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Can I request for Raymond Smith these please? :)
Thanks for your request for my Emoji Fic Fest! 💗
Beach Balls
Pairing: Raymond Smith x F!Reader Warnings: smut, swearing, sex on the beach, public-ish (brief reference assuming there’s an audience) Word Count: ~1.3k Emoji Prompt: 👩‍🍳🏖🔮 (key words are in bold)
Tumblr media
He’s giving you his bitch, please face.
You’re giving him your beach, please face, because Ray’s aversion to beaches is honestly such a disgrace. His OCD ass really needs to get over his hatred of salt in his slicked hair and fine grains of sand stuck all over the place.
You’ve stepped out of the kitchen with something hot clutched in your hands as you come to join him on the couch. He’s a grump and a grouch. Yet be that as it may, by the end of the day, your goal is to take him to the shore and you’re certain it’s not out of reach.
He repeats himself loud and clear, same shit you always hear. “I am not going to the beach.”
“I knew you would say no. I baked your favorite tart to tempt you though. It’s ginger peach.”
He can tell, by the comforting smell, blend of butter and sugar and spice absolutely divine. “You’re too kind. But do you really think baked goods will change my mind?”
“Baked goods and something else perhaps…” you purr as you settle in place straddling his lap. You know exactly how to get your man to fall into your trap. “Remember when we went to see that fortuneteller just for kicks, her crystal ball declared that I’m the only weakness in your fortress? That I’d always find the holes in your resolve and get your brick walls to collapse?”
He does remember as it had been pretty recent. Just the other weekend. And indeed once Raymond feels the heat of you that always hits him in his crotch and in his heart, hotter than this freshly baked tart… he worries his resistance is already weakened.
And you can sense it too, the way he melts for you, as you proceed to feed your man a big forkful of flaky crust and sweet syrupy peach. You whisper words into his ear sure to paint pictures in his head that fucking stick. You’ve always known what makes him tick. “I want to fuck you on the beach. Wet sand beneath and blazing sun above, as we make hot passionate love, waves crashing all around us while you pound this cunt with that big fucking dick.”
Of course it works—he groans around the peachy mouthful that you fed him and you flash a wicked smirk, as you pull out the sticky fork. Crumbs of the crust and traces of the fruity filling are still clinging to the tines and your tongue cleans them off with a sensuous lick.
You knew that shit would do the trick. Especially now as you level up your game by dealing his alpha male pride a playful little kick. “But I’m not sure you’ve got the balls to do the dirty out in public.”
Ray gulps down his bite of tart and then glares up at you appalled. He will not stand for such an insult, not at all. “You of all people should know better than to doubt my fucking balls.”
You shrug and roll your eyes, grinding down on the bulge between his thighs. “The closest that you’ve ever come to fucking me in public was a private bathroom stall. Or in my office with the door locked but that doesn’t count as public just because we could hear voices in the halls.”
“Bitch are you really testing me?”
At that you get up off his lap and casually head toward the door with tart in hand and grab your beach bag, which you had already packed. Wink back at him suggestively. “I guess we’ll see.”
“Is this public enough for you?”
He says it in a huff—grating and gruff, the brush of his beard ever coarser now that salt and sand have stuck into the scruff. You’re both sharply aware that others may be watching and no doubt loving the view. It’s not as if you’re putting on a show on purpose for the world to watch you two, but there’s just such a thrill in knowing passing strangers could stroll by and see your man’s bare backside thrusting viciously while he’s on top of you.
It’s obvious that Ray still hates this place. Clear from the gritting of his teeth and from the grimace creasing up his sweat-streaked face. He hates the scrape of sand beneath you and the brutal beating of the sun above you. But you love when there’s a little bit of hatred in the way that he makes love to you.
Never towards you, of course—rather towards what you make him feel and make him do, which is a whole lot fucking worse. Your presence in his life is such a blessing yet your power over him is such a curse.
For someone so extremely self-possessed, so serious about control that he is honestly obsessed, it’s quite unsettling how readily he lets you take the reins and make him yours.
He steals back some of that control by owning all your holes with feral fucking force.
You haven’t yet answered his question as to whether this beach is public enough for you. Too breathless from just how epic the sex is but when Raymond cups your jaw your eyes flit open and you read answer me slut in his ferocious gaze of blue. You love the way he has no need for words to tell you what to do.
“Mmm, just enough,” you tell him blissfully as his thick cock plows into you savage and rough. He’s always much more than enough but you still want to act as if you won this game you came to play. “Just fuck me on this beach all day. I always knew you had the balls, Ray.”
He shoves deeper into your soaking wet core with a low grunt. Down to the hilt, making you gasp from being so perfectly filled. “You like the feeling of these big huge fucking balls slapping against your slutty cunt? Just like you want?”
“Fuck yes, sir…” you shout out loud enough for all the world to hear it as you hit the heights of pleasure. Fall to pieces as his shaft rails you to bits, and as his skillful fingers tease against your clit, applying just the perfect pressure.
“Take it all,” he growls as his sack tightens and stiff cock begins to powerfully convulse, racing the rhythm of your pulse, all set to paint your inner walls. His lip curls up against your ear in a demanding fucking snarl. “Take all the cum from these big fucking balls, you dirty little girl.”
Oh yes you fucking will, take everything he has to fill, and you will proudly let this man drill you in front of all the world.
He’s more than just a little proud too. Your shameless and openness and riskiness, when it comes to delicious frisky business, is just one of countless things he loves about you.
Raymond Smith is now a much kinkier bastard than he ever was without you.
By the time he’s thoroughly flooded your tight pussy, you’re both sprawled out on the sand loosely, savoring the sensation of his meat inside your heat all slick and juicy. When he at last slides out of you his cum drips out and paints a pearly path across the sand beneath the space between your legs. You’re both reduced to fucking wrecks.
Then as you cuddle through the sun-kissed afterglow, he glances over at the partly eaten peach dessert you’d brought and asks you something he just has to know. “What was even the point of the tart if your plan was to tempt me with sex?”
You smile and give him the innocent answer he probably expects. “Just to butter you up a bit. Knew you would love it.”
Don’t tell him just yet that this tart filled with peach also serves some less innocent subtext: now that your man has finally fucked your pussy on the beach… you’ll soon ask him if he wants to fuck your peach next.
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When We Were Young Part Seven
Previous Part | Next Part | Masterlist Pairing: Sherlock Holmes x Reader Rating: T Notes: Not beta-read. I hope everyone’s having a good week! I hope everyone’s had a good week and is doing well :) Thank you for all of the likes/reblogs/replies 🥰 Warnings: Uuuuuh none Summary: You’d spent the previous night dwelling on the brief feeling of Sherlock’s fingertips skimming over the soft of your wrist as he’d peeled your glove away.
Tumblr media
You had almost forgotten what it was like to be around Lord Dawson with your Uncle Cornelius lingering nearby. The last time a man had visited you at Cornelius’ home, it had been Sherlock, and Cornelius had left the two of you alone.
Now, though, the three of you were settled in Cornelius’ sitting room. They had been engaged in a conversation about horse racing for the last twenty minutes. You’d kept your face set in a careful mask of interest, nodding every few minutes. Frankly, you couldn’t give a damn about the horses Dawson kept. He only brought them up to remind you of the amount of wealth he had, as if you’d managed to forget somehow.
You raised your eyes as you spotted Dawson rising out of his chair.
“I really must go. I have tickets to the theater this evening.”
He stilled, realizing what he’d just technically told the two of you. Cornelius’ coughed thickly, diverting Dawson’s attention and allowing you the chance to pinch your nose and shake your head in peace. You lowered your hand as Dawson turned to you again.
“I shall try to call on you again before you leave London—Do you know when you’ll be called home?”
“I’m unsure,” You admitted, “But it will likely be within the next week.”
“Then I will be certain to hurry back,” Dawson chanced a wink as he took hold of your gloved hand and raised it to his lips. You lowered your eyes coyly, as was expected of you, and lowered your hand back to your lap as Cornelius escorted Dawson out of the room. You sighed, resting your head on your hand and peering out of the window. You’d spent the previous night dwelling on the brief feeling of Sherlock’s fingertips skimming over the soft of your wrist as he’d peeled your glove away. He’d watched you as he’d done it, eyes pinning you to the seat of the hansom. His hold on your sleeve had not been excessively strong; you could’ve pulled away if you’d wanted to. But... You hadn’t particularly wanted to. That was a dreadfully dangerous thought. You’d need to get it back – and soon. Your mother wouldn’t like you lingering in town any longer than necessary, but you couldn’t leave without that glove.
Maybe you could ask Enola to get it for you.
You turned your head at the sound of Uncle Cornelius’ voice.
“’Well’ what?” You asked.
“What do you think?”
“Of Lord Dawson’s prospects as your future husband,” Cornelius pressed as he sat down across from you.
“I think I’d buy him a box at the Theater Royal for a wedding present.”
Cornelius’ belly shook with his laugh, and you smiled a little.
“That is a wicked thought, niece. One which your mother would not approve of…Not that your mother approves of much. She does seem fond of Lord Dawson, though.”
“Well, she wouldn’t be married to him.”
Cornelius hummed, thoughtful.
“Tell me,” He leaned forward, “If you had to describe your ideal husband, how would you?”
You frowned.
“Why on earth do you ask?”
“Indulge me.”
You considered for a few moments. It was hardly the first time you’d thought about it, but it was the first time anyone had bothered to ask you.
“...Considerate,” You started, “Intelligent, trustworthy, and honest...Respectful.”
“Quite the list,” Cornelius leaned back in his seat, his hand coming up to rub at his chin thoughtfully, “Do you find Dawson lacking in some of these qualities?”
You found Dawson lacking in all of them.
“Well, beyond his tendency to be unfaithful, of which I am already well aware,” You said dryly as you rose out of your seat, “There is the matter of his dismissal of interests, my time, and the gift he gave me,” You picked up the parcel - sheet music, wrapped with a beautiful turquoise bow.
“Quite thoughtful,” Cornelius said. You raised a brow, lifting the handwritten note that had been tucked under it.
“‘Hoping that you will think of me when you play these notes, my dear sweet Mable,” You read. Cornelius balked.
“Perhaps… Perhaps--”
“There’s no ‘perhaps’, Uncle,” You sighed, passing him the note, “It’s dated last year as well -- clearly meant for some sweetheart that dismissed him before he could give it to her. If he can’t put effort into courting me properly, then how am I to believe he’ll show me any respect when we’re married?”
Cornelius lifted his eyes from the note you’d handed him. He looked primed to ask another question, but before he could, there was a knock on the door.
“Yes?” Cornelius called out. The door opened to reveal Mrs. Lloyd.
“A Mr. Holmes is here to see the young lady.”
“Mustached or un-mustached?” You asked. Mrs. Lloyd raised a brow before she leaned back into the hall to get another look. She leaned back in.
“Send him in,” You sighed, resting your hands on your hips. Mrs. Lloyd nodded, stepping back to get him. You turned to Uncle Cornelius, expectant. He frowned.
“Aren’t you going to excuse yourself?” You asked when he didn’t move.
“Why would I?”
“The last time Mr. Holmes called on me, you made yourself...Scarce.”
“And you’ve reason for me to do so now?”
“I-- No, no reason, but I assumed--”
Cornelius simply leaned back in his seat, watching you flounder, amused. Your eyes widened a bit. How on earth were you going to explain needing to get your glove back?
“Ah, Holmes,” Cornelis grinned as he pushed himself out of his seat, holding his hand out to Sherlock as he came in.
“Sir,” Sherlock shook his hand before turning to you.
“Mr. Holmes,” You greeted.
“Dove,” He murmured. You felt the weight of Cornelius’ bewildered gaze on the both of you. Sherlock seemed to sense it, too, and he cleared his throat.
“I was wondering if you would care to accompany me on a walk,” He spoke up, voice clear so that Cornelius wouldn’t have any more reason to stare you down.
“Of course,” You nodded. Surely you could negotiate your glove’s freedom.
Cornelius was trailing a suspicious number of steps behind you. You walked with your hands clasped in front of you; Sherlock walked beside you with his hands clasped behind him. The two of you strolled in surprisingly companionable silence for quite a while.
The two of you began to speak at the same time. You turned to look at one another, waiting for the other to speak. Sherlock smiled.
“Go on,” He urged gently.
“I assumed that I would be the one to come to Baker Street to visit you, not the other way around,” You said.
“I was feeling a little...impatient,” Sherlock seemed chagrined to say so. Your brows rose.
“Impatient?” You repeated, unable to keep the amusement from bleeding into your tone. You glanced back, ensuring Cornelius had kept his distance.
“Did you think I’d left town?”
“No, dove. You’re smarter than that. Besides, you’d never do that to Enola.”
You hesitated, eyes set ahead of you.
“I’d never do it to you, either,” You offered, “I keep my promises, Mr. Holmes.”
“...Not all of them.”
“Well, you did promise you’d write-- When we were younger,” Sherlock reminded you.
“And I did, several times, thus fulfilling my promise.”
Sherlock hummed quietly, unconvinced. You scoffed.
“Just because I didn’t do something exactly as you might’ve liked doesn’t mean that I didn’t do it at all.”
“Did you really stop because…” Sherlock trailed off. You glanced up at him to find his brow deeply furrowed, the corners of his mouth pulled down.
“...Yes,” You admitted, “You hardly ever took pleasure in my company when we were at Ferndell. I hadn’t expected you to ask me to write to you at all, and then when you didn’t respond, I just assumed that you were as bored of me as you had ever been… At least you got some additional calligraphy study out of it,” You offered. Had you been alone, you might’ve nudged his arm with yours, or something -- anything to get that dreadful frown off of Sherlock’s face. He stopped walking, and you realized that you’d returned to Uncle Cornelius’ house.
It was getting quite late -- Big Ben had just chimed four; people would be arriving for dinner in a while, and you had to change. Cornelius and Sherlock bid one another a good day.
“Sherlock,” You spoke up as he began to walk away from the house. He turned back to you, expectant. You glanced back toward Cornelius, who was already starting up the steps.
“May I have my glove back, please?” You asked, voice hushed.
“Hm? Oh, of course.”
You watched as Sherlock patted down each of his pockets, his face shifting from a frown to a playful pout.
“Of all the luck-- I believe it’s in my other coat.”
You shook your head slowly, eyes narrowing at him.
“Incorrigible,” You said.
“Is that better or worse than impossible?” Sherlock asked.
“Come now, young lady! It’s getting late,” You heard Mrs. Lloyd call from inside.
“Run along, dove. I’ll bring your glove next time,” Sherlock said, shooting you a wink.
“Do you promise?” You asked.
“I can only tell you that I shall try.” Sherlock reached out and took hold of your hand. You watched warily as he bent over it, pressing a kiss to the back of it. You quickly pulled it back when he leaned away. He arched a brow. You felt heat rise to your cheeks as you cast glances around. There were few people on the street - surely no one that knew your mother had seen you and would tell her what had transpired.
“I cannot have you stealing two of my right gloves,” You grumbled by way of explanation, “Then I should have to carry a muff around in the middle of May, and how ridiculous would that look?”
Sherlock smiled, taking a step back.
“Good day, dove.”
“Good day, Mr. Holmes.” Tag list: @run-through-wa11s ; @thefallenbibliophilequote ; @bitchy-witchy-post-mortem ; @maan24​ ; @awkward-walking-potato​ ; @madalore​ ; @alexa-lightwood-blog​ ; @chelseaxaz ; @marwritesgood​ ; @runawayolives​ ; @parkerismybaby​ ; @magicstrengthandcourage ; @shesthelastjedi​ ; @wolfiepirate​ ; @xremember-me-notx​ ; @fandoms-pizza-wifi-ym13​ ; @alagaesian-bookdragon ; @libbymouse ; @truthdaze  ;  @crispysublimecupcake  ; @cavillhavoc  ; @juliesland ; @lyannamartell23​ ; @seeking-a-great--perhaps ; @libbymouse ; @anxiousgoldengirl ; @gooddaykate-reads ;
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Becoming: Chapter 1: You don’t know my name
Tumblr media
As always. I hope that you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing.
A/N: TRR is my very favorite Choices book. This is my first TRR fic. It is deeply personal and I hope that you like it.
Disclaimers: All characters are property of Pixelberry
Warnings: Mention of drug/alcohol use and violence. Also, sexual content. Reader’s discretion is advised.
Word Count: 3145
Pairings: Liam Rhys x MC (Karis Vasquez)
Song inspiration: You don’t know my name-Alicia Keys
Be Kind: Hit the heart button, leave a comment or reblog. It makes a writer so so happy.
So this is Howard University. The campus was absolutely beautiful. Nestled in the heart of the ghetto of our nation’s capital, she was excited to be there on a full scholarship. Karis took deep breaths as she walked into Cook Hall for the first time. She never thought with all that she had experienced in her short life that college would even be on her radar. 
She grew up with an alcoholic father and a drug-addicted mother. They moved a lot, which never really afforded her the luxury of stability. When she was 10 she woke up one morning to a gurgling noise. It was her Daddy. To this day the sound of his death rattle haunts her. Her mother’s drug use seemed to worsen after her father’s death. 
She and her mother moved several more times over the following years. Finally, the habits of her mother became too much for her. She can remember the day she called her Grandmother to tell her she was done and she was running away from home. Her grandmother, a new retiree, convinced her to just come to stay with her instead. 
Her mother eventually checked into rehab and was able to have a year of sobriety before tragedy would loom over Karis once again. After an argument, Karis walked in and witnessed the murder of her mother at the hands of her grandmother’s husband. The culmination of all her trauma rocked Karis to her core and has shaped who she would be. 
 “Hey, you must be my roomie. The name is Misti.” Karis took in the pint sized ball of energy. 
“Karis. It’s nice to meet you.” 
They spent the afternoon getting unpacked, decorating their dorm room and chatting it up. They seemed to hit it off immediately. 
Over the next few months they became really close. Some even mistook them for sisters. At the end of their freshman year they pledged their sorority together. They crossed together. They did so much together. Studying, community service, volunteering, partying. 
They spent every waking moment together. So when Misti went home to New York for the summer, naturally she invited Karis to join her. With no help from family, she took Misti up on her offer and even got a job as a waitress to earn some money over the summer. She even made a new friend at work, Daniel. 
 One Saturday night Daniel had a date and called in a favor for Karis to cover a shift for him. Misti had a date that night and it was better than spending the night alone in their apartment. She had no idea that her life would take on a completely different trajectory and forever be changed by simply doing Daniel a favor. 
She was covering a table of guys who were in town for a bachelor party. When she approached the booth she could feel her cheeks heat up. 
“Hello, gentleman, my name is Karis and I’ll be taking care of you this evening.” 
They were beautiful. Every single guy was a hottie, well there was one who seemed like a slime ball. One guy in particular caught her eye. He was beautiful and his body made her blush. The way his denim shirt hugged his muscles made it hard for her to concentrate. He was the only one in the group dressed down. He was nursing his third double shot of Johnnie Walker black label. He was brooding and she had the feeling he just wasn’t enjoying himself. 
“Waitress, steaks for the table,” another one of the guys requested pulling her from her reverie. 
“How about some filet mignon, medium rare and prepared with a bearnaise sauce?” the slimeball chimed in… 
Their request was a great distraction from their friend who was still quiet but never put his whiskey neat back down on the table. 
“The closest thing we have to filet mignon is the deluxe burger,” she said. 
“Dare I ask for your wine list?” the slimeball said. 
Unbelievable, she thought to herself. “We’ve got an excellent vintage house red…” She could tell that she would have to earn her tip with this table, that is if they didn’t leave first. They seemed like an uppity bunch. 
“It also comes in white,” she tried to give the guys some options. 
“We’ll be fine with a bottle of whiskey and four deluxe burgers,” the guy in the denim shirt with the dreamy eyes decided. “Four?” There were only three of them seated. The denim shirt nodded behind her and she turned and locked eyes with the most breathtaking specimen she had ever seen in her life. He’s probably the biggest jerk of them all. Gorgeous men usually are..
He smiled at her as she approached the table and she felt a hot wet desire pool at her center. 
“Sorry I’m late. Thank you Miss…?” 
She swooned, he is gorgeous and polite. She just stood there looking like an idiot. She is pretty sure in the moment she can’t seem to recall her name. 
Oh yeah, “Karis, the name is Karis,” she said. 
“Charmed to make your acquaintance, Karis,” he said never breaking eye contact. 
“I can take care of you all night.” 
He smiled. 
FUCK, did I say that out loud? 
“I meant, let me take care of you all night. No, I’m your server for tonight. I’ll be right back with your drinks.” 
She turned and walked away completely mortified. What the hell was that Karis? He is going to think that you are a buffoon she said to herself. 
Later that evening the restaurant was closing for the night and she was sitting rolling silverware when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned to see him towering over her. He had to be at least 6”4. His cologne smelled expensive and his smile was melting her heart. 
“I think we’re about ready to head out. I just wanted to thank you…and apologize… I know we kept you late, and my friends can be demanding.” 
Her heart skipped a beat. Could he be any more charming? 
“Demanding? That’s one word for it,” she said not daring to make eye contact. 
“Heh, you’re right but I didn’t want to offend you with my language.” 
He offered to make it up by buying her a drink. He said that they were heading to a club. Clubs weren’t really her thing. She thanked him for his kindness, and let the men out of the restaurant before locking up. When she returned to the table she was flabbergasted at the amount of the tip that was left on the receipt. It was definitely the largest tip she had ever received. There was also a phone number written on a napkin. She quickly tucked it into her apron and headed out. 
