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I just finished the color…. OH BOI! >:’D

Now I need to do background and shadings I guess I failed the challenge at this point? Well I never really were able to complete one after 5 attemps (5 years) I will still try to do them all but I am way too late to say that I did one a day. I guess I am just too busy with work and school to do it. Really sad because I really wanted to do one a day. Drawing take me so much time, I need to learn some shortcuts.

I really enjoy drawing this tho, giving me prompts help me try new things and get out of comfort zone a bit. I also love drawing more my ocs, Like october give me a reason to draw my ocs XD

Did I gave up? Maybe. Will I still draw them all? Yes, help.

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I remember one day after work I told my co-worker / then-girlfriend that I wanted to go back to Cheapo’s in Commack to pick up this record I passed up the day before. “Make it quick!” she said, as we had only a half-an-hour before our ride came to take us home. So I ran fifteen blocks to the record store, got Blueberry Hill, and fifteen blocks back to meet up with her again, just in time before our ride picked us up.

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I had the first death in my den today. The albino I got when I first signed up four years ago died today of old age. R.I.P.

Need to get more albino girl. I’m down one. Only 5 left. 😩

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