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#aleck writes
zukoisgayforsokka · a month ago
Autistic Toph Masterpost
It’s a long one folks. The @mightyoctopus and I are both autistic, and the other day we were discussing and concluded that Toph is also autistic. Here’s some canon evidence to prove it.
It has been said before that bending is a metaphor for neurodivergence. An innate, often unconscious extension of the person, connected to emotions.
Toph’s Bending
Toph is the best earthbender in the world, and this didn’t happen by chance. She took to bending incredibly naturally. Here’s how it links to her being autistic.
Special interest - Toph knows everything about earthbending, more than most people as she learned from the badgermoles. She is truly an expert, and it’s her favourite thing to talk about, and the topic she knows the most about.
Tumblr media
[ID: Toph at Earth Rumble holding up her Championship Belt, a serious expression on her face. /End ID]
Heightened senses - Many autistic people are more sensitive to sensory inputs than non-autistic people. Toph is incredibly in tune with the world around her, constantly aware of everything through her earthbending. This saves people on multiple occasions: hearing Azula in The Chase, and saving the pregnant lady’s husband in The Serpent’s Pass are two examples
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: Image 1: Toph lays on her front on the ground in an earthbent tent, her head tilted as though listening, one palm flat to the floor. Image 2: On the Serpent’s path, the man falls off the cliff. Toph, somewhat far ahead, has instantly turned and bent out a rock ledge to catch him.Momo sits on her shoulder. /End ID]
Stimming - Self-stimulatory behaviour is defined as “the repetition of physical movements, sounds, words, or moving objects”. Toph is almost constantly bending. This is partially due to using it to ‘see’, but through the lense of bending being neurodivergence, we know benders need to bend, and to deprive them of their element makes them depressed (See: Hama, or the LoK).
Tumblr media
[ID: Toph in greyscale, white beams traveling along the ground and over her to show the waves of sound and movement she uses to earthbend. /End ID]
It is not uncommon for adults, usually parents or teaches, to try and stop an autistic child from stimming, (very harmful for the kid’s mental health).
Toph’s parents and teacher discouraged her from bending, wanting to keep her only to the basics. It’s no wonder baby Toph ran away, overwhelmed and confused. The freedom she found through earth bending and Earth Rumble is what helped her be comfortable and confident, much like when autistic teens and adults allow themselves the freedom to stim and it benefits their mental health.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: Image 1: Toph sits quietly in a chair at her parents’ house. In focus is her earthbending teacher, talking. Image 2: Baby Toph has her eyes closed and sniffs at the nose of a badgermole. Image 3: Toph at Earth Rumble, she is pointing and laughing. /End ID]
Moving away from bending to other general autistic traits
Shoes - Toph doesn’t like shoes as they restrict her sight. Consider also: it’s very common for ND people to hate the sensory hell that is shoes and socks. Toph is the poster girl for shoe-hating autistic people
Tumblr media
[ID: Toph wearing Fire NAtion clothes and her Earth Kingdom head band. She is pushing one foot into a shoe, the bottom of which is straining against its seems as though about to break. /End ID]
Sensory - Toph hates the sensation of shoes and loves the texture of earth to the point of always being dirty
Toph: “You call it dirt, I call it a healthy coating of Earth”:
Tumblr media
[ID: Toph in her underclothes having just woken up in Ba Sing Se. Her hair is a large messy mane around her head, and she is speaking. Katara is out of focus in the foreground, looking at Toph. /End ID]
Blunt - Toph is blunt often to the point of insult, and sees no reason to pointlessly soften her words, which is a very common trait of autistic people.
Toph: You blew it. You had a perfect stance, and perfect form. But when it came right down to it, you didn’t have the guts.
Tumblr media
[ID: Toph poking Aang in the chest and shouting at him. He looks sad. /End ID]
Theory of Mind - this is understanding someone else’s thought process and perspective, which is harder for most autistic people. In Bitter Work when Toph starts training Aang, she gives him one set of instructions, then gets frustrated when he can’t grasp them. It isn’t until Katara suggests that “He responds well to positive teaching” that Toph tries again, and even then she doesn’t compromise her brash teaching style, just occasionally adding in a small nod of approval
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: Image 1: Toph stands looking slightly cross. Katara is next to her, talking brightly and gesturing back towards Aang, who sits on the ground urther behind them. Image 2: Aang high in the air with his feet on 2 different pillars, holding a weight in both hands, he is smiling big and bright. Toph stands on her own pillar, hands behind her back. /End ID]
Masking - This is something autistic people learn to try fit in. When we see Toph around her parents, she is soft and quiet, nothing like her usual self. When a change in routine occurs (the avatar visits), she gets overwhelmed and angry by Aang’s threat and lashes out.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: Image 1: A close-up of Toph at her parents’ house, hair tied back, smiling serenly with an open expression. Image 2: Toph at her parents’ house, hair tied back wearing a fancy dress. She is stood up at the table, leaning forward on her hands and yelling. On the wall behind her and her mother’s face is smeared food from where bowls have flown. /End ID]
Inflexibility - Autistic people love routine, and we struggle when things go differently to how we expected. This is part of why Katara and Toph clash so much. As the lovely @rolandtowen​ made a couple of great (and correct) posts and is working on a masterpost for, Katara is also autistic
They initially clash in The Chase, as Katara has an expectation of how to set up camp (divide tasks among the group), whereas Toph had a different expectation of travelling (carrying her own weight). When faced with a routine different to the usual or expected one, both girls get overwhelmed, frustrated and constantly argue
In The Runaway, they keep fighting. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID:Image 1: It is night, Katara is angry with her hands on her hips. Toph is angry with one fist up and clenched. They are in the middle of an argument. Image 2: Toph and Katara wearing Fire Nation clothes, both stood in mud, hands braced against the other’s hands as they are fighting. /End ID]
Autistic people often have a very strong moral compass, as seen many times throughout the show in Katara. It’s also common for autistic people to reject or ignore social rules they see as pointless, as seen through Toph having no qualms against stealing.
Part of why they fight is a clash of morals, which also links back to Theory of Mind, neither girl fully understanding the other one’s thought process or behaviour reasoning, nor do they take the time to talk.
Tumblr media
[ID: Sokka, Toph and Aang in Fire Nation clothes, carrying baskets of supplies and laughing brightl.y /End ID]
Jokes - Despite finding many things funny, Toph doesn’t always pick up on jokes
Toph: Zuko needs to go back to whatever the original source of firebending is
Sokka: So, is he jumping into a volcano? 
Toph: I don’t know. For earthbending the original benders were badgermoles
Here Sokka is trying to set up a joke, and knows Toph has a dark sense of humour. But she doesn’t interpret his statement as a joke, she’s too focused on talking about her special interest: earthbending.
Tumblr media
[ID: Toph sits holding a bowl, staring straight ahead. Sokka sits next to her, smiling and looking at Toph. They are lit by a campfire’s light /End ID]
Boundaries - Toph struggles to know other people’s boundaries, and assumes them to be the same as her own. This results in her punching her friends harder than they’re expecting, and throwing around the gaang with earthbending.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: Image 1: An image of a large rock potruding out the ground as though just earthbent. Image 2: Sokka in his sleeping bag flying through the air, screaming. Image 3: Katara with her arms out, angry. Toph in front of her, back to the viewer, one arm to the side. Following this arm’s motion Aang is flying through the air towards Appa, having just been thrown by an earthbent rock. Image 4: Toph and Katara walking away from the viewer, Toph punching Katara’s arm, Katara stumbling slightly from the impact /End ID]
Gender - There is a high comorbidity between autistic and trans and non-binary people. Some think this is because autistic people are more likely to know their gender and not care about societal roles and expectations, thus more likely to transition. We’re also more likely to be gender non-conforming, as we want to be ourselves and be comfortable, rather than bother with gender roles.
Toph is not just happy at being played by a man at the Ember Island Players, she is exstatic. She doesn’t care about hwo society percieves her, and potentially prefers being percieved by others as more masculine. Her relationship with gender is different to what is expected of most cis girls
Tumblr media
[ID: Toph holding the box railings at the theatre, beaming excitedly. Katara lounges next to her, looking disappointed. /End ID]
This concludes my masterpost on why Toph is autistic. If you made it this far, thank you for reading. If you have any thoughts or additional points, please let me know.
Have some happy baby Toph as thanks for making it this far
Tumblr media
[ID: Baby Toph kneeling on the ground laughing as a badgermole licks the side of her face. /End ID] @atladescribed​
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wholesomeaanghours · 4 months ago
63 and/or 89 for jet and haru please
63. "We make the best team." -
Haru has always kept an eye on the fruit stand whenever his mother couldn't. There were always soldiers in the city who thought they could flaunt their power to get anything for free, either that or they would plainly steal.
And despite what people might think of Haru based on his appearance, he wasn't scared of them, no, it was quite the opposite.
