Logan and Janus playing a game of chess chairing a bottle of wine?
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girls night, girls night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Poster advertising Piper-Heidsieck champagne (1910).
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Kaeya x y/n Ice Bridge Gone Wrong
context: you and kaeya are to retrieve an item on a distant island. With no boat at your disposal, kaeya uses his cryo vision to make an ice bridge! But wait. . . Why do you get a bad feeling at this? 🤔😣
A/n: when I made this tumblr account, I was convinced it was never going to even be seen, but to my pleasant surprise. . . My story (kaeya x y/n only one bed) gained 60 notes! Which to me is a lot. 😅The fact that people have seen and read my story, and 60 of them even heart/liked it is very exciting. I made this story around the time I gained my first two followers. Hope whoever reads this enjoys! 🤗
Content Warning: y/n drowns (but lives don't worry), mentions of alcohol but no actual drinking, worried kaeya (more towards the end)
I'd consider this a fluff with the slightest bit of somber angst.
"So. . . How are we gonna get across?" I stood next to Kaeya while staring out into the vast expanse of sparkling ocean. We needed to retrieve an item lost somewhere on a distant island, but we didn't prepare any boats, so I was left to wait for Kaeya's answer. I turned my head to face Kaeya's, whose eyes were still trained on the island in the distance. Skillfully swishing out his sword-the blade cutting through the air- Kaeya turned to face me, smiling in a reassuring manner.
"A fine predicament we're in, no? Though there's no need to worry, y/n, I have a solution." Stepping forward into the shore, he swung his sword strong and true, and applied cryo to the water, creating a path of ice. "An ice bridge." I said in realization and awe. "Precisely. Now come on, let's get moving. you're not frozen in place, after all." His eye twinkled in playful teasing, no doubt proud of his corny pun.
But damn it, something about the way he smiles so teasingly towards me makes my lips match his.
Wanting to waste no extra time, I stepped on the ice, but was surprised to find that yes, ice is indeed slippery. And yes, I did slip. "Haha, careful now! The ice is slippery."
"Really now? Who would've thought? Also, oooowwwwww that hurt!" I grimaced as I rubbed my poor butt, growing embarrassed by Kaeya's laughter. At first his laughter felt mocking but quickly after I joined in, infected by his joyful voice. "Haha, you are indeed the most amusing partner I've ever met! Here, you can grab onto my hand if walking on the ice is too difficult. I wouldn't want my dear partner getting injured, now do I?" He offered his gloved hand in the same way a gentleman would offer a dance at a ball. He winked, though with only one eye it looked nearly identical to his blinking, except for the purposeful tilt of his head and flirtatious nature. He gazed at me expectantly, his hand still outstretched towards me.
I huffed in disbelief at his antics, my eyes averting his as to not melt from his piercing gaze. While I could've gone without hand holding, I humored him and took his hand in mine, careful not to reveal my growing blush. Holding my hand firm, he looked onward at the task at hand and created another patch of ice. We carefully walked onto the new patch while I looked back, just in time to see the ice from before melting away along the shore. This put unease in my stomach, though the reason being is not quite clear. Shaking my head lightly, I decided to focus my efforts on moving forward alongside Kaeya and retrieving that item.
We continue on our icy path across the ocean and everything is going smooth. Ice, walk, wait. Rinse and repeat. Patterns and repetition have a way of calming the mind, such as knitting. The repeated process and calm atmosphere are supposed to calm my mind and heart, if not for the way Kaeya's large hand encases mine securely, his thumb caressing my skin. This action is also repeating, but it does no good to my rapidly beating heart and screaming mind. I do everything I can to diverge my attention away from his gentle yet firm touch, but his thumb always seems to lull me back.
"Oof." Suddenly my head hit Kaeya's back, surprised that he stopped. "Umm kaeya, why'd you stop? You're not frozen in place, are you? We're halfway there." I smiled smugly and pointed at the island, noting that it is now bigger and the details clearer. Kaeya's eyebrow shot up at my use of his own words and scoffed. "That's thanks to my hardwork and skill. If you weren't so impatient, you'd allow me to rest my poor, overworked arm. And besides, the view at this time is absolutely breathtaking, isn't it y/n?"
He closed his eye and smiled contentedly, his face facing the sun much the same way a sunflower soaks up its energy. The light made his bronzed skin look radiant and warm, and his hair shine brilliantly. "You look breathtaki-" 'shit.'
