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Adorable | A.V X READER
Tumblr media
Everyone in the castle knew that you and your mate absolutely adored each other. It was obvious through the small touches and sweet looks shared between the two of you. The moment you had met neither of you could take their eyes of the other. Both of you were extremely confused as to why you had an attraction to one another until your eyes had finally met and it clicked.
However, due to Alec being a Volturi Guard it wasn’t uncommon for him to have to leave the castle a lot of the time for missions. He had been gone for nearly three weeks, the pull on your heart causing you to feel extremely emotional and sensitive in his absence. You were sat in the guard lounge watching a movie. If you were being truthful you were mostly just sulking that this mission seemed to be taking longer than it was meant to and your mate wasn’t with you for you to cuddle up to.
Unbeknownst to you, your mate had arrived back merely a few hours before. He was leaving the throne room, the leaders informing him that Heidi will be arriving with his dinner soon. Despite not having fed in a while, all he wanted to do was see you so he trusted his self control enough to not slip up and eat you. He followed your scent to where it was most prominent, carefully opening the door and sneaking up behind you. He wrapped his arms around your neck causing you to gasp. You turned and saw him, face lighting up as you threw your arms around him tightly.
“You’re back” you breathed into his neck, holding him tighter. He held you back protectively as the relief of having you back into his arms washed over him.
“I’m back” he placed a kiss to your shoulder. Though he wasn’t comfortable with PDA most of the time, he could make an exception for moments like these.
“I missed you so much” your body shook gently as the happy tears came out of your eyes.
“Not as much as I missed you, sweet face” he smirked pulling away from the bear hug you had trapped him in to wipe away your tears. You moved to press your lips to his and he responded hesitantly, not quite knowing if he could push his self control that much. You went to deepen the kiss but he pulled away making you pout.
“Mia amore I-i cant, not yet” he responded with a sympathetic smile on his face. That was when you realised his dark eyes and the realisation hit you, pulling away quickly as if you had harmed him.
“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you, Alec” you exclaimed but he pulled you back into his chest.
“Y/N, you’re fine” he chuckled “I’m just worried about hurting you and your adorable face”
He smirked as he teased you. You scowled at him though you loved when he was in a playful mood like this. It wasn’t often, only when the two of you were alone or he was in an extremely good mood.
“I’m not adorable.” You replied. He bumped his nose to yours in an eskimo kiss.
“I beg to differ, my love”
You went to push him away and he obliged.
“Go and feed so I can kiss you properly” you giggled at him and he chuckled in response before speeding through the door. Quite clearly he was in a hurry to get back to you. You sat back in your seat with a big smile on your face as you thought of him.
You knew you really were going to enjoy forever with him, and you’d never change it for the world.
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Little Things: The Volturi x Reader.
Tumblr media
Felix loves how tiny you are compared to him! He is an absolute mountain of a man and, trust me, he knows it and he loves it...especially when it comes to you! You are his sweet, little darling barely comes up to his shoulders and damn, he just adores it.
“Come here, you...”
Sweeping you into his arms, Felix holds you to his cold heart and laughs as you grumble.
Little fists pound against his chest, no more the tiny little taps, as you fight him. Peppering your neck and shoulders with kisses, Felix cuddles you close as he staggers about the bedroom, falling onto the bed and crashing down with a fit of laughter; his deep and wild and your own so soft. Felix kisses a trail of kisses up, up, up to your lips, grinning down at you.
“You know what I want.” He teases in an almost singing voice.
“Ugh, Felix!”
“Come on now, tesorina. If you want me to give you a kiss then you must play along.”
Rolling your pretty eyes and sighing loudly, you both know that you only pretend to be annoyed. It is a game that the two of you have so often played, he knows all of your little tells. Oh, yes, he can read you like a book! He can see that sweet smile pulling at the corner of your lips and the adoration in your eyes as you throw your arms around him and say exactly what he wants to hear, your voice so sweet to his ears.
“Oh, Felix! My darling! My hero! You’re so strong and terrible, oh, how I adore you.”
Laughing loudly, Felix’s lips crash into yours in a passionate kiss. And all at once you’ve lost yourself within him, forgetting about the world.
How he loves to tease you! But more then that, Felix loves knowing that he is big enough and strong enough to protect his eternal lover from any danger. That, he believes, is the best part about being as big as he is...being your protector.
Kissing you again and again, Felix has found that, despite his earlier beliefs, there is in fact something he enjoys more then blood and brutality:
Tesorina: little treasure.
Tumblr media
Demetri often takes you dancing. The man loves to dance! Dem is a true romantic...flowers, candles, diamonds, and most of all, dancing.
Once a week, he takes you out.
He makes a big show of it, the both of you dressed to the nines (he looks so striking in his tux and, even better, he gets to show you off on his arm, a smug smile on his face) as you race into the night. Demetri takes you to the best restaurants, clubs, and parties in all of Italy.
“My Dionysus!” You whisper, pressing a kiss to his cold neck.
He chuckles softly, taking your hand and pressing a kiss to it. All along your arm, Demetri kisses you and kisses you until he reaches your shoulder...your neck...and finally your lips.
Smiling against his kiss, your hands tangle in his long hair and Demetri sighs at your touch. The soft feeling of you is so sweet to him...if his heart could still beat, it would be wild for you! No one can play with him like you can, the vampire tugged by the tip of your fingertips like the strings of a harp. Pulling you along with him, Demetri takes you to the dance floor.
“λατρεία μου...”
Together, as the music swells, you spin through the crowd.
Beneath the neon lights, your forms look so eerie and the little mortals watch in awe. You seemed to glow together, matching one another’s movements so perfectly.
Dancing the night away, Demetri ended the dance by dipping you low. Leaning over you, he smiled as he stole a deep, passionate kiss from your lips. The crowd melted away for a moment and it was only you and him.
Your mate! Your god!
Pulling away, Demetri took you by the hand once more and you ran off into the night, laughter ringing through the cold air. Drunk off of one another, you would dance again and again for all of eternity.
λατρεία μου: my adored.
Tumblr media
Heidi designs a wardrobe full of outfits for you. Oh, she loves to dress you up! You are her pretty little doll and of course you play along, allowing your vampire lover to dress and undress you. It’s one of her favorite things to do.
Sitting at the vanity, you watch her movements in the mirror.
Pale hands paint your makeup perfectly and fix your hair. Her handiwork is impeccable and you look perfect (“but you always look perfect,” Heidi insists). Taking your hand in hers, she leads you to the wardrobe and together you pick out everything.
The silk dress to match her own shoes and accessories and more.
Dressed in pitch black and drenched in diamonds and pearls, you wrap a sheer shawl around yourself and smile at your darling. Heidi, of course, is dressed in bloody, bloody red...her signature shade! The dress wraps around her voluptuous form tightly and her lips are painted red, black diamonds scattered across her neck.
“Liebling!” Heidi sings. “You look so lovely.”
She’s laughing and kissing you, red lips not even mussed a bit, as she pulls you into the rose garden.
There her camera awaits and Heidi spends the day taking photos of you (more then anything else) and the both of you together.
By the end of the night, the tow of you are naked in bed as you look through her photos, picking out the best ones. Her very favorites will be framed and placed upon the bedroom walls...every part of this room is covered in your love. Wherever she looks, Heidi can see you smiling and laughing, all dressed up in her fashion.
Rose petals lay tangled in the sheets.
Heidi sighs softly as you pull her close and kiss you with all of the love that you have, all of the love that she has dreamed of.
Liebling: darling.
Tumblr media
Jane always holds your hand. She very much needs to be close to those she loves, needing to hold you and touch you.
And because you know how important it is for her, you’re always there for her.
Taking her hand in yours and squeezing softly when her temper starts to flair up, rose red eyes flashing violently.
Playing with her blond curls, your fingers running through her hair as her head rests upon your heart. Pale fists clutch tightly to the skirts of your dress, refusing to ever let go, and you hold tight too, whispering softly in her ear.
“It’s alright, ma biche, I am here.”
Kissing you sweetly, it is no more then a peck around others (she can be quite shy) but so much more when alone. Jane can be rather passionate when she has the privacy to enjoy it, taking you in her cold embrace and losing herself in your lips. And you melt just for her, like snow in the sun, spending your days and nights so deeply in love!
But more then anything, she holds your hand.
When you walk together, Jane holds your hand in hers and pulls you close, whispering something in your ear.
As you run through the gardens, you hold on tight and pull her along, laughter ringing wildly through the night. And in her bedroom, you lay together on the carpet and hold onto onto one another, a song playing endlessly.
“Will you always be here?”
It seemed like such a silly question!
You were her mate, her one true darling, of course you would be with her always. But Jane had been through too much and needed you to assure her from time to time and you loved her enough to always tell her the truth:
“Forever and ever.”
Kissing her pale cheek sweetly, Jane smiled and closed her eyes, falling into the blissful love that was you.
Ma Biche: my doe.
Tumblr media
Alec always makes you laugh. He was a rather wicked sense of humor and loves the sound of your laugh and goes out of his way to make you grin and giggle. It’s one of his very favorite things to do and he’ll happily spend eternity doing it!
Just the sound of his teasing tone has you smiling.
Glancing through the vacant library, placing the book you had been reading aside. Though you try to spot him between the shelves, you cannot manage it. He was so quick and so careful and you could not catch him.
Hurrying through the shelves, you can feel him racing behind you!
Like the wolf bounding after the innocent little lamb, Alec hurries after his prey..You are running, giggling with every step as your skirts fly behind you. He follows and the wolf pounces! Laughter shrieks through the quiet air as Alec flings himself at you, taking you down and tackling you onto an old red couch in one swift movement.
“Got you!”
Struggling beneath him, Alec laughs and covers you in an array playful kisses, red eyes shining so brightly.
And you laugh too, throwing your arms around him and smiling up at your mate.
“My turn!”
Kissing him softly, Alec takes a moment to enjoy the sweetness of your lips...and then he’s running through the shelves, grinning as you chase him and laugh and laugh all through the day. There is no sweeter sound to his ears. There is no better way to spend an eternity then this:
Laughing and playing with you.
Immortality may have had a terrible start but he has found the happiest of endings and the truest of loves!
Tumblr media
Santiago brings you flowers. At least once a week, he brings you a bouquet of flowers, a little note tucked in the blooms.
Red roses (passion, true love), sweet alyssum (immortality), nemophila (you are my one and only), mallow (consumed by love), gardenia (sweet love), diphyleia (I will show my true self to you), red carnations (deep romantic love).
He’s quite fond of flower language.
Santiago will bring you flowers plucked from garden or bought from stands, tied together with ribbons of velvet or lace.
Sometimes he will hide flowers between the pages of your books or sneak up behind them to slip a little bloom into your hair. The cold touch of him makes you smile and sigh, his arms wrapping around you and holding you tight.
His garden is a place of worship.
Every seed planted, every sprout tenderly cared for, every flower that blooms is a for you! Santiago believes you to be a goddess and he is your most devoted worshiper.
Is there any sweeter way to spend an eternity? In a garden tucked into the far corners of the castle, Santiago cares for the gorgeous flowers he grows. Soon they will be pressed between love poems or woven into a crown, tied into a bouquet and left on your pillow. But for now they are not yer ready and Santiago happily tends to them.
The sound of your voice makes him smile and he turned as you embraced him.
Resting your cheek upon his shoulder, your hands wrapped around his chest and he placed his own hands over them, holding you close.
“For you,” he whispers.
Slipping a flower in your hair, the sweet scent of it makes you smile. Jonquil...return my affection! Laying back on the emerald grass, Santiago held you close you just enjoyed this little Garden of Eden and his darling goddess.
Innamorata: sweetheart.
P.S. There are no gifs of Santiago so I’ve chosen Chadwick to play him!
Tumblr media
Marcus leaves you notes. He is a busy man and though he doesn’t want to be (if he could, he would spend his days and nights with you), Marcus often has to be away.
So he leaves you pieces of himself.
His handwriting is impossibly beautiful, neat calligraphy written in black or dark red ink. Scribbled on sturdy parchment and slipped into red envelopes, closed with wax seals, are the most lovely of love letters (look, he tried to be more modern for you but it didn’t work, he’s old fashioned and you love that about him).
“Cuore mio, I miss you already!
Your king has too many meetings today and I must attend...Aro’s orders. But though I will sit upon my throne, my thoughts and heart will be here with you.
Soon, I hope, we will be together again.
I want so much to hold you and kiss you! When I come to the tower, will you allow me to kiss you for every moment we have been apart?
All of my love,
Upon your shelf is a keepsake box, made of carved black wood and lined with red velvet. Inside are the many love letters he has written you, tied together with black lace. There are other little gifts within the envelopes...poetry, pressed flowers, little photographs!
Soon you will need another box for he will never stop confessing his love for you.
Sitting at his desk, Marcus smiles to himself as he writes you another note. It will be waiting for you when you return to your quarters, just another way he tells you that he loves you.
Cuore mio: my heart.
Tumblr media
Aro spoils you like crazy. You are his dear little queen and must be treated as such (he says so and he’s the king which makes it law)! So anything you want is yours. There is nothing he enjoys so much then showering you with endless gifts.
Gowns, crowns, jewels, flowers, and more!
Anything you want, you may have.
Do you like to read? You have your own personal library, books overflowing on the shelves and a comfy couch tucked into the corner, a little desk beneath the window.
Or perhaps you prefer fashion? He builds you a dressing room with a massive wardrobe and a beautiful vanity, outfits and accessories lining velvet boxes, shoes racked together so neatly and your favorite beauty products as your hand,
Are you an artist? You will have paints, pencils, canvases, markers, sketchbooks, and more! Aro loves your artwork, from scribbled sketches to grand masterpieces.
“For you, my stellina!”
In the end, no matter what you want, it is yours! He loves to surprise you, wrapping everything up in pretty little boxes and silken ribbons and watching as you open everything in delight. Or he will take you out on a midnight shopping trip, flying out far, far away and showing you off to the pathetic little mortals.
Oh, he just LOVES to spoil you!
Stellina: little star.
Tumblr media
Caius is soft for you and only you. The frightening vampire king is really quite proud of his reputation:
Terrifying, violent, and cruel!
He has worked very hard to show the world that he is a creature to be feared. But for you, his dear heart, for you he is so sweet and so soft. He lets you cuddle him and play with his hair and kiss him all over.
“My darling~”
You are sitting upon his lap, arms wrapped around his shoulders and hands playing with his tangled curls. His shirts has long since been unbuttoned, lipstick prints left all over his pale chest. Sweetly kissing his neck and jaw, Caius leaned back and let you worship him, sighing at the perfection of your touch.
“Don’t tease,” he begs softly. “It’s terribly unfair of you, darling.”
“Oh?” You replied innocently. “Is it?”
“I’ve worked all day and thought of nothing but you! Can’t you do me this kindness and give me a kiss?”
Laughing beneath your breath, you look down at him with a playful smile. His red eyes silently beg and, leaning low, your lips just barely press against his...until something steals his attention. The door opens (without knocking!!) and a young guard freezes at the sight of you both. Moving swiftly, Caius rolls and pins you to the bed, hovering over your partially undressed form (yeah, that guy’s super dead) and hiding you from view. Hissing viciously, the sound is more monster then man and quickly the guard is gone, fleeing from view.
He’d deal with him later.
The second the door slams shut, Caius is relaxed and smiling once more, looking down at you with loving eyes.
“Are you alright?” You asked, tucking his blond curls behind his ears.
“I’m vexed,” Caius replied. “But that’s nothing you can’t fix!”
And he finally gets his kiss, lips crashing into yours and passion blooming like wildfire in his heart. Oh, there’s nothing sweeter then you! And he will be sweet too, only in secret...only for you.
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Tumblr media
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Volturi incorrect quotes
Y/n: Are we fighting or flirting?
Jane: I'm pinning you against a wall with my hand around your neck-
Y/n: Your point?
Y/n: Since we're in a relationship now, your clothes are my clothes too. Don't ask me why I have your shirt on, this is our shirt.
Felix: Fine, but when I come strutting in with your fuzzy socks I don't want to hear shit
Y/n: Well, Alec and I finally did it!
The rest of the Vampires: *gasps, shocked expressions, etc.*
Y/n: That's right... We kissed!
Demetri: Know why I called you in here?
Y/n: Because I accidentally sent you a nude picture
Demetri: *Stops pouring two glasses of wine.* Accidentally?
Y/n: I feel like doing something stupid.
Demetri: I’m stupid, do me.
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My Youth
Tumblr media
Alec Volturi x Reader
(Y/N) raised her head from the pillow, her eyes drifting to the dark figure sitting in the chair across the room. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes, memories of last night flooding back to her.
“Am I not enough as I am? Are you really that repulsed by me?” (Y/N) accused, watching Alec’s eyebrows crinkle. The topic of him turning her came up again, another argument ensuing due to her hesitation.
Alec shook his head, taking a step towards her, “You know how hard it is to be around you.” He mumbled, eyes darting to the floor before back to her. He heard her heartbeat quicken, heat rising onto her skin. “I can’t sit around and watch you die.”
She watched the figure glide across the room before taking a seat at the end of the bed, his cold hand lightly resting against her ankle. “Alec.” Her voice quivered, his scarlet eyes searching her own. He held his hand up to silence her.
“You know my feelings towards you,” he started, eyes flicking downward. “I respect your decision to wait, no matter how much it bothers me.” His thumb stroked her ankle bone, trying to calm his nerves. “If anything happened to yo-“
“Nothing will.” She quickly cut him off, sitting up and shuffling to the end of the bed. Her arm wrapped around his torso, her head resting on his shoulder. He grabbed her hand, his thumb gliding over his knuckles.