So he came up with a system with the only person (besides himself) that was willing to have a run-in with any bandits, Jet. And of course, he agreed.
Anytime a soldier came along and took a piece, Haru would subtlety bend some earth in front of their feet. They would trip and in their confusion, Jet would come out and swipe whatever they stole from them.
It was absolutely worth the risk of getting caught bending, so long as he got to see them look so utterly confused.
Jet would come waltzing back to the stand, a large smirk on his face, and pretend to be just another customer. After they did this, every time, without a doubt, they'd talk for a little.
"We make the best team, no?" Jet motioned towards today's thief, walking away, grumbling.
"Okay, Jet, what do you want for today?" Haru rested his face on his palm.
It was part of their agreement, but Jet's requests as of late had gotten a bit, close to say the least. But it wasn't unwelcomed, in fact, Haru had gotten a little attached to his partner in crime if you could call them that.
"A date." Jet tries to say it casually, but the darkening of his cheeks gives him away.
And while Haru is a little surprised, he isn't one to deny Jet.
"You'll take me somewhere nice, right?" Haru teases and Jet all but turns a lovely shade of pink.
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ever-searching · a year ago
FFXIVWrite #11: Ultracrepidarian
(Part of the FFXIV September writing challenge)
Sometimes Chaz liked showing off his knowledge. Okay, maybe not even just ’sometimes’: it happened quite often. Whenever it was possible, more or less.
He wanted to prove to the world that knowledge was indeed power, and he wanted to show the knights back home and the snooty academicians who had turned him away that knowledge could be used for many things, from business to warfare and adventuring. He wanted to make them respect him and swallow those taunts they had flung at him before. He had to do that often enough to make them believe him, and what better way than to display his wealth of knowledge?
Usually, it worked. Still, occasionally it didn’t. Like this time. Possibly. He started having second thoughts the moment the Keeper had shoved the bow and arrow to him.
”Well then, mister ’Wisdom Hunter’,” the girl jeered, her golden eyes narrowing at him, ”how about ya show us this magnificent technique from Thavnair ya were ramblin' about? The one that was far superior to the ’backwood fumbling’ we do?”
He was not an archer or a bloody bard, Halone and Thaliak be damned. The girl should have been able to see that much. What kind of wisdom hunter preferred using crude physical weapons over his mind? Daggers were different: they were about as much utility tools as means of self-defense.
Nevertheless, it wasn’t like he could have backed down. Not without admitting defeat, at least, and he wasn’t going to do that. He wasn’t going to let the Keeper or the other woodsfolk insult his skills or wound his pride.
Surely shooting with a bow couldn’t be that hard, anyway, especially since he had recently read about the Thavnairian school of toxophily?
Chaz set the arrow against the arc and pulled the string back, aiming towards the target on the other side of the field.
The arrow flew barely a fulm in a lazy arc before flopping onto the ground.
Sometimes Chaz liked showing off his knowledge, but other times it wasn’t such a good idea.
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stunt-lads · a year ago
18, 20, and 23 please :)
18. honey - favorite term of endearment?
if u call me babe and we are dating i will actually melt into a puddle of goo and then fade away into nothingness. it is my Favorite Thing and i Always Use It In Fics bc im Basic
20. velvet - who was your first crush?
THIS IS BY FAR THE MOST EMBARRASSING THING I HAVE EVER ADMITTED BUT MY FIRST CRUSH WAS A CELEBRITY CRUSH AND I...IT!! it was Matt Lauer from the Today Show and i was like 8 years old ok just!! i kNOW
23. mochi - favorite studio ghibli film?
answered here!
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freddyabberline · 2 years ago
me: im gonna take a break abt writing abt frederick and write about some other characters
my horrid little brain: wrong. wrong
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mercrx · 2 years ago
It’s been p awesome, y’all.
Hope to see you guys on the other side <3 
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selenefaithwhite · 3 years ago
    Aleck smirked, “Oh, Yuki would so want to know.” Aris moved, walking at a faster pace in order to make it to the control room, Mia and Aleck following behind. “Honestly, today can’t get much worse.”
    Mia raised an eyebrow as she looked over at him, “What makes you say that?”
    “I woke up this morning thinking, ‘Ah, today is going to be great, I get to stay in a spaceship for six months orbiting Mars.’ Not, “Ah, today I am going to get abducted by aliens and crash land on some unknown planet, and oh yeah, I could have died.”
    Mia rolled her eyes, “But you didn’t.”
    “But I didn’t.”
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raeynbowboi · 3 months ago
She-Ra Vs He-Man: Remake Comparison
Tumblr media
Both She-Ra and He-Man have gotten reboots, and boy howdy do I have something to say. For this analysis, I am only looking at episode 1 for both shows. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power and Masters of the Universe: Revelation.
I should start by pointing out that I hated He-man as a kid. I didn’t like those action-driven hyper-macho shows. Same reason Transformers never appealed to me, and initially why I passed on Voltron because I assumed it was the same mecha kaiju battle shit I hated. But, I gave She-Ra a chance and I can honestly say it was watchable. The characters were idiots and bent over backwards to make the plot work sometimes, but I didn’t mind sitting through the show, and even gave it a rewatch once or twice. I say this to prove that I’m not approaching this show with nostalgia blindness. If anything, quite the contrary. For both shows, I knew next to nothing about their stories or characters. The only characters I remembered were Adam, the cat thing, Skeletor, and the floating goblin wizard. So, while I remember the existence of the original He-Man as a 90s kid that hated it, I was more of a new audience for both shows. Problem is, I was prepared for this to be a competitive comparison post, but ... no. She-Ra is the better show by a long-shot. And considering my problems with the writing and characters, that’s saying a lot. So, this has turned more into a discussion on reboots in general.
Tumblr media
She-Ra looks like a show that was designed by an animator. The characters have all been updated with new body proportions, costumes, and more. They’re their own entities for this installment. The far simpler designs are also more pleasing to look at, and don’t weigh down the screen with clutter and visual noise. The He-Man reboot.... looks exactly like the 80s version that I hated. Nobody’s design was updated. Everything looks as clunky and market-driven as the original show. This doesn’t look like a cartoon made in 2021. It looks like a product made in the 1980s that refused to update for modern times. The armor that they thought looked good back then (and didn’t) looks just as ugly and bulky in 2021 as it did in the 80s. I can’t take Commander Mustache seriously because his helmet and armor aren’t designed to be appealing, they’re just armor designed so that you can tell him apart from the other 900 characters wearing nearly identical armor. Masters of the Universe is proving this is a show driven by marketing, not artistic integrity. By failing to update the looks, the characters feel dated and out of style. Unlike She-Ra which refined and sleeked the designs to something new and more modern, He-Man refuses to meet modernity with its outdated style. Also, all of the vehicles in Masters of the Universe are CGI and look like they’re supposed to be the plastic toys that were sold along the show maybe? I don’t know why they’re stylized like this, but I hate everything about it because it’s just impossible not to be distracted by these plastic-looking vehicles in an otherwise 2D-animated world. Which is a shame because the art style in and of itself is not bad, it looks a lot like Blood of Zeus. It’s the way the characters are designed within the art style that makes the show look so bad.
Tumblr media
Characters & Story
She-Ra’s first episode did a great job establishing most of the main cast. Adora, Catra, Glimmer, Bow, Queen Angella, and Shadoweaver. I can’t say every character was well-established at this point. I certainly didn’t remember Hordak’s name after the first episode, but each character sort of got a moment to take center stage and introduce themselves. The show set itself out as character-driven by introducing us quickly to many of the character’s personalities. Adora is militaristic and confident in combat. Catra is a smart aleck who has a more reckless and wild side while Adora is her cool counter. Shadoweaver is an intimidating figure, their superior officer, and has magic. Angella and Glimmer are mother and daughter, Glimmer is irresponsible and reckless, and Bow is endearing and supportive, if not a little bit dense at times. They also establish the basic plot rather quickly, Adora was raised by the bad guys, and the princesses are holding out with a rebellion to combat the bad guy army from conquering the planet. One episode in, and I have a decent grasp of most of what’s happening.
With He-Man, most characters only say their names once if at all. About the only character whose name I learned that I didn’t know before is Teela. Never knew her name before today. Ask me about her, and she’s the only character I can tell you anything about. She was an abandoned orphan taken in by Commander Mustache and is being made a Man at Arms. That’s about all I learned about her. So much of this episode is dedicated to combat that there’s little to no chance for characters to introduce themselves. The only other characters who stood out was the cowardly tiger and the goofy floating goblin wizard who tries to help, but tends to mess up and make problems worse on accident, but can hold his own in a fight when pushed to it. Outside of those characters, everything else was just... noise. I had no idea who anyone was, what was happening, and most of the lore I understood about the show was because I watched She-Ra who actually explained its world and lore before getting into the climactic final showdowns.
