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castieltrash1 · 3 months ago
Poly Emmett+ Rosalie+ fem reader or poly Alice+ Jasper fem reader nsfw headcannon please 🤍 Also happy Valentine's day love 💕
anon ur mind 🗣️🗣️🗣️ i decided to do both bc i have no self-control when it comes to horny thoughts abt vampires and i have many ideas i want to share !!!
Tumblr media
fem!reader, smut/fluff, 3-person sex, oral mentions, dirty talk, mentions of being both human/vampire!
rosalie and emmett are very dedicated and somewhat domineering lovers. rosalie calls most of the shots whereas emmett tends to get lost in the pleasure and passion of the situation, leading to him doing whatever feels right in the moment. put these two together and prepare to melt from how flustered they’ll get you. their forms of teasing differ but impact you all the same, leaving your skin warm and your thighs clenched.
“look at her,” rosalie hums, tracing a perfectly manicured nail down the side of your leg. “i don’t think i’ve ever seen her this needy, have you?” she completely ignores the expression of embarrassment that crosses your face, waiting on her other lover for a response.
“begging for it,” emmett agrees, with a grin.
+ rosalie loves riding faces and will take the opportunity every time, squeezing emmett’s or your cheeks between her thighs. she also enjoys telling emmett exactly how to touch you and instructing the two of you for her own pleasure. emmett’s favorite time is whenever you both tease and play with him (or each other) and spoil him rotten. if you’re still human, expect unending gentleness. if you’re a vampire, especially newly-turned, prepare to not leave the bed for a week. lastly, get used to the nicknames “honey” and “baby” since they’re all you’ll be hearing ♡
Tumblr media
fem!reader, smut/fluff, 3-person sex, fingering mentions, dirty talk, jasper’s sensory powers!
alice and jasper have two different modes when it comes to sex: playful and the physical representation of a mindfuck. when they’re playful, expect lots of giggles from alice and flustered smiles from jasper, who is always left a little light-headed from the outpour of emotions that fill the room. there are lots of kisses, breathy moans, and teasing on days like these. but when they’re in a mindfuck mood, prepare for your soul (if you still have one) to leave your body. alice knows exactly how to pick you apart and jasper can crank your arousal up to an almost unbearable level, leaving you desperate for every ounce of attention they give you.
“shh, dearest,” alice soothes you, dainty fingers circling your slickened core. you’ve lost track of just how many times she’s brought you over the edge, but your body quivers with the anticipation of another orgasm. 
jasper kisses your temple with a lopsided smile and you feel the rumble of his voice against your skin. “s’alright darlin, we’ll take care of you.”
+ alice and jasper are very clingy in the bedroom and you’ll often find yourself sandwiched between them and their wandering hands. they also need to see your face and will always position you in a way that gives them full access to all of your expressions and provides them with the sensual eye-contact they adore so much ♡
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* [valentine's day headcanons/ships 💌]
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infictionalwonderland · 2 months ago
Can you write the twilight characters with a shy gf headcannon please
of course! the reader is still going to be perfectly badass however, i hate the assumption that shy people cannot be badass.
warnings : swearing, insecurity, mentions of blood & vampirism etc, anxiety, overthinking, fem reader
characters included : emmett, rosalie, jasper, alice, carlisle <3
emmett —
so, emmett is just a naturally loud person who has no problem with being obnoxious and borderline annoying to some
but you’re a collected, quiet person who’s movements and actions are all thought out thoroughly in fear of judgment
and weirdly your relationship just works
he’s quieter when your around ( in public ) he knows how much you hate attention and the last thing he wants is for you to be uncomfortable
you’re comfortable around emmett, coming out of your shell and joining in on his loud laughter, joking, just fun
you both bring out sides to each other no one else knew existed prior to your relationship
he’s also, despite popular belief, quite observant: well, when it comes to you.
somethings wrong? bear hugs and loving kisses all around
you’re not feeling up for something? don’t worry about it, plans r already cancelled
very affectionate 🤍
if you don’t like pda that’s fine but he jus needs to be close to you at all times
yes, he’s clingy, if you haven’t already noticed
doesn’t force you to meet new people, knowing how your anxiety spikes heavily
he becomes your sort of therapist weirdly enough— though he’s far from professional
all in all, he just wants to make sure your happy and comfortable
you’re his precious girl <33
rosalie 🧎‍♀️ —
her >>>>>>
will glare at anyone who dares look at you a little too long
has and will threaten people who make you feel embarrassed for your anxious and shy behaviour
is so so patient with you <3
she’ll wait as long as you need her to for you to open up, you’re all she cares about.
absolutely adores you
you being her favourite person >
the ‘i hate everyone but you’ trope
she’s so soft with you 😩
reassuring hand squeezes when she sees you fidgeting anxiously
coming from a shy person myself, i admittedly stutter a lot 😒.. and she’ll never got annoyed at your stutter
in fact she’ll love it, it’s just another part of you and what’s not to love about you
you’re perfect to her
you two r so fucking cute omd
will get teased by her siblings about going soft
and she, evidently, could not care less
the most understanding gf <3
jasper —
you and him >>
the most superior couple tbh
despite your anxious behaviour, you can calm him down with just your presence
a smile from you and suddenly the blood lust isn’t as strong anymore
so understanding!!
doesn’t push anything, just stays with you and holds you when you need it
he’ll wait for you to open up, as well, will not push for anything you don’t feel prepared to give
communication is key in your relationship
probably the healthiest couple
you ever feel insecure, he’s there with kisses and passionate reassurances
literal speeches about how fucking beautiful you are and how he doesn’t understand how you don’t realise it
is always there for you
finds how you can go from a bright, bubbly person to a blushing bumbling mess absolutely adorable
tho if you’re sincerely embarrassed bout something yk my man will step in
oh yeah, he’s hella protective<3
hands down best bf ever
alice —
my love😩😩
alice is actually surprisingly protective— anyone’s being rude or even slightly patronising, she’ll step in with a glare on her STUNNING face
actual sunshine who lights up your life
you’re more laidback around her, and it makes everyone happy to see you confident when she’s around
definitely helps you work on your confidence
is determined to build it up
not in a bad way! she just wants to see you confident in yourself and happy with who you are, able to speak your mind
loves everything about you
reassures you all the time with kisses all over your face!
her life’s mission is to make you smile
mentally counts how many times she’s made you smile in a day, and whatever made you smile, she’ll repeat it all to see your smile again
finds your shyness endearing.. unless you’re being shy and meek cuz someone embarrassed you, then we’ve got problems
your protector<3
not that you need it, you’re a bundle of badass-ery under your shy disposition
carlisle —
he’s always making sure that you’re okay
constant check ins, you can’t blame the man, he gets worried for you
unlike the reaction most people have towards your personality, your timid disposition actually drew him in
it was refreshing to meet someone who wasn’t arrogant and unapologetic
will forever reassure you you’re more than enough and that he’s proud of you
never gets tired of seeing you blush
genuinely his favourite sight
he doesn’t pressure you into opening up, and that’s something you’re really grateful for
absolutely and undoubtedly in love with everything about you
hugs and kisses constantly
he’s not too big on pda, but definitely hand holding <33
most heartwarming couple honestly.
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fangurk · 11 months ago
Puppy Love (The Cullen Family x Child! Werewolf! Reader)
Y/n - Your Name
Y/h/c - Your Hair Color
Y/e/c - Your Eye Color
Y/f/c - Your Favorite Color
Y/f/f - Your Favorite Flavor
Prompt (given to me by @inrice): but could you do something along the lines of the cullens (mainly alice) takes upon the job of raising a werewolf!reader? who's a child of course.
Summary: Alice Cullen stumbles upon a very strange, very lonely child while out on a hunt and, in true Cullen fashion, decides to take them home. Nobody knows how to take care of a werewolf or a child, but when they put in a collective effort (and bring in the help of Bella) things start getting easier...
Warning: Is this kidnapping? It might be kidnapping, fluff, slightly angsty at some parts, AU because Caius is cruel, and potentially odd genderless terms of endearment.
A/n: family fic makes the brain go brrr. so like i didn't really know how to handle the whole werewolf thing because the twilight lore is so... bare... and i wanted to write more on the family parts so it's not like a real focus but it is mentioned quite a bit. I hope that's okay! /gen
Word Count: 1.2k+
Tumblr media
Alice wasn’t able to foresee you.
She simply stumbled across you one day on a hunt, your tiny body curled up at the base of a tree. You smelled so much of dog she almost mistook you for one, and then you looked up at her with big y/e/c eyes and she knew.
Carlisle wasn’t very happy when she brought you home.
“The Volturi will have a field day with this.” He says as he repacks his doctor bag. “The child is dangerous to have around.”
