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my girls

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Alea and her friend Giotto in Antiva city

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updated dalish Alea!!

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I have drawn Alea from Alea Aquarius.

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The Association of Argentina’s State Lotteries (ALEA) has expressed their anger at the Argentinian government for planning to increase federal gambling taxes from 2% to 5% of stakes. The federal gambling tax increase was announced by Martín Guzmán, the minister for the economy in Argentina. The decision was made to financially bolster the country in […]

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alea!! i missed you so much. 🥺

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20. describe your blog in 3-5 words

‘what tf am I doing’

27. how long before a trip do you pack?

well usually like 3-5 days before so I have more time to pack and not forget anything cos otherwise I know I will lmao.

30. if you had to dye your hair an unnatural color right now, what would you choose?

ehm since I already answered this imma put the answer here

40. answer with one of your ‘school memes’ (inside jokes you have with your class/grade) with no explanation 

*unfolds box that looks like a penis*

'Brown masHED poTATOES?!? whAT?!?’

'hey…did you guys see that dodgers game last night?’

send me some asks !!

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okie I am ready for the filthiness 😏😌

but yes my darling go to sleep and I shall speak to you tomorrow.

I vote for you because you’re always impostor,, soooo anywayz love ya bb

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make it as long and juicy as you need. the jucier and dirtier, the better 💦😌

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-Real name: -


-Publisher: Wildstorm

-Type: Human

-Afilliations: Wildcore

-Powers: Exo-skeleton, durability, invulnerability, energy absorption, agility, stamina, super strength, unarmed combat.

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Style frame 

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