Tumblr media
She-Ra knows it is a remake and reboot, and introduces its characters to a new audience. It takes the time to make sure we learn the characters names and what is happening in the world. Masters of the Universe sticks to its ugly old character designs and doesn’t explain the characters or story whatsoever to a first-time audience. This is Adam. If you don’t know what He-Man is, fuck you, figure it out. We’re not explaining jack shit. You want to see Adam’s origin story and how he became He-Man? Fuck you, here’s a siege on this Grayskull place for about 80% of the episode’s runtime instead. What? You don’t know what Grayskull is? Fuck you, it’s a castle. That’s all you need to know. Okay, there’s this Skeletor guy, but why does he want the mcguffin magic whatever in the skull palace? Fuck you, here’s shitty CGI plastic vehicles being driven by characters who are probably nostalgic favorites but because we haven’t introduced them properly, I have no idea who these characters are. She-Ra wants to attract new audiences and help newcomers understand the new show they’re trying to tell. He-man spits in your mouth if you try to ask any stupid questions like a main character’s name or what the plot of the show is supposed to be.
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carbonbased000 · 2 months ago
A few excerpts from this Screenrant interview with Patrick about his work scoring Spidey and His Amazing Friends.
The whole thing is very interesting, and a really nice window into the way our beloved little nerdy genius works! But here’s the bits that stood out to me as a person who a) likes to write some version of him as a character, and b) is obsessed with his creative partnership with Pete.
I think that [Peter Parker being a broke nerd from Queens] was so relatable, and he's also such a smart-aleck. That is something I related to – because I think when you're anxious or awkward, and you're confronted with something really fantastic or really crazy, your response is sarcasm.
(insert sassy baby!Patrick gif)
The morning of the meeting, I got an email just letting me know what the show was going to be, what it was going to be about, and what the characters were. I was kind of taking it slow, so I was still in my pajamas. I opened up my phone, I looked at this, and I got so excited. I wrote the song pretty much in 10 minutes in my head, just reading the thing, I was like, "It should sound like this!" And then I'm scrambling to put on real clothes and drive over to the studio, humming guitar parts into my voice notes at the stoplight.
Basically, by the time I got to the meeting, I had a fully recorded song. And this is the first time they're meeting me, this was the "get to know you" thing. I was like, "I have something," and it ended up being one of those magic things that doesn't happen that often.
(Actually, according to Pete, this happens quite a bit often to you, Patrick. Isn’t this about the same thing that happened with TLOTRO??)
[Q: how do you keep things fresh for yourself as an artist while maintaining that same band image?]
It's kind of been a blessing and a curse, but I just can't seem to do the “character.” Some artists are really good at being the superhero or being the character. I can kind of do it on stage where, for an hour and a half, I'm not this desperately anxious nerd. I can do it for just that long, and then I'm done as soon as I'm offstage. I've never really had to contrive the thing, in a way, and I think I would suck at it if I had to.
Can’t articulate fully how much I love this-- compare and contrast with this 2007 AV interview: “If they make you into a wrestling character, into that great mythical kind of bad guy, it's really easy for people to make you into something, to decide who you are [...] At the end of the day, they deify you or demonize you, but you're really just some guy.”
(Also you can “kind of do it”? Soul Punk who.)
In Fall Out Boy, I'm writing the music, but I've always been an interpreter. I'm interpreting Pete's lyrics. I think that really primed me for score work because you're helping somebody else tell their story. You're using your music to help somebody else tell the story, and that's something that I'm naturally drawn to and want to do. [...] Pete's words can be so evocative and so descriptive, and then I have to find a way to make that have a beat. It's not that different than scoring, really.
Yes Patrick let us gush over Pete’s lyrics together-- anyway. I think it was at some point in the past few years (around MANIA maybe?) that he started using this narrative that he’s the interpreter, that he’s writing the soundtrack to Pete’s life. I might be wrong, but judging from earlier interviews, I don’t think he would have put it quite like this before. It feels maybe as if when he started working on more scores he noticed this parallelism and began to use it as an image to describe their creative relationship, which they both have described as difficult to explain and describe and (in Pete’s words) “something that has never been gotten quite right.”
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gubler-me-up · a year ago
Too Much Caffeine
Tumblr media
Request: hey i saw you wanted requests!! how about one where spencer and reader, (or OC, not a big deal) have a competition to who can go the longest without drinking coffee?? just pure fluff and sweetness
A/N: Thanks for the request, @rainy-day-gracie​! Sorry this took so long because I was trying to figure out whether or not I liked the third person narrative I was writing it in. It was hard writing in third person after writing in second person for 20 requests LOL I hope it’s an enjoyable read overall! 
Couple: Spencer Reid/Fem!reader
Category: Fluff
Content warning: None just pure competitive fluff
Word count: 3k
Y/N walked into the office early Friday morning to get a head start with her case files. She thought if Hotch was in a good enough mood he would send her home early. That would only happen if he was in the happiest of moods. She didn’t think she’d put all her eggs in one basket hoping for that outcome, but her optimism was still high for the day. To get her spirits even higher she decided to start her day off with a fresh coffee.
As she entered the bullpen, she made a b-line towards the coffee maker. She wasn’t surprised to see Spencer Reid there making she assumed his third cup of coffee already. He was obviously pouring a ridiculous amount of sugar into his coffee and stirring it with an urgency as if he needed to drink it immediately. Y/N giggled to herself as she placed herself beside Spencer and nudging his arm with her elbow.
“Morning, Dr. Coffee Addict. Is that cup one or cup 30?” She joked.
He furrowed his eyebrows. “I would never have 30 cups of coffee in a day. This is only my second.”
“It’s 8:30 a.m. and you’re having a second cup? You should still be nursing your first cup,” she said.
He chuckled. “Coming from you? That’s rich.”
She playfully gasped. “What do you mean by that?”
“I think your coffee addiction is a tad more worrisome than mine. I’ve noticed you drink about seven cups a day.”
“I do not. You might be mixing me up with you, good doctor.”
“Y/N, I have an eidetic memory and you’re saying I’m lying? I only have four to five cups a day.”
“More like four to five cups an hour.”
“What are you two arguing over now?”
The two of them turned around to see Emily walking towards them. She looked at Spencer with his coffee in hand. Then she looked at Y/N and just knew she was bout to make a cup of coffee as well. She sighed and rolled her eyes at the amount of coffee addiction at one counter.
“What cup is this for you two? Reid, I’m guessing this is your second and Y/N, I’m guessing this is your first and your second will be in 15 minutes,” she said.
Both Y/N and Spencer looked at her in shock. Hearing someone outside of the two of them reflect on their coffee addiction got them to thinking. Was it really that bad? Emily chuckled as she put on a mischievous face which only meant no good. Y/N soon picked up on Emily’s face and got this sinking feeling.
“Oh no, what’s the face for, Em?” She asked.
“Well, I just think you two should have some sort of coffee intervention,” she suggested.
“Don’t tell me you want to take away the coffee maker,” Spencer said.
“Why take away the coffee maker and deprive the rest of us? I think you two should take a well-needed break from coffee and I think there should be an award system in place,” she suggested.
“You want to Pavlov us?” He asked.
“No, I’m not going to be the one handing out rewards. I think you two should have a friendly competition to see who can last the longest without drinking any caffeine for a whole day,” she suggested.
Y/N and Spencer looked at each other with skeptical eyes. Her need to win any competition was her burning desire to make a bet. Spencer’s desire to always be right was his motivation to even consider giving up coffee for a while. Y/N looked at Spencer with her hand stretched out for a handshake.
“If I win, you have to buy me dinner tonight. I’m in the mood for some Chinese,” she said.
Spencer scoffed. “Guess you won’t be having dinner tonight because when I do win you’ll have to buy me a cup of coffee for the rest of the month.”
“Deal,” she said.
Spencer grabbed her hand to shake on it. He didn’t think it would be hard at all for her to break. He knew how easily Y/N couldn’t say no to a cup of coffee. Though the look in her eyes showed a strong determination to win.
“I’ll be watching you two very closely,” Emily said.
“You should join us in the bet,” Y/N suggested.
Emily scoffed. “I’m not insane enough to do this bet. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to make my first cup of the day.”
Emily took Spencer’s cup from his hands to take a sip. She immediately stopped drinking it and made a repulsed face. She could already feel a few cavities starting to set in. She went over to the sink and poured it out. Spencer looked at her in shock as he couldn’t believe she was wasting such a good cup of coffee.
“Yeah, Reid, this bet is probably going to save you from diabetes alone,” she said
Spencer looked thoroughly upset at Emily’s actions, but Y/N couldn’t help but laugh. She believed it was for the best Spencer partake in this bet to avoid sugar seeping into his bloodstream permanently. She gave him a small pat on the back before walking away as he still stood there arguing with Emily about her wasteful actions.