She quickly paced down the streets of Manhattan to get to the subway. She had made it to the corner when a black Chevy Tahoe with dark window tints pulled in front of her. When it stopped the window lowered and to her surprise the kind stranger was inside. 
“Karis, do you need a ride home? No proper lady should be walking alone in this neighborhood at night,” he explained. 
“No, I’ll be fine thank you. Daniel is normally with me but he had a date tonight. Take care.” 
She turned and walked down towards the subway entrance. Before she would get too far she heard the door slam and he was chasing her down the dark littered street. This can’t be real. She said to herself. 
“Karis, wait!” he yelled as he advanced on her. 
She stopped and she couldn’t help but to smile when she asked, “what are you doing?” 
He lifted one eyebrow, “making sure you get home safely.” 
Her heart hammered in her chest. 
“I don’t even know your name,” she blushed. 
“Liam, Liam Adonis Rhys.” She was a goner. 
“Adonis huh? You got that right,” she mumbled. 
How did his eyes manage to sparkle in the dark?
“What was that?” 
“Oh, I said uh, you gave me a fright? Well, Liam Adonis Rhys, it’s a very kind gesture but I only have a few stops on the subway and–” 
He interrupted, “I won’t be okay unless I personally know that you’ve made it home safely.” He lifted his arm to hail a cab. 
“I will send for my ride once I have seen you to your door.” She smiles at him as he opens the door of the cab. She slides in and moves over for him. 
“If you insist.”
Tumblr media
They make small talk during the cab ride and when they arrive in front of her Brooklyn walk up she quietly says, “this is me.” She thanks him for being a gentleman as he pays the driver for the ride. 
“So are you going to stand out here with me until my car comes, I’m scared,” he smirks. 
“Yes, or you could come up and have that drink you promised.” 
His brilliant smile answered for him. “Lead the way.” 
Once they made it upstairs. She unlocked the door and called out for her roommates. Neither of them were home.
”I guess it’s just us.”
 She sent a text to both Daniel and Misti.
Karis: Hey, I’m home. I have company. It’s one of the guys from the bachelor party. He will probably be gone before you get home but just wanted to give you a heads up…
Misti: Not St. Karis! I will have to hurry home. I don’t believe it.
Daniel: Get it girl! I might not get home tonight. 
Karis: Mimi, Ugh! Danny, Enjoy…
“I’m sorry about that,” she says turning to Liam. “I like to let them know when I have made it in. It’s stuffy in here. May I offer you something to drink. Are you hungry?” 
She asks as she opens the windows and lights a couple of the 3 wick candles placed sporadically around the room. 
His eyes blaze and he smiles. “What do you have?” 
She points to the small bar cart tucked into the corner. 
“Help yourself. I smell like grease. I will be back shortly. Make yourself at home. The remote to the tv is on the table or just ask Alexa to play your favorite song. Yell if you need me. Be right back.” 
She disappears into her room. He hears the sounds of the shower running as pours himself a scotch. He looks around the small clean apartment and wonders who Karis is, who her roommates are.. A few minutes later he notices the water shut off and he decides to ask Alexa to play a song that he heard earlier today. 
He can’t seem to get it out of his head. “Alexa, play Thinking out loud, by Ed Sheeran.” 
Karis saunters into the room in a white tank, clearly no bra as her hardened nipples tell her secret and sleep shorts that immediately catch Liam’s attention. 
“Daaaaamn!” Her eyes go wide and she blushes furiously. He thought he said it in his head. His mouth watered as he swallowed thickly. Her hair was still a bit damp from the shower and her soft skin glowed. 
“Sorry, I took so long.” He interrupted. 
“Karis, may I have this dance?” His expression was earnest. 
Tumblr media
“Uh, sure.” She took his hand and he pulled her close, wrapping his strong arms around her. God he smells amazing she said to herself. His length instantly stiffened. She smelled like pears and just felt right in his arms. 
She asked, “You like Ed Sheeran?” breaking his reverie. 
“I like you,” he whispered into her ear as they swayed back and forth in each other’s embrace. 
“You don’t know me,” she smiled at him. 
“Let’s change that. Tell me one thing about you that nobody knows.” She smiled, eyebrows furrowed in thought. The song ends. 
“My turn. Alexa, play You don’t know my name by Alicia Keys.” They never break their embrace, 
“Hmm, one thing. I’m terrible at relationships.” They both laugh. 
“Why terrible?” he looks into her eyes. 
“My guards are always up. I don’t deal with bullshit. I want to be a priority, I’m scared of getting hurt, I don’t trust easily… the list goes on,” she says. 
“Maybe you just haven’t found the right one,” he says quietly. 
“What about you Liam? What’s your one thing?” 
She pulls back and looks him deeply in his brown eyes. He didn’t have to think about it. “I’ve never been in love,” he blurted out.
When the song ended, she invited him back to her room for privacy just in case one of her roommates comes home. He sat back on the bed with his back against the wall. His long legs almost stretch the entire way across her bed. She perched next to him. 
“I find it hard to believe that someone as charming as you has never been in love,” she challenged. 
“My life is complicated and it hadn’t allow me a lot of time for relationships growing up. So tell me about you and your family and where you grew up.” 
Her face instantly falls. Her family and upbringing normally is too heavy to discuss with people. She doesn’t meet his eyes. 
“Karis, what is it?” he asks as he lifts her chin forcing her to look at him. She usually is afraid of scaring people off but there is something about him that she trusts. 
“I normally wait a year or two to share that kind of stuff with people,” she smiles but it doesn’t reach her eyes. 
“If it makes you uncomfortable–” she takes his hand. “I don’t know why but there is something about you that I trust. Besides, you leave for Europe tomorrow. I will probably never see you again.” she laughs. 
She talks to him about her childhood and tells him about her family. She is waiting for him to tense up, or judge or even worse for pity… But it never comes. He listens to her and is empathetic and sweet. They take a break. They sit in a comfortable silence as he notices tears welling up in her eyes. 
“Hey, hey no, no, none of that. We are supposed to be having a good time.” He snakes his arms around her holding her tight and wiping her tears. 
“My turn, my mum was murdered when I was a kid too. We have no idea who did it or why. I miss her everyday but I’d like to think that she is smiling down on me and that she is proud.” 
She looked up at him and it was like a magnet drew their lips together. The kiss was gentle, feather light at first and then more urgent, passionate. His hands roam her body, he stops and looks at her. “Is this alright?” he quietly asks. 
“God yes,” she moans as her lips meet his again. He drags his mouth down her neck and his large hands tease her breast through her thin tank. 
“Liam!” she pants. She unbuttons his shirt and throws it to the side. She gasps as her fingers graze his chiseled pecs. She fumbles with his belt as she straddles his lap. She can feel his length twitching underneath her. She reaches into his boxer briefs and he hardens in her hand. 
“Damn Liam, you could have warned me!” He smiles. 
She pulls her hand out so he can pull her tank over her head taking her breast in his mouth. He slides his hand down into her shorts rubbing her center through her silk panties. 
“Karis, you are soaked,” he says in a low husky voice. 
She smiles, “that’s your fault. You can’t get this close, looking like that, smelling like that, touching me like this and expect for my body not to respond.” she says in between moans. 
“You’re stunning. I tried to be a gentleman. I promise,” he whispered as he laid her back slipping her shorts off along with her panties. She gasps as she lifts her hips. 
“I know. It’s ok,” she reassures him. 
He hovers over her flicking her breast with his tongue as she strokes his strong arms. She squeals in delight. He drags his warm open mouth down her curvy body until he settles between her thighs. He gently kisses her thighs and finally finds her center. She rubs his bald head as he feasts on her. 
“Oh God Liam!” she moans in ecstasy as she creams in his mouth. She shivers and her thighs clamp closed on both sides of his head. He looks up at her smiling, her juices still all over his face. His smile fades and he sits up when he notices that she is crying. 
“Oh my God, Karis. Did I hurt you?” he asked concerned. 
“No, you are amazing. It’s me. Liam, I thought I could go through with this but I’m not ready. I shouldn’t have let this go this far. It’s not that I don’t want to. God, I definitely want you. But, I've never gone all the way.” 
His eyes widened. “Whoa Karis, that’s a big deal. I’m flattered that you felt so comfortable with me but it’s ok, really. We can stop. I’ll be ok once this situation goes away.” he motions to his rock hard length. 
“Really?” she is shocked by his response. 
“Liam, let me help you with that. I would hate to be the only one who gets a happy ending tonight.” She squirts some strawberry lube into her palm and takes him into her hand. She strokes him several times before she straddles him backwards to take him into her mouth. 
“Karis, you don’t have to– oh, shit!” His body goes limp beneath her. 
“Shit! Baby, sit on my face. He grabs her waist and buries his face in between her cheeks. He licks and laps her as his large hands grip her thighs as they send each other over the edge. They collapse side by side in her bed. He scooped her up in his arms and they fell fast asleep. 
They were roused from their slumber by the sound of an ambulance siren. 
“Good morning angel,” he smiled at her. 
“Good morning, Liam Adonis Rhys. What time is your flight?” she asks. 
“Hey! Are you trying to get rid of me?” he chuckles. 
“Absolutely not. I was trying to figure out how much longer I was going to be able to lay in your arms. I’m strongly considering kidnapping you for another week.” 
He kisses her lips sweetly. “I can stay a little longer. But I want to talk about what happens now.” 
She shifts in the bed and looks him in the eye. “What would you like to happen? You live in a different country.” 
“Maybe we could start with exchanging numbers. Perhaps, we can chat about you visiting me very soon. Maybe I can come back,” he said tucking her hair behind her ear. 
“I’d like that.” 
She made him her favorite breakfast, cheese grits with shrimp and eggs and OJ to drink. They spent the next two hours eating, cuddling, and talking. Before long his car had arrived. She walked him to the curb. They shared a blazing kiss and just like that the gentleman who she spent the night with was gone… 
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Romeo and Juliet: A lifetime of forbidden and daring love
Part 1: Meeting…
Juliet dropped her exceptional shawl at the grand door of the room. Everyone from the highest ranks of the city was present. She glanced around her, Prince Charles was sipping whisky and chatting with Madonna and Alexa. Her smile disappeared as the amount of people around her overwhelmed her. Nodding her head at her brother Tybalt. He strode away and got lost in the crowd before her very eyes.
She picked off a glass of wine from a waiter carrying a tray around and walked over to a small corner. Her father had made it clear that she was to talk to every single king and queen around and introductions to the princes were as usual another demand. Marrying someone had never crossed her mind up till the point when she turned seven and her father introduced her to a fat and rich prince, Prince William of the terra empire. He had grown now, in age and most definitely in weight which often made her chuckle. A potential prince wasn’t something she had found yet, she wasn’t planning on searching for one too. Most of the time they just popped out of nowhere.
The corner got dark as the lights went low, everyone had put their phones aside in their purses or given them to another server who wasn’t serving anything but acting as a phone handler for now. She thought of him as a “poor guy” and not because he was poor but more because if she were in his place her hands would be clumsily dropping the phones by now. She sighed, dancing wasn’t something she favored and rejecting all men who offered had been becoming a hobby. Throwing glances each way but paying attention to nothing, she stood their wine glass half full crying to be finished when someone came around. The man was late, his hair was whipped back nice and smooth. Noticing guys was definitely not her princess bad ass list but this one was unforgettable. She stood up straight and kept staring from the corner of her eye. He wore a tuxedo, and his sunglasses added an informal touch. Princes were forbidden from wearing any casualties to dances but ooh this one was crossing every line in the book.
She dropped her eyes to her wine, she had almost forgotten she was holding it. A smirk curled up on her face and she looked around the room trying to find a good explanation. Soon enough someone whispered in her ear “lonely corner don’t you think?”. She was startled to see the guy hovering on her side, his eyes were gorgeous. They were green with a glint of blue and his lips picture perfectly slim and pink. He couldn’t be real she thought to herself. “Hello to you too sir I think?” “hah! Allow me to introduce myself, Romeo of Pencreat.” Juliet dumbfounded nodded at him and said. “Um okay?” “And where are you from person who does not seem to know how to greet men.” “before I answer that I have no interest in men which is why greeting them seems rather unnecessary” sighing she started again “Princess Juliet of the kingdom of Eiris”. His smile widened and he said “I should’ve known. Would you like to dance your highness”. Juliet looked around. The kingdom of Pencreat and Eiris had been rivals since the last three centuries and dancing with the prince himself would destroy her father completely. It was a law she was willing to break for sake of some thrill in her life apart from attending balls and wedding parties. “Yes I think I would.” She smiled and took his hand.
Everyones eyes turned to them as the music was slow, dances were a wreck, attention was on her. She closed her eyes and let the pleasure of something new and different seek in and when she opened them his mesmerizing eyes were staring into hers. He was smiling, she realized she was smiling. Recalling all the times in her life she had been her own source of happiness she noticed this time he was the source. Keeping a dense eye contact she felt a spark that could never be replaced, the urge to feel his lips, to press her own plump ones against his. Snapping herself out of the trance she nodded slightly and ran her eyes over at everyone. Out of the corner she could see her brother gaping. He was never one to support her life decisions normally but he wasn’t one to argue either. All he would do was state the consequences and end the conversation saying, “you do what you want, I did my part” and leave. This time his eyes spoke when his mouth was too shocked to.
The music ended and the crowd bowed to their partners, for the first time in her life Juliet bowed low keeping the genuine eye contact. She didn’t want to snap out of it this time, from the look of his face he was going to either. “You know our fathers are seriously fucked rivals, right?” She whispered low enough from no one but him to hear. “Yes, I’d like to call it a forbidden love”. There he said it. A feeling she never felt after her mother passed away. A feeling she felt for her brother and father but never in this way. This felt too real to be true. She blinked and peeped around her trying to find her brother. She was sweating, hard. How odd she asked herself and two hands clutched her shoulders in a comforting way. “you shouldn’t have danced but we have a mess to clear at home Jules come on”. It was Tybalt. She thanked God and not turning back grabbed her shawl from the women who was holding it up right next to the main door. Don’t turn back Juliet not now. The affirmation playing on repeat in her head till the time she was in the car.
A part of Romeo expected that. She freaked out, but a little more than normal. The night air was humid and the sky was clear. The moon stared down at him as if asking “what the hell was that? You’re a prince man up” But never one prince to know how to handle a woman. Technically she was just twenty-one and he wasn’t sure if it fit under the woman category. Anyhow that wasn’t the point. He’d followed her and Tybalt out of the hall and down the stairs, she was about to trip on the way, but she didn’t seem to care. Was he supposed to freak out too? No lie but that was some serious eye contact and her eyes were full of emotions. At that point he just stood their not moving an inch till his dearest friend Joey came. Joe wasn’t exactly a prince, his father was the ruler of a small part of his father’s empire, an insignificant part but let’s say his status was still under the elite class.
“Mind telling me who that was and why you followed her of all the pretty girls in the room?” “Juliet” Was all that came out. He ignored the second part mostly because he ended up questioning himself. Why did he come after her? She had golden and brown hair, the colors of autumn, her voice was sweet. Did she sing? He asked himself and smiled imagining her voice singing to him. Her eyes were brown, and she was different. Didn’t seem to enjoy anyone’s company. Anyone but his maybe? Secluded, and silent. Someone who notices everything yet nothing. A complicated personality, he gathered the thoughts in his head. Fifteen minutes was all they had spent together, and he knew her a little too well it was surprising and pleasing all the same.
“Ah ahm?” Joey snapped his fingers. “Yes?” “You seem too distracted to keep dancing and parting I suggest we go home. And your father will feel differently as to what you feel right now about that little romantic dance with Miss Juliet you just had” “Princess Juliet, her royal highness for you. Next time pay a little respect.” “Rivals?” “RESPECT” He roared unintentionally. She was charming, so was her rank and that personality he had described in his head a few minutes ago, and above all that she deserved to be treated that way too. He hummed to himself as joey rang to their chauffeur to come and pick them up for they’d be leaving early. News about Juliet and Romeo’s dance was just starting to spread, I’d say like wildfire, and by the time they reached their Nobel castles the kings would be ready for war. At least I suppose that would happen.
“The dance wasn’t supposed to happen Juliet you love breaking rules but this has gone to far!” The king was outraged but the little show his spoiled daughter had put on. “But you asked me to introduce myself” A wicked and innocent smirk appeared as she softened her voice. “Millany Take her to her room and lock the door for the next week. Her food will be provided only twice a day and she is not allowed to see anyone.” “Little too harsh don’t you think daddy?” she straightened her face and the puppy eyes were replaced with anger. “Having to lose your mother was harsh, having to raise a daughter who has no interest in reality and no grip on sanity was harsh I tell you!” He exclaimed and threw the china pots at her. She dodged them and they hit the painting behind her. The dining hall went quiet and Millany the cook and part time nanny led Juliet away like a prisoner.
Her father was a very nice man but today wasn’t his day to forgive anyone. Tybalt stood beside the door like a guard gawking at his fathers little act. Or let’s say outrage. He stepped as lightly as he could towards him but before he could take a single step “LEAVE”. And he turned on one heel and left in a scuttle.
Juliet sat in the middle of her giant bed. Her velvet blanket lying around her giving her the warmth people couldn’t give. She held a small doll to her chest, her mother had made it when she was fourteen, way before she was married to the king, now her father. She loved her father, but he was boring. She smiled at the thought of a boring dad. Most nights she would spend reassuring herself that her actions were just because she was weary of her “ooh I got everything at my feet” life. There was practically nothing to do. Her phone was ten miles away and she hated using it anyways, so she let it sit there on the couch. The window was open, the night that had been humid earlier was now cool. It must have rained when she and her father were having their episode of emotions. The window swung open “probably the wind” she huffed at herself and dug her face into her nightie. “Not the wind your highness” His voice. Her closed eyes went wide open and it took her thirty seconds to look up. “Excuse my language but what the fuck are you doing here and are you aware of the fact that my dad could kill you the second he set sight on you?” “Mhm. Well let’s just say… I Had a fight with my dad and he kicked me out of the castle for a bit and since it started to rain I thought I should visit you. And here I am. The guards were sleeping if that’s what you were worried about” She stared and smiled. “Tonight..” “Tonight was the best night of my life” Romeo finished.
Juliet kept smiling. “well since you are here, and since I know no one’s going to come around anytime soon. Are you going to sit?” “Depends on where you want me to sit” “The edge of my bed please” She demanded. I know it’s weird of me to say that Romeo was getting butterflies so I’ll just say he liked this control freak princess who ordered like a real queen. “Now what do you want next?” he held her eyes as he asked. She didn’t want to answer, she didn’t even know what she was doing or what was happening. She remained speechless for a while and than whispered. “I don’t know”. Her lips were held agape, everyone was overwhelming. The handsome dude infront of her wasn’t helping. “I need air” She got off her bed in her nighties not caring about whether he was checking her out or not. She could feel his eyes on her as she threw the window back open. Everything was silent outside and inside. The air was fresh and crisp she didn’t want to stop breathing it in. A firm hand reached her gown, slowly unlacing it. “You’re beautiful.” He whispered. Juliet didn’t want him to stop. She closed her eyes letting the night and his hands take over whatever emotions left in her. “and I love you. All I want to know is.. do you feel the same?” Her eyes fluttered open and she turned to face him. Her hands travelled up his body which appeared more masculine under her touch, they stopped at his cheek bone and her eyes didn’t leave his. “I don’t know how to love anyone other than my family. Truth is I’m so unsure even now of what I feel.” The words slipped, unconsciously and lazily out of her mouth. “I think I love you too. Help me find out what I mean when I say this.” Her lids dropped. “Juliet, I want to know you better. One night and I feel like I’ve known you my entire life.” Romeos hands held hers tight on his face. “What do you want to know?” “You” “what does that mean?” She let out a chuckle.
Her spirits rose as she walked back to her bed. “come and sit and we can play a game” “what about?” “we can get to know each other better- You ask me a question I ask you one” “mhm sounds fair m’lady. Shall I go first?” Romeo smiled deeply. “Yes you may..” “what goes on in your head and what were you thinking when you accepted my little dance offer?” “That’s two- But let’s see. Ever since my mother died in the castle fire, as you’ve most likely heard off a million times, I’ve never been one to listen. My life and my family bored me to the point I started making my own decisions. My father making any decision for me started becoming unusual. We started fighting over it soon enough and then I got out of hand. The amount of money my rebellions have cost and all the fame he’s lost has been getting him. My mother, now that I think about it is the one who kept us together. She always knew a way out- my father on the other hand is terrible at solutions. Me? All I do is create more problems before the last ones can be fixed but then again it feels good to have some drama in my life. That is what goes on in my head, and more importantly how I don’t like being a princess in general.” He laughed at her ending, “you make a great princess in my opinion” “And you sir might just be the first and last person to ever make such a statement” she carried on happier, feeling less empty and fuller than before. “The reason I agreed to dance was thinking it might be a good opportunity to break a law and cause some drama. And because your eyes are so damn mesmerizing and sexy” Our Romeo just blushed after hearing the compliment to his eyes. Yes, women fell for him, but he was never one to play them. He ignored them and just like Juliet he was becoming an expert at ignoring the other gender up until tonight as we heard.
“Um thank you okay now your question.” “let’s see- I really have nothing to say why don’t you just fill me in on everything about you forget the game” “I never liked women until I saw you. I always had a good relationship with my father but tonight fucked it up, but I don’t have any regrets. My mother has always been someone who is more into the luxuries of life and emotional stability wasn’t something she had. She has fucked every guard in the castle and my father knows but doesn’t say a word. Lastly I love you” “the last part was once again needless but okay. And oh my Gosh tell me more about your mum” she laughed hard hoping no one was outside the door at one am. Our royalty has started getting extremely informal and too comfortable with slang, but I think I’ll leave it that way.
