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What would the RE8 ladies reacting to Y/N drunk and flirty?
Excellent question! Let's find out!
Tumblr media
Alcina was simply trying to get through another phone call with Miranda, when Y/N comes in completely wasted. They were very giggly and had somehow put their pants on backwards. Alcina had never seen Y/N like this so she promptly hangs up the phone to enjoy the silliness that only Y/N can provide her with. Y/N did not disappoint because the next thing they said was, "Hey baby! You are definitely tall enough to ride this ride!" They cackled before pointing at themself... Alcina hasn't laughed that hard in a while.
Tumblr media
When Donna finds Y/N in her kitchen, drunk as hell off her cooking wine... She kind of can't help but just stare and watch the madness. She is, obviously, a woman of few words (6 words to be exact), but this is probably one of the stupider things she's seen Y/N do. She’s got nothing. Once Y/N sees her they burst into a wide shit-eating grin and move in for a kiss. Donna just puts a hand on her hip and looks disappointed at Y/N before pushing them away by their face and leaving the room. She calls out behind her that Y/N's sleeping on the couch that night and smirks when she hears their drunken whining.
Mother Miranda:
Tumblr media
Miranda has never seen Y/N quite this tipsy before. She wants to remember and savor the moment because she isn't sure when she'll get to see it again. Also, since Y/N's so drunk, she feels like she can be a little less guarded around them and lets herself be slightly silly as well. Miranda even cracks a joke about how she would kiss Y/N right now, but she's afraid she might get a bit of a buzz. Y/N can't believe their drunken ears and starts shrieking with laughter. This only makes Miranda laugh and smile at Y/N. It's the little moments like this that keep Miranda going, truly.
Tumblr media
Bela loves how snuggly Y/N gets when they're drunk. Y/N usually holds her when they lie down together, which she loves, but she definitely takes this opportunity to cuddle Y/N like a teddy bear. Y/N keeps trying to mumble out pick-up lines to Bela, but she just shushes them and pats them like a baby to get them to settle down. She feels really protective of Y/N when they're like this. She keeps Y/N away from any maids she thinks might try to get a bit too "friendly" with them while they're silly and drunk.
Tumblr media
This is probably one of the funniest things Cass has ever seen. Y/N came into her room completely drunk and started taking their clothes off and dancing for her. Cass indulges them for a bit and cheers them on before she leads Y/N to the bed to lie down. She tucks Y/N in, but they suddenly grab her and pull her on top of them. Cass is surprised by how easily Y/N is able to pick her up... Maybe the alcohol gave them a boost of super strength? Y/N just buries their face into her boobs. Cass is better than a weighted blanket... She has tiddies!
Tumblr media
If Y/N's drunk off their ass, there's a good chance Dani is shitfaced as well. Y/N and Dani do lots of stupid stuff when they're drunk together. One time, Y/N rode on Dani's back as she flew around and pretended she was a magic carpet. Y/N screeched out "I Can Show You the World" before Dani started projectile vomiting and crashed into the wall... Alcina was so pissed. Once these two lovebirds get back into their room, they have wild, drunken sex and wake up with huge hangovers the next day. It was worth it, though.
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Modern AU BusinessWoman!Alcina x PersonalAssistant!Reader (part 3 of 3)
Here it is everyone! The final part to my BusinessWoman!Alcina and Assistant!Reader thoughts. I want to do the idea justice and hopefully one day write a proper story for these two idiots. But alas, I need to focus on other things. Don’t steal these ideas in the meantime. So I hope this suffices!
I marked the NSFW section where it begins and ends. Not explicit, explicit, but enough that you know what’s happening.
Enjoy you gays :)
Part One
Part Two
12 days. The office knows something is wrong with Alcina and you. The past month was like the first month you were hired and they immediately knew something wasn’t right when Alcina began to go on near daily tirades. They started giving you side-eyes and you can hear the whispers. “Trouble in paradise?” “What happened to them?” “Is Miss Bitchtrescu about to fire them . . . are they about to quit?” Ignoring them to your best ability gets aggravating but you persist.
It was your last two weeks after all.
And it’ll be the worst two weeks of your career because you can see the end approaching and you’re walking to the finish line while your heart is trying to drag itself back into Alcina’s office.
You’ve debated telling her, to cross that boundary and just confess. You’ve even made a pros and cons list.
Cons: There’s too many to truly list out but there are highlights that you focus on.
She’ll reject you outright and laugh in your face.
She’ll say that the night where she tried to kissed you was a mistake and she feels nothing.
She’s your boss for fuck’s sake. (BIGGEST ISSUE)
She’ll report you to HR for sexual harassment or something like that.
Your career will tank and you’ll have to fake your own death and start anew.
She’ll know how you truly feel and the mortifying ordeal of being known is too much.
If something were to happen, it would be a PR nightmare if it got out (you can practically see the headlines now: “Dimitrescu Truly a Business Woman-- Sleeping with Her Secretary!” or “Office Smut-fest! Dimitrescu and Assistant Go at It!” or “Dimitrescu Daughters Have a New Step-Mother!”
Her being with you is a complete, utter fantasy.
A relationship could cause irreparable damage to her career and you’d rather quit now than let that happen.
The girls would bully you relentlessly.
Your breaking heart will finally split to pieces like it wants to do every time she doesn’t meet your eye like she used to.
She’ll never want to talk to you again.
You’re delusional if you think any good will come out of confessing.
You were just going to be a warm body for her bed that night and she would have kicked you out regardless.
It’ll never work out.
Pros: These are far fewer, but some are noteworthy.
You get closure and you can begin healing with time.
She possibly feels the same and you two start something. (Very doubtful)
Your conscious will clear and you can move on.  
If not a relationship, then a very ravishing one-night stand could happen-- you’re definitely not opposed to that at this point. A little of something is better than never having it.
You can possibly repair what you have and you can rescind your two-weeks and continue working, despite no relationship.
You get to continue seeing the girls and keep them in your life and you can be a part of game night again.
She can kiss you like she wanted to that night.
You can see her real smile again.
And really the fact that you can have multiple pages of cons and barely one for pros tells you what you need to know. The risks out weigh the very slim, virtually absent benefits. It’s simple logistics, that’s what Alcina would say. That’s just business.
11 days. Alcina knows she’s been a bitch-- well, more so than usual. The office hasn’t been this terrified and quiet since your first few months, and it is very disconcerting how she managed to slip back into her old ways. It’s welcoming and comfortable and it makes her feel in control again. Plus, it keeps you at arms length, despite the sorrowful expressions she’s been receiving when you think she isn’t looking. It breaks her heart all the more. But it’s saving you from wasting your time with her and moving on to better prospects.
The girls, while meaning good, are hopeless romantics and too naive. Things are complicated, far too complicated and this isn’t a book or a movie. They claim they know you feel the same, that they know if their mother can get her head out of her ass, you will accept her. It’s absurd really, Alcina Dimitrescu is getting romance advice from her daughters . . . but for just a moment, right before you entered her office with that damn piece of paper . . . she had hope.
That’s perhaps the most ridiculous part of it all: Alcina had hope.
10 days. You’ve been interviewing for various other positions, some in similar fields, others not. It’s been going okay, you think. Some called back, others not. Thankfully you have enough savings to pass the time if you fall between jobs. It’s a strange feeling, to know you can support yourself like that. If someone were to say you could two or three years ago you would have laughed in their face while trying to take the bus to your second job. If they also said you would have been endeared yourself to Alcina Dimitrescu and eventually fall head over heels for her without going on a single date, you would have been hospitalized from being unable to breathe.
Things were going so well and you were happy and Alcina was happy and the girls were happy and things are so fucked up right now. It would be easy to point the figure at the other woman, say it was her fault. But you’re too self aware that you know you’re just as much to blame and it’s a complicated situation-- the power dynamic, the blurring of professional boundaries, your feelings, the girls, the very different backgrounds of you two, among other things. You took the step to un-complicate it by putting in your two weeks notice, but part of you feels that was to just delay the inevitable. Should just rip off the band-aid and quit now.
And yet, you stay.
