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#alex danvers

Supergirl characters as things my teachers have said

Kara: These jam donuts can get inside me.

Lena: Water is a big word. Can we all say it and spell it numonically?

Alex: No, you can’t. Just sit there and suffer.

Maggie: Is my gaydar blinking for all the right reasons?

J’onn: When in doubt call it a weapon of war.

Nia: I get confusted.

Brainy: We’re all stuffed in the end.

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Silver Phantom

“Kara danvers one where reader gets the powers of Danny Phantom, and the accident scares Kara and causes Kara to admit her feelings for her and they start dating and also become a crime fighting duo? (If you’ve never seen Danny Phantom, then you can disregard this request lol) “

 A/n- I’m sorry this took so long, I wrote it 3 times cause I just wasn’t satisfied. This is my favorite version so I hope you like it!

Warnings: mild violence(?), some swearing

Word Count: 1821


“Up the power by 5%” Lena called, not looking away from the portal. When nothing happened, she turned around to look at y/n. “Up the power please.”

“Are you sure? I mean, we’re already pretty high.” Y/n nervously looked at the portal in front of them, worried something bad was gonna happen.

“It’ll be fine,” Lena sent the (h/c) a reassuring smile before turning back around. There was a huff behind her before the portal became brighter with the power surge, Lena keeping an eye on the data rolling on her tablet. Distracted by the numbers, Lena didn’t notice the portal starting to glow alarmingly bright.

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Listening to the amazing soundtracks from supergirl’s earlier seasons (1-3) makes me so emotional because I remember exactly how those scenes made me feel and fuck, the show was never perfect by any means but it had some incredibly powerful moments (especially in season 1) that are so worth talking about, they easily surpass many epic DCEU moments. It hurts to know that this journey comes to an end next year…

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Chyler Leigh is an incredibly talented actress, a great singer, and a deeply kind and wise person in general. She is also:

  • a survivor of an eating disorder - her mother pushed her into beginning to model when she was aged 12, she didn’t enjoy it and was constantly told she wasn’t outgoing enough and criticised for her appearance and began to compete with other girls to see how thin she could get. Her mother’s response to Chyler’s insecurities was to give her weight loss pills, one day because she felt like she still weighed too much Chyler took more than the recommended dose and was almost hospitalised. She says her insecurities about her body still occasionally rear their head.
  • diagnosed with bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and attention deficit disorder. She also struggles with her self worth, self esteem, feeling safe to express herself and reaching out for help when she needs support. She was only diagnosed in her late twenties, and was eventually voluntarily hospitalised in a mental health institution. She takes medication every day, and also practices wellness techniques and talks to doctors to look after her mental health.
  • diagnosed with a gut disorder that made it difficult to keep her food down, another reason she became severely malnourished.
  • a survivor of drug addiction and alcoholism. Chyler began abusing substances as a teenager to cope with the traumas of her home life and demands of her career, she also went on drinking binges as a symptom of her bipolar. Although she said she used many drugs her main addiction was to cocaine, which also made her lose a lot of weight but she said one of the reasons she used it was because it took away all of the pain and made it easy not to feel anything. She got clean in her early twenties alongside her husband with the support of her church community.
  • a high school dropout, who moved away from her family aged 15/16.
  • someone who was told she wouldn’t make it and that she was the reason so many of her old projects never went far.
  • a recovered self harmer. Chyler admitted she self harmed as a teen.
  • a survivor of abuse. Chyler has described her home life as being very broken and has had no contact with any of her family for years, describing herself as very estranged from them but saying that she’s ok with that. She has also spoken of having her joy taken from her as a child, feeling very lonely and scared, feeling like a disappointment, not feeling loved or worthy of love, being punished for not being perceived as good enough, being taught it was shameful to need help, not being allowed to express her emotions, being forced by her mother to do photo shoots and take film roles that she didn’t want to do (this includes a nonconsensual role her mother pushed her into taking on a film that put a then barely fifteen year old Chyler into explicit romantic and sexual scenes with a several years older sibling), having no parental support, being forced into a position of bringing in the income for her family and having to look after her mentally ill mother at times.
  • someone who has just survived a month long battle with severe COVID where she had to make plans with her husband in case she didn’t pull through.

