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#alfred the butler
lizziemack · 8 months ago
Ok but I bet the batfam uses some weird ass pidgin sign language.
-they use the bsl alphabet and some basic bsl signs ‘cause Alfred taught them to Bruce when he was non verbal after his parents died.
-they mostly sign spoken english but with a few modifications
- about half of the signs they use are asl derived
-for instance Dick’s name sign is just the asl for penis
- several of their signs are just baseball hand signals that have been repurposed (most of the time these represent specific crime fighting maneuvers).
-a few of their signs are just. 100% made up (batarang, grappling hook etc.)
-no one outside of the family can understand them
-Tim took asl in highschool thinking it would be an easy A (not knowing how feral batfam sign language really was) and he wept.
- Because of Tim, lot of random non-crime fighting related asl signs made it into their vocabulary
-poor jason had no idea what was going on when he showed back up. He understood all the tactical discussion, but when they started signing about their weekend plans he was totally lost.
-the whole thing just keeps getting more distinct from any other sign language the longer it all goes on.
-when dick was robin they were basically caveman speak signing a very limited mix of bsl and asl, 15 years later they have a rich vocabulary complete with its own slang. Damian’s working on a dictionary of sorts so that the next person to join the family actually has a chance of learning it.
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glorified-red · 8 months ago
Casually thinking about Alfred curling little Steph's hair for a school dance, styling tiny braids into Cass' hair for a gala, or tying colorful elastics into Barbara's hair for fun.
Just, Alfred being more than just a medic or butler, but a father figure who learns about girls hygiene just as much as boys hydiene so he can help every child equally.
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justsomeoneoutthere · 9 months ago
Alfred: Since I’ll be gone a week I’ve left you a complimentary bowl of advice
Alfred: For instance, “Boys stop doing that” just applies to everything
Quote from: @incorrectmarvelquote
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lurking-lilibeth · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The main branch of the Capp family tree is next. Juliette returns to her childhood home after her relationship with Romeo - and plans to build her own family with him - fell apart.
Juliette: Hey! I know I’m a family sim, but I didn’t come back here to be a nanny! D:<
Ellen: I’mofftowork byeee! :D
Denise: I’m better with pets than babies, personally.
[Pictures for this family come from three (!) different saves, as I was having trouble with lot corruption.]
wealth / family
scorpio: 8/2/8/2/5
nurturing, loves the heat, genius, never nude, neat
LTW: become criminal mastermind
+cologne, +chubby, -swimwear
OTH: science
career: criminal, lvl 3
partner: Consort Capp (widow)
family / wealth
gemini: 5/8/6/4/2
brooding, born-salesperson, grumpy, no sense of humor, ambitious
LTW: become game designer
+jewelry, +black hair, -zombiism
OTH: music and dance
career: business
partner: Ellen Capp (nee Frost)
wealth / family
capricorn: 6/8/7/2/2
family-oriented, frugal, born-salesperson, proper, loves the cold
LTW: become business tycoon
+formal wear, +brown hair, -fit
OTH: music and dance
career: business
partner: Tybalt Capp
taurus: 6/8/9/10/2
brave, grumpy, can’t stand art [gained during the week]
OTH: games
family / knowledge
cancer: 4/7/3/7/4
nurturing, family-oriented, great kisser, hopeless romantic, proper
LTW: have 6 grandchildren
+cooking skill, +body skill, -jewelry
OTH: games
career: unemployed
partner: no
large dog
hooman: Denise
personality: 2/1/2/3/3
career: show biz (retired, lvl 4)
hooman: Denise
personality: 2/1/3/2/2
career: security
hooman: Denise
personality: 2/3/3/2/2
career: service
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teething-possum · 8 months ago
You didn’t send a character so I chose Dick Grayson.
Dick’s favorite tea is lemon tea drowned in milk and honey. Alfred hates it.
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batshitferalquotes · a year ago
Jason: Look at these imposters, faking their death and showing up months later. Back in my day, when people used to die they didn't come back until the Lazarus Pit was used.
Alfred: Back in my day, when people died, they remained dead.
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lizziemack · 11 months ago
How Recognizable is the Batfam?
Bruce: Elon Musk. a household name, will be recognized in a crowd pretty much anywhere.
Alfred: james bond. If you recognize him, you know too much.
Dick: tony hawk. He only gets recognized when he’s with Bruce.
Jason: perry the platapus. Jason’s just a normal unremarkable boy until he puts on his hood.
