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- As mentioned previously, Alex and Holly get along pretty well. He respects her a lot (and is a little envious of her markmanship). She’s ultimately very happy that Artemis found someone like Alex, who’s level-headed and wants nothing but the best for him. They also share a similar sense of humor, so when they’re together they’re always cracking jokes.

- Foaly likes Alex fine. Being a bit more paranoid than Holly, he’s a lot more suspicious of Alex at first- the second Mud-Boy to uncover the People, and he works for MI6 to boot. Once Alex proves trustworthy, the two slowly warm up to each other- he reminds Alex of Smithers.

- As for the rest of the LEP: Alex and Vinyaya somewhat respect each other, but she makes him nervous. Trouble doesn’t like him much but they can coexist without much incident. Sool thinks Alex is a problem, but he’s not around for long, thankfully.

- For the most part, the People view Alex in a similar light to Artemis- an anomaly.

- As for that point you mentioned about Opal, I can see absolutely see Alex getting possessed during Book 8, which leads to it’s own host of problems. Not only is it terribly distressing for Artemis and Holly to see their friend possessed by a malicious ghost, but there is also very little that they can do to stop him, especially in Artemis’s case. It’s very much a ‘run cause you can’t fight’ situation, though I do like to think he breaks free and helps stop the Gate, keeping Artemis from being killed.

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That’s actually exactly what I imagine happening.

Artemis and Alex meet at Point Blanc after Artemis is sent there by his parents- the constant demon-hunting is the final straw (Fowl Senior and Angeline obviously didn’t know about the reality of the school, but Artemis never quite trusts them in the same way after being sent away). In this AU, it’s actually Artemis who helps Alex escape the school/rescue the other students. The two gain a respect for each other, though neither would consider each other ‘friends’ yet- nevertheless, they part on good terms.

The next time they meet (and the incident that begins the two working together) is at that fateful party, during the events of Scorpia. Artemis, recognizing Alex, follows him and witnesses him being captured. Artemis is caught himself, and the next thing he knows, he’s waking up trapped in what appears to be some kind of cellar, alongside Alex. Together, the two barely manage to escape before it floods, and they decide to work together to unravel the long mystery that is Scorpia. It is Artemis who convinces Alex not to trust Rothman, pointing out the obvious holes in the story- however, he also convinces Alex to try to distance himself from MI6, given their tendency towards deceiving him.

Once Rothman is defeated, Artemis’s involvement is uncovered by MI6, which is… a bit of a mess, frankly, because Artemis makes it vehemently clear that he will not be manipulated or coerced- and that he won’t let Alex continue to be, either. While this makes him less-than-popular with Blunt and Jones, his aid does prove invaluable on missions, and Alex trusts him more than he does his superiors. Soon enough, Artemis is his own kind of unofficial agent.

And that’s how it begins!

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Let’s see…

- Alex is absolutely the kind of friend to do something dangerous and stupid, (and then scold you when you do the same thing). He’s constantly in trouble at school- not for bullying others or snapping at teachers, but for things like climbing to the third story on a dare. In that regard, he’s a bit of a show-off.

- Feeds/names all the stray animals in his neighborhood. Keeps begging Jack to let him keep one, even though he knows he wouldn’t have the time between missions to care for a pet.

- Surprisingly popular at school- often finds himself a magnet for gossip- others take his quieter demeanor as an invitation to share rumors or the like, though he’d really prefer to stay out of it.

- Learned guitar alongside his uncle in a joint effort to discover a shared hobby- Ian never kept up with it, but Alex enjoyed the lessons and can now play spectacularly well.

- He and Tom have been best friends for a very long time- they’ve known each other since primary school.

- Sometimes gets uneasy when viewing his reflection- seeing a virtual copy of yourself dead in front of you tends to have that effect.

- If he had never been forced into being a spy, Alex would have likely pursued a career as a professional athlete. He enjoys being active and has always shown remarkable talent in sports.

- Favorite subject: History. Least Favorite subject: Science.