They woke up the next morning, Romeo half naked on the sofa and Juliet huddled up beneath the sheets sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face. For once in her life she looked like an innocent angel without intending to do so. A knock went on her door three times before Juliet rubbed her eyes. Her little talk with Romeo, something she now hoped was a dream passed from her eyes and realization widened them. He was lying dead on the sofa, okay less exaggeration, lying asleep, and someone was knocking. She threw her blanket on the sofa and covered him up making sure the huge lump didn’t resemble that of a person and opened the door. “Hello Millany, a very bright morning don’t you think? Thank you for the breakfast I think I’ll be sleeping in” Juliet rushed not letting Millany breathe for even a second and shutting the door on the lady’s face. She would get a lecture on that but for now she wasn’t to see anyone.
She sighed and saw the lump or as I recall Romeo shift. He threw the blanket off himself and stared at the princess who looked like sunshine on a morning. And Let me tell you sunshine on a morning is definitely not the best view, especially with the sun all in your eyes and you get me.
“Good morning my brilliant queen to be” “I didn’t even say I love you too and you’re making assumptions” Juliet replied bluntly. “Whatever I know you’ll come around. What’s for breakfast?” She shifted her eyes from him to the tray and back. “It’s my breakfast and I don’t usually share but since you got kicked out, I’ll be nice. Just don’t come and crash every night of it’ll be just a few hours before my father finds out his worse enemy’s son is taking shelter in his daughters room. He’ll be even quicker to assume we had sex.” Romeo who was halfway through his sandwich choked and spit out in the plate thankfully at Juliet’s last astoundingly audacious sentence. “Um yeah-““A prince is to mind his manners” She announced in the same ordering tone as last night letting another smile creep up. This smiling thing was becoming a casualty. “A princess is to mind her language” “Unless she isn’t the princess everyone wants her to be” Juliet pointed out and snatched the sandwich out of his hands “I hate pancakes- have that instead”. Opening the window once more she could see the gardeners at work. Shit. She’d almost forgotten day after tomorrow was the annual ball. “Ahhhhhhh! Another ball!” “when?” The prince muffled with a huge bite in his mouth. “Day after tomorrow. And even though I’ve been grounded I’m pretty sure I’ll be forced to exhibit my royal self for other royal dicks.” “Bold use of language” “cut the crap Romeo you don’t understand how hard it is. I mean my dad is practically forcing me to pick someone to marry and I just can’t it’s-“. Feisty Romeo thought and grinned.
“Did you try looking around?” She knew he was talking about himself. “Yes I love you too…” “okay that popped out of nowhere. Romeo left his breakfast half eaten and strolled next to Juliet. “My dad would throw another tantrum this one worse than last nights. He’d do anything to get rid of you from my life and I don’t think I’m ready to lose the only man I really loved” Her eyes softened as she looked at him. Romeos hands went up and cupper her face. It was just as she had imagined his lips would be, soft, she wanted more. Romeo closed the window and left trails of kisses and bite marks down her neck. The gown left her chest bare and her unlaced it. “Romeo stop-“ Juliet gasped for air. No she had not done this before. “We should go slow. With everything between our families and the last decades war” “shh” Romeo placed a finger on her lips and kissed her forehead. “I know you’re worried about your dad but trust me we’ll figure everything out in time. I promise I won’t let you go no matter what comes. And I know ever since last night everything that has been happening is fast and it’s as overwhelming for me as it is for you, that’s why I’m willing to do anything for you and us.” So many promises, he was going faster on this whole thing. Juliet nodded; he was scared to lose her. Romeo’s thoughts ran on the same lines. Everything he had said was so insentient, yet he meant it. He meant every word he had said to her. The thought of losing her had ran over his mind way too many times before he slept last night, the pain would be unbearable.
“when are you going to leave?” Juliet asked, they’d just finished breakfast. “Now I guess?” “will you come again.” “Yes, but first I need to discuss this with my father. He’ll be just as infuriated as yours was.” He paused, she looked scared, so he added. “But I promise we’ll figure this out. One way or another.”
Part 2: Promises…
Romeo called his chauffeur as soon as he was in the market. Fooling the king to think that he had slept in a shanty apartment and not in his mortal enemy’s palace was just part one of his plan, and so far the driver believed it.
He called joey back after not picking up his calls since last night and he had no idea where his clever friend had been. It was best he didn’t know. “Hey joey I’m really sorry-“ “Man shut up your father’s been worried sick!” “Yeah I have a good explanation- I lost my phone in the market alley last night while trying to find a place to stay with no money you see… A kind man returned it this morning.” “who are you trying to fool?” “No-one honest accident. Just tell dad I’ll be there in a while.” He cut the phone before joey could reply and rested his head back in the limo. The next few conversations with everyone would be stressful, moreover he forgot to take Juliet’s number so now he’d have to really climb up her window again. And no it wasn’t as easy as he had made It look last night, he’d been bruised by many falls on his legs and arms despite the muscle building routine he’d been following. “we’re here sir” The driver said and he came around to open the doors. His fathers castle was extravagant, every corner had been designed precisely the way his mother had wanted. At least she had a good exterior taste.
“Hello father and mother!”. His parents were seated on the lunch table. “Where were you last night your mother was worried!?” He was pretty sure his mother was just acting and the one having real anxiety was his dad but he played along. “I stayed at a small apartment since you practically kicked me out after I danced with someone. And I did not have a single penny on me so you might want to pay the man back.” I sighed and took a seat. “Yes about that dance I hope you’re willing to apologize because I got a warning letter from the king or Eiris. I think you should read it yourself. The king was serious and the cold look on his face was agitating. He handed his son a letter in red ink, not something used everyday.
“Your royal highness, I’ve heard rumors about your son’s little show with my daughter. I’d like to make myself clear when I say keep that bastard away from my daughter. The girl can be stupid, she’s letting herself fall into the wrong hands. I hope to see our families as far apart as potentially capable, whether it be at parties or at darned dances”
The king had evidently been angry, but our Romeo couldn’t be more negligent. He waved off “and what’s he going to do to keep me away from the love of my life? Rage war? He can try all he wants but Juliet is mine now!” he banged his fists on the table. If you ask me that’s a little too much my dear Romeo but all feelings are valid these days, even unhinged bangs on the royal table.
The king stayed quiet, he was awed, his son had never been one to throw a tantrum obviously he was obsessed. “tell me she loves you too and I’ll change your story” his lips uttered. Romeo’s mother gasped and lay back staring at the show her son put on speechless. “She loves me, and I love her.” Romeo cooled down. “Her father isn’t one to be fiddled with.” “I know.” “what do you need from me?” “Your permission father”. He had always been the obedient one, he never asked his father for anything it was always the opposite so for the first time in his life his father couldn’t say no. He softened and said “you have my permission. I want you to spend a happy life with the woman you love. And you truly seem to love her so I’ll do everything in my power to give you two a happy future. She’s my daughter in law to be now isn’t she?” The king smiled at his son. His mother cleared her throat. “Should I call the dress designers on Sunday?” Everyone except Romeo smiled. “I think I have some grudges to clear before that.”
Within an hour the family of the King of Pencreat by name King Brigile had decided they would go uninvited to the king of Eiris, who by name was King Masagar. Two days passed and Romeo thought he ought to check up on his love. For the first time he admitted to his father where he had really stayed and where he was going, his father wasn’t too happy about the lie but said he would’ve done the same. Like father like son, I guess. Anyhow.
A tree branch snapped, and Romeo was about to fall off as Juliet quickly pulled him up “Idiot could you be quieter?” “the fact that I almost died doesn’t concern you?” “nope it doesn’t” Surprisingly Juliet hugged Romeo, her short height let her rest her head on his chest before pulling away. Our Romeo didn’t seem to know how to hug girls, so he just stood there with his hands in the air.
“How are you?” “not good” she smiled and replied. “well I have good news and you’ll be happy when you hear it..” “and I have bad news” Juliet murmured and added “but you go first” “My dad’s coming to the palace tomorrow…” “what the fuck he can’t, my dad put extra security on the ranks and ordered them to fire at the site of anyone from your family!” “whoa okay that’s a problem we can fix.” “Actually, I’m surprised you managed to enter without getting bombed-“ “That there my love is a story worth telling to you and my father. I came from the back of the palace, there’s a small hole in the wall that must’ve been made ages ago. We can easily enter, and your dad’s too dumb to secure that place or to even know there’s a hole.” Juliet smiled and got on her tippy toes to implant a kiss on his cheek. “You my friend are a genius.” “we’re friends?” “no, we’re not even close to that you ask stupid and weird questions Romeo” she wailed and laughed. He held her lips in a kiss as long as their first one. “I love it.” “Me too, we might do it every second of the day once we’re married” “replace the might with a will please”. He nodded and rubbed his nose against her cheek.
The next day everyone got into their best fits and the whole family quietly fitted themselves into the hole in the wall. Luckily most of the servants weren’t even updated on the latest tea, and more than half of them didn’t watch T.V or read the newspapers so they safely entered and emerged into the throne room where a chill king sat reading a long ass paper. Probably another contract and as soon as his eyes left the paper onto the king he exclaimed “GUARDS!” men in armor appeared and all king Brigile had to do was snap his fingers and his own guards showed up In front of him. “we came for a peace treaty-.” The king announced in his ever so confident tone. King Masagar laughed at him and said “after three hundred years of trying to gain territory by destroying my crops and killing my people. You somehow manage to enter my throne room to offer a peace offering. Give me one reason to accept it.” “You wouldn’t have to keep fighting us your highness. All the bloodshed and loss of innocent lives could end. All we tyrants to is put innocent lives in danger but imagine all we could do together.” Romeo stood by his father looking as fierce as a prince would under this condition. “is that why you want me daughter?” “No.. Even if you don’t sign a treaty I want Juliet. I love her and she loves me. I understand this family has been through great loss, the queen was one member we all loved equally” it was true, the queen had been loved by all who knew her. She was the peacemaker in these kingdoms, a wise woman, her life had made her so much more and everyone grieved her loss. “I know you don’t normally think about it. But do consider what she would have wanted if it were her sitting beside you right now. I will love and nurture your daughter the same way you nurtured her and the same way she nurtured Juliet.” Romeo ended his little speech full of emotion, as usual meaning every word he had said.
He nodded at the guards and as soon as the king and his family turned so did, they guarded the family till they were out of the palace safely. Their exit was more comfortable through the gate.
King Masagar didn’t say a word and nodded to grant them leave. He sat in silence and deep thought for the next few hours and as time went by, he didn’t notice he had missed lunch and dinner time had come. It was hard to feel hungry when you were full of sensational feelings. He walked idly to his daughter’s bedroom; a pair of extra keys was dangling from his tired arms. He opened the door, Juliet was sitting on the sofa singing softly. She stopped as soon as she saw her tired and vulnerable father come closer. She curled up her legs and let him sit. “What brings you here dad?” “I don’t know.” They stayed silent till he asked. “Juliet are you happy?” “Sometimes.” “Name one person who makes you happy” Juliet recalled Romeo was supposed to visit and her father probably knew the truth by now so no point in lying. “Romeo” His eyes shined. “You know your mother said the same thing, only her answer was my name and well our parents weren’t basically mortal enemy’s” tears welled out of the old mans eyes. “Do you love him like he says you do?” “I do daddy.” They’re emotions were at the mercy of the others reactions right now but none of them were lying. “Would you be happy if I said you could marry him?” “Yes, I would.” Juliet put her arms around her father. She knew he was crying, partly because of guilt and partly because of her mother. Whatever the reason she held him. “I love you dad. I know we fight but nothing can change that.” “I love you too Julie” Julie. A name he hadn’t called her since her mother died.
Happiness had just been resurrected. Wedding bells were ringing in the next month, everyone was excited. Most of all King Masagar. He found a part of his wife still lived on, that part existed in his daughter. The kingdoms were united and prosperous, Romeo and Juliet had two kids in the following five years. One’s name was Natalie, and the other was Daniel. Things went well after that, they had, an almost perfect life, excluding the small arguments the two kings had over naming their grandson and granddaughter. Their whole life was the fruit of forbidden and daring love.
Author’s note:
Let’s suppose this wasn’t another Disney movie you watched. I don’t usually narrate my stories, and this is my first story that managed itself to the end. I don’t know how to write whole stories I’m very good at prompts, so this is a first and I am very proud of this piece. I tried to add some unfunny humor which I’m not sure worked out or not. If you’re reading this, I hope it was good. I took my inspiration from Taylor’s song Love story. The whole idea was to use Romeo and Juliet the characters and the theme of unforbidden love to recreate something better. The real story by Shakespeare was too tragic for my taste so I had to make it a happy ending. I added my own story for each character in here. It took me three hours or less to write the whole thing- not sure if that’s fast but regardless. I am so damn happy to publish my first tale even if it was inspo from others.
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meflemming · a year ago
The Ghost of You, It Keeps Me Awake || Solo
TIMING: Present  LOCATION: Flemming Residence, The Woods SUMMARY: Miriam is visited by an old face. She doesn’t take it very well WARNINGS: Body Horror, Gore, Death
Or, a reminder that tigers never change their stripes, and Miriam is, was, and will always be the villain (even if it’s her own story). 
A glass of wine dosed generously with blood. A bathtub filled with bubbles from one of those strange, sweet smelling bombs that Morgan had gotten her. The cursed Alexa actually playing decent music, something soft and classical. All perfect ingredients for a nice day in. 
Miriam didn’t want to stay cooped up in her workshop, pouring over half finished products or cleaning bloodied instruments. She wanted a small break. She wanted to… oh, what was it called? Relax. She wanted to relax, and desperately. So she pulled her hair up and sunk in slowly to the claw-foot tub in her bathroom, feeling more than a little decadent. The wine was nice, the hint of iron bringing out the other, sweeter flavors. She sank down into the water until her nose was completely covered, leaned her hand back, and closed her eyes. She let the music soothe her and willed herself to thinking. This was a relaxing time, not a thinking time. She just needed a bit of a think-free time.
There was a half-finished drawing on her bedside table, a portrait of Theo as she remembered him. She’d been thinking about him far too much, lately, hence her need to not think. More than just thinking about him, she was remembering him far too fondly, all the good times they’d had together. Trips to the lake on hot summer days, going to the movies, candlelit date nights, whispers of sweet nothings in the dark. And he’d faked all of that. There had been no love for her, only for her money, what it could do for him and his rotten coven.
The drawing was half finished because she kept destroying them, throwing his face into fires and garbage disposals. Miriam knew that Elle had found the remnants of one shredded drawing on the kitchen table when she’d watched the house a few nights before, but her assistant hadn’t said anything, merely cleaned the area up and left Miriam a bar of chocolate in its place. Elle didn’t ask questions; what she knew about Miriam’s life was what Miriam had deemed fit to tell the girl, and Elle didn’t blab. It was one of the many things she liked about her. 
Miriam sank down even further into the water, completely submerging and chastising herself. There would be no thinking, not right now. And so she didn’t. She simply stayed submerged in the water, listening to music until the water went cold and the incessant sounds of the ridiculous teeny bopper band that she’d recently learned was called Vampire Weekend started playing on the Alexa, forcing her to emerge from the water to scream at it to shut up.
Reaching for her wine glass, Miriam was going to give herself just a few extra minutes before she drained the tub and dried off. Except there was no wine glass. Miriam’s eyes brinked open.
Theo was not as she remembered him. Rather, he was sitting beside her tub as she’d killed him. Half dressed, half skinned, pale, and with dark, sunken eyes. He’d died of blood loss before she’d even made it above his hips. Her first time skinning someone alive, and it had been messy. She’d cried, too, as he cursed her name to hell and back.
Miriam jerked away from him. Theo took a sip of her wine.
“You even drink blood pretentiously,” he said, his nose wrinkling at the contents of the glass. He smacked his bloodless lips with a bloodless tongue.
“You aren’t real,” Miriam said. He wasn’t. He couldn’t be. She couldn’t smell him, couldn’t hear his wicked heart beating in his wretched chest. He was just another nightmare, a waking one this time, one that had tricked her into thinking she’d brought a glass one wine into the bathroom when she hadn’t. She hadn’t. This wasn’t real. “And I have no desire to deal with any more frivolous fantasy versions of you. Go away, Theo.” She stood up, soaking wet, and grabbed a robe before getting out of the bath. If she didn’t need a drink before, she certainly did as she avoided looking at him. He was just a figment of her imagination. Nothing more. Never anything more. 
“Oh, I’m very real, baby,” he said, his glassy eyes trained on her every move. “I thought, of all people, you’d know better than to not believe in ghosts.”
“Then you’ve finally decided to haunt me after all these years?” she asked. She laughed, the sound of it ringing bitter and hollow.
Theo grinned, taking another sip of her bloody wine. Apparently, even apparitions could grow fond of the taste. “I’ve been given an opportunity. I couldn’t let it pass me by.”
“You’re thirty years too late with any sort of opportunity, darling,” she spat out as she passed him, expecting to go right through him.
Except he was solid. His hand reached out and grabbed her arm, gripping it tightly, so tightly. Miriam jerked away from him, shocked. Theo held firm, his grin full of blood stained teeth almost reaching his eyes.
“I think I’m just in time, darling.” He leaned forward. He didn’t smell, but she could feel his breath on her cheek. It was unnerving. “You killed me, and that would have been enough, but you just had to keep going, didn’t you?”
“You ruined me, you--”
“No, I made you happy, you stupid bitch. I gave you a loving husb--”
“Bullshit!” She pulled away from him this time, her eyes flashing red and her teeth sharp, deadly. She would kill him again if she could. “You didn’t love me. You never loved me! You loved money, and when I ran out you would have left as quickly as you came.”
Theo sneered. “And I thought the Flemming family would never run out of money.”
“Fuck you!” Miriam shrieked, her voice hurting even her own ears. “Fuck you! You lied to me! You never loved me, and you lied to me!”
“And you killed me!”
Miriam looked over at this man, this corpse in her bathroom. Solid though he was, real though he seemed, he was nothing compared to her. Because, as he said, she killed him, and she could do it again. “Then we’re even.”
Theo got up in her face then. She’d forgotten how tall he was, especially when she wasn’t wearing heels. Neither of them looked as put together as they had in pictures. Her, with her wet hair and red, vampiric eyes. Him with his pale parlor and bleeding wounds. A ghoul and a ghost. Even in death, they made a miserable pair. At least, now, they both realized how miserable they were.
“You killed my family,” he said quietly, almost confused. “Me? I can understand me. But my mother? My aunts and uncles and cousins? Gilly?” His voice cracked, and she looked away. Gilly was still recent on her own mind, though it had been months. “They’d cared for you. They didn’t know why I brought you into my life, just that we all benefited from it, and they’d liked you far more than your own damn family had liked me.”
“They all deserved to die,” Miriam said, shaking her head. “They all deserve to die. All of you. Every last, wretched witch.”
Theo looked like he was suffering, and she took a sick amount of pleasure in it, even if her stomach twisted. It was just like when she killed him the first time. “And, what, Miri? You gonna kill us all?”
“Yes,” she snarled. She shoved past him into her room, and he followed, leaving bloody footprints in the wake of her wet ones.
“You can’t. It’s not possible. You can’t even leave the damn town line.”
“Watch me, you bastard.” She dried off her hair. In a flurry, she started getting ready, even though she had hours before the sun sank below the horizon, yanking open drawers and pulling shirts off hangers. She laid her jacket out on the bed, and he walked over to it, fingers just barely grazing it. “Don’t touch.”
“Why not?” he asked. “It’s mine.”
“Not any more.” She proceeded to ignore him as she spent hours prepping. Eventually, she watched him die all over again, and she looked away, unwilling to watch.
She strutted out, passed Elle, and drove off without a word.
Miriam licked her lips and looked over her handy work.
Far from her first time, she wasn’t nearly as messy with the middle aged alchemist she had pinned to a barren tree by her hands, her skin flayed from muscle and her muscle flayed from bone. She hadn’t even gotten any of the blood on her. Good. 
She kept her face impassive, stared for as long as she could before the scene in front of her no longer looked real. It was a painting from the Renaissance, a monument in the Louvre. It was ghastly and horrifying, and it satisfied her.
She fed off the scene before her, its pain and misery, just as it fed from her. 
When she was done looking, she doused the tree in gasoline and lit it on fire. After all, she was a witch hunter. All good witch hunters knew that the best way to dispose of a witch was to burn them.
That’s what she’d done with what was left of Theo, all those years ago.
She’d stay until there was nothing but ashes left, and she tried to tell herself that the feeling in her chest was pride over another witch dead. 
Out of the corner of her eye, she could have sworn to see a gathering of people ready to welcome another of their own to the other side. Theo was among them. Gilly, too. They both looked away from her. She looked away from them, as well.
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puckngrind · 2 years ago
Carrying your love with me
This was a close one but Ryan Murray won by one vote over Boone Jenner.  And this isn’t my original idea....so here we go.
Warnings: Soft as hell...and well swearing
Tumblr media
You hear the music coming from the guest room as you walk into your condo.  Dropping your bag and taking off your shoes you follow the guitar sounds filling the space.  Leaning against the door frame you see your handsome boyfriend strumming away and humming.  “Why aren’t you singing?”  You chime in and Ryan jumps unaware of your presence.
“Babe.  You scared me.  When did you get home?”  Ryan goes to get up.