Y/N looked at the time on her watch. It was only 11 a.m. She let out a long, exaggerated sigh as she thought about how many hours she had left on this stupid bet. Doing paperwork back to back with nothing to energize her was brutal punishment. She looked over to Spencer as he flew through his paperwork with his seventh cup of water not too far from his reach.
However, Y/N wasn’t buying that there was water in his cup. She knew he would get up any moment now to use the washroom and then she’d have the opportunity to check. It’s as if she planned it perfectly because he got up to leave his desk. She watched as he walked away and when she thought he was far enough, she got up to walk over to his desk.
She inspected the top of his desk to see if there were any remnants of sugar wrappers or fresh coffee stains. Nothing. Maybe she was underestimating his determination to go without coffee for the whole day. She looked into his empty mug to see if there were any signs of coffee.
‘I need a closer look,’ Y/N thought.
She picked up the mug and held it close enough to her face where she could smell if there were any traces of coffee. She took a deep sniff, but didn’t pick up on anything. Thinking her sense of smell was off, she lifted the mug a bit closer to her nose. She took another deep sniff. Nothing.
“Y/N, what are you doing?” She heard Spencer say.
She swiftly turned around to see Spencer behind her with a conniving smirk. He knew exactly what she was trying to do. He wasn’t a profiler for nothing after all. She placed the mug down and gave him an awkward smile.
“I was just checking to see if you needed a clean mug. Some of these mugs never get cleaned properly, it’s disgusting,” she said.
“Well, good thing I bring mine from home every day. Maybe if you spied more on Star Trek mug and less on me than you would know,” he joked.
She rolled her eyes. “I wasn’t spying on you. That’s the last time I care about your well being when it comes to bacteria.”
“You can worry about lingering bacteria after I win the bet,” he said.
She rolled her eyes again, but with a certain flair. Spencer could see the fierceness in her eyes and knew she’d do anything to throw him off. He watched as she walked away back to her desk. He watched as she sat back down and she looked up at him noticing his long stare. She stuck out her tongue quickly at him before going back to her paperwork as if nothing had happened. Spencer chuckled. He’d get her back for that.
A few more hours had passed and it was 2 p.m. Spencer was now on his 14th cup of water and his bladder hated him for it. He was about to get up for his seventh washroom break until he saw JJ walking towards Y/N. He decided his bladder could wait a second. JJ had her purse with her and her reusable coffee mug in her hand. Her set up indicated to him she was going to get coffee and was going to ask Y/N if she wanted coffee.
“Hey, Y/N. I’m going to Starbucks, did you want me to get you a coffee?” JJ asked.
Y/N shook her head. “No, I’m good. Thanks though, J.”
“How come? You haven’t had a coffee all day and I think it’s affecting your paperwork,” Spencer chimed in.
Y/N looked over at Spencer with dagger eyes. JJ looked over at Spencer and saw him wearing a smart-aleck smirk. She looked at him suspiciously as to why he was eager to encourage Y/N to get a coffee. She was starting to think there was something off between both of them. It was strange enough Y/N hadn’t had a coffee all day, but Spencer not having coffee was even stranger.
“Why haven’t either of you had coffee today?” JJ asked.
“Don’t worry about that right now. Worry about Y/N’s Starbucks order. If I remember it’s usually a grande Americano with cream and three sugars. I’ll even pay for it for you if you’d like,” he said as he reached for his wallet.
“Don’t you dare. I only wanna see your wallet when you’re paying for the bill tonight after I win this bet?” Y/N said.
JJ raised a questionable eyebrow. “Bet?”
“Yes, Spencer and I have a bet as to who can last the longest without coffee for the day,” she explained.
JJ nodded. “I see. Well, if I had my bet on anyone I’d say Y/N is going to win.”
Spencer looked at JJ shocked. Appalled even. Y/N looked at him with the biggest smirk anyone could have. She did a little hair flip and gave him a sly side-eye.
“JJ, are you serious? You think I’m more of a coffee addict than Y/N?” He asked.
“Duh. Anyway, I’ll leave you two to your waters and whatever else you two can drink to suppress your coffee cravings while I go satisfy mine,” she said.
As she turned around to leave, Spencer watched her leave still in shock at what she said. He couldn’t believe she actually thought that. His thoughts were soon interrupted by a piece of balled up paper hitting his head. He instantly turned to the direction it came from and knew Y/N had thrown it. He glared at her, but she just stared at him with her unfaded smirk. He picked up the paper and held it up for her to see.
“Really? We’re throwing things now?” He asked.
“Well, if you’re going to try and sabotage me, I might as well try to attack you back in some way,” she said.
“I wasn’t trying to sabotage you,” he said as he threw the paper ball back at her.
She caught it in the air as she giggled at his pitch. He actually threw it pretty well. Even on his face he looked impressed and Y/N found it rather cute.
“Nice pitch, doctor. Maybe the next bet I win you can take me to a baseball game,” she said.
“The fact you already think you’re going to win is rather narcissistic of you,” he joked.
“It’s not narcissistic if it’s true,” she said as she threw the paper ball back at him.
The pitch was a bit too high and went over Spencer’s head. Y/N gasped as she saw the paper ball hit Emily on the head. She swiftly turned her chair around to glare at not only Y/N, but Spencer. Y/N gave her an awkward, sorry smile. Spencer spun around in his chair to see what happened and instantly felt Emily’s glare.
“You know, I can deal with you bickering between you two, but once weapons are involved I have to draw the line,” she said as she held up the paper ball.
“Yeah, Spencer. How dare you make a war out of this little competition?” Y/N said in an innocent voice.
“What?” Spencer exclaimed.
“Reid,” Emily said.
Spencer looked at Emily shocked. “Emily, are you serious right now? You know the angle of that paper ball couldn’t have possibly-”
“Emily, would you like anything to drink?” Y/N said as she got up from her seat.
“Ooo, yes. Coffee, please, with cream and sugar,” she said.
“Emily,” Spencer exclaimed.
“Don’t be jealous that I can drink caffeine today and you can’t,” she said.
Spencer opened his mouth to say something, but decided it was best not to talk on deaf ears. He turned around and let out a deep, frustrated sigh. He looked at Y/N who was already looking at him. She winked at him before walking off to grab Emily’s coffee. He sighed again. Even though she wasn’t making this competition easy, she definitely made it entertaining for him.
It was finally 4:45 p.m. and the competition was coming to an end. Y/N was packing her things to leave and so was Spencer. They had both finished up their paperwork early and Hotch had given them both permission to leave early. Y/N was surprised her prayers had been answered when it came to Hotch’s mood for the day.
As they were finishing packing up, Morgan walked up to Spencer’s desk. He was holding two cans of coke in his hand. He gestured towards Y/N with the can in his right hand. He raised an eyebrow in question as to whether she wanted it. She shook her head. She wasn’t a big coke fan. Morgan then tapped Spencer’s shoulder to get his attention. He looked at him.
“Pretty boy, do you want a coke? Garcia and I were just cleaning out the fridge and wanted to get rid of some of the pops,” Morgan explained.
Spencer shrugged. “Sure. It’ll be a change from drinking thirty cups of water.”
He took the extra Coke from Morgan’s left hand. Morgan opened his and then Spencer followed. As soon as Y/N heard the can open, she realized that was the sound of victory. Morgan and Spencer clinked cans before taking a sip. Y/N nearly jumped out of her shoes as she pointed at Spencer with a huge smile.
“You lost,” she shouted.
“What? How?” He asked.
“Lost what?” Morgan asked.
“The bet,” she said.
“Ah, yes, I did hear about this bet from JJ and Emily. Well, this seems as if it’s going to get messy, so I’ll take my leave of absence. Happy weekend,” Morgan said before leaving.
“How did I lose?” Spencer asked.
Y/N laughed and couldn’t stop herself. She looked at him as he stared at her dumbfounded. He didn’t understand how he had lost by drinking a Coke. She eventually calmed herself down. She wanted to be cool and collected enough to explain her victory.
“Well, doctor, I hope you of all people know that there is caffeine in Coke,” she explained.
“But it’s not coffee,” he detested.
“Uh-uh, the bet was who can last the longest without caffeine, not coffee or has your eidetic memory failed you as well?” She joked.
Spencer sighed as he put down the can on his desk. He had to admit his defeat, but he didn’t feel the defeat as deeply as Y/N thought. Throughout the day his competitive spirit was wearing away as he and Y/N were goofing around with each other. He didn’t know how fun a competition with her could be. Definitely made his day a bit more interesting.
“I guess you won,” he said.
Y/N looked at him suspiciously. She knew how he got whenever he lost at something. He was a bit too calm for her liking. She was starting to think the little Coke incident wasn’t an accident.
“Did you purposely lose?” She asked.
“I would never purposely lose. It just so happened that I was strictly fixated on not drinking coffee that I didn’t even think drinking another caffeinated beverage would make me lose,” he explained.
She squinted her eyes at him. “I don’t think that’s all true.”