She doesn’t need the stress of having to walk on eggshells because of multiple factions of fandom, or to be guilt tripped about doing more or doing specific stuff as if she isn’t already doing so much, or to be drawn into fanwars, or to have her mentions full of negativity about her/the show/her castmates, or extremely heavy triggering content so she has to reiterate her boundaries and why she isn’t on social media so much. She is one person, who already has a lot to deal with, and is just trying her best. She’s said before that she sees it all guys, she’s cried about it.

Instead show Chyler all of the love and support and celebration she deserves for surviving and turning her life around and getting herself well so that she can be healthy and happy and have all of this professional and personal success that she has created for herself. She has been through so much and come out the other side using her platform for good and to uplift others.

Supergirl has one season left, they’re filming it under extremely strange stressful circumstances and the past seasons haven’t been a cakewalk for the cast either with fandom harassment and network fuckery, don’t add more problems.

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Kara Danvers x Reader #2

Words: 1,105


Originally posted by justsayitstherain

Warnings: love (blegh)


Thank you for requesting, and again, sorry for every and all spelling errors. I’m sleep deprived. Hopefully this is what you were looking for :)


Kara’s getting annoyed.

You are too, but watching Kara’s exaggerated moodiness brings you enough joy that you manage not to care too much about all of the interrupting.

Kara’s friends have become your family too, with every interruption you remind yourself of that and the need to flick everyone off goes away. It works perhaps too well, because as soon as someone comes knocking you’re practically rushing to get the door with your gratitude for them.

Kara starts to think you’re doing it on purpose and that you’re trying to avoid her.

It’s absurd, really, because you love Kara and you want to spend time with her just as much as she wants to spend time with you, so much so that the guilt drives you right into everyone else’s arms—which really is where the problem arises.

“Kara,” you tell her when she manages to drag you away from Lois and Nia, all to accuse you of avoiding her. “i’m not avoiding you, I just—”

She cuts you off with a kiss, a desperate kiss that has you grasping at her forearms from where they are around your waist. “I believe you, okay? We don’t have to talk about it anymore, just kiss me. I miss you so much I’m dying.”

You rest your forehead against her shoulder and let out a laugh, “baby, i’m right here. Literally all of the time, actually. I’m just across the room. I don’t know why you’re getting so angsty.”

Kara pouts, “exactly! You’re taunting me with your smiles, and your laughs, and no one will let me near enough to bask in it.”

That earns Kara a loving smile and a kiss on the corner of her lips, much to her apparent happiness. “Everyone isn’t together like this often, even more rarely with Eliza, in the house you grew up in,” you remind her, cupping her cheek.

“I know,” Kara breathes, leaning into your hand. Kara’s always seemed like she’d be a dog if she were turned into an animal, but in moments like these she seems more like a cat. “I know,” she repeats, “that’s why I want you to be next to me, so we can experience this together.”

“You’re having fun though, right?” You ask, because you don’t want to be the reason Kara can’t enjoy herself. It’s a relief when she nods against your hand and gives you a beaming smile.

“Lots,” she assures, “now can we get back to kissing before—”

“Y/N! Nia is saying that you still chat with Cat Grant regularly, is that true?” Lois asks, pounding on the door. “Oh! And Eliza is looking for you, Kara.”

Kara mutters some curses in kryptonian.

Lois and Clark have managed to convince Eliza to let them have the guest bedroom. You and Kelly end up taking the sisters’ room, Alex sleeps with her mom, and Kara and Nia end up taking the couch, claiming they can sleep anywhere.

It’s how you and Kara end up separated for the night. Well, most of the night.

When you wake up you feel something suspiciously similar to a kryptonian’s weight laying on your back, you say as much when you realize the person on top of you is very much awake and drawing patterns into your back.

“You’re close to figuring out who it is. Take a guess.” Kara whispers, kissing your shoulder.

