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It’s really hard to tell the story of a love story that in the end, is still a love story. It didn’t end because they stopped loving each other, it ended because circumstance stood in their way. And that circumstance was their own growth, and that’s a wonderful thing. - Dan Levy

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Just started watching Schitt’s Creek well not just started. I started it a bit ago but man this show is fuckin awesome. This show has made me feel so many feels and I love it with all my heart. I hate the fact that i started watching it so late because this show has become one of my favourites. It’s made me cry, laugh, happy, sad and everything in between. Every one should watch it!!

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I’d Do It All For You 

[Patrick Brewer/David Rose, Patrick Brewer/Rachel, Stevie Budd; 34,147 words]

AU based on the movie “The Cutting Edge.” Patrick and David are brought together to form an Olympic all-male ice skating team. They don’t exactly get along when they first meet.

I’ll Follow You Down

[Patrick Brewer/David Rose, Ted Mullens/Alexis Rose, Stevie Budd/Twyla Sands; 22,789 words]

Once just a prolific donor to the Pan Pacific Defense Corps., Johnny Rose finds himself running the last functioning Shatterdome in Hong Kong, where the most devastating kaiju attack to date has left them with just two Jaegers and one pilot. Capable as Alexis Rose is, all Jaegers need two pilots to share the neural load required to operate them.

Patrick Brewer is a promising but inexperienced pilot, who is expected to be Drift compatible with Alexis. Instead, he finds himself inexplicably drawn to her brother, David, whose participation in the Kaiju War has been something of a mystery since he dropped out of the Jaeger program years ago. Frustrated with Patrick’s apparent lack of focus, Alexis seeks a distraction of her own, and stumbles into an unexpected opportunity for Drift compatibility elsewhere.

Two Jaegers, a possibility of four pilots, and one shot at closing the Breach and stopping the kaiju for good.

Imagine Me and You

[Patrick Brewer/David Rose, Patrick Brewer/Rachel, Stevie Budd; 24,633 words]

David owns a flower store and does the flowers for Patrick and Rachel’s wedding. Patrick is marrying Rachel, but he’s pretty sure that he’s making a big mistake.

Patrick & David & Clarence & Alabama

[Patrick Brewer/David Rose; 5,503 words]

David has never heard of one of his husbands favorite movies and Patrick decides that it’s high time they watched it together.

Red, White, and Schitt 

[Patrick Brewer/David Rose; 2,585 words]

The community theater players of Schitt’s Creek celebrate the town’s quasquicentennial anniversary with an original musical called “Red, White, and Schitt” and David Rose is in the audience.

Together Forever in Love 

[Patrick Brewer/David Rose, Stevie Budd, Rachel; 15,600 words]

David is leading Patrick through a queer cinema list for educational purposes, and this movie night they’re up to But I’m a Cheerleader. Serious conversations, tenderness, introspection, fluff, and sexy times ensue.

Day Four is full of love and excitement! Congrats to all of these wonderful authors! Please remember to leave a kudos and/or comment to let them know how much we appreciate them.

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Always and Forever, David Rose

[Patrick Brewer/David Rose; 12,428 words]

It started off innocently enough. At least that’s what David told himself as he stared at Patrick Brewer in front of him holding a love letter that very clearly had his handwriting on it

The “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” AU the world deserves. David as Lara Jean, Patrick as Peter Kavinsky and Stevie as almost everyone else because I was too lazy to write in more characters.

As You Walk on By, Will You Call My Name?

[Patrick Brewer/David Rose, Ted Mullens/Alexis Rose, Stevie Budd, Twyla Sands; 3,592 words]

David, Patrick, Stevie, Alexis and Ted watch “The Breakfast Club” and Stevie wants to know who was which character in high school. Set before 5.11 Meet the Parents.

Beyond My Wildest Dreams 

[Patrick Brewer/ David Rose; 21,899 words]

Little Mermaid AU!

Patrick Brewer owns the tackiest store on the boardwalk. David Rose is a merman who has always wanted to try his hand at being human and desperately wants the chance to fix said tacky store. A sea witch can help and, fortunately, his mother is the best in the business and his sister has magic of her own too. With their help, David becomes human and discovers the power of family, friendship, donuts, nineties love songs, and, perhaps, a true love of his very own along the way.

Jedi, Sith, and Ewoks: Oh My! or David’s Star Wars Adventure

[Patrick/Brewer/David Rose, Stevie Budd; 4,938 words]

David accidentally reveals that the only Star Wars film he’s ever seen Episode II: The Clone Wars, which was a mistake, considering his husband and best friend apparently actually love them. This ends up with hours of movie watching and a lot of opinions.