“But they're all alone, Carlisle. You said it yourself, they looked like they were out there for days— and I waited there with them until nightfall, no one came…”
Her shoulders fall and she looks at the door separating them from the rest of the family.
“Oh please just let them stay, we’ll all take care of them— if anything we’re better suited for it than anyone!”
Carlisle opens his mouth to protest but is interrupted by Esme opening the door, you asleep in her arms. All of his hesitance melts away at the sight, and at the sound of your small snores.
He sighs. “Fine, the child can stay— but we have to be careful.”
Alice nearly erupts with her joy, and Carlisle tries to hide a smile.
They give you a nice bedroom.
Rosalie, Alice, and Esme take an entire day to shop, nearly clearing out three children’s stores in the process. They build you furniture and they paint the walls a pretty shade of y/f/c; you now own more toys and clothes than a kid can possibly comprehend.
You spend the day with Emmett, the only Cullen boy who’s comfortable getting close to you, and he introduces you to the wide range of children’s cartoons. Your browsing ended with Crashbox, something that had the big man far more into it than you, but it was fun nonetheless.
“Want to see your room, Y/n?” Rosalie hums, poking her head around the corner and flashing you a dazzling smile.
The ladies let you wander around the new space, excitement brightening your features.
Emmett is still enraptured by the TV long after you’re put to bed.
Most days are good days.
Even if two of the family members seem a little afraid of you, you’re happy. You’re fed and clothed and loved.
But then there are bad days.
You wouldn’t eat. Nothing Esme made you was satisfactory and you were too upset and overwhelmed to let anyone know what you wanted; everyone tries to comfort you, even Jasper with his powers, but none of it really seems to work.
And then Edward comes home.
He left at some point during the crying and everyone figured that he was just bailing ship like he usually does when it comes to you. But, in reality, he somehow managed to get a cohesive reading of your mind and immediately went to someone who could help him.
“I brought Bella.” He says, gesturing awkwardly at his equally awkward girlfriend when five sets of frustrated eyes land on him.
“And I brought chicken nuggets…” The brunette human raises the bag up with a smile.
Everyone watches in confusion as you perk up a bit.
“Uh, here.” Bella crosses the room and places the bag down in front of you.
You open the bag and immediately start eating, sniffling but no longer upset. Every Cullen is reeling in shock.
“Well. What do you have to say to Bella?” Alice clears her throat, giving you an encouraging smile.
“Thank you, Bella.” You mumble, mouth full of food.
“Oh- it was actually Edward’s idea.”
You turn and thank him, beaming, and he gives you a crooked smile in return.
Afterward, Edward doesn’t really avoid you anymore.
‘Children of the Moon’ don’t pass their lycanthropy onto their offspring.
Alice doesn’t like to think about it, but sometimes the implication that someone bit and infected you consumes her mind and it makes her want to cry.
On the days they go to school, you do too.
They figure it’s good for you to spend time with other kids your age, and it seems to be. You always come home with crazy stories of playtime adventures and smelling of paint and crayons; the teachers love you, or more so the bright little woman who picks you up from school.
“Draw your family.” The teacher encourages one day.
You draw the Cullens.
When you proudly hand it to Alice when she picks you up from school, she lifts you up in a hug. Jasper frames your little drawing and puts it up next to all of their graduation caps.
The full moon is pretty horrific.
In order to keep everyone safe from your tiny claws, they keep you in the basement. For hours before the transformation, you just lie down there and wail-- you’re only little, it’s only fair.
Alice sits outside and talks to you the whole time, her voice wavering and her hands shaking.
She doesn’t move after the wails turn into howls, even if it would be safer to do so.
“Does Jasper hate me?”
You’re wrapped up in bandages, sitting on the picnic blanket with your adoptive mother and eating a sandwich too big for you as her husband pretends to do something down by the water. Alice is completely blindsided. They’ve sort of explained what they are to you, and you’ve kind of filled in blank spaces to the best of your ability, but she’s still unsure how to explain Jasper’s hesitance.
She doesn’t wind up having to.
“No,” He says, sitting down next to you and wrapping an arm around your shoulders, “I don’t. I’m actually quite fond of you darlin’.”
That alone seems to satisfy you and, over time, he loosens up a bit.
Jasper seems happier than he has in a while, listening to you talk about things little kids talk about, and Alice watches fondly with a smile.
One of them reads a story and tucks you into bed every night.
Most times it’s Alice, sometimes Jasper joins in.
Tonight is one of those nights. You’re clean and showered, dressed in a cute little pajama set, and nestled under the covers; she’s lying down next to you, Goodnight Moon open in her hands, and he’s in a chair next to the bed.
“... goodnight noises everywhere.” She finishes, smiling at your drooping eyes and lulling head.
Carefully, she unwinds herself from you and, with the help of her husband tucks the blanket under your sides. You tug your favorite stuffed animal close to your chest, y/e/c eyes closed, and a smile on your little face.
“Goodnight, y/n.” “Night, kid.” They each say, Alice bending down to kiss your head and Jasper opting to stand there and smile.
“G’night mom and dad.”
Jasper’s eyes nearly bulge out of his head and he turns to face his wife quickly.
Alice Cullen, the girl who forgot half of her life, never felt more whole than she did standing in your room, holding her mate’s hand, and turning off the light as the hushed sound of a cricket’s song filled the big house...
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multifandom-imgns · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"get behind us y/n. right now."
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imaginingmanyfandoms · 11 months ago
Hello! If it's not much to ask could I pls have a hc for the cullen family members playing minecraft with their s/o? Thank you! ♡♡♡♡
YES!!!! headcanons that aren't the volturi ...... still twilight tho
minecraft is one of the few games you would like playing with alice
because she can't beat you at it
instead you work together and build something fun
since you guys have a lot of time on your hands you make extravagant builds
he just wants to make you happy
the point game would probably confuse him tbh but he would feel the joy coming off of you when you sat down to play together
and that would be enough for him
doesn't wanna do it
thinks it's stupid and a waste of time
however, she loves you and she'll play your little game
because whenever she is out working on her cars, you're always right there... sitting nearby keeping her company and handing her tools
after you introduce minecraft to him, he wants to play it all the time, like all the time
he likes to run around and cause trouble
doesn't really care about building or crafting
will show up at your house with something "really important, babe. it's like super important"
and then will drop a single flower on your floor
she's not much of a participant, she's a watcher, we know this
she would rather sit beside you and read a book while you play minecraft
of course, she would join you sometimes
have no idea what she's doing but she would try
wouldn't want to at first
but then he would actually appreciate the simple pleasure of it
he would make intricate builds that are perfect replicas of some of the coolest places he's lived and seen
he would be more excited to show you than anything
i don't care what anyone says carlisle would love minecraft
his life is so busy and full of bullshit
and he would love just sitting on the couch, flush against you, building a house
if you made a house that you loved, he would build it for you in real life
she would also love this freaking game
she's literally an architect, she could be found on the couch all the time
at night, when everyone is busy, when she's bored
she would want you to build houses and let her decorate them inside
i think she'd like to put her head on your lap and just enjoy an afternoon playing minecraft
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plus-size-reader · 6 months ago
Apple Pie
Tumblr media
13 Days of Halloween 2021
Alice Cullen x Plus size!reader
Word Count: 2517 words
Warnings: none
Summary: Alice’s human partner loves fall, and insists on autumn baking, even though she lives in a house full of vampires. 
Alice knew how much you loved this time of year.
It would have been impossible not to.
You had been buzzing around, figuring out all the things you wanted to do this season since mid-september, and for the most part, she just tagged along.
She liked to watch you have the time of your life and as long as you were happy, she was happy.
Still, there were a few passions of yours that she couldn’t partake in, no matter how much she wanted to. There were just some issues that came with dating a vampire that you couldn’t get around.
It was just the way it was, but you weren’t about to stop doing the things you loved because of it and luckily, Alice didn’t expect you to.
Whenever she couldn’t participate, she joined in as often as she could however possible.
It might not have been perfect, but it worked for you.
Like this morning, for example. Alice had gone out while you were sleeping as soon as the stores opened to gather as many baking supplies as she could, knowing that you’d planned to spend the whole day in the kitchen.
Of course, she didn’t eat in the traditional sense so it wasn’t really essential for you to do so but the woman you loved knew how much you loved to bake.
….and there was no way she was going to expect you to stop just because you’d moved in with her family.
You all had passions and just because yours was one that didn’t necessarily benefit the others right now, that didn’t mean it wasn’t worth something to let you enjoy it.
Besides, if she ever got around to changing you like you two had been talking about, you wouldn’t be able to do this nearly as often as you could now as a human.
It was worth plenty just to let you experience it.
Not to mention that Alice liked to watch you bake.
There was something so peaceful about it, and it made her nostalgic to remember the days when she would do the same. Because of that, she felt that she arguably got more out of watching it than you did actually baking.
