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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Muse reactions 

Allie had his ear buds in and staring out the picture window lost in his own thoughts. It was a warm, spring night, and raining. His finger was idly drawing circles around the droplets on the window pane. He knew Marius was nearby, and when they made a motion towards him from behind and hugged he smiled. One hand moved up and took hold of their forearm with a soft squeeze. “How do you do it, Master?” He asked softly, pulling one bud from his ear.

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I got a D&D Beyond subscription and bought a few of the books and now I’m just making characters for the hell of it (and to avoid math homework o_0)


I will never play my new children but I love them so very very much. And I will make more. Because fuck it.

Ansell Viktas is a High Half Elf Bard, who was a Cult Offering (cheers, homebrew!) to Lolth. He lost his tongue at a young age to said cult, and is a mute. He plays viol and has an old deep gnome friend called Orryn, who helped him escape from the Underdark.

Albinus Skywatcher is a Dragonborn Druid, who was outcast from his tribe due to his odd skin complexion. He spent many years wandering the wilderness in solitude and learning how to love nature. He is albino, but he possesses the cold breath ability of a standard white dragon. When he enters beast shape, the animal form is albino as well. 

Olara, Daughter of the Sun is an Aasimar Warlock of the Celestial. She is the daughter of the Sun God by a mortal woman (I always imagined it was Pelor, but I’ll modify it depending on the campaign I guess) who was the apple of his eye. She was shunned by the demigod community, however, as she had no godlike abilities of her own. Her father came to help, and with the power he loaned her came the hubris of a young god. Now she has been sent to the Prime Material plane to learn how to cultivate strength with less help from Dad, and to understand that believing in one’s superiority over others is no way to be when one is divine.

Stratos is an Air Genasi Storm Sorcerer, and boy, he does not give a single fuck about what you think. The child of a djinn and a mortal woman, he abandoned home in his teenage years to see the world. When the captain of the ship he sailed with became aware of Stratos’ ability to control the winds, he nearly put the young Genasi into slavery. A mutiny was had, the captain was killed, and Stratos became the new captain of what would become the fiercest pirate crew to sail the world. Pride goeth before the fall, however, and his ship was finally sunk, abandoning him to a deserted island. Using his power of the wind and storms, he managed to escape back to the mainland, but is now utterly without a ship, a crew, or anything to do. Oh, and he hates his djinn dad. He wants to fight him. And kick his ass.

Oh, Maraud is there too. I made his character sheet back when D&DB was in beta. He’s like… the older sibling, cause he’s level 14.

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Vane was sexually abused as a child.

  • He has a brand on his shoulder from Albinus. We meet several of Albinus’s slaves and only one has the brand (At least that we can see), The child. The ONLY child. 
  • When he has to return to Albinus to get a crew he can’t meet Albinus’s eyes. This is Charles Vane, he’d stare down death itself, but with his former master…
  • When Albinus reveals his brand to the others Charles can no longer meet any of their eyes. He looks ashamed. These are Albinus’s slaves as well, why should he be ashamed? 
  • He’s terrified and trying to hide it every time Albinus speaks to him. 
  • He says he was “the lowest among” the slaves
  • He keeps looking to the boy, horrified that there is another like him. He knew Albinus would still have slaves. He shouldn’t be shocked, but he is
  • “You think if you refrain from beating them, it’s any better? It isn’t the violence. It isn’t the labor or the hunger or the heat or the chains. You know what those men fear right now? It’s the unknown. Lash that comes from nowhere for reasons never explained. A visit from the taskmaster in the dead of night. But I remember that fear. Right now, I feel it returning.”

In Conclusion Vane was raped repeatedly as a child by Albinus (and mostly likely his taskmaster). He managed to get away and tried to forget it. When he saw the boy with the same brand he realized it wasn’t him. He wasn’t the reason for what had happened. Vane had always blamed himself, but in that moment he realized it was Albinus. He realized Albinus was a sick fuck who raped children for pleasure. That’s why he murdered him.

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The Shadow of Neutrality
To Observe and Mediate

”It’s a lonely job”

After working a couple hours to find the right kind of pictures and trying to figure out gimp, I finally got this to work. Here is the first aesthetic board of a series I’m working on for me and @mioandlily

This particular character is the shadow manipulator from Lily’s “Ancient Few” series

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The Colour of Valour

She knows what her father did to Mrs. Hamilton’s body. She knows how the people of Charles Town degraded and debased that good woman’s corpse. She knows everything.

Abigail Ashe, Post Season Two.  460 words.



He must break them – their spirits, their bodies, their minds – until they bend as he wishes, do as he pleases.

Albinus, Gapfiller of sorts for Episode VII.  Includes references to past sexual child abuse.  250 words.

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