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#alex recs fic

IronDad Fic Rec

I purposely skipped a day because those last two fics deserve to be read and enjoyed. Anyway, today’s fic is so fun!

@ironman Follows You by @malynaa

Summary: “Eighteen detentions last month alone, disgraceful amount of absent hours – often odd classes mid-day or half a day. I won’t mention the after-class clubs, or nerd groups, or whatever it is you do for ‘fun’ that actually counts in to your records anyway.”

Peter sat frozen on the spot, his face growing hot and red after rapidly paling when Tony began talking.

“I – I – look, I, let me explain – “

“That’s,” Tony pointed at him, silencing with one look, “that’s where we might start.”

“Start?” the teen repeated uneasily.

Sweet Jesus, what did he have on him?

“I solved it all, you’re welcome.”

A beat of silence as Peter blinked at him.


Or all your favorite tropes thrown into one happy bundle of fluff. Twitter, sick!Peter, dad!Tony, dickhead!Flash - you name it, I write (scratch that, probably have written) it. Because I’m a slut for iron dad like y'all, domestic hoes.


Okay so I went to rec this fic forever ago and when I went back to reread it, I realized I had only read the first chapter (of 6! Oops.) The title made a lot more sense after I read the rest of it.

The first chapter is one of my favorites. It’s so fun and features one of my all time favorite tropes - Tony going to Peter’s school! It feels so in character and I just love it a lot. It’s probably some of my favorite dialogue and banter for IronDad that I’ve read! Scratch that - it is my favorite dialogue. The author has their voices down so well. It’s freaking amazing.

The rest of the fic is different from the first chapter. It’s focused on social media but it’s done really well and is so fun to read! It shows the evolution of their relationship through online interactions and the reactions they get, as well as lots of stuff in between! (sick!Peter) The tweets are so funny but there’s a lot of stuff in between the Twitter interaction that I adore. 

Anyway, you should definitely give this fic a read! And if you like any fic, be sure to let the author know. 

Also, if @malynaa has a Tumblr, let me know so I can tag them!

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Ughhhh, the way I love Schmico’s plot in Grey’s Anatomy-

I got so heartbroken because of that dumbass “breakup” scene (if you could even call it that) but hopefully they work something out? Idk, Nico was kind of an asshole but I really hope he makes up for it in the next season 🤞🏼

I really need fic recs to fill that empty void inside of me 😪

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For free-for-all recs this week, we’re going to spotlight a fic and a gif-set that are both so beautiful and creative:

Show me the foothold from which I can climb

From the beautiful words prompt list Kilig (Tagalog) - the thrilling feeling of butterflies in your stomach when something romantic happens.

| @jule1122​ | Michael/Alex & Isobel/Gregory 

Why We Love It:

We love this powerful couple duo! The fandom needs more Gregory and Isobel fics, and this one delivers. You gain all the feels from Malex and Belmanes. It’s a sweet glimpse into the future. The fic is fluffy and romantic, with enough details to make your heart feel full. It gives the characters hope for a brighter future especially after going through a traumatic event like Isobel went though. And as we all know, these characters could use a dose of hope and happiness from time-to-time. We’re so excited to see more from this author in the future! 

time moves in one direction, memory in another 

Not Rated | @ashesandhalefire​ | Michael/Alex

Why We Love It:

This is one of those gif-sets that absolutely takes your breath away, and the longer you look at it, the more emotions you feel. Showing a combination of the present moment and a memory of what they once had, in the silhouettes of Michael and Alex, is both creative and mesmerizing. It really captures what their story is all about and how it’ll never truly end. The love they hold for one another, will always live within them. Thank you for sharing your creativity with our fandom. 

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I missed 2 whole days so this is a mash up of angst and fluff works for @roswellnewmexicocreate​! 

Legacies by @laniew1​ hahahaha you thought I was going to rec Lanie JUST ONCE?!?! I told you I’m her biggest fan, and this is a brilliant and angsty WIP canon divergence from 1x06 onward. 

i’m waiting for it, that green light (i want it) by @villanellve​ This is such a FUN wip, where the pod squad are really cool thieves and Alex and Liz are in charge of bringing them in. Please please please read this. 

darkest before dawn by @hannah-writes​ if you really want to ache for Michael and Alex, please consider this WIP where Alex loses his memories of Michael…for a reason. Just, so much heartache. 

the highschool mpreg au by @michaels-blackhat​ My entire friendship with Christi started because I wouldn’t leave her alone about this fic. She decided to indulge me. This is silly and delightful and has an extra spoonful of soft Michael Guerin that is very close to my heart. 

Aquilae by @planetsam​ another beautiful and angsty canon-divergence fic that I adore and follow. This author is not only prolific but comes up with some of the most innovative and wondrous fic ideas. Read everything they’ve written ok?

i never planned on you by @spaceskam​ a wonderful soft malex as accidental parents fic that fills my heart with joy and I can’t wait to see what Alyssa has in store for them! You will not regret following this fic. 

