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#alexis shut up


17 notes

*me looking at awtto pics*

“haha gay”

6 notes

still no one knows why otto sings in pink

8 notes

i’m thinking of buying that shirt everyday but it’s very queer

5 notes

it just occurred to me that buying 1.2L of diet coke is cheaper than buying the 600mL one

0 notes

aww “you’re so creative” uwu

2 notes

wait… it’s the 17th here… awsten birthday???

11 notes

my self esteem was already low but after watching wilbur and listening to your city gave me asthma it’s basically nonexistent :)

1 notes

i look at my gloom boys music sheet and they look at me back and begged me to fucking use chordify 

9 notes

so badflower can do 2 virtual tours during covid and waterparks has done none lol

8 notes

lmao waterparks merch fucking sucks and y'all hype him up for what? a follow on twitter? lol

12 notes

yeah i know listening to your city gave me asthma makes me all sad and shit but it’s like comfort depression blanket

2 notes

funny how my default mode is sad depressed bitch so when i post depressing shit everyone be like “oh here they go again” and simply look away

2 notes

straight vodka at 9am let’s go

1 notes

why exist when you can listen to your city gave me asthma and rot?

5 notes

i feel so much anger in my bones

5 notes