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#albert x chimney
daily911 · 4 months ago
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You made it. Congratulations!
Image ID: gifset from 911 season 4 episode 14 Survivors
gif 1: A firefighter takes off their gear and it is revealed to be Albert.
gif 2: The 118 cheer him on after he passes his firefighter test.
gif 3: Albert shakes the instructors hand.
gif 4: Albert holds his hands out for a hug. Chimney pats Albert on the back while hugging.
gif 5: Albert celebrates with the others and hugs Hen.
gif 6: Chim and Albert fist bump while surrounded by the 118.
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themushroomblues · 10 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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That's why I came here. I knew you'd understand. (2.12/3.11)
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incorrectbuddie · 3 months ago
Albert: How did you know you loved Buck?
Eddie: Well, a good romance starts with a good friendship.
Buck: And a bad romance starts with a “ra ra ah-ah-ah, roma roma-ma, gaga ooh la la”.
Eddie, to himself: You signed up for this. You said yes. You said “I do”.
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Albert: You know, Ravi and I got off on the wrong foot but I think we’re gonna be good friends.
Buck: You be careful with that.
Albert: What? Why?
Buck: Because first, you’re petty and jealous, and What’s your problem, man? and now you’re annoyed and angry. Then You can have my back any day which turns you into a blushing stuttering mess because how can it not when he’s so unbearably hot? Then you find out he has the most adorable kid in the world and you’re swooning. Then one day, when you’re at your lowest and think he’ll never forgive me for this, you get shocked with There’s nobody in this world I trust with my son more than you and that’s when you know you’re screwed. And when things just started to get back to normal, he’s 40 feet under and you’re trying to dig him out with your bare hands. Then your shitty parents in town and once again managed to fuck with your life, and you’re not in the right state of mind to be dating. But then he asks his son’s former teacher out and you’re heartbroken because you thought you and him had something special, and he will wait for you but clearly not. Then his son shows up at your doorstep because he’s upset and you’re his safe space. Then you find a new friend and suddenly he is jealous, and you think maybe it’s not one-sided after all, and you want to talk about it. Then out of nowhere he gets shot and your whole world crumbles, and he whispers pained Are you hurt? when he’s the one bleeding out through your trembling hands. And now you’re breaking down in front of his son because this is too much and it should’ve been you who got shot. Just when things settled down, he’s all soft and Because Evan and that’s when you find out that he made you his baby daddy a freaking year ago and was sitting on this information for unknown reasons.
Eddie: 👀
Chimney: Wow, that... was oddly specific.
Buck: And when you’re lulled into a false sense of security, he dumps his girlfriend and the next thing you know you’re banging each other on his awful couch.
Eddie: In my defense I was left unsupervised.
Chimney: Buck was your superv-... Ok, I see.
Buck: I regret nothing.
Eddie: And my couch is not awful.
Buck: You did not sleep on it, Eddie. That thing is horrible!
Eddie: Well, it was plenty comfortable last night.
Buck: smooth fucker.
Eddie: *smug*
Albert: Does Ravi have any kids I should know about?
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phantomqueenmorrigan · a month ago
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9-1-1 as Gremlin Quotes
pt. 8/?
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 9 | Part 10
tagging the gremlins responsible for this: @honestlydarkprincess @cowboydiaz @chimreaper @prettyboybuckley @trashbaget @pentagrampanikkar @bitchdiaz @doodlemeimpressed
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911readercollection · 5 months ago
can u recommend some accs that write 9-1-1 x reader imagines ?
Yep, you bet we can!
These authors either currently write them or have written them before, and most are multi-fandom as well. Make sure to give them some love for their wonderful writing and check out their works! If you have any more authors to be added this list, please reply them below.
