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Originally posted by silvertons

requested by anonymous

MARYSE pours the kettle of hot tea in Magnus’s cup. “Sugar, Magnus?”

“Yes please,” Magnus said politely. After pouring the tablespoon, he had to ask, “Will Alec and y/n be joining us?”

Mrs. Lightwood glanced at her watch. “They should be here anytime soon. Alec promised to buy y/n their favourite snacks on the way back.”

Magnus chuckles. “During afternoon tea? You made treats for everyone, though.”

She shrugs. “I had a feeling they didn’t wanna ask me, but Alec insists on making sure they’re happy and got what they needed. A part of him wants everything for y/n to be happy for as long as he lives.”

Their conversation was cut short by the sound of the door opening. In came y/n and older brother Alec, carrying the small store run bag of candies in one hand and a shopping bag in the other.

Magnus cocked an eyebrow. “Really?”

Alec shook his head. “What? I took y/n shopping.”

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requested by anonymous

“I KNEW YOU were hiding something from me.” Alec folded his arms and glared at his parabatai. The both of them stood in front of each other while you were awkwardly watching them in between.

“I wasn’t hiding, you’re just too slow to figure stuff out,” Jace says.

“I swear by the angel, Jace. If you do anything to hurt y/n, I’ll give you a reason to hide from me,” Alec warned.

“Guys, don’t make me use my powers to make the both of you shut up. I could sew your lips like a quilt,” you warned as your held up a finger. “And I can handle things on my own without the both of you bickering over me.”

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Summary: Inspired by a post I saw ages ago :)

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Pairings: Alec Lightwood x Male!Reader

Rating: Teen [PG-13]

Warnings: Reader is drunk, Alec is just too cute for words in this

Authors Note: I’m too funny tbh


Originally posted by shadowhuntersdoitwell

“You look awful,” Izzy grinned as you scowled in her direction. 

Why did she have to yell? It was morning time, no one should be yelling in the morning. You drank some more of your coffee, ignoring her amused stares and crossing her arms as she watched you. 

“Why are you yelling?” You sighed, rubbing your eyes and sighing softly. 

Your body is slumped over a desk, the screen in front of you is turned off because the light was too bright and your eyes couldn’t focus on the screen. Although you should be working, no one was going to tell you off whilst you glared at everyone. 

“I’m talking normally,” she giggled and sat on the desk beside you, “poor bebé,” a hand being swiped through your hair. 

“I wasn’t that drunk last night,” you tried but the look you got from the female Lightwood told you otherwise. 

You gave a look of ‘what’, genuinely confused by her reaction. Sure, you can’t remember much of last night but you were all celebrating Joyce’s return for Clary. 

“You flirted with Alec last night,” she tells you. 

Is that is? 

You chuckled, “Well, he is my boyfriend!”

“You also asked if he was single,” The voice of Jace interrupts Izzy, you look over your shoulder at the handsome hunter and he just smiles back at you. Clary beside him with a bright grin, trying to hold back her laughter.

“Then you cried when he said he wasn’t.” She informs you. 


“Hey handsome,” you slurred with a dopey smirk as you looked at the tall specimen. 

You’re tipsy. Swaying on the spot and leaning against the bar to keep from falling flat on your face, glass of some alcohol in your hand. Your confidently looking the stranger up and down, no shame in checking out such a fine gentleman. 

“Hey,” the amused greeting is thrown back at you, he leans his body to face yours and his face is… great. 

He has a great face is all you keep thinking to yourself. 

“What are you doing here?” You ask, “here with anyone?” 

He tilts his head, darks eyes narrowing in your direction. A small smile tugs at his lips, a knowing smirk settling on his face. 

“Same as you,” you frown, “celebrating and I’m here with my friends,” he sips his own drink. 

Friends. He didn’t mention a partner, you have an in. This is your moment, shoot your shot. Do not miss. You never miss. You can leave here with a fucking handsome man, time to lay it on thick. 

“You got a boyfriend, handsome?” 

There’s a brief pause, he raises his eyebrows and watches as you give a seductive smirk. Liquid courage has really helped you talk to this stranger, otherwise, you’d never have talked to him. 

“I actually do have a boyfriend,” he tells you with a slight chuckle. 

You’re stunned on the spot. Your heart shattering inside of your chest and you don’t know why. You look back at the bar, hand holding your drink tightly and your eyes start stinging. 


“Oh, god,” you place your head in your hands. 

Izzy laughs and pats your shoulder, trying to comfort you but simultaneously laughing at your distress. 

“What’s wrong?” The deep and demanding voice of your boyfriend rings out, “what have you guys done to Y/N?” 