8 Days. There’s an incident in the Alcina’s elevator. She and you were riding back up to the office after a late meeting with the board. She was rattling off what needs to be done and you were taking notes when she shifts her weight like she does when her heels are making her feet ache. Suddenly, she wobbles and nearly plummets into you as her heel breaks. You just manage to catch her before she falls flat on her face. But you hear her suck in a sharp breath and see how her ankle rolled beneath her weight. She cussing up a storm and ranting about how they don’t make heels like they used to and you’re holding her up and she has her arm around your shoulders to not put pressure on the twisted limb and the situation is ridiculous, so ridiculous, and for a moment it feels like it used to. So much so, you crack a joke at the situation. Without even pausing, Alcina snips back like she did in the past and then you both are laughing as you help her to the couch in her office.
For a moment you forget about everything and it’s just you two. You get ice from her in office bar and let it soothe the quickly swelling ankle. There’s still some awkwardness around what can be said and what is acceptable and professional. Alcina made sure of that for the past month.
“Bela,” said Alcina suddenly when silence fell between the both of you. “She has a recital for her violin this Friday. She asked if I would extend the invitation since the performers are allowed to have up to five reserved guests.”
Your first reaction is to immediately say yes. Your second is to say no. But, of course, it’s Bela and by extension the girls, so you agree on your third reaction. Alcina gives you the details through a possibly, poorly concealed smile but you think that’s just the trick of the light.
4 Days. So fucking stubborn, you think as you enter the auditorium, just barely managing to get there on time before the doors close. Of course Alcina wouldn’t keep her promise and keep weight off the foot. She’ll regret it the next morning you bet. Alcina’s perfectly manicured brow arched upwards as you slide into your marked seat only seconds away from being late-- out of character for you. Cassandra and Daniela immediately swarm you with greetings and questions and tales as much as they can before the lights dim and the performances start. That’s when you notice you’re sitting right next to Alcina and will be for the next two and a half hours, brushing shoulders and fighting for the arm rest.
(When Bela’s eyes scanned the audience, she smirks to herself. She loves it when a plan comes together.)
Bela’s performance was spectacular, as one would expect from a Dimitrescu, deserving of the standing ovation she got. When the group meets back up with her, you make sure to present the stain glass and metal rose as a congratulatory gift. You remember Bela saying one time she doesn’t understand the giving and receiving of flowers-- they just die in a few days anyways. The artisan down the road just finished the rushed order for you that night and it’s the reason why you were nearly late. You ignore Alcina’s strange gaze as Bela hugs you tight.
Somehow the girls rope you into getting ice cream afterwards, and part of you fears you will overstay your welcome and in Alcina’s good graces, but she doesn’t show any discomfort or anger or anything negative that you can tell. With that, you can pretend, just for a moment, that things are right and that you belong there beside the Dimitrescu family. Even when you’re carrying Daniela to her room, excitement and sugar crash finally catching up to her little body and the other exhausted girls opening the doors to help, you’re pretending like this won’t end in less than a week.
With all three daughters in bed, night time I love you’s given by their mother, it’s just Alcina and you in a too large mansion with too many unsaid words between. Alcina walks you to the door, where her driver is heading your way to take you to your apartment.
“The girls appreciate you coming tonight, especially Bela.” She says when you are at the door.
“It was my pleasure,” you reply.
Alcina stills and sucks in a breath, as if she’s bracing for something. “And . . . I appreciate it as well.”
Your gaze immediately snaps to Alcina’s. You will your heart to stop beating so loud in your ears.
“You’re a good assistant.” Immediately when those words leave her mouth, she regrets them-- that wasn’t supposed to be said. Damn Alcina’s lack of emotional forthcoming.
Ah, there is it is, you think. An assistant. That’s all you’ll ever be to her. And you weren’t just good-- you were the fucking best. “Thank you.”
The curt note in your voice makes Alcina’s eyes widen. “I mean it,” she starts again, trying to salvage this. “I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and the girls.”
“You have a funny way of showing it.” You turn to the door and step into walkway. “Goodnight, Alcina.”
The door closes behind you and you’re bathed in the driver’s lights and there’s a nip in the air which the only the night can bring. Your mind is a rush of thoughts and emotions that you can’t quite parse out, and stepping into that car solidifies your choice, and frankly you’re just fucking pissed and done with the whole situation. You’re. Just. Done.
You burst back through the door, startling a remorseful Alcina. “What--”
“I think it’s time we really talk.”
You push past her. You settle in one of the many rooms you know the girls won’t hear the discussion if they’re sleeping. Alcina trails behind you and it’s a bit hilarious to see the woman so lost, especially in her own home. But you’re too pissed to care.
“You can be an absolute bitch sometimes.” You catch the look on her face, clear shock. “You’re arrogant, haughty, and overall just spoiled and at times entitled.” Your tone keeps Alcina from voicing her objections. “Incredibly demeaning and condescending, even on good days in the office, and frankly I don’t know how you have not been reported in droves. Your communication skills are lacking and you blame people for not being able to read your mind. You’re also extremely passive aggressive when you don’t get your way-- that much is clear in the past month.”
You pause and let the silence fill the air. Alcina’s face is crossed between shock and something else you don’t care to decipher and she can’t quite meet your eyes. You swallow the lump rising in your throat. “But you’re also incredibly intelligent, scarily so sometimes, and you’re a hard worker and any company would be lucky to have you.” You blink away tears. You hate crying and you’d rather not cry now of all times. “You may not like it, but you have a bleeding heart and you care about fairness and you’ll fight for people if things seem unjust. You don’t take shit from anyone, even the board. You’re also hilarious in this sardonic way and sometimes it’s hard for me to not laugh in meetings. You’re generous and you anonymously donate so much each month it’s almost unfathomable.”
You inhale, trying to hold yourself together. “The girls absolutely adore you and they want for nothing and you do your damnedest for them and give them everything. You’re an amazing mother and they are so lucky to have you, and you them.”
Alcina is staring at you strangely and you can’t meet her intense gaze. “Frankly, you have a chocolate addiction that is sometimes terrifying how much you go through in a week. You never compromise your morals, even in the face of obstacles and possible benefits from turning the other cheek. You say you don’t like trashy tv but when its on in the house I catch you watching it like the girls do. You sing sometimes, in the office, when you think no one is listening and it’s beautiful. You say you don’t like my puns but I see your smile regardless.” You pause and exhale. Things just keep coming out and you can’t stop it.
“Yes, you can be a bitch and a bit overwhelming, but you’re also incredibly human and this past year and half has been a whirlwind of everything. And my biggest mistake, honestly . . . has been allowing myself to care so much for not only you but the girls. And sometimes it felt like you cared as well . . . but that night-- and then how you acted afterwards makes me think otherwise.”
Alcina doesn’t say anything. Only stares in that mysterious way you can’t quite place at the moment, not with the tears starting to blur your vision.
“And tonight, with you and the girls, it made me forget how things actually are. And it’s so fucking confusing because--”
You stop mid-sentence, when you get a look of Alcina’s face. A real, good look, one where you’re not blinded by your own self-pity and hurt and heartbreak. You know that expression, eyes soft and gentle liquid gold and her granite like face relaxed like she’s in awe, and she’s staring at you with such intensity that it makes a delicious shiver run through your spine. It’s the same stare she gave you right before she tried to kiss you that night. Only now, you know she’s sober and it’s in the middle of the house’s office and your heart skips like it did that night.
You suck in a breath. “Because . . . because you’re looking at me like you did that night and as much as I want you-- I’m still fucking hurting because of you.”
Alcina swallows and looks as though she doesn’t quite know what to do with herself. “But you pushed me away.”
“Because you were drunk. I didn’t want you to kiss me, knowing that you weren’t going to remember-- and for fuck’s sake get off of your damn foot!”
You eventually guide Alcina to the nearest settee and quickly find some ice for the now swelling joint, all the while grumbling under your breath. She looks somewhere between amused and in awe (and pain because her injury has come back with a vengeance). The discussion calmed after that, but that doesn’t mean it was over. You two have a very long and thorough talk-- a long overdue one by the sound of things.
There are too many things to untangle right now nearing midnight and definitely not something that can be straighten out in a single sitting. You’re still hurting and so is Alcina. There are still doubts lingering in both of your minds. There is still the issue of technically being her employee-- HR and the board will have a field day if you two start something, with many people wanting to sweep Alcina’s position right out from under her. It’s a tricky thing, one that requires time and patience.