@dissociation-writes @biqherosix @bi-bard
@buckleyx @chewbucka @angels17324
@creativeashproductions @anxiousblanketqueen
@disasterfandoms @buckinbuckley
@cactiem @capturethechaos @borntobewondering
@favefandomimagines @fireladybuckley @eliotsbambimargo
@footprints-on-the-moon-xo @hurricanejjareau
@firemedicdiaz @evanbuckos 
@hotchsbabygirl @glitterquadricorn
@itsreigns @evan-buck-ley @holidaywishes @louiselikeswriting @plentyoffandoms @pupandangelscoffee @playbucky
@that-firehouse @theauthorunicorn @the-spindly-lady-faith
@ssahotchswifemain @sinfulpieces @solarwriting 
@spnirwin @shelswrites @shelby-love @vivacesole
@samantha-chicago @stefanmikaleson1864
@toomuchtv95 @writing-x-reader @xerotodeath @1-800-imagines
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idealuk · 8 months ago
Chimney: I can’t tell Hen or Bobby about it. We all work with Buck.
Albert: Yeah and I live with Buck!
... I can’t be the only one who feels like the obvious omission of Eddie’s name here is a little palpable. Like the Han men already know what’s up between their two friends even if they, themselves, don’t yet do know what's going on between them.
This is how much they keep feeding us crumbs and we keep making them in to full-course feasts.
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911readerinsertweek · 5 months ago
911/Lone Star Reader Insert Week
Tumblr media
Hello and welcome to the first ever 911/Lone Star Reader Insert Week! In which we hope to provide fun and interesting prompts for a five day writing event.
Posting week will be Monday Sept 6th - Friday Sept 10th
thank you to @fireladybuckley​ for the lovely edit!
No incest, pedophilia, no minors writing smut
Please tag your warnings accordingly
No nsfw or triggering content above a read more
Tag your content with #911readerweek
Join this discord if you would like to discuss the event with other participants
Feel free to crosspost on AO3 to the @911ReaderInsertWeek Collection
We have two prompt lists for writers to choose from. You can choose to do a selection from either list, or even combine them. Whatever inspires you.
Genre Prompts
Day 1: Fluff
Day 2: Angst or Hurt Comfort
Day 3: Smut
Day 4: Humor or Crack
Day 5: Writer’s Choice
Dialogue Prompts
Day 1: “I’ve never been more in love with you than right now.”
Day 2: Day 2: “Hurts.” “I know it’s going to hurt some more, okay?” “Deep breathes, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”  -- This should read "Hurts."  "I know.  It's going to hurt some more, okay?"  "Deep breaths.  I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."
Day 3: “Look at me when you cum.”
Day 4: “I’ve connected the dots.” “You didn’t connect shit.” “I’ve connected them.”
Day 5: Writer’s Choice
For the editing prompt we have one list, in which you can choose to do whatever character inspires you.
Editor/Gif Maker Prompts
Day 1: Your muse + the way they look at you
Day 2: Your muse + children
Day 3: Your muse + date night
Day 4: Your muse + flowers
Day 5: Your muse + your choice
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hotchsbabygirl · 4 months ago
albert request ! what if he accidentally gets a girl pregnant ? like what would his reaction be and his friend’s reactions lmao
Stranger In The Hallway 
Tumblr media
Albert Han x Reader 
Warnings: fem!reader, mentions of pregnancy and pregnancy related topics/symptoms, 
Category: Fluff with 0.01% angst 
Word Count: 3.3k
Author’s Note: This is my first Albert piece and I'm super excited for it :) also this is dedicated to the president of the Albert fan club, @biqherosix <3
**italics are flashbacks
Empty boxes are now flattened into stacks of cardboards falling from your arms as you make your way to the garbage chute.
You groan, “are you kidding me?”
You lean to pick the cardboard up and shove it into the chute. “I think this belongs to you” a voice calls to you, a man with black hair and a grey sweater on. Your phone was in his hand, “where’d you find that?” you take the phone, shoving it into your pocket.
“Right over there,” he points towards the spot by the door. “Thanks, must have fell when the cardboard did” you give him a small smile.
“Are you new here? I haven’t seen you before” he asks, looking you up and down. There was a bag in his hand with a logo you weren’t familiar with but from the smell of it, it was probably like food.