“When I found you” he started quietly, “It was like suddenly my life had meaning, that I finally meant something.” He pressed a quick kiss to the top of her head before speaking again. “Promise me it’ll happen soon.” He mumbled into her hair.
(Y/N) nodded, pulling away to gently kiss Alec. “Soon, I promise.”
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Stay (Alec Volturi x reader)
»»————- ♡ ————-««
A/N: I haven’t actually write anything in a hot minute but school and this whole moving process has been kicking my butt, so I apologize hopefully I’m able to get out more these next two weeks. Also sorry for the crappy summaries I now remember why I opted to not put them in before 😅
Summary: Reader debates breaking things off with Alec after feeling like their relationship is going nowhere. Will he be able to work things out with her?
Tumblr media
The castle could get so boring. I mean I understand not celebrating holidays after being around for so long. But never? I guess to be fair Valentine’s day isn’t celebrated worldwide, but why not celebrate it? It was a cute holiday idea. I mean, when you first came you had learned very quickly that being mated to a member of the elite guard would come with its challenges, especially when it was on of the infamous twins.
 Alec had taken a week before he spoke a word to you. And he only spoke to you because you threatened to leave if he kept ignoring you. All he had said to you was that he wasn’t ignoring you. It was so frustrating, you still packed up your things. You had talked to Marcus and he asked you to give it two weeks. Well, must have talked to Alec because a week and a half later he finally sat next to you and asked some questions about yourself. You remember being in the rec room with Demetri and Heidi, you also remember being too dumbstruck to respond for a bit. It didn’t help that Jane was glaring daggers at you. A few days later he told you the story of how he was turned, another factor that made you want to stay.
 You wouldn’t stay here and be the only one making an effort here. You were tired of always trying to understand why he would act the way he did. He was allowed to be cold and distant. Jane was allowed to say cruel things to you. You however, you weren’t extended that same courtesy. You couldn’t yell at Jane, Alec wouldn’t allow that. You couldn’t talk to Alec about how you felt, he’d probably say you were being ridiculous. Even if you tried to leave though, Demetri would probably be told to track you down. But maybe he wouldn’t? I mean its not like Alec actually cared about you. God, this sucked. You knew you’d have to be changed regardless so I guess Demetri would end chasing you down. You could talk to one of the leaders, but they all had a trial today. You decided to write a note telling them you were ready to be changed, and when they found you they could whatever they wanted. But you also made sure to write that you would not go back to the volturi regardless.
 No more games. If he wants to continue to be distant, then that’s what he’ll get. You looked over at the box next to your bed. You had made little cards for everyone in the castle, you had half a mind to burn them all but you decided against it. You were looking at your departure letter when Heidi came into the room.
 “Y/n, whats all this?” She asked gesturing to the box
 “Just some cards for you all, would you mind taking them to the throne room for me?”
 “Sure hun. Is Alec’s in here?”
 “Yeah. His is the biggest one.” You would miss her. She grabbed the box and rushed away. You used this time to head towards the exit. Unfortunately, you ran into jane when you got to the bottom of the stairs.
 “Where are you going?” You decided to ignore her and keep walking, she stepped in front of you, “Are you seriously ignoring me, human?”
 “Jane, I don’t have time today. You can insult me later.” You tried to step around her again but she her arm stopped grabbed your shoulder, “I don’t think Alec will like to know how youre treating me.”
 “Then go tell him.”
 “She doesn’t have to tell me anything.” Damn it. Now how were you going to leave?
 “Im not in the mood to be yelled at right Alec. So am I going to have to go to the room or not?”
 You saw the shock in Alec’s face before his face snapped to his sister. “Jane. Don’t.” You felt Jane tense up next to you before rushing away. Soon you were stuck at with a very clearly upset Alec.
“So what was that?”
 “Nothing.” Just fed up with everything that’s all. But, as much as you hated to admit it, even with the lack of attention you would miss Alec. You understood why he was so reserved, you just hated how he let Jane walk over you. You were supposed to be his mate, he couldn’t stick up for you once? Except for just now, hes never told Jane to back off.
 “Y/n? What is it.”
 “I don’t want to talk about it Alec.” You turned around and began heading up towards the room. You would need to figure out when to leave but Alec might as well know. If he got upset you’d rather his gift be aimed at you towards rather than someone else in the guard. Alec walked quietly behind you until you got to your room. You waited till you heard the click of the door before you let out the sigh you were holding and laid down on the bed.
 “Y/n. What is it?”
 You grabbed a pillow and held it over your face, not that he wouldn’t still be able to hear it. “I want to leave.” You felt a gust of air and knew Alec was right next to you.
 “Because I’m tired Alec. I’m just tired.”
 “I haven’t been doing enough.” It was statement, but it sounded like a question. You took the pillow off to face him. Your eyes landed on the letter you left on the desk, and his own eyes followed. He was over there before you could blink, tearing open and reading the letter.
“You aren’t planning on staying here? You don’t have to stay in this room?”
 “You could always stick Chelsea on me.” You said numbly.
 “Do you actually think I would do that?”
 “I don’t know, its not like you’ve let Jane use her gift on me right?”
 “Y/n. Shes my—”
 “Your sister. Yeah, I know. And I’m supposed to be your mate. But I’m the one who gets talked to for upsetting her. I cant push you because you’ll shut down and stop speaking to me. If I try and celebrate anything in this boring castle Jane will laugh and more often than not you’ll join her.” You were surprised at the steadiness of your voice. You weren’t sure how because you felt like crying.
 “I—I didn’t realize.”
 “Yeah, well.”
 Alec came to sit next to you again. “Why go through the effort to give me the card for today then?”
 “Because Alec. As much as I want to hate everything about it here. I cant stop caring about you. About the guard. About everything. I’m stuck in this world now. But I cant keep putting in all of the work.”
 He went silent. You were pretty sure that meant your conversation was over. There would often be times he would just walk out. You almost expected it. Instead, he reached his hand out, “Could you come with me. Please?”
 As much as you wanted to stay, you still ended up taking his hand. He led you down to the gardens. You weren’t sure why, it was starting to get dark. Your mouth dropped the second you got outside. There were lights hanging over the small table. On the table were candles and a covered dish of some kind. And there roses everywhere,
“Alec…what is this?”
 “Well, if I’m being honest. Heidi told me a while ago that you seemed unhappy. I didn’t think it was true.”
 “That doesn’t really explain this.”
 “Demetri and Felix talked to Marcus. To afraid to talk to me themselves of course. Marcus confirmed our mate bond was deteriorating.”
 “Lovely, so it took Marcus for you to even notice.” It took everything in you to not walk back in. Alec must have noticed you roll your eyes because he squeezed you hand a bit tighter.
 “Wait. Y/n. Please. You’re right. About everything.”
 “I don’t—I’m not good with people. Even in my human life its always been me and my sister. I know I…excuse the things she does in front of you. I don’t know how to balance having anyone else. I don’t talk to the guard really unless theres a mission. I don’t know how to do this.”
 “Do you even want to do this?”
 He started nodding, “I actually made you this.” He pulled a card out of his coat. You’d never seen Alec look so vulnerable. He looked down at the ground as if this was an elementary or primary school activity. You hated that this made you smile. You hated being this empathetic to him, and yet you still squeezed his hand a bit harder to try and calm him.
 “You made this? Did all of this?”
 “I wish I could say I did, Demetri and his mate told me what to make and how to set things up.”
 He led you down to the table. He pulled out the chair for you to take a seat. You didn’t know what to say.
“You don’t have to worry y/n, I won’t force you to stay with me.”
 “Alec, if you want me to stay here, I need you to stop trying to shut me out.”
 Alec was suddenly next to your chair. This time he was on his knees as he looked up at you, “If you stay I promise to try and be better.”
 It was like you said, you were completely entangled in this life. In Alec. As much as you wanted to say know you knew you didn’t want to be away from him. It was as if all of the emotions you were holding back burst through, and you felt tears start falling from your eyes.
 “Y/n? I’m sorry,” Alec began panicking, shutting down. “I can help you get everything ready.”
 You grabbed his hand as he turned away. “Alec. Just wait.”
 You could see him shutting down, preparing to protect himself. You tugged him over closer to you,
“You said you were going to try, right? So can you just stay?”
 “Okay.” But instead of sitting back down at the table he led you to the fountain. You realized he was still holding your hands, “So, you wont leave me?”
 It was interesting. Seeing Alec seem so vulnerable. Almost childlike, like if I said the wrong thing he would run away. Maybe hide. You weren’t sure how this would work, if he would actually change. You nodded but you were so exhausted, you leaned into him and he caught you.
“I am so sorry, I see I haven’t been doing enough. I swear I’ll get better.”
 You couldn’t stop sniffling, “What if it doesn’t get better?”
 “I swear it will. If it doesn’t I wont stop you.”
 “I want you to want me, to want to be better.”
 He pulled your face to his and began kissing, deeper and harder than you’d ever thought possible for Alec.
“Just don’t leave me, and I’ll spend the rest of my life showing you otherwise, sweetness. I’ve been loving you for quite some time.Now.” He said suddenly, “it is Valentines day, and Heidi said it was one of your favorite holidays. She said I should do something so I got those chocolate covered strawberries.”
 You couldn’t help laugh, “That’s not fair, you can’t even eat those with me.”
 “I mean I could but it probably wont be very good. I could feed them to you?”
 “You don’t have to do all of this Alec, its okay to take baby steps.”
 He smirked as he stood up and offered his hand to you again, “I’ve never really been one to walk away from a challenge.”
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carnationhcs · 12 days ago
Hey, I don’t know if you still take requests but if you do can I request a dom Alec volturi x fem bratty sub reader with hair pulling, chocking, and orgasm control kinks. Where the reader is bragging in public infrint of everyone and Alec is starting to lose his patience then drags her out punishes her? Please🥰🥰
Hope you enjoy~❤️
Taglist: @lendeluxe @geli2297
Warnings: Hair pulling, choking, orgasm control/denial, slight degradation, near safe word use
Age Rating: 18+, Minors DNI
Tumblr media
Alec x Bratty! Sub! Fem! Reader
You had no one to blame but yourself for the situation you found yourself in.
The kings had hosted a ball and you of course went all out, how often does someone attend a ball. (Well, frequently now that your mated to a member of the guard..)
You wore a tight floor length off the shoulder red satin dress that flared out slightly at the bottom along with a pair of black strapped heels. Your hair was slightly curled and styled to perfection and you kept your makeup simple to keep from taking away from the dress: a nude eye with sharp winged eyeliner paired with a red lip to match the dress. You had gold jewelry lacing your wrists and ears along with the necklace Alec had gotten you for your birthday.
Alec, along with the rest of the guard, wore his guard attire, an air of importance surrounding him, making him look effortlessly regal.
When he first saw you as you walked into the ballroom, you could tell you picked the right dress by the way the crimson of his eyes darkened to a sultry maroon and how the muscles in his jaw ticked.
Needless to say, you've been using it against him all night.
Between tilting your head back just so while laughing at something someone said or gliding your hand gently down his arm when passing, you were slowly riling him up.
The final straw was when you were dancing with him: you leaned up, lips lightly grazing his ear, and subtly mentioned that you may or may not have forgone wearing panties.
Alec had frozen, eyes practically black, and let out a low warning growl before pulling you out of the swarm of vampires that had definitely heard your comment and up to his room, leading you to where you are currently.
Alec had you on your knees, back to his chest as he roughly pounded into you. His hand around your throat the only thing keeping you up at this point.
"You think you can pull a stunt like that and get away with it?" His voice is low and gravelly as he adds the slightest bit of pressure to your larynx.
He had been abusing your cunt for the past hour, snapping his hips to yours but stopping just before you could cum. You're so fucked out by now that you can barely formulate a response.
Fingers lace in your hair and pull back harshly, exposing your neck even more to the vampire and he continues his brutal pace.
"Answer me or you don't get to cum.." He threatens, voice holding the truth behind his words.
"I-" you try to swallow past the lump in your throat. "I'm sorry.. It won't happen again.. Alec, please! Please let me cum!"
He hums low in his chest. "It better not; I won't tolerate my mate acting like such a slut again. Do you understand me?"
You cry out as he edges you once again.
"Yes! Yes, I understand!" You gasp out as he presses you face down in the mattress and begins thrusting into you again.
The slide of his cock against your gummy walls was bordering painful. You almost couldn't decide whether you wanted him to stop or not, only the burning need for release keeping you from bowing out.
"Color?" You feel him mumble against the soft skin of your shoulder, voice marginally softer as he slows the gyrating of his hips.
"Y-yellow," you get out between sobs.
"Do you need me to stop mia amore?" He completely stills inside you.
Scrambling to look at Alec as you desperately grasp at him, you yell louder than intended. "No! Please, please don't stop! I need to cum! I- I need y-" he cuts off your rambling with a kiss as he slowly pulls out of you.
Before you can protest he flips you onto your back and presses back into you, his thrusts marginally more gentle.
"It's okay, mia dolce ragazza, I've got you."
You want to scream in frustration when can feel the pressure building in your stomach but can't seem to slip over the edge.
Sending this, Alec slips a hand between your bodies to rub slow deliberate circles on your swollen clit.
"Come on, darling, I know you can do it." He murmurs against the tender skin of your neck, nibbling and sucking on the skin there.
He lightly bites down on your pulse point and you come undone. Back arching into Alec and nails digging into his porcelain skin as you cum so hard some of it squeezes past his member and splashes against his abdomen. A couple more thrusts and he's shooting his cool seed into your hot cunny.
He rolls you both over so you're laying on his cold chest, his arms wrapped around you. After a couple of minutes to calm down he places a kiss on your head and apologizes.
"I'm sorry, mia vita.. I shouldn't have gone that far. I often forget how fragile humans can be."
From your spot against his collarbone you mumble,
"Don't be sorry, I'm fine.. better than fine actually." You raise you head to meet his eyes, back to bright red, and give him a cheeky (albeit sleepy) grin.
"In fact, I found that I quite like Rough Alec™."
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ssa--holmes · 8 months ago
Touch - Alec Volturi
Summary: Touch is your love language. When Edward makes a comment you question if Alec is even comfortable with you being so touchy.
Requested: yes
Pairing: Swan!human!fem!reader x Alec Volturi
Everything I’ve ever written | Join my taglist
Tumblr media
Your relationship with Alec started when you went with your sister to Volterra. Luckily for you they didn’t keep you there, but you were to return that summer so you could get to know your mate. It was a really good compromise. You got to finish school if you promised to spend all of your vacations in Italy with them. That didn’t mean Alec would never visit you in Forks. He did from time to time, but it wasn’t as fun as when you’d be in Volterra. Because whenever he’d come to Forks the Cullens insisted on monitoring your “date” which meant they would be in the same room the whole time.
During your first summer in Volterra, Aro had asked the secretary to book you a hotel room so you didn’t feel uncomfortable. It was still a surprise you were the mate of a vampire, sleeping in a castle filled with them seemed a bit too much. Private moments with Alec is what really shaped your relationship. You’d get to know each other, what the other one liked or disliked.
As someone who hadn’t been in a relationship before this was all new to you, but you discovered that you really really liked touching Alec. It could be as simple as holding hands or a kiss on the cheek, but it could also be a lot more. But touching him was your way to express how you felt about him. Often, your feelings for him were so overwhelming and you couldn’t explain it with your words so you opted for touching. It was something you did freely in the comfort of your room, but also when you would accompany him to the castle. No one seemed bothered by it.
Alec came to Forks this time and you’re currently at the Cullen’s house so they could monitor you and Alec. They claimed it was out of fear for your life. You’re pressed into his side while the two of you watch one of your favourite movies. One of Alec’s hands is intertwined with yours and every so often you press a tiny kiss on the back of his hand.
Halfway through the movie, Alec shuffles you around so you’re sitting on his lap while his arms protectively circle around you. The movement causes a reaction from Edward.
“What is it with you two and touching? You’re not the only two people in the room,” Edward exclaims, disgust dripping from his voice.
The happy bubble you were in mere seconds ago seemingly burst.
Unlike you, Alec doesn’t have to think twice about an answer and immediately sends Edward a glare while hissing: “Watch it.”
Feeling uncomfortable after being called out like that, you remove yourself from Alec’s lap and sit next to him stoically. His brows furrow together, but he doesn’t push the issue. Out of the corner of his eye, he keeps watching you while you finish the movie. He knows you’ll tell him when he drops you off at home, but it still bothers him.
On your way home you stay silent, mind still  reeling with Edward’s comment. You love Alec and touching him was the way you expressed that. Who was he to tell you that wasn’t allowed? The embarrassment of the moment floods you once more, making your skin crawl. You stare out of the window while Alec drives down the Cullen’s driveway.
His cold hand on your thigh makes you look at him.
“What’s going on in that pretty little head of yours?” Alec teasingly asks.
“Do you think I touch you too much?” you softly ask with a deep frown.
The car screeches to halt, startling you, while Alec exclaims: “What?”
You avert your gaze, focussing on your hands in your lap.
“Where is this coming from, mia amore?” he asks while gently turning your head to look at him.
“I… I realise that I’m a very touchy person, but I never asked if it bothered you. It’s just… when words fail me, I reach out. I love you so so much and I express that by touching you, a lot, in every possible way. But… but after Edward’s comment I realised I never checked in to see if it made you uncomfortable,” you ramble.
“Cullen’s stupid comment brought this on? Do you really think I wouldn’t have said anything if it bothered me,” he takes your hands in his before continuing: “In case you haven’t noticed I like touching you too. Don’t listen to that twat. This is between you and me, no one else.”
He kisses the top of your knuckles while his strong and intense gaze meets yours.
“So you don’t mind?”