The Darkness Within by @el-gilliath​ do you like the premise of Dexter? Well imagine the pod squad with those changes, and you’ve got this brilliant fic. It is so well paced and keeps you at the edge of your seat, AND STILL has the malex dynamic we love and adore. Please give it a read and follow like the story deserves

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I really hope no one is surprised that I’m focusing on Alex heavy content for day 2 of @roswellnewmexicocreate​! 😎

the hardest place to be is right where you are by @queersirius​ is a sweet as heck but heart hurty Alex pov fic. It’s slow and steady look at what could have been season 2, and a way forward for Alex that would have lead him back to Michael, which is the best thing of all!

love is a burning thing by @sabrinachill​ is a fic that I often think about. This is one of those stories that you end up thinking of in the darkness of night. Alex’s quiet struggle towards freedom is heavy thing, wrapped in solitude and frostbitten with grief. Michael’s addition as a spring thaw to Alex’s heart in this story is perhaps something that will live in my dreams for a long time. 

i won’t give it up (now your heart is in my hands) by @hannah-writes​ none of my rec lists will ever be complete without Hannah’s stories. She writes Alex’s pain like a living thing in this one, a breathing heaving boulder straining Alex’s shoulders like Atlas. The slow evolution of his pain into relief, his sorrow into joy, and his loneliness into romance never fails to make me cry. I love Alex Manes, but here, in this story, I cherish him. 

Every Alex Manes scene by @manesalex​ My dear heart Molly, who knows the joy Alex’s face brings to us fans, has produced a beautiful and ongoing series of Alex scenes on the show as gifsets. And it will never fail to make you smile.

Alex’s Transformation by @alexmanes​ I’m a very big fan of Rai’s gifmaking talents. This specific gifset is an emotional and visually stunning representation of the best of Alex Manes. 

There are no more Manes Men left by @queersirius​ friends, Millie isn’t just a talented writer BUT ALSO an incredibly talented gif maker. LOOK. AT. THIS. I love the gifs, the comic book style and the overall focus on Alex’s strength, and his freedom. Millie deserves all the kudos for this!

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the holy trinity of late s2/post s2 manes bros one-shots (in no particular order)

Brothers - @emma-arthur

Greg comes to rescue Alex, Flint tries to stop him, and the three of them sit down and have a chat. my favorite thing this fic does is how it gives each brother a different disadvantage (Alex is tied up and concussed, Greg doesn’t know anything about the aliens yet, and Flint is just starting to realize how badly he’s been manipulated) so the power dynamics shift based on which one is most immediately relevant at any given point in the conversation. extra points for making the distinction between Flint’s motivation and Jesse’s because i see too many people just treating them like Jesse and Jesse 2. tbqh the show wants what this has. 

To the Moon and Back - @ravens-world

okay so this one is really centered on Alex and Mindy, but Greg and Flint make their appearances. initially it isn’t very happy, but honestly the reunion with Mindy being all smiles right from the jump wouldn’t make a lot of sense because there’s so much hurt there. this fic balances that really well with the hopeful ending for everyone, which is what i think all of us really want. bonus points for a glimpse of Flint and Greg’s one-on-one dynamic (and also Flint being the one who can cook). i love it, i melted the first time i read it and every time since, it’s a delight. 

Nail File - @michael-runs-hot-guerin

8k of Alex and Flint bickering and it is glorious. technically they’re 28 and 30 but at the same time they’re both literally 12. i love how Flint caring for Alex is evident from the beginning, he’s just trying to balance it with a lot of other shit (and not really doing a great job). Flint asking Alex what Michael’s powers are and Alex being like “fuck around and find out” gets me every time. So many quotable lines (”dating in high school is just scheduled messing around”). extra points for the overall tone and Flint being rightfully pissed about Miluca! a true work of art

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gosh I’m so sorry for the late reply but YES do I ever!!

midnight in sheffield by bastillewolf

the grand tranquility hotel by bastillewolf

love is a laserquest by arabella505 (gosh this one is my FAVE)

sick duck by rhanon_brodie

one for the road by arabella505

disrobe me, darling by lissacat

here in this house by lissacat

all these people are amazing writers and I recommend checking out all their work. but these are the ones at the top of my head that I enjoyed immensely!!

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Heart full of Ghosts

Four lifetimes where Alex and Michael don’t work and the fifth one they do

T | @winged-fool​ | Michael Guerin/Alex Manes

Why We Love It: Our love for malex, and their cosmic love for each other is best represented by this story. Malex is an epic love story, and this fic explores the way Michael and Alex have been fated, across the world, and across lifetimes. The author knows how to weave an emotional portrait by using the easiest actions and words. The way they portray the heartache and longing of these boys, who love each other over and over and over across births and deaths, and are finally united in canon. It’s a story that evokes every emotion - and for that the author deserves our thorough admiration. This story is a MUST read for all malex fans!