“No, keep playing.  I’m going to change and come right back.”  You blow a kiss at him and quickly take off to your closet.  Hearing Ryan pick up the song where he left off you sway while getting changed.
“You didn’t answer my question Ry.  Why aren’t you singing?”  You make your way next to him and he leans over, grabs your face and presses his lips to yours.  “I may be able to play but I’m a shitty singer unless everyone is wicked intoxicated.”  His self depriving laugh makes your lips press together.
“Well that is a lie.  I love your voice and actually demand to hear it!”  You cross your arms over your body and lean away from him.  He goes to kiss you again. “Ryan James, you are not getting anything until I’ve heard a song out of you.”  
The smile slowly creeps onto Ryan’s face and reaches his eyes that can see right through you.  “Any requests then sweetheart?”  He runs his hand down his guitar but keeps his eyes trained on you.
“Surprise me.”  You giggle and with that Ryan starts strumming Carrying Your Love with Me.  He played it frequently before long roadies and would twirl you around the living room.
“’Cause I’m carrying your love with me.  West Regina down to Tennessee...” He croons and eyes you.
“Baby, those are NOT the lyrics and is there a West Regina?”  You giggle and go to stand up.  Ryan stands with you.  
“Alexa, play Carrying your Love with Me instrumental.”  Ryan drops his guitar and pulls you into him.  “I’ll be moving with the good Lord’s speed. Carrying your love with me.”  Ryan sings while moving you to the tune.  “It’s my strength, for holding on.  Every minute that I have to be gone.  I’ll have everything I’ll ever need...” Ryan stops singing and kisses you deeply.  You press your body into his as he pulls you tighter into him.  “You know the guys hate this song right?  I play it every road trip.  They think I’ve gone soft.” “Ryan, you’ve always been a softy even when we were friends.”  You look up into his loving eyes.
“Yeah, but it’s different now, (y/n).  You’ve moved in.  I've been taking care of my back which means I’m gone over 50 days for work.”  His forehead meets yours and you feel his breath hitch.
“Different is good babe.”  You rub your nose to his.  “And I love watching you play even before we were dating.  And when you skate backwards...whoa!”  You lean back to fan yourself.
“Stop it.”  He laughs and kisses you again.
“What? Have you seen that way you skate?  Baby, it’s hhhooottttt.  Why do you think I ever said yes to dinner?”  You are holding back the laughter and Ryan grabs tightly at your waist.  
“I thought it was my charming personality that made you say yes?” The corner of his lips curl up.
“How many trivia nights did it take you to say hi to me?”
“Shut up.” Ryan retorts and kisses you.
“My shy hockey boy took four trivia nights to talk to me and two years to ask me on a proper date.”
“Slow burn baby girl....slow burn!” Ryan picks you up so your face is even with his. “And it was so worth it.” He kisses you hard almost knocking the two of you back to the couch.
“Ryan!” You screech as he pulls you over his shoulder. “Your back. Seriously!” He’s laughing and walks towards your bedroom.
“My damn back is fine, (y/n)! And I’m gonna show you just exactly how fine my back is.” He tosses you on your bed and you laugh.
“Oh yeah?!?” You climb further into the bed.
“Yeah.” Ryan groans and climbs on top of you.
“Good. ‘Cuz I love you.”
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anxiety-trademark · a year ago
The week in review:
Raw 12/14 NXT 12/16 NXT UK 12/17 Smackdown 12/18 TLC 12/20 + Main Event 12/17
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“This Sunday at tlc, it’s gonna be you and me against Nia and Shayna,” Lana says to Asuka, as a quiet ‘woo’ can be heard in the distance.
Lana facing her fears and fighting Nia Jax makes her the bravest person Asuka knows. Rolling. Fucking Asuka. ASUKA. wwe, stop.
Why isn’t Asuka accompanying Lana to the ring?
Tumblr media
I like Lana’s gear.
Joe just compared Lana to a mosquito, goodbye.
Oh snap look how fast Lana did that headscissors takedown. We’re witnessing her progression, ladies and gents.
You know, I knew Lana would win this match, I knew exactly how she would win this match, but jfc what a treat watching it myself. 
Nia’s face lmfao.
Tumblr media
Shayna wrecking Asuka so she can’t save Lana from her inevitable fate. Still curious on whether or not this beatdown injured her, if she was injured going into the match, or if it was all really just a storyline.
Yikes this is sad.
Man that leg drop onto Lana’s ankle actually looked kinda wicked, ngl.
*distant woo intensifies*
Wow we got real tears from Lana. Points.
Tumblr media
Becky and Charlotte have been gone, Alexa hasn’t been on tv, the Raw women’s championship has become a meaningless prop... what a dead period for this roster.
Hi why is this match happening?
I will never not be impressed by Dana’s entrance.
Is Mandy actually hurt? Why did they take her off tv for so long? Is Shayna the resident kayfabe shelver? “Hey this girl is actually injured, have her written off by Shayna” ?? Cuz I know they’re not splitting Dana and Mandy up, and Dana has been on tv every week since Mandy left. Must be genuine.
These 2 are running roughshod over the entire division at this point.
Lmfao the babyfaces are fucking done with Nia and Shayna. Honestly that’s great, I love it when babyfaces band together to stand up to dominant duos. This has been going on long enough. They took out Mandy, took out Lana, were about to take out Dana. Totally fair.
Highlight: Lana getting a clean win over Nia & being taken out so my queen can return
Tumblr media
It’s a funny thing with Toni and Rhea. Toni says she’s the reason Rhea came to nxt, but she’s also the reason I became such a huge fan of Rhea’s. Heard they were having some big TakeOver match and everyone was always praising Toni. So I checked into Blackpool solely to see what the Toni Storm fuss was about, and I left that ppv solely impressed by Rhea Ripley. Then I took particular notice of Rhea in the Royal Rumble a few weeks later, and I’ve been watching NXT UK for her ever since (til she moved). To see her growth has been tremendous, and she’s so young. Such a bright future.
The music to this is great.
Toni says she isn’t scared of Rhea, as if Rhea’s mere theme music didn’t scare the absolute shit out of Toni the week prior lol.
Toni’s not even a terrible promo, but the timing of her blinks could not be worse. Yes, it matters.
Tumblr media
I can’t stop laughing at how fucking intensely Shotzi started this interview.
She does pissed off interviews well. I can feel her annoyance.
Really don’t want to see a Candice/Shotzi feud tbh but okay, I’ll try.
aaand there’s the howl. Awful.
Tumblr media
Lmfao Rhea called Toni a piece of trash. This is gonna be interesting to see with the alignments reversed.
I don’t remember who won this match, but I’m betting it was Toni. Which is fair tbh. Rhea is probably on the “put some peeps over before moving up to the main roster” path that everyone in the women’s division walks on. They always eat at least one monumental, or a couple meaningful, loss(es).
Tumblr media
Oh man that is fucked up. To not only be forced to continue punching/kicking a human (fun fact: the person on the offense takes quite the damage doing so) but to have the defenseless victim bleed out and beg for you to stop. That’s rough.
This was shot really well. That music holy shit, I’m creeped out. It’s like a horror movie.
I see the point. Numbs him to pain and breaks his will, while numbing her to mercy. Ruthless stuff.
Tumblr media
Oh are we finally done with Indi’s neck brace? Cool.
I can’t believe wwe invested in this upgraded tank. I still don’t think it’d work on the MR, but points to the boss for shelling out the cash.
Wtf was that stumble and “fall” by Indi lmao.
If Candice was a real bully, she’d distract Shotzi by fucking with her tank at ringside.
Indi does need a mentor, she’s a hell of a lot greener than my mutuals have made it sound. oof.
Shotzi looks like she has no idea how to work with Indi, and Indi looks gassed, confused, and slow as hell.
All Indi knows it going from spot to spot while Shotzi waits around for her to get there.
Lol Indi failed at getting a dirty win. I don’t really care if this is a part of her The Way storyline, what a mess.
The only redeeming part of this piss poor segment was Theory shaking the troll’s head at Shotzi.
Tumblr media
I’ll give wwe an extra $9.99 if they let this match have a clean ending.
“[Rhea] was at one point the biggest superstar in the world,” that isn’t even close to being true because Becky Lynch exists, but I’ll let it slide and pretend you said “in nxt”.
Their paths will be so similar to Becky and Charlotte in the future.
Wow what a sequence. That would’ve received an applause on the MR. Traded headlocks for restholds, threw around their strength, then went into a battle of pinfall reversals. Instead of following that with some stalemate, they didn’t take a breath and proceeded to dance with each other and showcase some chemistry before rolling back into a battle of pinfall reversals. The sequence started with a kick by Toni to Rhea’s midsection, and it ends with a kick by Rhea to Toni’s midsection. Peep that match production, good stuff.
My, my, those slaps to Toni’s back. Whew.
Yeah actually it’s really fucking cool that these 2 get to main event nxt together, come to think of it.
They sell well for each other.
Rhea has the best dropkicks, lesbireal.
Holy shit Toni’s headbutts make my own head hurt. God I wish she wouldn’t. Most people put their hands between the heads so no contact can be made, but Toni’s just like “lol fuck it”
This is a great match. This duo works a lot better with these specific alignments. Watching face Toni try to chop down Rhea is not as good as heel Toni being impossibly hard for Rhea to put away.
Women’s matches and never having a clean ending. Name a more iconic duo. Winter of overbooked women’s matches continues.
Like I had guessed Toni was gonna win anyway, but fucking come on.
*Bonus* online exclusive: Toni says playing by the rules got her diddly and squat, but like... she was a champion lol. “It ain’t even Toni time right now, it’s party time.” Alright.
Highlight: Rhea vs Toni minus the ending
Tumblr media
I don’t know why we’re getting Isla Dawn vs KLR but anytime I get to see KLR fight, I’m here for it.
Hell even Isla’s song never kicks it out of first gear. Song has so much potential but it never goes to the next level.
Ahhhh my Scottish queen is here.
No, don’t compare Sasha’s basement meteora to the double knees Isla did. That was pitiful.
Anyway, KLR vs any of the 4hw would be fantastic, take my money. Sasha, Bayley, Charlotte, or the woman KLR wanted to face at TO Dublin, Dublin native Becky Lynch.
That back body drop is horrendous as a finisher. It’s like when Becky won her debut match the exploder suplex. Awful lmao. Imagine if KLR lost to a back body drop ffs.
You don’t get to be this frustrated for not being able to beat the champion when you’ve only been fighting for like 3 mins.
Isla’s pisspoor speed going in the corner, and her pisspoor roll off of KLR’s tornado ddt. Shame.
Such a clean transition from a failed pinfall attempt into a submission by KLR, whew.
This whole match was just a flex by KLR lmao.
There was a time where we had Becky Lynch, Bayley, Rhea Ripley and KLR as our champions. Wow, take me back plz.
Tumblr media
The background music of this stupid recording is so unnecessarily dramatic, wow.
All for the delivery of a chair. Of a fucking chair. Piper... shut up and handle your shit.
For someone so much larger than the little man, Piper is insanely unintimidating.
Highlight: I got to see KLR wrestle
Tumblr media
Bayley does run her mouth a lot. She’s kind of the EST at saying dumb shit that gets her into trouble lmao.
Bianca is so friggin good at interviews and in backstage segments. She hasn’t received much of a chance to do promos in the ring, let alone obviously to a live crowd, but I hope she shines there, too.
Tumblr media
Has Liv reverted back to being a dumb blonde, or is it drugs? Stop letting her speak.
Love Riott Squad’s everchanging gear. Wonder who makes it for them.
Billie Kay claims that she’s a ‘seasoned’ ring announcer, and somehow that would not surprise me.
Tamina “get the fuck out of my face until I get a nap and a vat of coffee” Snuka, everyone.
Lmfaooo Tamina fucking chucked Liv across the damn ring. What a good job by Liv.
Ruby is exceptional at running the ropes. She gets a good spring off of it.
Tamina’s hair is always so beautiful, she gets points there.
Dropkick into a faceplant. Billie Kay gets pinned rofl. She’s so bad at wrestling and yet here I am ridiculously entertained.
Tumblr media
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Carmella’s current persona, but man I wish she’d come out in a cut off tank top, camo pants, high tops and a printed hat.
I mean people are at home cuz covid, but go off.
Aye putting over Sasha. Good heel Mella.
Sasha has held the title for like a whopping 2 months and we’re already marking calendars. Sad.
In kf, Sasha is kind of mentally weak, so I’ll give Mella that. I’m not sure what it’s gonna take to shake that perception, either.
“Who is Sasha Banks if she’s not the Boss? Who is Sasha Banks if she’s not the best? It’s sad because that’s a question that not even Sasha Banks knows the answer too.” So I get that wwe are trying to help Sasha develop and fight off her past demons, but man these women are ripping her a new one. Sasha’s only 29 so she can grow and develop however she wants, but jeeze. Salt, meet the dagger Bayley stuck in Sasha’s back.
I like Mella cuz she knows how to hype her opponent’s accolades and strengths while cutting an immaculate heel promo where she hits them RIGHT where it hurts. She’s a pro. Heels should take notes.
This music is like the Jazz Vibes playlist I always listen to.
She just called Sasha cheap and frantic lmaoooo
Oh damn Sasha be out here looking like MONEY. That girl has style, even if it doesn’t always hit with me, she got style.
oof the crack of that slap to Reggie.
OOF the crack of the bottle shattering over Sasha’s poor back. rip.
Match at TLC should’ve been a champagne match. That entails whatever your mind comes up with; pouring alcohol on your opponent, dumping their head in a bucket of ice, breaking bottles over spines. It don’t matter.
Tumblr media
“You don’t see me going around here bragging about how damn good I am,” lmao WHAT. Bayley is equal parts delusional and obnoxiously annoying.
One size heel does not fit all, but I think her version suits her beautifully.
If I were her I’d pick your brain too, but I’d also want a match, cuz people leave matches with you looking as good as humanly possible. Equal parts selfless as well.
She didn’t lie, this was absolutely her putting Bianca on the map on the main roster.
Tumblr media
wwe: wants to strap a rocket to Bianca and make her a star. Also fucking wwe: “lol no we’re not gonna show you her full entrance, cry more scrub.” 
Bayley still looks weird without a title.
Bayley mocks Bianca’s entrance and then gets swept onto the apron lmao. Idiot.
Bianca is a lot of flash and showboating, which is great from an entertainment standpoint, but she needs to do a little... less.
Fantastic snap of the hand against the led board. Bayley wrecking Bianca’s arm gonna hinder the flips.
“I’m the ER. I’m BET-TER. haha.” lmao Bayley is such a fucking dork. Got sent into the ring steps for her bravado. Love that there’s always immediate repercussions for Bayley’s arrogance.
Bayley turned midway going down onto Bianca’s knee for that backbreaker, there. Hope she doesn’t have a massive bruise. Looked like it’d leave a massive bruise.
3 things I’ll apparently never get to see again: Bianca’s hair whip, Bianca’s full entrance, and Bianca’s 450 splash. I’m tired.
These stupid fucking squats while Bianca is dangling off the top rope rofl I swear Bayley is something else. Girl knows how to entertain. “Bayley got a bit cute and Bianca made her pay,” story of Bayley’s life.
Beautiful spinebuster by Bianca. At least SOMEONE in the women’s division will use it.
Bit of a miscommunication there it seems. Bayley goes for a B2B, Bianca tries to block it, Bayley drops down to dodge and go for a cradle. She rolls Bianca all the way back, stands up and hesitates before running at Bianca with an elbow - even though Bianca is not in position to receive it - which Bianca counters by rolling Bayley up, but it was super obvious Bianca was just scouting the next spot. Bianca goes to pick her up for a powerbomb but Bayley has to kick out twice to prevent herself from being pinned while Bianca tries to lift her. That entire sequence was super messy.
Then Bianca nearly drops her lifting her all the way up lol. Yikes. Gotta be pretty fluent to pull that off. Not to plug my fav (but I’m totally gonna plug my fav); it’s a move Charlotte does in almost every match against Asuka or Becky, and you gotta be not only built to pull it off, but you need to have impeccable timing to make the transition look smooth. Extra points if you lift them off the mat RIGHT before a 3 (which Charlotte usually does)
Anyway, good match with a messy last 2 sequences. Bayley did what Bayley does best.
Highlight: Bayley vs Bianca
Tumblr media
They really took Eva Marie and Sasha Banks’ characters and meshed them together while keeping Carmella’s obsession for animal print lol.
Really don’t like that gear. That’s a miss, Mikaze.
Beautiful arm drag. Sasha taking the idea of wrestling like a Lucha more seriously? Cuz she should, ain’t nobody else in the MR doing it.
Commentators say the trash talk is continuing, I say Sasha is quietly leading this match with a grimace. Peeped that “hit me”.
Carmella goes to suicide dive through the ropes just for Reggie to catch her, cept she got caught up and started turning in midair. Would’ve hit her neck and shoulder HARD had he not been there. Great catch indeed.
Sasha “rip my back” Banks.
Not to be douchey, but if you have to adjust your gear in the middle of a match and it’s not just to fill time or be used as character work, then you need to redesign your gear.
Sasha’s a great babyface once that bell rings man. I wish she could carry that energy everywhere.
Holy fuck that facebuster. SPIKED her head, oh my god. I have never seen anyone make a facebuster look so impactful. Points if intentional.
Oh the timing of Sasha blocking that superkick from legit connecting. God she’s good.
You know how I know this is a good match? I’m watching some of these near pinfalls and submissions knowing damn well Sasha’s gonna win, yet my anxiety is still spiking thinking Carmella might walk out with the title. I KNOW she doesn’t though lmao. Good sequences, believable offense, great near pinfalls. They work well together (I’m not surprised, Mella and Sasha both work well with almost anyone)
What a fantastic transition into the bank statement. Points.
That match should’ve ended by dq the second Reggie pulled Mella out. 
Sasha could’ve sold that double superkick pinfall attempt a little bit more.
Carmella having a breakdown. What does that mean? That means she’s about to lose this match lmao. There it is, not even 10 seconds later hahaha.
Sasha sells pain so damn well. Good for her. Good defense of her title. Points to Sasha, she’s phenomenal every time she has an actual match. Post-match and she’s already annoyed me though lol. Ugh. Maybe she’ll get it soon enough.
Nice “replay” wwe. Billion dollar company btw.
Tumblr media
Billie, drawing a horizontal line is not how you write ‘clairvoyant’. 
“proficient in Japanese” aw Asuka was so excited for a split second lmao.
Oh no, she made a mask to match Asuka’s with a paper plate. Oh no no no. Travesty. 
Tumblr media
Ugh I’m so excited. I’ve already seen this and yet I’m excited. Here we are, the whole damn reason I started catching up on everything I basically refused to watch since June 22.
SHE LOOKS LIKE MONEY, WHEW. The queen IS back. She’s so fucking beautiful man.
Love how annoyed Nia looks. This is your comeuppance tbh. Could’ve just faced a measly Lana, but no, you had to play too much.
Really Charlotte shouldn’t be in the tag division, and really she shouldn’t give half of a fuck about Asuka, but we’ll get to that more in the future since this is already nearly 2 months old.
Nia’s doing a great job selling Charlotte’s return, and she’s not even active in the match rn. She does good work.
Bad camera angle on Asuka hitting the ring post.
Asuka getting wrecked lol.
I really despise that the Raw women’s championship was tied up in all of these storylines that have nothing to do with the Raw women’s championship. The Lana crap, the Charlotte crap, the tag teaming in general crap.
In hindsight, I now find it curious that Ric Flair was in the back for this match. Very curious. I swear, if the past 2 real time months weren’t a part of some master plan the Flairs came up with together, I will be SHOCKED.
Charlotte’s fucking crazy for doing those moonsaults to the outside though, for real. I know she was a gymnast and an exceptional cheerleader, but MAN you could not pay me to do fucking blind back flips that high up. Crazy.
She should’ve given us a spear in this match. I wanna go rewatch her work just to see some spears.
Good match. They needed to not focus on destroying Asuka for as long as they did, pacing was off for a little bit there.
Love how Charlotte sticks her tongue out when she bridges up into the figure 8. She’s such an asshole lmao.
If I could’ve changed one thing about that finish, I would’ve had Charlotte bounce off the ropes before hitting Natural Selection. Other than that, it was great.
Charlotte looks good with a title, idk *shrug*
The way Charlotte looked over at Asuka though. I really don’t trust her in hindsight lol.
Tumblr media
Like how this Firefly Funhouse is setting the spotlight on Alexa before Bray takes his leave of absence, only wish she hadn’t missed 2-3 wks of tv.
What a fun way of running a video package.
Inferno matches are insane and I’m not sure why anyone would participate in such.
Think it’s smart they’re both leaving their jackets on tbh.
Alright that was cool. The way Fiend called up the flames was fucking cool. It looks amazing aesthetically. They could’ve never done the set quite like this if there had been fans.
WE HAVE STRAPS?! IS FIRE NOT ENOUGH?!? Man. Randy is a fucking trooper.
Guys. Guys excuse me, that strap is on fire, can... can we not, please??
Man is swinging a god damn pick axe at Randy Orton, I--
I hope that wasn’t actually flammable liquid cuz otherwise Randy is now soaked in it, and that’s insanely dangerous. Oh that’s great editing. So it was flammable, but Randy was out of the chair before the fire rushed at him. Also covered the chair in blood. That was cool.
Orton just pull the damn string out of the jacket real quick lol.
Caught Orton’s attempt at an rko with a mandable claw. Points.