He shakes his head and presses his lips to yours.
“Like hell I would ever mind,” he says when you break apart.
You let out a happy sigh and take his hand while he resumes the way to your home.
Taglist: @avyannadawn @gutflorizt @volturicullen @drayshadow @xxx-wounded-angel-xxx @vitoriabg @gh0stieee
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superhero--imagines · 29 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part 1 Here! / Part 2 Here! / Part 3 Here! / Part 4 Here! / Part 5 Here! / Part 6 Here! / Part 7 Here! / Part 8 Here! / Part 9 Here! / Part 10 Here! / Part 11 Here! / Part 12 Here! / Part 13 Here! / Part 14 Here! / Part 15 Here! / Part 16 Here! / Part 17 Here! / Part 18 Here! / Part 19 Here!/ Part 20 Here! His POV Part 1! Here /  His POV Part 2 Here!  / Part 21 Here! / Part 22 Here! / Random Headcanons / Part 23 Here! / Part 24 Here! / Part 25 Here! <This is Part 26!>
A/N: Jus a reminder that my Twilight book campaign is still open, if you like the series and want a physical copy or a digital pdf grab a copy before it’s too late! And also, we are about to get into my favorite part haha
* You swallow hard, willing yourself to breathe, just for the sensation - to remind yourself to think
* “Were you expecting someone else?”
* You will yourself to take a step forward, a small smile gracing your lips
* Just be friendly, you’ve done nothing wrong you remind yourself
* “I didn’t think I was expecting anyone,” you say. “Just on a short run.” You add for good measure
* Did Edward know?
* You think of the way he said not to be afraid
* No, Edward thought it was Jane, maybe Alec, that’s what you planned
* Marcus being here means only one thing
* That you are royally f*cked
* “Is that so,” Marcus’s face looks like someone haunted by grief, the face of someone who hasn’t smiled in years, but you swear you see the corner of his mouth twitch. “I apologize for intruding then.”
* “No, it’s an honor to be in your presence.” There’s a moment of tense silence, and you force yourself to not fidget, to stand still just as a vampire would.
* “What brings you to Forks?” You can’t imagine it’s the vibrant scenery. Jane was supposed to come for an assignment, a minor threat to your kind that would be extinguished with ease.
* Still, that was in Portland, she would just be taking a detour here to see you.
* “I think you know why.” Marcus says dryly, and despite your brave front, you flinch. “Fear not child, I mean you no harm.”
* You can count on one hand how many times you’ve seen Marcus, even when you were in the castle seeing him was rare. Physically he’s no older than you, just a nineteen year old boy
* But you can feel the centuries he’s been alive radiate off of him like an aura, and in his presence you feel the strongest urge to kneel at his feet or run away
* It’s a bit like what you imagine meeting a greek god would be like
* He must sense your apprehension because he sighs long and hard
* “They said you wouldn’t trust me right away.” He murmurs to himself
* You gulp again, your fangs digging into the inside of your cheek.
* “On May 15th, 2003 at precisely 2:46 PM a video graphic film was recorded while you were undressing in the Forks High School locker room.”
* You feel your blood run cold
* “You took that video?” You ask almost breathlessly
* Marcus looks at you blankly before shaking his head
* “No, you did.”
* (Y/N).Exe is broken
* Marcus sighs again when he sees your perplexed expression, snapping a twig off a nearby branch.
* “Humans, and most immortals, believe that time in linear” he says, drawing three lines in the dirt “there past, present and future.”
* “But the truth is time is more complex than that.”
* He draws three wavy lines, all tangled in one another.
* “Time is like a knot,” the stick points to each line. “Past, present, and future all wrap around one another, affecting one another in equal measure.”
* You think of your dream, of the nightmare, of Bella and Edward and the other version of yourself with crimson eyes.
* “But why would I do that to myself?”
* You’ve had worse days, but that day with the video was certainly up there, even now you wonder if when people see you all they see is what you look like in your underwear.
* “For the opportunity to make a genuine connection.” Marcus says simply, the stick draws a thick line, citing straight through the ball of lines he’s created. “And to your credit, it seems the despair was met with equal reward.”
* The trauma did bring you, Jessica, Angela, and Mike together. Until that moment where they came chasing after you, you really thought of them more as a background of extra characters rather than actual friends.
* “But we’re not here to talk about that today.” Marcus says, wiping away his drawing with his foot.
* “Then why are we here?”
* “I am here to tell you a simple story about a girl from Thebes.”
* You still don’t know what’s going on, your minds still spinning to come to terms with the fact that somehow the future version of yourself has orchestrated so much of your current life, and that the Marcus is actually standing in front of you now
* But as you look into Marcus’s eyes, pale moonlight reflected in them you do know one thing
* ‘I am not afraid.’
* You sigh, sitting down on the edge of the cliff, looking into the dark sky
* The stars always seem so much brighter here
* “Alright, let’s hear this story about a girl from Thebes.”
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st4rship · 5 months ago
Can you do a headcanon of Alec Volturi newborn mate accidentally hurts him and she refuses to touch him.
Hii, so you didn't specify how or if the newborn mate had any powers but I took the liberty to make her have the power of controlling and creating fire for angst purposes. Anyways, I hope you like it :]
Alec Volturi newborn mate accidentally hurting him headcanons.
Tumblr media
So being a newborn is normal to don't really understand how powerful you are.
But given the fact that your mate is one of the most powerful vampires in the world I feel like you would have some experience with how newborns are.
So when you realized that there's something else that makes you powerful that you didn't see coming, it was something that definitely took you off guard.
Especially given the context in which you found out.
You were reading waiting for Alec to come back from a mission he had with the guard. When you saw him enter your shared bedroom you felt really happy and as if something inside you lighted up.
You went running to hug him and kiss him hello but when your hands touched his cheeks and his smiled dropped as he hissed and moved his face away, you stared at your hands and at his face trying to understand what happened.
His marble like skin looked a little burned but thanks to the burn being superficial and also the venom, it healed super fast.
He tried to reach out to you after he calmed down but you started saying sorry a million times and ended up running away.
After that you saw each other the next morning.
Alec obviously hated fire and everything related to it, it didn't help the fact that vampires could only die being burned.
But he knew you didn't burn him on purpose and he tried talking to you but all you would say is that you were really sorry and didn't do it on purpose.
He told you that it was okay and he understood, that it was your power and you had nothing to be ashamed of or feel bad for since it was an accident and he knew you would never do that on purpose.
He also told you that you had plenty of room in the castle to explore and practice your power, safely of course.
You told him that you didn't want to practice with your power since you could hurt someone.
He told you that it was alright and you didn't have to.
And since you didn't have time to do anything romantic as a welcome back with him he asked you to cuddle.
But you refused.
That caught him off guard and it also caught him off guard the next day's you didn't want to cuddle or kiss or hug or hold hands or anything like that.
It was obvious that it was because of what happened and he confronted you about it.
He basically told you that he understood that you were moved by what happened but you shouldn't be scared to touch him or anything like that, sometimes strong emotions make your powers go on especially when you're not experienced with them and don't know how to control them.
So he reached out to hold your hand.
And finally after weeks you didn't move it.
And then you hugged him because you missed it too.
Obviously after that you accepted to practice more with your powers so you're never affraid that they would go on on their own again.
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twilightwolfpack · 10 months ago
Headcannon for being their mate
Reader (GN) x The guard
Characters: Felix, Demetri, Heidi, Renata, Jane and Alec.
Jane and Alec are aged up to 20+
No matter your height, this gladiator will always tower over, OH does he tease and remind you of this fact on a daily basis? YES, HE DOES.
As his mate you're most likely a member of the Guard or a recruit.
Felix is a fiercely loyal vampire and will have your back as well as protect it as long as he can trust you too.
He is a whirl wind of energy and excitement that will whip around the corridors of the castle but he'll always be content to snuggle into your arms.
You'll probably have to lay ONTOP of him due his muscular frame that you will literally disappear into.
He is also quite NOT subtly telegraphic in his emotions and moods so you will always most likely to see what mood he is in. Eg: broody, happy or agitated.
Felix and his best friend Demetri as well as their designated babysitter (per the courtesy of Caius) Heidi are a complete package deal. So if you get him, you get the selvte tracker and their glamorous mom friend who will adore you.
This man is the declared Casanova of the vampire world, he specialises in flirtation, espionagee of all and the tracking of criminals.
However, when it comes to YOU, is mate, he is completely dumbfounded and spulltering in his usual controlled words
Demetri appears as a neat and an incontrol individual, but underneath this facade he is actually panicking.
He is afraid of disappointing you and his masters, so he will stress himself to satisfy you.
But, once his besties Fee and Heidi assure him that he is doing well after they converse with you, he will settle down and slowly slip in love with you.
Again, he is another fiercely loyal individual, he will listen to you as he knows that being an ear is often a better solution. He adores you and will happily shred another to protect you.
Demetri will be in content glee if you'd let him braid your hair as he is quite the gifted man. And will happily get massages and face treatments with you as he is the Guard who spends the most money of his appearance, maybe even more than Aro.
This little queen is the assigned baby sitter of her idiots, Demetri and Felix. She's quite the busy bee when it comes her role of fisher and being bait, she also organises the 'tours' as well.
When she first met you, she was rattling out long scolding strings of German to her 'children' who misbehaved during your recruitment to be a guard.
When she turned around after her scolding her she was met with you, her MATE.
Heidi was the first face of the Guard that you had met, she immediately took you under her wing and helped you relax into the Guard.
She is quite laid back when it came to affection in the castle and in your shared room, she prefers the gentle peck on her forehead to a deep, make out session. Cuddles wise, she would hold your hand and play with your hair, but she isn't the biggest fan of being limited in movement due to her past.
Loyal to the grave and would trust you with her idiots that would become your go-to-besties.
Date wise, she would take you out for a calm walk at night then dinner (if your human). But she would be just as content to go book shopping or laze around the castle with you.
Fluff wise, she would read to you or sit next and watch a film with her mate. She is quite the indulgent Missy when it comes to skin care, despite not needing it, and will partake in it with you. Heidi would also write poems about you and the weather, she'd leave them lying around for you but won't tell she has
Our little ray of sunshine is quite the adorable little lady standing at a tiny height of 5'1".
Despite Renata's height she is fully capable of defeating Felix (*cough cough* per the courtesy of Atheneodora), in a wide range of martial arts, she is even a active member of the online combat community. Knowing this, you should know that you will be protected by the Maltese woman, via her shield and her combat abilities.
She'll teach you how to counteract attacks from herself and towering giants that name themselves Felix and Santiago.
This little warrior is also apart of branch off the 'Protect Felix and Demetri Club.'
She would take you out on dates in musmems and historic cities and will take you to any country of your choice.
Renata LOVES snuggles from you, her mate. Although, being the cold blooded vampire she is, she is somehow always warm, rumors have it is that she places two hot water bottles under her cloak and jumper so you can still be nice and toasty.
A daily occurrence with our shield is that she will prune and tend to her large range of plants, some poisonous per the guidance of Sulpicia. She'd fall even more in love if you were to join her and smile all the while.
This little deadly princess of the Guard as you know is rather preferable in the company of her twin, Alec. So if you were to meet Jane, you most likely get a Alec joining you.
As she grows towards you over time, Jane will begin to fall in love with your little isms and habits... Then eventually you.
After spending centuries being surrounded by torture, death and glowering expectation from Aro she has become desensitisated to lowered emotions and screams.
You'd have to eventually help her lower her walls as she would definitely struggle with this due to being condemed and betrayed by her village. Jane may lock you out of her head for a time to cope, but eventually she'll open up.
Very much like Heidi, she'd prefer to have small signs of affection from you and from her to you, hugs and snuggles are a rare occurrence for her as she doesn't the aspect of being physically constricted as you know why. Pecks are the most common form from her, holding hands she will only do with you and Alec.
Jane would introduce you to her best friend, Revani, her pet raven.
Dates are most likely rare too, due to her tight misson schedule and the fear of disappointment from Aro, but she would take you with her.
Just like with Jane, you get one twin you get the other.
Unlike his twin sister, he is a lot more open to affection with you. He would rather have you in his arms then him in yours, but he is open to try.
Unlike his sister, he isn't as quite non-social, he sees the female Guards such as Heidi and Atheneodora as motherly figures and Renata and Chelsea as his other 'sisters,' he looks up at Demetri as a role model and Felix as his big bro.
With you, he'll be more then happy to cancel trials and missions to indulge in dates with you and show you off.
Alec would also be very open to learning about 'human things' but would mock them them shut up aguweua glare from you.
Just like his 'brother' Felix, he likes to tease and poke at you but just like his sister, he has become desensitisated to a lot.
Emotions, however, he has not. He would hold you and comfort you to the best of his ability, even going as far to ask Marcus, his favourite, of how to.
One thing he wouldn't be able to do for you would be attending a bonfire event or fireworks, as it would drag him back to his death after locking that memory away.
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alecvolturiswifeforever · a month ago
Sweet Moments | A.V x READER
Tumblr media Tumblr media
a/n : i’m just as surprised as you are. yes i hate this. yes i’m still posting it. 
Neither of you had wasted a second. Alec had been busy this week, trial after trial and constant guard duty making it hard for him to spend time with you. So of course when the opportunity popped up you took it instantly, the second you were alone you cupped the back of his neck, pulling him into you and smashing your lips together.
His response was instant, lips feverishly slanting over your own. Gently, he pushed you to lay back onto the soft pillows of your bed. He cupped your face with one hand and moved the other to wrap an arm around your waist, efficiently pulling you closer. Your hands snaked down from his neck to his chest before reluctantly breaking the kiss in need for air. He grazed his lips over your cheek, placing chaste kisses down your neck as he pushed his teeth into you slightly, making sure not to hurt you and causing you to giggle as he smirked against your neck.
His eyes moved to meet yours before placing a small kiss to each of your cheeks, then your forehead and finally to your lips. He pulled you into his chest feeling your body relax into him.
“I’ve missed you” you yawned as he placed one final kiss to your hair. 
“As have I, mia amore” he replied as your heartbeat began to settle, a telltale sign you were on the verge of sleep. His hands began rubbing over your back pulling you further into dream land. His red eyes watched you adoringly, loving the vulnerable state you were in whilst wrapped in his embrace; all the while inhaling your sweet scent, causing his muscles to fully relax as he held you.
A low mumble came from your lips before you fell fully asleep and if it wasn’t for his enhanced hearing he probably wouldn’t have caught it at all. He chuckled quietly before smiling to himself.
“I love you more, sweetface”
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the-volturi-diaries · 2 months ago
Ever After // Fairytales of the Volturi // Snow White.
A/N: I was supposed to write this right after Jane’s but Caius distracted me...so here we are! I always loved that Alice saw and loved Jasper long before she found him, that he was her first vision in this strange new life (but I hate that he’s a Confederate/that it wasn’t handled at all and I’m not sure how to handle it in my rewrite) so I wanted to use that for Alec and Y/N...Aro will be delighted to have his seer!
Also, if you’re wondering why I mentioned Juliet weeping, vampires cry venom in my version. I read it years ago in a fanfic and have clung to it ever since.
Pairing: Alec x Vampire! Reader (female).
Fairytale: Snow White and Rose Red.
Tumblr media
"Snowy-White, Rosy-Red,
Will you beat your lover dead?"
He came like winter.
For so long you had dreamed of him, of your one true love. As a little girl the dreams had been strange and hazy, pale skin and bloodstained snow and an iridescence. You saw glass roses and smoke-stained trees, monsters dancing in the darkness. You saw  it and made so little sense of it...but the dreams always came and so did he. The snow boy.
As a child, the dreams had confused and frightened you but as you grew older, they began to make more sense.
It was the same dream, in some ways.
There was a forest that never changed, black trees and a pale, endless sky, and singing, snarling beasts dancing through the shadows. There was a red string of yarn tangled in the forest, leading you far, far away from home. And there was a boy, a beautiful boy, running through the forest. He was a winter wind, pale and furious and wild, laughing as he raced through the black forest, daring you to follow him into the dark. You chase after him, laughing too, the cold biting you like an animal. Sometimes you would catch him. Sometimes he would vanish. But always, always, always you awoke, missing him so deeply when you did.
The daylight was lonely, somehow, and the nightmares were strange, so strange. But you loved him so, your snow boy, and you wanted to see him again and again. So you became a dreamer, lost in your own little world. Your family did not understand their strange little child, the way you knew things long before they happened nor the warnings that you gave.
And so you became a wanderer, when you were not dreaming, you wandered the forests of your home, searching for snow white roses and wild eyes.
It wasn’t long before the danger found you.
Your tangled dreams had told the truth, monsters did lurk in the shadows...vampires. The memories for the attack was hazy and violent, some feral, beautiful thing leaping out of the wood to devour you...the shouting of men, a hunting party...the startled thing fleeing...and a frightened child hiding in the hollow as she became a monster.
A vampire.
You never did find the one who turned you and the hunters never returned either, torn rags and sun-bleached bones left in the forest. And you never went home, knowing now that you were something strange and dangerous. When you were turned, you feared that you had lost him forever, you snow boy. Vampires did not dream, you discovered, and the empire of sleep and stardust had been the only place you had ever found him…
But your dream returned in a new form.
The venom had given you a gift, visions of the future blooming in your mind. Circe, the creature that had found you as a scared, starving newborn and took you in, believed that you’d have the gift even as a human. Vampirism simply refined it, making it stronger. The visions rarely made sense, a jumbled mess of strange fantasy. In your diaries you scribbled them, a mess of writing and sketches, down and tried to make sense of the waltzing skeletons and whispering trees and falling stars.
And him.