It just made her happy and as long as you wanted to do it, she was going to make sure that you could.
“Ally? Where are you?” you called, your voice still groggy with sleep as you descended the staircase.
You had just gotten up out of bed, but Alice wasn’t by your side like she normally was when you opened your eyes.
You couldn’t even remember the last time that had happened.
After all, vampires didn’t sleep so you knew she wasn’t there the entire night but no matter what she did while you were resting, you couldn’t think of a morning you’d rolled over to find her missing from your shared bed.
Naturally, it weirded you out a little.
Though, you didn’t panic outright at first either. Just because it was out of character for her didn’t automatically mean you had slept through something awful happening to them.
“In the kitchen” she called, only momentarily considering that she should stay silent to avoid spoiling the surprise before deciding against it.
The surprise was going to be good, no matter how you found it.
All that mattered was that you loved it, and as long as she got to see the look on your face once you realized what she’d done, she would be content.
The brunette listened to your shuffling footsteps as you made your way across the wood floor toward the kitchen, giving away just how tired you still were. 
She hadn’t been out long, but it was nice to know you hadn’t been up long without her.
Alice hated missing out on time with you.
“What are you doing in the kitchen?” you grumbled, turning the corner without a second thought, rubbing your eyes in an attempt to get used to the sunlight streaming in through the various windows.
While the decked out kitchen was nice now that you and Bella spent a lot of time here, it didn’t have much use for the Cullen’s themselves, and Alice certainly didn’t use it for anything.
Rather than answering you, Alice made her way over to you so that she could put her hands over your eyes, that damn vampire speed putting her behind your back before you could so much as blink.
Which, naturally, only confused you further.
“Alice, what is going on?” you groaned, wishing that for once she could just keep the theatrics to a minimum, at least this early in the morning.
You had been worried something happened to her, and now, she was messing around without answering any of your questions.
“Just trust me” she whispered, leading you deeper into the room after she decided she was content that you'd’ keep your eyes closed. 
Her touch was featherlight on your wrist as she walked with you, a small skip in her step that gave away how excited she was.
…and how could she not be?
She knew how thrilled you’d be over this.
“Alright, stand right there” she allowed, letting go of your hand once she’d set it down on the stone island, rounding it herself to give everyone a final onceover, just to make sure that it was exactly where she wanted it.
Of course, she didn’t have to second guess herself but she always did anyway. 
Where you were concerned, she always wanted everything to be as picture perfect as it possibly could be.
Especially when it was things like this.
Thankfully, her final onceover proved to be unnecessary today too because it looked good. 
All the ingredients she’d purchased were laid out in their respectful piles, compiled entirely based on the old recipe book Esme kept from the 20s for sentimental value.
It was going to be great.
“Okay, open your eyes” Alice hummed, and you could practically hear the huge grin in her voice, that you saw as soon as you did as she asked.
She was stunning, like she always was, but for a moment, you forgot that you were supposed to be looking at anything else other than her.
You couldn’t help yourself sometimes.
Though, when you finally did snap out of it and look down at the huge spread she’d laid out for you, you found yourself confused for a whole different reason.
As best you could tell, she had every possible ingredient from the grocery store here, but the why was still lost on you.
You didn’t remember asking her for anything like this, though, it was entirely possible you’d talked in your sleep again and she just went with it. 
She had a bad habit of trying to interpret your late night mumblings.
Not that she had much else to do at night aside from watching old romance movies and online shopping anyway.
“What is all this, Al?” you eventually gave in, finding yourself at a loss for any possible reason she could have done this.
Of course, what she’d done had a lot of potential, but you still didn’t know what brought it on.
“I know how much you like to bake this time of year, so I got you some things so we could have  a baking day” she cooed, handing you Esme’s big book, now more of a antique than an actual kitchen staple, so that you could see all the pages she’d marked with a purple sticky note.
Clearly, she’d put a lot of work into this and the more you flipped through the pages she’d picked out for you, the more excited you got.
This was amazing.
“You are the sweetest, you know that?” you hummed, setting the book down, open to a page filled to the brim with everything you needed to know in order to make the perfect apple pie, to wrap your arms around the woman you loved.
Her small frame was easily enveloped in your own as you held her close, breathing in her warm vanilla scent.
It was the one she chose during this time of year, before transitioning into a peppermint in the winter.
You loved it, almost as much as you loved her.
“You like it?” she gushed, hoping that you would be glad she’d done something like this. 
It was only now occurring to her that volunteering you for so much work in the kitchen might not be a good thing.
“Of course I do” you assured, finding it funny she would even ask.
You had just told Alice a few months prior about how much you’d loved to bake as a child, always surprising your family and friends with treats whenever you could.
Which made this whole thing make a lot more sense, and a lot more impressive.
She had gone through this whole big book looking for recipes she thought you would like, then went to the store and bought everything you would need, even though she hadn’t personally baked in several decades.
Just when you thought you couldn’t have loved her any more than you already did.
“So, should we get started?” she asked, lifting herself up to sit on the counter in front of you, taking the book.
At least to start, she figured being in charge of the book was the best position for her.
You had all the baking experience, after all.
“What do you want to make first? Apple Pie? Hot cider? Cookies? I got everything” she continued, watching as you put on the apron she’d bought you a while back. 
She bought a lot of kitchen stuff when you moved in.
It wasn’t like they had much to begin with.
“I think apple pie is the best to start” you decided, that was the one that had a lot of steps she could help with, not to mention how good it would make the house smell.
It was a classic, just like her.
...and by the time you’d finished, it was perfect just like her too.
“Now, we put it in the oven” you allowed, handing the full pie pan over to the woman you loved so that she could do as you said, while you busied yourself starting with the clean up.
Of course, you and Alice had made quite the mess with all the baking you’d done just now, because a pie from scratch was a tall order but as exhausted as you were, it was worth it.
After all, now you had a yummy pie and you could sit on the couch with the woman you loved, all curled up in blankets all evening with it smelling like warm cinnamon.
“So, did I do okay?” Alice asked, taking the filling bowl from you and placing it in the sink, making a mental note to remember to clean it up before Esme got home from work.
Even though she didn’t use it, there was nothing she hated more than a messy kitchen.
“Absolutely, this was so sweet, Ally” you gushed, a wicked idea popping into your head as the words left your lips, and your hand settled on the little bit of flour that was spread out over the counter.
You had used it to roll out the pie dough, but now, it was looking more and more appealing for something different.
“Even if now we have to clean up our mess” you whispered, swiping your finger into the waiting powder before tapping Alice on the shoulder with your other hand, a wicked grin on your face as you waited.
Of course you had a silly little plan like this. You couldn’t help yourself, not when it was right there in front of you.
Before she could say anything or even ask what you were doing, you tapped the woman you loved more than anything on the nose, leaving a bit of powdery residue behind.
“I probably should have seen that coming” she teased, wiping it away before tapping you in turn, moving so quickly that you barely had time to react.
All you could do was laugh, figuring you had that coming, but both of you seemed to know this wasn’t even close to over.
It was just you and Alice in the kitchen with a whole lot of flour and a whole lot of free time.
There was really only one way for this to go.
“What are you two doing?” Esme asked, entering the house to find the biggest mess she’d seen in a while.
She had come home earlier than expected, of course, but that wouldn’t have really made much of a difference anyway.
Both you and Alice were covered in flour, laughing and giggling. It was hardly what she’d been expecting when she walked in the front door but at least it looked like you’d had a good time today.
“We made some apple pie” you shrugged, wiping away what you could of the flour from your face in an attempt to limit the damage but it was no use.
You and Alice would have to take three showers to get this all off.
“Did the pie survive?” she joked, setting down her bags and not even bothering to worry about the mess as much as she usually would.
If Emmett had made a mess like that, perhaps she would have made a bigger stink but she knew you two would get it figured out. If there was one person she could rely on to keep this place clean, it was Alice.
“I think so, it smells good doesn’t it?” Alice grinned, taking a napkin and wiping what was left on your face before you took it from her and did the same for her. 
Which, as you’d already guessed, didn’t really make a difference.
Though, neither of you seemed too bothered by that.
“Of course, it smells wonderful” Esme agreed, a small smile on her face as she passed the two of you on her way upstairs.
You two were so cute, and it never ceased to amaze her just how much, no matter how often she saw it.
She and Carlisle were thrilled when she first brought you here to meet them, and even more so when you moved in with their little family. 
Seeing how close you two were and how much you loved one another always warmed her heart.
“Now we should go get cleaned up and then we can watch a movie and you can have some pie” Alice grinned, just glad that you two’d had a good time today.
After all, she wasn’t entirely sure how it would go when she went out at five in the morning to go searching for all this stuff, but it had gone really well. 
You were just as surprised as she’d hoped, not that there was any other option.
