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#alex recs fic

IronDad Fic Rec

I purposely skipped a day because those last two fics deserve to be read and enjoyed. Anyway, today’s fic is so fun!

@ironman Follows You by @malynaa

Summary: “Eighteen detentions last month alone, disgraceful amount of absent hours – often odd classes mid-day or half a day. I won’t mention the after-class clubs, or nerd groups, or whatever it is you do for ‘fun’ that actually counts in to your records anyway.”

Peter sat frozen on the spot, his face growing hot and red after rapidly paling when Tony began talking.

“I – I – look, I, let me explain – “

“That’s,” Tony pointed at him, silencing with one look, “that’s where we might start.”

“Start?” the teen repeated uneasily.

Sweet Jesus, what did he have on him?

“I solved it all, you’re welcome.”

A beat of silence as Peter blinked at him.


Or all your favorite tropes thrown into one happy bundle of fluff. Twitter, sick!Peter, dad!Tony, dickhead!Flash - you name it, I write (scratch that, probably have written) it. Because I’m a slut for iron dad like y'all, domestic hoes.


Okay so I went to rec this fic forever ago and when I went back to reread it, I realized I had only read the first chapter (of 6! Oops.) The title made a lot more sense after I read the rest of it.

The first chapter is one of my favorites. It’s so fun and features one of my all time favorite tropes - Tony going to Peter’s school! It feels so in character and I just love it a lot. It’s probably some of my favorite dialogue and banter for IronDad that I’ve read! Scratch that - it is my favorite dialogue. The author has their voices down so well. It’s freaking amazing.

The rest of the fic is different from the first chapter. It’s focused on social media but it’s done really well and is so fun to read! It shows the evolution of their relationship through online interactions and the reactions they get, as well as lots of stuff in between! (sick!Peter) The tweets are so funny but there’s a lot of stuff in between the Twitter interaction that I adore. 

Anyway, you should definitely give this fic a read! And if you like any fic, be sure to let the author know. 

Also, if @malynaa has a Tumblr, let me know so I can tag them!

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there is love in our bodies and it holds us together by AndreaLyn

It’s finally happened - Michael proposed to Alex and there’s a wedding on the horizon. Isobel offers her planning talents and in the process of putting together a wedding for the men, she and Alex develop a friendship that leaves Isobel with someone closer to a brother than a friend.

@andrea-lyn has gifted this fandom with many gorgeous shipping-focused fics, but this fic provides us with something different and something so many Alex Manes fans want, an Isobel/Alex friendship. While Isobel plans Alex and Michael’s wedding, she and Alex bond over struggles with love, struggles with self-understanding and self-acceptance, familial issues, heteronormativity, and more. While it does have Malex elements, the real joy in it is getting to see Alex and Isobel become friends, support each other, and help each other grow.

If you have any Alex-focused fics you’d like us to spotlight, please let us know by dropping an ask in our inbox!

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One of my favorite authors on FFN (ancient, I know) was control of chaos. Their entire catalogue is a delight particularly if you are a fan of Ben (actual Ben not Wolf, some people get that confused, apparently) . They focus on Ben’s relationship with a qualified and competent Alex both in the SCORPIA fic below as well as in their stunning SafeHouse Series that spans multiple fics and will make your heart ache. Sometimes it hurts but in the best ways and there’s an underlying sweetness beneath the snark and sass and fear and high stakes. There are so many well excerpted details that really bring the universe to life. Another delight that deserves more attention.

Genre would be action, adventure, found family, and drama.

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