“It’s not what we have done, it’s what he did last night.” Jace chuckles you look up in time to see Alec give a disapproving look to his best friend, but the amused smile ends up tilting his lips. 

“I’m never drinking again,” you sigh out and Izzy rolls her eyes. 

She hops off the desk, giving a lasting smile to you and her brother before walking off with Clary. 

You sighed and looked at Jace, a mischievous smile graces his face as he looks at you. He ignores Alec and a slow teasing smile spreads across his face, you sat back in your chair and look at Jace, already knowing the comments he’s gonna make. 

“I have so, so many jokes,” Jace tells you, “That I’m going to save for when Alec is gone.” 

You smile despite the headache, he claps your shoulder as he goes off in the opposite direction of the girls. You watch Jace leave and then look back at your boyfriend, his posture has changed. 

Arms are crossed, head tilted down to look at you. This is his ‘you better listen up’ posture. 

“How ya been?” You try and he rolls his eyes. 

A cute little smile is plastered on his face, “I’m guessing they all told you what happened last night?” You nod once, embarrassment crossing your features, “it was the funniest thing that has happened in a very long time.” He admits at your expense. 

“Glad my drunk stupor was hilarious to you,” Alec chuckles at the sound melts your heart, body filling up with love for him- as usual. “I love you,” you tell him honestly. 

Alec shakes his head, “Sorry I have a boyfriend,” you snort and roll your eyes at him. “How are you feeling?” Concern lacing his words and you shrug, allowing your face to convey your emotions. “I’m not letting you drink that much again, now Clary won’t stop laughing and joking.”

You shake your head at him, chuckling lightly. The fact the worst thing about this, for him, was the fact Clary had something to laugh about. 

Standing up, you wrap your arms around Alec who grins about to make another comment but you quickly shut him up with a soft kiss to his lips. He’s never normally big on PDA, but sometimes you’re able to get him to make an exception- especially when you need him to shut up. 

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Anon is back on people

So send me some requests for ANY and ALL characters I write for. 

Gonna be bit bored since I do have some free time coming up :) be nice to have some new inspo 

-looking for some Natasha x Female Reader requests-

(male/female reader requests are open for all characters)

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Being Alec Lightwood’s Twin Sister Would Include…


Originally posted by noonesstan

•Everyone being able to tell that you and Alec are twins when they meet you two because you look so similar

•You also have a very similar personality. Both of you are good leaders, grumpy sometimes, and rather blunt

•Nevertheless you are known as the slightly friendlier twin at times, which you tease Alec about

  • “We both know that I’m better at parties Alec”
  • *rolls eyes* “whatever [Y/N]”

•Both of you being very good at archery and practicing with one another

•Having funny little nicknames for one another

•The two of you being super protective of one another and the rest of your family (particularly Isabelle, Max, and Jace)

•Finishing each other’s sentences from time to time

  • “I think we should attack them-“
  • “From the east side?”
  • “Exactly”

•Being able to tell what each other’s thinking without ever having to say anything out loud

•You bring the only person who can make Alec laugh or get him to be a little nicer, even when he’s feeling his worst

•Knowing that Alec was gay for a long time but not saying anything to anyone

  • “You didn’t really think you could keep it from me did you?”
  • “[Y/N] please-“
  • “Don’t worry, it’s not my place. When people learn the truth it’ll be from you when you’re ready”

•Immediately noticing the spark between Alec and Magnus and playfully teasing your twin about how much he clearly likes the Warlock

•Despite your teasing you do encourage Alec to pursue his feelings for Magnus

•Being happier than anyone when Magnus and Alec finally get together

•You and Alec eventually co-running the institute together, side by side

•Defending each other when anyone even tries to doubt one of you

•Always having your twin brother’s back, and vice versa


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Shadowhunters Headcanons || Alec Lightwood