Can someone... put him out? Editing trick? Were the flames real? Am I real??
Shouldn’t the bell ring? Match is over, right??
The dummy was kind of obvious ngl. Not to sound like an asshole, but they should’ve made it a bit thicker and more solid lol. Doesn’t really take me out of it though, cuz even though I’m sure it was a stunt double that got lit on fire by the ramp, someone was on fucking fire, and that’s intimidating in itself.
Also the dummy is melting. I’d say they should’ve used pig meat, but I’m sure vegans and animal rights activists would’ve had a field day writing to Snickers about that.
Was a good match, for what it was. I was entertained.
Main Event:
Tumblr media
“Nasty Nikki” lol okay.
“The only reason people even know you exist is because you were Alexa Bliss’ best friend,” ouch. Truth is pain.
Tumblr media
Ahahahah Lacey has hand sanitizer again. 
Love that submission Lacey jumped into through the ropes, plus an eye rake. Fantastic.
That’s curious. Lacey and Peyton are arguing over the hand sanitizer as Lacey wants to squirt it on Nikki, while Peyton is claiming it’ll get her DQd. Now I’m on Peyton’s side in the sense that it should absolutely be illegal, but Lacey’s done it in a match against Nikki before, sooo ???
I like how Nikki fell trying to get back into the ring before the 10 count. Adds credibility.
Haha Nikki gets the pinfall over Lacey because Peyton was being a nuisance on the outside. Lacey big mad. That’s great.
*Smackdown easily shined the brightest in what was a great week of wrestling. Utilized 8 women in 3 different storylines, couldn’t possibly complain about that.
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brideylee · a year ago
Cruise, Miscavige, and Seger
             Oh, no. There it is again. The opening, piano riff to Old Time Rock and Roll by Bob Seger plays for the fifteenth time this evening. But instead of inciting horny, cheeseball fun, Tom Cruise whimpers into a wash cloth. He’s been hiding in the bathroom for ten minutes thinking this portion of the night was over, but no. The piano riff repeats itself awaiting Tom’s signature entrance. It wasn’t an invitation-it was a command, militant and sinister. He has performed the Risky Business dance for David Miscavige so many times tonight that the bottom of his feet feel burnt from sliding in his socks. Tom takes deep, scary breaths and flexes his muscular pecks that press themselves against his white button down like caged animals. Breathing heavy and looking into his own eyes, in the mirror, was one of Tom’s favorite hobbies and it immediately calmed him down. Quarantining with Miscavige in his underground yacht was a mix of paranoia and “fun” that swirled together so abstractly for Tom he couldn’t tell the difference anymore.  Again the riff plays, each chord hitting harder, growing impatient… 
              Miscavige looks dehydrated, his eye balls, like rubber, as he rests his head on the keys of a shiny white piano. He hiccups himself out of a drunken stupor and some drool lands on the slacks of his needlessly fancy tux. He starts licking the keys of the piano going from high to low over and over.  An albino alligator on a leash sleeps in the corner of the white room that gently sways with the tide of Miscavige’s underwater canal, built just below the Office Depot on Vine. Yes, exactly, the one with the swivel chairs! White leather couches line the rectangular room with a  giant silver statue of L. Ron Hubbard in the center of it, oddly placed, where a coffee table should be, making conversation impossible. Miscavige stops licking the keys and tries again, playing the riff.  “Come out, come out where ever you are," Miscavige taunts, playfully? It’s unclear even to himself what made him treat Tom this way, his only friend in the world.The power of knowing he could make the most famous person alive vanish in an instant was too wicked and sumptuous for him not to flirt with. Plus, he’s in love with Tom and is a self-diagnosed codependent. 
              After a beat of silence, David lurches toward the fire place. The roaring fire burns with a white flame. He stabs at the fire with an iron poker and then places the hot poker on his tongue. SSSsss. His tongue burns and his knees hobble up and down, convulsing with perverse pleasure. David moans delighted by the pain of his mouth flesh sizzling off. He gets bored of this and merrily puts the poker down and skips towards the piano as though he just picked a pretty flower. But then, the toilet flushes and the air is heavy again. His eyes peer around the  room with growing suspicion and land on the eight foot statue of L. Ron Hubbard. He runs up to it. “What? I’m a grown man!" At 4’9, David yelling at the silver L. Ron looks like Mickey Mouse scolding Walt. “You can’t tell me what to do it anymore!” Miscavige yanks violently on his ears and screams-a tick he’s had since he was a kid. 
              Suddenly, Tom appears, but he HAS PANTS ON! No longer in the Risky Business costume. It’s a firm chess move for Tom, not playing along in David’s freaky game. David doesn’t understand what he’s looking at. Why is Tom dressed? Very diplomatically, Tom gently suggests “I’m a little tired of Old Time Rock and Roll.” Tom approaches him, walking cautiously, his  arms stretched out guarding himself in anticipation of a Miscavige meltdown. David walks backward and sits himself down on the couch without breaking eye contact. Is Tom threatening him now? Or is he threatening Tom? Who is feeling what? What are feelings? It was mission impossible for either of them to keep track anymore. 
Tom gets within an inch of Miscavige’s face. “Why don’t we try a different Seger song, ay?” Tom’s mouth being so close to Davids, immediately gives David a hard on, which was adorable because David Miscavige dresses his penis in a little Sea Org captains hat.  With his mouth still within an inch of Davids- “Alexa, play “Still the Same” by Bob Seger.” Tom says in the same intonation as “You had me at hello” in Jerry Maguire: soft, intimate, but with passionate conviction. It’s the type of conviction men had about their feelings in the 90s before their consciousness expanded just enough for them to be perpetually confused and horny. 
                The song begins to play. Tom, with his eyes (wide) shut, sways his head around and lifts himself out of David’s face.  The song has a melancholic catharsis to it, something that stirs the sadness in dead, alive men everywhere. “You always won, every time you placed a bet.” Tom floats around the room, pointing in various directions as he dances, his eyes slicing David with every side eyed glance at him. David sits watching like a pricky dork at a strip club, barely blinking, but showing no emotion. He listens as Tom bellows along with Bob. “You’re still the same. Moving game to game. No one standing in your way. Turning on the charm long enough to get you by.”  
                David has never listened to the lyrics so deeply before. Bob Seger is singing about him. Tom is singing about David, but Tom is also singing about himself. They were both trapped, David thinks- himself, Tom, and probably Bob Seger too. His rubber eyes moisten and a tear makes its way down his face. He looks up at L. Ron’s statue that grins at him maniacally.  “You’re the still same. Baby, baby still the same.” Tom, in the corner, is doing the Saturday Night Before move before the albino alligator chomps down on his leg. “Ouch. Damn.” Tom says, calmly. The yacht experiences a bout of turbulence as Tom pries the alligators mouth of his leg. The statue rocks back and forth with the fury of the choppy tide. “It must be busy at Office Depot” David says, his life drained out of him. 
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monicawoe · 2 years ago
Fic Writer Tag Game
Tagged by the lovely @denugis and @ameliacareful Thanks!
AO3 Name: monicawoe 
Fandoms: My top 3 fandoms are Supernatural, MCU, and Venom, others include various Marvel comics and TV shows, Alien Covenant, Forever Knight, Good Omens, Hannibal, Legion (tv), Lucifer (comics), Preacher (tv), and The Mandalorian
Fic you spent the most time on: In terms of longest time spent writing? Probably Burdens Doublefold, co-written with @quickreaver just because it was such a beast of a fic: still my longest at ~67k words, and still one of my all-time faves.
The longest one from conception to actually completing the fic though was On His Head a Crown which I started thinking of while season 5 aired (back in 2009!) and then didn't write because canon went in such a different and also fascinating direction that I ended up writing more canon-adjacent fics at the time. This one veers off wildly from 5x03 with Sam as the Horseman Conquest, and was finally written last year as part of the Sam Winchester Big Bang featuring glorious art by @slytherkins. That means it actually took me a full ten years to get around to writing it. Glad I did though ; )
Fic you spent the least amount of time on:  A tie between Letters of Resignation, a cracky collection of letters written from the POV of the demons killed by Sam during My Bloody Valentine and Hunt, the first Sharp Teeth fill I ever did for the prompt Wile E. Coyote finally catches the Roadrunner.
Longest fic: Burdens Doublefold, as noted above, a 67k retelling of seasons 1 & 2 co-written with @quickreaver, aka the fic where I wrote myself into shipping Sam/Brady forever.
Shortest fic: a 100 word BuckyNat poem Mirror
Most hits: How They Make You a Weapon at 18,619 , Winter Soldier POV beginning with Bucky being captured by Hydra through and beyond the end of CA:TWS) This is the only fic I've ever written in second person but I found it worked rather well for the Winter Soldier's POV accentuating his missing sense of self.
Most kudos: Ink at 2165, Venom (movie), Venom admires Eddie's tattoos.
Most comment threads: Also How They Make You a Weapon at 133, likely largely due to the fact that this was posted as a WIP, which I don't normally do, but at the time I felt a burning need to immediately share all of my Winter Soldier Bucky thoughts!
Fave fic you wrote: Wow that's a tough one. I love so many of them for so many different reasons. If I had to pick one favorite from my top three fandoms it would be:
MCU: Bad Becomes Worse. I suspect it might be one of the best (albeit angstiest) fics I've ever written, you tell me.
Supernatural: Counteroffer and its sequel The King's Guard - I still really love the unreliable narrator POV in the first one and the unsettling tone I think I achieved there, and as for the sequel, writing Sam as physically containing all of Hell was just so damn fun.
Venom: Wedding Party (because this one was just SO MUCH FUN to write!)
Fic you want to rewrite/expand on: So many. Early on in my spn fic-writing days I ended on cliffhangers a lot because that's what the show liked to do, and I myself enjoy the open-ended nature of them, but some of them really are begging for a sequel. If there's any particular one you'd like to see a time-stamp to let me know and I’ll likely add it to the list.  
I am currently working on a sequel to my most recent Venom fic Many Thousand Feet Beneath because I'm told I can't just leave those biotech millipedes under San Francisco! (and you're right readers, you're right!) It will take me a bit longer because ::gestures at everything this year:: but I promise I'm on it!
Share a bit of your WIP or share a story idea that you’re planning: (see longish excerpt of my WIP of Kale!Sam / King of Hell Sam under the read more tag below)
Tagging : @wetsammywinchester , @slytherkins, @brendaonao3, @rokhal, @tigerlilynoh, @hafital​
a WIP fill of a prompt for the 2020 round of Antichristmas: Sam Winchester's Birthday Prompt-fic extravaganza (still accepting prompts if you want to join the fun! fics due in May, for Sam’s birthday)
Sam stood in front of his new Mirror™ and smoothed down the front of his moisture-wicking tank top.  He could feel the increased definition in his abs, but it wasn't quite where he wanted it to be. Not yet. He was, as ever, determined to be his best self. That's what he'd built his whole career on, and he had to embody it wholly.
"Alexa, start Mirror, play Morning Pilates," Sam said, getting into starting position on his PVC-free yoga mat.
He moved through the first three exercises with ease, looking forward to the upcoming side plank with grim eagerness. He'd been getting better at the advanced version and was confident he could hold the position perfectly. When the time came he held the form without any quivering in his arm or leg, so focused on using his core to hold himself still that it took him a few seconds to realize the mirror was glitching. Sam's reflection wasn't doing a pristine side-plank at all it was just standing there. And it was wearing a suit.
A suit he was pretty sure he didn't even own.
"Alexa, restart mirror," he snapped, annoyed at this interrupt. He could hold side-plank a long time, but likely not all the way through the restart and plus he wanted to make sure his other side got an equal amount of attention, and— The mirror hadn't turned off. A bright red line was flickering down the middle. And his reflection—still wearing a black suit with a dark maroon silk shirt—was looking right at him, a crooked smile creeping across its lips. 
Unsettled, Sam pushed himself to his feet and moved to turn the damn thing off manually. He pressed himself up against the glass, reaching around the back with his left hand to find the reset button, and then the glass wriggled under him, and a hand grabbed him by the throat.
Sam choked as he was lifted two inches clear off the ground by himself. Or somebody who looked exactly like him. Except for the suit and his eyes which flashed golden-yellow just before he tossed Sam unceremoniously to the floor.
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ewritesthangs · 2 years ago
Hope for the Wicked
Part 2
Pairings: Mitch Rapp x OFC, Scarlette Castianda
Warnings: Sexual Content, Mature themes, 18+, DO NOT READ IF UNDER THE AGE OF 18! 
2nd person POV
The next morning, Scarlette emerges from the spare room Mitch had lent her for the night. Mitch was already awake, having made a pot of coffee, a cup of tea for Scarlette, freshly squeezed orange juice, and was in the process of making a big and delicious breakfast. Scarlette wore some clothes of Mitchs, having a fresh shower the night before. He was a complete gentleman to her. Letting her do as she pleased, but not too much. He kept an eye on her. 
“Good morning sleepy head.” Mitch chuckles, passing her the tea he made. She just groans and takes the tea, mumbling a thank you. Mitch was in just some nice hip hugging joggers, making her want to see him naked again. It had been awhile since she had seen him in all his glory. And being with him now, brought back many feelings and memories. As she sipped the glorious, hot liquid, she watched him make food for her. Again. 
“You are still as sexy as ever. Oh my god I just said that out loud. Scarlette shut up.” She was mortified that her voice box decided to work against her will. Mitch was taking a sip of his coffee, when he choked on the bean water when he heard the statement that came from her mouth. Then he laughs loudly at her personal scolding. 
“I mean, the feeling is mutual.” Scar blushes and hides behind her tipped up cup as she took another sip. Mitch winks before finishing up the bacon. Scar gets an idea. She sets her cup down as gently and silently as she could before sneaking up behind him. She wraps her arms around his waist. He tenses at first, then realizing its his Lettie which causes him to relax. Her hands begin to travel down his torso, feeling every inch of him. Mitch’s breath hitches, knowing and remembering this is how things would work with her. She kisses his back and slips her hand into his pants. His dick was semi-hard from his morning wood, and the memories of her. Mitch bites his lip as she begins to slowly pump him, a moan escaping her lips. 
“Let-lettie, what are-are you doing?” He stutters out, his breathing increasing from the pleasure. 
“Do you want me to stop?” Her voice was seductive. 
“No.” He raspily speaks. She hums in response, turning him around and dropping to her knees. She slips his pants down to his knees and pumps him a little more. She spits to create a lube to ease the pumping. He was now hard. Cock throbbing from want and need. It had been quite some time since he had gotten a blow job or any kind of action besides his own hand. She places the tip into her mouth and suckles softly, looking up into his eyes. His breath hitches once again, at the sight before him. A moan erupts from his pleasure center, urging her to take more in. She hums and ever so slowly takes him in as much as she can. His hands grip the edge of the counter, head beginning to roll back against the cupboards. She begins to bob her head at a steady pace. Not too fast, not too slow. The perfect pace for Mitch Rapp. All the while, keeping a nice suction on his cock. He was in pure ecstasy, a constant stream of moans flowing from his lips. Whatever Scar could not fit in her mouth, she pumped with her hand while the other was playing with his balls. He was already close, from not having had this in such a long time. But he wanted to savor this moment. He bit his lip and dared a look down to the girl sucking his cock. She looked up at him threw her eyelashes, sending him over the edge. A hot stream of cum shoots down her throat and overflows past her lips. She moans around him and slowly pulls off him, a smirk playing across her mouth. She licks up the remaining cum from around her mouth. 
“Oh how I have missed the taste of you.” Her voice was raspy. Mitch just pants out until he catches his breath and composure. Scar stands and leans against the island. 
“Holy. Fuck. It has been awhile since I have had a mind blowing orgasm.” 
“That isn’t even half of what I can do to please you baby.” 
“Gotta get into character, right?” 
“So you’re gonna be my fake girlfriend?” 
“I am, I mean I did just give you a blow job. Not just because I have been wanting to do so since I got in the car last night. The memories and such came flooding back.” 
“That happened to me too, when I saw you out there.” He chuckles and rubs the back of his neck. 
“Maybe we could have a sexual relationship included. Friends with benefits.” 
“I wouldn’t be opposed.” 
“I know you’ve been wondering. I also use protection. Even for blowies and handies. If they didn’t want it, I would use a female one. I am on birth control and I am clean. I am not addicted to drugs.” 
“I trust you, still. On the pill?” 
“I have an implant now. No pill taking. I hate taking them.” 
“You just had my dick in your mouth.” 
“I want that in my mouth. Not those horse pills.” 
“Pretty sure birth control is smaller than a mint.” 
“Will you just go with my madness and be happy I am on birth control? We can fuck without a condom.” 
“You’d fuck without a condom with me? I feel so special.” 
“Itch, ya are.” She shakes her head with a snicker. “Oh don’t let that go to your-” 
“I am fucking special, thats right.” 
“Head. For fucks sake.” 
Mitch laughs and pulls his pants up finally before he pulled her into his warm embrace. Mitch’s phone goes off. “Alexa, read out my message.” 
“From Scott: ‘Hey man, want to meet up with the future mrs. and I with your girl? I want to meet her!’” 
“Want to go to lunch with Scotty and Ally?” 
“They’re still together? Yes! I haven’t seen them in forever!” Scarlette pulls away and smiles brightly at her new "Beau".
Tag List: 
@modest-mauve @asmileisalwaysbetter @rexorangecounty @kaelyn-lobrutto24
Authors Note: Finally my second installment of Hope for the Wicked! Did you enjoy? Want more? Please do let me know. Also, if you want to be tagged in upcoming posts dealing with my dylan writings, do say so. I would be happy to tag you!
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arcxnumvitae · 2 years ago
You walk into a large, spacious room. The doors suddenly slam shut behind you and there you see them, a muse. Then the music starts and you realize-- oh no, a boss battle
Basically this is an idea stolen from @thewolfisawake of what kind of music would be playing if it was a boss battle against my muse. I’ll update this whenever, honestly it’s just for fun.
Veritas-- Two’s Song from D.rakengard 3:  Kickass but with this sense of a somber attitude to the whole thing still. 
Ven-- Twister Kingdom Mix from K.ingdom Hearts D.ream Drop Distance: What can I say, it’s a song with an out there vibe and it fits what’s likely a really out there boss fight.
Qingshan-- A Beautiful Song from N.ier A.utomata: Listen, my dragons all have to have some amount of drama in their themes and what better than the song of a scorned lover? It’s frantic, elegant, and grand.
Lucia-- Vector of the Heavens (Data Battle Remix) from K.ingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind: I know, I know, someone’s going to take me out back and shoot me one day for all these connections I keep making with Lucia and Xion but listen-- it fits. There’s no denying the sense of sadness to the song but the rock remix guitar strumming along and the fast pace of it all still spells out a bad time when going against that speedy little lady.
Alexa-- Vs. the secret boss (I guess it’s still spoilers??) from K.ingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind: It’s kinda lowkey, a dramatic piano but no frenetic violin slapping you upside the head. Dramatic. Poignant. And--oh, you’re dead, oh dear. UPDATE: it’s been a year, it’s not spoilers anymore who the K.H3 secret boss is, Yozora
Val-- Lightning Battle from K.id Icarus Uprising: The exact opposite of Alexa’s, as it should be. The guitar going at it, the music giving no breathing room whatsoever right from the very get go, Val would be the kind of boss to overwhelm with attacks and not let up at all.
Katarina-- That Person’s Name Is from B.ravely Default: Can a song exude the feeling of “honor”? This one does to me with Katarina. She’s a boss fight with honor, how nice.
Emil-- I’m honestly stuck between two so until I make a decision here’s both. Wicked Flight from B.ravely Default: Ominous, sounds like he’s just playing with you. He seems pretty casual about this whole thing but there’s something about that smile... They Who Govern Reason from O.ctopath Traveler: The main canonical thing about Emil and his family’s sword style is how graceful and fast it ends up looking like during a battle and what better way to get smacked around by a sword than to a song as austere-sounding as this?
Huaxiu: Lord of the Castle (Data Battle Remix) from K.ingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind: Remember what I said way back when about my dragons having to be the most theatrical, elegant fuckers? Behold. He’s beauty, he’s grace, he’s launching you across the room and kicking your ass severely. Amid the grandeur though there is a speed up that reminds you that Huaxiu’s not here to play.
Eira: Give Me All Your Love from The W.orld Ends with You: It’s fun! It sounds like a DDR song! It’s definitely very different from the normal boss songs but it fits the small girl currently casually bouncing on her heels ready to personally ruin your day.
Minglian: The Champion Mipha from H.yrule Warriors: A.ge of Calamity: The main thing that Minglian’s boss song needed to have an element of was grace, while still maintaining the feel of a song that you could get your ass kicked to. And the brass section does help fulfill the aforementioned requirement that “the dragons’ songs need to be very dramatic”. Helps that I associate her with water, and for those familiar with B.otw, the person who the song is for is a graceful water person too.
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traveller-lover-dreamer · 2 years ago
Don’t Forget About Me, 1 | T.H.
As promised, here is the first part of DFAM!
Tumblr media
Teaser |
Summary: The day two broken souls collided and the aftermath of the collision.
Pairing: College!Tom Holland X Fem!Reader
Word count: 3.9k
Warnings: Alcohol consumption and awkward moments
Tick. Y/n watched the hand of the clock above the class’s door move as her teacher continued talking about something she didn’t really care about. Tock. She hadn’t listened to the class at all, her mind solely focused on the weekend ahead of her. She had been waiting for that weekend to come for so long and she hoped that it wasn’t going to disappoint her.