“Yeah, I moved in last week.”
“Welcome then,” he flashes you a smile, the kind that gives you butterflies.
Stop it, you're not falling for the stranger in the hallway.
“I’m Albert, I live down the hall in 4B if you ever need anything” he tells you, you smile. “Thanks, I'm y/n by the way.”
“I thought I heard you out here” a tall blond man sticks his head out into the hallway, from apartment 4B to be exact.
You glance at Albert, brows furrowed before glancing back at the blonde.
“That’s my roommate.. well I'm his roommate? It’s his place” Albert tries to explain the situation to you after noticing your look.
“Anyways, it was nice meeting you y/n.”
“Nice meeting you too”
Watching as he makes his way down the hall, he steps into the apartment not before looking back at you once more.
From that day, bumping into Albert was a frequent thing. You saw him almost every afternoon as you came in from work and when you left in the morning, he would be coming in from a jog.
You had also met the mystery blond man in the apartment, Buck. Buck was Albert’s brother, Chimney’s friend/co-worker/unofficial brother-in-law which was interesting in itself.
The boys in 4B had invited you over for dinner, Albert was coming by to pick you up although you were just down the hall.
“Hey babe! You ready ?!” he stepped in and called for you. The layout of your apartment was similar to theirs, just that your kitchen wasn’t as nice as Buck’s but it did its job.
“Upstairs hun!” you hear him grow closer with each step, his arms wrap around your waist when he finally finds you by the dresser.  “Hello to you too” you laugh, your hand coming down to rest on his.
“You look beautiful”
“It's not too casual ? I wasn't sure what to wear” glancing at your reflection in the marrow, your hand smoothing over the red shirt you had on with a pair of black jeans.
“No, you look perfect” Albert hums, smiling at you in the mirror.
“Oh you’re too sweet,” turning to face him now, his hands on your lower back and your arms over his shoulder.
This thing between you and Albert has has everyone on the edge of their seats since he brought you to Eddie’s the last time they had a team get together.
“So are you two together ?” Maddie asks you, Karen and Hen beside her.
“Um-” breathing a laugh, a blush rising on your cheeks by the second. “No ? We’re just- just friends” you glance at Albert, who was on the couch next to Christopher. It looked like Chris was showing him something about the game they were playing and the sight of him with Chris made your heart swell a thousand times over.
“Uh huh,” Hen smiled at you, following your gaze to Albert. Karen gives her a nudge, “stop bothering the girl” she chuckled.
The topic of Albert and this blooming relationship was dropped until he appeared behind you. “Hey,” his hand resting by the curve of your hip, “you hungry ?”
“I’m alright, you?”
“Yeah, ready to go?”
“We’ve only been here for a hour” shifting slightly to look at him, “They won’t miss us”
You give in and say goodbye to Maddie, Hen and Karen before thanking Eddie for having you over.
“So they’re definitely together right ?” Karen hums, watching the two of you by the door.
“Oh yeah” “Yeah they are” the two women agree with her.
Chimney smiles as you walk arm in arm with Albert. “Good to see you, y/n” he hugs you, taking you away from his brother.
“Good to see you too. How are you ? How’s Maddie ?”
“Oh, just having to pee every 5 minutes but i’m fine” you hear her voice behind you, turning to face her but you’re met with her bump instead.
“Hey mama,” you move to her side to give her a hug, a hand resting on the bump. “Are we excited?” you ask, she hums. “It’s like she can’t wait to get out of there, she’s always kicking” Maddie smiles as her hand moves yours around to find a kick.
“Hey,” Buck’s hand squeezes your shoulder as he passes by the kitchen. “Hey” you smile at him, your eyes moving back towards Maddie when you feel the pressure against your hand.
There it was again.
