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#alexis shut up
leveloneandup · a month ago
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Tumblr media
Glennon Doyle Commentary on #thesoccer | USWNT vs Mexico, Tokyo 2020 Olympics Send-Off Series - July 1, 2021
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beeztfup · a year ago
get his ass!
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blackcloudbyjuly · a year ago
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the phannie inside of me is dying :)
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daddy-killmonger · a year ago
oops~erik killmonger imagine
Summary: Imagine Erik meets someone that’s too similar to him.
Erik Killmonger x Black! OC
A/N: This is really short but I want to build onto it eventually. And I’ll be posting a lot tonight so look out for that bbys.
Tumblr media
     “What are you trying to numb Erik?”, Alexis circled Erik. They were both battered and bruised from fighting. “Let me go and I’ll show you.”, Erik replied through gritted teeth. “Nah, answer my question.”, Alexis wiped her bleeding mouth, “You got me pretty good.”, she smirked. “And I’ll tag yo ass a couple more times if you let me go.”, Erik grinned. “Answer my damn question.” 
“This isn’t some type of of therapy shit. Let. Me. Go. Now.”, Erik yanked at the rope. “Grrr. So angry. I like it.”, Alexis teased him, “What are you gonna do since you think you’re the big shit?” Erik was silent, staring her down, his glare sharper than a thousand knives. “Cat got your tongue Killmonger?”, Alexis squatted in front of him. “I’ll knee the fuck outta yo chin.”, Erik spat. “Do that shit then Erik.”, Alexis prodded him, “You so big and mothafuckin bad.”, Alexis stood up. She cracked her knuckles, “You my bitch right now.” 
     Erik scoffed, “I ain’t nobody bitch.”  Alexis rolled her eyes, “Sure babyboy.”, she pulled off her gloves, “It’s so cute seeing you sit here all helpless and defenseless. Squirming in that little wooden chair.”, she ran her hand down the side of his face. “Don’t fucking touch me.”, Erik jerked away. “Mmhmm. I like when you mad.”, she smiled, “Let’s get to the bottom of this. You killed Klaue and I need vibranuim.”, Alexis explained, “And I know Wakanda has a shit ton of it and that’s where you’re going right?” 
     Erik watched her walk back and forth. “Right?”, Alexis snapped. “Okay and?”, Erik shrugged. “Let me go with you.”, Alexis demanded. 
     “No. What the fuck I need you for?” , Erik scrunched up his face in disgust. “It’s not about what you need nigga, it’s about what I need.”, Alexis put her hair into a puff, “So what you wanna do?” 
  “I wanna kick yo ass.”
“After I get my vibranium.”, Alexis smiled. “Whatever.”, Erik shrugged. “You been out those damn ropes all this time and you still haven’t choked me against the wall?”, Alexis observed Erik. He smirked, “I wanted you to feel important.”
Erik loosened the ropes from his wrists and Alexis stepped back, ready for anything Erik threw at her. He stared at her before he charged at her. Throwing punches, and every punch Alexis dodged. “Try harder N’Jadaka.”, she sneered. “Careful what you wish for princess.”, Erik caught his breath. Alexis snorted, “I know exactly what I want baby.” 
   Erik nodded and stood up, he was growling like a rabid dog. His locs hanging low in his face, teeth in a hungry snarl, he ran forward and Alexis attempted to kick but failed. Erik grabbed her foot and pulled her forward making her fall on the ground. He stood above her and held her arm with his boot, “Like I said, be careful what you wish for.”, he spat. Alexis grunted and used all her strength to kick Erik from behind, making him fall to his knees. She kicked him back and straddled him, “Baby, I told you I know exactly what I want.”, she smiled, “Now, I”ll ask again. Can I go with you?” 
    “I said no.”, Erik replied. “Don’t be like this Erik. I can have you on this floor wishing you never crossed me.” Erik winced as you dug into his arm, “Do it.”, he grunted. “I like when you talk like that, makes me feel all tingly.”, Alexis teased. “Shut the fuck up. And let’s go.”
“You saying that like you not pinned to the ground.”
“You want that vibranuim right?”, Erik smirked.
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I’m sure I keep missing a few people to tag, just message me and I’ll fix it.
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lovesickbrat · 7 days ago
the nymphet alumni podcast reeks of white women insecurity like god shut up alexi ur an orbit
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blackcloudbyjuly · 2 years ago
did y’all get a sudden overwheleming thought of “wow i love waterparks” then start to cry
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blackcloudbyjuly · a year ago
Tumblr media
is "i don't wanna talk" related to don't talk to me or?
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alex-izz12 · 26 days ago
Shut up you sussy baka anon.
Next time I write something nsfw, that will be between you two. Probably pussy anon will enjoy.
Sub!Sussy baka anon 😈😈
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blackcloudbyjuly · a year ago
we need to talk (entertainment 2019) // waterparks piano music sheet
i don't think i've ever made an arrangement this pretty
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marvels-biggest-ho · 6 years ago
My ear has been itching for two days straight
It's moved to my throat & I can't sleep. I've tried warm olive oil, coconut oil, literally everything online. I, being dumb, used q-tips & now it hurts so bad. It's so irritated & it still itches. Every time I swallow my throat itches & hurts my ear. Like I want to cry rn it hurts so bad. I'm on the verge of tears.
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blackcloudbyjuly · a year ago
Tumblr media
who the fuck bullies geoff i will personally go to your house and delete your kneecaps
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blackcloudbyjuly · 9 days ago
*so they were roomates*
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blackcloudbyjuly · 25 days ago
august is coming up which means it's awtto month soon <4
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