As people said, the weekend spent to the cabin in the woods was one of the best college parties of the year, almost as sick as the weekend that they were going to spend in New York City in March.
She was currently in her last class on Friday afternoon, which lasted for a whole three hours. A lot too long for a college class if she was being honest, but it was not like she had the choice.
She focused her attention on the teacher for a while, until her friend Katherine leaned towards her to speak into her ear.
“Only an hour left.”
Y/n’s eyes went back to the clock and she noticed that, indeed, there was only an hour left to the class. She turned to look at her friend. “I can’t wait.”
“Neither do I. You know, everybody’s going to be there. I hope Haz will be too”, Katherine said.
“You know that he’s literally sitting on the other side of me and probably heard what you just said?”
The two girls heard a laugh, which Harrison tried to hide in a cough but clearly failed to do so. He leaned in. “Yes, I’ll be there. Wherever Tom goes I go too.”
Y/n turned to look at him. “Tom?”
Harrison nodded. “Yeah, Tom Holland. You know, he’s a third year.”
Y/n furrowed her brows as she tried to figure out who that Tom guy was. “Uh, no idea”, she eventually said.
“She’s never been to a party before, remember?” Katherine interjected.
“Right”, Harrison said before resuming his attention on the teacher whom had just scraped his throat for the three of them to stop talking.
For the rest of the class, Y/n paid attention (or rather tried her best to) until the teacher finally dismissed the class. The three friends got up from their seats at the back of the class and made their way out. Y/n stayed silent as Katherine and Harrison talked to each other, something that happened a lot. Not that she was a third wheel. They actually were pretty close, all three of them, but recently Harrison and Katherine’s friendship had developed in something more… sexual, let’s say, and they had gotten closer because of it.
“Hey, dumbass, are you listening?” Katherine repeated.
Y/n raised her gaze from the tile floor. Katherine was standing alone now. “Uh, yeah, what’s up?”
“Are you still driving to get to the cabin?” her friend asked.
“Course I am”, Y/n nodded. “Are Alexa, Emma and Caroline coming too?”
“Yup”, a cheerful voice said behind her.
Y/n turned around to see none other than the three girls behind her. “Well then, let’s get our bags and meet outside the dorms!”
“By the way, I call shotgun”, Katherine said before sprinting off toward the dorms.
Y/n grumbled. “She’s my roommie, she could’ve at least waited for me.”
Emma burst out laughing. “Kate’s childish, you know, and that’s why we love her.”
“Yeah, I know”, Y/n laughed before following her friend to their dorm.
Katherine was waiting for her next to the staircase that they had to climb to get to their dorm, which was on the fourth floor. They had prepared their bags last night so they picked them up when they got to their room and already were ready to go.
“Do you have the wine bottles?” Y/n enquired before they left their dorm.
“Yup, didn’t take them out of my bag since yesterday night, dummie”, Katherine replied on a sarcastic tone.
“Duh”, Y/n laughed. “I have the tequila bottle so I think we’re good to go.”
Katherine nodded. “Let’s do this!” she cheerfully said.
“Yaaas”, Y/n replied and the two friends laughed as they got out of their dorm and made their way to the stairs.
They went outside, where Alexa, Emma and Caroline already were. They all walked to Y/n’s car, all five of them chatting about the upcoming party.
Y/n had never been to any college parties before. Not that she hadn’t wanted to but last semester, her ex didn’t want her to go so she hadn’t gone, not wanting to lose him… She now was single though and even though she was fresh out of a relationship, she was more than ready to party.
They all put their stuff in the trunk of Y/n’s car before sitting in said car. Katherine took care of the aux chord while Emma, who was sitting in the middle of the backseat, guided Y/n to the cabin, which was an hour out of the city.
For all the ride, Y/n focused on the road and not on the conversations. It was the middle of January and she didn’t want to get into a car crash, especially not when the roads were as slippery as they were right now.
When they got there, Y/n let out a breath she hadn’t noticed she had been holding.
“You alright?” Katherine asked once the three other girls had gotten out of the car.
“Yeah…” Y/n flatly said. “It’s just, you guys already know everyone and apart from you all and Harrison, I don’t know anybody.”
“Babe, we’re all majoring in the same thing, we all end up knowing each other. Don’t worry about it. You’ll see, everyone’s nice.”
Y/n sighed. “I guess you’re right.”
The two girls got out of the car and grabbed their bags before following their three friends inside the cabin, which was made out of wood and looked totally cozy.
It was cold outside but inside the air was warm and there already was some loud music playing. They were currently in a long hallway with a couple of doors on each side of it.
“We’re in room 7”, Emma told Y/n, “but you guys are in room 6.”
Y/n nodded. “Yup, I remember. Meet you guys in the main room?”
“Sounds like a plan!” Emma said before moving with the two other girls to their room while Y/n and Katherine went to theirs.
Katherine and Y/n dropped their bags next to the bed. Y/n then turned to look at Katherine, a wicked smile on her lips.
“Should we drink a little before joining the others?” she enquired, hoping her friend would say yes because she clearly didn’t want to show up sober if the party was already started.
“Yeah, let’s drink a couple of shots”, Katherine joyfully said.
“We don’t have shot glasses”, Y/n reminded her friend.
“We can drink directly from the bottle”, Katherine laughed. “Or I can ask Haz to bring some.”
“You already want to give out some of our alcohol and we just got here.” Y/n shook her head disapprovingly but a smile still tugged at the corner of her lips.
“It’s just Haz. He always pays me drinks when we go out, it’s only fair that I give some to him right now.”
Y/n rolled her eyes as her smile grew bigger. “I thought the sex was the way to pay him for the free alcohol.”
“Y/n!” Katherine exclaimed before grabbing her cellphone, a clear giggle falling from her lips. “I’m texting him right now just cause you said that.”
Y/n raised both of her hands in defeat. “Okay, okay then.”
The two girls sat on the twin bed as they waited for their friend to come. While they waited, they chatted about everything and nothing. A couple of minutes later, there was a knock on the door and then Harrison came in, holding four shot glasses. Behind him trailed a guy Y/n had never seen before. He smiled at her over Harrison’s shoulder and Y/n felt her cheeks burning as she looked away.
“Haaaz”, Katherine said, jumping on her feet. She hugged the boy. “Hi, Tom!” she said to the other guy once she pulled away.
“Hey there”, Tom said, quickly hugging her before resuming his attention on Y/n. “You are..?”
It was as if the world had stopped turning and Y/n was standing at the top of a cliff. One step and she’d fall to a certain death. It was almost as if she could hear thunder in the distance, yet she knew that there weren’t thunderstorms in winter. Like she had been struck with lightning and she was struggling to catch her breath, waiting for death to find her. If only she would take that single step forward and let the wind gather her. She would fly, oh fly so high she’d make the clouds blush in jealousy.
Y/n got up and awkwardly waved. “Uh, Y/n.”
And just like that she had taken a step forward.
“Nice to meet you, Y/n”, Tom said as he smiled brightly.
“Nice to meet you too!” Y/n replied before raising the bottle of tequila she had been holding, immediately forgetting about the weird feeling she had just had. “Want some shots?”
Tom smiled devilishly. “Who says no to free shots?”
The both of them laughed. On the side, Katherine and Harrison glanced at each other knowingly.
Harrison put the shot glasses down on the dresser next to the bed and Y/n filled them up. She gave one to everybody.
“We unfortunately don’t have any salt or lemon so…” she trailed off.
“You know it’s gonna be disgusting, right?” Tom enquired.
Somehow Y/n just now noticed his accent. That boy clearly wasn’t American.
“Do I look like I care?” she said before winking at him.
Tom laughed. “Okay then, I didn’t say anything.”
Y/n smiled before glancing at Katherine, who was looking at her already with a sly smile on her lips. Y/n furrowed her brows and was about to ask her what was up when Harrison talked.
“Well, to the weekend and Y/n’s first party!”
They all clinked their glasses together before downing the shots. Y/n felt the burning of alcohol down her throat and she scrunched up her nose, but soon enough the feeling passed.
“For the record, this isn’t my first party”, she then said. “Just my first in college.”
“Oh, you’re so not ready”, Tom said, the devilish smile back on his lips. “Should we play beer pong?”
“Right now?” Y/n asked.
“No, next week”, Tom sarcastically said. “Yeah, right now, you div.”
“Sounds like a plan”, Harrison interjected before Y/n had time to reply. “You two against Tom and me.”
Y/n rolled her eyes. “We’re gonna crush you.”
“Uh, babe, I think you overestimate my talent”, Katherine laughed.
“We’ll see”, Tom said. “Haz and I haven’t been defeated yet.”
The four of them moved towards the main room, where the party actually was. Emma and the two other girls were nowhere to be seen.
They had to wait for a game to end before they could get a table to play. Once that was done, the two girls chose their side of the table and the boys went to the other side.
Katherine poured herself a glass of wine and gave another to Y/n as the boys poured themselves some beer in empty red solo cups before placing them on the table. As for Y/n and Katherine, they filled six cups with water, both of them preferring to drink from their own glasses. Then, it was time to start.
“Go first”, Katherine indicated Y/n.
“Alright, alright”, Y/n said, grabbing the ping pong ball.
On the other side of the table, Tom grabbed another ping pong ball, the wicked smile back on his lips. “Gotta defeat me now, darling.”
Y/n’s cheeks burned as she prepared to throw the ball. “You better prepare to lose.”
They both threw the balls as their gaze got caught up in each other’s… and both of them missed.
“You guys suck”, Katherine said as she grabbed Tom’s ball, which had fallen on the floor.
Y/n laughed. “Can’t wait to see you then.” She glanced at Tom, his smile now softer.
“Haz’s better than me, you’re screwed”, he said, winking at Y/n.
Y/n rolled her eyes as Harrison and Katherine threw their balls. Katherine’s ball landed in one of the red solo cups, meaning Y/n and she were the first to go.
“Yeah, right”, Y/n smiled, winking at Tom.
Tom shook his head but that same smile was still plastered on his lips.
Y/n picked up a ball as Harrison threw the other one to Katherine. The two girls then got ready, Katherine going first and missing the red solo cups from at least a foot.
“Good luck”, Tom said, crossing his arms on his chest as a cocky smile tugged at the corner of his lips.
Y/n chuckled but then concentrated on throwing the ball. Which did a perfect parabola and landed in one of the cups.
“What were you saying?” she then said as Harrison took the cup and downed it.
Tom just picked up Katherine’s ball, ignoring Y/n even though he would have liked to say something cocky. The two boys threw their balls and the balls landed in the same cup.
“That is what I was saying”, Tom said as he and Harrison did a weird handshake.
Y/n furrowed her brows at how idiotic they looked as Katherine put three cups to the side.
“Hey, hey, you’re supposed to drink them”, Harrison said.
“Dumbass, there’s only water in them”, Katherine laughed.
Y/n took a sip from the cup she was holding and smiled contently as she tasted the wine. “Took a sip, that’s more than enough.”
“Actually”, Katherine said before downing her glass, making everyone laugh, “I’m better when I’m drunk.”
“You wish”, Harrison laughed. “We all know you can’t aim for shit.”
Katherine poured herself another glass of wine. “Then tell me how I did this.” She threw the ball, which unfortunately landed on the side of one of the cups before bouncing and being caught by Tom. “Fuck, it would have been sick if it had worked.”
“But this will work though”, Y/n said, throwing her own ball. It bounced on the table once before landing in one of the glasses.
“What?” Katherine exclaimed, engulfing Y/n in a hug. “That’s it babe, we’re going to crush them.”
Y/n shot a look to the two guys over Katherine’s shoulder. Tom was staring at her, his mouth agape.
“You cheated”, he gasped.
“I didn’t”, Y/n laughed, shaking her head. “You guys are just losers.”
Both of the boys downed a cup before putting it to the side. Tom threw his ball first and it landed in one of the three last cups left on the table.
“Who are the losers now?” Tom enquired.
Y/n laughed but then Harrison missed his shot. “Still you.” She took a sip from her glass as she put the one Tom’s ball had landed in to the side.
This time, both of the girls missed and Y/n pouted as Tom laughed at them. But then Tom and Harrison missed to, which led to a couple of exchanges without anyone putting a ball in one of the last cups.
“This time, I swear we’re not missing”, Y/n said as a drunken giggle fell from her lips. The wine Katherine and she had chosen was stronger than what she was used to and she was actually getting a little drunk.
“Good luck with that, love.” Tom winked at her. “We all know who’s gonna win.”
“Certainly not you two”, Katherine affirmed. “Y/n and I are gonna crush you.”
“Says the girl who’s missed each time”, Harrison laughed.
Katherine threw the ball, which landed in one of the cups. “What did you say?” she asked as Y/n high-fived her.
Y/n quickly threw her ball, which landed in another cup.
“Fuck!” Tom cursed. “Haz, can you please stop being so bad?”
“Excuse me, you ain’t better mate”, Haz laughed.
The two guys downed the cups, only one remaining in front of them while two were still in front of Y/n and Katherine. Tom put his cup aside and then prepared to throw his ping pong ball. He concentrated, furrowing his brows and Y/n couldn’t help but think that he looked adorable when he did that. He threw his ball while Y/n was still staring at him so she didn’t see when it bounced on the table once before falling into one of the last two cups.
“We won!” Tom exclaimed before fist-bumping with Harrison. “Told you we were gonna win, darling.” His gaze went to Y/n, who felt her cheeks burning as she looked away.
“Yeah yeah”, she said, crossing her arms on her chest.
Y/n looked to Harrison as he walked around the table to give a hug to Katherine, who was faking to be offended. She then glanced to Tom again.
“Don’t look so mad, I told you Haz and I never lose”, Tom said as he walked to Y/n. “And I mean it ain’t your fault if you lost, Katherine isn’t the best…”
“I can here you Thomas!” Katherine exclaimed, her voice muffled from her face being buried in Haz’s chest.
“Get a room already!” Tom said back, which earned him a blow from Harrison on the shoulder. “Hey!”
The rest of the night went by, Harrison, Katherine, Tom and Y/n hanging out together, playing another game of beer pong and then “Never have I ever” with a couple of other people. Towards the end of the evening, the four of them ended up sitting in Katherine and Y/n’s room, talking about college (or rather complaining about college) while drinking a last glass of wine.
“You know what, I think we’re gonna go to bed”, Harrison said.
Katherine and he were cuddling on the bed while Y/n and Tom were sitting next to each other on the floor, their backs against the dresser.
“Already?” Tom whined.
“I’m not going to bed with you, you div”, Harrison laughed. “Kate and I will go.”
“Wait, where am I supposed to sleep then?” Tom asked.
Meanwhile, Y/n was slowly understanding that that meant she was going to have to sleep with Tom. She started to giggle.
“You alright?” Tom enquired, his brows furrowed.
“They’re going to have sex”, Y/n said before starting to laugh again.
“Damn right we are”, Katherine replied as Harrison and she got up.
“Not in my bed!” Tom complained.
“You have a bed right here, don’t you?” Harrison said, winking at Tom.
To say Tom turned red was an understatement. “Oh really?”
“Yeah, you div”, Harrison said.
He patted Tom on the head before walking away, hand in hand with Katherine. They shut the door behind them, which left Y/n and Tom alone. Suddenly, Y/n became more than aware of the proximity between the two of them and she felt so shy. She got up and sat on the bed instead. Tom was looking at her.
“Kate and Haz are divs”, he stated. He took his cellphone out of his pocket. “I’ll go sleep in someone else’s room.”
“Oh, I don’t mind if you uh… if you uh sleep here”, Y/n said as her cheeks burned.
“No, I’d rather not sleep here”, Tom said as he got up. “I’ll go sleep in Tuwaine’s room.”
Y/n shook her head as she felt disappointed. “You can stay, it’s okay.”
Tom smiled. “You really want me to stay, uh?”
“Well, I mean, uh, there are two places in the bed here, you wouldn’t want to sleep on the floor right?”
Tom nodded. “Fair enough. But you stay on your side uh?”
Y/n chuckled. “I won’t touch you, don’t worry.”
There was a moment of silence as the two of them avoided the other’s gaze.
This is so awkward.
Tom got up and walked around the bed to sit on the other side. Y/n turned her head to look at him.
“Do you mind if I put on my PJs?” she asked.
Tom laughed. “Go on.”
Y/n got up and grabbed said PJs from her bag. “You have to promise not to look though.”
“I promise”, Tom said as he glanced at her over his shoulder.
Y/n cocked her eyebrow. “Then what are you doing right now?”
Tom looked away, his cheeks turning a light shade of pink. “Sorry.”
Y/n chuckled as she quickly undressed to put her PJs on. She put the pants on first. “You know”, she said, “it’s kinda great to not be a third wheel with Haz and Kate for once.”
“Hey, I’m the one who’s had to be with them in all of the parties”, Tom replied as he glanced over his shoulder. He caught sight of Y/n in her bra and he quickly looked away without her noticing. His cheeks were now burning.
“True”, Y/n chuckled, putting her shirt on. “I bet parties are the worst place to be with them too.”
“I’m surprised they stayed with us for so long actually”, Tom admitted.
Y/n threw her clothes in her bag before sitting back on the bed. “You can turn now.”
Tom turned around, his eyes finding hers quickly. “Nice PJs.”
“I’m sorry, I’m a nerd”, Y/n said as she looked down at her Spider-Man PJs.
“I’m a Marvel fan myself, don’t worry”, Tom chuckled.
He then took Y/n by surprise by taking his shirt off. “What are you doing?” Y/n enquired as she tried her best not to look at his sculpted chest.
“I sleep in boxer briefs only, love”, Tom replied, his voice lower than it should have been. He scraped his throat. “Or I get too hot and can’t sleep”, he added. He cursed himself mentally, knowing he had probably made it worse by adding that.
“Right”, Y/n nodded. “I’ll shut the lights off, if you don’t mind.”
“Don’t like the sight?” Tom enquired.
“What! No, it has nothing to do with uh…” she trailed off as her eyes landed on his abs again. How could he have abs while he was sitting?
Tom got up and shut the lights off himself. He finished undressing as Y/n’s eyes adjusted to the darkness. Y/n felt the mattress dip when he sat down.
“Shall we get under the covers?” she suggested. Why am I so lame?
“Sounds like a plan”, Tom replied, sounding just as lame as she did.
Once they were lying under the covers, Y/n turned to shoot a look at Tom, who was facing her.
“What are you looking at?” he asked.
“Nothin’”, Y/n whispered. “Good night, Tom.”
“Good night”, Tom smiled.
Y/n rested her head on the pillow. Part of her desperately wanted to get closer to Tom, maybe even kiss him, but she knew that that was the alcohol talking, not her. She wasn’t ready for another relationship or for anything in that field if she was being honest. She shut her eyes, a small smile finding her lips when she heard soft snores coming from Tom.
Maybe she wasn’t ready for a relationship but, somehow, not being alone in bed for the first time in months warmed her heart. She fell asleep peacefully, the same soft smile on her lips.
Hope you enjoyed the first part. The second part should be out in a week at the same time.
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alexa-alcantara · 2 years ago
mitch rapp
How I feel about this character
MITCH FUCKING RAPP owns my ass now. He‘s on top of my little characters I adore list now, and totally knows it. Fuck me sideways. I adore this character, and I’m also kinda glad that he feels so different from fellow assassin characters like Wick, Bourne or spy classics like Bond. I do like this genre, but never was too protective of it, if that makes sense, until I discovered Rapp. Also, I LOVE the look they’ve given Mitch. *heart eyes*
All the people I ship romantically with this character
In the movie, no one. We don‘t know anything about Katrina, so she basically functions as a stand-in for all the female OCs written for Mitch anyway. Though I absolutely adore most of the female OCs out there paired with Mitch that stay within the assassin!universe. They all bring out many interesting aspects of Mitch. AU wise, Stitch, as long it doesn‘t get too AU crazy, the fact it‘s the same actor is already bonkers enough haha. This pairing, oddly enough, offers great characterization possibilities for both Mitch & Stiles. ;)
My non-romantic OTP for this character
Stan Hurley & Irene Kennedy. I find them both hilarious how they act with each other, and then act with Mitch, respectively. It‘s also hilarious how Stan & Irene have such differing opinions about Mitch, but both also have a soft spot for Mitch and they can‘t deny it. They wanna give each other shit for it, and they try, but can‘t, because that would mean they would have to acknowledge it, and can‘t face the elephant in the room, nuh-uh, because that would also mean admitting how Mitch totally plays them both. :D Which means, Mitch Rapp, is both their differing and common ground, and it drives everyone insane (but secretly amuses the whole CIA rank). xD
(I also once read a Ghost/Mitch piece that wasn‘t really slash but an interesting character study in the similarities between both, in an AU way if Mitch had been able to talk Ghost out of his suicide mission, and Ghost convincing Rapp to go rogue. I still think about that.)
My unpopular opinion about this character
I know I haven‘t read the book yet, so I can‘t fully judge yet, but from the tidbits I get told, I don‘t feel that there‘s that much discrepancies between book!Mitch & movie!Mitch, which I fully credit O‘Brien‘s portrayal for, and as such, I‘m actually already happy with movie!Mitch. But ofc, can‘t wait to combine the best of both into the sheer awesomeness that is Mitch. I also don‘t have anything against Ghost, that he wasn‘t in the book doesn‘t bother me, because how he was intended to mirror where Mitch can go very, very wrong, is too interesting for me to ignore.
One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.