"Did you say something dear?" He stopped facing the sky and looked at me questioningly. "NO." I looked away quickly, hoping to the Archons he does not press further. "I see. . . Well would you like to take in the sun with me? I promise it'll be worth it~"
I looked at him with wary eyes, unsure if it's all that wise to close my eyes near kaeya, but his insistence and delighted gaze made me think otherwise. "S-sure, but isn't it a bit. . . Embarrassing?" My voice was meek and small due to my growing embarrassment, both from my slip up and his offer.
"My, what's embarrassing about closing your eyes and soaking up the sun for a bit? It's good to get a bit of color in you, unless you want to be as pale as Diluc?" His eyebrow and smirk were raised in a playful yet taunting manner.
"Hey! Diluc's not that pale. . . . Ok maybe you're right." He laughed merrily at my realization and I laughed along with him, finding myself enjoying his presence more than I initially thought. It was nice. "Ok fine, I'll do it with you. All I need to do is close my eyes and face the sun, right?"
"Precisely. Now listen to my instructions and follow my voice," he was behind me now, his voice a mere whisper in the breeze. Gentle and soft. "Close your eyes and begin to imagine your favourite places, people, things. Breathe in the sweet aroma of summer, and the gentle breeze flowing around us." We stayed like that for a few minutes, taking in the sounds, smells, and our imagination.
It was more peaceful then I initially thought. It was embarrassing at first, finding it hard to concentrate and think seriously when he was so near me, whispering about all these sappy, typical things in my ear. But when I calmed myself down enough to let my mind wander freely, it led me all around mondstadt. To springvale, the statue of the sevens, the taverns, and cathedral. With each location I met the people I've led to care about. Faces flashed through my mind, sifting through the fond interactions involving each person, until my mind led me to a cliff overlooking mondstadt. It was breathtaking, almost as if i was there right now. My mind was fully engrossed in my imagination until I felt a presence behind me. I did not turn, not in real life nor imagination, and kept looking at the sight in front of me. But the presence felt more closer, so close I felt a flutter of a hand on my waist and another on my cheek. "You think I'm breathtaking, y/n?"
Suddenly I'm ripped from the overlook of mondstadt to find Kaeya's face only inches away from mine, his smile devilish but there was something honest underneath his signature smile. A certain eagerness in his question, unlike what I've heard or seen from him before.  Perhaps I was still in a daze from my powerful imagination or maybe I felt in awe by his expression, but I found myself speaking honestly and truthfully. Like speaking a blatant fact, one that is obvious to everyone. I did not push away from him, instead I looked at him closer, my eyes trained on his as I spoke, "I do think of you as breathtaking, especially in moments like this where it's clear you are truly enjoying yourself. In moments like these I find your smile and laugh to be contagious. Our time together has been better than I'd first imagined and I'm grateful I was able to meet someone as cunning, strategic, but also funny, kind, and well. . . Beautiful."
He was stunned, speechless in fact. But his sincere surprise and widened eye only lasted for a second before he remembered who he was. Back was the cool, fox-like expression and bright smile, though even his silver tongue and eye can't hold back from his surprise. Or maybe embarrassment. "My, y/n, you really had me surprised there. I only wanted to tease a little and wasn't expecting such a . . . big statement. It seems my plan has backfired and I was the one to get embarrassed. . ." His words drifted off, but his averting gaze and covered mouth were prominent and easy to understand. It made me smile. "Don't think I'm not embarrassed as well, Kaeya. But I think despite all the teasing and trouble you give me, you at least need to hear what I actually think of you. You deserve at least thi-" crack. "Did you hear that?" Craaaaaack. It was louder, more noticable this time, and we both looked down to the source of the sound. But we were too late. "Kaeya! The ice is-" before I could finish, we both plummet into the ocean, our ice path completely melted and washed away by the waves.
That same feeling of unease hit me and now I know the reason why. I thrash in the water, trying my best to stay afloat, but the realization of how deep the ocean is and the feeling of my body sinking further in the dark depths only made me panic further. I wanted to scream and call for help but my head was already underwater, making me thrash even harder.
I was starting to lose hope until my hand grazed against something. I wanted to see what I touched but by then I had succumbed to my need for air and quickly lost conciousness, the world a blurry haze of blue.