Who You Are/How You Met

  • You are Clary’s sister, and first met Alec on that crazy night in Pandemonium.
  • He had bumped into you on his way through the nightclub, and he seemed very shocked when you called him out on his rudeness.
  • You shouldn’t be able to see him, he was glamoured. So, how could you?
  • You had tried to stop Clary from interfering with whatever business was being conducted in the back room of the club, but failed miserably, and instead saved Alec’s life from the demon that they were trying to kill.
  • As a result, you received a long gash down the back of your shoulder blade, where you quickly collapsed due to the fast-acting effect of demon venom.
  • At first, Alec had been furious. Two mundanes almost ruined their chance at killing their target. But now, you were dying, and Alec couldn’t help but feel responsible.
  • He owed you his life, and so without thinking, he quickly removed his stele from his back pocket and drew a healing rune on your exposed forearm, not once thinking of the consequences that might occur.
  • Alec, Isabelle and Jace quickly took you back to the Institute, ignoring the frantic cries of your sister, in order to try and heal you.
  • When you hadn’t woken up an hour later, and instead the wound festered, Alec immediately knew something was wrong.
  • When Jace had returned with your sister, Clary, who had been attacked by a similar demon in her own home, Alec began to grow worried.
  • The healing rune on your arm was perfectly fine, but the wound wasn’t healing.
  • When Clary woke up and found out about your condition, she blamed Alec for what had happened. You were covered in beads of sweat, you had a high temperature, and your breathing was quick and shallow.
  • At this point, Hodge had intervened and said that there was only on person that could determine what was wrong with you, Magnus Bane.
  • Without waiting for Jace, Izzy, Clary, or her mundane friend Simon, Alec took you to Magnus alone. He could tell that you were very weak, your skin looking incredibly pale as he neared Magnus’ residence.
  • Magnus met him at the entrance to Pandemonium, motioning for him to bring you inside.
  • Magnus immediately makes the connection between the wound on your shoulder and the healing rune on your arm, and why it is not working. You are not human.
  • Magnus notes that you are going through a transition of some sort, a transition that had been unheard of for many thousands of years.
  • You were transitioning into a Warlock, a very powerful one at that Magnus had explained. Somehow, your Warlock gene had been suppressed when you were born, and the demon venom was the trigger of the transition.
  • In his state of confusion, Alec asked Magnus if there was anything they could do to make the transition easier, as he worried for your safety.
  • Alec will forever remember the grave look the High Warlock gave him as he said “I will do what I can, but ultimately, she must go through the transition herself. If she chooses not to go through with it, then there is nothing I can do”.
  • He didn’t know what came over him, but Alec promised you there and then that he would stay with you, and help you through the transition. He couldn’t let you die, not after he was the reason why you were going through this painful process.
  • As Alec stuck by your side, Magnus disappeared into his room and began to search for the source of your power. Whatever it was, it was definitely more powerful than himself.
  • And one thing was for certain, you were most certainly not the daughter of Jocelyn Fray.
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whenever i see a gay character x female reader on my dash i just close my eyes and scroll bc im a weirdo but not like that kind of weirdo i actually have morals.


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Two Flies With One Stone: | Part 1 | Part 2 |

Your relationship with Maryse was still strained after your outburst, but she somewhat accepted you as part of Alec’s life. Still didn’t like you very much, especially because you held no power in the council and there was nothing she could use you for to advance her own position.

Keep reading

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Lightwoods x Reader

Requested by Anon

“I need you both to be supportive of (Y/N), we need to keep her occupied she’s not been doing well since her parents… passing.” Maryse schooled as she hurried to the portal doors, Izzy and Alec in her wake. The portal doors opened and you stepped through, the last box of your things that hadn’t been sent over all ready clutched in your hands.

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Characters: Y/n, Alec, Hodge, Clary

Pairing: Alec x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: Fluff, cuteness, high-school loves reuniting…cuteness…

Word count: 950

Summary: You never imagined running into Alec at your Sugar-Daddy’s college reunion.

A/N: Ok, so…part of my Nini’s 6K CelebrationSugarDaddy AU with the Trope-In love with the bartender…I really like how this turned out…just a lot of fluffiness and sweetness…Hope u like it!! Beautiful gif made by moi…


“Damn, Starkweather…you got old!”

Hodge let out a loud laugh, leaving your side and embracing the man with a soft punch.

“Who’s this?” his friend asked, mouth practically hanging open as his eyes roamed your body.

Hodge turned, only now thinking to introduce you-pulling you to him and kissing your cheek.

“This is y/n”.

His friend looked you up and down, tongue darting out as hunger filled his eyes.

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Just updated the Masterlist! So, if you’d like to get an idea on what is coming up for my future writing just Check it out! There’s gonna be a lot of good stuff coming out for my new series; A Tale of Frayed Gold, following the life of Eve Herondale and her shadow-mate, Alec Lightwood. Also coming up is a few The 100 one-shots requested.

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Malec x male reader wedding day hc?