“I guess you don’t want Chinese tonight then,” he said as he picked up his satchel.
Y/N immediately hooked her arm under his. He slightly blushed as he looked at her. She looked at him with a gentle smile and even gentler eyes. He guessed her competitive spirit was finally gone for the day.
“I’m starting to think you losing was a clever scheme to take me out,” she said as they began walking towards the bullpen doors.
Spencer chuckled. “Maybe you could say that or maybe this is just your victory dinner you wanted. I’ll leave the interpretation up to you.”
She smiled. “I would like to interpret it as a small date if that’s alright with you.”
“That’s fine with me.”
Y/N squeezed his arm a little tighter from excitement. She knew from his passive replies that he wanted it to be a date. This was probably the best outcome she could have for a competition reward. She felt as if it was only fair for her to come clean to him if he had already lost.
“Hey, Spence. What would you say if, you know, I had taken a sip of Emily’s coffee when I was making it?” She asked.
“You what?” Spencer exclaimed.
“How about we discuss this over dinner?” She giggled.
“You definitely owe me coffee for the rest of the month,” he said.
“If we make them coffee dates, I wouldn’t mind,” she said.
He couldn’t help, but smile. “I’d love that.”
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zukoisgayforsokka · a month ago
Tumblr media
I commissioned the brilliant @jasminedragonart (thank you again I love her) to draw my Trans Hijabi Yue. If you read any of my fics on AO3 please imagine the beautiful Yue like this gorgeous art work
[ID: A digital drawing of Yue in a cream hijab with a grey Tui and La motif. Pinned where the scarf meets her parka is a large Water Tribe pin in the trans pride flag colours. She is smiling. /End ID] @atladescribed
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mar16a7 · 3 months ago
For Jasonette July Prompt: Light
I originally didn't have anything for today but then I came up with this. Since I made it up on the fly, I didn't have time to actually write anything, so... here's this!
For context, Marinette and Jason are siblings, except Marinette is actually the older one. They were just found by Bruce and it hasn't been long. Since coming to Wayne Manor, they've been forced to sleep in separate rooms, which is doing some things to Jason.
CW: Nothing to be warned about
*Outside of Wayne Manor, a thunderstorm occurs*
Big Sister!Marinette: *sleeping soundly in her bed, hugging a pillow, perhaps dreaming of hugging Jason in her sleep*
*Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles*
Marinette: *rolls over in her sleep and mumbles* ...Jason...
*Suddenly, there's a blinding light shining in Marinette's face*
Marinette: *opens her eyes blearily to see Jason shining a flashlight at her and grumbles* Don't shine that at me!
Little Brother!Jason: Why?
Marinette: *a little more awake now* Because it's bad for my eyes.
Jason: *being the smart aleck he is* But you literally let a giant flashlight shine on you 24/7!
Marinette: *is confused* Wha? No I don一 Oh, you did not just go there!
Jason: *grins* Oh yes I did!
Marinette: The sun isn't like that!
Jason: But it is!
Marinette: *is extremely tired and flops down onto bed* Did you only come over here to torment me with mind games? Because I want sleep.
Jason: *visibly droops* I一 I guess I should go back to my room now.
Marinette: *thinks to herself* Oh no you don't!
*Pulls Jason down onto the bed too as he squawks in surprise*
Jason: *stammers* Wha一 what are you doing? I need to go back to my room!
Marinette: *simply discards her hugging pillow and exchanges it for Jason* Sleep!
Jason: *hesitant at first but slowly snuggles into Marinette's warmth*
Marinette: *runs a hand through Jason's hair while hugging him tightly*
Jason: *tries to suppress a purr but ultimately fails*
*They lay there for a while and Jason lets out a few shuddering breaths*
Jason: *clearly wants to say something* A-actually, I had a nightmare... so I wanted to find you... sorry for waking you up!
Marinette: *mentally squeals because her little brother is so cute, but settles for grumbling out loud and cuddling with Jason even more*
*In the morning*
Bruce: *went to check up on Jason and couldn't find him so he checked Marinette's room, whispers* Alfred! Come over here! I found Jason!
Alfred: *peaks in through the crack of Marinette's door and his eyes soften at the sight of the two of them snuggling* I think, Master Bruce, that we should let the young miss and master sleep.
Bruce: *agrees and softly closes the door* Sleep tight my children.
The part about the flashlight and the sun being a flashlight was an actual conversation between me and my brother. He shined his phone flashlight at me and I responded like Marinette did. Which caused him to say what Jason said.
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breedablespencie · 3 months ago
since your sleepover is still on i figured i might be able to request another one of these bad boys ✨
could we get another aaron hotchner x reader with some flower shop au vibes (i’m just a whore for flowers i literally can’t write a fic without mentioning them-)
awww that’s so cute yes!!!!! also i’m a little goblin and forgot to write this until now 🥴 so hey, bonus celebration post i guess hahaha
Pairing: Aaron Hotchner x Reader {flower shop!AU}
Warnings: none :D
Y/N sat at the counter putting the finishing touches on a flower arrangement when she heard the door open. She glanced up as a man walked in cautiously.
“Hey, welcome in.” She greeted him.
He looked up at her with wide eyes, moving towards where she sat. 
“Hi. Uh, how are you?”
“Doing great.” She finished up, setting the arrangement to the side. “How can I help you?”
He smiled, and she finally noticed how handsome he was. 
“I have a blind date tonight, and I figure I should bring... something.”
She studied him for a moment as he idled in front of the counter. 
“You don’t seem too excited.”
He laughed. “It was set up by a friend. She means well, but I’m really not the blind date type.”
Y/N chuckled, finally getting up to stand slightly more at his level.
“Okay, so what are you thinking for the arrangement?”
“I’m really not sure. Probably nothing too fancy, but… nice enough.”
“Don’t buy flowers often, I take it?”
He shoved his hands in his pockets, shrugging.
“Not really. Not in a long time.”
“Alright, I’ll tell you what: This decision can be mine, but if you ever need flowers again you have to tell me what you want. Deal?”
“Okay, thank you.”
There was that smile again.
She went to work putting together a small bouquet, making sure it looked absolutely perfect before she brought it out to him.
“How’s this?” She questioned.
He looked it over briefly. “Uh, that’s great. Thank you, it looks wonderful.”
She rung it up, pushing the vase towards him. She scribbled something on a piece of paper, folding it and handing that off to him as well. He took it hesitantly, waiting for an explanation.
“That’s my number. You can call or text if it goes well and you need more flowers. Or if it doesn’t go well.”
She smirked at him, and he felt a blush creep onto his cheeks.
“Thank you,” he said, smiling gently at her, and tucking the paper into his coat pocket.
“Any time.”
He waved a quick goodbye, and she sat back down, starting on the next order.
The rest of the day went by quickly, and before she knew it she was at home, curled up on the couch after dinner. She was browsing through her tv when she heard her phone vibrate on the arm on the couch. She leaned over, picking it up to find an unknown number texting her. However, she didn’t have to ask who it was after she read the message that said:
‘It didn’t go well. On another note, what do you think I would get someone who already works in a flower shop?’
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princesssarisa · 28 days ago
Cinderella September-through-November: "Hey, Cinderella!" (1969 Muppets TV special)
Tumblr media
This is the first of the three Tales from Muppetland TV specials that Jim Henson produced in the late 1960s and early '70s. These semi-fractured fairy tales were essential in developing the Muppets' franchise, refining the character of Kermit the Frog, introducing new puppet technology and new characters who would become fixtures, and establishing the blend of humor and heart that's now a hallmark of Muppet productions. While the most famous Muppetland special is 1971's The Frog Prince, this gently wacky take on Cinderella preceded it.
As in most future Muppet retellings of classic tales, the main cast consists of both Muppets and humans. The humans are Cinderella herself, the slightly dimwitted yet attractive Prince Arthur Charming ("Named so because though he is now Prince Charming, King Arthur one day he'll be"), the wicked and garishly redheaded Stepmother, and the glamorous yet bumbling Fairy Godmother, who also moonlights as a none-too-successful stage magician. The Muppets are the stepsisters Mona and Lisa, Cinderella's adorable fluffy white dog Rufus, Prince Arthur's cigar-chomping Southern-accented father the King (the stock king puppet from many early Muppet productions, originally named King Goshposh in 1962's unaired Tales of the Tinkerdee), his prime minister Featherstone, a giant purple monster named Splurge (the first full-body Muppet, paving the way for the likes of Big Bird and Snuffleupagus), and of course Kermit. The latter makes his official debut as a frog here, after having been an abstract-lizard like creature in his earlier TV appearances. He now sports his iconic collar and flippers instead of regular feet, and he lives in the castle well and tries to give advice to the humans, but without much success because of the kingdom's strange anti-frog prejudice. He's more of a smart-aleck than the Kermit we all know, though: his familiar mild-mannered "nice guy" personality wouldn't be fully established until The Frog Prince.