But you can’t keep the goofy grin off your face every time she catches your gaze and gives you that same damn look, like you splattered the night sky with stars and hung the damn moon. You shiver each time she takes your hand in hers and plays with your fingers, and you can’t help but notice you love the feeling of her fingers intertwined with yours.
It’s a soft, gentle start, one you never thought you’d ever have with Alcina. And it was perfect.
Especially when she sends you off to the guest room with a kiss on the cheek and the silent promise of tomorrow and beyond.
(At the top of the stairs, money is exchanged between Bela and Cassandra.)
1 Day. You rescind your resignation Monday morning. Much to the surprise of the rest of the office.
You and Alcina came up with a plan: You will stay for another month or so, help pick and train the new hire so there will a more peaceful transition unlike previously. Keep things professional and inconspicuous before the office and the board. HR won’t have a conniption and Alcina’s enemies won’t have any ammunition. And then once that month ends . . . it’s fair game. Besides, what’s another month anyway?
. . . Apparently un-fucking-bearable. Because the unspoken attraction between you both suddenly being spoken and exposed has made you hyper-aware of every motion and look Alcina gives you and your will to not pounce on the woman is fraying.
And Alcina isn’t helping. Ever since that night, she’s become a fucking tease-- calculated, “casual” touches not there before, looks over her dossier that would make anyone stumble or kneel, and sweet yet mostly sultry things whispered when she knew no one was watching or listening. And her expression when she pulls back and acts as if nothing happened tells you she’s enjoying this way too much. It’s dangerous, considering someone may see and report, but you know she’s thought ten steps ahead and won’t do anything she knew would be guilty looking. She doesn’t do it often enough to get sloppy, only enough to catch you off guard.
A caress across the small of your back as she leans over to fetch a paper on her desk, the brush of her fingers across your thigh as she gets up from a table, or even the skim of her (now relatively healed) ankle against the back of your knee as she sits beside you in a meeting. It’s maddening . . . but also addictive and you hate that you love it.
Well, two can play at this game.
There’s a meeting that could have been an email and you and Alcina are at the head of the table with the other higher ups looking at a proposal from a consulting company. You can tell by Alcina’s dead stare that she won’t sign on with them. Without taking your eyes away from the presentation, your hand slowly descends on her thigh, first caressing her knee and slipping slightly under the hem. Her eyes cut to you so quickly it could have been the trick of the dim light. After a few seconds your fingers gentle caress patterns across her skin and muscle, her thigh pressing more surely into your touch-- permission to continue. And you do and find a sensitive spot just on the inside of her thigh that makes her limb jump slightly and you make a mental note of it for later. When the proposal is wrapping up, you (reluctantly) let your hand slip away and resume the innocent, unsuspecting assistant-- the rest of the meeting members none the wiser. Alcina’s eyes were dangerous for the rest of the day.
Another time, you and her were going over some reports at the end of day, office long deserted. Alcina’s usual updo was slowly falling from the crown of her head and some of the tresses are falling along side her face and honestly she should have known you couldn’t resist brushing them away. You soon find yourself unraveling the rest of her hair with no resistance and raking your fingers through her luscious locks to the tune her sighs and slight moans. It would seem Alcina Dimitrescu likes her hair played with . . . you wonder . . . you give a little tug and her reaction confirms your suspicions. Eyes fluttering, lips parting, gasp escaping. You thank her for letting you explore by planting a kiss behind the shell of her ear. “You should let your hair down more,” you say whispering into her hair, her shampoo, conditioner, and perfume intoxicating. She laughs, eyes half lidded. “I’ll take that into consideration.” The next morning, Alcina enters the office with it unfurled and it takes all your might to not openly admire.
You love that Alcina has a private elevator, for multiple reasons. 1.) You don’t have to squeeze into another at high traffic times in the public ones, crammed into the corner. 2.) It’s a good place to just breathe and collect yourself in relative isolation 3.) It doesn’t have those annoying musical jiggles in it and 4.) Now, without prying eyes, you get to hold her hand.
The month goes by so slow, yet so fast. The new assistant is adequate by Alcina’s standards-- which is a boon in their favor. Maybe this one may survive yet.
9:02AM. You don’t really know how to feel about your last day-- you’re strangely calm when you were getting ready that morning, but the moment you step into building your nerves ignite.
12:10PM. The office throws you a going away party-- surviving close to eighteen months, setting a new record. They ask where your path leads you and you sheepishly say you don’t really know-- the extended month at the company has screwed up job hunting prospects and so you’ll be between jobs until then. It’s terrifying, not having a clear plan in place, yet you can’t deny that the unknown is also enticing to some degree.
You can’t wait to start this new chapter.
4:58PM. The hours pass. Eventually the office files out one by one. Everyone says goodbye and you say possibly the last goodbyes to some of them and you exchange a few hugs to those you’ve grown close to. You still have some small things to finish up on and arrange before the new assistant takes over.
5:39PM. You’re done. Actually done. You finish up the final arranged schedule and sit back into your chair. Done. No longer Alcina’s assistant.
5:43PM. You knock on her door. The sun is setting and the golden rays cascade her office in radiant, brilliant colors. But they don’t compare to her eyes when they land on you or when a smile graces her face almost immediately at the mere sight. She takes off her glasses and shifts her papers over to the side and gets up to meet you halfway-- her brow arches when your finger flicks the lock on the door. She keeps silent despite it.
You give her a giddy smile. “I finished my last assignments.” She just hums and steps closer. “So I’m done.” She hums again and this time you take a step. “Final day.” Her fingers brush your jaw and lift it, gentle yet scorching. “Technically, my day ended at 5 sharp.” You lean into her touch. “. . . I’m no longer your employee.”
Her eyes turn dark, hungry, despite the easy grin on her face. “No, you’re not.”
It doesn’t matter who initiated it, because you’re suddenly kissing her-- finally kissing the woman before you and who has stole your heart for months-- and she’s kissing you back with such fervor and want and longing. It’s everything and more than you ever imagined. This moment was an inevitability. She’s so warm and sure against you and your mind is hazy and you can’t focus on nothing but Alcina’s taste, scent, noises, and touches. There’s smoke on her tongue and a tinge of vintage-- no doubt to calm her nerves-- and she’s fucking delicious.
(NSFW below)
You want more.
You need more.
Despite your smaller frame, you push against her and she relents and backs away with you guiding her. She groans when her legs meet the edge of her desk and the sound rattles your soul. Alcina scoots on the desk and you immediately slot yourself between her legs, where they quickly bracket your waist. Distantly one of her heels clacks to the floor. Hands find curves and divots and softness and honestly you can’t discern where she begins and you end even with clothes. She feels so good against you and so right and honestly why you two didn’t do this earlier is fucking ridiculous and HR can go fuck themselves-- like you’re planning to do to Alcina.
You nip, lick, kiss, and generally assault her pale neck and the moans that it releases from the other woman spurs you on with renewed fire. Somehow your hands manage to find the hem and zipper of her skirt and slide them down her beautiful legs. She hisses and throws her head back when you press a knee to her bare core and god that image is seared into your mind and you’re certain it’s the most gorgeous sight you’ve ever seen. And you did it.
Your hands and mouth travel down and down and down, kneading, licking, and utterly consuming whatever flesh you can reach. She’s open and inviting and absolutely gasping your name when you finally kneel before her, her fingers raking across your scalp and yours find her thighs and spread them wider, showing your prize for your patience. Her hand on your head urges you forward, a silent plea and last order of the day.
You smirk and finally lean forward and aid in Alcina’s need.
You always were a fantastic assistant.
(End of NSFW)
You learned many things about Alcina as you two stumbled into your apartment (closer than the manor) and make up for so much lost time. Here are some of the highlights: 1.) her neck and chest are sensitive, and you mean sensitive, to the point of her almost finishing several times, 2.) she’s just as perfect completely naked as she is clothed, and it took you a few seconds to appreciate and admire the woman and register that this was real and not some sadistic dream of yours, 3.) She’s absolutely insatiable, enough so that you two didn’t stop until the wee hours of the night and you and her collapsed of near exhaustion, 4.) Her hair is just as sensitive in bed as well as out of it, a fact that you exploited, much to her pleasure, over and over again, 5.) Waking up to her sleeping form, body bare, hair wild, twisted in your sheets, the next day is one of the best things imaginable, and 6.) She never had anyone make breakfast for her the morning after and bring it to her in the bed, and she was very appreciative of that, despite the cold eggs afterwards.