Tim: Susan Wojcicki. You don’t know about him unless you’re from gotham, or you’re in the business community.
Damian: Barron Trump. Child of someone who gets recognized.
Babs: Young Stephan Hawking. recognized by former students and people in very specific academic circles.
Cass & Duke: Fourth Jonas Brother. They only get recognized when they’re with the family. very private pls respect.
Steph: private citizen.
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101flavoursofweird · a year ago
Rating the Parents of Rhythm Thief
I don’t know if I’ve talked about this before but parenting is such a key theme in Rhythm Thief.  
Raphael, dog parent to Fondue
Raphael meets the cowardly Fondue (or “dog” as he’s called then) a year after his father disappeared. Raphael looks after Fondue for a few days, trying to find him a new owner, but he almost has to leave Fondue. He tells Fondue that he has his first job as Phantom R coming up and if he can’t pull it off, he won’t be coming back. So... Raphael was planning to leave his home if he failed. (Maybe he was going to search for his father...) 
Tumblr media
Raphael is shocked when Fondue saves him from the police and lets him stay at his apartment. (Even though Raphael’s apartment doesn’t allow pets...) Raphael knows first-hand what it’s like to be abandoned. Thankfully, Fondue doesn’t suffer the same fate! Raphael becomes a parent dog owner, he gains a partner in Fondue and neither of them lose their home. 
Tumblr media
9/10 (But Raphael’s still a kid himself)
Jean-François, former guardian to Marie
Marie has Jean-François acting (literally) as her guardian. J.F. acts worried when he hears Marie was attacked- by the organisation he works with. At the Opera House, he hopes Duchess Elizabeth will confirm Marie is her daughter. When Elizabeth denies this, Marie is so distraught and she runs off. J.F. just stands there like a lemon and he doesn’t go looking for her, even when Marie doesn’t come home afterwards. He helps kidnap Marie and then shoots Raphael on the Eiffel Tower. It’s revealed that J.F. was using Marie all along to get to the treasure. Later, when Raphael confronts him about breaking Marie’s heart, J.F. announces that it was worth it as long as he can achieve his ambitions. Also, tried to kill Raphael twice. Worst Parent Award by far goes to Jean-François.
Tumblr media
-100/10 (Go away, evil British man pretending to be French!)
Duchess Elizabeth, Marie’s mother
In her diary, Elizabeth writes that the best day of her life was the day Marie was born. Unfortunately, Jean-François discovered Marie’s true heritage. Fearing for Marie’s safety and the Dragon Crown’s resurrection, Elizabeth gave Marie to the convent when Marie was an infant. Elizabeth also left her with the music for Moon Princess... which miiight have helped Jean-François to identify Marie. Whoops. Elizabeth must have been feeling sentimental and wanted to give Marie something to remember her by. Elizabeth doesn’t acknowledge Marie at the Paris Opera, but we can see how affected she is when Marie plays Moon Princess. 
Tumblr media
That scene when she turns her back on Marie and walks away must have felt  very familiar to Raphael. Elizabeth has to pretend she has no interest in Marie so J.F. will leave them both alone. Elizabeth demands to know what J.F. would want, theoretically speaking, if he had found her daughter. “Money? Honor?” 
Later, when Napoleon threatens Elizabeth’s life in front of Marie, Napoleon reveals that Elizabeth has been lying in order to protect Marie. (Even the evil emperor recognises this!) Elizabeth tries to keep the act up, insisting that she is nothing but a stranger to Marie. Marie decides to save her and plays the song anyway after hearing Elizabeth call her name in distress. 
Then, above the Hanging Gardens, Elizabeth takes a literal bullet for Marie. Elizabeth reveals the truth to Marie and she calls Marie ‘Ma chère, Marie’ before passing out.  
Fortunately, the pendant Elizabeth wore with young Marie’s picture saved her from the bullet. Raphael remarks that Elizabeth was Marie’s guardian angel. 
Tumblr media
After the Chevaliers have been defeated, in the final scene of the game, Elizabeth can be seen peacefully listening to Marie’s music at the opera house. In Marie’s bonus episode, she watches Marie at her examination to enter the conservatoire. She’s glad to hear Marie’s laughter and she encourages her to enjoy herself. She tells Marie to “play like you were playing for him”- Elizabeth approves of her future son in law. 