Here’s a couple Artemis headcanons too:

- His eyes are not actually entirely blue! There’s a tinge of gold! It’s a trait that runs in the Fowl family, though his eyes are noticably darker than his father’s.

- Speaking of eyes, he suffers from the occasional severe migraine after swapping eyes with Holly, due to their wildly different prescriptions- he wears glasses to help remedy this, though he doesn’t need them after being cloned.

- While he never considered it an actual possibility until post-TLG, Artemis has always dreamed about going to space, ever since he was very small. After his resurrection, however, tensions began to rise in the Fowl household as Artemis realized just how little he fit i with his own family- this is what gave him the burning need to get as far away as possible, hence his trip to Mars. 

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- Holly thinks Alex is… interesting. Like Butler, she laments that fact that Artemis can’t just be normal with any of his decisions, but Alex is a good kid, so she’s not unsupportive. She does get a good laugh when she first introduces herself- Alex expected a lot of weird things with Artemis, but fairies were not one of them, and his reaction was quite funny. She, alongside the LEP, do struggle slightly with having to share Artemis’s time, because Artemis will absolutely ignore Haven-related work calls if he’s with Alex. 

- As for Myles and Beckett, the two think Alex is absolutely the coolest guy ever. He’s a SPY, for crying out loud. Whenever Alex is visiting the Manor, the two are constantly following him around, begging for stories from his missions. It admittedly took Myles a little longer to adjust to Alex’s presence (he doesn’t always handle new things well), he is at least content with the fact that Alex has a passing knowledge of subjects such as history and mechanics. Beckett keeps asking to learn combat from Alex, though Artemis has forbidden it (for Alex’s sake, if anything).

- Artemis has received the ‘shovel talk’ from Jack, Tom, each individual K-Unit member, and Yassen Gregorivich.

- Artemis is the one who fixes things around the apartment- Alex tends to follow the classic rule of “hit it a few times until it’s working”, which, while harmless for larger appliances, doesn’t suit anything small or delicate.

- If Artemis is on a conference call with Holly or Foaly, Alex will occasionally linger in the background making silly faces or generally goofing off. 

- Between the two, Alex is the only one who can drive. Artemis has never learned and his hand-eye coordination is so bad that at the idea of him behind the wheel is risky, to say the least.

- Artemis is the type to bring home all sorts of random things for Alex: strange coffee from Haven, a striped rock he found at the cliffs near the Manor, old hardback books about heroes of long ago, etc. He can’t help it- gift giving is one of the many ways he shows love to those he cares about.

- Artemis has a fear of violent storms- if the weather starts to turn nasty he’ll seek out Alex (if he’s around) to have someone to curl up against.

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honey, beware, you’re in for a scare


It‘s movie night at the Rider household- and this time, Artemis is invited.


“Let’s get this movie night started!”

Artemis ducked as the empty dvd case came tumbling past his head. With a small scoff, he picked it up, observing the cover with a suspicious gleam in his eyes.

“And you’re both certain this is a good idea?”

Another dvd case flew past him, and Artemis wisely decided to move.

“Of course!”, Tom grinned, furiously searching through the Riders’ movie cabinet. After a few seconds, he found the series he was looking for- kicking the cabinet door closed, he stood, the stack of cases precariously balanced in his arms. “We do this all the time- It’ll be fine, I promise.”

Artemis moved to help, taking a couple of the cases himself. Their gristly, off-white covers sent a shiver down his spine, though he buried the feeling- he’d seen far worse in his life. Certainly he could handle a few horror movies. One the side of one of the cases, a number caught his eye, and he raised a quizzical eyebrow. “It says there are seven of these, Tom-“ Artemis turned to Tom. “It’s already eight, I don’t see how we can finish these all in one night.”

“It’s called an all-night marathon for a reason, you know.”

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- Alex really just meant it as a joke. Turns out Artemis will laugh at just about anything, and given that he’s feeling a little bit down because it’s his birthday, Alex just wants to see him smile.