“Clark, is that you?” You guess, biting your lip to keep in your smirk. “We can’t do this, what will Kara think?”

You can practically see Kara’s eye roll when she says, “hah hah, very funny.”

“I’m sorry,” you whisper, mindful of a still sleeping Kelly across the room even as you laugh, and turn to look at Kara’s predictable pout.

“How long have you been here?” You ask.

Kara sighs, “I came here at around two in the morning but left a couple hours later so we wouldn’t get teased when everyone woke up…and then I came back up about fifteen minutes ago with an order to wake you and Kelly up.”

“You didn’t do a very good job,” you muse.

“No,” Alex agrees, peeking her head inside the room. Her eyes seem to be immediately drawn to Kelly in her childhood bed, “She didn’t.”

Kara mimes barfing, much to your amusement, as you pull her out of bed, “let’s leave them to get their good mornings too.”

“Why should we when she ruined ours?” Kara huffs, but she does listen, much to Alex’s appreciation.

The morning you two shared is the last moment you have with each other until after Dinner. Kara practically drags you out onto the porch, when everybody is distracted, to get time with you, and as soon as you’re alone she assaults you with an onslaught of kisses.

“I realized I didn’t kiss you goodmorning,” Kara explains between kisses.

“If these are the type of kisses I get when you forget, please forget always,” you mumble happily, pressing your lips to hers once more.

“Kara!” Clark yells from inside the house.

“Ignore him,” Kara begs, trying to kiss you again.

You let her up until you hear the sliding door open and have to force yourself to pull away.

Kara looks like she’s seconds away from shooting her cousin with laser beams. Instead though, she grabs your hand, grabs Clark’s wrist, and drags the two of you with her into the living room. In front of everyone.

She seems to have finally snapped.

“I want to kiss my girlfriend,” Kara declares in her ‘supergirl voice’. You hide your face behind your free hand, feeling thoroughly flustered. “We can’t have more than five uninterrupted minutes with each other, and we have been trying. Constantly.”

Between your fingers you see Eliza’s amused smile and shift to hide behind Kara. Kelly sends you a sympathetic smile.

“This buffoon,” Kara gestures to Clark (Eliza says her name scoldingly), “has become the eighteenth person to interrupt us in four days.”

Clark looks aghast at being called buffoon, meanwhile Lois looks seconds away from passing out with all of her laughter.

“This is me asking for thirty minutes,” Kara finishes, hands on hips.

You mumble a soft, “forty-five,” from behind Kara, and she corrects herself.

“Forty-five, I mean.”

There’s a pause just full of Lois and Nia’s snickering until Alex speaks up. “Okay, Kara,” she says slowly. “You can go have your forty-five minutes.”

Kara looks to have been waiting for just that, because she super speeds out of the room as soon as she’s gathered permission. You blink at the spot she was just in until she super speeds back in to gather you in her arms before leaving again.

“I can’t believe you forgot me,” You sigh.

“I can’t believe it was that easy to get time with you.”

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Supergirl Romantic Ships FanFiction on Ao3 Summary

  • Total: 30979

Supercorp: 13893 (44.8%)

Sanvers: 5854 (18.9%)

Supercat: 3073 (9.9%)

Karamel: 1228 (3.9%)

Alex and Kara: 1222 (3.9%)

Astra and Alex: 1159 (3.7%)

Sam and Alex: 798 (2.5%)

Dansen: 709 (2.3%)

Alex and Lena: 609 (1.9%)

Alex and Lucy: 350 (1.1%)

as of 20:00 GMT 26/10/2020

[i don’t ship all of these]

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Read on AO3

Maggie visits the D.E.O. the night following her first time spending it with Kara and ends up traumatizing Alex,  Meanwhile, Kara and Kelly share a moment when the Kryptonian drop by her sister’s place and find the bereaved woman on her sister’s couch. Lena and J'onn bring Samantha up to speed and begin the process of hiring aliens into the D.E.O.


Originally posted by daily-supergirl

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