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Alex’s IronDad Fic Rec Masterlist

Look friends. I’ve put more work into this fic rec series than I have anything in a long time. And I also realized having a masterlist that links to all of my fic recs could be helpful, especially as we all practice social distancing and/or are under quarantine. So I hope you enjoy! Here are all the fics I’ve rec’d so far! Note that these link to my fic rec posts for that fic, which includes the authors summary and a short review of why I love it and think you should read it.

1. Career Day by @superhusbands4ever

2. 5 Times Peter Accidentally Took Something of Tony’s to School  by @TheSecretUchiha.

3. A Complicated Thing by writerforlife/@such-geekiness

4. With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility by @katrinathe1st

5. Prompt: Tony Stark & Peter Parker by ReadingFanfics

6. Machine Wash Hot; Tumble Dry Low by @alice_in_ink

7. Call Me First by @aparvado

8. They see me swinging by Capiche

9. The Death of Tony Stark by @nerdystace

10. In Case of Emergency by @aliaoftwoworlds

11. Glitter & Gold by @allonsysilvertongue

12. Danger Pizza by @alice_in_ink

13. What the hell? You just shot me! by TheWeirdOneL

14. A Day In the Life of Peter Parker by boo_boo_keys36

15. An Anchor if He Needs One by LostGeekGwen

16. In Medias Res by @lafayette1777

17. Underoos by @englishteacakes

18. Honorary Stark by @imgoingtocrash

19. As Real as Anything by @sahiya

20. See You Tomorrow by crosspolination

21. Blue Morning by @englishteacakes

22. Raindrops by luna_e_stelle

23. Someone to Look Out For by @doctornineandthreequarters

24. Bittersweet by Kevy_Grayce

25 Turn back the clock (and I’ll try again in the morning) by @madasthesea

26. Flushed Away by @sumpetals

27. the suit isn’t here by whowhotellsyourstory

28. Hold Your Breath While Your Safe by @groo-ock

29. Amateurs At War, Strangers To Suffering by @losingmymindtonight

30. Lullabies For A Heavy Heart by Myrime (@blancheludis )

31. After the Flames by madmonette

32. Infinite Ends Where We Begin by @ironfamjam

33. Stark Internship…………… The Second One by Orpheus_I_Dont_Feel_So_Good

34. Cyanide? In My Shawarma? by @losingmymindtonight

35. Holdfasts by @groo-ock

36. Falling Sideways by @redblueunderoos 

37. Smile, the worst is yet to come by @shvook 

38. Bits of Happiness by alleinimmer

39. Infinity starts with you & ends with me by @peter-stank 

40. 5 times Tony Stark ignored Peter Parker (but not for very long) by umbrafix

41. Spider-Baby Mama by PinkEasterEggs

42. 5 Times Peter is Stuck with Tony by @iron–spider

43. He Doesn’t Know That We Know by questionmark007

44. 5 Times Peter Made Tony Laugh Out Loud by @upcamethesun

45. In Your Corner by @asterismsinyoureyes

46. For Good by @Madelinedear

47. For the love of freefall by @3wworms

48. Everything, All At Once by @ironfamjam

49. Gelato by @babochu

50. Things we said between the Wars by @writerforlife/@such-geekiness

51. I Thought I was a Hero (but I was just a child) by @akillerqueenwrites

52. Ghosts + Swimming Pools = A Bad Day for Tony Stark by @losingmymindtonight

53. The Secrets We Keep by me! Aka OnceUponaFangirl aka @euphoric-melancholyy

54. Cause and Effect by @pokeydotes

55. The Third Option by @signofuncertainty

56. A Far Green Country by @madasthesea

57. @ironman Follows You by @malynaa

58. Morgan Stark, M.D. by @whumphoarder

59. Sleepless Nights by alieenwood

60. Mystery of Love by @seek-rest

61. Nobody’s Bulletproof by Charlene66

62. Too bad (but it’s the life you lead) by jessicagoddamnjones

63. Quid Pro Quo by @pokeydotes

64. Fitting in (Tiny Spaces) by @captainkirkk

65. Occupational Hazzard by @captainkirkk

66. Superhero Business by SkyGiantz

67. Tangled Wires by @iron–spider

68. Better Together by Alieenwood

69. Topsy Turvy by @iron–spider

70. Sleeping As I Walk by @Theoceanismyinkwell

71. Lab Day by @ferretshark

72. To Hope is to Expect by @madasthesea

73. Planes, Trains, and the Trauma Response by @imgoingtocrash & @savvysass

76. Walk a mile in these louboutins by @thwip–thwip

74. IronFam Post Endgame Cuddle Fic Series by @sahiya

75. Hero by lady_oneder

77. Before the lesson of a hindsight view by @peterparkrr

78. The Unfortune Teller by @peterparkrr

79. Loving and Leaving by @Theoceanismyinkwell

80. Forgive me my salt (my decades of taking) by @blondsak

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