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morgan-xd · a day ago
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proudtobealuthor · a day ago
Bruh remember when Kara was still stuck in the phantom zone and Lena deadass said fuck everyone else I’m doing whatever necessary to bring Lena back and Kara’s own sister is the one that said no and literally destroyed what they thought was their one chance to get Kara back…how does one NOT read that as romantic???
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juskru · a day ago
Fresh batch, come get a slice!
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little-voice13 · a day ago
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I love this human so much🥰😍🥰
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supercorpkid · a day ago
Gone Rogue.
Part 2 - Not a kid.
Supercorp, Kara Danvers x Daughter!Reader, Lena Luthor x Daughter!Reader, Alex Danvers x Niece!Reader, Sam Arias x Goddaughter!Reader
Word Count: 2220.
Warnings: Angst. Hurt.
The yellow sun emulator burns your skin hotter than you remember it did last. You feel tired, even with your powers slowly coming back. The first one that comes back is always super hearing.
Lena squeezes your arm when she sees you wince. “What’s going on? Does anything hurt, babygirl?”
“Just…” You sigh. Your lungs still seem to be barely functioning, because it’s still so hard to get your words out. “Loud.”
You don’t have to say much more. It’s not Lena’s first rodeo, she knows how this works.
“What can I do to help?” She asks, hands stroking your skin gently. You still flinch at every stroke.
Here’s the thing with the skin after it gets beat up intensely, it doesn’t want to be touched again. No matter how gently. After going under such an intense condition, it wants nothing but to be left alone.
“Water.” But as soon as you say it, you regret it.
Lena reaches to the side of the bed, to a big cup of water that had just been standing there waiting for you. “Here.”
You knock it out of her hands before it comes any closer to your face.
“Sorry. I’m sorry.” You say, trying to even your breathing, so she doesn’t notice that a simple glass of water is now a trigger for you. “Reflex.”
“It’s ok, my love.” She reassures you with a sweet tone. She mentions to stand up, to get you another one, but you hold her arm before she moves away. Lena looks at you, curiously. But it doesn’t take long for her to understand that you want her -more like need her- to stay by your side. “Don’t worry. Mom is here. I’m not going to leave your side.”
“Thanks.” You close your eyes and drift back to a relentless and not at all comforting sleep.
“So?” You hear in the back of your mind, and it takes you a while to realize the sounds are not coming for your dream, because you are awake already. “Did he give out any information?”
A loud sigh. “No. Nothing.”
“What does he want?” Lena asks again. You open your eyes to look at them, trying to be subtle, so they don’t see that you’re up. It doesn’t work, because as soon as you do so, Kara looks directly at you.
Your momma and aunt are on the other side of the med-bay. In that familiar pose we’re all used to. Kara has her arms crossed, Alex her hands on her hips. They do this a lot. It’s like a signature pose. But with years and years observing them, you know exactly when this pose appears. And what it means when the grip on the arms/hips is so strong their knuckles are white. It means trouble.
So when Aunt Alex says your name, you’re not at all surprised. Lena gasps. Kara sighs. But you don’t make a sound. It’s so obvious that it would come down to you. Why wouldn't it?
You’re about to open your mouth to say you’ll do it when Sam and Jamie come rushing into the med-bay. It’s not even a minute later for you to find yourself being sandwiched between them both in an almost suffocating hug.
“Guys! Guys! Take it easy!” Aunt Alex jumps in your defense. “She is still recovering. No matter how well she looks, she needs more time.”
“Sorry.” Sam lets you go.
“I’m not.” Jamie says still hugging you. “Remember you promised you would ‘almost die’ less?”
“What a liar.” You joke and she chuckles, giving you another squeeze, then letting you go.
“You’re ok.” Sam says, turning your face towards her. Her thumbs stroke your cheeks carefully. “Right?” You agree with your head. “Right.” She breathes out, pulling your face to her shoulder, and you lay your head there, feeling the comfort. “You’re so strong. I love you, munchkin.”
“I love you too, godmother.” You give her a reassuring smile that makes her calmer. You suppose, by the way her posture changes.
They don’t bring up again the fact that if there’s any chance for them to find if the villain is working alone or with his usual evil organization, it’s up to you.
But you see, they don’t have to say it. It was said once, and it’s in the back of your mind the entire time you’re stuck in the med-bay. The whole time Kara, then Alex, then Brainy, make their way to the interrogation room and come back with nothing but a glance at your direction.
You don’t remember a time -except that one time you were literally unconscious for two weeks- that you stayed so long in the med-bay.