I‘m really intrigued with the book quote “Revenge is more wild, less calculated…deeply personal. Retribution is a punishment that is morally right and fully deserved.” and I wish they included that instead of killing people who need to be killed, which falls way too flat on the moral dilemma on the whole ordeal. So yeah, I wish they approached that with more finesse. I‘m also really intrigued by the giving up your innocence aspect so others don‘t have to. Again, a fascinating moral dilemma to think about. Imo, they had the opportunity with Ghost to go deeper into giving up your innocence issue, and I wish Mitch had a scene with him where they don’t beat the crap out of each other (yet). Because Ghost did have a point, and Hurley had every right to be scared shitless of Mitch & Ghost’s similar psych profile. So I wish, instead of going for the usual Hollywood scale up to have big explosion action and what not in the second half of the movie, I wish they went with Ghost specifically aiming at Hurley and to infiltrate the CIA from within. He had every tool at his hands for it! Yes, that would’ve meant less action movie and more psycho thriller, but it would have given them the opening to lay far more intricate characterization groundwork for the characters Hurley, Irene, and Mitch (and even Ghost, even if he lasted only for a movie).
Nonetheless, I think the movie had a very difficult time era to air in, as political correctness kills creativity and story-telling. I think, that’s also why they created the character Ghost, because the current narrative wouldn’t allow a precise book adaption, unfortunately. So I think I got an idea what they were trying to achieve with bringing in Ghost, and it kinda worked to fob off the worst SJW’s on a superficial level, but in usual Hollywood style they still succumbed to HW’s need of a “scale up”. For what it’s worth, they avoided very cleverly the “uber feminist battle cries” with how they dealt with Annika’s character, and I think the movie deserves more credit for that one alone xD. Like I said, for the circumstances the movie had a lot less identity politics agendas shoved into it than I feared it would have, and first movies of a potential series often struggle to introduce characters & world building and then have room left, which is why usually it’s the second one which really kicks off the story. I do wish, they showed more writing finesse (especially dialogue) and dared to shoulder on with a franchise. Because they did do a hella fine intro with MITCH that leaves a longing for more. *points to gif below*
Tumblr media
- alexa, xoxo
Give me a character and I’ll break their ass down:
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Tumblr media
☠ ◞ madelaine petsch . twenty - three . cis female . she / her . › is that fleur riley i see walking through the campgrounds ? i can’t believe that the virgo is spending their summer here . i heard that FLEUR is a film major when they’re at home in jamestown , new york . but while they’re here , i’ve seen them reading old autobiographies while humming no rest for the wicked by lykke li . i’ve called them the loner but that’s only because of their INDEPENDENT and CYNICAL tendencies . apparently , they’re back at camp silver lake this year because she wants to see how accurate friday the 13th is . ‹ played by jay , she / her , 19 , est  ›
hey y’all hey y’all hey y’all i’m jay and my interests include old movies, being a whore for john donne, and binge-watching trash tv, in no specific order. i,, died last night when i was originally planning to write up fleur’s bullets, so i’ll do that tonight, but suffice it to say that i really hate myself because p much all of her backstory is based on jennifer north from valley of the dolls (the basis of which is basically ‘ur only good for ur looks when those r gone die bitch die -xoxo mom’) ajdfl i love trash. HERE’S HER TASK THO: 
*    character  name  .  age  .  birthday  .  sexuality  .  
fleur riley. twenty-three. september 18th. bisexual.
*  why  are  they  labeled  as  the  trope  that  you  applied  for  ?  
hey alexa, play “lonely” by akon. n e way, i kind of went more into this in the ‘worst parts of their personality’ section ( linear who ? ), but as a tl;dr, we gonna go r/im14andthisisedgy: happiness is misery and lonesomeness !
*  who  are  some  of  their  character  inspirations ?  (  bonus  points  if  you  list  some  horror  movie  or  television  show  characters )  
paula ( gaslight ), jennifer north ( valley of the dolls, you have full permission to sue me for loving that trash ), martha ( who’s afraid of virginia woolf? ), judy garland
*  do  you  think  they’d  run  into  danger  or  run  away  from  it  ?  
is ‘just stand there and see what happens’ an option? because ‘just stand there and see what happens.’
*  what  are  the  worst  parts  of  their  personality  ?  
alright, so i haven’t actually done her enneagram yet, but from a surface standpoint, she’s very much a type four. that obviously isn’t inherently bad, but there’s the healthy four and the unhealthy four. total unhealthy four. she kind of revels in loneliness and misery ? not really in the r/im14andthisisedgy way, more like the judy garland, virginia woolf, etc. way, ja feel ? she may not have intended to be a Loner™ in the beginning, but now life just doesn’t make sense if someone is constantly in it. 
*  what  are  some  connections  that  they  would  have  formed  at  camp  the  first  time  they  were  around  ?
alright, so she probably tried to find and bond with one person who gave off that ‘protector’ vibe, ja feel ? so that ! also possibly just an innocent crush ? it may or may not have doubled as a very innocent child ‘romance,’ ja continue to feel ?
*  are  they  nervous  about  returning  back  to  camp  silver  lake  ? why  or  why  not ?
ngl, she’s very much distanced herself from the genuine severity of the situation, so she isn’t nervous in the slightest. 
*  what’s  their  favorite  scary  movie  ?
hush... hush, sweet charlotte. in spite of bette davis being the definition of ‘petty’ ( petty davis ), fleur is very partial to her work.
*  finally  ,  what  are  some  connections  you’d  like  for  them  to  have  ?  ( please  list  a  minimum  of  three  )
- y’all see the first connection idea i listed for the camp connections ? that one. - someone who’s always like “bitch stop reading that dead person’s autobiography live your best life wtf” - some past love interest which probs ended in some dumb r/im23andthisisedgy trash - “talk dead people who wrote autobiographies to me” - idk ! i’m p bad at coming up with things on the spot afdkjl love brainstorming too tho and would love looking at y’all’s connections !
ok but like this or hmu if you’d like to plot !
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therecordscratch · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Summer Playlist 2019 (Part 1!)
In the heat of the summer baby, upbeat tunes and chill vibes - here’s 20 songs from my Summer 2019 playlist. Part 2 coming soon But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, part 1 (In no particular order) Let’s go:
Destroy Boys : I Threw Glass At My Friend’s Eyes and Now I’m on Probation  - I saw this badass band when they opened for SWMRS and shit do they know how to play a show! West Coast punk at its finest, this half talking half scream singing song is an anthem for badass ladies. Alexa Roditis can belt out this high energy song for sure!
Tame Impala : Borderline - One of Tame Impala’s newest songs and it screams lazy summer evening. It has that classic dreamy vibe that we know well of Tame Impala paired with the catchy beat and flowing synth. Perfect addition to any summer setlist.
The Regrettes : Hey Now - An older Regrettes song but one I dig none the less, the beach guitars and the playful, bouncy lyrics from Lydia Night bring this song to its feet. If you need a song to dance to on the beach, let it be this one.
Joywave : It’s A Trip! - I accidentally found this song awhile ago and I’m happy I did! I’m in love with the beat of this jam! The vocals are teasing and the guitars compliment that well. High recommend you give Joywave a chance. If you like more mellow, lazy summer jams then this is a great one!
Catfish and the Bottlemen : Fluctuate - I saw them open fro Green Day a few years ago and man, did these guys catch my attention! A song from their newest album, Fluctuate is upbeat, honest and I can’t help but sing this one as the chorus rocks in.
Beach Weather : Someone’s Disaster - How could I not put a song from the band Beach Weather on a summer playlist? Their band name fits this song nicely as the breezy vocals float with this alt-pop vibe they have going. This entire song aesthetic belongs in the waves at the beach.
Red Hot Chili Peppers : You know I had to put some iconic Chili Peppers on here.
The Getaway - From their newest album and one of the best bumping songs I’ve heard in awhile, classic Chili Pepper’s funk with a fresh vibe and the bridge makes me eargasm every time.
Californication - I don’t need to explain why this iconic song made my playlist. I summer playlist wouldn’t be complete without this legendary song.
Dani California - I wish someone wrote songs about me like Anthony Kiedis writes about California. I can never not sing the lyrics: Black bandana, sweet Louisiana What a jamming song
Soul To Squeeze - A more mellow Peppers song that reminds me of lazy naps on the beach and waking up with a wicked sunburn. Nevertheless this song is another iconic one for hot summer days.
Simple Creatures : Special - The side project of Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low and Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 is a hit or miss for me, but Special hits the nail on the head for jams for the summer. The sandy vocals make my young teenage heart wanna riot and damnit feel special. 
Fall Out Boy : West Coast Smoker - I’ve been a fan of old school Fall Out Boy since my young middle school days and DAMN this song! Folie á deux is a criminally underrated album, and this song suffers because of that but fuck man this song makes me lose my mind. Give it a listen. 
Clover The Girl : Even If It Hurts -  Another song I stumbled upon on instagram and this girl can sing! It’s a kickass song that starts mellow then comes in with that sassy strong chorus that makes you wanna dance. A cool song through and through.
Green Day : Dare I say one of my favorite bands of all time, you know I had to put a shit ton of Green Day on here
Minority - An anthem for the dirtbag kids no one cares about, break this one out on a hot summer day as a middle finger to the people who promised to contact you over the summer but didn’t. That or working a shitty job over this break. Either way, this song deserves a spot on the list.
Hitchin’ A Ride - This guitar solo is one I’ve been trying to get down for awhile because it might be one of my favorites to rock out to. A high energy song for a low energy day.
Kill The DJ - The trilogy albums are...interesting and this song may be a little cheesy but Billie Joe Armstrong successfully convinces me to commit first degree murder in this jam.
Let Yourself Go - Let me tell you, if you even needed a “fuck you” anthem, this is it. I don't know about you, but if I could sent this song to all the people who contact me on a daily basis, my life would be much easier.
Platypus (I Hate You) - Armstrong’s rage is contagious, if that alone doesn’t get you hype, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool pull out all the stops to make you next level pissed off at the world with this sick rhythm. On a humid summer night alone in your room, let it go.
The Maine : Same Suit, Different Tie - A song I didn’t think I’d like as much as I did admittedly. However, the smooth sound and those classic The Maine vocals from John O'Callaghan make this song such a feel good warm weather jam.
Sum 41 : In Too Deep - Another classic, Sum 41 deserve a spot on this summer playlist with this chill summer jam. This song will be played for decades of summers to come, so give it the love it deserves
What’s on your summer playlist? Let me know! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next one :)
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stonecoldbex · 3 years ago
inspired by the nonexistent selfie that becky and alexa took last weekend.
ao3 link.
Ace Comic Con.
Glendale, Arizona
On A Friday Morning.
Bleak and grey today, Alexa thought as she finished her interview with Lillian. All she needed was a nice cup of tea and she could finally breathe.
But she knew it wouldn’t be that simple. A certain someone was here, and any minute she’d come around the corner and come face to face with her.
Which, granted, wouldn’t be the worse thing to happen in the world.
But woman had a mean scowl and Alexa had been secretly dying to meet her. She knew she had to be careful considering their past history, too.
This was quite the phenomenon. Alexa Bliss, nervous? Nah.
But even she had to admit to some sort of anxiety now as she tapped her foot restlessly against the black concrete.
It had been a slow day and it would be infinitely slower yet.
But when The Man finally comes around, Bliss would get a chance to meet her once more. Perhaps even get a chance to talk with her former rival once again.
But, even she had to give pause. Why was Alexa so intent on meeting Becky again? Even Alexa had to beg the question herself.
Perhaps, she thought, she was bored. What with everything that’s been happening with her since her back-to-back injuries, as well her very slow return to the ring. And not to mention, she was craving to stir up some trouble. Just for the hell of it.
She hadn’t even had a chance to do any of that lately with her new show, either.
Her show, ironically enough, was called A Moment of Bliss, but she had felt anything but bliss when interviewing her fellow superstars lately.
Granted, unveiling the new tag team belts for the women was noteworthy in itself—even having Ronda Lousy on her show was okay, too. But Sasha Banks making a statement against Nia last week made Alexa miss all of the fun that came with causing mischief.
Perhaps the time away from the ring had done her well. Here she was, appeasing her legion of followers, being chipper and even carefree about her situation, but that restless feeling was still ever so present. And she had doubts that meeting her crowd of obsessive fans would cut it for her. They were, after all, just peasants to the Goddess.
But when she had heard that Becky Lynch, fellow wrestler and once-upon-a-time-ago rival was visiting for this weekend instead of Charlotte, her ears naturally perked up.
“Well this could be interesting,” she muttered offhandedly, just prior to the convention. They were still teetering on the brink of war the last time they had met, but that had been a few months ago, when Becky was still on the top of the mountain with her Smackdown Women’s Championship. She wouldn’t take kindly to Alexa showing up in her vicinity too well given what happened in their feud two years ago.
But still, the Goddess was prepared for anything. Perhaps she could woo her in her favor, even.
So Alexa kept her eyes peeled since arriving in Glendale, just out of curiosity for her old rival. And there was nothing more to it.
Alexa had settled with that.
All morning she had been talking, and waving, and smirking at people she didn’t know. Nodding every once in a while at Lillian Garcia’s interview questions, giving good answers when she needed to—hell, even feeling a sense of anticipation when she talked about returning to the ring—but these were all just robotic answers. Typical Alexa putting on a face when she had to.
Except when everything was finished and all the questions were asked and answered, and she finally got around behind the curtain, did her gaze meet another, more familiar one. She nodded at her.
And then she was gone.
Alexa shrugged.
Well, that wasn’t so bad.
Later in the day however proved much more eventful.
Alexa had just been walking down the hall ready to leave this godforsaken building when she spotted her old rival walking along the same way.
Both of them paused.
Alexa was the first to strike.
“Hey loser, where’s your belt?”
“Misplaced at the moment,” Becky said, without missing a beat. “Nothing to worry about. Where’s your cosplay? I thought you were supposed to be a waterboy.”
“Cute. Maybe you should stuff it because who knows, Bex? I might be coming back sooner than you think.”
“If you’re talking about the Royal Rumble then congrats. I look forward to seeing your elimination. I can’t wait to see that disgusting smile get wiped off your face when you go over the top rope.”
“And I can’t wait to see you lose that colossally stupid energy you have going on when Asuka beats it right out of you, lucky charms.”
The hallway was quiet, save for Becky’s obnoxious gum chewing. But neither had flinched from their seething stare down. In fact, it had been for the best considering they had been mere inches from each other’s faces (and throats, at that). Any sudden movements and it would have ensured another brawl for the ages.
But then, Becky gave her a vague smile, and it was the same one that she knew would drive the Goddess up the wall. Alexa couldn’t help but roll her eyes.
“Lucky charms,” Becky said, shaking her head. “Geez, you really don’t quit going after my Irish heritage there, do ya Lexi?”
“You make it so easy for me when you’re strutting around like you’re Conor freakin’ McGregor and say things like ‘discoostin’ all the time. It’s cute, really.”
“Sorry, did I just hear you call me cute? And twice at that? You’ve gotten so soft for me, Lexi.”
“Perhaps you’re growing on me, Bex. Or should I say The Man.”
“Nice to see a fan,” she said. “And from a fellow wrestler at that. Everyone else is too busy trying to shut down The Man by calling themselves The Woman.”
“How original. And idiotic.”
She smirked. “You read my mind.”
Alexa wasn’t sure when they had started walking, but she figured that out when they had moved to the parking lot, talking about dealing mischief to those in their way. Discussing strategies on how to decimate people left and right. It was exciting to finally hear Becky see things her way now, with a ruthlessness that nearly matched her own. It was strange considering it was a different side to her that reminded her of good ol’ Bex—except without the steam billowing behind her like she was still an underdog. It was even weirder considering Alexa had held nothing but disdain for her for the longest time.
But now things had been different. It was disdain, but a little bit of admiration intermingled with it, as well.
And perhaps a bit of attraction, to be quite honest. But she knew she wasn’t alone in that sentiment.
It was strange. But perhaps Alexa had seen stranger things happen.
Becky had noticed this too.
“So I imagine in weeks’ time I’ll be seeing you back with that title around your waist,” Alexa said.
“Coming from you, it sounds a bit like a vote of confidence. Or am I mistaken?”
“Maybe. Or maybe I just prefer to see it on you.”
“You’d be wise to keep that to yourself, darling. Don’t wanna be caught dead vouching for an old enemy of yours.”
“I trust you’ll keep a secret. Or am I mistaken?”
Becky smirked, and Alexa mirrored her smug expression.
But The Man wasn’t stupid.
“Charmingly devious as always, aren’t you? ”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Alexa scoffed. And a part of that was been true to an extent. Alexa had been minding her own business all day, paying no attention to anything in particular, and simply being Alexa.
But as she had been doing for the past several months, she had been too restless for too long to simply sit around and just let things slip through her fingers.
One of those things was Becky Lynch.
And she saw right through her.
“You’re a terrible liar, Lexi,” Becky said, leaning in close, paying no attention to personal boundaries.
Alexa glowered at this, because even if she was letting her guard down just a little for The Man—to wrap her up and fold her into her tiny little game she’d like to call her heart-shaped box—she wasn’t going to tolerate any more belittlement from her old rival and counterpart.
“Could have been worse,” she said, “I could have been asking for a selfie with you and posting it on Instagram.”
Becky chuckled devilishly. “I suppose. Although to be honest, that would have been much more tolerable.”
Alexa laughed out loud. “You’d prefer a selfie over me flirting with you?”
But all Becky did in response was smile in the knowing way she always did. She brought her lips close to her ear, and Alexa shuddered at the contact.
“I’d prefer to be the one to eliminate you this Sunday at the Royal Rumble.”
Alexa silently fumed at that, but she stamped a smile on her face. Because there was absolutely no way. Becky couldn’t possibly be planning to do that—should her match against Asuka not go her way.
Suddenly, the sins of Alexa’s past were looking like they were finally catching up to her. After all this time.
All of the relentless bullying, the snarky insults, and the devastating beatdowns she gave to the Irish Lass Kicker at her own hands—it had all been fun and games for her two years ago. But it had also been a devious plot to get to the top of the division. And now, Alexa was going to see the bitter consequences of that wicked game she once played.
And it sent shivers down her spine.
But the Goddess had played it off well. She wouldn’t let it get to her. She wouldn’t give Becky that satisfaction.
“Just shut up and smile.” Alexa said, pulling out her phone, knowing that this was personal—knowing Becky would legitimately kick her ass up and down the hallway if she so happened to post this on social media.
“Fine, fine.” Becky said, ego crinkling wide at her lips, “You know, you’re kinda cute when you’re angry.”
“And you’re cute when you’re unbearable.”
“I learn from the best.”
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eldritch-elrics · 3 years ago
MEMES 2018
happy 2019 everyone! let’s take a look back at the memes of 2018.
i decided at the start of the year to keep a running list of memes i saw. here it is!
they’re in roughly chronological order but not always
some of these might not count as memes
some are probably from years other than 2018, but i noticed them in 2018
mostly tumblr memes but also some from youtube, etc
bolded are the ones that i found most important or prominent, at least in my sphere of the internet
anyway, on to the list
tide pods / forbidden snacks
mcdonalds alignment chart
connect four
do you know the way? / ugandan knuckles
fbi agent
knuckles dying
left exit off ramp
somebody toucha ma spaghet
shirtless kylo ren
it’s 2028
pop team epic characters
the return of cat no banana
boo boo the fool
google arts and culture
absolute unit
thinking face emoji, thonking
person at stall with coffee: change my mind
mii channel theme
steamed hams
that’s just how it is on this bitch of an earth
green m&m message
upside down mcdonalds sign
gru’s plan
a song but every other beat
roblox death oof
but go off i guess
gay/bi/lesbian distinguished/functional/disaster alignment charts
russians blocked from tumblr
krusty krab vs chum bucket
you guys are just mean
we need a disney princess who x
american chopper argument
braver than a us marine
spongebob nopants
gay keyboard smashing
“mine” by bazzi
hand sanitizer vs 0.01% of germs
the ok sign (gottem)
“click to see a ghost” (it’s not a ghost)
god tier vriska
if you don’t love me at my x
zuckerberg trial
regular couple / yaoi couple / yuri couple
wallmart yodeler
press f to pay respects
todd howard’s wikipedia page
infinity war is the most ambitious crossover event in history
x dies in infinity war
john mulaney
you know what that is? growth
guy shooting other guy on couch (who killed hannibal)
floating boy chasing running boy
the baking a cake song from lazytown
t pose to assert dominance
is this a pigeon?
lesbians who like thor
bart hits homer with a chair
childish gambino - this is america
trumpet boy
person alarmed by powerpoint
i don’t feel so good…
miiverse (who thought it was even remotely okay to put this here)
scene from the good place where janet has a cactus
it’s free real estate
we live in a society
t hanos
chinken nunget
the dancing trickster god guy with the wacky glasses
lightning shapes
standing in lettuce
todd howard in general
ihob - the b stands for burgers
crow talks over smaller bird
we’ve updated our privacy policy
this is so sad alexa play despacito
big dick energy
human and robot from i robot talking
list of best x characters
fingers in his ass
*snap* yep. this one’s going in my cringe compilation
polite cat
slaps roof of car
let’s go lesbians!!
young thug on the computer
fucking superb you funky little x
characters react to you having a tapeworm
teleportation arg
howard the alien
small your dick
alternate responses to “i love you”
more alignment charts, most notably bitch/thot/bastard edgy/depressed/dumbass
elon musk
different communities shaking hands or fist bumping over a shared thing
favorite character bingo
energy sword sunday
thank the bus driver
the comeback of minecraft
asbestos becoming legal
pensive emoji
drake, where’s the door hole?
my two brain cells communicating
twink boutta pounce
kung pow penis
johnny johnny
can you cast obsidian
do yall hear sumn?..
x happened at claire’s
responses to “i’d die for you”
manga/anime/netflix adaptation
moths and lamps
bongo cat
x do y challenge
zendaya is meechee
adding lucky luciano to photos
presidential alert
the scp foundation
skyrim dialogue: hey, you’re finally awake
setting other songs to the party rock anthem video
weird flex but ok
youtube outage
can i copy your homework?
attention all fortnite gamers, john wick needs your help
tik tok (i wanna be tracer, hit or miss, why do good girls like bad guys)
let’s get this bread
super smash bros world of light trailer
what sort of pics usually get sent at 3 am? ;)
one taught me love, one taught me patience, one taught me pain
"x, can i have y to do z?” “to do z?” “yeeeees"
a human, a monster, a prince from the dark
pikachu :0 face
detective pikachu
have a seat please. i would like to discuss steven universe with you
chonk chart
i’m making fucking mac and cheese
they did surgery on a grape
fantasy art of a creature holding a sword out to another creature
imagine doing x (this post made by y)
no nut november
frankenstein is the creator not the monster
fallout 76
that’s my emotional support x
tumblr nsfw ban, female-presenting nipples
the death of fingers in his ass sunday
domino effect
big chungus
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stardustreviews · 3 years ago
Blog All Day, Meme All Night
over a month ago, actual ray of sunshine @lynchmatthew​ tagged me in this and uhh i finally finished tweaking this blog so why not do it now!!
tagging @the-little-witches-books, @jostenne, @wylans, @pynchvinsky, and uhh anyone else who wants to!
