"Did you know," he began, leaning close. There was a cheeky gleam in his eyes, one you very rarely saw from him unless he was scheming something. "Parrots are capable of the power of reasoning, at the same level as that of an older toddler."
"You're trying to make me attribute this specifically to you, right?" You mused, leaning away as he leaned closer, confused as he splayed his hand out against your chest.
Before he answered, he had cupped your face gently with his free hand and placed a searing kiss against your lips. You melted into it immediately, as you always did whenever you kissed him, but he pulled away again before you could really sink into the moment with him.
"Do you think you'll remember that I'm the one that told you things better this way?"
You burst into laughter, wrapping your arms around Albedo, drawing him into a tight embrace as you buried your face into his shoulder.
"I'm not doing that with everyone else who tells me facts."
"Well, I'd hope you wouldn't."
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luvajax · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Author’s Notes; Slight Inspo From This Song…!
Tumblr media
He’s a ‘quiet — popular’ type guy. So it’s rare to even have him have a crush on someone. But it’s more rare for it to spread so quickly. But he was still going to shoot his shot, and you secretly hoped the rumors were true.
A popular chef, and it was quite uncommon to hear that she had gained a crush. When rumors had spread that she had a crush on you, it made you think about it for days. And she even got nervous about it.
It’s spread around quickly to hear that a band, a popular, band member managed to gain a crush on you. She’d get a bit shy if you ever confront her about the rumors.
Wouldn’t mind hearing that his crush preference has spread. May be able to shoot a bigger shot since most people wouldn’t bother confessing their feelings to you since he already set eyes on you.
He’s a shy man and would take a few days off from school pretending and hoping the rumors would go away. Once they quiet down he happens to run into you more often and every time he does, he gets redder and redder.
Would immediately flirt with you even before the rumors are out. She’ll always tend to whisper amongst your ear, and if bold enough, even nibble upon it.
Wouldn’t even hesitate to ask you out once the rumors come out. She’d feel a bit more confident actually when you find out and it brings her slight joy.
© luvajax’s content. Don’t steal or plagiarize my writing. Don’t repost in different language either.
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