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been revising basic algebra lately. i have two absolutely new topics from my french & english professors and i’m thrilled about starting them

also i totally have a few deadlines fired but honestly i couldn’t care less (man, i’m such a bad student smh)

how’s your quarantine going? do you keep up with studies?

/chilled cow’s lofi hip-hop beats to study in the picture, you should check their yt lives!!/

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¿Cuanto sale: 1 - 12:2x3?
Sabes los pasos para llegar al resultado correcto?
El video completo lo puedes ver en youtube en el canal EL INCA MATEMÁTICO
Aquí :
#matematica #ciencia #algebra #ingenio #inteligencia #investigación #científico #números #aritmetica

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if anyone wanted to know how the coronaversity is working out for me, only today:

  • my friend who’s still going to my high school had a physics test from 9 to 9:26am. the teacher claimed it’s impossible to solve trying to use books or the internet. friend came to my place, connected through discord with his classmates. they solved it collectively while using the internet (found answers to most questions on ONE website) in half the time. I made stupid jokes and played sniper with the questions, as I managed to take the test under a very inappropriate nickname, despite not being his student anymore. their results ranged between 80-100%, I got 91%. I’m waiting for teacher’s reaction
  • tried to install Zoom on my Linux distro. failed. got on time to my astronomy class (through Zoom). spent first 20 minutes googling ways to install zoom on that distro. went to my room to lie under a blanket next to my cat. had to retrieve blanket from under the cat. succeeded. fell asleep during lecture
  • woke up for a minute when my mum came to ask if I want some tea. confirmed. next thing I remember my alarm for next class went off. switched to thermodynamics
  • thermodynamics professor makes my day, he’s bringing so much chaotic energy into this class
  • after thermo I got ten minutes late to next class. not my class. went to thermodynamics lecture which is thursday at 2pm, turned out 2pm monday is thermodynamics exercise for other group.
  • tried to enter the correct class, algebra. initial failure, only succeeded after about 10 minutes. forgot to turn off my mic. mum asked if I want some tea. the professor heard someone speak and asked if we have questions because it seems like someone does. yeah, my mum had questions. she asked if I want tea. proceeded to turn off the mic before accepting more tea, never admitted the former sound coming coming from my mic.
  • minutes ago he asked a random person if they understand. random person was me. said it’s all clear. he said that’s concerning.

it’s only 3pm, I fear what the day will bring

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28.03.20 | on time as always - with a little messy algebra and shitty lighting

My problem with iPad notes is that I always make them organised and legible instead of focusing on solving the problem. When I do exercises in a physical notebook, I somehow end up pulling out a sheet of loose paper and going further without even marking which problem I’m doing. Those are actually random pieces of notes that are more organised than usually - you can tell by the writing being only in one direction and one page containing only one problem. Usually it’s all in different directions, problems mixed up on one page, sometimes illegible and I have to try and match one sheet to another to get my whole solution, just like jigsaw puzzles.

Since online classes started, every Friday between 12-12:30am I’m thinking about how much my professor must hate me right now 😅

He’s a very uptight rule-follower while for me rules have always been more like loose guidelines. I promise I’m not trying to piss him off, but we’ve got very strict deadlines to send him our homework and I always just end up sending it two minutes to half an hour late.

Fri - What is your favourite subject/topic to study at the moment?

Wow I love most of them apparently! I don’t study them though, because more deadline-y and hard stuff takes up all of my time and will to live (looking at you, algebra). So, in no particular order:

  • Programming Basics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Calculus
  • Physics lab

Sat - Where in your house is your favourite place to study?

Not like I have much to choose from 😅 Currently my desk is in the living room, as I’ve moved to a smaller room since I actually no longer live here and came back for the corona-break. It’s quite nice, and I find it much easier to get my ass to do something when I’m not alone. Being the only person in the room is great when I want to relax, but studying without other people around is depressing for me. Also it’s so much brighter than my old room!

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Recuerdas bien como se opera correctamente en el álgebra?
He aquí un avance. El video completo lo puedes ver en youtube en el canal EL INCA
Aquí :
#matematica #algebra #razonamiento #ciencia #lima #perú #razonamiento #habilidad #inteligencia #investigación #científico #terminossemejantes (en San Martín De Porres, Lima, Peru)

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or link some tutorials on youtube. I like looking up that stuff

Some schools are closing for the spring semester. My stuff is going to be online, so fun. Not what I wanted, but meh, Ive done online course work before.

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I am struggling badly with all the stress around me. To make my afternoon a little more relaxing I have decided to do some extra mathematics. Take a pen/pencil and some paper and try some of the questions with me.

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