Your face lit up with excitement and eyes beaming with happiness. “Oh my god, did she just kick ?” a hand still pressed to her belly, Maddie laughed at your excitement, “she did. She must like you because Albert’s been waiting all day for a kick and nothing”
You glance in Albert's direction, he smiles at you. “She’s excited for the baby,” his brother chuckles, handing him a beer. Albert nods, his eyes glued to you as you ask Maddie something.
“Kinda makes you want to have one of your own huh ?” Chimney turns to him, the question causing Albert to choke on his beer. Chim pats his back, “I was kidding, are you okay ?”
“Yeah, fine” he said, waving his brother off.
He had never thought of you as his girlfriend, the two of you were close, practically a couple and he spent most of his time at your place rather than Buck’s- all of his stuff was at your place and he slept there too. Sure, you’ve slept together once or twice but it was casual or so he thought.
There weren't any feelings there.
Or at least that’s what he kept telling himself.
After Chimney had mentioned having one of his own, it started to click. He liked you as more than a friend, maybe as a girlfriend or potentially as his wife and the mother of his children one day.
*4 months after the accident*
The purse was tossed onto the counter as you made your way to the fridge when the sudden urge to pee hit you.
You hadn’t noticed the contents of your bag had spilled onto the counter when you tossed it.
You also didn’t hear when Albert arrived. You had given him a key right before his accident. The two of you still weren’t together officially but you were basically living together but after the accident, he’s been staying with his brother while he was doing his physical therapy.
Things were starting to get back to normal, with his therapy over and him being able to move about on his own, he spent more time at your place rather than his brother’s. Even though Maddie and Chim had reassured him multiple times that they didn’t mind having him there, he still felt bad. They had given him their bedroom, they helped him with his meds as well as going to and from therapy all while having a new baby.
“Jesus, you scared me” you jumped, seeing Albert’s back towards you.
“How was your appointment ?”
“Fine, I’m sorry I cancelled lunch”
“It’s fine.”
Something was off with him.
Was he upset because you cancelled on him today ?
You were supposed to get lunch with him to celebrate passing and becoming a firefighter but your doctor had a cancellation which left an opening and you needed an appointment. You hadn't specified why you were going to the doctors, just that you were.
Albert turned to face you, a little rectangular paper in his hand, black and white image on it.
The ultrasound.
The two of you not saying a word, staring at each other and the ultrasound in his hand.
“How long ?” he mumbles, eyes on the photo.
“2 months”
He looks at you, “is it mine?”
“What ?” you scoff, “how cou- how could you even ask me that ?”
“I don’t know what you do with your free time” setting the photo on the counter, he walks back towards the door.
“No. You don’t get to do that. You don’t get to be upset with me just because I didn't tell you.”
“Were you going to tell me ?!”
“You know what, if you’re going to get upset and not give me a chance to explain and accuse me of cheating, you can go”
Albert looks at you, the sadness visible on his face. It was bad, he knew that and he knew he upset you as well. He turns and takes a step towards you, your hand out and shakes your head.
Albert sighs, he glances once more at you before stepping out. You go to shut the door but you see him in the hallway and you can’t help but yell for him.
“Hey!” he stops and faces you after you shout. “It’s not cheating if I wasn’t your girlfriend.” He seemed shocked that you told him that, he froze in the hallway and watched as you slammed the door.
He needed to make it up to you, he should have never said that to you. Of course it was his and in his heart, he knew that but he didn't even know why he said that.
The door opened and his brother stood there, his shirt covered in what looked like puke. Chim had Jee in his arms as he stepped aside, letting Albert come in.
“Here,” Chim handed her over to him gently, “Maddie’s out and I need to change.”
Albert smiled at the little girl in his arms as he made his way over to the bedroom. He sat on the bed, her little hand wrapped around his finger as he rubs her hand softly. Chim glanced at his baby brother and his baby, a smile on his face.
“You’re a natural.” he smiles
“You think so ?” Albert glances up at him
Chimney disappears from the room for a moment, Albert’s face softens as he watches Jee-Yun sleep in his arms. It was so easy for him to be there for her and to help Maddie and Chim with her. She was his niece and he loved her endlessly, there was nothing he wouldn’t do for her but he wasn’t sure if he was ready for the full time responsibility.