You tried to make sense of him, your dream come true, your sweet snowfall. You searched for him in the trees and roses, clawing through thorny brambles and calling a name that you did not yet know.
Was he true? Was he real?
The snow boy had been your only constant in both life and death, always appearing before you. Your mind tried to make sense of him and your heart tried to find him, so certain that he would come one day.
Would you ever find him?
Time went on, eternity moving so slowly. In that time, the size of the coven had grown. At first, it was only you and Circe wandering the world together, but in time others had joined. Eve, Juliet, and Titania at first. Juliet found her mate in Ramon and Titania found her Lily, Percy and William, lovers for nearly five hundred years, found the coven as you all wandered. In a century, the coven had grown to nearly ten members, many of them gifted. Eve could make the earth bloom as her whisper, Ramon could move things with a single thought. Lily could make bursts of bright and burning light, Percy and William were both brutally strong.
And such a large and powerful coven would soon gain attention.
You saw them in a dream long before they came, shadows dancing through the trees. A small girl pirouetted between black trees, a hulking thing hunched over with red eyes, a tall creature clutched a fainted woman in his embrace...and a single pale form watched from afar. Tangled black trees swayed, ravens bursting forth into a pale sky. The red moon shone above the forest, bleeding into the white sky and morphing into…
Snow boy, pale and cold and beautiful, appeared before you, his skin the winter sky and his eye the bloody moon. Breaking from from your trance with a frightened cry, the coven came and Circe looked at your scribbled mess.
“I had feared this,” she said softly. “The Volturi are coming. We have, I imagine, gained their attention and the guards will pay us a visit.”
The Volturi...you had known them enough from the stories, from the fear in the voices of those who whispered the name. You did not dare tell your coven of the ending of your visions, silently wondering over him. Indeed, you had never told them of your snow boy. He was yours and yours alone, a secret you hid within the garden of your heart. And now, as you looked at the moon of his eye upon the page, you were full of questions. Was he coming? Was he of the Volturi? From the lonely cottage, you looked out into the night.
There was no moon, that night.
There was no light except for the shivering stars in the cold, dark sky.
You were watching. You were waiting. And from within the forest, the monsters of your mind appeared on by one.
They walked with grace, slowly approaching the house.
Before you came the hulking monster and the charming one and the dancing girl...but no one else. No winter wind nor wild life. Circe gathered you all with her command and you met them in the darkness, half hidden behind the others. It was the girl that spoke.
“Aro has sent us,” she said in a sweet voice, “to pay you a visit. He has heard of the Blackwood Coven and wished us to welcome you.”
Lies, pretty lies. Beneath the spun sugar of her soft voice there was a malice, so cruel and so venomous. At once you feared her, all of your coven did. But Circe smiled back at her without betraying the emotions within and welcomed the Volturi, introducing you all one by one.
“Tell me, Jane, do you plan to stay long?”
Jane...you had heard of her, hadn’t you? Yes, you had heard of her gift...and of her brother. The witch twins, they were called, born of magic and of fire, Aro’s most prized possessions. Jane and Alec. The thought of his name sent a shivering wind though the woods, the voices of the two covens growing dim and weak. You alone turned back to the dark forest, golden eyes looking into the shadows. From the heart of the trees he came, a pale figure walking slowly, gracefully. Pale, icy skin seemed to shine in the night, red eyes roaming curiously...until he came to you.
You knew him, oh, you knew him so well! A tugging came over your soul, some unseen string pulling you into him...but you could not move and you could not speak, too amazed at the prefect creature before you to do a thing.
“I’ve heard of you...can you really see things?” He asked in a soft voice.
Jane was all sweetness and poison but be was something warmer. He sounded of music, a faraway song tumbling from his lips...you wished to kiss him and taste the symphony.
“Yes, in a way.”
“What way?”
“I dream riddles, things that don’t seem to make much sense at first. Nonsense and nightmares, all tangled together in some strange sort of mess. And I must sort through it and find the answers to them myself.”
Alec grinned, sharp teeth flashing. Clearly your gift fascinated him, a thousand questions burning in his mind. But he asked only one:
“Did you see me?”
If your heart could beat it would have been wild! How could you tell him, this beautiful monster, that you had dreamed of him your whole life? You wanted to tell him. You wanted to show him your visions and tell him that you already knew him and loved him...but you could not. One of the guard, Felix, spoke in a voice like thunder and with that...the Volturi were gone. Vanishing into the trees once more, Alec turned only once, a silent promise upon his his rosy lips.
He would return.
From that moment forth, you were forever changed.
Though your body remained in the little cottage, safe in the forest with your coven, your heart had gone roaming. Now that you had found him, you longed for him in a way that you could not explain...so instead, you stayed silent and you wandered as you had in your mortal youth. Into the forest you went, wandering through the gnarled trees and tangled bramble. You wove white flowers in your hair (snow flurries for perfection, carnations for innocence, roses for purity) and lay beneath the stars, counting the faraway fires and waiting for Alec to keep his promise.
He came with a flurry of winter, snow falling like starlight and creating a sweet, prefect place within the dark forest.
You were alone again, dancing in the dark. Winter was your partner in this midnight waltz, an unsung song humming on your lips. Arms outstretched, you danced alone in the night as snowflakes kissed your skin, tangling in your hair like little pearls.
Stepping forth from the darkness, Alec smiled at you as he had before and your unbeating heart thrilled.
At once you were moving towards him, smiling as his hands clasped around your own. The touch of him was magic, something of snow-fire. The cold burned beautifully and you held onto him as though you might never let go.
“You never answered my question,” Alec mumbled. “Did you dream of me?”
That night, you told him everything. Snow fell over you both slowly, Alec’s black cloak wrapping you together. Clutching onto the embroidered velvet, you told him of your first dreams, when you were only a mortal and did not yet know your power, and of the visions that had followed. Chasing each other through the trees, laughing in the winter wind, fingers entangled and lips upon cold skin, the never-ending string of red yarn. You told him the things that you had never dared to speak aloud and he listened to every word, red eyes never leaving your form.
“What does this mean?”
“I don’t know,” you replied. “It’s all a riddle in need of unraveling.”
It was decided in that moment: you would unravel it together. Alec kissed your fingers and the inside of your wrist, smiling softly at the touch of you. It felt right, the way you fit together, as though it was meant to be such a way.
“I’ll return.”
And then he was gone once more, running off into the forest once more. You watched him go, heart aching and body trembling with a longing, and for a long time, you stood alone in the snow. He was not a dream. He was not a vision. He was Alec and he was real, his kiss still lingering upon your fingers. You wore it as a ring, unseen yet shining, and returned home in a slow fashion, awake and dreaming all at once.
He came again.
You were huddled in the cottage, reading by the light of the lantern, telling yourself stories of sleeping beauties and beasties and curses so cruel, when you heard it:
A laugh dancing on the wind!
As though it had been made from the song of your sleep, the laughter rang through the night and at once you were running to him. Alec was running in the forest, leaping from tree to tree as you chased him. He dared you, with a wild grin and musical cry, to come and catch him! Catch him if you could! And you did, following his song and racing through the darkness, catching him by his cold hand and tumbling down, down, down into the dark. Together you fell into the snowbank, laughing still. He had snow in his hard hair and fire in his eyes, red lips smiling so. Rolling over, Alec keeled over and whispered in your ear.
“So you caught me! Tell me what happens next.”
“I don’t know,” you replied. “I always woke up then, the vision always faded away...I never knew the answer to that one.”
Alec smiled like the wolf who had gobbled the granny and the little girl all in one gulp, all sharp teeth and wild eyes. And then he pounced, pressing his lips to yours in a sweet, cold kiss. You fell into him so quickly, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and clutching desperately on the velvet cloak. In that moment, you could have remained like this forever, clinging to Alec and lost in his lips.
It was a cold and as sweet as snowfall, his kiss, and you wanted it to be your eternity. But he soon pulled away, still smiling, red eyes glancing to the faraway shadows.
A voice whispered upon the wind, sweet and venomous and you knew it well, you both did. Alec stood up, pulling apart from you as though it pained him and promising once more. He would come again, he promised, and he would tell you everything, just as you had for him. And once more you would wait for him, watching as he vanished into the snowy forest until he became a distant shadow, his sister’s shadow dancing alongside him.
The next time he came, Alec told you who he was.
There were things that very few knew of him and his sister, they preferred each other. They always had. He told you of the quiet, strange children born to the misfortune of their mother and with magic burning within. He told you how the villagers had hated them for it, fearing the children who did not yet know the hatred in their eyes and of the fire, how he cried out for their mother and wished for the unbearable pain to stop. The centuries that followed after that been lonely in some ways. They were too young to really know the others, still too strange and too quiet. But he told you of his sister, who had a sweetness beneath her rage, and of the kings and queens and far away places.
“I’ve never admitted it to Jane but the castle has always felt lonely to me...like it was empty in some way.”
You had been lonely too, always dreaming of something far, far away. And he feared that he could not live up to a dream, too real and too strange and too full of mistakes to be any kind of dream come true. Didn’t he see it? Didn’t he know?
“I never wanted a dream, Alec, I wanted you to be real! To know and to touch and to never let go.”
Taking his hand in yours, you kissed the cold expanse of his skin, He sighed at the touch of you, moving closer.
Never had he hoped that he could be this happy.
The idea of a happy ending had seemed so impossible to him, even as a child. Life as a mortal had been cruel and immortality had been lonely, the empty space in his heart forever lingering. But he was full now, his heart complete. He had everything he had ever wanted. And as he held you close, Alec felt certain that he never, ever wished to let you go. The dream had ended but reality was far sweeter then any fantasy or vision could be.
The coven understood.
Of course they would miss you but all of them had seen the bond between you and Alec from that first moment. Circe gave you the medallion she always wore, an image of Medusa etched in gold. She promised that it would always protect you, as it had for her. Percy and William gave you books from their collection, the old paperbacks and fairytale collections that you had read time and time again. Eve gave you a crown glass flowers she had created herself, roses and thorns blooming in an undying display. Juliet wrote a long prose of your going away (and wept bitterly, as she often did) and Titania gave you a white gown, so pretty that it may have been spun from snowfall.
You kissed your coven goodbye (not forever, you would visit them again) and smiled at the tugging in your heart.
Only now had you discovered what that red string was, tangled through the trees and never-ending.
It was Alec.
It was your bond, your connection to him. Unbroken and unending, a perfect love. And it was him coming now, Jane smiling at you in the far distance, a figure hiding behind her as your love approached. He reached out to you, red eyes bright and shining as you took his hand once more.
Dressed in white lace and glass roses, you walked into the happily ever after with Alec.
Tumblr media
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langdonsfavouritesmut · 5 months ago
Alec Volturi Xreader (Princess)
“Such a strange power, robbing somebody from their sensations” I whispered, looking at over Alec.
“Are you asking for a demonstration?” he spat inching towards me threateningly, the Voltari smiled at me in sync.
“Quite the contrary” I said aloud, hushing the rest of my thoughts.
I had to hold back my laughter.
“This is coming from the girl without any gifts…can you do anything?” Alec groaned, seeming to temper impatiently.
Aro looked at me imprudently, waiting for my announcement, I had thought it wise to present myself to the Voltari, I was gifted, and if aro likes anyone, its gifted people.
Everyone seemed to be getting bored.
“I have the power of reflection, I can reverse anyone with a gifted ability back onto them, for example if someone tries to control my emotions, an empath perhaps? I could simply gain access to control their emotions…”
the moment I spoke jane attempted to test the theory.
I turned to see her beading her blackened eyes at me, the moment I felt her pain rath itself towards me, I pressed my energy force against it, reflecting it on her, she stumbled searing in pain for a moment until she had enough seconds of strength to stop her power.
Aro looked angry, but still pleasingly surprised.
“and does this work with any gift?” he asked solemnly.
I nodded.
Aro shot a look to his brothers.
“Alec…please show this young lady to the guest room” he commanded, alec snarled and obeyed, walking towards me, he stuck his hand out and grabbed mine, dragging me outside the main marbled room, to the stone walled hallways.
“you don’t talk much” I snapped, hearing nothing in the silence but the clicking of our shoe soles.
“I don’t like talking” he responded, looking dead forward.
He stopped in front of a red door, he opened it and practically drew me inside. The room was large and the walls painted deep crimson. The bed was held up my golden poster stands with silver bedsheets. I took a seat rather comfortably eploring the room with panning in my eyeline while alec stood by the door.
“Wait” I spoke out, just as he was about to turn away.
I stared at him sadly, he took a step over the doorway, and walked to sit beside me.
“When did you realize you were gifted?” I asked him quietly, and he let off a sigh.
“My abilities were president even before I was turned, when I was quite young…aro knew, even when I was little, and about my sister too, but he waited to turn us until we were older…Im sure you know about their laws with the immortal children” he smirked.
I nodded.
“Speaking of my sister, I don’t appreciate your little performance today” he said, washing his face over with an unruly grimace.
“She was about to disprove my point, I came here for one thing and one thing only” I stated simply, shuffling my shoulders trying to sit up properly.
He turned his chest to face me, putting his lips close to mine.
“I’m not so sure I believe that” he smiled.
I could feel my breath getting hot. My temperature was rising, hairs standing on end.
His fingers dropped over my hand that was splayed on the bed, they drew up my arm, making my nerved heighten.
“H…How are you doing that?” I gasped. It felt like my blood was being electrocuted.
He chuckled softly under his pleasing breath.
“I thought your power was to cut off peoples senses” I remarked.
“Let’s just say I’ve gotten very good at making people feel things as well.”
“Pleasure…Taste…Touch, not something even your powers can reverse, seeing as it’s not a magical gift, just a given one” he hushed me with the friction of his lips over mine. His hand cradled the back of my neck as I sunk into his body, tipping his backwards onto the bed. He was quick to retaliate my actions and flip me over, his tongue slipped over mine fighting for dominance, every taste and feeling was intensely exaggerated.
His body moved powerfully, hovering over my chest.
“How does this feel?” he whispered over my jaw, sucking gently on my skin.
I couldn’t reply, my vocal chords filled with gasping sighs.
“You enjoying yourself? Princess?” he whispered over my neck.
“Y…Yes” I panted.
“Not for long” he smiled, dragging his fangs into my neck, scraping across my flesh drawing blood to his lips.
A dark thrill consumed my body, I felt electricity thriving in my blood.
“Welcome to the castle…Princess”
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Alec: *writing* dear diary ,i almost ate y/n today. Sincerely Alec.
Y/n:*looking over his shoulder * YOU ALMOST ATE WHO?
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theresapossibilty01 · a month ago
Not Changing You in Time
Tumblr media
Volturi Guard x Reader
tw: mentions of injury, blood, and death!
- all demetri wants is revenge. he dedicates the rest of his time to finding your killers, wanting them to suffer the exact same fate you did
- he’s so focused on finding the coven, he doesn’t allow himself to grieve your death, or adjust to his life without you
- he spends weeks at a time tracking, finally relaxing as soon as he finds them and does exactly what he promised: a slow a painful death
- even he gets back to volterra, he’s surrounded by memories of you with no distractions. his mind is always on you, wondering what you would be doing, what you would say to him..
- it’s only when he steps back into your shared bedroom for the first time in weeks does the entire weight of what happened fall on him. surrounded by your things and scent, his head spins
- he slams the door shut, needing one last final moment alone with you. he closes his eyes, imagining you in front of him
- “why my love, did you have to leave me?” he asks desperately, wishing he could feel your warmth one last time.
- alec is absolutely heartbroken, and does everything he can to get his venom into you as you lay on the concrete, bleeding
- his senses are overwhelmed, the metallic smell of your blood forcing his senses into overdrive. he’s afraid to touch you, your pale shaking form seeming more delicate than ever
- “please.” he pleads as your eyes gloss over, his hands pressing against your body to try to stop the bleeding. he can hear your heartbeat start to slow down in his ears, causing him to cry out for his sister.
- alec bites into your neck and wrist, watching in desperation as his sister kneels down on the other side of you. he hadn’t even heard her come in. “why isn’t it working?!” he yelled at jane, hoping she would be able to fix it
- he starts to bite all over your body, hoping his venom spreads quickly enough, even though he knows it’s too late. he only stops when jane tells him it’s enough, your entire body littered with his bite marks
- “please love.” he cries out as he buries his face into your shoulder, his shoulders heaving as he holds you tightly into his chest one last time. “i’m not ready to let you go.”
- the rest of the guard give him time, knowing losing a mate causes unimaginable pain and grief. he becomes a complete recluse, only coming out from his room when he’s summoned, his thoughts filled the entire time of your memories together.
- all jane can do is stare down at your lifeless form, her whole body shaking as scenes of chaos and violence occur around her. the other guard take down the coven that took you, hoping it would bring some peace and justice for you and jane.
- the guilt and pain is unbearable, imagining the fear and pain you must have felt in your final moments brings her to her kneels. she had’t been able to save you in time. she hadn’t been there when you needed her most
- she kneels beside you, taking your cold, lifeless hand in hers. she gives it one last reassuring squeeze, tidying up your hair with her free hand. “my beautiful (Y/N).” she mumbles, pulling away to look down at you once she’s finished
- she feels her heart shatter in her chest, your face as still and impassive like when you slept. she stifles a sob, leaning down to press a final kiss to your forehead
- “forgive me, (Y/N). i wish it would have been me instead of you. this wasn’t how it was supposed to end.” jane whispers, voice shaky as she tries to come to terms with your death
- she eventually is coaxed away and back home to volterra, but she’ll never be the same, a piece of her heart and soul let behind with you.
- rage. all felix can feel is pure blindly rage.