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FIC RECS  | SUPERGIRL | It Takes a Village by swanqueenfic13/ @lesbihonest-fic13

Alex and Maggie are woken in the middle of the night by a loud crashing noise. Their training kicks in and they both roll out of bed, reaching for their weapons. Pausing for a moment, Maggie hurriedly pulls a shirt on while Alex glances around, noticing no obvious signs of an intruder. While she pulls on a shirt, Maggie steps out of the bedroom to inspect the apartment. Silently, she signals to Alex, pointing at the blankets moving in the living room. As one, they approach from either side, weapons drawn to find…
Nothing. Just a pile of blankets.

“What the hell?” Alex murmurs. Suddenly, there’s a whimper from under the blankets and both women startle. Maggie quirks an eyebrow because that sounds like a child. Making eye contact with Alex, who raises her weapon again, she counts down with her fingers before yanking the blanket off.
“Is that Kara?”
“Oh my god.”

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If You Liked The Book, You’ll Hate The Movie

Author: paperclipbitch

Rating: Teen

Relationships: Erik Lensher/Charles Xavier, Hank McCoy/Alex Summers, Sean Cassidy/Mystique, Emma Frost/Sebastian Shaw, Armando Munoz/Angel Salvadore

Characters: Hank McCoy, Charles Xavier, Erik Lensherr, Raven Darkeholme, Alex Summers, Moria MacTaggert, Emma Frost, Sean Cassidy, Armando Munoz, Sebastian Shaw, Angel Salvadore, Scott Summers

Additional Tags: Alternate Universe-High School, Depression, Therapy, Underage Drinking, Underage Drug Use, Mentions of Rape, Alternating POV

Summary: Modern-Day High School AU. It’s not until Hank realises half the class are glancing towards the back of the classroom with something like nerves and something like schadenfreude that he finds out Alex Summers is back.

Words: 57,918

Series: N/A

Additional Info:

Reader’s Notes: This was sooooo good. It’s really well written and perfectly captures the nostalgia of public high school. The take on Erik as a school guidance councilor is unique and creative while maintaining him as character. Hank and Emma’s friendship was wonderful, and every character had their own distinct arc that I loved. Basically, it’s wonderfully written so go read it.

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He Will Change the World

The one where Michael asks Alex to write him a letter of recommendation to accompany his college application. (letter of recommendation included)

“Hey, Guerin.” He felt his heart flutter and a broad smile immediately overwhelmed his face. The sound of Alex‘s voice would never fail to have an effect on him.

Michael put his money down on the counter and turned to face Alex, his smile faltering only a little when his eyes landed on Forrest as well.

“Hi, Michael,” Forrest said warmly before putting his hand on Alex’s arm. “I’ll talk to you later.” Michael couldn’t help but notice that Alex‘s eyes did not follow him as he walked out the Crashdown door.

“Going back to work now?” Alex asked and for a second Michael wanted to blow off the rest of the work day and ask if he wanted to go for a drive.

“Yeah, Sanders wanted to try fixing one of the cars on his own, make sure he still got it,” Michael chuckled as Alex smiled. “Figured I’d grab some lunch and when I get back he can tell me it was a piece of cake.”

“Hey,” Michael said quickly as Alex opened his mouth to respond. “Can I come over tonight?”

A wary look immediately crossed Alex’s face and Michael internally groaned. Why did he even bring it up now? He had already planned on just texting him later. But Alex had smiled and he completely forgot his plans that he spent so long figuring out.

“I just wanna ask you something. Well, give you something too. But I don’t have it with me. So I can’t give it to you now.” That was not swift and Michael cringed a bit. Alex looked at him with furrowed brows, clearly wondering where this was going. “I’ll just come by quick if that’s okay, I won’t take up your entire night if you have plans.” The nerves were rattling him. “Or I can come by tomorrow if that’s better. It’s not a big deal.”

Alex’s expression softened and he smiled, making Michael relax. “Tonight is fine, come whenever you’re done with work.” Michael sighed and nodded enthusiastically.

Keep reading

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no more monsters i can breathe again

Not Rated | @manesframe​​ | Alex Manes & Tripp Manes, Jesse Manes

Alex pushed himself forward, opened the doors, walked into the bunker. And froze. His father was sitting at the long table, staring at him as if he’d been waiting for him.

“You’re dead.”

“Hmm. So I’ve heard.” His father sighed, shifting in his chair.

Alex wondered if the man would ever truly feel gone.


Alex deals with his complicated emotions after the death of his father.

Why We Love It:

I’m a sucker for a good Alex-comes-to-terms-with-shit fic and this is definitely a nice, easy one in that category. It’s not too sad, not too much, just Alex understanding that his dad is garbage in a completely cohesive way. It also has this line: “I thought you’d be happy to see your dear pops, back from the dead. Here to impart his legacy to his only worthy son.” Which I personally could and have spoken monologues about why that is so true. All of Jesse’s sons are completely capable, but Alex is the only one we’ve seen who is both entirely his own person while being the exact kind of strength he wanted, just not in the way he wanted. Anyway, this this a little fic (also a fic where Alex sincerely needs a nap) and I definitely recommend!

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