Kara and Lena take turns by your bedside. Sam takes Jamie home; Alex clocks out a while later and leaves as well. You look around and your family is still stuck in the same place. Everyone gets to go home, except for the three of you. So predictable.
Day 3 now, and you have all your powers back. You know that because you just used your heat vision to make Lena’s coffee warmer for when she wakes up. And also because the entire drawer accidentally came off in your hands just now. So why the hell are you still laying in this bed?
Lena is fast asleep next to you; curled around in an armchair that looks too small and too uncomfortable for a good night of sleep. Still, it doesn’t feel fair to wake her up. There’s no sight of Kara and Alex, but the DEO is already buzzing. Sam comes in a while after you woke up with breakfast for you, and you two whisper a conversation so you don’t wake Lena up.
It doesn’t take long though, for the Danvers to march in, waking Lena up in a jump scare.
“What happened?” She asks, confused. Looking lost, like she doesn’t even know where she is. “Is everything ok?”
“Yeah.” Kara answers, but you can tell her ‘yeah’ wasn’t exactly truthful.
“What’s wrong?” You and Lena both ask at the same time, knowing the truth behind it. Your shoulders tense up at once.
“No. It’s-It’s nothing.” Then a small sigh. “We just-We’ve been trying to look for his known partners, but nothing comes up.”
“Maybe he is working alone.” Sam suggests it.
“Maybe.” That too is a lie out of your momma’s mouth.
“You don’t think he is.” You point out matter-of-factly.
“I just think it would be kind of stupid learning Supergirl’ secret identity and not be working with a bigger organization.” Alex explains. “He would have no chance against her.”
“He has kryptonite. And a bunch of it by the looks of it.” You try. They shake their heads again, like they’ve practiced.
“How?” Kara furrows her brows. “Where did he get it?”
There’s no answer. Obviously no one knows. And it feels like a dead end. These are answers only he can give, and he won’t talk to anyone but you.
“Well, then.” You jump off the bed. “It looks like I have to go in.”
“No.” Lena’s answer doesn’t come a second after you closed your mouth. Like she knew what you were going to say already.
“Come on, we all know that if we want to find out if he is working for an organization, it has to be me.”
“No.” She says again.
“We’re inside the DEO, you will be outside the door ready to rescue me if anything goes wrong.”
“No.” It’s Kara’s turn.
“Why not? What’s the worst that could happen?” You ask but fear the answer. Can he hurt you even further? You ignore the burning question inside you as you go on. “If I’m not comfortable, if he tries anything, Rao, if I even see him flinch, I’ll yell, and you go inside with guns.”
There’s a prolonged silence. It isn’t an immediate ‘no’ like the ones before, so you know they are considering it. Your moms are looking at each other. Sam is behind you, so you can’t read her expression. And Alex is on the other side of the room, arms crossed, waiting for the decision. She looks as if the answer is either yes or no, it will both be bittersweet.
Kara sighs. “Only if you’re sure.”
You’re not sure. She knows you’re not sure, but she is also giving you the option to deal with your feelings whichever way you think is best. You know by her voice that she doesn’t want you to go in. But still, she gave you the option.
“WHAT?” You hear a loud interjection behind you, and you’re almost sure you’ll have to argue with Lena -again- to try and convince her. But the exclamation didn’t leave Lena’s mouth. But Sam’s. “Are you guys insane? She is a kid!”
“I’m a teen! And I’m used to it.” Weird flex but ok.
Sam ignores you. “I can’t believe you guys are even considering this! I don’t even know what this kid is still doing here in the DEO, she should be home recovering.”
“She was under the yellow sunlight emulator, hun.” Alex explains, but you feel like there’s more to it. You could be home by now. Usually, you would be home by now. So why are you actually here if not to try and get information out of him? “Besides, she is kinda right. He won’t talk to anyone and if there is a small chance he is working with more people, we need to catch all of them.”
“Yes! I agree! But not by putting a fifteen-”
“A sixteen-year-old to bargain with him after he hurt her and used war methods to get the answer out of her. That man in there is a psychopath and it’s insane trying to bargain with someone like that.” Sam fires on. Kara puts her head down after the speech. Lena agrees with her head weakly, almost ashamed she isn’t the one yelling these things. But Sam is not half done. “Would you let our daughter go in there if he had asked for her?”
“No!” Alex crosses her arms, upset by simply imagining it.
Sam holds your face with one hand, showing it to your aunt. “Exactly my point! They are kids!”
“I’m not sending her in. I’m not her parent.” Alex defends herself. Meh. Poor excuse.
