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28 more days‼️ until i can legally drink‼️ hello kitty rosé w true‼️ whiskey + coke‼️ strawberry daiquiris‼️ ik i gotta not Go Overboard cos i’m on meds that interact w alcohol bt yeah

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U know ur alcoholism might be getting out of hand when white lightning doenst even burn anymore

Ahdjjdjdj i havent drank it in so long i been drinking that 70-75% shit

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tw // alcohol

posting this here to keep me accountable but I’m gonna back off drinking for a week or two. I’ve got to get my shit together a bit better and take care of my health and part of that is combating my heavy drinking and going back to being a lightweight. resetting my tolerance!

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tw // alcohol

god I have to stop drinking as often. my stomach feels so acidic even though alive taken tums and I’m trying to eat a single tortilla just to soak up the alcohol a bit but it’s hard to eat and i’m struggling

update: it’s been about thirty minutes and I’m about halfway through my tortilla and I think it’s helped a lot

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yesterday i dound banana liquer and i think it might be my favorite thing ever. god. i love it.

mixing it wjth dr pepper cream soda (one can to two shots) is just. absolutely sublime. incrediblw.

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