“I know that look,” his brother stops in the doorway. “What did you do?”
“Why do you think I did something ?”
Chim gives him a pointed glare, “Albert..” he trails off.
“Fine. Y/n is pregnant”
“Really ?” Chim smiles at his brother, making his way over to him. “Congratulations man, are you excited ?” He takes a seat beside him.
“Uh, she’s mad at me.”
“Oh, what happened ?” Before Albert starts, Jee wakes and stretches, her little arms raising and curling as she makes a little sound. Both men coo over her, staring at her in awh.
“Come put her down and we can talk” Chim steps out of the room, pulling her little rocker to the living room. Albert was setting her down, making sure she was comfortable when Chim’s phone buzzed.
“See who that is,” he called from the kitchen. Albert brought the phone with him, “Mrs. Lee can’t babysit,” he showed him the phone.
“Shit,” he pinches the bridge of his nose when he sees the time. “I have to leave in 20, can you babysit?”
“Oh yeah, sure”
“Okay, tell me quickly, what happened ?” Chim’s back now to him, trying to tidy up a bit.
“She cancelled on me for lunch and called to say she had an appointment. I went over to check on her, I wasn’t sure if she wasn’t feeling well or something but I saw her purse on the counter and all the stuff had fallen out. I thought I'd be a good guy and put it back in there for her when I saw the ultrasound.”
“She was upset that you went through her stuff ?”
“No, no. Nothing like that. She, uh- I sort of accused her of cheating” Albert mumbles, Chim stops and turns to face him.
“You did what ?”
“And then I left”
“You left?!” Chim smacks Albert at the back of his head. “Ow!” Albert whices, “why would you do that ?” he pouts, rubbing his head.
“Why would you do that?! Stop being dramatic, I didn't even hit you that hard. I cannot believe you.”
Albert took a step back before Chimney got the chance to smack him again. Chimney on the other hand, stared at his brother in astonishment. “So let me get this straight, you found the ultrasound, accused her of cheating and then left? Sounds right ?”
Albert hummed and Chim sighs. His hand rests on Albert’s shoulder. “I know it’s scary. You’re both young and I'm always going to be real with you, you knew what you were getting yourself into when you didn’t use protection, I'm not sure why you're surprised.” Chim chuckled, smiling at his brother who didn’t look half as amused as he did.
“Regardless, did you think I was expecting Maddie to be pregnant ? Definitely not and honestly- it was scary at first. Neither of us thought we were ready but we had each other and because of that, it became easier. We talked about things that bothered us, things that we hoped for Jee - y/n needs to know she has your support. I’m sure she could do it on her own if she wanted but is that really what you want her to think? That you’re just some douche that’ll knock her up and leave ?”
Albert paused- Chim was right. He knew he loved you and he would do anything for you to know that. It's not that he didn’t want to have a family with you, it’s just that he didn’t think it would happen so soon.
“Listen, I gotta leave now but are you gonna be okay ?” Chim is by Jee’s rocker when Albert glances up. “Yeah, i’ll be fine” he gives him a smile. He watches as Chim gives Jee a kiss and tells her how much he loves her.
Chimney gives Albert’s shoulder a squeeze as he passes by. Albert stood in the apartment alone, Jee was asleep and he sat on the couch.
His conversation with Chim replaying in his head over and over again, he needed to go see you. He couldn’t leave Jee alone so he called someone to come watch her.
It wasn’t long until there was a knock on the door. A crying Jee in arms when he opens the door. “There’s my baby” Buck cooed, smiling at the girl in Albert’s arms.
“Oh nice to see you too,” Albert jokes, making Buck laugh.
“Come to uncle Buck” Buck reached for her, holding her carefully. He rocked her back and forth as Albert pulled his jacket on.
“Do you know if y/n is home?”