Alice knew you so well that it would have been harder for her to come up with something that you couldn’t like to do.
“Sounds like a plan, my love”
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l-r-christian · 8 months ago
May I request a Poly Cullens x reader where the human reader has telekinesis and the Cullens are helping the reader control their power
Oh my first Twilight fic 🥰
Warnings: Fluff, Overly protective vampires
Y/N sat outside meditating with Rosalie and Alice as it help keep her telekinesis in check as family found that nature had a every calming effect on the young woman. Y/N was human with unique abilities of telekinesis after being saved by Emmett and Jasper from some new borns.
Which when she was found they found it weird that Y/N was dressed in a torn white hospital gown and a number branded on her wrist. An experiment was what she was and Carlisle was angry at men that called themselves doctors would hurt such a sweet girl.
"So I hear Eddie got him a girlfriend." Y/N said as Rosalie help her up and Alice followed them inside. Carlisle and Esme had agreed to keep Y/N at home just until she got her powers under control.
"He does her name is Bella Swan."
"Oh, you sound upset Rosie." Y/N said sitting down on the couch as it was just the three of them Carlisle was at work, Esme getting a few things for Y/N while Emmett and Jasper was hunting.
"Yes because he is putting you at risk."
"I don't think so." Edward said as the girls turned seeing that Bella was with him who was staring at Y/N making Rosalie step in her line of sight.
"Bella meet Y/N.....our platonic mate."
"Platonic mate?" Bella asked as Edward nodded taking her up to his room to get away from Rosalie's glaring.
"She kinda cute."
"Well she is trouble."
That night was quite as Y/N sat on the back porch with a blanket warped around her shoulders and a hot mug of tea. Y/N was looking up at the stars when both Esme and Carlisle found her.
"You okay sweetheart?" Esme asked softly sitting next to her as Carlisle stood by watching.
"Yeah just couldn't sleep."
"You could have came to me or Carlisle."
"I didn't want to bother you." Y/N said laying her head on Esme's shoulder as the vampires joined their mate in watching the stars. It was nice until a group of new borns came out from the tree line attacking as Carlisle was quick to protect his mates.
"Carlisle!" Y/N 's yell alerted the rest of the Cullens and Bella as more new borns came out attacking. It was bloody fights the Y/N wanted to help her family but lost control of her powers after killing the new borns as she hadn't used her powers like this before. It triggered flash backs of when Y/N was in the lab.
"Edward, keep Bella back." Carlisle said as he kept on Y/N seeing her trying to gain control.
"Jasper how is our girl?"
"Her emotions are all over the place. She is scare of harming us."
Carlisle slowly moved to Y/N as the wind picked up and things was being thrown around as the family stood by. Y/N looked and Carlisle fear in her eyes trying to gain control.
"Darling breathe. It okay you have more control than you know." Carlisle said softly as Y/N did as Carlisle said. It took hours but Carlisle managed to pull Y/N in his arms placing her hand on his chest.
"Match my breathing." Carlisle whispered as the others joined hugging the girl. Emmett picked her up taking her inside as Edward told Carlisle that he was going to take Bella home. Y/N was shaking as she was calmed down leaning back against Emmett.
"In the morning we do some breathing exercises. Get some sleep darling I imagine that you are tired." Carlisle said getting a nod from Y/N as Rosalie joined her and Emmett on the bed. The family stayed in Y/N bedroom even though she fell asleep and they all agreed to help her practice her powers a bit more and to protect her from anything.
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timmyswiife · 9 months ago
Sick (Cullen Family)
summary: alice and jasper’s adoptive daughter gets sick
pairing: Cullen Family x Cullen!Reader
word count: 725
author’s note: this is my first time attempting to combine requests!! also, i’m falling into another’s writer’s block so if i don’t post a lot of imagines, that’ll be why :( 
Your life was interesting, I mean you lived in a house filled with vampires for Christ’s sake. 
Add to that the fact you moved every couple years, it took a toll on you. 
For you, it caused your 14 year old self to be very energetic to say the least.
You always wanted to do something, anything. It didn’t even matter.
However, there was always a certain couple in the Cullen household that kept you in check. 
Alice and Jasper. 
Now, although you were supposed to be more of an adopted sister towards them, they saw you as their daughter, and, from the day you came into the family, they treated you as such. You even called them mom and dad. 
They read you to sleep, played with you outside, a lot, and kissed your boo-boos when you fell. 
As you got older, and as you started to develop more, they were the ones to tell you what they were and the secret you had to keep. 
They loved you, and you loved them. It was perfect.
That was until today, when it was snowing and you wanted to have a snowball fight in their front yard. 
“Mom, come on. Just one game, please?” You whined to Alice in the living room. 
She looked at you with what you called ‘the look’, “No, it’s cold outside and you’ll get sick.” 
You turned towards Jasper, “Dad, back me up here please.”
“I mean, one game won’t be too bad, right darlin’?” He got up, going to stand next to you. 
She looked between you and him, the two people she loved most, “Fine, but if she gets sick, it’s on you.” 
You nodded eagerly and got up to give her a hug, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you.” 
She smiled softly, “You’re welcome, now, go get ready, you’re not going out there without at least three layers of clothing.” 
Before you could go, the rest of the family walked in, Emmett yelling out, “Did I hear something about a snowball fight?” 
You grinned from ear to ear and ran upstairs to put on your jacket. 
Jasper, noticing the worried look on his mate's face, hugged her from behind as he whispered into her ear, it'll be alright darlin’.”
All that needs to be said here, is that it was not in fact fine. 
Yes, the snowball fight was fun and all, but the aftermath was not. 
You woke up the next morning with body aches and snot running down your nose. 
“Mom,” you’d manage to cough out, “come help me.” 
Hearing the ‘come help me’, set something off in her brain, and she dashed up to your room. Seeing your current state broke her heart and she rushed over to your bedside. 
In her soft voice she spoke, “Do you see now why I said no going outside, y/n?” 
You groaned, everywhere hurting, “Yes, I do.” 
As you tried to sit-up, she held you back down. 
“Stay here, I’m going to make some soup.” 
When she left everyone else started pouring in. 
Carlisle came to check your temperature. Multiple times. 
Emmett kept trying to make you laugh, but you ended up in a coughing fit. 
Rosalie bought you a pair of shoes you wanted, getting your mood higher. 
Esme helped you get more comfortable, throwing away the dirt tissues, and bringing a new box. 
Edward even played some classical music in hopes of calming you down. 
You laughed to yourself, as this is how they’ve acted everytime you’ve been sick for the past 14 years. 
Alice and Jasper walked in just as Edward was leaving. 
“How are you feelin’ sweetheart?” Jasper questioned. 
He laughed, and moved to the side for Alice to set down your bowl of soup.
Feeling your mood, he decided to bring it up a bit, just enough so you could eat, but not enough for you to notice. 
As you ate, Alice checked your temperature, and left your cough medicine on the night table next to you. 
After you drank it, her and Jasper slid in next to you, sandwiching you in the middle. 
As they laid there, Alice sang your favorite song to calm you down, and before you knew it, you were asleep. 
They watched you as you slept, thinking about how grateful they were to have you.
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refiwrites · 7 months ago
Carnival Fun
Pairing: Alice Cullen x Vampire! GN! Reader
Summary: Alice and (Y/N) go on a carnival date. 
Word count: 0.7k
Warning/s: mention of vomiting? other than that there’s none
A/N: Alice my beloved <3 thought of writing for her since I am once again re-watching Twilight, probably expect more Twilight fics in the future if possible since I can’t seem to get enough
GIF is not mine, credits to the owner!
Tumblr media
You didn’t even know how Alice managed to yank you to go to an amusement park, maybe it’s because she’s been saying that the both of you needed “A different scenario” for a date.
Well, here you are now hand in hand with Alice in an amusement park just somewhere outside of Forks at night, since going at day could be a tad problematic.
Colorful lights decorated the place, bustling with people, hearing shouts of joy and laughs. You can’t even remember the last time you went to one.
You didn’t even notice Alice disappearing from your grasp when she was suddenly stood in front of you, two sticks of cotton candy in both hands yet she had the sweetest smile on her face.
“Figured I get both of us some, here!” She said cheerfully. You laughed, wrapping an arm around her and taking one. “Let me guess, an idea to blend in?” You chuckled and she responded by rolling her eyes.
“Anything you’d like to try out here?” She asked, staring at you with adoration, you absolutely loved it when she stared at you like that and it made your heart flutter.
You looked around and spotted different lively carnival games. You glanced at Alice who was busy looking everywhere and an idea appeared in mind.
You’ve decided to get her a stuffed toy. It was cliché but you knew Alice loved those. Why wouldn’t you do it if it meant seeing your soulmate happy?
