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kwannon ยท 17 hours ago
Jean joins Emma and Kate at the Hellfire Trading Company and they name her The Gray Queen to go with Emma's White and Kate's Red.
SO MANY QUEENS. i cant imagine jean ever joining the htc but the three of them in power would be such a serve
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sunamayo ยท 23 hours ago
if i called ya cool how would ya respond ?? O;
bc ya are ;D
also hey mootsie of a mootsie !1!
how are ya ??
its one am forgive me my braincells are cryin
:OOOO if you called me cool i'd call you COOLER ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ UNO REVERSE CARD BC YOU ARE COOLER ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ’–
HELLO im doing just great ^^ how about you?? ALSO PLEASE GO TO SLEEP SOON AJDBSKDBSK I'D LOVE TO TALK WITH YOU MORE LATER ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿ’– i mean not that i have a problem talking to you now but like JWBSJAN it'd super late
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spacesuitsforemergency ยท a day ago
Becca and Holly?
Her and Cyber Cat currently have their petty little rivalry right now, so she sees Cadet Cold with her and just gags and rolls her eyes at them to annoy Cyber Cat, but little does she know theyโ€™re her future gay moms-
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lostchildofthenewworld ยท a day ago
Tumblr media
Hey demons, itโ€™s me, ya girl kel, aka kae, aka lostchildofthenewworld, aka โ€œthe bitch who likes jaime lannisterโ€
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mckennamayfairgoode ยท 2 days ago
hello Sap
- keysmash anon, aka @aksjaksjjdks anon
Hello Ale aka keysmash anon aka @aksjaksjjdks anon. (Go to bed x ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–)
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undawn ยท 2 days ago
i think a lot about whether danika will ever embrace the name lucifer again and iโ€™m pretty sure she does, but itโ€™s all tied up in accepting who she is, what happened, all the lives sheโ€™s lived, etc. when she eventually does, it gives her control over the wings.
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spacesuitsforemergency ยท 2 days ago
Okay so I have two ideas for Spiderman villains, but theyโ€™ll be Black Spiders two main sidekicks instead but theyโ€™re the son and daughter of two Spiderman villains
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lifesliced ยท 3 days ago
ren has had other nicknames and slides before settling on ren as his professional alias -> he has been "ren" / playing the character of ren for so long that the persona has bled over to his real life. he's only "yori" for such a small amount of his days that it feels like another person entirely. in reality his mother is the only one that calls him yori, and he's otherwise regarded as hatanaka-san. kyosuke's mother calls him yori when she's mad, which he's noticed is more often now. being the confident, attractive and single ren is more comfortable than being the awkward, self-conscious young dad yori.
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thetaldoreicouncil ยท 7 days ago
a breakdown of the mighty nein average expected lifespan post-campaign (assuming no one does dies prematurely or gets adopted by fairies in the feywild or extends their life through time magic shenanigans and/or wildmom blessings):
fjord: 75-year lifespan total. heโ€™s early 30s, so he has 45 natural years remaining.
caleb: 100-year lifespan max. at 33, provided he doesnโ€™t do dunamantic time fuckery or true polymorph into a dragon (and who knows with wizards),ย caleb has 67 natural years remaining.
beau: 100 years again, maybe longer as a monk. 70ish+ years remaining.
kingsley, jester, and veth: tieflings and halflings can have up to 150-year lifespans (depending on your source material). all three are in their 20s, so they could live another 130 years.
yasha: aasimar can live up to 160. sheโ€™s also in her 20s, so she can expect another 140 years.
caduceus: heโ€™s anywhere from 80 to 120 according to taliesin. firbolgs can live up to 500 years, so we can expect another 380 to 420 years for cad.
essek: drow can live up to 1000 years, so essek has another 880 years remaining if heโ€™s lucky.
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jkresearch ยท 10 days ago
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funnywings ยท 10 days ago
I think cas was actually really suspicious of music at first. Like he fell and then had the experience of actually having to listen to the radio all day at the gas and sip and would just angrily squint at the speakers wondering why all the songs were about Dean
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randomnameless ยท 14 days ago
Wow, and I thought Armads4Prez (decent funny vids BTW) just went to the wrong wiki. But if it's really implied that Seiros was a fake name all along, then that's bull. Seiros is the true name, but Rhea is the real identity. Khalid knows what I'm talking about when he became Duke Claude.
Uh... Sorry but I don't really get what you're saying?
Seiros is a true name, as in Rhea was called Seiros and answered when people called her "Seiros", but I suppose it is not her birth/creation name. She picked it up.
I can't say much about Claude and Khalid given how we don't see or hear about Prince Khalid in the game, is he fundamentally different from Claude? Do they have different goals? Is Claude dissociating when he talks about "Prince Khalid"?
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loathsome ยท 14 days ago
Tumblr media
His wiki page would literally make him start crying
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