Predictably, the classic story is given an array of new twists. At the beginning, the Stepmother orders Cinderella to track mud into the kitchen, just so she can force her to scrub the floor afterwards. In search of mud, Cinderella ventures into the royal garden, where she meets Prince Arthur, who pretends to be the gardener. They fall in love at first sight and he invites her to the ball. With help from her Fairy Godmother, of course, she accepts the invitation: though her Godmother needs a little help remembering which story she's in (i.e. that Cinderella doesn't want to go home to Kansas or change from a puppet into a real boy), and her coach is pulled by Splurge instead of by horses and driven by a frog (Kermit refuses to be turned human). The ball is a masked ball, so Cinderella and Arthur don't recognize each other; she's looking for "Arthur the gardener," not the Prince, and he expects her to be in rags. Still, they enjoy dancing together until midnight. After "the mystery princess" flees, Arthur accidentally steps on her glass slipper and smashes it, so trying it on all the ladies of the kingdom is impossible, and Arthur doesn't want to marry the "princess" anyway because he loves Cinderella. But his father insists that he marry her and sends him on a search for the other slipper. When Cinderella gets word of this, she has her dog Rufus bury the slipper where no one will find it because she wants to marry "Arthur the gardener." But then Arthur reveals his royal identity, and Cinderella finds herself with no proof that she was the "princess." Fortunately, the Fairy Godmother arrives to clear things up... though by accident she briefly sends Cinderella to Kansas first.
Unlike the other Muppetland specials, this isn't a full-fledged musical. But it does include one song, the wistful "If I Could Go Dancing" sung by Cinderella, and features sung narration by a chorus at the beginning. The music is by Joe Raposo, who would go on to write most of the classic songs of Sesame Street.
Overall, I wouldn't call this either one of the best Cinderellas or one of the best Muppet productions. It predates both Sesame Street and The Muppet Show, its production values and Muppet character designs are cruder than what would follow, and it lacks the ideal balance between broad comedy and warm, heartfelt storytelling that later Muppet productions would perfect. Here the emphasis is almost completely on comedy. But it's a charming special all the same. 19-year-old Canadian actress Belinda Montgomery is a cute, likable Cinderella, Robin Ward is also endearing as Prince Arthur, and the rest of the supporting cast, human and Muppet alike, make the most of their roles no matter how silly they are.
Whether or not it's a favorite, I definitely recommend watching it, both as an enjoyable comedy version of the fairy tale and as an important landmark in the development of the Muppets as we know them today.
@ariel-seagull-wings, @superkingofpriderock
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banettepost · 10 months ago
Obey Me x Percy Jackson AU bc it'll be living rent free in my head until i write it down somewhere
Okay so this is inspired by @astaroth1357‘s demigod mc au. But instead it’s the demon bros that are demigods, and went to camp-halfblood. Fair warning I’m no writer, and it’s been a long while since I’ve visited anything Percy Jackson, most information I got is from memory and the Riordan wiki. I’m also taking a few liberties with the established universe of PJO. Please be nice :,)
General Premise
The brothers are demigods each born into different families (except the twins). Lucifer being the eldest, he’s the first to arrive at Camp-Halfblood, the rest of the boys were demigods Lucifer personally helped escort into camp over the years and they in turn develop a close relationship, close enough to consider themselves brothers. The seven grow up staying in Camp-Halfblood and become head counselors of the camp along with Diavolo, Son of Hades, who takes over as director given how dedicated he is to making Camp-Halfblood a safe place for half-bloods.
Warning: Spoilers in Belphie’s section
Son of Zeus
Has powerful lightning abilities, and wields a collapsible spear/whip that he can channel electricity through.
Is one of the head counselors of Camp-Halfblood. A very strict one at that. He’s got a curfew and he’s keeping watch of anyone sneaking past it and cabin inspections are spontaneous to keep everyone on their toes. Once caught Mammon sneaking out past curfew and he strung him up the flagpole the whole night.
As one of the oldest and most skilled members of the camp, he’s occasionally assigned to help satyrs bring demigods to Camp-Halfblood when escorting them alone is too dangerous (too many monsters following the demigod)
Ruthless in Capture the Flag, you do not want to be facing off against him, you’ll get your ass kicked before you can reach ten yards near the flag.
Son of Hermes
Riordan Wiki: Chrimatakinesis: Children of Hermes are presumably quite good with money. Yeah that’s a fucking lie, he’s still shit with money. Though children of Hermes are said to be natural mathematicians in matters involving money and if that ain’t him. Can also easily identify real money and precious materials from fakes.
Utter kleptomaniac. No lock is unpickable with his telekinetic lockpicking ability. He’ll steal from cabins just to make a quick buck out of it.
Is already naturally super speedy, but he still wears his winged sneakers regularly and makes him even faster.
He can be sneaky. If he really needs to but prefers using his speed over stealth.
Much like in the game when MC first arrives in CHB they are allocated to the Hermes cabin while they wait to be claimed, and who would be assigned to help them get settled in and show them around? Why, Mammon ofc.
The Son of Poseidon and a Sea Nymph
He inherited some of his mother’s monster attributes such as fishy scales, and webbed hands.
Through the mist, his fishy attributes are hidden, though consequently he just looks like he’s got weird flaky skin, and his fingers look way too spindly. Unfortunately this causes a lot of insecurity :(
His strongest ability is communicating and befriending sea creatures. Has made friends with several sea monsters from hydras to hippocampi. Second strongest ability is his hydrokinesis, even then he can summon tidal waves relatively easily.
Has an entire cabin all to himself? Hell yeah! The cabin is now filled with his merch, games, and manga and the collection keeps getting bigger, Hermes Express is his friend.
When he’s not locking himself in the cabin, he’s swimming at the bottom of the lake or at the beach
Son of Ares
Was the last of the 7 to join Camp-Halfblood.
Has the demeanor and brains of an Athena kid, but his aggression is what makes him an Ares kid. 
He wished he was an Athena kid instead. While his half-siblings initially bullied him for being a smart aleck it didn’t last long when he proved he can toss one of them through the opposite wall.
When he’s not reading he actually loves the heavy metal blasting in the cabin.
Another one that gets too intense in Capture the Flag, has a long standing rivalry with Lucifer. Both once had to be pulled out because they were getting a Little Too Close to maiming each other.
Maybe it’s the inherent ability of an Ares child but he knows how to rile you up. He won’t pick fights directly but he loves when he’s able to get under your skin and he’ll especially use that skill to get the upper hand in a fight.
Son of Aphrodite
I mean who the fuck else would he be the son of?
👏 CHARMSPEAK 👏 EXPERT 👏 He has honed his skills for years, can and will charm the pants off of you in both ways ;).
The boy...gets around. Almost every adult in camp has hooked up with him at least once.
In confrontations he’d mostly prefer to use his charmspeak to disarm his opponent but don’t get him wrong, he’s still viable in a physical fight and can flip a bitch over without a sweat. His weapon of choice is a dagger, does he strap it to his thigh? Absolutely.
Completely takes advantage of his ability to change his clothes and makeup, never wears the same outfit twice.
He and Satan are accomplices in pranking the boys. Once used Permanent Makeup on Lucifer, he had gaudy ass makeup on for a whole month, another time he cursed all of Mammon’s clothes to shrink.
Son of a Cyclops
Or specifically a cyclops halfblood, so for a cyclops his looks lean more towards human, a pretty handsome one at that.
Doesn't mean he’s any weaker than other cyclops he’s still much stronger and sturdier than an average demigod. It’s just that as a consequence his metabolism is equally supernatural, the kitchen has to cook triple just for him omg save some for the bonfire please. 
On that same note he’s banned from the strawberry fields.
Is often seen working on weaponry with the Hephaestus kids at the camp forge, if not he’d also be found working out in the training grounds.
Since he isn’t a child of Poseidon himself, he’s considered “unclaimed” and stays in the Hermes cabin with Belphie.
Son of Hypnos
What else to expect sfdvbjndc
Honestly amongst all the people in the Hermes cabin, you would never notice he was there, he’d often be sleeping all day. Nothing can wake this boy up, a war can be waging outside and he still sleep.
Has all the abilities a Hypnos child can have, inducing sleep with just a yawn, making and manipulating dreams, dream hopping, retrieving and altering memories.
He’s used it more than once to help Beel with his nightmares. He sometimes contemplates using it to make their memories of her less painful but he can’t. Their memories are all they have of Lilith.
Though I can see if there’s some plot point of Lucifer locking Belphie in the attic made in this AU, the Hypnos cabin would definitely be this version of the attic, Lucifer would somehow be able to put a mist over it so no one would know there was a Hypnos cabin.
That’s all I’ll share for now, if yall like this and want me to make a follow up let me know because I have a few more ideas I can share owo!!
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radiatingdyke · 2 months ago
-yunho getting so excited that the kids recognize him and being like :/ when they say "our mom is a fan!" and saying "am i already that age?"