- he can’t look at you for too long, giving a curt nod to the guards after giving you one final kiss before he’s storming down the halls of the castle to his room
- he destroys everything in sight, letting out loud and heartbroken screams as he does so. the more things around the room he hits, the worse he feels
- why did you go? why didn’t you just wait for him? he slides down the wall, hands tugging at his hair as he tries to imagine his life without you, his future without you
- all he can do is grab your pillow from off the bed, tucking is securely into his arms as he curls up around it on the floor. your scent is still heavy on the pillow and overwhelms his senses, bringing him a moment of peace
- i’m not ready to go on without you. he mumbles out loud, hoping you’ll be able to hear him from whenever you are.
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kenzies-mr-j · 6 months ago
You're Always Safe With Me (Alec Volturi x reader)
A/n: Request didn't specify if it was set in new moon, Eclipse, or breaking dawn pt 2. I just took the liberty and made it set after breaking dawn to challenge myself a bit. Not even going to lie I loved writing this piece so much and I really hope you enjoy this.
Tumblr media
Requested by: anon
Date Posted: Nov 2, 2021
type: Fluff but Alec gets angry and protective. Bella is a semi-good sister (she just judges a bit too soon)
Word count:3,515
y/n's pov
I can not believe that my life is as weird as it is. My current situation is very strange. My older sister is now my younger sister because she is frozen at eighteen, my niece is turning three but looks to be about thirteen, and Jake is a werewolf. I go away to a private school in Seattle for a year and a half, all this life or death stuff happens.
Like today, for example, I am going to be the only human at Ness' Birthday party. Everyone else is either a vampire or a Wolf. Apparently, part of the Vampire 'royalty' as Bella described them is going to be here to check on Ness' devolvement. They told me I would be nothing but safe in their home but I am not sure how safe I would feel with all these supernatural beings around.
The only reason I am even here is that I made a promise to my niece, and I will NOT be going back on my word. I don't want to even think about the look of disappointment she would give her parents. So I am going to put aside my own fears and suck it up, what is the worst that could happen.
I get there early so I can help Alice set up the house before the guests start to arrive. "Aunite y/n! you're here!" Ness exclaims before running full force at me.
I catch her with a laugh slightly stumbling, "Happy Birthday Beautiful!"
"Thank you! I missed you. You should visit more often." She says looking up at me. She has grown six inches since the last time I saw her two weeks ago at my dad's house.
"I will try my absolute best, I promise," I say as she pulls away from me.
I encounter Alice next, "It's good to see you again Alice. " I state and pull her into a gentle hug.
"It is good to see you too y/n/n!"
"Do you need help with anything Alice?" I ask as we pull away.
I see her Topaz eyes look around, "Um, could you please help me with hanging up the streamers." She asks holding up the Purple and white rolls.
I nod with a smile. "Yeah of course." she hands me the purple one.
I carefully stand on a chair to hang them up, I gently rotate the roll as I give it a bit of slack to create a swirled effect. Alice does the same thing with the white and in no time at all we have them all hung up around the house.
I sit on the couch and watch a bit of Tv with Emmett, "Hey Emmett where is my sister, I have yet to see her, and I have been here for almost an hour?" I ask him
"She when hunting with Jasper, just so she won't have any urges when she sees you, even though she is coming out of the newborn phase she just wants to be extra cautious." He states just as Edward comes through the door.
"Don't worry Y/n you are going to be completely safe, Everyone coming today has fed so none of them will have any urges. We made sure to take that precaution because we knew you were going to be here."
"Thank you Edward I really appreciate it," I state as this information makes me feel a bit better.
I get up when I see my sister come into the living room, "y/n/n you made it!" She exclaims speeding over to me in a blink of an eye.
"Of course Bells I promised Ness I would and I hate going back on my word," I say gently hugging her.
"Hey, Marcus and Alec will be here soon, Aro and Caius had to stay home for trails," Alice says as she walks out of the kitchen.
"Alec is with him?" Bella asks cringing a bit, "Maybe y/n/n should leave before they get here."
I cut in before anyone else could, "Bella I made a promise, I am not going to disappoint my niece. Everything is going to be fine."
"Y/n/n I met these vampires before and they are something I don't want to get you involved in."
"I'm not getting involved I am literally just here for Ness, I could care less about some Vampire, No offense guys."
"None was taken, y/n," Rosalie states setting up the presents.
I see Alice walk over to Bella and whisper some things into her ear. I see the rest of the Cullen Family, Jake, and his friends go ridged. "What happened guys, everything just got tense?" I ask
Alice comes up to me with a nervous smile, bopping my nose with her finger she says,
"It is nothing to worry your little head about."
"Okay if you say so," I reply as Carlisle goes to the door. I can vaguely hear him open it. Then I hear three voices, Carlisles, an older soft-spoken male, and a voice that sounds like the sweetest of summer rain. It is a voice that I could hear for the rest of my life and feel complete.
Before I get to meet the face that the voice belongs to I see Ness run up to me, "Auntie, please come play hide and seek with us!" She exclaims pulling me out to the backyard.
"Jake is seeking first," Ness explains as we get to the group of the boys. She starts to explain the rules to make it fair, "You guys can't shift while playing and you can use your nose or hearing, we want it to be fair for everyone."
I see all the shifters nod before Jake puts his hands over his eyes, he starts to count out loud as we all take off in different directions. I run through the forest, soon find myself in a small clearing with a river. I sit myself down on the ground, my back leaning against the tree. The only way you can see me is if you are in front of me.
I listen to the water flow as I let it relax me. My eyes snap open as I get a strange feeling, one that is like I am not alone. I sink further down into the ground, slowing my breathing. I hear footsteps coming towards where I am. I am soon met with the godliest face I have ever seen and my breath gets caught in my throat. I notice his eyes are the most striking shade of Burgandy, he's a vampire.
The thought of briefly feeling afraid crosses my mind, but before I can go anywhere far he crouches down to my height, "What is a pretty woman like yourself doing out here all alone?" That same beautiful voice I heard in the house asks.
"I'm playing hide and seek with Ness and the Werewolves." I laugh a bit.
He sits down on the ground next to me, "You know Werewolves aren't good company to keep."
"And Vampires are?" I tease him gently bumping my shoulder with his.
"This Vampire is, My name is Alec. What's yours Beautiful?" He asks looking into my eyes.
"Oh, you're the vampire that my sister was worried about me meeting. My name is Y/n Swan I am Bella's younger, wait older, um I don't know; anyway I am Bella's sister. It is nice to meet you." I say putting my hand out so he can shake it.
He gently takes my hand in his and brings my hand to his lips placing a soft kiss onto the back of it, " It is very nice to finally meet you. Why was she worried?" he asks me confused.
"I am not entirely sure, no one would tell me," I state making eye contact.
"I think I might know why and it is a bit frustrating that they think so little of me." he laughs bitterly breaking eye contact.
I can tell that he is slightly upset and I don’t like that he is. I can’t really explain it but I feel connected to this Vampire whom I think my sister judged too harshly, “If it makes you feel any better I don’t feel like I am in danger with you. I can’t really explain nor understand what I am feeling but I don’t think that it is a bad thing.”
“That is good that you feel safe around me because that is all I could ever want from you. We are connected, my master Marcus had seen our strong connection even though you weren’t in the house. No one but Marcus knows that I came out here to introduce myself. I don’t think I would have gotten far if I did.”
“Well, it is my niece’s birthday party. I wouldn’t have stayed hidden for long. What do you mean by Marcus seeing our connection?” I ask confused.
“Marcus has a gift that allows him to see the different bonds between people and how they are connected.”
“That is very cool, Are you gifted Alec?” I question with a soft smile.
“Yes, I can expel a black mist out of my hands that allows me to take away the senses. I can take one or all of them. My twin sister Jane is the opposite of me, she can make you feel an excruciating pain that starts in your brain and spreads throughout your body.”
“Alec your gift sounds fascinating, would you be opposed to using it on me one day?” I ask curiously.
“Absolutely, I will never use my gift on you or let anyone else, except for Aro, I can’t stop him,” Alec states urgently.
I am about to respond when I see him freeze, he stands and gently takes my hand to lift me off of the ground, “Alec what’s-”
“Shh, Someone’s one is here and they were not invited,” Alec whispers out. He moves so he is in front of me, he carefully walks us backward so my back is touching the tree behind me. He stands tall and alert in front of my shielding me from the tree. “I know you are out there.” He calls out into the open forest.
Jake’s pov
I have found everyone except for y/n, she was always the best at playing hide and seek when we were kids. Even with using my wolf abilities, she will be hard to find. I am freeze when I hear Paul’s voice coming through the mind link, ‘Jake you need to get back here to the house, now.’
Without a second thought, I run back to the house as fast as I can only stopping when I see everyone in a circle outside. “What’s going on?” I ask breathing heavily from the run.
“Y/n and Alec are missing, we can't find them,” Bella states anxiously.
My blood starts to boil as I smell the air, “There’s a bigger problem.” I state looking at my pack brother’s who also smell it too.
“What?” Edward asks.
“Get Ness inside, Someone else is in the area and they aren’t supposed to be. “ I state before taking my shirt off running into the woods. I shift along with the rest of the pack as a few of the Cullen’s start to run with us towards the direction of the unwanted tick.
Y/n pov
“Alec am I in danger?” I whisper as his ear is right in front of me, I can’t help but feel scared.
“Not with me around, I will keep you safe Cara Mia.” he whispers back, I see him throw his leather gloves to the ground that I didn’t even realize that he was wearing in the first place.”
I hear a whoosh and feel a gust of cold air run right by me. The hair on the back of my neck stands in attention when I hear a sick voice. “You really shouldn’t make friends with your food.”
“And you are not welcome here,” Alec says angrily, He backs up until his back is close to touching my chest, further shielding me from the unknown vampire.
“I was just passing through when I had to stop because I smelt a snack. Now if you have no intention of eating her then you should let me have her.” The voice suggests
I close my eyes tightly shaking a bit in fear, when I hear Alec hiss out, “Over my undead body you son of a bitch. You can not have her.” I feel myself gripping the material from the back of Alec’s jacket in my fist.
I hear the Vampire laugh evilly, “That won’t work on me, but nice try.” I peek open my eyes to see the black mist flowing out of Alec’s outstretched hands all around the other vampire.
“You’re a shield.” He angrily states.
“Yes and a very good one at that.” the vampire starts to walk closer to us.
Alec pushes into me even further cause the rough bark from the tree to dig into my back a bit. I let out a scream when I see a big wolf tackle the vampire from the side. Throwing it away from Alec and I. I see three more wolves run after the one who tackled the vampire rushing to their aid. After the threat’s focus was somewhere else Alec turns around and gently cups my frightened face in one of his cold hands. “Cara Mia are you okay?”
I shakily nod my head gulping a bit, “Yeah I think so.”
He gently pulls me to his chest hugging me closely, “I am going to get you back to the house okay.” He picks me up bridal style.
I nod my head as I wrap my arms around his shoulders as hiding my face into his neck in fear. I close my eyes as I feel the rush of the air hitting my arms, it is making my hair flow around us. A second later I feel Alec walking up the stairs as I lift my head I see a worried Esme open the door. “What happened is she alright?” She asks Alec as he walks me over to the couch.
He gently sets me down before talking, “She wasn’t hurt, she is just a bit shaken up.”
I feel panicked when I see him start to leave, “Wait!” I exclaim gripping onto his arm before he can leave.
He turns around and bends his knees so he is on my level again, “I will be right back Cara I am just going to get you some water.”
I can tell that he can see the terror in my eyes as I meekly speak, “please stay with me.”
“I will get her some water, Alec you just stay with her, she needs you.” Esme softly states before disappearing into the kitchen.
Alec sits down next to me on the couch and I look at him. He thinks for a second before he opens his arms, “Come here Cara Mia, I’ll hold you.”
I slowly crawl into his lap, he wraps his arms around me protectively. “Nothing is going to happen to you, you are safe.” He states before gently kissing the side of my head.
“Thank you for saving me,” I whisper placing my head into his neck trying to relax my breathing.
“Of course, I will always save you,” he states as Esme places the water onto the coffee table.
“Thank you, Esme.” I softly say.
“You are welcome, dear.” I hear her say before she walks outside.
“I know that you are scared but I need you to drink a bit of water, Can you do that for me?” Alec asks softly reaching for the glass.
“Yeah.” I softly say removing my head from his neck, I do not move off his lap through.
I slowly sip the water before I see my very angry sister storm through the door with Edward and Jake on her heels, “Wait Bella you didn’t let me finish!” Jake yells after her.
She storms up to us and points at Alec, “This is your fault!”
Alec puts his arms around me protectively before he speaks, “Bella what are you talking about!”
“None of this would have happened if you didn’t go to her, that Vampire wouldn’t have heard you!” she yells.
I feel Alec tense and he gently moves me off his lap and onto the couch next to him before he gets up voice booming, “BELLA, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT, IF IT WASN’T FOR ME, WE WOULD BE PLANNING HER FUNERAL RIGHT NOW!”
“YOU ARE WRONG!!” she yells back.
“NO I AM NOT, THE VAMPIRE DIDN’T HEAR ME, HE SMELT HER! IF I WASN’T THERE SHE WOULD BE DEAD AND THAT IS THE BOTTOM LINE.” I see him point back at me then to my sister. I don’t like that he is angry so I get up and put my head on his shoulder holding his hand and wrist in both of mine rubbing comforting circles on the top of his hand. I don’t know if I do this to calm myself down or him but I can tell that it calms us both.
Tumblr media
Bella is about to say something else when Alice pops in, “Bella he’s right, I seen a vision based on Y/n’s decision, I didn’t even think to watch Alec’s.”
I see Bella’s body relax, “Y/n is this true?” her golden eyes softly fall on me.
“Yes it is true, Alec was shielding me between his body and a tree, trying to fight off the vampire. He was a shield so there wasn’t much that could be done to hold him off, that is when the wolves showed up and took care of it. He brought me back here and comforted me.”
Bella sighs before apologizing, “Alec I am sorry I doubted you, I really appreciate you protecting my sister.”
“Bella, I will always protect her, with my life. I am honestly a bit disappointed in almost all of you for thinking so little of me.” He states.
“We realize that now, We are sorry for assuming the worst.” Edward states.
“You all have proven to me that her safety is not at all valued, and because of that if she so wishes I will be taking her back to Volterra with me. I will keep her safe, if I didn’t come today the outcome would have been different. I would be pissed if you let my other half get killed, because with all of your insights I know you knew what she was to me.” Alec states coldly.
Before anyone else can respond I see Ness run out of her room, “Aunite I am so glad you are okay!” She cries as she runs towards us.
I reluctantly let go of Alec’s hand to catch my Niece in my arms, “I am okay Beautiful and it is thanks to Alec and Pack.” I gently rub her back as she calms down. I look at Alec and smile.
Ness lets me go and hugs Alec next, “Thank you for saving my auntie, she is very important to me!”
Alec shocked gently puts his arms around Ness, “She is very important to me too.”
She pulls away and runs to her mom and dad, “Now that is out of the way, Ness why don’t you open your presents? “ I ask trying to turn the attention back to Ness as it is her birthday after all.
“Can we!” she exclaims looking at her mom and dad.
“Yes, I think that is an excellent idea,” Bella says going to grab them.
I take the opportunity to look at Alec, “Did you mean what you said?”
“Every word, if you want to come back home with me, I am willing to take you to Italy.” He states seriously.
“I would really love that Alec only there is one condition,” I respond smiling at him.
“Anything Cara, just say the words and it will be yours.” He responds pulling me to him gently.
“I want to visit regularly, I can’t leave Ness high and dry, she will never forgive us,” I say putting my arms around his neck.
With his arms on my waist, he responds, “I will do my best to make sure you are here for holidays and birthdays.”
“Thank you,” I respond before softly kissing his cold smooth cheek.
I pull away and place one of my arms around his waist to watch Ness open her presents with excitement. I feel him move to stand behind me, he rests his chin on the top of my head. I hold his wrist when he places his arms around me. Today had the potential to be the worst day of my life, but thanks to Alec it had become one of the absolute best. I have a feeling that this is only the beginning as well.
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carnationhcs · 3 months ago
Let's just say I'm in a mood😅
Can you guess who? Full piece will be out soon!
(I'll tag whoever guesses it first)
Tumblr media
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ssa--holmes · 9 months ago
The furriest of them all - Alec Volturi
Summary: What happens when you bring a kitten to the castle and you lose it? 
Requested: yes
Pairing: reader x Alec Volturi
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Tumblr media
“A kitten?! You brought a cat to the castle?” Alec exclaimed.
You nodded sheepishly.
“And you lost it?”
“Yes, I’m sorry, Alec,” you apologetically answered him.
He shook his head, clearly frustrated with the whole thing.
“This better be the cutest kitten I’ve ever seen,” he said before leaving the room to go look for the little furball you had lost in less than an hour.
A tiny smile rested on your lips while you thought of the little kitten. “Oh, it’s adorable, Alec. You should see it.”
Alec gave you a look that made it clear that now was not the time to talk about how cute or adorable you found the little creature.
Even if he’s a little annoyed with you right now, he still took your hand while he mumbled: “Better keep you close or I’ll lose you too.”
You gave him a little shove for the side comment, but he’s not wrong. You do have the tendency to wander off.
After looking in every nook and cranny of the castle, you had lost all hope of ever finding the little creature. One of the other guards must have gotten rid of it. Sensing the drop in your mood, Alec put his arm around you, squeezing you tight. That’s when you both see it.
Felix is at the other end of the hallway, clearly holding something in his arms. The little head of the kitten you had brought to the castle appeared from behind his arm. Alec made his way over to Felix with his vamp speed to prevent Felix from running off.
“What do you have there, Felix?” Alec asked the giant in one of his scary voices.