Alcina stayed the weekend at your apartment, as the girls were still out on their school trip. Of course, most of the time you two were in your bed (or your couch, or even your kitchen, thoroughly christening the space). But still, you also just . . . existed, watching movies and tv shows, talked about anything and everything and even did errands.
Insert rich people obliviousness and memes:
“Darling, I can span your apartment in less than eight strides-- I’m very concerned right now. Do you want me to buy you a new one?”
“It's one banana, dear. What could it cost, $10?”
 “Your car is a safety hazard for the road and you. Please, let me buy you one. What do you want? Mercedes? Bentley? I can have it delivered by today.”
“They’re just scrambled eggs. How hard can it be?” Apparently, very.
“Tony’s Truck Tacos? Is that even legal?” Yes, and Alcina very much enjoyed them despite her earlier complaints.
You and Alcina accidentally tell the girls by showing them, when they get back from their trip. The girls were overjoyed that their mother invited you as it has been for too long since the last time. It was also on that night that you finally managed to beat Alcina at Settlers of Catan and a near riot broke out with the girls hollering about the queen has fallen and a new dynasty has risen. Alcina’s pouting didn’t help your laughter, and you instinctively kissed it away. Which of course, led to an even bigger riot and louder squeals. You were tackled with their hugs and Alcina didn’t seem too concerned with your apparent near suffocation.
There are some hiccups and disagreements, typical of a new relationship, from your differing backgrounds, and you two being out of practice of having a partner. Alcina sometimes regressed back into her boss mentality, especially during the early days, and you make sure to tell her to not treat you like before. You still have your doubts about yourself and the relationship, particularly when you know others are pursuing her, not knowing she does have someone to go back to. It’s not that you think Alcina would do anything, more the fact that you still can’t wrap your mind around the fact that she would want you versus others-- ones who are more her speed in terms of class and money. You know it’s your insecurity but the doubts are still there, lingering, and you hate them.
“You don’t think I have similar thoughts?” Alcina says after you finally voice your concerns. “About you and I? How could this brilliant young woman who has her whole life ahead of her want to be tied down to a cynical, old crone like me? Trust me, my dear, I wait in baited breath that you wake up one day and realize your mistake.”
You make sure to let Alcina know what you think of her-- utterly intelligent, still incomprehensibly beautiful, and deserving of your time. Breaths, touches, whimpers, and all. And she tells you how she’s grateful everyday that you’re in her life and how you’re worthy of her attentions. Whispers, caressing, moans, and all.
Her head rests on your chest, legs entangled in yours, and your fingers carding through her silky locks, her favorite position when you two are drifting off to sleep. In the silence of the room and night, you let loose the words on your mind and in your heart, “I love you.” She stills and suddenly your murmuring about how she doesn’t have to return the words and that you were just being silly. But her lips find the center of your bare chest and then your throat, silencing you.
Her eyes shine brilliantly gold even in the shadow draped room and you can just make out a gentle smile on her lips. “And I love you.”
There’s adjustments especially the different life styles. Alcina likes spoiling you, and you don’t mind the smaller things, but sometimes she tries to give you very extravagant things-- she nearly bought you a pent house for your five month anniversary, for crying out loud. You’ve since compromised in that you don’t mind the bigger things, so long as it can be shared with her and the girls, such as trips, outings, and experiences you never thought you’d get to do years ago. You want for nothing with Alcina but it still takes you by surprise with how much she’s willing to give without much thought.
At eight months, you’re making pancakes for the girls, which has become a Friday tradition for the most part before school. The three of them are still waking up and shuffling around and when you serve them. Daniela takes several flapjacks and absentmindedly says, “Thanks, mom.”
You barely keep yourself from reacting as the other two girls stare and tease when your back is turned. It wasn’t until the girls leave you allow yourself to smile and bask in the little moment.
You tell Alcina eventually, about the mom-incident, after a day or two. You wanted to keep it to yourself, to see how it settles in your heart but the warmth there only grew. She’s surprisingly quiet and you fear that you must have overstepped in some way. “I, uh, hope you don’t mind.”
She blinks and gives a small smile to calm those doubts in your head. “No, I don’t mind.” She pauses. “Do you mind?”
“No, not at all . . . I find it rather nice.”
At ten months, Alcina and you have a talk about introducing your relationship to the world. There have been several close calls lately and it was because of her connections and influence that the tabloids didn’t run them. You both would rather announce it yourselves and get ahead of the story. The joys of dating a multi-millionaire you suppose. It was a long discussion, but one that needed to be parsed out.
At eleven months, you make your official debut and as expected the gossip goes wild. It’s during a gala celebrating the anniversary of the company and of course Alcina has to be there and you decided why the fuck not make it worthwhile and make people turn heads. Alcina was all aboard, enthusiastically so. You were already turning heads as her plus-one and dressing to the nines. Watching people trying to piece things together, with some in denial and others finally getting it was hilarious and Alcina looked upon the chaos with rapturous attention.
“Let’s make sure we get the point across,” you say, taking her hand and leading her to the dance floor. There’s a mischievous glint her eye that is mirrored by you. Alcina always loved dancing, all kinds and any era. So to say her teaching you certain ones was inevitable.
It felt more like floating rather than dancing, especially with Alcina leading and swaying and twirling along with the swell of the music. Her eyes never left yours and her grin only grew as the song started its decline. And with a final twirl and flare you’re pressed against her chest, gazing up and suddenly she’s kissing you so deeply, so completely, you think you may have fallen in love all over again.
Of course, such public displays of affection won’t go unnoticed, especially to your parents. Who would have thought all they needed was to see you happy and in love thanks to circulating pictures and videos of the dance to finally come back into your life after over a decade of no contact? Well they did one month and they were pissed. You were dating a woman! You were dating an older woman! You were dating an older woman with children no less! How dare you expose this shame to the world and to their families, friends and coworkers! What were you thinking disgracing the family name like this?
You laughed straight in their faces and told them to go fuck themselves. “Family” didn’t matter when you were kicked out.
“But aren’t you sad?” Cassandra said, after you filled in the Dimitrescu girls. “They’re your parents. Your family.” You smile at her and give her a kiss on her forehead and catch the other girls’ eyes.
“I don’t need them. I already have a family.”
You give Cassandra advice when she goes on her first ever date.
You teach Bela how to drive.
You help Daniela with her science project.
You cook for the girls and Alcina and they love it when you let them help. Alcina still can’t cook worth a shit but she tries her best with her signature pout. She is the best chopper, slicer, and garnisher though.
1 Year and 2 Months. The girls bring home a scraggly dog-creature-thing one night and honestly you’re still not sure what Toast’s breed even is (obviously the girls name him, due to them always wanting you to make him breakfast with them). Alcina was hesitant about him and insisted she would never care for the thing. Which is fine. The girls and you care for him just as fine, but you do hear the other woman catch him up on shows’ plots and characters and hear her coo to him and snuggle when she thinks no one is looking. Toast seems to be an excellent listener and cuddler.
1 Year and 6 Months. Alcina finally gets you a new car like she’s wanted since she first sat in the thing. It’s admittedly expensive and classy, but you love it. She seems proud of herself as well, judging by her shit-eating grin when she was showing off the features. The leather seats are plush and soft, the gadgets and interface is sleek, and the cabin is roomy enough to . . . well. Alcina laughs into the crown of your head, placing a kiss on your sweaty temple, as you collapse against her, panting and overheated and in decrescendo from your peak. She hums, “I take it you appreciate the gift?”
You lean back slightly and brace against the headrest, nipping at the edge of her jaw, just seeing how her eyes flutter close. Your hand descends slowly and then suddenly cups her, earning you a low, guttural hum and renewed vigor. “You don’t know the half of it.”
2 Years. Alcina treats you to everything she can offer. She takes you to her family’s old castle in Romania (just rich people things you suppose, having spare castles just laying around) where she practically treats you like a queen. Dinner, jewels, time, trips across the countryside, her. Part of you wishes you can give her even a fraction of what she’s given you. It’s the same part that claws at your esteem and sanity. You doubt it’ll ever truly go away, but it has been quiet for some time and you nearly forgot it was there.
You express as much to her, both of you wrapped in silk sheets and nothing else. “I just wish I can give more. It’s the least you deserve.”