-the show def put the more high energy and smart aleck-y kids with yunho on purpose this dynamic is v funny
kid: why is ur nickname jung yunho?
yunho: ?? that's my real name???
-yunho saying a long variety show speech to segway to the next segment and the kid is like "wow ur good at acting!" and yunho replies "no i mean it!!!" and then "u two rly know how to control me, shouldn't u be the mc???"
-kid asks "can u read this??" and it's french writing on the wall and yunho just makes up some french sounds and actually fooled them 😭😭
-yunho is v good at summarizing the museum i feel like i'm watching an educational program for kids is that what this is 😭😭😭 this actually might be a semi educational program like hello baby was supposed to be
-and then it cuts to the kids' interview afterwards and they're like "yeah i don't remember anything he said"
-yunho keeps talking so seriously about like the importance of creative self expression and seeking a shared emotional experience through art and the kids r just like ok!!
yunho: i figured out the details in ur artwork u added the key detail of a heart to show that without love we cannot go forward into a brighter world. the most necessary virtue of creating a better future is love. so let's love together!!! *goes for a group fist bump*
-he keeps using hard words i don't know when he's talking to 10 years olds 😭😭😭
-kid 2 is talking all artsy and metaphorical to match yunho he's describing his paint project as "the empty spots are left empty to represent uh angels it means angels and the blue is. happiness it means happiness and having a big heart."
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kanerallels · 4 months ago
The Camping Au Part I Don’t-Even-Know-At-This-Point
This is possibly the last post I’ll make about this specific au, but I’m not committing to anything. I might come up with something new, you never know. I probably won’t put up any new Star Wars content next week-- I’ll be busy with Kanej Week, y’all!!!!
But the week after that, I shall introduce you to one of my favorite aus. *rubs hands together* I think you’ll like it!!
But for now, another camping au post, featuring Janus Kasmir as @accidental-spice​ requested.
-Kanan and Hera have been together for almost two years at this point, and Kanan’s more than ready to take the next step in their relationship. So he starts planning to propose
-Now, at this time he’s renting the top level of a house owned by one Janus Kasmir, and living there with Ezra. The two of them are friends-- Kasmir comes by every so often, calls Kanan kid, Kanan’s a smart aleck back. Basically, they’ve adopted each other
-(I’m not saying that Ezra, partially being honest and partially being a wise guy, calls Kasmir gramps sometime and I’m not saying that Kasmir is secretly touched but I’m not NOT saying that)
-Anyways, Kasmir, being the nosy tuft-sucker that he is, finds out about Kanan’s plans to propose to Hera. He instantly volunteers himself, Ezra, Sabine and Zeb to help plan this
-Sabine: There should be fireworks. Ezra: Oh, yeah, definitely. Kasmir, writing it down on a list: Okay, what else?
-Kanan: ???? You’re not invited???
-Zeb: Flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. Rose petals falling from the sky. Kasmir: GENIUS. Kanan: WITH FIREWORKS??? THAT’S A FIRE HAZARD!!!!!!!
-But once they’re done messing around (and being incredibly excited that this is FINALLY happening) they get down to business
-Kasmir and Zeb take the kids out for dinner and a movie, and Kanan invites Hera over for dinner.
-It’s not super fancy, no five course dinners or anything. Just him and Hera, making dinner together. It’s... comfortable. It’s amazing. It’s everything Kanan could ask for.
-He waits until after dinner to actually do the thing. They eat together, talking and laughing and flirting, and after dinner, Kanan gets an idea.
-He puts on some music, and convinces Hera to dance with him. She protests at first, but it’s more of a “Kanan you’re such a dork I love you why are you such a hopeless romantic but FINE” sort of protest than anything else.
-So they’re slow-dancing, Hera in Kanan’s arms like when the whole thing started. And that’s when he asks.
-First, he whispers it. Just loud enough for her to hear, the way they’re close enough to feel each other breathing. And when he hears her breath catch, Kanan steps back and goes down on one knee
- “Will you marry me, Hera Syndulla, and have me and the craziness that is my family?” he asks
-And Hera just smiles at him because it’s already her family, too. All she needs is the ring to show it, and Kanan brings that out in a hot second. It looks like it was made for Hera, and looks even better on her finger
-When Kasmir and Zeb get back, all they have to do is look at Kanan to know how it went. He’s practically glowing with happiness.
-Slapping Kanan on the back, Kasmir goes, “Beautiful wife, couple of kids-- what more could you ask for?”
- “Ice cream?” Ezra suggests
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fanfictionismyaddiction · 8 months ago
When life catches up
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/n works for ncis but her old life cates up with her even though she always try’s to run away from it. Will the team realize something’s up?
Pairing: Gibbs x reader
1 chapter
2 chapter
In the last 3 weeks y/n often came late to the office and the team knew something was up with her. they didn't want to intrude in her life, so they tried to ignore it in the first 2 weeks. It was not like y/n came as late as the first time she did, but it could get up to 20 -30 minutes that she was late. Every morning she would get thoughts looks. The infamous Gibbs is concerned look but also some looks of pity by the others. Her daily sentence in the morning now is “Good morning guys. Yes, everything is fine, just like the day’s bevor and no, I didn’t have a bad date Dinozzo.” She tried to smile to make everything more believable for them, but they still stared at her for a few seconds. Especially Gibbs he always took a closer look at her and y/n always that that is the day that he actually is going to ask what’s up and won’t except no or some stories from her. But the day never came. Maybe she never really was a part of the team as she taught, she was, or she is just interpreting something because of all of the stress. Either way if there care or they don’t she would protect her family even if they don’t see her as part of it.
The last 3 weeks she worked nonstop not just for the cases and paperwork for Ncis but also for the FBI. She never wanted to get back there. It drained her mentally and physically and she learned after all the years of working for the FBI that it just wasn’t worth it. She couldn’t sleep in that time and the same thing was hunting her now again. Well y/n didn’t even have the time to sleep anymore but she was convinced that even if she had the time, she would only have bad dreams where her loved once would die because of her failures.
And then the day came. The day where she was in the office and Craig called her 5 times in a row. She didn’t want to go and pick it up when everyone was around her, she was at work and Craig knew he should not call her when she was working. Y/n knew they would get suspicious if he would call her. “Pleas pick that up y/n its driving me insane. Can’t your friend stop calling you?” Dinozzo said with a big sigh at the end. “it’s not a friend Dinozzo, it’s actually my boyfriend” They made a plan that if Craig ever really had to get her on the phone, she would say that he is her boyfriend. That would also explain to the others why she was so late in the last few weeks and why she acted different. She went to get the last call. Dinozzo was looking over to McGee for all the years that y/n was working with Ncis she never had a boyfriend. Dinozzo tried to set her up with some of his friends but she always declined his offers. All of them looked shocked and stunned especially Gibbs and if she would have looked over to him, she could have seen the sadness in his eyes that was only there for a couple of seconds.
She went a few meters away from them so that they couldn’t see her facial expressions and hear what she was saying. “What do you want Craig? I’m working you know” the stress she as under could be heard in her tone of voice and she really wasn’t sorry for how she was talking with Craig seeing as he was the sole reason why she was back in the ‘Game’.
They talked for a few minutes and she went back to her desk. He had told y/n the news update about the case and said that he would come and get her after work. She told him that she used the term ‘boyfriend’ today so it wouldn’t be as awkward as it could have been if he would have just showed up.
“So, what did Mr. Love what from you?” Dinozzo said with a smug smile on his lips. She had to laugh lightly form his nickname for Craig. “He will pick me up after work and booked a table for us at a restaurant.” Tony whistled and then went back to work. What they didn’t know was that she would again work the hole night trough to try and stop one of the most dangerous terrorists that she once had a connection with.  
It took me a little long to write the next chapter but here is it I hope you still like it. 
love x
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ay0nha · 6 months ago
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde: SESSION #1
Tumblr media
(Working) Summary: Following the events of TFATWS, Zemo is sentenced to live his days out in the Raft. He knew what to expect, or so he thought. Nobody could have prepared him to meet Dr. Ruth Jekyll, the therapist assigned to him every Monday, Friday, and occasional Wednesday for an hour at a time. Sixty minutes is much longer than one would think.
Pairing: Zemo x femme!OC (therapist)
Word Count: ~2K
Warnings: Mentions of death/dying
A/N: This is my first time writing anything on Tumblr and marvel, so be gentle pls! I’m not even sure anyone will see this, but I’m feeling inspired and thought what the hell! I’m also nowhere near close to being a licensed therapist and am making shit up.  I plan to make a this multi-parts, slowburn, classic therapist/prisoner vibe, etc etc. So please, enjoy!
The chapter titles will be “sessions” but within the chapters (like this one) there will be more than one session/time covered than just one moment.
Took some inspiration from @christrenneman​‘s post (and @kakademona)! Hope you don’t mind!