You had never seen Felix jump out of his skin, until now. Honestly, he looked like a deer caught in headlights while muttering: “Nothing.”
“Is it perhaps a kitten?” you joined the conversation, once you reached them.
He clearly didn’t know how to respond to that.
“It seems you’re holding my dearest y/n’s kitten,” Alec stated matter-of-factly while he took the creature from Felix’s arms and handed it to you.
You thought the giant would’ve fought more, seeing as he seemed smitten with the creature. You sighed happily as the kitten made itself comfortable in your arms. You leaned a bit into Alec’s side. All you wanted to do was get back to your room. You couldn’t care less if he ripped Felix a new one or not. Alec seemingly understood your message and guided you back to the room.
Once he closed the door, he looked at you seriously while he mumbled: “It is indeed adorable, my love.”
Your eyes met his and you saw the little twinkle residing in his red eyes.
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bad-fucking-omens · 6 months ago
Wildflowers (Alec V. x OC)
Summary: Alec and Jane were hated by everyone in their village — well, almost everyone. There was one girl that stood by their side until the very end.
Length: 11.8K words
Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence, death, implied/referenced sex, implied/referenced sexual assault
(Heavily inspired by @wallwriterstuff story "They Want Us To Burn")
Read on AO3 or read below
I was working on fixing our fence — some boys from the village had broken it once again — when my sister appeared on the path to our family cottage. She was returning from the market in the village with Eve. The dark-haired girl had her arm linked with Jane’s and she was carrying a wicker basket covered with a faded blue cloth in the other. They were talking and laughing with each other. I smiled slightly as I finally looked back down at the fence.
Eve was our only friend in the village. She was the only one, other than Mother, who ever dared to come close to us and talk to us. Eve didn’t fear us the way the others did. She had always been kind, ever since she was a child. While the other children shied away from us, she walked up to us and asked us to play with her. Jane and I were wary at first — we thought it might be a trick — but we soon learned that she genuinely wanted to be our friend. Her mother seemed a bit unsure about letting her near us but her fears seemed to settle as time went on and nothing bad happened to Eve. Her father, on the other hand, got angry every time he saw his daughter near us. He always grabbed onto her arm and yanked her away roughly, yelling at her for disobeying him.
It was never enough to keep her away from us, though. It seemed that once she had decided that she was going to be our friend, she was never going to let us go. The other villagers began to shun Eve too, but she didn’t seem to care. She was still polite as ever to them and to Jane and I. She would even go to the market for us to buy from the people who refused to sell to us. Eve would bring us the items after she had taken her own purchases home. The only thing she ever asked for in return is for Jane to show her how she made cheese from the milk from the goat we owned.
I glanced up at the girls again as I heard their laughter. Eve was beautiful. She had long, black hair. She often kept tied back in a simple plait to keep it out of her way while she did her chores, like she had today, but I liked it far more when she let her hair be loose. A constellation of freckles crossed her nose and cheeks, but they were so faint that I had never noticed them until earlier this summer. Her eyes were my favorite part of her. They were golden brown surrounded by a ring of pale green. I had never seen anyone with eyes even sort of similar to hers.
She was beautiful, kind, and caring. She would make a wonderful wife for a very lucky man one day. My heart ached in my chest at that thought.
EVE I could see Jane watching me from the corner of my eye as we walked towards where she lived with her mother and twin brother. We had met up again in the village square where the market was and done our shopping together. I had offered to walk her back home when we were done. I never liked the idea of her walking all that way by herself — not when I knew what the village boys had done to her when she was alone before.
“Alec told me that he asked if he could court you,” Jane said finally. I glanced at her with wide eyes as we stopped in the middle of the dirt path and turned to face each other.
Her brother had asked to court me two days ago, when I had last seen the twins. I had hoped that he wouldn’t say anything to Jane, but I should have known that he would have confided in his twin.
“He said that you said no. Why?” she asked. “I know that you care for him. Is it because of what everyone thinks of us? That we are the devil’s children? That we are witches?”
“No, of course not,” I said. I was hurt that she would even think that. I looked down at the ground. I sighed and said, “Alec is your brother, and I’m your friend. . . . I thought that it would upset you.”
“You thought that it would upset me if my brother began courting the one girl who has ever been kind to us?”
I glanced up at the petite blonde girl. “You’re not upset?”
“I am, but only because you broke his heart when you said no.” I looked down again as my heart squeezed painfully. “Accept his offer, Eve. He truly loves you, and I know that you care for him too.”
“I do,” I whispered.
Jane linked her arm with mine and started pulling me alongside her as she began walking again.
“Good. Now come along and you can tell him when we get to my home,” she said sternly.
I simply smiled and let her lead me along the path. Jane had always been a very straightforward girl with a no-nonsense attitude. I loved that part of her personality, though it often got her in trouble. She wasn’t entirely obedient like the other girls in the village — she did what she wanted and they didn’t like that.
Alec was chopping wood near their cottage. I could hear the loud thunk of the axe splitting the logs from all the way down the path. When we reached the fence gate, I noticed that he was shirtless. I glanced away from his bare back quickly, feeling my face flush as I tried to keep back the sinful thoughts of what his muscles would feel like under my hands.
“Alec,” Jane called.
I could faintly see him move from the corner of my eye. He approached us and opened the gate and, when I looked up again, I saw that he had pulled on an off-white tunic. It clung to his body in some places from his sweat.
“Eve has something to tell you,” Jane said simply. She walked towards the cottage, then, leaving Alec and I alone in their yard.
He looked at me hesitantly. My heart squeezed again when I saw the sorrow in his eyes.
“Alec,” I began hesitantly, “the only reason I said no to you the other day is because I thought that a courtship between us would upset Jane, as I am her friend and you are her brother. . . . She said that you told her about asking me, and she told me that she approves of the two of us together.”
The brunette boy took a slow step closer to me. His bright blue eyes were hopeful. “What are you saying, Eve?”
“That I accept your offer, if you still wish to court me.”
A grin spread across his face. Alec replied, “Of course I do. . . . May I?”
I nodded. Alec took my hand gently in his. He leaned closer and brushed a lock of my hair from my face. He pressed his lips to my cheek softly. My eyes fluttered shut for a moment until he pulled away. I smiled with him, both of our faces flushing a light pink.
“I have to get back home before my brother does,” I told him. “But Father and Elijah are leaving for two days in the morning. Will you meet me in the meadow of wildflowers by midday tomorrow?”
Alec nodded eagerly. “Yes, of course.”
We stared at each other for a few moments, just smiling together as we enjoyed the moment. My heart was beating so loudly in my chest that I almost wondered if Alec could hear it.
Finally, he let go of my hand and said, “Be careful on your way home.”
“I will, I promise.”
ALEC I waited in the meadow for Eve. The sun was high in the sky, bathing the meadow in its light and making the wildflowers that filled the meadow practically glow. They were all different colors — white and blue and pink and yellow and red. Jane, Eve, and I had played in this meadow countless times as children.
I started to grow anxious when the sun passed it’s peak and Eve still hadn’t come to the meadow. What if something had happened to her? What if someone had found out that I was courting her? Surely they wouldn’t harm her, not when they could blame it all on me, like they always did.
Finally, Eve appeared on the overgrown path that led through the forest and I smiled at her. The path was an offshoot from the path that led from the village to my home.
As Eve walked closer, my heart was suddenly racing for an entirely different reason. My smile faded away.
A large, reddish-purple bruise covered her face from her right eye to her cheek. Her lip had been split open. More bruises, in the shape of large hands, were on her arms.
“Eve, what happened? Who did this to you?” I breathed, rushing to meet her as she stepped into the light. I took her hands in mine.
Tears filled her eyes and she shook her head. I gently drew her into my arms. She clung to me as she started crying against my shoulder. I held her, slowly stroking my hand along her long, dark hair.
She settled down enough to stop sobbing after a while. She turned her head so her cheek was resting against my chest. I carefully brushed her hair behind her ear and asked quietly again, “What happened?”
Eve sniffled. Her voice shook as she said, “Father’s gotten worse since Mother died. . . . Elijah got home before me last night, and he told Father when he came home. Father was so angry. . . . He grabbed my arms and yelled that I am ungrateful, that daughters must submit to their fathers and that I have been sinful because I hadn’t submitted.” Eve let out a quiet sob and I held her tighter. “He said that I needed to be punished. H-He started h-hitting m-me. . . . Elijah just watched. He just watched.”
She started crying again. I closed my eyes and just held her, trying to calm her, even as rage coiled in my stomach.
Her father was the butcher of the town. He had always been an awful man, according to Mother. He was rude and cruel and overbearing when it came to Eve and her mother. He wanted them to obey him completely, but he had never hit Eve before, as far as I knew.
“Eve,” I whispered. “Look at me, please.”
She lifted her head from my shoulder and looked at me. I pressed my hand to her cheek, being careful to only barely lay my fingers on her skin. She winced very slightly and I whispered an apology. I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate.
I felt the strange, tingling warmth that I always felt in my mind when I caused something to happen that I couldn’t explain rationally. Like always, it was only for a moment, faster than I could even blink.
Eve gasped and I quickly pulled away, opening my eyes.
“Did I hurt you? I’m so sorry–”
She shook her head frantically and grabbed my hand. She said, “No, Alec. The pain is gone. . . . You took the pain away.”
“It worked?”
Eve nodded, smiling slightly. I let out a relieved breath and smiled with her. She reached up to touch my cheek.
“Thank you, Alec. . . . You’ve always been so kind.”
I blushed, glancing down at our clasped hands. Eve took a small step closer and laid her head on my shoulder again. I put my arms around her and smiled as I buried my nose in her soft hair.
Eve and I continued to meet in secret in the meadow. Only Jane and Mother knew of our relationship, which was for the best. If the other villagers, or God forbid, her father or brother, found out that I was courting Eve, both of us would be in danger.
Her father was growing increasingly brutish and controlling. He wanted Eve to stay at home all the time, only to be allowed out to go to the market. He especially wanted her to stay away from me and Jane. She got in trouble with him any time the other villagers spotted the two girls together. Jane felt awful for it, which led to her staying away from Eve. I even attempted to keep more distance between us, even though no one ever saw us together — at least until I saw how it was hurting Eve.
We made a pact to meet every other day in the meadow at midday. Her father and brother would be busy at the butcher shop, and the villagers wouldn't question Eve for heading towards the river, which was just off the path that led to my home and the meadow. They would simply think that she was washing her family’s clothes.
We had been meeting in the meadow for almost a month now. We spent as much time as we dared together. Mostly, we talked the entire time, learning more about each other and falling even more in love. Sometimes, though, we would just sit or lay together in silence, content to just be close to each other. I think that for both of us, it was the only time we felt truly peaceful. We didn’t worry about anyone finding out that I was courting her or about our problems at home. We just focused on each other, and that was enough.
I turned my head to look at Eve. We were laying in the field of wildflowers, holding each other’s hands. Eve’s face was turned up towards the clear sky, her eyes closed. There was a hint of a smile that pulled at the corners of her mouth.
She was wearing another dark bruise on her face, this time along her chin. Every time she showed up with a new injury in the past month, I used my powers to take her pain away. I still wasn’t sure how I was able to do it — I had never been able to consciously control my powers — but I was glad that I could help Eve. She didn’t deserve what her father did to her.
“Yes, my love?”
Eve smiled and turned to look at me, opening her eyes. She squeezed my hand as she asked, “Why did you and Jane and your mother never leave the village and go somewhere else? Where no one knows you?”
“I don’t know. I think Mother wanted to stay here in case our father ever returned. . . .”
She squeezed my hand again. “Is it something that you would consider?”
“Of course,” I said. Then I quickly added, “If you could come with us. I won’t leave you alone here.”
Eve looked up at the sky again. She bit her lip, clearly hesitant about whatever she wanted to say. A few moments later, she let her lip go with a sigh.
“Father wants to marry me off to Daniel, the blacksmith,” she whispered.
My heart stuttered in my chest at her words. I loved Eve and I knew she loved me just as much. I was naïve to think that I would ever be able to marry her, but I had hoped that my dreams would become a reality.
“Alec, I don’t want to marry him. He’s as cruel as Father,” Eve whispered. Her voice was thick with emotion and I could see the tears gathering in her eyes. My heart broke for both of us.
I whispered, “When?”
“By the end of the week,” she said. A tear rolled across her cheek as she turned to look at me. “I don’t know what to do. I love you, Alec. Please, help me.”
Her desperate plea tugged at my heart. I couldn’t let her be married off to the awful man, who was also seventeen years her senior. He was old enough to be her father. There had been whispers through the village that he had killed his first wife simply because their child was a girl, and stillborn.
“Marry me,” I said.
Her hazel eyes widened in surprise and she pushed herself up with her hands. I sat up beside her and repeated, “Marry me, and we can leave the village right after. No one will know where we have gone. You, me, Jane, and Mother can find somewhere else where no one knows us. We can have a good life together. I can take care of you.”
“Alec, are you sure?” she asked softly. “I don’t want you to put yourself in danger while trying to help me. I can find another way–”
“Eve, I love you,” I said. I reached up to rest my hand on her cheek. “I love you and I want to protect you. We can all escape this village and leave it far behind. We can be happy together. . . . We can start a family together.”
Eve rested her hand on her belly, as if she was imagining it swelling with our child. I looked down at her hand. I slowly reached out to rest my hand on top of hers.
We both looked up and just stared at each other for a few moments, small smiles growing on our lips with each moment that passed.
“I love you too, Alec. . . . I’ll marry you.”
We grinned at each other. I leaned close to kiss her forehead.
“Tomorrow. I will ask Mother and Jane to join us as our witnesses. We don’t need a priest. We just need witnesses to prove that we completed the vows.”
“Can we get married in the meadow?” Eve asked.
I smiled. “If that is what you wish.”
“Please,” she whispered. Eve reached up to touch my cheek as her smile grew. “I’m going to be your wife. . . .”
“And I’m going to be your husband,” I murmured happily. I rested my forehead against hers and we laughed softly together. “I love you, my sweet girl.”
“I love you too, Alec.”
EVE I snuck away to the meadow one final time, unseen by any of the villagers. I was wearing my nicest white dress, the one I only ever wore for church. I had covered it with Mother’s old shawl in case anyone had seen me, but I knew that no one had.
I grinned when I saw Alec waiting for me in the meadow. Jane and his mother, Esther, were standing a few feet behind him.
I rushed towards him. Alec caught me in his arms and we laughed together. He set me back on my feet after a moment. He tucked my hair behind my ear and we just stared at each other for a while.
“Father and Elijah are gone until midday tomorrow,” I told him. I leaned closer and whispered, “We can spend our wedding night together, and leave tomorrow before they return.”
Alec turned his head to look in my eyes. He hesitated for a moment, then nodded. We broke apart and he glanced over my shoulder. I turned, following his gaze.
Esther approached me with a soft smile on her kind face. She had Jane’s blonde hair, and the twins’ blue eyes. She gently pulled my shawl from my shoulders and folded it over her arms.
“You look beautiful, dear,” she murmured softly. “I am very happy that we are welcoming you into our family.”
“Thank you. I’m happy to join it.”
Esther’s smile grew. She stepped aside and Jane quickly took her place. My best friend grinned at me. She pulled her hands from behind her back and held up a crown of red poppies that had been weaved together. I smiled.
“I know how much you like the flowers,” Jane said, her cheeks flooded with color.
I hugged her tightly. “Thank you, Jane.”
She pulled back and stood on her toes to place the crown of flowers on my head. When she pulled back, she grinned at me.
Finally, I turned back to Alec. He took my hands in his when I stepped closer to him. He had a soft smile on his face as he looked at me.
“Are you ready, my love?” he asked quietly.
I nodded and we smiled at each other. His mother stepped up to stand to the side of us. She had handed my shawl to Jane and was now holding a long, faded blue ribbon. She took our clasped hands and raised them up to be level with our chests. She kept her hand on ours as she began to speak.
“Alec, Eve, these are the hands that will love you and cherish you through the years, for a lifetime of happiness. These are the hands that will countless times wipe the tears from your eyes — tears of sorrow and tears of joy. These are the hands that will comfort you in illness, and hold you when fear or grief racks your mind. These are the hands that will hold you tight as you struggle through difficult times.”
Esther draped the ribbon over our hands.
“This ribbon will symbolize the binding promises you make to each other. . . . Alec, will you be Eve’s faithful partner for life?”
“I will,” Alec vowed, looking into my eyes. I could see his love for me so clearly that it made my heart flutter.
“Eve, will you be Alec’s faithful partner for life?”
“I will.”
Esther wrapped the ribbon around our hands once. “And so the first binding is made. . . . Alec, do you promise to love Eve without reservation?”
“I do.”
“Eve, do you promise to love Alec without reservation?”
“I do.”
“And so the second binding is made.” She wrapped the ribbon around our hands again. Alec squeezed my hand gently and I smiled at him.
“Alec, will you stand together with Eve in your times of joy and sorrow?”
“I will.”
“Eve, will you stand together with Alec in your times of joy and sorrow?”
“I will.”
She pulled the ribbon around our hands a third time. “And so the third binding is made.”
Tears were beginning to gather in my eyes as Esther asked, “Alec, will you stand by Eve in sickness and health, in plenty and in want?”
“I will.”
“Eve, will you stand by Alec in sickness and health, in plenty and want?”
“I will,” I said, my voice beginning to shake with my overwhelming emotions. Alec squeezed my hand again.
Esther looped the ribbon around our hands. “And so the fourth binding is made. . . . Alec, will you honor this woman?”
“I will.”
“Eve, will you honor this man?”
“I will.”
