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Here’s RO’s Kill/Die for MC: here

I honestly thought I’d answered this already but I can’t find it, so here it is!

Vik: “No!” They shout, clutching at your shoulders, their fingers tight, almost painful. “Don’t–say that.” Their eyes are arresting, but tinged with fear. 

Alice: She reaches up to touch your cheek, lightly, only the barest of fingertips pressing to your skin. She doesn’t say anything, your mind quiet, but the tightness around her eyes is answer enough. 

Marcol: He stares at you carefully, his eyes sweeping you from head to toe. “I’d prefer to live a long life with you instead.” He says, simply. 

El: They reach out and take your wrist in their hand. It’s tight, and the fizzle of magic across their fingers is nearly painful with its intensity. “No.” They say, in a voice that speaks of finality. 

Orion: Their cheeks darken with color at your words, but they grimace. “I don’t think that’s a very good trade…” It’s said softly. 

Talarae: She grins with her teeth. “Then, I suppose I’ll just have to kill everyone before they can kill you, huh? That way you don’t leave me.” 

Yenia: The corner of her mouth twitches upwards: is it amusement that sparkles in her eyes? “My spirit,” she says, with a knowing smile. “Death is not in the stars for me, and thus not for you.” 

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Originally posted by alicecullenstan-remade

“Oh my, Jesus Alice!” you jumped coming out of the bathroom, from brushing your teeth, to find Alice laying on your bed. This had been the first time in a couple weeks you had seen her since her family had left Forks

“Hi (N/N)..”

“I-I thought you left with your family,” you ran up and hugged her with all your might, “why-why are you here? Do they know that you’re here?” 

“They don’t know that I’m here, and I’d like to keep it that way”

“What about Bella? Does she know that you’re back in Forks?”

“She doesn’t know either. You can’t tell her (Y/N)”

“Why, why not? She’s in pieces over Edward and you all leaving and guess who’s picking up those pieces? Me Alice. She needs him back, and I need you back,” you held Alice’s hands and leaned your forehead against hers


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O troppo alta, o troppo bassa,

le dici magra, si sente grassa,

son tutte bionde, lei è corvina,

vanno le brune, diventa albina.

Troppo educata! piaccion volgari!

Troppo scosciata per le comari!

Sei troppo colta e preparata,

intelligente e qualificata,

il maschio è fragile, non lo umiliare,

se sei più brava non lo ostentare!

Sei solo bella ma non sai far niente,

guarda che oggi l’uomo è esigente,

l’aspetto fisico più non gli basta,

cita Alberoni e butta la pasta.

Troppi labbroni, non vanno più!

Troppo quel seno, buttalo giù!

Sbianca la pelle, che sia di luna

Se non ti abbronzi, non sei nessuna!

L’estate prossima, con il cotone

tornan di moda i fianchi a pallone,

ma per l’inverno, la moda detta,

ci voglion forme da scolaretta.

Piedi piccini, occhi cangianti,

seni minuscoli, anzi, giganti!

Alice assaggia, pilucca, tracanna,

prima è due metri poi è una spanna

Alice pensa, poi si arrabatta,

niente da fare, è sempre inadatta

Alice morde, rosicchia, divora,

ma non si arrende, ci prova ancora.

Alice piange, trangugia, digiuna,

è tutte noi,

è se stessa, è nessuna. - Lella Costa

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