8/10 (Guardian angel)
Inspector Vergier, Charlie’s father
In Vergier’s first scene, we see him sending in an army of roller-skating police officers to arrest Phantom R. Vergier takes his work very seriously.
At Paris Constabulary HQ, Raphael overhears Vergier talking to another officer about how he hasn’t been home in days. Apparently, Vergier has been on a certain case since his wife died. The other officer basically tells him, “GO HOME TO YOUR KID”. 
At the Paris Opera, Raphael again overhears Vergier talking to his colleague. Vergier asks if Charlie has turned up yet. He knows about Charlie’s mission to hunt down Phantom R, but he considers her efforts an impediment to their investigation. Raphael picks up a family photo that Vergier dropped and decides to hang on to it. During his second fight with Charlie, Raph comments that Charlie is just like her father. Charlie snaps at him to “LEAVE HER FATHER OUT OF THIS!” (It’s not like she’s trying to prove her worth or anything- what gave you that idea?)
Tumblr media
Raphael goes looking for Charlie after Marie gets captured. He talks to Vergier’s friend from university and learns that Charlie and Vergier just had some sort of argument. Also, the friend comments that Charlie is about Raphael’s age. So... Charlie’s 16-18, maybe. It’s not unheard of for a parent to leave a 16-18 home alone, but Charlie was left at home for DAYS??? Raphael finds Charlie at a cafe and asks her to return the photo to Vergier. Charlier huffs that she doesn’t want to see her father again, but then she reads the message her mother left on the photo. 
During the battle below the Hanging Gardens, Charlie saves her father from a bunch of Chevaliers. He acknowledges that he protects Paris in memory of Charlie’s mother. Charlie reminds him that there’s no time like the present, and she announces that she’ll help him save the city. Vergier doesn’t refuse her offer. 
In the final scene, Vergier and Charlie can be seen pursing Phantom R together.
Tumblr media
Raphael’s trying to be polite and keep his voice down but these two are having a shouting match the middle of Marie’s performance!
There’s also Charlie’s bonus episode, where they fight off the last remnants (?) of the Chevaliers. Vergier announces that the case he was working on is officially closed. He’s realised that no matter how much he warns Charlie to stay away, she wouldn’t listen. He just asks her to stay where he can keep an eye on her. 
7/10 (Some character development but please don’t forget to feed your child)
Isaac, Raphael’s father 
Obviously, you’ve got Raphael and Isaac. The first chapter opens with dialogue of Raphael crying as Isaac leaves him. He left three years ago... when Raphael was fifteen. Raphael’s mother previously died in an accident, so Raphael was orphaned.
Tumblr media
Raphael became Phantom R and chased after the mark his father left for him on the coin. 
Raphael reveals to Marie that his father was an artist but he never got a big break. Isaac became a forgery artists, swapping his fake art pieces with their authentic counterparts. Raphael tries to fix his father’s crimes and hunt for the mark by returning the real art pieces.  
Raphael thinks that he sees Isaac beneath Les Invalides and at the Palace of Versailles. He’s distressed and frustrated when he loses Isaac in the crowd. Isaac was in a hurry to escape...
During his final battle with Jean-François, Raphael learns that Isaac has been working with J.F. and the Chevaliers. Isaac made forgeries for J.F.’s organisation when Raphael was young and sickly. Raphael insists that he made those forgeries to pay the doctors. So, it does seem that Isaac initially joined the organisation for Raphael’s sake, but his intentions became warped over the years. 
Raphael couldn’t believe that his father would fall in with the Chevaliers and Elizabeth was close friends with Isaac... once. Isaac couldn’t have shown any obvious signs of going to the dark side years ago. 
In his final scene, Isaac discusses with the seemingly real emperor Napoleon that he wants to begin the next phase of their plan. He quietly warns Raphael to be ready for whatever that is. 
Tumblr media
2/10 (Too bad we didn’t get a sequel to learn about his true motivations)
Bonus Points:
Alfred the Butler
He will fight you if you threaten the Duchess or her daughter. He almost died trying to defend Elizabeth. He also encourages Marie, though he gets nervous for her too. 
Tumblr media
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simnationlifebefore · 10 months ago
Okay so, weird family tree thing I’ve decided. 
Ginia Kat and Alfred the Butler were married and had one child, Freddy the pizza dude. 
Freddy married and had a child with Maid Marrion (From vacation island) and thus producing Tara Kat. 