"Y/n. . ." My mind was still drifting through the darkness that is my conscience, but I faintly registered the sound of my name, though it sounded muffled and clogged. As if I was underwater. . . "Y/n. . ." I heard my name again, the person uttering it sounding more urgent. Slowly, I registered more. I heard waves crashing and seagulls screeching in the distance. My skin felt hot and rough like I was lying on a bed of scorching sandpaper. I was able to feel light even though my eyes were closed. Slowly but surely, my senses became less muddled and more clear cut, like rising from the depths of the ocean and breaking through the surface. It was as if my mind and body snapped back into reality, and in an instant I was sitting up. It felt like being born again, taking in a huge gulp of air while my eyes , but the feeling of water rushing up to the back of my throat had me coughing uncontrollably.
"Y/n! You're finally awake." He was beside me, patting my back and combing my wet hair away from my face. Everything ached, from my head and throat to the rest of my body. It was as if my head was both light and heavy at the same time, prompting me to lay back down and close my eyes, but I couldn't let that happen. Once I managed to stop coughing up water, I shakily hoisted myself up and looked at our surroundings. Kaeya was by my side, his arms holding me up in support. "You shouldn't be getting up, you're body is still weak from nearly drowning! You look as if you're about to pass out again." He raises some good points, my hand subconsciously going to my throat, attempting to rub the soreness away.
I felt him staring at me, so I looked at him back, surprised to see genuine concern on his face. It threw me off considerably, having only really known his flirty, laid back smiles. He did not smile this time, and the teasing humor I'm so used to has vanished completely amidst his worry. In an odd way, it was refreshing to see him so serious, to see an expression different from the ones he always shows. "What is it? You're staring y/n."
"Oh, sorry it's nothing. It's just that. . ." I paused, unsure of what to say for there is a plethora of things I wished to tell him. Such as somberness, the way he carries me with such care and worry. I wanted to soothe his nerves and tell him I'm fine, to worry about himself seeing as how his body shakes in exhaustion. For now, I decided to settle for a thank you, "thank you for saving me, kaeya. I really appreciate it."
"Why didn't you tell me you couldn't swim? If I'd known, I would have never made you go on the ice bridge with me." Is he blaming himself? Why, when he was the one to save me? "I'm sorry. I myself forgot that I couldn't swim. Normally I would've been wary of going across the ocean like this, but with you I didn't feel that worrying was necessary. . . In any case, I'm still alive and well. You saved me from near death, and now that I am awake we can continue our job." He stayed silent, his arms holding me closer as if worried I might fall. He was in a daze for a moment before he set me down gently in some shade nearby. He then sat down next to me, his shoulder supporting my head while his hands travelled across my skin, cooling it. He sighed heavily with his eye closed and eyebrows scrunched together. He looked tired.
"That won't be necessary. I can always look for it another time. What needs to be done now is getting you back to mondstadt, preferably with Barbara." I huffed, unhappy by this new objective. "Kaeya, I'm fine, really. I'm sorry I caused such a hindrance to you and we ended up not been able to retrieve the item like we were supposed to. How about we go back, change our clothes," I pointed at our clothes, though semi-dry, they were covered in sand and salt, "and head to the tavern for a drink? I think we both need a treat after this slightly bad event." I laughed a little, thinking about the absurdity of our original plan. I mean really? Ice bridge our way across an ocean? Luckily, my offer seemed to have lightened Kaeya's mood slightly and he looked more like he usually does.
"I suppose we should. Nothing like a cold drink of death after noon to wash away our misfortune. And it will serve me well for my poor, aching body," he hissed as he stretched his muscles, and I sent him an apologetic smile. We talked for a bit, enjoying the island and ocean views as we shared opinions on alcohol, whether or not I even drink. Kaeya ranted about his favourite drinks, giving tips on how best to mix different flavors, and of course, told the delight of being able to drink such delicious wine. "If strong flavors are not to your tastes, I strongly recommend dandelion wine mixed with fruity beverages. The alcohol content is lower than most, but the citrus flavors make up for it. If you'd like, in the afternoon we can go to Angel's share and try out all their wines! And don't worry about the price, I've got it covered. . . Or rather, a certain redhead does~" I laughed at his sly plan, happy to see kaeya talking about the things he likes, even if I can't personally relate. "Sorry kaeya, that sounds great but you know I'll have to stick with non-alcoholic drinks. Maybe I'll get grape juice this time around."