Alec’s mother tied the ribbon around our clasped hands for the fifth and final time. “And so the fifth binding is made. . . . The knots of this binding are not formed by this ribbon, but instead by your vows. Either of you may drop the ribbon, for as always, you hold in your own hands the making or breaking of this union.”
She removed the ribbon and said finally, “Alec, Eve, you are now man and wife. One flesh, one heart, one soul. Now and forever.”
Alec and I looked at each other, frozen in the moment until we finally leaned close and kissed each other for the first time. His lips were soft and warm and so incredibly gentle. Alec wrapped his arm around my waist and pressed his other hand to my cheek softly. I rested my hands on his waist.
We broke apart and smiled at each other.
“Husband,” I whispered.
“Wife.” Alec laughed softly.
He pulled his hand away from my cheek. I watched as Esther handed him a ring made of a dark grey metal. He slid it onto my fourth finger on my left hand, then kissed me again quickly.
When we broke apart, Jane pulled me into a hug.
“You’re my sister now,” she said excitedly. We laughed together and I kissed her cheek as I pulled away.
Esther drew me into her arms and pressed a motherly kiss to my hair. “I have another daughter now.”
I smiled as we pulled away from each other. Alec put his arm around my waist and drew me close to his side again. I leaned into him. He bent his head down to kiss my forehead.
“Come, my love,” he murmured.
We walked down the path towards his family cottage. I could faintly hear Esther and Jane walking a fair distance behind us, trying to give us some privacy.
When we reached the fence that surrounded their land, Alec lifted me up into his arms with one arm around my back and the other under my knees. I laughed as I put my arms around his neck, allowing him to carry me to the cottage and over the threshold.
Alec carried me to his room. He set me gently on the bed before he closed the door. He walked back over and knelt down in front of me. I took his face in my hands and leaned down to rest my forehead against his. He wrapped his fingers around my wrists as our eyes fluttered shut.
“I love you so much, Alec,” I whispered.
“I love you more than I could ever say, Eve.”
He pulled away slowly, letting his hands fall from my arms. He reached up and carefully took my crown of poppies off my head. He set it on the small wooden table beside the bed, then looked back at me.
“You are so beautiful,” Alec said. He smiled lovingly at me and I grinned back at him, feeling my face grow warm as I blushed.
Alec removed my shoes from my feet, setting them close to the door. He stood and held his hand out to me. I took it and he pulled me up to my feet. He turned me around slowly to unlace the bodice of my dress. My breath caught in my throat when the dress loosened enough that it began to slip off of my shoulders.
A shiver ran through my body as Alec’s gentle fingers slowly helped the dress off my body. It fell to the floor in a pile around my feet. I carefully stepped out of it, pushing it aside with my foot gently. Alec ran his warm, calloused hands down my bare arms.
I turned around to face him again. Alec let his hands trail along my forearms, down to my hands. He kept his eyes on my face, simply linking our fingers together. I leaned close and pressed my lips to his.
I pulled my hands away from his. We kept kissing each other as I found the bottom hem of his shirt and started to lift it. Alec lifted his arms and we broke apart for only a moment to get his tunic over his head.
My hands trailed lightly across his muscled chest and stomach. Alec’s hands fell to my waist and he groaned softly against my mouth. My hands reached the top of his trousers a moment later.
Alec moved his lips from my own to my jaw, where he began to place soft little kisses as I unlaced his breeches. He moved one of his hands from my waist to help me push them down.
My husband pressed his hand to my cheek, gently turning my face towards his again. He kissed me fiercely as his arms curled around my waist. Alec pulled me against his chest. I gasped softly and placed my hands on his strong arms.
“Eve,” he breathed against my lips.
“Alec,” I whispered.
He gently guided me back towards the bed. I laid back on it and Alec crawled over me. I stared up at him, reaching up to gently brush his dark hair from his eyes. He leaned into my touch when my hand trailed down to rest against his cheek.
“Are you ready?” he asked quietly.
I nodded. “Yes.”
Alec leaned down to kiss me once again and my hand fell from his face to the bed. He reached up and linked our fingers together just as he slid into me.
ALEC I smiled as I watched my children run around our small yard. Our son, who had my brown hair and Eve’s hazel eyes, chased his twin, a little girl with her mother’s long, black hair and my blue eyes. They were both laughing loudly as they circled around Eve, who was hanging the laundry on the line to dry.
“Be careful around your mother,” I called to the children.
“We are, Father!” Micah and Anna shouted back. I sighed, though I smiled when I heard Eve’s gentle laughter.
I stood up from where I was working in our small garden. We grew some vegetables for our family, and we often had extra to sell at the market in the village we had moved to so long ago.
No one here knew Jane and I as the witch twins. They were as kind to us as we were to them. We had lied about why we showed up at their village — we said that our own village had burnt down shortly after Eve and I were married and we were looking for somewhere new to stay, along with my mother and sister. They didn’t question our story and were all incredibly welcoming to us. A few of the men had even helped me build our new home on the outskirts of the village. They hadn’t even asked for anything in return, other than some help in fixing up their own homes or farms, which I was glad to give.
Eve got with child soon after we had settled into our new life in the village. We were all overjoyed about the new addition we would soon welcome to our family. As her belly began to grow, Mother told us that she was sure that we would have twins. I had prayed every night that she was right. Eve gave birth in our home with the help of Mother and Jane, while I was banished to tend to our field for the day. I hadn’t been able to focus on my work — I was worried for Eve, especially since I could hear her screaming out in pain, and I was excited to finally meet my child. Finally, as the sun began to set, Jane was sent to collect me. She smiled at me and refused to answer any of my questions, other than saying that Eve and the baby were both fine. I rushed into the house to Eve’s side, quickly pressing my lips to her sweaty forehead. She smiled tiredly up at me and then looked down at the bundle in her arms.
“It’s a girl,” she had whispered. I followed her gaze and melted when I saw my beautiful daughter. She looked just like her mother. Hesitantly, I reached out and touched her soft cheek, tears brimming my eyes even as I grinned.
“Alec, would you like to hold your son?” I turned towards Mother with wide eyes. Sure enough, she was holding another small, blanket-wrapped baby in her arms. I nodded and she guided me to sit in the chair beside Eve’s bed. Once I was sitting, Mother carefully placed my son in my arms, pressing a kiss to my hair before she pulled away. I stared down at my son, my tears freely flowing down my face now. He was just as beautiful as his sister, though he looked more like me. He had his mother’s eyes.
Our twins were now six years old. They were very well-behaved and polite, though of course they still got into mischief the way all children do. Thankfully, they seemed not to have inherited the curse Jane and I suffered. Our entire family had agreed that the children would never know about our life before our new village. We hardly ever spoke of it ourselves, the memories still too painful, too horrifying.
Jane had lived with us until two years ago, when she had married Thomas, the man who had been courting her for the year before. They still lived in the village and their home was fairly close to ours. Thomas was the town’s baker and, when they married, Jane joined him in making bread and selling it in their bakery along the main road of the village. She was truly happy and she loved Thomas, as much as he loved her. They were even expecting their first child within the next few months.
I walked over towards my wife, wiping the dirt from my hands with a cloth. I threw it over my shoulder and reached out to rub my hand along Eve’s back gently as I stopped beside her. She leaned back against me and I pressed a kiss to her soft hair.
“They are careful around me, Alec,” she murmured. “You don’t have to worry so much.”
“I will always worry, my love,” I replied softly as I reached down to rest my hand against her swollen belly.
Eve shook her head at me and placed her hand over mine. She said, “I don’t think we are having twins again. I think it’s just one. I am so much smaller than I was last time.”
“I hope it’s another girl,” I said quietly. Eve laughed and I smiled. She wanted another boy.
Our twins ran over to us. Anna reached up to me. I pulled away from Eve to lift our daughter up into my arms while Micah grabbed onto his mother’s hand with both of his, grinning up at her. She smiled lovingly back at him and gently brushed his hair from his eyes.
“Mother, when is our new brother or sister coming?” he asked, pulling one of his hands away to gently touch her belly.
“Very soon, my love. Just another month,” Eve told him.
“Is the baby going to sleep in our room?” Anna asked.
“The baby is going to stay in your mother and father’s room,” my mother said as she walked out of our cottage. She was carrying another basket of clothes. I set Anna back on her feet and our twins ran off, laughing and chasing each other once again.
“Oh, I told you I would come back for that,” Eve said, reaching our to take the basket from Mother.
Mother moved the basket out of Eve’s reach and replied, “And I told you that you should be resting. You could have that little one at any moment!”
“It’s just hanging the laundry,” my wife said. “I feel so useless just sitting around.”
I pressed a kiss to her temple and murmured, “My love, you are with child and ready to give birth at any moment. I would very much prefer if you gave birth in our home instead of the field.”
Eve sighed and nodded after a moment. Micah skipped over to us, holding his hands behind his back.
“What have you got?” Eve asked with a smile.
He pulled his hands from behind his back and held up the wildflowers he picked. Eve grinned and carefully bent down to take them from him. She pressed a kiss to his cheek.
“Thank you, my love. Do you know what these flowers are called?”
“No,” he answered. “Flowers have names?”
“They do,” Eve replied.
“These are poppies,” I told him, a small smile on my face as I looked at the bright red flowers. Eve glanced at me and we shared a smile. I wondered if she too was remembering our wedding, where she had worn a crown of those same flowers on her head as we made our vows to each other.
I looked back at our son after a moment and said, “They are your mother’s favorite flower.”
Micah beamed proudly. He truly adored his mother, almost as much as I did. He turned and ran off again. Eve called after him, “Don’t pick them all or they won’t grow back!”
“Yes, Mother!”
We laughed together. Eve stood up straight again and leaned into my side. I smiled and reached up to pull her long hair away from her face. She smiled softly up at me.
“My sweet husband.”
“My beautiful wife.”
The sunlight that streamed in through the small window in my room crossed my face, making my eyes flutter open. I shifted slightly and quickly stilled when I felt a warm weight on my chest. I looked down and smiled sleepily when I saw my wife sleeping with her head on my chest.
I had been dreaming of our future together — a future that would start today when we finally left the village that had caused us so much pain. I could almost believe that yesterday had been a dream like the one I just had. It was hard to believe that Eve was now my wife. Never did I imagine that I would ever be able to kiss her, let alone get married to her. My heart fluttered in my chest as I realized that Eve was now mine forever.
I brushed Eve’s long, dark hair from her face. She groaned softly and her arm that she had draped across my chest tightened briefly before she relaxed again. Her eyes opened slowly a moment later.
“Good morning, wife,” I murmured.
She smiled tiredly and replied, “Good morning, husband. . . . I love you.”
“I love you too.”
I kissed her forehead. Eve curled closer to my side and nuzzled into the crook of my neck. I smiled and let my eyes fall shut again.
“Do we have to get up yet?” she asked.
“I think we can stay here for a while,” I murmured. “It’s just after dawn.”
She hummed, then sighed and whispered, “I could spend forever here in your arms.”
I smiled again. I lifted her chin gently with my finger and kissed her softly. Eve giggled and brushed her nose against mine.
“Mother! Alec!”
Eve and I both looked at each other worriedly when we heard Jane’s frantic voice.
“The villagers! They’re coming for us!”
For one horrifying moment while Jane’s words set in, we were frozen in place. Then, we quickly got up and began to pull on our clothes from last night.
Eve gasped, “Alec–”
“Run,” I said. I looked at her and saw that her beautiful eyes were shining with tears. “We must run, Eve. Run!”
I grabbed her hand and opened the door to my room. I pulled her along with me through our small cottage. I stopped only to grab the bow and quiver of arrows I used for hunting. Mother and Jane were already partway across the field of our home, headed towards the forest that laid north of our land.
I hoped that we could disappear in the forest and escape the villagers that were chasing us. Protecting Eve and Jane and Mother was my only focus now.
Eve gripped my hand tightly as we ran. I squeezed her hand even tighter as I forced us to run even faster. I refused to look behind me.
“We should have left last night,” Eve said, her voice breathless from running. “I’m sorry, Alec. I’m so sorry.”
“This is not your fault, my love.”
We were quickly catching up to Jane and Mother. We were only a few yards behind them. Jane was gripping Mother’s hand tightly, just as I was holding onto Eve.
I finally dared to look behind me. The crowd was closer than I hoped they were, though there was still a bit of distance between us. I let go of Eve’s hand, saying to her, “Follow Jane! I’m right behind you!”
I nocked an arrow, drawing back and quickly letting it fly towards the mob. Angry screams rang through the air when it landed near their feet. I turned and ran after the girls. I made my way back to Eve’s side quickly.
The image of the villagers holding their pitchforks and axes and knives in their hands was burned into my mind. My heart was pounding in my chest and blood was roaring through my ears.
Finally, we reached the edge of the forest, and Jane and Mother. I brushed quickly passed my family to hold back the branches that were in their way. I silently urged them to move quicker. I was faster because I knew this part of the forest. It was where I came to hunt for rabbits and deer. But Eve, Jane, and Mother kept tripping over tree roots and their dresses kept getting caught on fallen branches.
I nocked another arrow while they passed through a small clearing. The villagers sounded close again.
“We have to move faster,” I said, my voice quiet but urgent. “There’s a blind not far from here where we can hide until they pass.”
Jane and Eve nodded, but Mother only pushed them further ahead. “Go there, then.” Her eyes were watering.
I whispered, “No.”
My sister and my wife both rushed to my side. Jane gripped my arm tightly while Eve took my hand in hers, linking our fingers together.
“I am only slowing you down,” Mother said, shaking her head.
She moved quickly towards us. She wrapped me in her arms briefly, then pulled away to cup my face and press a kiss to my forehead. She gave me a quivering smile before moving to do the same with Jane. She even pulled Eve into her embrace and pressed a kiss to her hair.
“Mother, no,” Jane pleaded.
“Please come with us!” Eve begged.
“We can make it, Mother,” I said.
I couldn’t leave her behind. How could I? She was the woman who had taken care of and loved me and Jane, no matter what we had done. The woman who Jane looked so much like, with her golden hair and gentle face. The woman who had pushed me to tell Eve of my feelings for her and who had helped us get married in secret. I still needed her. Jane and Eve and I all needed her.
Mother looked over her should as the sound of the villagers grew ever closer. Branches snapped under their feet and their loud shouts echoed through the trees.
“No, we cannot, but you can. Go now, my loves, look after one another. I love you always.”
Her voice broke as tears began to run across her cheeks. Before any of us could react, Mother ran back, moving away from us and beginning to gather rocks in her arms.
Jane and Eve both tried to tug me away, but I was frozen watching Mother. She glanced back at us. Her eyes were frantic when she realized we still hadn’t moved. Mother screamed at us to go.
One of her stones hit the first villager square in the chest. He coughed and clutched at his chest, doubling over as he heaved for air. I nocked another arrow and drew it back, letting it loose as my mouth twisted into a snarl.
Jane and Eve were shouting for me to move, but I could barely even hear their words. I could feel it again — the strange tingling warmth in my mind. This time, it didn’t fade away quickly.
Almost absentmindedly, I kept nocking arrows and loosing them on the villagers who were reaching for us.
All I could see was Mother as she was knocked to the ground. She landed roughly on her elbows before being pushed onto her back. I screamed as the rocks she once held were now being thrown at her body.
Jane went down next. She had leapt forward to try and help Mother. Two bulky men that I recognized as farm hands that I worked with in the fields during harvest season tackled and pinned her to the ground. They struck her across the face so hard that her lip split open. Bright red blood poured down her face as her eyes fluttered.
Eve gripped my hand with all of her strength, but it still wasn’t enough to hold us together as the blacksmith that her father had betrothed her to grabbed her by the waist. I tried to keep a hold on her, but he yanked her away and forced her to the ground roughly. Eve cried out in pain.
I swung my bow and caught the blacksmith in the face. Only a second later, I was quickly forced to the ground beside my wife. They smashed my face into the dirt twice. My nose stung sharply, then began to throb as something hot and wet ran down into my mouth, making me choke.
“Eve! Jane!” I cried. My vision was blurry and starting to fade around the edges. I could feel pain echo through my ribs and legs from where I was sure the angry mob had stomped on my body.
I had failed my family. I hadn’t saved them. Mother was dead. Jane was — alive? She was slung across the shoulder of the man in front of me, her hands were bound and her body was limp, but her chest rose and fell as she breathed.
Eve alone seemed mostly unharmed. I couldn’t see any blood on her face. She was struggling against the tight hold the blacksmith had on her waist and arms. She was shouting something at him, but I could only make out a few words.
“No . . . we’re married . . . he’s my husband. . . .”
Two men hauled me up to my feet. I couldn’t get any purchase as they dragged me over the sticks and stones that covered the forest floor, my shoes sliding through something slick and wet. I could faintly make out the bright red patch that was all that was left of Mother as I was dragged past her. I hung my head in shame and grief, letting the darkness take me away.
When I opened my eyes again, the first thing I noticed was that every part of my body ached. It hurt to even take a breath. The skin around my mouth felt tight with the dried blood covering it.
Jane was shouting profanities and curses at the top of her lungs, rattling the bars of the cell holding her with the chain that held her shackles.
Tears came to my eyes as the image of Mother, bloodied and beaten, came back to me. She wasn’t Mother, not like that. I had failed in protecting her. Mother would never again sing as she cooked. I hummed those same melodies to myself to pass the time in the field. She would never patch up our clothes again, trying to explain the rules of sewing to a bored Jane, who simply didn’t have the patience for the precise activity. Never again would she push me towards Eve, promising that the sweet girl who had stolen my heart would love me as much as I loved her.
My heart ached even worse when I wondered what had happened to Eve. I hoped they would blame me alone for everything and declare her innocent. She didn’t deserve the same fate that awaited Jane and I.
