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#albus dumbledore
minyoongislaysme · 2 days ago
✨I’m obsessed✨
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darkalinas · 2 days ago
they’re really calling fantastic beasts 3 “the secrets of Dumbledore.” they’re really. they’re really calling it that.
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✨ Day 24: Revulsion and Hatred Etched on His Face for @bringbackthebastard ✨
TW: On page Character Death
Albus was begging Severus to kill him. The insides of Severus’ heart turned to fire, consuming him from within, hurting a million times more than all Cruciatus’ he's ever been under combined.
He himself couldn't utter a word. For a moment Severus was frozen in place, in agony, grief and anger.
That fury inside of him was what eventually helped him move, bursting out of him like an explosion, or perhaps a Fiendfyre. He pushed Draco out of his way. He had no other choice than to do what was expected of him.
No one did. Not anymore. Time for doing things differently, for making better plans was over. And anyway, Severus’ thoughts were never of much importance to Albus. The headmaster was always making all the decisions himself, the one pulling all the strings.
“Severus...please…” pleaded Albus again.
That voice was going to be scorched onto Severus’ soul for eternity. When he took his rightful place in hell, he would only hear those words and nothing else.
Nothing else but pain.
How dare you? Severus wanted to scream. How can you do this to another person? Do you not have any compassion left deep down in the, black as your cursed hand, heart of yours?
He couldn't say this. He had to act. With one last glance into the eyes that were always asking too much and were about to haunt him forever, Severus raised his wand. He pointed it at the man who was making him do this unspeakable deed.
“Avada Kedavra!” Severus wasn't sure anymore who exactly died that day.
He himself became a living corpse. A fate far worse than becoming an Inferius. For Severus felt everything and did nothing.
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I’ve never understood the like for Dumbledores character, as someone who has been in a manipulative relationship it instantly makes me dislike Dumbledore and his actions. Often times his actions make him more of a villain than some of the other characters.
If you look at all the things he caused or could have stepped in on you realize how shitty he was.
-sending Sirius to Azkaban and not getting him a trial
-not hiding the Potter and longbottoms once he found out about the prophecy and only doing so when Snape asked him to. (Maybe he didn’t know but it would have been the smart thing to do right away)
-never trusting anyone els with needed information until his death
-raising a boy for slaughter and never trying to find a way around it
-never doing anything about the blood purist ideology a lot of children carry in Slytherin
-in general he let Harry suffer in silence and didn’t ask about anything nor did he really comfort Harry unless Harry came to him.
-never addressed Snape on his behavior (not even when he was a child, he also didn’t take his side in the werewolf incident)
-we never see him really creat a good environment for any one and basically made a lot of peoples lives hell for his plan to be put into place. (This goes for a lot of situations with a lot of different people.)
-he stuck Harry in an abusive home and knew about it and still did nothing until the summer before he died and he talked to the Dursley’s
-after Sirius was apart of the order he still didn’t seem to get Sirius a trial after he knew Sirius wasn’t the one who was the secret keeper and that it was pettigrew with over 3 witnesses including 2 adults.
-used Snapes guilt to manipulate him for over 12 years even when Voldemort wasn’t around.
-let shitty people abuse they’re power and get away with it, students and adults alike causing those who where already suffering to suffer more.
-he never addressed the marauders behavior and that could have changed things in the future so they wouldn’t have ended up like they did. Like having pettigrew betray the potters or the sexual assault James did in a moment of anger and power.
-let people like Malfoy get away with shitty things and let him and his fellow students call other students slurs
-most likely killed his sister (if he felt guilty about it and if he fired a killing curse)
-manipulated over 2 generations of children to do his bidding when he simply could have done it himself and could have found a way around something
-just in general never thought about anyone or did anything he had the power to do unless it had to do with his plan.
This is why I can’t stand Albus Dumbledore in cannon because dear god is he horrendous. There is probably a lot more I’m missing from this but this is enough of a list to make anyone halt when looking at his character.
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ajax1230 · 22 hours ago
HP Head cannons!
You're sick! It's not a life threatening illness but you're down with some kind of bug. Unfortunately or fortunately for you, these HP characters are your caretakers!
(Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Albus Dumbledore )
Tumblr media
Severus Snape
How he treats you depends on how you react to being sick. If you're the suffer silently type he can tolerate it, but Merlin save you if you're the needy type. Generally, he's familiar with sickness being a teacher with germ factory children. Which is why he is taking precautions. You're in quarantine. No arguing. You stay in bed, he levitates everything possible to you and casts cleaning spells on everything you touch. No way he's going to let himself get sick.
But at least he is a potions master which means *personal pharmacy* This is where the tolerate part comes in, because if you don't annoy him or complain too much he'll make sure you never feel pain. He gives you everything you need and the few requests you make are met with ease.