Unbeknownst to you, Alice already saw your decision and smiled before speaking up,
“If I were you, I would’ve chosen to play balloon darts.”
Your eyes snapped to her; Damn I forgot that she sees visions.
You rubbed the back of your neck with a laugh then straightened up.
“Watch me win one for you.”
Almost dragging her to the suggested carnival game, you let go of her momentarily to play.
“Seems like we have a taker here, both of you will play?” The game facilitator said.
“Just me.” You said, sending a smirk and a wink to Alice which made her sheepishly smile.
“Alrighty then, three darts, pop all of the balloons you get the top prize, pop two you get a small prize, pop one or none, well you get the consolation prize y’know how these things work.”
Nodding, you were handed three darts. Eyeing the darts and the set of balloons stuck on the board, you decided to test out your luck. Taking a deep breath and rolling the dart between your fingers, you opened your golden-brown eyes.
You stretched out your arm and aimed for the yellow balloon by the right end of the board. Using your enhanced senses, you felt the wind shift at the right moment as you threw the dart. Successfully popping the balloon, you mentally cheered yourself and looked at Alice. She only gave you an endearing nudge on the shoulder with a nod as you went back to the game at hand.
Alice had a skip in her step as she carried a huge stuffed animal of her favorite. You can’t help but laugh since it was almost as huge as her.
“Come here.” You said pulling her closer and giving her a kiss on her forehead and lips which she gladly reciprocated with pulling you flush against her. Pulling away, she looked at you again and you knew felt she was going to tell you something.
“This day has been amazing, aaand I think I know a way on how to end it with.”
“Hmm, what would that be?”
“Let’s go on that rollercoaster! Please?”
After placing the prizes won from various carnival games in the car, you found yourself staring at the rollercoaster that Alice was pointing at made you decide it was indeed the perfect idea to end the day.
It wasn’t.
You didn’t expect a vampire like you would be clinging onto your mate for dear life as the ride went on. Alice was squealing and cheering, and you were there clinging onto her like a koala.
“Isn’t this a perfect way to end our date, right (Y/N)?!” She exclaimed with her arms up.
After the ride ended you weren’t sure if vampires were even capable of vomiting since your stomach seemed to churn and your head was lightly spinning.
“You don’t look too good.” Alice comments, eyeing your face which was contorted in somewhat discomfort.
“Nah, I’m fine, good even.” You convinced her but it looked like you were just convincing yourself.
“I’m sorry love, let me make it back to you at home, okay?” She said cupping your face in her porcelain-like hands before walking towards your car.
“Okay.” You laughed and looked forward on receiving cuddles from your pixie-haired vampire girlfriend.
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seraphictrash · 9 months ago
I’m back in my Twilight phase so if anybody would like to drop some Twilight requests in my inbox that would make me v happy
No Jacob though, that boy makes me wanna throw up sO BAD 
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lexwritings · 7 months ago
Alice Cullen X Reader | Imagine
Requested?: Yes by the lovely anon 💕! Hiya could I request a twilight imagine where it takes place in breaking dawn part 2 where Carlisle the rest of the cullens and a few people from the pack join him because Carlisle went to go ask for his friend for some help and his friend is the headmasters at a witch school. And like when they arrive to the school, they are greeted by y/n who is the most powerful witch at the school besides the headmistress but y/n is also a little bit chaotic but very sweet. Then while y/n brings them to the headmistress they both talk with the cullens and the pack and that’s where y/n flirts with Alice like lots of fluff between them !!!!
Warnings: fluff as per usual <3!
Specific Pronouns Used: They/Them/Their.
A/N: angel, I hope you do enjoy this and thank you for requesting 💞! there’s no dialogue in this bit as I, personally, am not the best at flirting so I didn’t know how to write it good enough but it’s mentioned inside this piece. also this happens to be on the smaller-side yet I am more than willing to make a second part when my requests are opened up eventually!
Semi-quiet footsteps made their way across the marble flooring as Y/N Y/L/N made their way towards the front desk of the school building. They chuckled softly as their (e/c) irises peered around the hallway taking notice of the students whom were chatting and laughing with one another, upon their way to their classes. Y/N was happy as they noticed the students have good moods, as they rounded the corner and walked into the front office, which was commonly known to the students as the welcoming center.
Y/N had been informed about the headmistress having some visitors that were going to arrive in a few minutes and they wanted to make sure that everything was in place for when they would arrive.
It only took a few moments for the large group to entire the building, a group of both vampires and werewolves, as they could immediately tell what they were as they were sure that the group could tell what they were.
Y/N was determined to bring them to where the headmistresses’ office was, which happened to be on the other half of the campus, near where the dorms laid. Y/N had made idle conversation with the mixed group of vampires and werewolves during their walk across campus, yet the entire time; their attention was focused upon something different as they spoke.
Their attention had been stolen by the smaller-framed vampire with a gorgeous pixie haircut, loving how the woman had laughed at certain remarks that their vampire clan was making along with her laughing at the students that passed by talking with their friends.
Y/N Y/L/N found themselves mesmerized by the smaller vampire who had quite clearly figured it out, despite Y/N trying to hide away their expressions, after all, the vampire had a vision as soon as the group had entered the building; a vision of someone who appeared to look actually as Y/N and herself, ending up in a relationship in a mere few months ahead.
The closer that they had gotten to the headmistresses’ office, the more comfortable Y/N had found their self becoming and the group soon realized that they were in the hands of a kind soul who also liked to make the strangest remarks about things brought up in conversation, that had reminded Carlisle a bit of Alice — which Y/N learned was the smaller vampire’s name — when Alice had first arrived into the Cullen family.
The magical being had decided to compare the vampires and werewolves outfits to some characters from beloved movies and books, which had the group laughing at how they had stated it. Yet, Y/N had found their self immediately complimenting Alice’s outfit choice; claiming that she was the best dressed out of the group and that she reminded them of a fairy, or at least the human’s idea of fairies.
Alice had simply smiled at them with that wonderful smile of hers and thanked them for the compliments, before complimenting them back and watching them get all physically flustered with the way they had turned their self away from the vampire and began to walk away from the group; leading them, even faster towards the headmistresses’ office. This has resulted in the wolves that joined the Cullen clan to make remarks about how the magical being already had a crush on Alice, which had both Carlisle and Alice telling them to be quiet.
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infictionalwonderland · 3 months ago
Can you please write a headcannon of dating the twilight characters you write for ❤️
sure thing love <3
Tumblr media
Dating the twilight characters headcanons !
warnings : fluffff, mentions of blood death etc etc, swearing
characters included : jasper, rosalie, emmett, alice, carlisle, edward
Jasper Hale —
i am so in love with this man
he’d be really cautious at first
he doesn’t trust himself at all and with something as precious and fragile as you he was even more anxious at harming you
i feel like he would feel better if he initiated all of your touches when your relationship with him becomes more romantic & intense
pls respect my baby’s boundaries
but when the trust between the two of you strengthens
he’s willing to let you be the one to initiate contact and such things
when this happens.. pda will be a regular occurrence tbh
when he gets used to your touch, he’ll find comfort in it
hand holding :))
head buried into your neck, and you silently cheering him on as he overcomes his blood lust
but that’s just what his love for you does.
it overpowers his desire for blood
is his nickname for you
& in that accent
overall the cutest couple ngl.
Rosalie Hale —
you’re the only one who she’s just soft with.
