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yo voy, maddy perez.


Originally posted by itsjustawave

pairing: maddy perez x male reader

warning: smut

a/n: nate and maddy aren’t dating in this storyline and it’s pretty shitty smut because it’s my first time )):

publish: eighth of april

the sound of music blaring through the speakers filled up your school’s gymnasium. you didn’t plan on coming to your school dance due to the fact that your ex, maddy, was going to be there but your friends somehow talked you into it and now you hated being there.

you stood at the top of the balcony and leaned against the railing as you sipped the liquor your friends managed to slip in. you scanned around the room and saw maddy sitting with her friends. you smiled at yourself. she looked gorgeous in her dress.

“aye, i’ll be back.” you say to your group of friends as you dapped them up and made your way down the stairs. maddy looked at the corner of her eye and saw you. “you have to be fucking kidding me.” maddy says, earning looks from her friends. “what’s wrong?” cassie asks. maddy moves her head to signal them to look at where you stood.

you made your way to the table and gave them all a smile. some of them returned but some of them just stared. it made you assume that maddy told them why you guys broke up.

if we’re being honest, your relationship wasn’t really stable. it was full of arguments and lust. there wasn’t much love there anymore and it seemed like maddy was in a relationship with you and sports. you hated that it took you so long to realize what you were doing wrong.

“cassie. rue. jules. lexi. kat.” you say, nodding at them. you turned your attention to maddy who rolls her eyes. “what do you, me and you dance?” you ask. “i’d rather gauge my eyes out.” maddy responds. you let out a small laugh as you rub your chin. “fair enough. come on.” you say, reaching out. “don’t touch me.” maddy says. you put your hands up and shake your head.

“fine then, i guess i’ll dance with someone else.” you say, walking away and towards a cheerleader. you signal her to the dance for and she accepts. you made your way to the dj and hand him a $50 dollar bill to request a song change. they accepted it and you made your way to the dance floor, making sure you were in front of maddy’s table.

the music soon turned into spanish, reggae to be exact. you knew it was maddy’s weakness and she use to love dancing it with you. maddy’s ears perk up when she hears ‘yo perreo sola’ starts playing. “oh my god.” kat says, earning the attention of her friends and pointing at you and a girl. maddy crosses her arms as she stares the both of you down.

“maddy, don’t.” cassie sternly says. maddy aggressively pushes her chair out and grabs a random football player. you watch them make their way to the dance floor and stand far but close to you and your dance partner. you chuckled and nod.

your partner turns around and started grinding on you. your hands start roaming around her torso as you follow her rhytm. maddy was doing the same thing. you both stared into each other’s eyes. you could feel the sexual tension raising by the minute. maddy was getting more and more sexual with her partner. you couldn’t help but feel angry yet turned on.

the music ended and started a new reggae song, ‘yo voy’. you smirk at maddy, knowing that it was the both of your guy’s go to dance song. “you guys owe me $10 if maddy and y/n go to the bathroom and fuck.” rue announces as she watched the pair dance. “deal.” jules say, shaking on it.

it didn’t take long for you to move away from your dance partner and making her trip. maddy stops and stands still as her partner continues to dance on her. you made your way towards her and grabbed her hand, leading her to the faculty’s bathroom. maddy gives you an annoyed look as you push her in and lock the door. “you’re not fucking me.” she tells you.

“i’d like to see you stop me.” you respond as she smiles and pushes you against the door. “pay up.” rue says, sticking her hand out and wiggling her fingers. jules takes $10 out of her shirt and rolls her eyes as she gives rue the money.

maddy’s hands made her way to your tie as she unraveled it and throws it on the floor. you unbuttoned your coat, trying to not break the heated kiss. god you missed the touch of her lips and the sight of her body. you took your coat off and put your hands on her jaw, pushing her to the other side of the rest room. maddy jumps up as she wraps her legs around your body. you hands roam around her back, trying to find a way to take her top off.

you soon find it and pull her top off. you traveled your hands down and started rubbing her. maddy let out a soft moan into your lips as one hand was placed behind your neck and the other on your shoulder. you insert two fingers and start to rub her clit with your thumb. “f-fuck y/n.” she says into your ear. you couldn’t front, you missed having her moan in your ear.

you felt her walls tighten up as she releases. she jumps out of your arms and bends over the sink, lifting her dress up. you pull out a condom from your pocket and pull your pants down. it was happening so fast that you wanted to slow down so you could cherish this memorable moment.

you slip the condom on as you stand behind her. you trails your fingers down her back as you place small kisses. maddy was impatient and eager for you to just fuck her. “are you gonna fu-“ she gets cut off by the way you slowly slide in. you throw your head back and start to thrust into her. maddy’s moans were mixed with the music that was playing at the dance.

you slowly picked up the paste as maddy’s moans started to get louder and louder. you both were moving in sync. maddy loved making you feel like you were doing an incredible job even if it meant faking it sometimes. you started going faster as your grip tightened around her waste. you started pulling on her hair. “faster y/n, please.” maddy begs as you give in. you didn’t really like doing the work, you always left it to maddy but you both were kind of in the moment and had no room to do what you wanted to do.

you throw your head back as you bite you lip. her walls started to tighten as you hit her g-stop. “oh fuck. right there, right there.” you softly say as you go faster and slower at the same time. “i’m gonna cum.” you say, pulling out and releasing everything on her back. you fall backwards a bit as maddy supports herself on the sink. “oh fuck. whew!” you say, leaning against the wall and smirking at her as you pull your pants up.

“i missed that.” you blurt out. maddy scoffs and rolls her eyes as she picks her top up and slips it on. “i’ve had better.” she replies, tying it. you scoff and smile. “pfft, yeah right.” you say, buckling your pants back and grabbing your white shirt. it was silent as the both of you continued to get dressed. “look, i don’t know what this means but maddy, i miss you..” you confidently say.

“and i know, i know, i should’ve realized what i was doing when we were dating and not after we broke up. i love you. i really do and i want to make it up to you.” you add. maddy stays quiet as she walks up to the mirror and fixes herself. she turns around to face you and tilts her head, pouting. “aww, that’s too bad. i never loved you papisto.” she lies, walking out of the bathroom with a smirk.

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