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lithiumseven · a year ago
In trying to differentiate the two in my mind I just referred to the two members of the Wayne household who share a name as “Alfred the cat” and “Alfred the Alfred”
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lurking-lilibeth · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Heather (1 neat point): Alfred, I think you missed a spot.
Autumn is in full swing. Heather is feeling somewhat under the weather but doesn’t lose her spirit, Parsley grows up, much to Alfred the butler’s chagrin, and the house is being prepared to accept new sims...
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Morning at the manor. Alfred is making pancakes. I'll admit, his pancake recipe beats mine lol
I got a note from batman telling me to stay in the manor and not to draw attention to myself. It's frustrating, I wanted to see the city today, visit Alex and Nell, but his city his rules I guess...
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i-am-the-eternal-sigh · 8 months ago
Can I just have like a little itty baby fic where Alfred meets Hippolyta. Like I don't care how I just want them to meet and have a chat about raising kids who are destined to fight crime. Over tea.
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sirloozelite · a year ago
Darth Véurr’s really bad not good day!
(Darth Véurr and the events of Galaxy-38 belong to @rangerslayer-97. Borrowed with permission. Thanks again pal XD)
Scene: The Moon of Alderaan in Galaxy 3. Kaesoka’s apartment. A mysterious portal opens in the middle of the living room and a heavily armoured Togruta steps out)
Véurr: Ha ha! At last! I was finally able to break that stupid lock on the portal! Now another galaxy will be mine for the taking!!! Muahahahahahahahaha!
Morai: Hiss!!!!!!!!
Véurr: Ah.... if it isn’t that cheeky Convor. You know... I am awful hungry.
Morai: Hiss!!!!!!!!
Véurr: You won’t be hissing much longer ‘dinner’. Now, time to cook...
A stun blast echoes across the room, flying towards the distracted Sith Empress.
Véurr: Oh poodoo!
Véurr collapses to the floor unconscious as her ‘assassin’ emerges from the shadows.
Kaeden: Take that bitch!
A few hours later
Véurr: (regaining consciousness) Urrggg, my head. What the kriff happened? Wait! I can’t feel the Force!!! What sorcery is this!!!! Where am I?
Véurr looks down to see Force restraining cuffs around her wrists, whilst the rest of her body is tied to an uncomfortable wooden chair.Looking up, she realizes she has been tied up in a basement.
Véurr: Oh you have got to be kidding me!!!! How the hell did this happen to me?!? I’m a goddess!!!!
Movement on the other side of the basement draws her attention.
Véurr: Who’s there??? Identify yourself!!!
Hondo: My friend my friend... it is I... Hondo!
Several more hours later
Kaeden: Had enough of Hondo yet?
Véurr: Oh my beautiful wife... how I had missed you!! Untie me now and let us go and make lo......
Kaeden: Nope! No way! Not happening! You see... we’ve got bigger issues to talk about!
Véurr: Such as what my darling wife?
Kaeden: Stop that!
Véurr: XD
Kaeden: Anyways... when you came through your portal, the Force decided that it would only be fair if someone from this universe took your place in your realm.
Véurr: ... what do you mean?
Morai: (chirps mischievously)
Kaeden: I think you know what I mean Sith.
Véurr: .... oh no... you don’t mean...
Kaeden: Afraid so.
Véurr: Oh no! My beautiful Empire!!!! It’s gonna collapse now due to some inept person leading it!!!! All that work for nothing!!! Oh the hubris!!!
Morai: (chirps mischievously)
Meanwhile, in Galaxy-38 in Darth Véurr’s throne room...
Alfred the Butler: Lady Véurr... I must say it is good to see you out of your armor for once. Perhaps if you did so more often you’d have more suitors that you seem to desire.
Fulcrum Ahsoka: Um.... thanks... I think? I don’t even know what happened? Where am I?
Alfred the Butler: Why.. your grace... you are in control of your empire. I await your work for today.
Fulcrum Ahsoka: ... oh... ok then. May as well have some fun for a bit. 
And that’s how Darth Véurr’s Empire went bankrupt in under 24 hours. The End
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batshitferalquotes · a year ago
Dino Nuggets
Damian: Alfred, it's time you stop treating me like a child. I don't want dino nuggets, they're for children. I want normal nuggets.
Alfred: But you love your dino nuggets!
Damian: Indeed but I'm a grown-up now like Grayson, and I have to accept it.
Alfred: Master Grayson still likes dino nuggets and won't eat a sandwich unless I cut its crusts off
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