that’s a major flex tbh
she loves when you run your hands through her hair, brush her hair, style her hair just anything like that
it’s so soothing for her
she’s so protective of you
arm around your waist at all times and glaring at anyone who looks over to youse
forehead kisses >>>
she’s big spoon 😁
she secretly loves your cuddles and cuddling with you
no matter how much she jokingly complains
loyalty is also a very serious thing for her so if you betray her trust in any kinda way
.. let’s just say she won’t be pleased
you two the typa couple to dance around to absolutely no music
& to run around in the rain
we all know bae wants kids
so.. yh prepare to adopt
bye bye your sanity :)
Emmett Cullen —
underrated hottie
you two are the LIFE of the parties
one of youse is always ‘misbehaving’ as esme says
mama cullen even suggested a naughty step
but like she loves you both, you’re her children, so it’s okay :))))
constant laughter
constant teasing
constant sexual comments
and to outsiders you two have the most confusing dynamic
one second you’ll be having a ‘fight’ and the next you’re literally jumping into his arms and he’s swinging you around happily
he loves to just kiss ALL over your face for no reason over than your laughter, his favourite sound
and you tend to just randomly jump into his arms or onto his back & he has to catch you
sometimes he purposely just lets you fall and laughs at you
what an ass 🙄 I know
Alice Cullen —
ALICE 💗💝💕💖
she’s so giddy and happy and UGH i love her
you’re basically her protector, not that she needs it, you just adore your bubbly fairy-like gf and never wanna see her in harms way
alice’s fav
can always catch the two of you cuddling wherever
constant adoring gazes
a lot of touching
lot of mushy-ness & soppy shit but it’s okay bc it’s alice
so so many compliments
she picks out your outfits for you sometimes and makes them match/coordinate with her own
best friends & lovers in one
she never fails to impress you
and you never fail to have her in sheer awe of you
cutest gfs
Carlisle Cullen —
okay im a dom
but this man 👀
anyway moving on
sorry sweetheart but you’re now the official mother of unstable dead bitches :)
have fun with that xoxo
i don’t really see a lot of pda with him
cuz idk i don’t think he’s the type
BUT i do however see him as the possessive type .. just me? mkay
he doesn’t really ‘mark’ you like in sexual way, cuz youse like with his kinda kids and they’d never let him live that down
but he does insist you wear his clothing, he’ll sometimes give you jewellery and perhaps even a ring with his initials
im here for it
lot of pet names
‘my love’
lemme catch my breath
Edward Cullen —
i kinda have mixed ish feelings bout him but let me just proceed with this
lives to tease
idc what youse say
this man IS a tease
hand on thigh
tracing your arms & figure ‘n shit
cheeky fucker just winks and/or grins at you
he likes you reading to him
he’ll have his head in your lap and you can just read to him, it’s peaceful
also outdoor adventures are another thing he likes
now that really ain’t for me, i don’t ever leave my house unless im forced but if that’s what you like then .. so does he 😶
he finds silence peaceful
like you two can be in bed, you’re sleeping on his chest ( if your human ) and he’s just looking down at you so in love, feeling peaceful and happy
in a non creepy way..
let’s hope 😃
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bubbleteaimagines · a year ago
One-shot: Y/n Is Spiderman(Andrew Garfield Version) and goes to Forks High School, and Is a loner, and orphan. The Cullens are curious, about him, because Edward can't read his mind because of his Spider-Sense, and Alice can't see his future. Also because his blood, and scent acts as an anchor to The Cullens to control their bloodlust which makes them appreciate him more, and're always near him in school so Jasper doesn't go outta control.
the amazing spider-man
twilight one shot
Tumblr media
twilight & spider man crossover, male!reader x the cullens
no warnings really
Tumblr media
your senses were in overdrive as you entered the small cafeteria. not just because you were now surrounded by hundreds of chatty teenagers, but because they were there.
the cullens has been on your radar for quite a long time. having fought vampires before, it was your nature to inspect them before they became a threat.
you had known that the cullen’s were a ‘special’ breed of vampires, choosing to only feed on animals than humans.
it was nobel act but still, you had to be cautious.
you took a seat at an empty table and gently set your lunch down. after months of attending forks high school, you still hadn’t made very many friends. instead, you preferred the silence of being alone.
you took a bite out of your sandwich and just as you did, you smelled them.
looking up, you saw the five unnatural creatures walking into the cafeteria like they owned the place. the blonde, rosalie, was scowling at all the people that gawked at her. the burly brunette, emmett, had an arm around her protectivly. jasper, the one you knew had the most trouble controlling himself, was being reassured by his mate alice. and edward...well...he looked the most normal as he wore an expression that was downright miserable.
you noticed them the second they entered the cafeteria. your senses tingled, warning you of danger. but they didn’t seem to notice you though, at least not yet. it would be a couple seconds before edward realized that he couldn’t read your mind, and that your blood was calling out to them in a way different than everybody else’s.
you slumped back into your seat as the curious vampires turned to you. with your hearing, you knew that they were talking about you.
“do you guys smell that?” emmett asked his siblings, nodding his head in your general direction so fast you almost missed it.
“it’s coming him,” edward hissed, motioning towards you. “i can’t read his mind.”
“and i can’t see his future, either,” alice said worriedly.
“do you suppose he’s something supernatural, too?” jasper asked.
“not likely. just a really rare human,” rosalie said.
you almost smirked. oh, if only they knew.
shaking your head, you leaned back into your seat. you had biology with edward and jasper next. you’d learn more about them there, but for now, you enjoyed your lunch and let them speculate over who exactly you were.
Tumblr media
the classroom filled up quickly.
and you were late, no thanks to flash thompson, a boy that seemed to have it out for you ever since you arrived.
he had tripped you in the hallway, and because of this you weren’t able to get a good seat.
you were hoping to be somewhere near the cullens, but by the time you had arrived they had already stolen your table in the back.
you scowled as you had to sit in a middle row, next to a clumsy girl named bella. you hated that you were so exposed, but luckily bella was just as antisocial as you were.
she made no move to talk or even want to acknowledge your presence during the whole class. the only time she had to speak to you was during the lab you guys were working on, and it was because she asked for a bandaid.
“papercut,” she whispered, her cheeks turning red at your expression.
you looked horrified, but it wasn’t because of her.
it was because you currently had two vampires behind you, knowing that at least one of them could barley control themselves.
you froze up, your instincts kicking in just in case you needed to stop them.
but...you dared to take a peak back at the cullens.
you didn’t know what you expected — maybe them staring at bella with dark eyes with their fangs bared or something — but in reality, it was none of that.
both edward and jasper seemed to be in complete control, not even phased by the human girl’s blood. in fact, as far as you could see their eyes were still as gold as honey.
they weren’t even looking at bella.
but that was because they had their attention on someone else.
someone who’s scent seemed to cancel out everything else in the room.
Tumblr media
the confrontation came shortly after school that day.
because you were an orphan and lived by yourself, you had the pleasure of walking yourself home.
only, that’s not quite what happened.
for some reason, you decided to walk through the forest that day and use your webs to swing around. it was honestly your favorite thing to do. there was nothing more liberating than swinging above the tallest trees, and saying hi to the birds that flew in the sky.
you had just made your way past a river and was pertched in a tree when you saw them.
or rather, your senses alerted you of their presence and a second later, they were there.
all seven cullens seemed to be gathered at the base of your tree. it shocked you, and you began wondering why in the hell they were there. you tried to hide but you knew it was no use, they could smell you.
“hello there! do you mind coming down? my family and i would like to talk to you,” carlisle, the leader of the group who you knew to be a doctor and had the most control, spoke.
his golden eyes held kindness and he held his hands up to show he wasn’t a threat. the others simply stared at you curiously.
“and how do i know you’re not being genuine?” you called back down to them, hanging onto the tree. “i’ve met your kind before. most if not all want to kill me.”
“we’re different,” a woman, esme, spoke up. “but i’m sure you already know that. because you’re different, too, right? you’re not human.”
“partially,” you found yourself correcting. “i had an...accident a few years ago. now i am what i am.”
“please, just come down. we can talk about this in a more comfortable setting,” carlisle said.
you found yourself hesitant for a moment. sure, their eyes were golden but they were still vampires, right?
but then again...if they wanted to kill you they wouldn’t have entertained you for that long. despite living forever, vampires had no patience when it came to a meal.
“...fine...,” you reluctantly agreed and got your webs ready, “i’m coming down.”
the forks breeze whipped at your face as you latched your webs onto a tree and swung down. the cullens looked absolutely amazed as you landed in front of them, unharmed.
“how did you do that?” emmett wasted no time in asking. he sounded beyond excited.
you almost smiled. “long story. i was bitten by a spider and now i have all the capabilities except i’m human,” you explained.
“fascinating,” edward whispered. “is that why i can’t read your mind?”
“or why i can’t see your future?” alice piped up.
“probably,” you merely shrugged. “but i can’t be for sure. i don’t really know much on vampires, except how to kill them.”
the family looked stunned at your revelation.
“why are you here?” rosalie asked cautiously, her body language changing to protect her family. “what do you want with us?”
“what i want with all vampires,” you told them. “i don’t wanna hurt you but i will if you hurt any humans.”
“jasper told us that you prevented that, though,” carlisle spoke up. “around your blood...he wasn’t even phased.”
“it was like everything else cancelled out,” jasper confessed. “this girl...she had a paper cut but it didn’t even bother me.”
“and it was because of him?” rosalie asked astonished.
you blushed slightly as they all turned to you.
“didn’t know i had that effect,” you muttered.
“would you be willing to talk more?” carlisle asked. “my family and i, we live not too far from here. perhaps we can talk more and see if maybe, you could help us.”
“help you? you mean like with your thirst?” you asked.
“precisely. if you can stop jasper...” edward shook his head. “i heard his thoughts. isabella is alive because of you. if we can find out more, then maybe...”
“maybe we could have a real shot at not thirsting for human blood anymore,” rosalie said.