She kisses your doubts away (and then some) while spelling out exactly what you’ve given over the past two years. Your amazing mind. Your unconditional love. Your endless compassion. Your immense patience. You give everything you can and then more, she says, for someone as undeserving as she. You laugh at that, disbelieving, yet let her continue. She says she would give you the world if she could-- but she’ll settle for this one last thing.
She talks, suggesting she wanted to wait until later in the trip but now seems just as good as any, as she retrieves something from a secret compartment in the bedside dresser (again, just rich people things).
Your heart thunders so loud in your ears and you gasp and there’s a slight tremble in your chest with anticipation and shock. Tears blur your vision and you already know the answer. Alcina opens the box with a soft smile with her heart and soul in her golden eyes.
“May I give you my name?”
So, yeah. This got out of hand lol 😅 😅 😅 
But anyway! I hope you all had a wild ride (you know the Reader has).
Hopefully one day I’ll write and actual story with this idea (with more description, plot, and dialogue obviously), but I have to finish up another. I have a few ideas for an overarching plot and other scenes, and it’s likely that this will act as an outline, but the final story may diverge in some ways. But until then . . . I hope you all enjoyed this, I certainly did writing. Everyone of you who commented on the posts and sent me asks are amazing and made this all worth it.
Stay safe and healthy!
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I love your blog 🥺🥺🥺 could you do the ladies of re8 reacting to their s/o stealing their clothes?
Thank you! <3 Absolutely.
Mia Winters, Elena Lupu, Mother Miranda, Bela Dimitrescu, Cassandra Dimitrescu, Daniela Dimitrescu, Alcina Dimitrescu, and Donna Beneviento reacting to their s/o stealing their clothes.
(Gender neutral).
Warnings: explicit language.
Mia Winters
Tumblr media
Since Mia herself has a frequent habit of stealing your clothes, she can't be too upset when she asks for help finding a cardigan and you show up in it.
Not that you wearing her things bothers her, anyway. Far from it! The sight makes her melt a bit. You’re so cute. 
"I can take it off if you w—"
"It's fine," Mia insists, smiling and waving you off. She’ll just put something else on. 
(Likely something of yours). 
After that moment, the lines between both of your wardrobes begin to blur until they practically become one. Like, yes, you have your clothes and Mia has hers, but neither of you truly acknowledges the line separating her half of the closet from yours. 
Elena Lupu
Tumblr media
It began with you tearing your coat while working outside, and Elena lending you one of hers for your journey home.
When she next saw you, she had decided to drop by your house and found you sitting on your small porch, wearing it.
You were also wearing it when she ran into you at the market. 
And during one of Miranda’s speeches.
Elena figures that if you like the coat so much, she’ll just let you keep it. She tells you such when you do finally try and return it. But you’re insistent that Elena takes it back because it doesn’t smell like her anymore.
She gets it now. With a light blush dusting her cheeks, Elena takes the coat back for the time being. 
Mother Miranda
Tumblr media
Miranda’s robes are just so... nice-looking? Well-designed? Who can blame you for wanting to try them on? Some might consider it ballsy to yoink the Mother Miranda’s clothes and don them, but anybody willing to attempt to get as close to her as you has got to be. At least a little. 
You’re enjoying how powerful the look makes you feel when Miranda comes in to ask you a question, only to see you posed like... Well, the only apt comparison she can think of is a crab. Point is, you look utterly ridiculous. 
“Enjoying yourself?” she asks, making you jump nearly a foot in the air. 
Okay. If Miranda can trust you enough to sleep beside you in the same bed, to let you see moments of emotional vulnerability that others scarcely get to, then she's going to trust you to wear her things and not ruin them.
Just don't take her robes outside.
And if you ever put on her lab coat, be willing to give it back when she needs it.
Bela Dimitrescu
Tumblr media
Bela simply admires you in silence for a minute.
You feel the need to ask whether or not she wants you to return what you're wearing. Her expression isn't easy to read and you can't tell whether or not she's upset.
Bela shakes her head and pays you a compliment before returning to her book.
You look great. Please feel free to wear her stuff more often.
Cassandra Dimitrescu
Tumblr media
Cassandra is likely to act as if she doesn’t even notice that what you’re wearing is hers. Even if it’s painfully clear. 
Internally, though? Cass’ brain is just going: holy shit. holy fucking shit. holy fucking shit fuck oh my fuck shit holy god.
The sight is so... satisfying? Pleasing? Hot?
Who gave you the right to go around looking that good? It’s borderline distracting.
Daniela Dimitrescu
Tumblr media
The first time Daniela saw you in something of hers, she legitimately squealed.
She loves seeing you in her clothes.
(Of course, the fact that this is the sort of thing she's read in many a romance novels is part of the reason why).
But also, you look so good in everything!
Daniela will purposefully leave out things in the hope that you'll wear them. She often chooses items that are obviously hers, too. Just so that everyone else knows.
She's going to start snagging your clothes as well.
Alcina Dimitrescu
Tumblr media
It amuses Alcina that you’re so determined to wear her things when they’re so far from fitting you. You have to pull some YouTube life hack-esque bullshit to make most of her things wearable.
Where did you get your dress? Actually, it’s not a dress, it’s a skirt you found in Alcina’s wardrobe. 
One time, she caught you all cozied up in one of her fur coats. But it wasn’t until Alcina went to move the coat that she noticed you. You were practically buried within it. After briefly checking to make sure you could properly breathe down there, she just found herself... endeared. 
Donna Beneviento
Tumblr media
Donna is a tad bit confused when she catches you dressed in something she's fairly certain came from her wardrobe. She has to do a double-take. 
Do you need more clothes? She could make you some! You don’t have to wear hers. 
Unless you try to explain, Donna is probably not gonna understand.
One day, she decides to try it herself and it completely clicks. 
Donna starts stealing your clothes more than you steal hers.  
When you're gone and she's feeling lonely or particularly anxious? Putting on one of your shirts, sweaters, or pretty much anything that has your scent? It's nice.
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geistergreen · a day ago
Did Lady D tip toe around the pillars in the basement waiting for her opportunity to dramatically slice off Ethan's hand? You don't hear her heels click through that long cellar hallway and there's no way she couldn't have been spotted unless she did some 007 agent sneaking.
Tumblr media
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lesbeansimpzombie · 2 days ago
Daniela: Hey, wanna help me commit arson?
Y/N *trying to prove to Alcina that they can be responsible*: What the hell!?
Daniela: Oh sorry, my bad.
Daniela *whispering*: Wanna help me commit arson?
Y/N *whispering*: Of course. What do you need?
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dimitrescutie · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Put these two in a room together and let’s see who wins
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
bestie and I losing it over a dumb idea so of course I had to doodle it
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daily-dimitrescufam · 8 hours ago
Donna : -Okay
Alcina : What are you doing ?
Donna : Talking to god
Alcina : Is she telling you to kill everyone ?
Donna : Yeah
Alcina : No that's Miranda. Hi Miranda !
Miranda : *standing on a tree branch* Hi girls!
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arwensarsons · 18 hours ago
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tu-sugar-mami · a day ago
Tales of the side of the road #5: Spill the tea.
(you can read part 4 here)
As always, sorry for long post, Tumblr mobile won't let me cut it.
It had been a cold and rainy day, you remember. Your companion’s face is blurry in your memory after all the time that has passed, not that you care anymore. You were driving, both of you laughing at a joke they said… 
Your eyes clench as the memory comes back. It takes a few moments before you can focus again.
“Care to explain? What, in Mother Miranda’s name, are you?” Was the question that stirred the many emotions, many feelings that you had been trying to bury under dark humor and many shots of espresso.
What made you what you are today? How did you end up in this godforsaken place? It’s always hard for you to relive the story, so you just settle for giving a short explanation after a long sigh.
“I’m just a simple barista, tired but with a whole lotta attitude.” Your fake smile is fooling no one. Your unique eyes turn to the side, unable to face the ladies sitting in front of you.
“Girl, you just fought a slimy toothy bastard with nothing but a chair. I wouldn’t address that as being a ‘simple barista’.” Angie, who has pulled closer her milkshake and started to take out the tiny M&M’s one by one and putting them on Donna’s cup saucer, says. “You weren’t even fazed.”