“Ok.” You get out from your godmother’s firm grip. “I fought against aliens and shapeshifters, I lived in another reality for a year fighting magical beings, I went to outer space-”
“Do you want me to think that any of that is normal?”
“No! I want you to see that I’m no longer a kid. Goddamn it! I might even not be a teen anymore. I was shot twice. I had broken hearts and broken bones. That asshole in there fucking waterboarded me!” You scream. “There’s blood on my eyes. LITERAL BLOOD ON MY EYES. And you think I’m a kid?”
“Baby-” Lena starts. She raises her arms; you can almost feel the ghost touch on your skin. You move away from it.
“NO! I’m not a baby! I’m not a kid! I’m not little.” You get farther away from any of them. “Of course you wouldn’t send your daughter in. Jamie is a normal teen. I’m not normal, I’m not what you expect from a teen, and I’m not ok!”
“My heart…” Kara comes closer, open arms that would usually fit you right in, for a comforting hug.
“I SAID I’M OK!” You push her out of the way, and you leave the med-bay.
Of course you know that you said that you’re not ok. And you also know they’ve heard you just fine. But still, you feel it in your bones you need to be the one with the upper hand now. You need to be the one looking down on him, while he is tied and helpless like you were. So you have to move fast before they stop you.
It’s not hard to find where he is being kept. Your heart is beating fast in anticipation. Your hands are sweating. What will you feel when you see him? Fear of what he can still do? Proud of still being alive? Anger for hurting you? Or maybe you will feel all of it together.
You clench your fists. Harden your jaw. And look at your image on a shiny metal surface. There’s blood on your eyes. Use it.
You look at the two security guards by the door. Unclench your jaw and spit it out. “Move.”
They don’t do it immediately. They look at each other not knowing what to do. “You need authorization from Director Danv-”
“I said move.” You raise an eyebrow at him. “Or I’ll move you.”
You almost smile at the comical loud gulp after that. They make space for you, and you hold the handle trying to even your breath and slow down your heartbeat.
You’re ready for him. Let’s see if he is ready for you.
“So you want to bargain.” You say as soon as you enter the interrogation room where he is being kept. He snaps his head up and gives himself a little shit-eating grin when sees you there.
He looks way too relaxed. Too unafraid. You need to change that.
“Well, then, let’s bargain.”
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chylerleighloves · 2 days ago
Danvers sisters forever 💝
Tumblr media
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bangelus9hermionepotter · 22 hours ago
Alex: What's going on?
Kara: Hush, she's stressed.
Alex: And why are they holding hands?
Kara: Didn't you hear? She is stressed!
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invisible-pink-toast · a month ago
Surface Pressure
It's pressure like a drip, drip, drip, that'll never stop,
Tumblr media
Pressure that'll tip, tip, tip till you just go pop,
Tumblr media
Give it to your sister, your sister's older
Tumblr media
Give her all the heavy things we can't shoulder
Tumblr media
Who am I if I can't run with the ball? If I fall to
Tumblr media
Pressure like a grip, grip, grip, and it won't let go,
Tumblr media
Pressure like a tick, tick, tick till it's ready to blow, 
Tumblr media
Give it to your sister, your sister's stronger
Tumblr media
See if she can hang on a little longer
Tumblr media
Who am I if I can't carry it all? If I falter
Tumblr media
Give it to your sister, it doesn't hurt and
Tumblr media
See if she can handle every family burden
Tumblr media
Watch as she buckles and bends, but never breaks
Tumblr media
No mistakes
Tumblr media
Under the surface I'm pretty surе I'm worthless if I can't be of service
So Surface Pressure is both a bop and full of trauma and I love it. I know Luisa is the middle sister, but the song gives some major eldest daughter vibes 
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femaleheroes · 3 months ago
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comickergirl · 2 months ago
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The return of Smol Danvers for Supergirl Appreciation Week Day 4: Favorite (Platonic/Familial) Relationship
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behbuh · 5 months ago
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based on x by @i-am-robie
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juskru · 15 hours ago
And we keep winning 💪
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Thank you mlevi_art 👏
*runs back to work 🏃‍♀️*
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msdanvers · a month ago
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I’ve known pain. But I’ve also known love.
SUPERGIRL (2015-2021)
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Title: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
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sing-from-the-hair · a month ago
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first class treatment
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localsapphicperson · 2 months ago
they had lena linger on dansen for a reason
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lena-luthor · 3 months ago
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supergirldchero · a month ago
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Dramatic wives
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femaleheroes · a month ago
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Lena: she did what?
They've gotten to the point where they can laugh at how obvious they were.
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caliphoria17 · 4 months ago
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