If you're the needy type... Good luck. He's going to give you the meds or potions you absolutely need but do you really need that muscle relaxing tea? Does he really need to ask the houselves to prepare that soup you love? No, he didn't think so either.
Once you aren't contagious he shows up more often, asks more questions and ultimately lectures you on illness prevention. You'll always remember those wee hours in the night when he'd feed you your medicine with a satisfactory nod.
Tumblr media
Lucius Malfoy
DRAMA. You mean you're SiCk?!
Expect gifts. In the form of personal doctors, hand and foot services, the best foods, the best of the best. If your illness isn't too icky, he may even feed you himself because, of course you need his help! And he is going to be there constantly, even though he likes to complain about how busy he is, somehow there's simply nothing for him to do. Prepare to hear stories, family medical history, and his own personal accounts of being sick.
In regards to closeness, he's in the room but not that close. It's a reflection of your relationship I assume but hey what do I know? Anyways, he wants you to know he's there. He wants everyone else to know he's been in there. So whenever there's a chance he is going to gossip to anyone who will listen. You were in terrible condition. He'd never seen someone so pale. But you handled it beautifully even if he wasn't sure if you were going to pull through. How does he know? He was there! Isn't he a saint?
Besides using your sickness for his own means, he really does do a decent job taking care of you. And after you're better you can bet he will give you the chance to repay his kindness.
Tumblr media
Sirius Black
To put it simply, he's a tease. In every sense of the word. You're going to get roasted at every opprotunity.
"Was that a sneeze? I thought I stepped on a mouse..." "You're looking marvelous today." "Do you need some help? Poor little thing-"
He doesn't actually know what he's doing, given his background of coming from a noble house he was probably taken care of by people other than his parents but he does remember little things. Like water, you need it! And a compress? But he can't remember if it's supposed to be hot or cold, isn't there a potion for this?
He does, however, know what it feels like to suffer so between the teasing and making lewd jokes about your fever sweating, he babies you. Cuddles at every turn even if you're actually too warm. He gives in to every request. Want another blanket? Sure! You want ice cream? ANything for you doll.
Thankfully, Remus is never too far away and he's the one who tells Sirius that you aren't supposed to actually be that temperature, and he gives him the crash course on basic illness care.
Tumblr media
Remus Lupin
Speak of the devil! Remus is the best. He knows what you need, he is extremely sympathetic and he's always ready to listen to you complain.
Comfort king, Remus will help you get set up in bed. A light blanket, favorite pillows and your laptop. Of course he has tissues, snacks and WATER no, you can't have pumpkin juice. He's already lining up your meds so that there's no chance for aches to affect you. Lights are dim or off, fan is on but not directly.
You almost don't feel sick at all.
He knows what's best for you to eat. HIs parents were actual parents and took care of him all those years so he remembers the tricks. He brings you anything you need, gives you space when appropriate but the best part of Remus caretaker? The hugs.
Embraces whenever you're feeling frustrated or uncomfortable. He'll lay on the bed and hold your head to his chest doing the little 'I know, " Whisper whisper things.
He massages your joints if you ask, plays with your hair until you fall asleep and repeatedly refuses to 'tear your head off' even if you insist it would make you feel better.
Remus is the best.
Albus Dumbledore-
Front porch treatment.
Tumblr media
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bow-of-ash · 2 days ago
What I’ve always wondered about is Ariana’s portrait. Who made it? They couldn’t have hired a professional artist in fear of revealing Ariana’s Obscurus so who made it? Did Aberforth just have good drawing skills or was it one of the others? I guess Bathilda painting it would make sense but it would also annoy Aberforth to no end if Albus or Gellert made it. It could also have been Kendra through. What do you think?
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ihsnamih · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
“I knew my brother, Potter. He learned secrecy at our mother’s knee. Secrets and lies, that’s how we grew up, and Albus . . . he was a natural.”
I don't think Aberforth was right here.. But I do sometimes wonder what it must be like to be Dumbledore..
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anastasiakrizek · 2 months ago
The only reason Harry never truly grasped the depth of Ron’s insecurity about being least loved until witnessing the destruction of the locket is because Ron had been Harry’s most loved person since the day they met.
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artdecielle · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
anyway enjoy this messy comic where everyone gets exactly what they deserve❤
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liv0716 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Happy 41st birthday. Harry Potter.
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tehm-riddle · 3 days ago
The amount of queer straight people on Twitter making jokes about Dumbledores sexuality in response to the new Fantastic Beasts title is disgusting.
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fanonical · 10 months ago
harry: i want to go to hogsmeade
mcgonagall: sorry, potter, you need signed permission from your guardian
harry: i want to not be in the triwizard tournament
dumbledore: aw, but the magic will be sad. you don't want to make the magic sad, do you harry?
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