“Well yeah,” You frown, genuinely confused. “Here at Itsy Bitchy Spider we value our customers and it’s our politic to offer the best accommodations for any kind of person, being or entity that crosses the entrances.” You say the practiced dialog nonchalantly as if it was the most normal thing ever. Well, it was normal for you anyway. “That means any kind of customer is welcomed here, unless they pose a threat for other guests that is.”
“Well that explains where you got the big chair for Alcina.” You’re delighted to find that Angie gave her drink’s tiny chocolates to Donna, if the treat disappearing from the saucer is any indication.
“I guess that is correct. Though, if you let me say this, my Lady is fairly small compared to other customers I’ve served before, so getting her specific accommodations is no problem at all.”
Said Lady scoffs at your answer. 
“You don’t have to play the polite little girl, child.” You get a feeling she wants to say more but she stops herself. You suspect that it has to do with the self-deprecation and insecurities that her size has given her. 
“I’m not.” You stare directly into Alcina’s eyes with confidence and in hopes to let her know that what you say it’s true. It doesn’t work and no one says a words for a few moments.
“Anyway,” Sensing the awkward silence, Bela intervenes. “that customer was not a threat for any of us, I assure you. We could have easily taken care of it.” Bela says just before taking a sip of her drink. Her eyes widen at the taste and looks at your direction, pointing at her cup. “Does this have caramel in it?” 
“It tastes more like vanilla to me…”Cassie stirs her drink absentmindedly, probably not realizing the small smile on her face.
You offer a grin instead, noticing that all of their crepes are mostly eaten. 
“Actually, it has both caramel and vanilla essence. Also, please do not refer to Reginald as ‘it’, he’s not very fond of that.”
“And you know him!” The cup resting in Daniela’s hands is half empty by now.
“How do you know this Reginald anyway?” You’re sure that if it was possible, Alcina’s eyes would have already drilled a hole in your face, what with that intense gaze of hers. The grip on her cup is stiff, and if you pay attention you might find out she’s struggling to not down the whole drink at once just like last time.
“Why, he’s a regular around here. A bit ominous but a great customer nonetheless.”
The bell on the counter rings, followed by three taps on the wood. You internally groan. You know too well who is the only annoying person around here that does that every single time.
“Hello! Can I get some service around here? I want to order!” There he is, the most loud and weirdly thin man you’ve ever had the disgrace to meet and serve.
Your face morphs into a ‘Eiddelte give me patience because if you give me strength I’ll send him to you’ look before standing, mumbling a low excuse me and stiffly making your way to your rightful place behind the counter. 
“Oh, there you are, sugar.” He winks at you. “Is our beloved Goddess among us today?” 
You offer a tight smile. 
“Hello, Gary. Sadly Eiddelte isn’t with us today. Can I offer you anything?”
His smile becomes impossibly wider and you grimace. You know what it means and you can already feel a headache forming. “Actually yes, gracious of you to ask!” He slides a small piece of paper towards you. The ink is marred and the handwriting is hard to read but as soon as you put it back on the counter his smile disappear. He checks you out once again just like he does every time and his expression turns to a grossed out frown. “And hurry up this time, idiot, you don’t want to make me wait again.” 
‘If you don’t like me then why do you keep coming back?’ Is what you want to say, but you knowing perfectly well why.
You roll your eyes and start making the obnoxious order. Damn that contract! But you just need to wait for him to actually give the first punch so you can retaliate. No other follower of Eiddelte’s cult is as difficult as this guy, in fact, you’re friends with most of them.
Gary takes a quick glance behind his shoulder and notices the visitors at the table staring at him before turning back to you and leaning on the counter. “Say darling, am I smelling crepes, by any chance?” In a blink his wide smile and friendly façade is back on.
“Indeed that’s what you smell, but uh… I’m afraid I just ran out of batter and the next shipment won’t arrive until next week.” You see his eye twitch at your lie and an idea forms in your mind. A little push to someone’s last bit of patience never hurt anyone, besides, you’re feeling petty today.
“Oh, Gary I’m so sorry!” Your hand accidentally knocks over the bottle of blue syrup all over the counter with such force that it splashes and stains Gary’s button up. “Looks like I won’t be able to complete your order! Sadly that was the last syrup and next shipment won’t arr—“
“Are you stupid!?” He reaches over the counter and grabs you by the collar of your shirt, just like Cassandra had done before. His face is turning red and you put your hands up in the air in a surrender motion. “Can’t you do anything without fucking it up?” You look him straight in the eye, a small unapologetic smirk forms on your lips. You want to see how far he’ll go.
A gloved hand yanks him by the shoulder in a swift motion. Gary looks taken aback but he lets go of your collar. 
“That’s not very polite of you, sir.” Daniela says. Now it’s your turn to be shocked. All of the ladies are next to Gary. How? You didn’t even notice them standing, much less them making your way to you. But that’s not all, everyone including Angie have a murderous look in their eyes.
“Let go of me!” Gary yells as he pulls back forcefully, but Daniela’s grasp is just as strong and doesn’t let go of him. “I said let me go!” He tries again but the result is the same. 
“Why should I do that?” Daniela’s voice is so cold that it sends shivers down your spine. It’s so shocking seeing her like this when all you had known of her is that excited kid personality she showed before. Such a clashing contrast but you find it lovely. 
“As my daughter said, treating a lady like that is not very adequate.” Alcina takes a step forward, towering over the man. Gary flinches but doesn’t relent. Being a follower of a dark deity he has seen many kinds of things and doesn’t seem fazed by Lady Dimitrescu’s height at all, though it appears he doesn’t know the difference between bravery and stupidity.
“Oh yeah? And what are you going to do about it?” He puffs his chest and smirks when the Lady’s eyes narrow. He might have thought her gaze held empty threats when in reality she was thinking of the best way to make him suffer. “Nothing! You’re doing nothing at all, little lady .” 
The other two daughters surround him, coordinated as if they had done it many times before, though as you get to know them more that is probably the case.
Alcina’s nostrils flare at the mocking title, but she refuses to lose her composure in front of a bratty stupid man-thing, much less because of stupid nickname.
“Gary, that’s enough.” You start cleaning up the mess of the blue syrup with a cloth.
“You don’t get to speak to me with that tone , sugar .” He grabs your wrist forcefully and your fist clenches on the cleaning rag. “You might be Eiddelte´s vessel but doesn’t mean you’re anything more than a piece of trash.”
If looks could freeze, the North Pole would be small compared to him. He is the one who shouldn’t talk to you like that, especially after what he and the cult did to you. As if you had wished to be the vessel in the first place!
You want to say something just as harsh, but before you even open your mouth you hear a foreign voice, raspy with but clear and loud enough to be heard.
“ Stop it.”
Everyone’s eyes are on the delicate-looking hand grabbing Gary’s other arm. The black chipped nail polish contrasting with the pale skin. 
Maybe is the display of silent power, or the fact that this is the first time you hear Lady Beneviento’s  voice, or maybe that said voice holds such authority despite being so neutral, but you feel a blush cover your cheeks and your arms cover in goosebumps. She didn’t even raise her voice to be heard and already has the whole room’s attention.
“And who, pray tell, are you to order me around, huh?” Gary’s stupidity knows no limits and you’re now sure of that. “And what’s with the veil anyway?”
“Gary.” You growl out a warning that he pointedly ignores.
“What’s under this, huh?” 
“Gary, that’s enough.”
You feel something in you snap as soon as he dares to try and lift Donna’s veil.
It takes you less than a second to jump over the counter (a big feat for someone of your height) and shove him back, making him fall on his butt. 
“I said that’s enough!” You glare at him before turning to Donna and making sure her veil is still in place. “I’m so sorry about that, Lady Beneviento. Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” You’re sure you can hear her heartbeat, but that is probably your imagination. At least that’s what you think, since you can’t see the shocked expression under the fabric, unless…
“My Goddess! We are forever blessed to have you join us in this lovely afternoon!”
“What the—” Gary is offering a reverence to you, his forehead touching the floor, and it takes you a moment to register the pain in your skin and the hammering pulse between your shoulder blades. “Eiddelte don’t you dare…” In a blink, you’re caged again, unable to move what with the chains keeping you in place. You honestly thought it’d take at least a few more days since the bratty goddess possessed your body again and forced you into the prison inside your mind. 
Well, there’s nothing else to do but enjoy the show.