Your heart is keeping time with me 

[Patrick Brewer/David Rose; 33,399 words]

“You’re coping with all this really well, Patrick,” Twyla says as she collects the dishes from the table, and Patrick’s stomach drops.

 He’d forgotten.

 Between all the jokes about the fine dining of Café Tropical, and Patrick throwing as many sports metaphors at David as he could think of to watch him squirm, and David regaling him with tales of his family’s dysfunctional past… Patrick forgot for a moment that tomorrow, David will once again have no recollection that they have ever met.

50 First Dates AU

Day three is a smash! Congrats to all these fabulous authors! Please remember to leave a kudos and/or a comment to let them know how much we appreciate them.

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(a long time ago) we used to be friends

[Patrick Brewer/David Rose; 14,824 words]

David gets ready for school, already concocting a plan. He is not going to pass yet another birthday with only his romcoms and Patrick (and Patrick’s empathetic eyes) to mark the event of his 13th birthday.

A remix AU of 13 going on 30.

Beautiful in Blush 

[Patrick Brewer/David Rose; 23,480 words]

Pretty in Pink AU for Schitt’s Creek.

I’ve tried to stay as true to the movie as possible, but added the character of Alexis. I’ve also discovered that writing an omnipresent movie POV as a single person written POV is REALLY hard. I hope you all like what I’ve done, and I’ve added a bonus epilogue, b/c I’m writing this thing and why the hell not?

Keep Me Awake and Alive

[Patrick Brewer/David Rose; 11,498 words]

Stevie cleared her throat dramatically. “Dear David,” she started out, voice dripping with irony. Her expression suddenly softened as she scanned down the page. “I’ll always be there for you, no matter what.” she continued, her voice quiet.  “All the love in my heart, Patrick.”

It’s a Say Anything AU! We’ve got David as Diane Court, Patrick as Lloyd Dobler, getting lucky to Peter Gabriel, grand gestures in the form of boomboxes, and hand-holding on an airplane.

Not Even At All 

[Patrick Brewer/David Rose, Ted Mullens/Alexis Rose; 15,974 words]

10 Things I Hate About You AU

Something Christmassy

[Patrick Brewer/David Rose; 2,152 words]

It’s Christmas Eve. David and Patrick are settling in to watch Patrick’s favourite Christmas movie. David has opinions. (Die Hard and Love, Actually references.)

Too Many Candles

[Patrick Brewer/David Rose; 4,142 words]

Canon Sixteen Candles fusion.

The first day of Reel Schitt’s Creek looks awesome! Congrats to all of these amazing authors! Be sure to leave a kudos and/or a comment to let them know how much we appreciate them.

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She takes a deep breath in, eyes closed.


She opens them again to see, in all his glory and running gear, Ted Mullens standing across the path from her.

It’s been three years since Alexis moved to New York. It has to mean something now that Ted’s here, right?

After a week or so of writing this, having this idea stuck in my drafts for even longer, and 7,500 words later, my Alexis and Ted fic is finally, finally finished! 

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david and alexis are definitely different in their personalities. we know alexis lived a very adventurous life and when she got with ted that didn’t really stop, how they showed affection or what they did together was different than how david is with patrick. and there isnt anything wrong with how either couple lived their lives romantically 

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Hi, I used to watch Schitt's Creek (season 1&2) but didn't keep up with it. I'm thinking of watching the rest cause you talked about it but I don't remember some stuff. Can you tell me what happened in the first two season with Ted and Alexis because I don't remember them being a love story like you said in your recent post?

You ABSOLUTELY should watch the rest! Season three is SO GOOD, you have no idea what you’re missing! 

And Ted and Alexis aren’t a love story, really, in the first two seasons. Alexis is still super stunted and hasn’t grown, and basically dates Ted to take her mind off of Mutt, who she really wants to be with, and also to take advantage of Ted’s stability. He proposes–twice–and she says yes then breaks it off again–twice–and it’s a huge mess.

But, in the later part of Season 2, Ted comes back (from going on THEIR honeymoon, alone) and is changed–cooler, calmer, more sure of himself. Alexis and Mutt have broken up by this point (or around this point) and this is where she really starts to move forward as a character.

Then, in Season 3, you get to see Ted and Alexis build this beautiful friendship that absolutely blossoms and aids Alexis with growing into this incredible person. Then it just gets even better from there. It’s a really fun ride, and I love how they story told that couple. 

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