Tumblr media
the meeting with cullens had been strange, to say the least. but it was also nothing short of fascinating.
it took you a while to open up, but after discovering that your blood was somewhat of an anchor to them you found yourself actually wanting to help the cullens.
they weren’t bad people. and if they all had a choice, they wouldn’t be what they were.
you knew jasper especially had regrets about being a vampire. he had a hard time controlling himself around humans after decades of drinking their blood.
but now, you had decided to come to an agreement with them.
if they helped you hunt rouge vampires that were feeding on humans, then you’d stick around and help them control their thirst.
that was precisely why, a week later, the whole cafeteria stared as you walked in with them side-by-side.
for once, jasper didn’t look tortured as he walked passed the array of humans. alice didn’t have to search the future constantly wondering if he’d hurt anybody.
rosalie and emmett were over the moon at the possibly that you could help them adopt a baby since their thirst was under control.
and edward...well...
he still looked miserable, but you supposed you couldn’t help everyone. besides, it wasn’t because he had to endure thoughts coming from a room full of teenagers.
it was because, for some reason, he still thirsted for isabella swan.
but that was a story for another day.
Tumblr media
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groovyzombiellama · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Imagine: You run away from Riley and his coven when he comes to hont you down for your gift for seeing in the dark or controlling night and shadows, Alice has seen you (before) and Esme finds you whole you are running away
You ran, as fast as your legs could take you. You knew that you were sade at night, with your abilities, but you were still a sitting duck during the day in case you don’t find somewhere to hide or some way to become invisible to Riley and his coven. You were unaware of both Alice and Esme watching you, wondering what you were running from and weather they should help you or if it wasn’t worth risking their family possibly.
Hey @cokecola4211 I hope you like this one too :)
That’s all for today, I had a lot of job interviews these last few days so I had no time to work on stuff, since I am job hunting, sorry
Buy me a coffee? : https://ko-fi.com/groovyzombiellama
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bluetintcore · 4 months ago
Can I request Alice cullen crushing on new kid at school who's kinda like a biker you know rides a motorcycle wears a leather jacket you know the aesthetic
• alice crushing on you.
summary; in which alice falls in love with a teenage dirtbag *wink* *wink*
warnings; language
pairings; alice cullen x g/n!reader
note; so sorry it took so long :’( have been really slacking and busy with school but i hope you enjoy babe!!<3
Tumblr media
• alice was absolutely MESMERIZED by you the first time she saw you
• rolling up to forks on your first day of school, smoke surrounding your motorcycle. you parked it and it felt like time had slowed down for her as you were taking your helmet off.
• her eyes remained firm on you as you leaned against your bike and looked around at the students around you before your eyes met hers. her eyes widened and she looked away quickly, which caused you to smirk to yourself
• why was she so nervous? she didn’t even know you, she didn’t like the affect you had on her. but her eyes always found her way back to your figure, admiring your tall build and your black attire and the black polish that coated your finger nails perfectly, not a smudge in place
• you and alice didn’t have any classes together, but of course that didn’t really matter to her. she’d find ways to still see you
• after all, having a crush involves memorizing their entire schedule; and after your third day at forks high school she had yours entirely remembered
• she’d take different routes to her periods just so she could see you in the hallways
• she was extremely surprised to find out that you never made any friends. every time she laid her golden eyes on you you were alone
• she also knew that you skipped your fifth period to smoke cigarettes in the bathroom, which she wasn’t too happy about but then again, she knew it wasn’t her business nor place
• the first interaction the two of you had wouldn’t necessarily be described as pleasant
• she was taking her usual route to see you before your class when all of a sudden she felt a tap on her shoulder, and there you were
• “why are you stalking me?” you asked her, your face remaining emotionless which frightened her a little
• “stalking? what on earth-” she stammered. no way a human was making her nervous
• “you think you’re so smooth? i know that you’ve been trying to see me in between classes.” you said, your face not moving
• “i-i.. well-” she stuttered
• “oh relax, i’m not upset. i’m just messing with you. the names (y/n).” you said, flashing her a friendly smile.
• “i already know that.” she replied
• “right, stalker.”
• you held out your hand for her to shake and in a moment a weakness, she forgot. she took your hand in hers and you pulled your hand back with a dramatic hiss
• “what the hell! your hand is freezing, jesus christ. are you okay, do you need a doctor?” you asked, brows furrowing.
• “i’m sorry.. i didn’t realize i was that cold. my mistake.” she smiled, mentally cursing herself.
• from that day forward, you and her became close friends, her going on and on to her siblings about you and them “it’s dangerous” blah blah blah
• she thought your motorcycle was hot however she did NOT like you riding it. she thought you were reckless and worried that you were gonna hurt yourself while riding it
• you desperately tried to get her to go on a ride with you and to be completely honest she liked the idea of being there to make sure you were okay
• motorcycle rides with alice>>>>
• she couldn’t tell if you liked her back and that really worried her. not wanting to ruin what you guys had at the moment but then again imagining how happy she’d be if she just went for it and you felt the same
• it was extremely obvious that you felt the same, and you didn’t understand how alice hadn’t seen it before. but you planned to wait, you wanted her to be the one to make the move
• two oblivious besties in love >>>>
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batcathuntress · a year ago
i'm making this post on my phone because i'm lazy... anyways here's a twilight headcanon because my obsession is back
being the only human
you are 16 and go to forks high school with your siblings
the Cullens adopted you when you were 5 after your parents died in a car accident
the volturi knows about you and they allow you to live because Carlisle has promised to turn you on your 18th birthday
you call Esme and Carlisle mom and dad
you are the only human Jasper can stand being close to
being the baby of the family and everyone being protective over you
Edward scaring off a boy who wanted to ask you out after reading his thoughts
Alice using you as a model for her fashion and always asking for your opinion
Rosalie is your go to if you need advice about anything
you and Emmett bond over sports and always brightens your mood when you feel down
Carlisle sees you as the daughter he never had and spends any spare time he has with you
on the weekends you and Esme bake even though you are the only one who can eat food
basically your life is amazing..
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aquanova99 · 23 days ago
Omg wow we are getting a lot of content these days! I was wondering what you think of Alice since she seems to be everyone’s favorite and extremely op
Lmao thanks anon, appreciate it 😊 also before i get into what I think about Alice, did anyone else notice that any asks have the erase and answer button dangerously close to eachother? I was so scared and careful to not erase anything
Okay on to my opinions 😬
People only like Alice because she was either their sexual awakening and that’s thanks to Ashley Greene 😍 or they like their own headcanons of her.
Sorry. Okay now for the explanation. Alice is next to Edward one of the worst Cullens.
Alice is a bad friend
And no one wants to admit it. Several times throughout the books she shows us how little she actually cares about Bella. We know Bella hates attention and what does Alice do force her to have a birthday party. Bella hates weddings and after she agrees to marry Edward wants to Elope? Alice guilt trips Bella and tells her she doesn’t even love her because she won’t let her throw her Bella a wedding. Bella wants to see Jacob? Alice keeps her hostage in exchange for a Porsche, which she can buy her self btw. She also knows that the day Edward and Bella breathe on eachother for four hours in the meadow that Bella might not make it out of there, she still encourages Edward to go because she wants Bella to be her Barbie doll friend. Actually on that note, in midnight sun we find out there’s a bigger chance Bella becomes a happy meal to Edward but if she makes it they’ll be great friends which is why she encourages Edward to talk to her in the first place
Alice’s Gift is only a Plot Point
I know there’s at least one person who won’t accept this but oh well. But seriously her gift works solely for Bella’s story. She can’t see the wolves because she was never a one of them, same with Renasberry, right? Wrong. She was able to see James coming to eat her when she was a human, she’d never been a vampire. On the topic of the wolves, would Bella never leave Jacobs side after that? Like she should have been able to see Bella at some point in the future because she wasn’t with Jacob at every second of the day.
Also her gifts work if she’s looking for a certain person or said person affects her in some way. The whole point that the volturi need Alice doesn’t make sense because she would have to focus on every vampires intention to hurt the volturi and as we see in breaking dawn it’s exhausting to be constantly searching so she’d be kind of useless. Not to mention the decision to attack the volturi could very well be random and it would be too late before she saw it coming because she can’t se last minute decisions, which is why she didn’t see Bella going off to the ballet studio in the first book.
Supposedly she used her visions to find the safest option for her to survive, which should be the volturi honestly so that doesn’t really track. Alice is just molded into whatever SMeyer needs at that moment and it’s usually for Bella’s sake.
I’m sorry but she not a good person
I mean other than how she treats Bella. Homegirl was the first one to throw the dog insult to Jacob (not getting into how SMeyers treatment of the wolfpack was so racist it’s unbelievable people still defend her). She tells Bella that werewolves aren’t safe when her husband literally slurped Bella up like a capri sun a few months prior on her birthday.