Your body stands prideful, bearing the black streaks on your skin resembling broken porcelain like a trophy. A strange but powerful aura surrounds it and gives the emerald green skin a bright, ethereal glow. There are white accents dusting your new persona like freckles here and there. Feet hovering above the ground, and with due reason, since a deity shouldn’t bother to touch unholy ground. Platinum, curly long hair moves with an inexistent breeze. All of it screams holy. All of it screams danger.
But you know there’s nothing more dangerous than to look into Eiddelte’s eyes. Those glossy, pitch black eyes with specks of white as if she harbored a starry night sky in them, can drive anyone to madness. Something so otherworldly that the human mind cannot comprehend it. Something as beautiful as much as it’s dangerous.
Those same eyes are looking down on Gary’s pathetic form on the floor. The deep voice coming from your throat is far away from the tranquil one you usually have. It always feels weird.
“Who has wronged you, child?”
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ctitan98 · 2 days ago
How would the ladies react to the reader bringing the MOST UGLY DOG home and saying this is our baby.
Tumblr media
Bahaha! That dog is cute asf! Y/N would definitely do this. For continuity in all of the blurbs, I'm gonna name this pupper Doodle and I hc her with she/her pronouns! Let's get into it!
Tumblr media
I think we can all agree that Alcina does not seem like much of a dog person. She tells Y/N that they can either give Doodle to Donna or Miranda, or she will have to stay outside... Well, that didn't last long. Once Alcina goes to work in her office, she can see Y/N and Doodle from her window. Y/N's just so loving and doesn't care that Doodle's a little bit different. She huffs and curses herself before going out and telling Y/N that Doodle can come inside. After a few days, this doggo is the newest member of the Dimitrescu family. Doodle even gets a collar with the Dimitrescu seal on it! (And yes, Alcina likes to sit and pet Doodle while she reads by the fire).
Tumblr media
Okay, look. I'm just gonna say it. If Donna can look past Angie's creepy doll-ass, she would love Doodle. Y/N and Donna immediately give Doodle a bath, feed her, and just pamper her. Sometimes, Y/N walks in and finds Donna making little outfits for Doodle. Y/N loves it... Until one time Donna reveals that she's actually made a couples costume. Then suddenly Y/N's dressed like Mario and Doodle is dressed up as Princess Peach. The pictures were precious, really. Donna frequently talks to Doodle in Italian, but to be fair, she's usually just gossiping about something stupid Y/N did. Doodle is a good listener, no matter the language!
Mother Miranda:
Tumblr media
Miranda just wanted to sit down and have some tea while she read the morning paper. Then suddenly, Y/N comes running through the door with a very nervous and shaky-looking dog. Miranda cleared her throat and crossed her arms to gain Y/N's attention and to get an explanation. Y/N turned to her and gestured proudly at Doodle stating that she was their new child. This might come as a surprise, but Miranda doesn't mind the idea of having a pet with Y/N. It's one more way that she can see just how serious their relationship is. Funnily enough, Doodle actually prefers to hang out with Miranda for most of the day, whether it's in her lab or when Miranda's looking over notes and reports. Doodle likes to cuddle and curl up on Miranda's lap while Miranda absentmindedly runs her fingers through Doodle's fur.
Tumblr media
At first, Bela is very confused. She's not mad, she just honestly doesn't even know what kind of animal Doodle is. Is she a rat? Some kind of squirrel?? Y/N explains that Doodle is actually a small dog. She's just a bit older and has lost some of her teeth. Bela hesitantly reaches out to pet Doodle and the pupper immediately licks her hand and gets excited (Wiggly little butt and all!). Bela falls in love with Doodle and likes to cuddle her when she's feeling stressed or anxious. Doodle is always there to lend an ear. When Bela and Y/N get married, Doodle is the flower girl! (She had to fight Dani for the title tho).
Tumblr media
Believe it or not, Cass was actually terrified of Doodle when she first saw her. Imagine this sadistic, murderous vampire being scared of a tiny doggy. Cass legit screamed and hid in her bed. She begged Y/N to take her away, but Y/N just laughed and brought her over for Cass to get a better look. Y/N assured her that Doodle was harmless and gently took Cass's hand and guided it over to pet the pup-pup. Cass eventually got over her fear, but now Doodle wants to follow her everywhere! Cass was kind of annoyed at first, but now she really enjoys having Doodle wander around behind her (It wasn't much different than when Y/N started following her around, to be honest). Hard boundaries had to be established by Y/N so that Doodle wasn't exposed to any of Cass's *Ahem* Unsavory practices.
Tumblr media
Dani falls in love with Doodle the minute she sees her. She starts referring to herself as Doodle's mommy. Y/N, Dani and Doodle get family portraits done as soon as possible. Shortly after Doodle is introduced to her new mommy, Dani sat Alcina down and explained that she was going to be a grandmother. Alcina immediately went to go and strangle Y/N. When she got to Dani's room (With Dani flying frantically behind her, trying to calm her down), she saw Y/N holding Doodle and singing songs to her. Alcina just facepalmed and told Dani and Y/N that Doodle better not pee in her castle and walked off. The three of them love to have cuddle piles and take naps together. Y/N and Dani are such proud parents. They show everybody they meet pictures of Doodle and brag about how great she is.
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redoqs · 2 days ago
Me irl: yeah no, I don’t really see myself dating a person 10+ years older than me
My story: *25 year old dating a 107 year old vampire*
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alcinasdarling · 5 hours ago
What I came up with the other day; cue you being stupid when you first arrive at the Castle, blissfully unphased by the many blood drinking beings living there:
Alcina: "Ah, so we finally meet" *moves to grab throat to chomp
You: *SWERVE* *proceeds to bite her arm* "Ha! Gottem!!
Alcina: *eyes as wide as saucers* "whAt oN eArtH"
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art-ele · 8 hours ago
“Let’s see how special you are”
Tumblr media
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toum00 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
ignore the fact I covered her y’know what by drawing a dress instead, a black bar is so boring:>
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lucidmagic · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Phyto!Reader is having a tough(?) time in the Castle.
Featuring the return of the Werewolf-Assistant!Reader from my Alcina x Reader one-shot
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justoffwave · a day ago
Funfics observation N16
The agony of the author's choice.
Tumblr media
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dsalinaplays · 18 hours ago
I've had 12+ years of Spanish classes....why do I feel like I know more Romanian from Lady D fanfics than I do Spanish 🤣🤣
Tumblr media
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tu-sugar-mami · a day ago
Tales of the side of the road #4: a friendly fella
(i can't find the previous chapter but you can read them in order on AO3)
Edit: i found the previous chapter so uh, you can read it here if you want to
(also, i realized i couldn't find this part to link it to the next chapter because i hadn't posted it, me is forgetful)
As always, sorry for the long post, Tumblr mobile won't let me cut it.
"Did you enjoy the drinks I gave you the other day?" It's a simple question, an effort on your part on starting small talk. 
"Uncle Heisenberg didn't believe we would drink anything other than wine. He was so wrong! We loved them!" Daniela replies while looking at the new delectable snacks behind the glass on the counter.
Your hands move with expertise and skill, spinning bottles in the air and putting up a show for the ladies. You've been working here for years now and you can count on one hand the times you've received visitors this handsome (the memory of that gorgeous lady licking the whipped cream overflowing from the dome lid of her 'pink' frappe is still fresh in your mind) so yeah, who can blame you for wanting to show off a bit to impress the pretty visitors? 
"I'm glad you liked them." A small smile graces your features and you fail to notice the odd looks you receive, instead focusing on your current task.
You presume that the tall lady, Alcina, isn't one to throw herself to new things easily so you decide to take the safe path by preparing her the same thing you gave her the last time; a 'red' coffee with three sugars and white chocolate essence that goes perfectly with the heavy but smooth texture of the drink, a personal favorite of yours. 
"You know, I never really learned your names." Three elegant cups are placed on your side of the countertop.
"I'm Daniela!" She extends her hand to you, going for a full handshake. You take her hand after wiping yours on a rag. Wouldn't want to leave her hand sticky, right? 
"Nice to meet you, Miss Daniela." You flash her a bright smile, shaking her hand firmly. You barely notice her own smile faltering for a moment and a faint blush dusting her cheeks as she realizes how pretty your smile is and how warm your hand is against hers even through the glove she's wearing.