╰☆╮1. YEET – which book would you yeet out of existence?
Highkey? A Court of Wings And Ruin. That was the book that made me realize that I just couldn’t read anymore Maas. I hated the way she wrote romance, how all her male characters were possessive, the half-hearted attempt at “representation”.
╰☆╮2. CRYING KIM K – which book gives you lots of feelings?
Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust. I need to write a review for this at some point, but basically-- it’s an absolutely beautiful book, a feminist retelling of Snow White, and the mother-daughter relationship between Mina (the Wicked Queen character) and Lynet (the Snow White character) is meticulously, wonderfully crafted. I cannot recommend this book enough!
╰☆╮3. AMERICA, EXPLAIN – favourite book set outside the us?
The creator of this tag, @meriknihar​ definitely intended this to be an In-Unvierse question, so uhh,, Illuminae definitely counts, right? It takes place in our cosmos, just very far away in both time and distance. I just love how tight and unexpected the plots were, and the format they chose was so interesting
Otherwise, I’d say The Book Thief, which is set in Germany and made me cry my heart out.
╰☆╮4. RIP VINE – your saddest character death?
A Darker Shade of Magic’s Holland Vosijk. V. E. Schwab created a beautiful, tragic character, and even thinking about him makes me sad again. He deserved the absolute fucking world, man.
╰☆╮5. WHAT ARE THOSE? – a book that left you confused?
Caraval by Stephanie Garber. It wasn’t that I didn’t get what was going on, but it was just too disorienting. The reader never really finds their footing in her story, and even at the end I was still not sure what was real and what was part of the performance. I don’t know, I guess I just felt like the protagonist’s agency didn’t mean anything when the rug was being pulled out from under everyone’s feet each chapter, and each twist seemed to negate the last. It was just too much.
╰☆╮6. BIG DICK ENERGY – favourite character with BDE?
It took me a while to figure this one out, but probably The Cruel Prince’s Jude Duarte. She will do whatever the fuck she can to get ahead, she refuses to be intimidated, and she’s an amazing Slytherin queen who is more than welcome to murder me if she wants.
╰☆╮7. I WON’T HESITATE BITCH – favourite book with a morally grey protagonist?
Vicious by V. E. Schwab. I read this the summer of my junior year and I fell in love with the story. She’s just,,, so good at crafting characters, and I need Vengeful now that it’s out.
╰☆╮8. MOVE, I’M GAY – favourite book featuring a lgbp+ romance?
Anyone who’s been around me for more than 2.3 seconds knows I am a weakass hoe for Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Córdova. It’s a fun yet dark adventure novel featuring Latina witches, realistic and loving families, lots of magic, and the softest wlw couple I know. My heart belongs to Alex and Rishi.
╰☆╮9. STREET SMARTS – favourite book featuring a protagonist whose strength is their intelligence?
Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore! Bitterblue is a puzzle of a book about mysteries and healing, and unlike the warrior Katsa, the titular protagonist doesn’t have strength or survival instincts. Instead, she has a deep desire to do good, and the brains needed to get to the bottom of the wound her father left on her country. (A close second is An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson; it’s a delightful story about a painter spirited away to Fae territories, and she survives largely due to her cleverness. Plus the book has some wonderful reflections of stagnation vs progress and the price of immortality,,, would highly recommend.)
╰☆╮10. ALEXA PLAY DESPACITO – character death you were happy about?
Severus Snape from Harry Potter. I don’t care that he was on The Good Side, and I really don’t care that He Will Always Love Lily. Severus Tobias Snape is a toxic slimebag, and when he joined the Wizard Nazis and called his best friend/crush a fucking slur, got butthurt that she didn’t want to hang with him anymore. He was willing to let an innocent man and a fucking baby be brutally murdered to save Lily, and even after she clearly rejected him, refused to get over her and let it become creepy and borderline-obsessive. The whole thing where he tore a photo of the Potter family so he could have Lily’s picture and no one else’s? And where he tore off her signature too? What the fuck. Also he has the emotional maturity of a 12 year-old, taking his anger out on two innocent and already traumatized children, to the point where he was one of those children’s greatest fear that is not okay. Anyways he can choke.
╰☆╮11. THEN PERISH – a book you DNFed?
Snow Like Ashes. I didn’t get very far into it, but I remember the premise not really grabbing me, and then it was due back to the library and I didn’t really care enough to get it ever again.
☆╮12. KERMIT SIPPING TEA – a book that makes a statement?
The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness is a great one. It’s a story about being the side characters, the ones who aren’t the Chosen Ones who get sent on an epic quest against evil. They’re just people, dealing with real problems, mental health issues and conflict with friends, and Ness handles the subject with a deft sort of beauty.
The Twelve Little Cakes also qualifies, too. It’s a memoir of a woman’s childhood in a post-Stalinist USSR-era Czech Republic. Despite the depressing setting, Dery manages to write a book bursting with optimism, with belief in the goodness of people and a better world, and that persepctive is as refreshing s it necessary in this modern age.
╰☆╮13. SAME HAT – the character you relate to the most?
I had,,, a lot of trouble with this one, so I’m going to say that Lara Jean from To All the Boys Ive Loved Before really reminds me of my high school self. She daydreams a lot, loves The Aesthetic, is not very grounded in reality, Is Soft And Kinda Anxious. Sure, let’s say that.
╰☆╮14. OH WORM – a book you didn’t expect to love?
I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson. I’m not normally a contemporary person, but I finished this book sobbing instead of working on a health essay. Books that have conflicts shaped like mysteries and puzzles, where personalities and situations clash in a way that looks a little bit like tragedy? Those are books are automatic favorites.
╰☆╮15. SHREK – favourite book featuring mythical creatures?
The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater revolves around the capaill uisce (aka kelpies). Stiefvater is brilliant with characters and atmosphere, so even though her books are more slow-paced, I was still absolutely enchanted.
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marvel-avengers-world · 4 years ago
Her Heroes
Warnings: none

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary/Request: Can you write a Bucky x reader? During his morning jog he finds a little preschool age girl wandering around alone and she tells him her baby sitter was being mean and left her there? He brings her to the tower for something to eat and to track down the mom. When mom shows up worried sick she’s surprised to see her tiny daughter with some of the team, cartoons and the winter soldier himself giving her a piggy back ride all over the room.
A/N: This is beautiful thank you for your request! I hope you like it! - marvel-avengers-world
Every morning Sam, Steve, and Bucky wake up early to jog outside together.
But today, Bucky wanted to run alone. After waking up from a nightmare he just needed some space and time to clear his head. He was so caught up in his thoughts, that he didn’t notice how far and fast he ran. Finally coming to a stop, he looked around and noticed that he could no longer see Steve or Sam anywhere. He also noticed that he unconsciously ran to his favorite park. He sighed, already hearing Steve’s lecture that was sure to come. “Well...I guess I should get back…” He thought out loud. He heard quiet footsteps before something tugged on his workout shirt, making him tense.
He whirled around expecting some guy with a gun, but instead there was a little girl, smiling softly at him. “Hi…” She waved shyly.
He lowered his hands and looked at her in confusion. Why was she talking to him? He turned his head, there was no sign of her parents. “Um, hi?” She giggled at his response and touched his metal arm, which he instinctively jerked back. Normally people stare at his arm with wide frightened eyes. But she was looking at it like it was a toy. Like she admired it. He really thought this had to be a trick.
He thought maybe Hydra was using a little girl to lure him back to them. She could be a spy. Or have superpowers, he thought .
“What are you doing out here alone?” He asked suspiciously. She giggled again and gave him a heartwarming smile. “I ran away from my babysitter.”
He was even more confused now. “Why did you run away?” She sighed and her smile slipped, “Alexa was being mean.” Bucky felt his heart tug at her cuteness.
But the suspicion of her working for Hydra was still in the back of his head. So he kept his guard up. “Who’s Alexa?” The little girl, who Bucky guessed could be no older than 6, scowled. “Alexa’s my babysitter. But she’s a meanie! She left me alone at the playground, she was talking to a boy.” Bucky squatted down next to the girl. He could tell she wasn’t lying, years of training taught him to know when anyone was lying. “What’s your name?” He was gradually warming up to her now that he didn’t think she worked for Hydra.
“Sophie!” Bucky smiled at her, he looked around again for her parents. But no one seemed to notice the two.
“Have your parents ever told you about talking to strangers?” Sophie nodded enthusiastically, a smile still on her face. “Yeah, momma told me never talk to strangers.” Bucky shook his head and laughed. “Then why are you talking to me?” Sophie looked up at him with a wide smile.
“Because,” She took two steps towards him and hugged him. “You’re not a stranger.” Her little arms didn’t go all the way around his torso, letting Bucky escape her grip easily. He was completely shocked at what Sophie said. He wasn’t a stranger to her? He began to think maybe she knew him from his time as the Winter soldier. But then again, why wasn’t she scared of him if she did? “You know, you’re my favorite avenger!” She laughed again and went to pick up a flower that was growing nearby. Not seeming phased that he didn’t hug her back. Bucky was over the moon, an innocent child saw him as her hero. Him.
He continued to talk with Sophie. They talked about many things, and Sophie told him all about her lousy babysitter. She was explaining all about how she loved the Avengers, and how her mom loved the Avengers too, when Bucky remembered that Sophie was currently missing.
Only he knew where she was. “Hey, Sophie, why don’t we go to the Avengers Tower so I can try to find your mom. She’s probably worried.” Her eyes went wide, “I can meet the Avengers?” She asked in disbelief. “Sure kiddo.” “YES!”
*•*•*• •*•*•*
There was a loud rattle, causing Tony to look up from his new project. “Kid, put that down.” He said sternly. Sophie stepped away sheepishly from one of the many Iron-man suits Tony designed. “Sorry, its just really cool!” Tony smirk and smugly said “I know.” He looked back down at his new suit, fiddling with some of the wires before there was a loud crash that caused him to jump up. “Sorry! Sorry, I’m so sorry!” On the floor was a dismantled suit, and a scared looking Sophie. He shook his head and sighed, “F.R.I.D.A.Y. Tell Bucky to get his stray out of my lab would you?”
“Yes, Mr. Stark.” The woman’s monotone voice answered.
Sophie ducked underneath a lab table to hide. “Bucky won’t find me here!” She giggled causing Tony to smile.
“Nope. Barnes isn't smart enough to find you there kid.” Her giggle was cut short as the labs doors were opened. “Alright Stark, where is she?” Tony gave him a wicked grin, “Now that would ruin the fun wouldn’t it Barnes?” With a wink he turned his attention back to his work. “Fine.” Bucky huffed. He stilled his movements, using his advanced hearing to try and hear any noise. With a smug grin, he followed the sounds of Sophie’s breathing to her hiding place.
“Found you, sweetheart!” She squealed as Buck carried her out of the lab.
“Bye Iron man!” She caught a glimpse of Tony giving her a two finger salute and a wink, before the doors slid shut. Bucky carried her all the way to the main kitchen, where Cap sat reading a book. At the sight of the Captain, Sophie let out a huge squeal. “Oh my gosh, its Steve!”
Steve calmly looked up with a grin, “Is this the Miss Sophie I’ve been hearing about?” The girl scrambled out of Bucky’s arms and into Cap’s awaiting ones. “Woah! I feel so small!… So this is what happens when you eat your veggies…” Steve chuckled at Sophie’s unfiltered mouth.
“You’re my third favorite superhero!”
Bucky beamed at Sophie and Steve teasingly asked her who her favorite is. Before she could answer, Buck cut in and smugly announced that it was him. “So…who’s your second favorite if Buck is your first and I’m your third ?” “Well…” She shyly stepped out of Steve’s embrace.
“Who is it sweetheart?” Bucky asked out of curiosity. Just then Natasha entered the kitchen in her Black Widow suit. “Hey James. Steve.” “Hey Nat.” The boys nodded at her as she brushed past them to one of the cabinets.
Sophie squealed loudly causing all three adults to turn to her startled. “No way! Its Black Widow!!” Sophie’s eyes were as big as saucers, “All of my favorite heroes are here!! Oh my gosh mommy is going to be so jealous!” Sophie bounced up and down looking between all of her heroes. Nat gave the boys a suspicious look.
“Did…Did Stark finally find his long lost kid?” Steve doubled over in laughter and Bucky clutched his stomach.
“No! Oh god, no!” Cap wiped tears of laughter from his eyes. The boys filled in Natasha on who Sophie was, all the while the kid played with Bucky’s hair.
And Nat tried not to show it, but she was deeply touched that she was one of Sophie’s heroes.
After barley three minutes, Natasha had all the information she could find on Sophie’s mom, Y/n. Single mom of one child, steady job as an assistant for a famous actor, hired a babysitter for Sophie because Y/n would be at work during the day- Those were just a few things Natasha now knew. “Okay Barnes, I’ve already contacted Sophie’s mom, Y/n, she should be here in 20 minutes or so.” Bucky thanked the spy, and turned back to Sophie. “Hey, Sweetheart, your momma is gonna be here soon.” Sophie let out a little yay, before running over to Steve. “That means you’ll get to meet my mommy Stevie!!” “I can’t wait!” Cap grinned enthusiastically. Your daughter giggled, and climbed onto Bucky’s lap, continuing to braid his hair.
Natasha snickered quietly when she saw Bucky’s “new hairstyle”.
*•*•*• •*•*•*
As soon as Y/n got out of her car, she practically ran towards the doors of the Avengers tower.
Angrily muttering to herself all the way. “I knew something was wrong with Alexa. Glad I fired her, leaving my daughter by herself! All for a guy.”
Y/n brushed past security guards, who all looked at her questioningly. She ignore all stares sent her way, she was on a mission. Getting her daughter back. There was a receptionist desk in front of two doors that looked heavily locked.
Y/n went up to the woman behind the counter, skipping past the whole line that was waiting. “Excuse me ma'am, but I’m here to find my daughter. She-” With a glare the receptionist shook her head “Miss, you must wait in line like everyone else.” “I’m here to find my missing daughter! There is nothing more important!” “Miss, if you don’t leave I’ll have to call security.” Y/n was beyond angry. Her daughter was probably with people she didn’t know, and all that was standing in her way was a stubborn receptionist. “Listen here lady,” Y/n leaned in close, her eyes in a deadly glare. “I was contacted by Natasha Romanoff, to pick up my daughter.” The receptionist looked at you in disbelief. “Don’t believe me?” Y/n chuckled darkly, “Call Black widow, or Tony Stark. Any of the Avengers for all I care. But I want my daughter now.”
There was small murmurs throughout the line, but Y/n’s eyes didn’t leave the lady behind the desk. Only when someone tapped on her shoulder did she turn. “Hello Y/n, I’m Natasha Romanoff. The one who contacted you on behalf of your daughter.” Nat looked at you with a blank stare. “If you would follow me, I can take you to Sophie.” Y/n let her shoulders relax slightly, and nodded. Quickly following the famous Black Widow. The two walked onto an elevator that automatically opened once Natasha said something about Friday opening the doors? Y/n couldn’t be too sure, she was to busy looking back at the receptionist with a smug smirk. Once both of the ladies made it on the elevator, and the doors closed, Natasha dropped her hostile expression. “That was interesting to watch Y/n.” “What was?”
Nat looked at you in amusement. “You staring down poor Claire. I thought she was going to have a heart attack."
Your mind was still set on finding your only child, so you didn’t feel any embarrassment at all. "Yeah well, no one’s going to keep my daughter from me.”
Nat nodded, a look of, sadness maybe? Crossed over her face. Just then the doors opened, revealing a shocking sight.
There stood a smiling Steve Rogers, and a laughing Bucky Barnes. And on Bucky’s shoulders was your little girl, laughing. “Soph?” The child looked up with a smile. “Mommy!” Bucky put Sophie down, and the two of you raced to one another. You engulfed her in a bone-crushing hug while the others smiled at the reunion. “Oh sweetie I missed you. I was so worried.” You kissed the top of her head, and smiled widely when she giggled. “You didn’t have to worry mommy! I was with Bucky, Nat, and Stevie! Even Tony!” Sophie was radiating joy, and you finally relaxed, your daughter was safely back in your arms. “I didn’t know Alexa was so mean to you I’m sorry honey. I told her she can’t be your babysitter any more.” Sophie still smiled, “It’s okay mommy.”
Y/n picked up Sophie and held her on her hip. Steve held out a hand, giving her a blindingly white smile. “Hello Ma'am. I’m Steve Rogers, pleasure to meet the mom of Sophie.” Y/n sheepishly shook his hand.
She finally realized how she acted when she was looking for Sophie and who she was in the same room with. “Hi, you can call me Y/n. And thank you for helping watch over her.” Steve nodded and stepped back while Bucky stepped forward.
“Glad to meet you doll. I’m James Barnes, but you can call me Bucky.” A blush dusted Y/n’s cheeks. Bucky was in front of her. And he now knew her name.
“Um, hi. Thank you. For uh, thank you for keeping Sophie safe. Natasha told me everything and I really appreciate it.”
Bucky grinned “It was no problem at all. Sophie was an angel. I’m happy to have meet such a wonderful little girl.” Sophie laughed and wiggled out of your arms. She went over to Nat and started braiding the spy’s hair. Nat at first seemed startled but she quickly relaxed into the kids touch.
You watched as Sophie talked with Steve and Nat, and you smiled widely. Of course you know how happy she must be to meet her heros. You were the one to talk so highly about all of the Avengers. Especially about Bucky, Nat, and Steve.
Telling her how much of a good person Natasha is, and ignoring all of the negative comments from others about the ex-red room assassin. You were also the one to tell her all about Steve’s accomplishments. Making sure she looked up to Steve Rogers and not just Captain America. You told her about James Buchanan Barnes, a brave young soldier who went through a lot. How he was controlled by Hydra to do things he didn’t want to do. And how is actually a good person.
“You did well with her.” Bucky’s deep low voice drew you’re attention from the cute scene in front of you, to him. He was standing beside you, looking at you with a look you couldn’t quite place.
“I did?” Bucky smiled and nodded. “She’s an amazing little girl.”
Y/n laughed, twisting a bit of her hair in her palm. “Yes she is.” Bucky glanced down scratching the back of his head. “Uh, she told me about how much her mom loves the Avengers.”
Your cheeks burned red, hoping Sophie didn’t reveal to much.
"Yeah, and I must say, I was surprised she wasn’t scared of me when she first meet me. But then, she told me all about how you taught her that I was a good person. That she shouldn’t listen to the news or gossip. And…its refreshing to know not everyone thinks I’m a monster.”
Your head quickly snapped towards Bucky, caught in the moment you lightly grabbed his hands.
“You are not a monster. People spread rumors all the time. And people are afraid of what they can't control. But Bucky, never have you been a monster, you have always been a good person. And yeah, I made sure to let Sophie know the truth about all of the Avengers. I didn’t want my child to listen to lies the media drilled into peoples heads.” Bucky looked at you in awe. He couldn’t understand how such a beautiful person inside and out could exist.
He was speechless for a few seconds. Making you think maybe you stepped over a line.
You quickly released his hands and shifted from foot to foot. “Uh sorry, got a little carried away there.” You kept your gaze on Steve tickling Sophie while Nat checked her hair in a mirror.
You were about to get Sophie to leave and go home, but once you took one step Bucky stopped you. “There’s nothing to be sorry about.” He held you in a hug, and looked down at you shyly.
“Would you? I mean, would you like to go on a date with me? Sometime? You don’t have to say yes if you don’t want to…” He looked like a schoolboy asking out his crush.
You were giddy, a wide smile swept over your face. “You know, I would love that.” He grinned widely and held you tightly again. You both stood side by side, watching Sophie play tag with Steve, Bucky’s arm around your waist.
“How about tomorrow at 6? I think Steve will gladly watch over Sophie.” Bucky suggested, and you couldn’t stop smiling.
Nat then “accidentally” tripped Steve so Sophie could catch him. Their laughter ringing thought the living room.
“You got yourself a deal Mr. Barnes. I can't wait.”
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