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#alex russell


Literally nobody:

Not a single soul:

Me: Alex Russell is so pretty 😍

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alex russell lockscreens

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Alex Russell: speaks in his Australian accent

Me: 👁👄👁

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Something happened this time, though. My hand would shake. And it wasn’t a…it wasn’t my brain. My body was trying to tell me something.

                                               Jim Street  // 3x12 // Good Cop

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Alex Russell is so *chefs kiss*

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more hot takes, this time because i enjoyed discussing em with yall last time

spoilers for pretty much all of swat season 1- 2!

this will be mostly about jim street, i think he isn’t talked enough about in a context other than stris, which sucks because he’s a complex character. so, here goes.

1. his mom is abusive. maybe not physically, but most definitely emotionally. rewatching the season two finale and how she basically told him that he was a bad son to her for wanting her to get help was heart wrenching. she’s such a fucking martyr, acting like he owes her and guilt tripping him when he tries to distance himself from her. remember when she asked to move in with him, and he hesitated? he offered to pay for her stay at a shelter and she said “i don’t want a halfway house, i want to be with my son.” i hate her for the damage she’s done to him, she better not come back in season 4.

2. also, she’s racist? ugh. she called hondo a hotshot black guy when he told her that street coming to visit her wasn’t a good idea.

3. but more on street! so, clearly, his childhood shaped him into who he became as an adult and i believe that maybe that’s why his immature reaction to getting fired at the end of season was slightly justified? don’t get me wrong, he shouldn’t have blamed chris for getting in trouble due to a decision that was entirely made by him, but think about it. of course he felt betrayed about it, they were the closest thing he’d had to a family.

um yeah this is probably completely incoherent, but discuss if you want, im always down to chat!

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