"You can call me Cassandra." Says the brunette. It's nice to finally put a name on that handsome face. Her piercing eyes take you in. She doesn't offer a handshake, instead holding your own gaze. You can sense the challenge behind those golden eyes and subtle smirk.
Oh, but you can play this game too.
"I wanted to ask, Miss Cassandra, were you okay the other day? All that blood loss can't be healthy. Perhaps you got hurt while hunting? It's such a dangerous sport for those inexperienced." You barely conceal your smirk when her own changed to a scowl. You hit the nail, or well, her ego. 
Before Cassandra can return a snarky remark at you for even daring to assume she was a novice, she's pushed aside by the blonde sister.
"My name is Bela, the eldest daughter. This is our mother, Lady Dimitrescu, one of the rulers of our village and head of house Dimitrescu." Bela says as she gestures to the tall Lady. 
Huh, Alcina Dimitrescu is a name that denotes authority. Fitting.
"And this is our aunt, Lady Beneviento. She is another one of the rulers in our village and the head of House Beneviento." Bela gestures to the new visitor. It's a pretty last name. Donna, as the doll called her earlier, nods in acknowledgement. You can't know it, but under the veil is a shy smile.
"You forgot about me, Bela!" Says Lady Beneviento's companion, crossing her arms and throwing what you think is a nasty look to the blonde woman.
"That's Angie." 
A moment passes and Bella offers no more context.
"I'm Angie! I'm Donna's best friend!" Angie gestures at herself proudly earning a small giggle from you.
"It is nice to properly meet you My Ladies, i'm honored to have you here today." You bow your head showing respect and this time a blush does tint Donna's cheeks. "I hope you find my services to your liking."
"Do you have a name, little mouse?" Lady Dimitrescu asks. Your smile drops.
"I uh… i can't remember…" You look down to the left side of your chest, where your blank name tag is. "Anyway, it doesn't really matters."
Your gaze shifts to the three girls as you try to read them. What could be good for them this time? The pale color of their skin along with the thick clothing they wear despite being one of the hottest months of the year gives you a hint that they get really cold or might be susceptible to low temperatures, so you follow the hunch in your stomach and decide for a warm beverage with a faint taste of caramel, vanilla and a splash of red syrup. That should do.
"Say, are you really not afraid of us?" The tall Lady asks, eyeing you curiously.
"Not really. Honestly i've met worst individuals. You seem nice." Straining your neck up to be able to look her in the eyes, you give her a tentative smile. "At least you haven't tried to eat me yet." 
"Yet…" Cassandra whispers while looking intently at you. 
Your gaze shifts to Donna and her little companion. For starters, you're not really sure if the doll can actually have any food, but you feel it would be impolite not to offer her anything, so just in case you prepare her a chocolate milkshake with whipped cream and tiny M&M's on top, the same you would make for a little kid. It's fitting, you think, seeing as the doll does act like a toddler. Now, Lady Beneviento is a mystery waiting to be discovered, a new land ready to be explored. There's nothing that can give you a hint of what she would like or anything specific that can give away what she would prefer in a drink. Hot or cold? Caffeinated with a strong flavor or a fruity little drink? Would she like something colorful and attractive to the eye or is she the kind of person who doesn't really care for the looks of her drink? You're not even sure she needs any of the special syrups at all...
Your eyes fall to the only visible part of her body. Slight scars litter those long fingers that twitch in a nervous tick as soon as Donna notices you looking. Inspecting her hands a bit closer you can see that her black nail polish is a bit chipped. You swallow thickly, your gay is showing. You focus on the drink instead of wondering what those chiseled hands can do.
The lightbulb above your head lights up when an idea strucks you. 
How about a purple butterfly pea latte? A bit strong with the espresso shot but sweet nonetheless. The nice baby blue color shows really prettily on the crystal mug and the swan latte art on the light foam makes it one of your finest pieces up to date.
All of them have been watching your movements closely. Even Alcina lets out a small hum of approval at your speed and dexterity that makes it hard for you to control your smug grin. 
"So… you never answered my question the other day, ma'am. Are you pretty ladies with the cult of Eiddelte?" You casually ask while finishing plating the crepes you promised them. Feeling a pinching pain between your shoulder blades you roll your eyes as you chant the whole ass title the entity living in the same body as you insist on being addressed by. "Oh Eiddelte, goddess of the meek and wronged, the one who punishes the ones who betray her and her followers with fates worse than death. The one who reigns with terror and–" A wicked smile forms on your face as you think better.  "You know, she's just a local deity who is honestly a pain in the ass!" You say the last part loud enough that you're sure this unwanted roommate can hear.
"Eiddelte?" The blonde daughter asks, giving you a curious look.
"Yeah, she basically just lives for revenge and destruction. Her biggest goal is to finally find a vessel to walk on this earth again and conquer everything on her path… a bit bitchy if you ask me." Another pinching feeling on your back. Worth it.
"Seems like you're familiar with this Eiddelte gal." Says Angie from her owner's arms. 
"Well yeah, you'd be surprised."
You see Daniela lean towards the brunette woman and whispering "Mother Miranda does dress like a cult leader, Cass…" Daniela fake gasps. "Maybe we are in a cult and don't know it!" Cassandra makes a face, presumably trying to keep down a giggle. 
"You know, little mouse, you really shouldn't dare to talk to us so friendly. Much less questioning us like that, but i'm in a good mood today, I'll indulge you this time. We are not in a cult." Alcina takes a threatening step towards you as you walk around the counter with a neatly arranged tray on each hand
"Okay ma'am, i don't need to know but i was just wondering. It's not everyday i see new people around here aside from the usual creatures." 
"Hey! What do you mean by that?!" The doll yells. You're starting to like this extravagant personality of hers, it's always too quiet around here.
"Well Miss Angie, you see, this is not just any coffee shop. We welcome many types of customers everyday. Peculiar as they are." You motion them to follow you to a nearby table, big enough to fit all of them. "Please take a seat, I'll be right back." You place the trays on the table next to that one before disappearing into a secluded room.
"This human is weird." Cassandra's gaze follows you until you're out of her eyesight. "Can't we just eat her?"
"I'm sorry, I'm not on the menu anytime soon!" Everyone looks at you surprised that you returned so quickly and also a little shocked.
You're carrying a big chair, big enough to know who will sit there. It's a sturdy chair, comfy looking but undeniably heavy, and you, a simple human, are carrying like it weighs nothing? How in the world…?
You help the tall Lady sit on the chair and proceed to give everyone their respective drinks before taking away the trays. 
"Enjoy! They're on the house." You say while starting to clean the already spotless counter. 
The water clock is still under the red line, Chuy is already fed, The Raccoon is pleased, ice man is under control and for the first time in a week you feel relaxed… until the blob toothy guy from earlier comes back the same way it left; the window. It roars to you when you stand in front of it to shield your new visitors. 
"What the– you already got a drink for the day, man! Get out!" The thing snaps at you and its teeth miss your flesh by a few centimeters. 
"What the heck is that!" Angie yells. 
"What the fuck is that thing!" Cassandra stands from her seat so fiercely that sends her chair flying back. 
"A customer that should be on its way." You say between your teeth. The humanoid blob snaps at you as you push it back with a chair trying to stop it from getting to the counter, presumably to fetch Mark's unfinished order. You had forgotten about it after the ladies arrived but now you remember that Mark told you not to leave it out in the open. "Don't worry, everything is under control. Don't mind me!"
Damn it. 
With effort you manage to make the blob go on his way. It took a bit more effort than you thought but none of your guests was at risk. Quickly finishing wrapping up Mark's order you go on and try to chat with the Ladies. 
"Sorry about that. It seems that Reginald smelled another customer's unfinished order and got hungry." 
"Reginald?! You know that thing?!" Bela asks, a bit shaken up. 
"You're kidding! That thing was terrifying!" Daniela says with a hand on her chest. 
"Hideous!" Angie says.
"It had a lot of teeth! What was that!?" Cassandra comes back from fetching her chair and sits again. 
"Care to explain? Who, in the name of Mother Miranda, are you?" Alcina asks you, her eyes never leaving your own and you feel like she's looking directly into your soul.
Sighing, you grab a chair and take a seat on the table next to lady Beneviento.
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ctitan98 · 2 days ago
Not me being insecure that Alcina won't like me (or bite me) because of my low iron anemia...
I mean, I'm sure there are other reasons she don't want me:
Tumblr media
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