Kaeya scoffed openly, his expression twisted in disgust and disbelief, as if I said something punishable by death (after noon). He faced away from me, eye closed in annoyance, and arms crossed. He looked like a child who was refused his favorite toy, and it made it hard for me to keep a straight face. "You're starting to sound more like diluc. Hah, I can't believe some people actually drink. . . Grape juice," he pushed out those words in disgust, as if the very words tainted his tastebuds with the oh so terrible drink, "if they had a little more patience, they would find it ferments into the most exquisite wine. Hmph. So unromantic." He rolled his eye, clearly only putting up a playful front, but it truly left me speechless. He smirked as I was left trying to piece together any tangible response, mouth opening and closing for the umpteenth time. After a while, all I could think of doing was reciprocate the same pettiness in response. "Grape juice is better than wine. At least I'm not drinking expired juice that's been sitting in a barrel for years."
And with that, chaos ensued, with us taunting each other with insults and small chides, giving our reasonings for which drink is the superior one. Our conversations lasted until dawn, us having completely forgotten of where we were, only focusing on besting the other. It wasn't until the sky darkened and the sun left that we snapped out of our talk. "Damn, how long have we been here? Shouldn't we be heading back now? Won't the knights of favonious be worried their captain hasn't come back from a seemingly easy trip?" Kaeya looked thoughtfully at the emerging stars, the moon illuminating his figure in an ethereal glow. He turned to me with a carefree smile.
"I'm sure they are panicking at this moment and sending out a team to find their beloved captain, but while they're doing that, how about we go back to our conversation? I still need to convince you of the beauty of wine tasting, don't I? I won't stop until you admit grape juice to be far more inferior to wine. At the very least, you could try mondstadt's apple cider vinegar. oho~ are interested? Then allow me to tell you all about it. . ."
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asshole-axel · a day ago
love not being able to differentiate between romantic and platonic feelings, getting drunk, and then not being able to tell if it's actually love if if i'm just drunk [/s]
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Does Blaire Altena drink tea
yes! that's her preferred drink, actually. up there with water.
they would drink wine, but they aren't old enough. so he doesn't
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wack-ashimself · an hour ago
I'm just saying all alcohol is is dead plants including but not limited to fruit or vegetables.
That have been sitting and/or fermenting for a certain period of time. And the end name of them is spirits. To act like that will not affect your spirit is naive. You can feel it alter you.
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sonofmeatthawsmoth · 4 hours ago
I committed to 40 days of no alcohol and I’m over halfway there but I keep encountering references to drinking and drunkenness and wanting to open a jar before realizing I can’t...
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sammilovescoffees-blog · 5 hours ago
daily routine: wake up hangover. drink. sleep. repeat. amiright ladies and gents and non-binary hoes?! 🥰
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You ever notice that sometimes you do shit that fucks you over. Then not even a second after you do it you're just like "why the hell did I do that??"
Have you ever had a crush on one person and you think that it's just done there, but then people start saying that you have a crush on someone else who you were and are jut friends with but then there's that one part of your brain that's like "wait is it a crush and I didn't realize it?"
Well it's too late because apparently while you were drunk one of your friends calls that person and tells them you're interested and want to date them. You're so embarrassed you pretend to be too drunk to remember it the next morning and when you ask no one tells you not even the person when you text to ask yet they are nice enough to still talk to you like a friend.
Meanwhile it takes you until weeks later to find out that someone told your ACTUAL crush that you liked this other person AND them and now you're scared and everyone thinks you just want them both but you really only want one of them.
Though at the same time you realize that the one that's just a friend has some weird power over you that you can't understand. Like you can't look them in the eye properly and you get upset when they're mad at you and you find yourself wondering if they're good at hugs and wonder if they've ever looked at you that way at all. Then you shake it off cause you know it can't be real because you don't imagine them with you or kissing you or anything like that.
Yet you've had almost three dreams about them now and all of them include them dating someone your same age and in the same friend group. You don't dream about your crush... but you do imagine each other together a lot and doing cute and fun things together. Your crush texts you good morning messages and asks you how your day was and let's you ramble about your interests. The friend will open a message and forget to respond and will call you a brat when you don't want to do anything or don't listen to them, they get upset at you often cause you bug them.
Anyways that's what I'm dealing with right now.
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