Originally posted by honeyxhany

· after almost losing Magnus, you and Alec didn’t want to wait any longer to get married

· Alec had a third ring made to match the other two Lightwood family rings

· of course Magnus goes all out on the wedding

· the most beautiful flowers are spread out around the room

· the best string quartet in Brooklyn

· he also got you and Alec very high quality tuxes

· “only the best for my boys”

· Alec’s dad walks him down the aisle

· Maryse walks Magnus

· and Isabelle walks you

· you ask Simon to be your best man

· everybody cries during the vows

· and Magnus uses his magic to light up the room as the three of you walk back down the aisle after saying i do

· you let Alec and Magnus have thier slow dance first

· then you have your turn slow dancing with each of them

· when the music gets upbeat again you all dance together

· or more like you and Magnus dance and Alec attempts to dance

· thanks to Magnus there’s 10 different cakes of all different flavors

· “why have just 1 when we can have them all?”

· at one point you notice Underhill and Lorenzo dancing together

· “i think there’s about to be a lot more shadowhunter and downworlder couples”

· the honeymoon was just as special as the wedding

· but that’s for very different reasons

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Alec x Male!reader

Requested by Anon

You took a shaky breath as you got to your feet. People were muttering to each other not to far away. “You alright?” A man asked as he approached you wearily, smiling gently when you tried to figure out what had happened. “Werewolf got the drop on you but we sorted him out. My pack managed to get him to the institute near here.”

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Smutty ABC/ Alec Lightwood D&K please and thank you!

Originally posted by hellofavillain

D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)

Alec loves having sex in his office. He gets complaints from people like Raj that his office door should never be locked but Alec just says that sometimes he needs privacy when he works. Isabelle is the only one whose picked up on the fact that when he’s “working” with the door locked it really means he’s fooling around with you.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

Role play. Once in a while when you guys have a night off you meet up at a bar using fake identities. You have drinks, get to know each other (Alec’s favorite faux persona is an architect in town for a new job) and at the end of the night you go back to the hotel room you booked in your fake name.

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Clary Fairchild? Annoying. *Alec Lightwood x Reader*

Summary: Yourself and Alec have never seen eye-to-eye, always in competition with one another. So, when a certain girl turns the shadow world on its head, maybe she always turns your relationship with the Lightwood on its head too. Maybe she isn’t so bad after all…

Pairings: Alec Lightwood x Male!Reader

Rating: Teen [PG-13]

Warnings: Nothing, I find the relationship between Jace and Clary annoying, that shows in this… sorry if you like them, I hate them in the first season tbh


Originally posted by itscuteust

You don’t know how it all started, it just evolved over the time. Yourself and the eldest Lightwood sibling had been competing against one another, constantly trying to outdo the other, trying to be the best Shadowhunter in the New York institute. It started off as a game, you finding a Parabatai before Alec, and from then on you both just pitted against one another.

It annoyed everyone, parents included, but it didn’t stop you both. Even with the impending threat of Valentine on the loose, trying to gather more Circle members and stop the whole of the downworld; you both STILL managed to find something to fight about. Whether it was the fact you disobeyed an order or, simply to put it, he was annoying.

You sat in the Ops Centre of the institute, feet kicked up on a desk as you watched a computer screen. A cup of ice tea in your hand, eyes glancing over the occasional Shadowhunter that walked past you and gave you a funny look. Despite the constant competition, you were Alec’s second in command, only because you are the best Shadowhunter- he’d never admit that, opting to say it’s his brother, Jace. You’d never admit that yourself and Alec are equally the best Shadowhunters- so, it was a little unusual for anyone to see you actually in the institute rather than out on the field

Since a minor inconvenience showed up you had been benched, that minor inconvenience is Clary Fairchild. Jace’s latest obsession, Alec’s newest grudge. Honestly, you didn’t think he’d ever find someone he hates more than you… Clary had proved you both wrong.

“Y/N,” a familiar voice called, you slipped your feet off and looked to see Clary Fray walking to you, “you’ll agree with me, right?” She asked, holding something within her right palm tightly.

You raised an eyebrow, “Excuse me?” You chuckled, Jace and Alec both standing behind her, having a muttered argument with one another.

“This is piece of a portal, or whatever. I can see my mother in it,” she carried on explaining, how her and Jace think they can use it to locate Valentine and Jocelyn, “Alec thinks we need to lock it up but it’s too important, right? We can use this against him.”

You shake your head slightly, “Clary, no. I’m sorry, what if Valentine is using this as bait, what if he wants you to use it and find him; it could easily be a trap to lure you out.”

It goes silent, Clary blinks a few times and looks gobsmacked, you may have loved going against the Clave and going on unsanctioned missions with your friends but that doesn’t mean you agreed with her methods. Jace shook his head, tilting it and looking at you with a perplexed look.