- On his way over to Artemis’s, he stops by the store and sees this silly little black cat stuffed animal. And Alex thinks- “He’s going to absolutely lose his mind over this”. And so he gets it for him.

- Turns out that little plush thing means a lot more to Arty than he expected, because he’s surprised to see Artemis tear up a little.

- Artemis explains that he’s not really used to getting small gifts like this- outside of those from the Butlers and Holly, most of the gifts he receives don’t have much thought put into them (looking at you, Fowl Parents). He’s grateful every time, of course, but it takes a certain level of knowing someone to give that kind of present, and very few people know him. Even if it’s just a silly little plush, it means a lot to him because Alex clearly bought it because he knew it would make him laugh, and Alex knew that the day was going to be hard for him and went out of his way to make him smile.

- So yes, he takes exceptionally good care of it, and hides it away, where his family can’t find it. Alex finds it stashed in his room, out of the way, and teasingly asks him if he thinks it’s too childish.

- And to his surprise, Artemis shakes his head, with a sad look in his eyes. Calmly, he explains that he learned early on to hide things that could be easily destroyed, especially if they weren’t ‘valuable’, because those things were often targeted by his father when he was angry with Artemis. His paintings, blueprints, books, and the only stuffed animal he ever had as a child were all things that he had destroyed in the past, and as such, Artemis can’t help but hide them now.

- Things have changed in the Fowl household, of course, since Holly’s magic healed his parents- but old habits die hard.

39 notes

- The two have a noticeable height difference! If Alex stands on his toes, he can rest his chin on top of Artemis’s head (Arty has no problem being short, nope, no problem at all… or so he says, anyways).

- Alex has a serious problem with hogging the bed- Artemis has woken up on the floor because of it. Artemis, meanwhile, steals all the blankets and covers.

- Artemis has stolen Alex’s hoodies before and will do so again, no question. Often, it happens when Alex is away on a mission, but once Alex actually discovers this, Arty does it more often. He doesn’t allow himself to wear comfy clothes a lot, but he makes an exception in this case.

- Pet names galore- ‘honey’, ‘dear’, etc. The two often have long conversations without using each others’ names at all.

- Many evenings are spent with the two of them binging shows like Hell’s Kitchen- reality tv or game shows that don’t require much thought to watch.

- Unfortunately, the two often have to comfort each other/calm each other down from nightmares. This leads to many sleepless, stressful nights as they both try to navigate how best to help the other. Artemis will wake up panicking and crying and it’s generally extremely stressful for all involved, but he can usually fall back asleep after a little while. Alex often wakes up from thrashing in his sleep, and while Artemis is good at calming him down, Alex never falls back asleep afterwards. He spends the night awake and watching, set on edge by his nightmares.

- After spending enough time around Alex, Artemis finds that he swears a lot more. Alex thinks it’s hilarious and does nothing but encourage it.

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Went to a used bookstore today, so many shelves. Rounded a corner and saw that there was a shelf with Artemis Fowl and Alex Rider books NEXT to each other. Let’s just say I suppressed a weird gasp by clapping a hand to my mouth. What is this fandom doing to me?

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At long last the new chapter is up! Thanks to everyone who’s been patient with my update schedule, I can’t promise the last few chapters will be up any faster but know that I will be continuing to work on it, however slowly that might be.

Also I may or may not up the chapter count by one depending on how the pacing of the next chapter goes, so don’t be alarmed if you see that suddenly change!

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In This House Of Anarchy We Share


Alex encounters a mysterious student at Point Blanc, who seems to know much more than he should. The student offers some advice.


Alex’s cheek stung.

The air somehow felt colder as he hurriedly fled Dr. Greif’s office, Stellenbosch’s gaze burning a hole in the back of his head.

The hallways were abandoned, thankfully, when he finally made it back to the students’ living quarters- though he couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was watching, always watching. In the distance, an alarm droned ceaselessly, signaling that it would be time for ‘closedown’ soon, and Alex could only assume he would be locked in his room until dawn. The thought unnerved him- only a day in, and he already wanted to abandon the entire ordeal and return home.

