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#aleksander morozova
slytherin-shitposts2 days ago
ben barnes
tom hiddleston
being hot english 40-year-old actors who look 30-something and play a villain that everybody loves more than the hero
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sanktastarlessa day ago
Anyways remember that one time when alina made out with the darkling, used his power against him and made a building collapse on him and the next time he saw he offered her a throne& told her he admired her ruthlessness?? Peak simp behaviour if you ask me
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Aleksander, after Anastas puts a bounty on his head: i鈥檓 a wanted man.
Baghra: impossible. you weren鈥檛 even a wanted child.
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malewife-darkling2 days ago
Dark CEO Aleksander would hire Alina as his assistant and then after seducing her, he would fire her and become her sugar daddy bc its just a terrible imbalance of power if he were to sleep with his employee, and isn鈥檛 this just so much more ethical, Alina? he says聽
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kallypsowritesa day ago
Kallypso鈥檚 Next Shadow and Bone Fic poll
Happy first Wednesday with no Scars of Light update because its DONE!!
But I feel weird not posting anything, so here鈥檚 another poll about what my next project should be. I am taking a break from starting anything new until at least spring, but I still want to know what鈥檚 next on the docket. The last poll, you guys picked the Modern Darklina AU I am currently publishing. But what SaB fic should I work on next?
1. The Darklina (possibly Malarklina) role reversal fic. Alina is still immortal after the events of the trilogy and she retains the sliver of the Darkling鈥檚 shadow powers after she loses her light. She becomes the new Darkling and a few centuries later, Aleksander is reincarnated as a sun summoner. Other familiar faces are also reincarnated (including Mal, who is Aleksander鈥檚 BEST FRIEND NOW) and Alina suffers with the irony of it all. Rated M.
2. Darkolai, Heartrender! Nikolai fic. Nikolai discovers he is actually a heartrender and goes to the Darkling for help. Aleksander sees an opportunity to put a Grisha on the throne, so he trains and radicalizes Nikolai鈥nd also maybe they seduce each other in the process. (What am I saying 鈥榤aybe鈥 that definitely happens). Big old political thriller/romance. Rated E.
3. Darkling backstory of the events that led to the creation of the Fold. Focuses especially on Aleksander鈥檚 relationship with Luda and of the king who betrayed him and tried to kill him. Rated M/E. Haven鈥檛 decided yet. But it鈥檚 gonna be sad.
I鈥檒l keep this up for a week! Hand me your votes! What do I do?
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yototothelalafella day ago
I was just considering how in Shadow and Bone (the novel), Aleksander must have been informed that many of his men had died prior to Alina's introduction within the Grisha tent, as it was not one experimental skiff, but a convoy that was attacked by overwhelming numbers. His perceived coldness may have been a cover for grief.
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werifestariia7 months ago
Ben Barnes is that ONE generational crush we all think we may be over at some point but a new show/movie comes out we're hoeing all over him stronger than before.
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crankynewt6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just a PSA that Hector, the horse Ben Barnes rode in Shadow and Bone, is the same one that Henry Cavill trained on for The Witcher.
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sanktastarless2 days ago
So we all mutually agree that the starless saint and black heretic are aleksanders best titles, right?
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鈥淲hy did my last 2 brain cells have to be stupid and horny ones.鈥
-Alina (after Baghra slutshames her into fleeing)
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