The first thing she does when she wakes up is literally have a vision of Jasper and she says, “ooh a confederate? That’s the one for me.” And before any one comes for me and says she changed him canonically SMeyer has said that the mindset they died in is the mindset they have so fuck off he’s still racist and he was proud to be a confederate in eclipse, and yes I headcanon him differently because I love Jackson Rathborne. Anyways back to Alice…
She uses her gift to manipulate everything. There’s one point in the books where she’s says that she knows something because “she’s seen it” and Bella can’t tell if she’s just saying that because there’s no way to know and she knows she can just say that and people will believe her. She issues her gift to have an endless supply of money that she uses so no one in the Cullens wears the same thing twice. I’m sorry but do you know how wasteful that is? Not to mention that would be so suspicious even if she did donate them, which would jeopardize the Cullens. She has all of this money and does absolutely no good with it, I can’t stand her.
They e been around so many years you would think they would invest in a lab to make some kind of synthetic blood but she doesn’t actually care about people, as stated above when she was risking Bella’s life on the off chance she gets a friend. And she knew she would have to go with the Cullens so she tried the veggie diet on and off not because she cared about humans but because she needed the Cullens protection as a coven.
Also Alice and her love of shopping and parties, if Alice had been juman Bella would have HATED her. Jessica likes the same things but she’s villanized because that’s superficial and shallow. Alice is Jessica in vampire form but everyone loves Alice because she’s quirky and fun and buys stuff for Bella that Bella doesn’t want.
I will absolutely add more to this but this is all that comes to mind at the moment.
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multifandom-imgns · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"they're looking at you." Bella said.
"who?" You said while walking to school.
You turned your head and looked at them. "well, maybe they liked my hair."
Bella rolled her eyes. "this is not a good reason."
"maybe they're making sure I don't hurt myself." You said while smiling.
Bella raised her eyebrow and opened her mouth to say something.
"come on Bella, let's go to class."
(gif is not mine, credit to the owner.)
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plus-size-reader · a year ago
Saying Goodbye
Tumblr media
Alice Cullen x Plus size!reader
Word Count: 1184 words
Warnings: none
Summary: Alice leaves forks with the rest of the Cullen family, leaving the reader behind.
You understood that the Cullen family did things a little differently.
After they saw how important you were for Alice and how much she cared about you, the Cullen’s brought you into their inner circle.
That was when you learned the secret.
You learned that the Cullen’s were vampires and that made things a little more complicated than any other relationship you’d ever been in.
...And as if that wasn’t enough, now they were leaving.
Having human partners was dangerous, not only for you, but also for all of them. If the Volturi found out, it could cause a huge problem for the family and also put your life in danger.
It was just too risky.
You understood that.
Though, it didn’t seem to matter how many times you told yourself that you understood. You just didn’t want to let her go. You loved Alice, more than anything, and the idea of not being able to see her seemed impossible.
“What are you doing in here?”
Alice’s voice shook you from your thoughts as she came into her room, where you had been for a very long time. In fact, now that you had stopped to think about it, you had no idea for just how long.
You had come in here for something, but just got too caught up in looking at pictures of all of you and thinking about all the things you’d miss out on without her.
Since you met, you’d been practically inseparable.
The distance was going to kill you.
“Just thinking” you allowed, doing your best to not look guilty of pouting, even though you clearly were.
You didn’t want to make her feel bad because it wasn’t like she was going because she wanted to. This wasn’t what any of you wanted.
“Thinking about what?” she hummed, a huge smile on her face as she snuggled into your back.
You had been looking at the photos you’d taken from last fall when you took a trip to Alaska with the family. It was such a good time, and really, you missed it.
Right now, you would have done anything to get back there. At least there, you didn’t have to say goodbye to the woman you loved. You didn’t want to live in the moment right now.
All you wanted was to stay here with her, it was better here.
“I don’t want you to go”
You sighed, turning around to wrap the other woman’s smaller frame in your own. This was where you belonged, held tight by the love of your life.
Unfortunately, you both knew that wasn’t an option. As much as you wanted her to stay, you knew that this was bigger than you were.
You just had to let her go.
It had been a really long time since that day, and to be completely honest, you still hadn’t gotten over it.
The Cullen’s, including your beloved Alice, had gone away. They were gone and you had no idea when they were coming back. All you knew was that the last time you’d seen Alice was months ago.
She’d left you, with you both in tears, and didn’t look back. Having to do so would just be too painful.
She sent you emails sometimes at first, but you hadn’t heard from her for a week at this point. So naturally, you were worried. As far as you knew, something terrible had happened to them.
Surely not being able to get in contact with you wasn’t a good thing.
Though you realized when she hadn’t reached out when you got home from work and found that you weren’t alone.
Right there, in your living room, was the one and only.
...She was home.
“What are you doing here!?” you asked, probably a little louder than you should have. You just couldn’t help yourself.
No matter what you did, you couldn’t stop yourself, you couldn’t think about anything other than her. So much so that you left everything you’d brought in with you at the door.
It didn’t matter in the least.
All you wanted in the moment was to hold her again, and nothing else could get in the way of that.
“I convinced Carlisle and Esme to let me visit” she hummed, pressing a soft kiss to your lips. Alice looked beautiful as always, and she smelled like lavender.
It was her Italy scent, which told you that much had been where they were. At the moment though, you didn’t want to think about that.
All you could think about was the fact that she was here. Nothing could have mattered more than that.
“For how long?” you asked, once the gravity of her words set in. She’d been gone for months, but there was a possibility that you’d only have her here for a few days?
That would hurt more than the distance.
“I’m not sure yet, I just missed you” she sighed, thinking about all the time she’d sat, wondering what you were doing. It wasn’t right for you to be apart for this long.
There was silence between you both for a moment as you tried to take it all in. The facts hadn’t dawned on you yet and it was still crazy to you that she was here.
...But it just wasn’t all good.
Nothing you did would change the simple fact that eventually she’d have to leave again and you’d be alone.
There was no permanent solution to your problem.
“What if I was like you? Then we’d never have to be apart” you wondered. You couldn’t be sure of how she’d react knowing what that would mean but in your mind, it seemed simple.
The two of you had a problem and you were trying to think of a solution. Anything would be better than what you’d been doing.
“I know it’s not an easy ask and we’ll have to talk some more before anything can happen but isn’t that an option?” you clarified, when she didn’t say anything.
It had only been a minute or two but you felt like you could physically feel the seconds ticking by.
She wasn’t saying anything.
To be completely honest, you had caught her off guard with your question. She’d thought about it once or twice but this was real.
You were standing in front of her asking to spend the rest of forever by her side.
...And really, it was perfect.
When she really stopped to think about it, Alice wanted to be with you and this was going to be the best way.
It was just going to be difficult, and like you said, a process from start to finish. First thing was first though, you had to come back with her to Italy.
You could talk it over with Carlisle and then get the go ahead from the Volturi.
“You should go pack a bag. If we’re going to do this, you’ve got quite a few people to meet” she suggested, a huge grin on her face.
This way, you’d never have to say goodbye again.
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fandomfaery · 11 months ago
Saw the prompt list so I thought I send something in. How about Hugging S/O from behind (Or vice versa). With Alice cullen
If the reader could be male that be great thx
You couldn't stand when she pushed herself too hard. You knew she would physically be fine; immortality meant she wouldn't need to rest. But you were always concerned with what constantly searching for the future possibilities would do to her emotionally.
So when you found her, standing eerily still and facing the blank wall of her bedroom, you frowned. Sighing loudly, as though to alert her to your presence, you stomped over to your goddess of a lover, pausing just close enough behind her that your shirt grazed the back of her blouse. When she made no indication of your presence, you huffed again, before dropping your chin against the top of her head, and pulling her marble hard frame against your chest. You knew she was aware of you then; you'd never been able to move her without subtle willingness.
Alice slowly brought her tiny hand up to rub against the back of your neck. Gently she stroked her icy fingers along the warm skin there, humming quietly.
"Hey handsome," she cooed. "I'll be done in just a sec."
You tightened your hands against her stomach. "No, you'll be done right now. I know you're worried, but everything will be fine."
She pouted, a dainty grumble leaving her lips as she turned gently in your arms to face you. "I can't See that just yet."
You rolled your eyes as Alice turned her face up to find yours. "You don't need to See that, I'm telling you."
Her pout deepened. "I'd much rather Carlisle do it."
You matched her frown then, shaking your head. "I want it to be you."
"I could kill you, you know."
"But you won't."
She cocked an eyebrow to your response. You shrugged nonchalantly, hoping to finally ease her tensions about changing you.
"I trust you."
She laughed once before she reached up to cup your face. "You're much too important to me to lose."
You leaned into her icy touch, watching her closely as you tightened the hand you had against her waist. "You'll never lose me."
She reached up on tip toes to kiss your soft, human lips for what you hoped was the last time. "I'll hold you to that, (Y/N)."
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