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Can I work?

Can I stay for a while?

Can I show the Improved?

Can I express where it went wrong?

Can I prove what is right?

Can I create what you love?

Can I give you every thing that you want?

Can I give you a fuck

To give

Back to me?

Can I kill these years that I’ve built?

I can earn what I learned

Just to hold my heart.

Just to stand in a fire.

Prove to the earth that I’m real.

The wind say to dust I return

Water my ashes where your love will forever live.

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🌊🔊(FREE FOR PROFIT) Eminem x Griselda x Alchemist x 50 Cent Type Beat ‘Simp’ Instrumental

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If I one day end up becoming an alchemist, I think that there is a way to take a gemstone like rose quartz or something and turning it into its purest state. I think I’ve saw somewhere on the internet a book talking about alchemical procedures with gemstones so I didn’t just pull it out from nowhere.

What I mean is that you might end up containing the true spiritual essence of the gemstone. I think it might mean that you can use gemstone magic WITHOUT the gemstone and it will be stronger with no spiritual or physical impurities to limit its power. Basically, amethyst essence will be stronger than pure amethyst and it’ll shoot your spell work through the roof.

But what will the essence of the gemstone look like?

Would it be a liquid? Solid? Will it be course like sand or salt?

Will it be toxic? (Alchemy uses toxic chemicals in it for spiritual reasons…one of those ingredients includes aged rancid urine). 

No, you can’t just dunk a stone in oil and call it a day either. I’m aiming to do it the hard way in the future when I get my own house. I’m mostly worried about how on Earth am I going to get all of the materials,how to not accidentally poison myself with dangerous gases and how I’m supposed to convince the police that I’m not running a meth lab in my house and that I’m doing Egyptian originated Medieval science so I can milk my rocks for their essence with my own piss.

Yeah…not exactly beginner friendly and a little more woo woo than the usual. Don’t worry, I’m not planning to turn lead into gold anytime soon. I just want to make potions and other stuff.

Don’t ask me for information because I’ve just started studying and even I don’t understand what I’m reading.

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🌊🔊(FREE FOR PROFIT) Griselda x Alchemist x Kanye West x Dipset Freestyle Type Beat ALARM Instrumental

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Man…can’t seem to make sense of the past few days and the energy that’s been encountered, but these moments have inspired a late #FridayFreeVerse Sub.

Love to @shadali_ @deeperthangrits @itshubbs @marsjackson @j_marcel90

#alchemist #mobbdeep #prodigy #havoc #keepitthoro #music #hiphop #love #rap #pittsburgh #artist #words #protest #hate #iphone #vsco #work #black #brown #moors #indiginous #american #morocco (at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

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If people actually focused on learning how to communicate with eachother and understand eachother It wouldn’t take a world pandemic and national protests to make people drastically reconsider selling their souls to slavery-minded rat race which benefits maybe a select few and damns everyone else. modern humanity’s problem is waiting until the point of explosion to attempt to fix a problem. this isn’t a solution it’s a delusion. Modern humans lie to themselves. if they truly wanted to live and enjoy life they’d prepare for the worst before it even appeared on the horizon. They’d work with and for eachother as equals so that they all shared in one glorious legacy instead of a bunch of fragmented ones who all have pieces of the truth but are wrong While In shattered pieces. Modern Humans will fall for the same trick three times a day and wonder why the world or fate or whatever treats them like they’re disrespectful imbecilic children at best, and mindless drones at worst. happiness and freedom should be natural parts of the world we live in but they are not, and so we must strengthen our wills, our hearts, our memories to make a world and a United people that that can carry these ideals. the hearts minds and souls of this world are enslaved. Free yourselves or be shackled to a hell of your own making. From what I understand people avoid the truth because it is seldom easy and often horrifying but steadily it becomes clear that to not understand the truth is equivalent to non existence. Exist and know yourself or be non existent in your ignorance.

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