@from-the-clouds​ updated it!
"Drew, I've got so much on my plate already," I stabbed the soggy lettuce of my salad, as I shuffled it around trying to muster up the courage to bring it to my mouth. I had gotten to the cafeteria late and it was either this or mystery meat. I should have taken my chances.
"I'll trade you."
"They're not baseball cards," I looked up at her to show my face as I frowned further, "I've already got three more people than I'm supposed to."
"So what's a fourth?" Drew asked loudly, causing a few other staff to look over. Once there were no longer eyes on us she continued, "We both know they're too cheap to hire more of us, but seriously, I think you should at least look at his file."
She had already pulled the thick file out of her bag and replaced my salad with it, she came prepared. She'd been acting weird all week and now I knew why. This wasn't the first time I've gone out on a limb for him, but usually, it involved helping her with paperwork that was overdue. But now, as I glanced over the file, I couldn't understand the issue, "I don't get why you don't want him."
"I don't know there's just something about him," She scrunched up her nose, motioning at the papers I continued to read, "Call it a hunch I guess..."
"You're asking me to go based on a hunch?" I eyed her from over the folder I now had perched in my hands, watching her search for an answer, "That's what I thought..."
"Well, when you put that way..." Drew started but couldn't finish. Giving her the time she needed to come up with a better argument than a hunch, I turned back toward the papers. Helmut Zemo. Baron Helmut Zemo. He'd become a legend around here and he hadn't even arrived yet. Everyone knew who he was, what he had done, and what he was capable of, "Come on, you love stuff like this!"
"Yeah but," I hummed for a moment, thinking about how I was feeling, "I always get assigned the people with powers, you always get the ..."
"Are you calling my people boring?" She chided with a raised eyebrow, "I know I don't get the powered ones but I don't know Zemo is just different."
"How? He's exactly like the rest of your group, which is exactly why you should keep him," I tried to highlight. I wouldn't admit it, but he was probably one of the most unique, almost impressive, people that will come to the Raft.
"Zemo's different though!" She snatched the papers from my hands, pulling out different pages to prove her point, "He speaks a million languages, can hide in plain sight, infiltrate, assassinate, destabilize, take a whole country down, okay? I mean he's the type you never see coming! Which is exactly why you should have him!"
I contemplated it for a few moments, before saying, "If I were to take on Zemo, then you get to fill out the paperwork and explain it to General Ross. I've already given him enough headaches for the day."
"Of course of course!" She nodded her head fervently, "So you'll do it?"
"On a trial basis," I rolled my eyes, knowing I had caved and I just added even more to my plate, "I have time open on Mondays and Fridays."
"Do you mind if I take these off?" He rattled the chains that connected his arms and legs together to the chair. Although he phrased it like he had more of a choice, we both knew it wasn't really an option for him.
"By all means," I played into his politeness, copying it in order to  get a gauge on the man in front of me, "However, if you do, the guards  will have to come back in for the session and will be able to hear all  our secrets."
"On they stay then."
"Well, then," I said crossing my legs and placing my hands in my lap, "Good morning, I'm Dr. Jekyll."
"Mr. Hyde," He pointed to his chest, introducing himself with a quirked smile.
"What name would you prefer I use?" I slightly ignored the obvious  joke with a question of my own, "I've heard a few titles floating around  as well."
"Zemo," He answered, going to stick his hand out only to be stopped by the metal around his wrists, reminding him of the rules.
"Zemo," I repeated with a nod, as I picked up his file from the side table next to my chair. I shuffled through the papers Drew had left haphazardly on my desk. Once they were to my liking, I took a moment to familiarize myself with Zemo. He was freshly shaven, hair brushed back neatly, clean-looking, and I wouldn't be surprised if he smelled like soap. He was someone who clearly took pride in how they presented themselves, "I was told you were ready to die, on more than one occasion in fact."
His lip twitched in amusement, not expecting me to make a point so suddenly, "Wouldn't you be?"
"Don't you want to finish your villain arch? You're about this  close..." I held up my fingers to emphasize my point, " being a cool bad guy."
"Cool...bad...guy," He laughed a little after repeated each word, making his accent even more prominent, "If I really wanted that, I don't think I'd be here."
"You could leave if you wanted to," I shrugged, looking into his eyes intently, "You're more than capable of walking out of here unscathed. I doubt anyone would notice."
"Are you suggesting I do?"
"Why not?"
"You choose to be here, right?" He countered leaning forward so his arms would be on his knees. There was a distance between us, I wasn't sure the exact distance, but enough for me to get away if need be. But there wasn't anything menacing about him, only curiosity, "I mean you live here, no?"
"Beats the cost of the gas it would take me to get to this place every day," I humored him which he seemed to appreciate.
"So you've subjected yourself to the same thing I have, it seems."
"Seems that way," I responded confidently. He didn't need to know the real reason I was here. I wasn't even sure if I knew the real reason.
"Therefore, we both know why we choose to be here."
"Choice is a funny thing, isn't it? Why don't we start with that?" I  started to scribble on the paper in my lap, noting the time for my work-log later. Then I looked back up at him, holding contact with his  soft brown eyes, "Tell me about the choices you've made to be here with me today."
"I  understand what you're trying to say, but aren't you a baron?" I asked pointedly, hoping to dig deeper now that we have passed the formalities, "That's a significant status marker. It might not be the same as a  super soldier, but  you still have, or had privilege."
"You're being mean today," He flashed me a smirk, happy with his smart-aleck quip. He was frustrating and it was only our second session. As I kept my annoyance buried, I tried to be as level-headed as possible. He made solid points about the topic he had brought up: super soldiers. I was surprised he brought it up with such ease, I originally thought I'd have to pull it out of him. However, it only took a glance at the photo of Steve Rogers that came with the office, basically stock art on the wall, to get the ball rolling for Zemo.
"I'm being honest and I'm not sure you like it," I stated bluntly, narrowing my eyes at him hoping the seriousness in my tone would do something to him.
He pulled back slightly, leaning into the chair with a  thoughtful expression. I thought maybe, just maybe, I had put the infamous Zemo into a metaphorical checkmate. But that would be too naive of me to truly believe, "You're wearing makeup today. It looks nice. "
"Don't change the subject."
"That was not my intention," He leaned forward again to look at my face,  tilting his head to the side slightly, which seemed to be a distinct habit of his, "Merely an observation."
"You're a master manipulator, everything you do is intentional," I copied his head tilt. This struck a nerve as Zemo clenched his jaw. We both knew it was the truth, he wouldn't be here if it wasn't true, but it was clear he didn't like hearing it put into words.
After a few contemplative moments, he continued with his quip, "Do you have a date?"
"Gentlemen don't get jealous," He shook his head and furrowed his eyebrows like my one-word question was the most ridiculous thing ever.
"You consider yourself a gentleman?"
"You don't?" He asked me genuinely, before going back to his clearly thought-about explanation, "Gentlemen have a set of morals, manners, and I hate to say it but dashingly good looks."
He had been nothing but gentlemanly thus far. He was as chivalrous and courteous as he could be in his position. He answered the questions I brought up politely, with no complaints. Often times there were even thoughtful. There were a few moments of sarcasm and charming humor, but I was learning that was more a personality trait than anything else.
"Wearing makeup doesn't mean a date," I spoke calmly. He didn't need to know that I had stayed up late last night and this was my poor attempt to cover that up, "In the same way, being a gentleman doesn't equate to handsomeness."
"Ouch," He responded with a hearty chuckle that fueled my ego, I had gotten him to laugh.
"Ruth, times up!"
A  harsh knock was heard from the door. It never failed to make me jump. I  glanced quickly at my clock, not realizing how I had lost track of time, something that rarely happened. Clearing my throat to go open the door, I could feel Zemo's eyes follow me to the door, his expression had become unreadable.
Once the door was open, the guard was well equipped with specialty light armor and electroshock weapons that made me want to cringe outwardly. I understood the people in here could cause significant damage, but seeing how they could be punished never made it easy to look at.  With a predetermined scowl, the guard stomped in as if he held as much authority as General Ross. He was being cocky and if I had to make a  guess why it was his lame attempt to be the most intimidating in the room when in reality the overly relaxed man standing up in the light blue prison uniform held more in his pinky than the guard would ever have in his whole body.
"Ruth." Zemo nodded his head as a goodbye, as the guard tugged his arm roughly into the hallway.
After I had made sure the door was closed and watched them walk out of my line of vision, I practically pounced at Zemo's file. I'd looked over it numerous times from the first time I got my hands on it.  I glanced over it a few times before meeting Zemo for the first time, like I had for all my new patients. However, that quickly turned into a glance every time it was on my mind,  I was searching for something. It was all there in front of me: a list of aliases, affiliations, biography, even his estimated number of kills,  HYDRA drama, and more. It was extensive and detailed. But no matter how many times I looked at it the feeling that I was missing something never seemed to go away.
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