“Looked like her lights were on but I'm not sure” Buck mumbles between singing to Jee.
“You’re gonna be okay right ?” Albert asks before walking to the door.
“Stop worrying, we’ll be fine, won’t we?” he smiles at Jee-Yun.
Albert finds his way back to your apartment. He stood in front of your door, his hands wiping on his jeans. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous.
Pulling the key from his pocket, he looks down at it in his hand. It didn’t feel right to use the key after the blow up you had.
He knocked on the door.
No answer.
He knocked once more.
No answer again.
“Y/n?” he called out, knocking once more. There still wasn’t any answer. All the possibilities began running through his head, what if something had happened to you? What did you slip in the shower and pass out ? What if you were kidnapped ?
He decided to use the key, pushing the door open quietly. He made his way up the stairs to see if you were in bed but you weren’t. The apartment was quiet but there was a little hum coming from downstairs. He made his way down to see you sitting on the couch, scrolling through your phone.
“Y/n?” he calls, his brows furrowed and arms folded as he looks at you.
“Why didn’t you open the door?”
“Well you opened it, didn’t you ? Clearly the key works”
Albert held back the urge to roll his eyes. You always had snark little comments like that, especially if you were moody but it was the little things like that that made him love you.
“Can we talk ?” he asks, stepping towards you.
“Are you gonna accuse me of cheating again ?” snapping at him, clearly not in the mood for him and his shit.
“No, I came to apologize”
Scooting over, you make space for him next to you. Albert’s hand reached out, holding yours softly. Part of you wanted to be mad at him, pull your hand away and kick him out but somewhere deep down, you knew you wouldn’t do that because you cared about him even though he was an ass sometimes.
“I’m sorry” he started, “I- I’m not sure why my first thought was to ask if it was mine, because I know it is. I didn’t mean to run out either, I should have stayed and talked to you.”
“Yeah, you should have”
“I'm gonna be here for you,” his hand rests on your stomach, “both of you. I promise that”
“Albert, I'm not gonna force you to stay and you shouldn’t stay just because you think it’s the right thing to do. If you’re going to be unhappy, you should leave. I’m not going to bring a child into the world with you if you don’t want to be here, this baby doesn't deserve to be brought into an unhappy family.”
“Y/n, I’m not unhappy. I was scared. I love you and I want to have a family with you. I just needed a minute, it all happened so fast. The accident and i just became a firefighter and you started your new job, it’s all so fast”
“That's life” you state plainly, Albert smiles at you. “Listen, we can take this one day at a time, can’t we?”
“Yeah, one day at a time” you smile.
tagging: @advicefromnixxxx @dralexreid @keenmarvellover @beth-winchester21 @fernandaweasley2 @yikesyikesyikes95 @hotchsdarling @duhbar1975 @hailsstormthings @averyhotchner @captainxholmes @venusrosepetal @luke-alvez @looney-literature @caitsymichelle13@artemishunter18 
let me know if you don’t want to be tagged in Albert posts!!
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incorrectbuddie · 9 days ago
Chimney: Yeeted.
Buck: Yote.
Chimney: YEETED.
Buck: Eds, tell him it’s YOTE.
Eddie: I just want to know who threw Albert out of the third story window.
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podinaroot · 4 months ago
The way that 911 has so many healthy & amazing queer, hetero, and platonic relationships... I could cry
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911-memergency · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
okay who’s writing the chaotic hs au? 👀
icons by: @tvsicons @maybegins @jamesdean-daydreaming​ @mundodeseriess​ @ccarlosreyes​ @inanausomewhere​ @911edits​ @trashbaget​ 
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phantomqueenmorrigan · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
9-1-1 as Gremlin Quotes
pt. 10/? (special guest appearance from @eddiesbuckaroo)
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9
tagging the gremlins responsible for this: @honestlydarkprincess @cowboydiaz @chimreaper @prettyboybuckley @trashbaget @pentagrampanikkar @ethicalconflictdiaz @doodlemeimpressed
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