How had our day started so perfectly, with a dream of the life we would have lived together and my wife sleeping in my arms, only to end with our village hunting us down and dragging us to our inevitable deaths?
Jane’s screaming made my ears ring. I couldn’t bring myself to speak or do anything other than just lie there. In my mind, though, I urged her on.
‘Curse them all, sister. Summon whatever power the devil has given us and bring nothing but destruction to this wretched place.’
I wasn’t sure how long I stayed frozen on the floor. The sun was still in the sky when I woke up. The stones under my body were uncomfortable. They began to turn my limbs numb. I was grateful for it. The needling feeling made the pain worse only for a moment before I was simply numb to every physical sensation. A sigh of relief escaped me and I closed my eyes, willing my mind to follow my body’s lead — to shut down and let everything go.
I could hear people moving outside. I knew what was coming, but I couldn’t bring myself to truly acknowledge it. Everyone knew what happened to witches, and they had claimed loudly and furiously in the forest that I had kidnapped and raped Eve. That would only add fuel to the fire.
I prayed the numbness would last.
Jane’s voice was hoarse from her screaming. I stared up at the stone ceiling, my heart aching as my eyes stung with tears. She sounded so afraid, so sad, so not like Jane.
“Forgive me, sister,” I said quietly.
“Alec,” Jane said sadly.
“I have failed you. I failed Eve and Mother. . . . I cannot save you.” My voice was thick, my words garbled slightly thanks to my crooked nose.
Jane understood, though. She always had. Silently, she turned onto her side and reached her hand through the bars of her cell, stretching her hand as far as she could reach towards me. I swallowed and shakily reached for her.
There was no pain anymore, only numbness. I couldn’t even feel her skin against mine. Still, I held her hand as tightly as I could. We remained silent, watching hopelessly as the sun began to set.
I was soon granted my wish — the numbness took over my entire being. The grief in my heart faded, along with everything else. My pyre was being built, I was marching ever closer to my death . . . but it didn’t matter. None of it mattered. I had been a good son, a good brother. I had even been a good husband for the one day I could claim the title.
The door to the jail slammed open. Jane’s grip on my hand tightened, but I could only stare blankly at the priest pointing his finger at us. The farm hands I had once worked with moved towards my cell.
“Get up, witch boy. Meet your reckoning.”
I didn’t move, just stared unblinkingly at them until they hauled me to my feet. There was no pain, no sensation at all. My mind and body had shut off entirely by now. I stumbled between them, listening as Jane thrashed and fought her own escorts behind me.
The bright light of the torches held by the villagers who hated us made me squint. I was not fearful when I saw the stake driven into the ground, surrounded by a platform made of logs and branches from the same forest we had tried to escape into. I didn’t feel if the rope around my wrists and legs was rough or not, only that it had no give.
They struck Jane across the face to stun her long enough to tie her to her own stake. She struggled viciously still, her eyes burning with rage as she bared her teeth at each and every villager. My eyes traced along her bruised and bloody face one last time, committing her image to memory before I turned to face the crowd. Had the whole village gathered? It certainly seemed like they had. My one solace was that I didn’t see Eve’s face in the crowd. At least she would not have to watch us burn.
“Alec,” Jane said. “Alec, look at me.”
I turned my head, my eyes finding hers one last time.
“I love you, Jane.”
“There is nothing to forgive, Alec,” she insisted. “This is not your fault. . . . I love you too.”
“The witch twins have plagued us for long enough!” the priest exclaimed. “Sickness has befallen our children! Our crops have failed! Diseases have riddled our livestock! And now, the devil boy has stolen one of our daughters, put her under a spell, and raped her!”
The screaming crowd parted. The blacksmith and Eve’s father dragged her forward easily, even as she struggled furiously against them.
“He didn’t hurt me!” she cried. “We were married! He’s my husband! I love him!”
Her father slapped her hard across her face. It was enough for the numbness to quickly fall away and for rage to replace it.
“Don’t touch her!” I yelled.
“Let her go!” Jane shouted with me.
“The devil boy has ruined my daughter!” her father said as he turned towards the crowd. Elijah took his father’s place in holding his sister’s other arm. She begged for him to help her, to let her go, but he wouldn’t even look at her.
“He has made her a bride of the devil! He has corrupted my faithful daughter and used her for his wicked schemes! She will never be free of his evil grip until her death!”
“NO!” I screamed. I struggled uselessly against the ropes that kept me tied to the stake. “NO! Let her go! She’s done nothing wrong! It was all me! It was me! She’s innocent! PLEASE!”
Her father ignored me as he returned to his original position behind Eve. He gripped her hair roughly and pulled her head back harshly as he brought a knife to her throat.
“Alec!” Eve cried.
I looked up into her eyes that I loved so much, my mouth open in abject horror. Tears were running down her cheeks. Her voice trembled as she begged, “Don’t look, Alec. Don’t watch this, please. Close your eyes, my love.”
I squeezed my eyes tightly shut. I clenched my fists so tightly that I could feel my nails breaking through the skin of my palms.
“Her death will free her soul from the devil’s clutches,” her father said.
My body shook as she kept repeating, “Don’t look, don’t look, don’t–”
Her words cut off with a wet gurgle. I heard a sob leave Jane’s mouth as I tried to focus all of my energy into keeping my eyes shut the way Eve begged me to. But it was as if what little strength I had left had been drained suddenly. My eyes opened against my will.
The image of Eve — my wife, the love of my life — laying on the ground as her own blood pooled around her body was seared into my mind. Her father had callously slit her throat, as if she was just another animal being butchered in his shop.
I didn’t hear myself screaming. I didn’t realize that I was even making a sound until I felt the raspy, raw feeling in my throat.
I slumped back against the stake again. I begged the numbness to take me again, to take away the guilt and despair that surrounded my heart.
Nothing mattered anymore. I hadn’t saved Mother. I hadn’t saved Jane. I hadn’t even saved Eve — my sweet Eve, who had only ever been kind to everyone she ever met, who had only ever suffered for her kindness.
The numb feeling came back quickly. I was only vaguely aware of what was happening around me. My eyes were locked on Eve’s body. I couldn’t look away, no matter how much I wanted to.
“Burn the witches!”
The priest lifted his hands as he spoke, “For their crimes against our village, the crime of witchcraft and kidnapping and rape, we sentence these two devils to burn at the stake! May God free their souls from the wretched evil that consumes them!”
He tossed his torch down onto the branches at Jane’s feet. She screamed — a noise so soul-wrenching that I felt something flicker in my chest again.
More torches followed. Soon, the acrid smell of smoke filled my nose and choked my lungs.
Fear. Anger. Despair. Disgust. Misery. Guilt. They all returned, coiling in my stomach like an angry serpent.
“You’ll all burn in hell! Each and every one of you will burn in hell for this!” Jane screamed.
She struggled as the flames began to curl upwards. The dry kindling caught quickly, bringing our deaths closer and closer. I began to squirm, gritting my teeth. It was becoming unbearably warm. My eyes were burning and my lungs were heaving as I tried to breathe anything other than the thick, foul smelling, black smoke that curled around my body. I coughed and narrowed my eyes at the flames nearing my feet.
Jane’s screaming changed. Her angry, malice-filled words were quickly replaced by wordless agony and terror. I looked over to her in time to see the leather of her shoes catch and burn off as the flames rose higher, reddening and then charring her ankles. The fire soon caught her dress and began to creep up the fabric.
My eyes watered, my own feet now hot and growing hotter and hotter as the flames grew higher. The sensation was unbearable. I could feel my flesh burning and then melting away slowly as the fire burned through my skin and muscle until I was sure it had reached my bones.
I screamed. I tossed my head back against the wood, desperately trying to pull my feet away from the fire. The pain was excruciating. I felt sick, my mind fuzzy from the lack of air and the pain. I begged for it to end.
The fire reached my thighs.
The torture seemed eternal. I couldn’t remember not being in pain. I couldn’t even scream anymore — there was no air left in my lungs. I fell against the stake limply, my mind finally succumbing and going numb to everything one final time.
I knew this was the end, that I would soon cross into the next life. I prayed one last time, asking to see Eve and hold her in my arms again when I finally crossed over.
Black shadows flitted around my vision. My ears rang with the screams of the villagers. A half-mad laugh escaped me. Demons. It must be demons. Maybe we were the devil’s children after all and he had sent an army to destroy those who had killed us. I hoped he had. I thanked my father for the blissful numbness that had returned to me and stopped the pain.
The demons hovered over me now. They were so pale, shrouded in darkness with vivid red eyes that stared down at me. My eyes fell shut. I waited for the inevitable.
My eyes flew open in shock. Fire poured into my body through my throat. I couldn’t move, couldn’t scream. My eyes searched for the fire that surely had to be consuming my body, but all I saw was darkness.
The fire built and built, rushing through my veins and spilling into my chest. It wrapped around my heart and flooded my arms and legs and fingers and toes until my whole body was encased in a burning more vicious than the pyre had ever been.
My vision began to fade again. I was trapped in this eternally burning body.
Was this hell?
When I woke again to this new life, I didn’t care about how Jane and I survived or what had happened to us. As soon as I knew that my sister was with me and safe, I demanded to see Eve. Nothing else mattered to me. I didn’t even care about soothing the burn in my throat. It was nothing compared to what I had suffered through already. I just wanted to see my wife one final time.
“The girl was the boy’s mate,” the brown-haired man, Marcus, said quietly to the leader, Aro. “Let him say goodbye to her, Aro.”
His words seemed to sway the black-haired man. He finally nodded and said, “Follow me.” Jane took my hand.
Aro led us back towards our village — or what remained of it. The houses and shops were all entirely or partially burnt down and charred. The only building that remained untouched was my family’s cottage.
Bodies of the dead villagers littered the square in the center of the village, where they had built our pyres. I walked past them all without a glance. After what they had done to my family, they deserved their gruesome and painful deaths.
My eyes were locked onto the body that I knew had to be Eve. Jane and I sank to our knees on either side of her when we reached her.
Her beautiful white dress that she had worn for our wedding was now ruined. It was covered in dirt and mud, torn from the branches it had snagged on in the forest, stained a dark red with her blood.
I hoped she hadn’t suffered for long. At the very least, she deserved a painless death.
“I want to bury her,” I whispered. “The others can all rot here, but she deserves a proper burial. She deserves to rest somewhere peaceful. Not here.”
“She does,” Jane agreed softly. “Where?”
“The meadow,” I said instantly.
My sister nodded. She murmured softly, “She liked the meadow.”
A sad smile flickered on my lips as I brushed Eve’s hair gently from her face and whispered, “She loved the wildflowers.”
I gathered Eve into my arms as gently and carefully as I could. I followed Jane to the path that led to the meadow.
I couldn’t tear my eyes away from Eve’s pale face. Her eyes were closed, which was a small mercy. I knew that I could never handle seeing her normally warm and bright eyes lifeless. I could almost imagine that she was simply sleeping, if it wasn’t for the deep, bloody cut in her throat. My chest tightened.
“Here?” Jane asked as she came to a stop in the very center of the meadow.
I just nodded, still not able to look away from Eve’s perfect face. She was still so very beautiful.
Jane began to dig into the dirt with her hands. I sat down in the flowers close by, cradling Eve’s limp body close to my chest. I reached up slowly and gently traced my finger along her cheek.
“I’m so sorry,” I whispered to her. Tears pooled in my eyes but they refused to fall. “You deserved so much better than what happened to you and I am so sorry. . . . I should have insisted that we leave that night. Then you and Mother would still be alive.
Jane whispered, “It’s not your fault, Alec.”
I shook my head. It was my fault. I would never forgive myself for not protecting my wife or my mother.
I bent my head down to murmur in Eve’s ear, “I love you so much. I will love you forever, my sweet Eve. . . . You will always be my wife, just as I will always be your husband. No other woman will ever hold my heart, my love. It belongs to you for eternity.”
I finally looked up. Jane had finished digging a grave for Eve.
“Can I say goodbye?” she asked. Her eyes, now a bright, ruby red, were glassy with tears.
I nodded. Jane kneeled down in front of me and looked down at Eve. Her lip was trembling.
“You will always be my sister,” Jane whispered. “I love you, Eve. Thank you for being our friend, for being the only one not afraid of us. . . . I am so sorry that we caused you so much trouble. I hope you can forgive us. . . . We will never forget you. We will keep your memory alive. . . . Maybe one day, we will meet each other again.”
Jane leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to Eve’s cheek. She stood and moved away to give me some privacy.
“I love you, Eve. I promise that we will be together again one day,” I said quietly. I pressed a kiss to her forehead, then gently kissed her lips one last time.
I stood and carefully dropped down into the grave. I delicately laid her on the ground. I brushed her hair away from her face. I just stared at her for a few moments before I climbed out of the grave. My now dead heart throbbed with pain as Jane and I began to cover Eve’s body with dirt.
If it wasn’t for Jane, I would beg Aro to kill me so that I could be with Eve again. But I couldn’t just abandon my sister. I knew Eve would understand that I couldn’t leave Jane all alone, but my heart still twisted painfully as if I was betraying my wife.
Jane and I planted flowers over Eve’s grave. We planted only her favorite of the wildflowers — bright red poppies.
We stood up again and looked down at her grave. Jane took my hand in hers.
“There is something I want to get from our home,” Jane murmured after a while. “Do you want to come with me?”
I nodded slowly. Reluctantly, we turned away from Eve’s grave and headed towards our cottage. Jane followed me into our home. She let go of my hand and I turned towards my room. I slowly approached the room and pushed the door open.
My newly heightened sense of smell instantly picked up on a scent that I instinctively knew was Eve’s. It faintly reminded me of the wildflowers in the meadow, mixed with the sweet scent of honey and something distinctly human.
I fell down to my knees beside the bed, where the scent was the strongest. I picked up the black knitted blanket that Eve and I had slept under together and brought it to my nose. I took a deep breath, savoring the way our human scents were mixed together.
My heart ached and tears gathered in my eyes again. Why couldn’t we have had more than just one night together? We had barely been married for a full day before we were ripped apart from each other and brought to our deaths.
I carefully folded the blanket up to take with me. I looked around the room and my eyes fell to the crown of wildflowers that Eve had worn as we were married. The bright red poppies had started to wilt.
I picked up the crown of poppies and set it gently on top of the blanket. I knew the flowers would soon wilt entirely and eventually fade away to nothingness, but I couldn’t bear to leave it behind.
I slowly stood up again and left my room. Jane was waiting outside near the door. She turned when I left the cottage and glanced down at what I had in my arms. Her expression saddened slightly. I saw that she had taken Mother’s blanket from her bed.
“Are you ready?” a gentle voice called.
We looked up to see Aro waiting patiently by the fence gate. Jane and I looked at each other. I took my sister’s hand and we looked back at Aro.
Jane and I still regularly visited Eve’s grave as the centuries passed. I visited more than Jane, making sure that I visited my wife once a year at the very least. I tried to visit her three times a year — in the summer when we had been married and during her favorite times of the year — when the wildflowers bloomed in spring and in the middle of winter. Jane sometimes came with me in the spring or winter, but never in the summer. It was partly because she wanted me to have time alone with Eve, but also because she hated remembering our deaths.
I always spent an entire day laying in the meadow of wildflowers, right beside where we had buried Eve so long ago. Most times, I would talk to her about everything that had happened since I had last visited. Other times, I just sat in silence and tried to remember the moments I had spent with her. My human memories were so faded that it was hard to remember. For the longest time, I could only ever picture her the way I had seen her in my arms, with her body limp and her throat slit. I hated that was the only way I could remember her — bruised and bloody and broken.
After he had heard those thoughts, Aro gifted me a lifesize portrait of Eve. He explained that he could still see my human memories even though I no longer could. He had painted what he said seemed like my happiest memory of her.
Eve was standing in the meadow of wildflowers that came up to her knees. She was smiling softly, wearing a white dress and a crown of red poppies on her head. It was the night we had married each other.
The portrait was so realistic that when I first saw it, I fell to my knees in shock as tears filled my eyes. I felt almost as if I could reach out and touch her soft, warm skin and take her hand in mine.
I had the portrait hung in my room, close to the floor so that it seemed even more real. Often, I would simply sit in front of it and just stare at her. It wasn’t long before her portrait replaced the image of her dead body in my mind.
Aro had also helped me ensure that Eve’s meadow stayed untouched by human advancement, or any human interaction at all. With the Volturi’s money and power, her meadow and her grave were protected through the centuries. She had suffered too much in her life — her final resting place deserved to remain undisturbed.
Today was the first time I had visited her grave this year. Though the entire meadow was covered in a blanket of snow a couple inches deep, I still remembered exactly where she was buried. I would never be able to forget.
I knelt down beside her grave. I looked down at the ground, a small, sad smile flickering across my lips when I saw a small, faded red poppy just barely peeking out from beneath the snow. I reached out, gently brushing the snow from the brittle petals.
“Hello again, my love,” I murmured. “I thought I might finally join you in the afterlife a few days ago. We encountered a newborn that can block the gifts that Jane and I have. If we had fought them, I would have died. . . . I almost wish we had, just so I could be with you again. It’s been so long since I’ve held you, since I’ve heard your sweet voice in my ear, since I’ve felt your hand in mine. . . . I am sorry for making you wait so long for me, my love. I can only hope that you understand my reasons. I think you would.”
I brushed my finger along the petal of the poppy I uncovered. I was careful enough that the flower didn’t crumble under my touch. I smiled sadly again. I sighed and laid back on the ground. I stared up at the cloudy sky, watching the snowflakes that fell towards the ground.
“One day, my love, we will be reunited,” I promised, “and I will never let you go ever again.”
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