He missed Tom. He missed Jack. He missed movie nights spent bingeing bargain horror films, he missed takeaway dinners, he missed his uncle- he missed it all so badly it ached. Homesickness swept over him, stronger than he expected, and he paused, blinking to clear sudden stinging in his eyes.

He hadn’t thought they would hit him.

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Oh, nobody in Artemis’s life expected it- including Artemis himself. For so long he had been so distant from people outside of his little circle- no one ever saw him making connections outside of it (not that they didn’t urge him to).

Juliet was the first to learn about Artemis’s crush, of course. She’s Artemis’s big sister! It’s her job to know these things, and Arty went straight to her for help to sort out his feelings. She was elated! While obviously protective of Artemis, she knew better than anyone how good a little independence could be, and as such encouraged it.

Butler learned shortly before Artemis confessed to Alex- for some reason, the boy didn’t feel right doing so without first telling Butler (telling his actual parents, however, didn’t even cross his mind). Butler was understandably a little concerned- so far, all he had heard about Alex was the danger he and Artemis kept getting into- though he also heard of Alex often putting his own life on the line to keep Artemis safe, so he wasn’t entirely against the idea.

Once both Butlers actually meet Alex, however, both are… pleasantly surprised, and quickly fond of him. Alex is a little nervous around them at first, but he’s clearly good-hearted, and obviously cares a lot for Artemis- he’s soon accepted into their little found-family.

Other headcanons:

- Butler is horrified to learn just how little training Alex recieved before being sent into the field- he spends quite a bit of time teaching Alex more about combat so he’ll be better prepared, but also how to cope with the weight of the things he’s seen/done as easily as possible- something MI6 failed to do.

- Once, a planned evening out falls on the same date as one of Juliet’s matches- Artemis frantically asks Alex if they can reschedule, and in the conversation asks if he wants to come along and watch. Of course Alex agrees- watching Juliet win was surprisingly fun, and he makes a point to attend matches with Arty and the Butlers in the future.

- While Alex is invited to all of the Fowls’ extravagant holiday parties, after about a year with Artemis, he begins to be invited to the smaller celebrations with just the Butlers too. It’s small, but it makes him feel like a part of the family all the same.

- Butler and Alex begin exchanging book recommendations with each other- this is how Alex finds out about Artemis’s romance novels.

- Alex keeps calling Butler ‘B’.

65 notes

I do imagine Artemis helped Alex escape Point Blanc…but subtly. Just as Alex doesn’t trust him, he doesn’t trust Alex- he’s almost immediately aware he’s a spy, and that confirms in Artemis’s mind that the place he is in is unsafe, and escape must be found as soon as possible.

So he plays the role of an aloof ally, vaguely nudging him in the direction he believes the answers will be found. He warns Alex of Stellenbosch, and cautions him to avoid getting in trouble- the staff doesn’t seem friendly. He mentions that perhaps the walled-off section of the school is not hazardous, but medical (they are in an abandoned sanitorium, after all). He suggests that those unnerving dreams the group has had, given that they seem universal, are hardly nightmares at all. And then, when Alex goes missing, Artemis is the one who helps him escape- because of course he’s going to. Alex stands the best chance of freeing them all from this nightmare. 

36 notes

Jack, at first, is… suspicious of Artemis. While he’s very cordial and polite upon first meeting her, his involvement and awareness of Alex’s spy work makes him seem untrustworthy. It doesn’t help that, upon further research, she finds about the Fowls and their shady family history.

However, she does eventually warm up to him- he’s certainly not boring. It’s clear that he adores Alex and wants him to be safe (and far away from MI6)- it’s through this common goal that the two start to befriend each other.

40 notes

3. Who compliments the other in front of everyone?

Artemis, in this case. Both are constantly encouraging the other, but between the two, Artemis is much more likely to go on a tangent to others about how perfect and wonderful and amazing Alex is- not that Alex doesn’t think the same of Artemis, of course. He’s just a bit more guarded.

(otp meme)

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