Okay, so maybe, this would be the first time you had agreed with Alec but they were overreacting slightly. Clary ended up groaning in frustration and passing the object to Alec, who broke out of his own gobsmacked look to store the portal piece in a safe. You watched as Clary stomped away, Jace quickly on her tail.

“What’s up with her?” Izzy asked, sitting on the desk and looking down at you. “Why is my brother giving you a really weird look?”

You can’t bring yourself to even look at Alec, “I agreed with him,” Izzy raised her eyebrows at you, “it’s not that big of a deal, shu’up.”


“What was that earlier?” A voice startles you, you turn to see Alec with his arms crossed in your doorway, leaning against the frame, “Normally you’re all for Clary’s missions, you’re like her second Jace.”

You frowned, scoffing, “Just because I like all the unsanctioned missions and annoying you, doesn’t mean I’m in love with Clary, it’s the opposite actually.” Alec raised an eyebrow, “She’s very… whiny, she also cries a lot, I’m not good with criers.” Alec laughed, actually laughed at something you had said.

“I know, right?” He stepped into your room, “Have you noticed that Jace agrees with everything she says?” You nod quickly, chuckling lightly, “Her mundane friend is also very… annoying, guess that’s why they’re friends”

You shake your head, shrugging, “But Clary…” you trailed, “So, annoying!” You both said at the sametime, making both of you chuckle.

“Did…we just agree on something?” You questioned, Alec nodding, “Wow… Clary Fairchild has really made this place go upside down, huh?”

Alec sighed a little, “she’s making people question my leadership here,” you tilt your head as you watch him, “my mother thinks I can’t handle it, the Clave are sending people to take over and watch.”

“I’ve always trusted your judgement,” Alec snaps his head to you, raising an eyebrow, “I don’t show it, I know. I like pissing you off, Alexander, it’s like my hobby. But I don’t question your leadership, I know you do what you think is right.” You shrugged your shoulders, Alec remains silent and shocked, “Clary has lost her mother, her whole world is different now. Although annoying, she’s trying to get her mother back,” he nods once.

There’s a moment of silence between you both, comfortable, yet a thick tension in the air. Not the usual tension either, this tension doesn’t make your blood boil or shoulders tense up. The air is different somehow, you can’t describe it and you don’t know what’s changed between you.

“Um- thank you, I appreciate…” Alec trails off and stops short, not knowing how to finish the sentence he started, he bites his bottom lip, “it’s why I picked you as my second, you always get the job done… even if it’s not exactly my methods, you still follow orders- to an extent,” he finished and nods, hands clasping behind is back, his usual posture and stance when standing.

You feel your full body flush, you feel a little vulnerable and shy under his gaze. This has never happened before when’s round Alec, unless you’ve never noticed this reaction before.

“This doesn’t mean we’re suddenly friends, right?” You asked breaking the silence, slapping on a smirk and a curious raised eyebrow, “because I’m not sure how I feel about writing birthday cards to you.”

There’s a brief pause, Alec lips cast downwards before the corners curve up and he rolls his eyes at you, “I’m going to need those reports handed in tomorrow morning.” Is all he remarks and turns on his heel to walk out of the room, not even glancing over his shoulder when he leaves.

Your heart starts to slow down when he leaves, you let out a long puff of air and run a hand through your hair, messing up your short locks. You sit on the bed, head in hands and think over what just happened between you both.

“What the fuck?” You mutter breathily to yourself.

(Let me know if you want a part 2, if not, that’s chill. Send me some Alec x Male Reader stuff, I’ll happily write more. I also write for Simon, Jace… baso every character! - Rosalie🍑)

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Originally posted by daeneryskairipa

Characters: Y/n, Magnus, Alec

Pairing: Malec x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: Smut, sweet sexing…that’s it…

Word count: 800

Summary: Magnus and Alec make sure you know how they feel.

A/N: Ok, so…requested fic from anons-Can you do a male with Magnus and Alec and they are all in a relationship? Can it be fluffy and if you want to, smut?-and Can you do a Malec + A male reader and they are all in a relationship. But the male reader feels left out, and Alec and Magnus confront him and worship his body? Please with smut…Mostly smut…Hope u like it!!


Being a human-or what they called a Mundane-in a relationship with a Warlock and Shadowhunter wasn’t exactly ideal.

More often than not-fighting demons and the sort meant you’d be left waiting days before you’d finally see them-and even then, you’d have very little time to do anything.

So when you voiced your worries-you thought they’d simply brush it aside, claiming it was more important to fight evil hell-creatures.

To your surprise-you found yourself sandwiched between Magnus and Alec-their sweating bodies pressed right up against yours as they fucked into you, slow and deep.

Keep reading

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