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omi-anime 2 days ago
Hi hello hola i was just wondering if can you do more of cheshire cat reader with genshin characters, i am really hooked on that one when i stumbled upon your blogs. Also any character is fine! Thank you for reading my request have a great day/night!
~Diluc, Gorou, Heizou and Itto with Cheshire cat like s/o (part 2)~
Author notes: I chose the characters I wanted to write more stuff for, hope you like it! 馃惐 Anon someone wanted a part 2 of your request, so hope you also like this too.
Part 1 here.
Part 3 here.
Tumblr media
Was doing his captain pyro/dark knight hero business. Heard a noise and found a cat in a tree. Was gonna leave till the cat spoke??
"It's very late you know, you could get hurt." Said cat spoke then smiled?
Had to double check, he wasn't dreaming or anything. Before he could answer you(the cat) disappeared. Then reappeared right in front of him.
After getting to know you, he learned you're not mean as people of mondstadt said. You just like pulling pranks and happen to have a creepy smile.
You try scaring him and never seem to succeed. Always knows it's you some how.
Finds petting you comforting and peaceful. Gets you special hair products for your ears and tail.
Use you to make Venti leave if he's making issues. Also as you hang around his wine cellar, so Venti doesn't steal the wine. (You hear him sneeze and know he's trying to steal wine again).
You probably like cuddling him casue he's naturally warm. Walking heating pad.
Smelled something he wasn't familiar with. Found a cat in a tree, for some reason it didn't smell like the normal cats...?
Was gonna leave casue... cat... then he heard. "Going somewhere doggy?".
Jumped back in surprise, and saw said cat smiling at him creepy-ish. Didn't know what to think.
You then disappeared and reappear hang upside down in front of him.
After getting to know you, you become the only cat he could stand. Fell for more then one of your pranks.
Shares his hair secret. Don't you dare tell Yae miko... honestly she teases you too probably.
You guys sleep hugging always. He loves hugging and you like the warmth.
Heard of a cat that could talk and wanted to see for himself. Found some leads on a cat around the forest so he headed there.
Did find you. Sat there trying to get you to talk for a hour. Realized he probably had the wrong cat... till.
"Giving up already? It's only been an hour." With the classic smile.
After getting to know you, he pulls pranks with you alot. Had you make Sara think her bow and arrows were haunted. Did and didn't work. She knew to throw salt and that made you drop it, not wanting salt in your eyes...
Pulls your tail when bored. (Not enough to hurt you of course). Will play with your tail too.
Loves petting you. Pets you when a prank is successful. Also when cuddling.
Found you and thought he wanted to pet you. Did succeed as you let him. But when he stopped to spoke.
"Must you stop? I was like the head pats." With your famous smile.
Screamed. Like from a horror movie. Then quickly gets himself together, saying that was rude to scare him.
You always scare him no matter what. Make objects flot? Screams. Teleport in front of him? Jumps up high in the air.
Trys pranking you and fails. You always hear him easily so you don't get scared. Calls you kitten no matter what.
Loves petting you. Honestly pets you well telling you about his day.
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charlotte-lolly 2 days ago
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smokinrat 2 days ago
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This is a board of everything I like
If you guys have any questions/also like some of the same stuff I鈥檓 happy to be mutuals/answer questions :)
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carol-effing-danvers 15 hours ago
I don't have time to write it, but I DESPERATELY need you guys to know how much I am thinking of a hellcheer Alice in Wonderland.
Tumblr media
A pretty young lady who sees terrifying visions from another world? Yes please
Eddie can be our Mad Hatter
Tumblr media
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johnny-depp-daily 12 hours ago
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OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Johnny stars as King Louis XV along with costar and director Ma茂wenn!
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pixelins 6 months ago
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the-swift-tricker 7 months ago
i think every adaptation of alice in wonderland where alice is this stupidly polite sweet little child is kinda hilarious cause in the original books her vibe is more like
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classicfilmblr 5 months ago
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Alice in Wonderland dir. Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske | 1951
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selquet 5 months ago
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Costume Designer Colleen Atwood
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wilwoo 3 months ago
Ok I fixed it up some more LOL. And added a little more at the end.
( @snowdin-shopkeeper hope you like ;9 glad we r sharing this hyperfixation rn)
[Horrortale with Alice in Wonderland audio- revised version]
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enchantedbook 2 months ago
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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Gennady Kalinovsky, 1974
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katerdaddy 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Villain kids-
Also yes ravens fit is very very inspired by Regina from Once Upon a time.
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cwgl418 2 months ago
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Mary Blair redraw/studies!
馃拹Visit My Portfolio馃拹
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adaptationsdaily 4 months ago
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- Cecil Hepworth & Percy Stow 1903 original 12 minute short is the first known film adaptation of Lewis Carroll's 1865 "Alice in Wonderland". The film was partilally restored with its original tinting in 2010. (x) Alice in Wonderland (1903) Directed By: Cecil Hepworth & Percy Stow
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tygerland 4 months ago
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Illustrations for The Nursery Alice (1890, Macmillan) by John Tenniel - colored by Edmund Evans
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hydepotions 3 months ago
The children of Alice in wonderland characters being in Ever After High was so funny. Everyone else in that school descends from ancient bloodlines of fairytales that have been circulating for millennia, and then there鈥檚 mid-1800s nonsense kids鈥 books put in. 鈥淢y ancestor was the first Cinderella and she was a Greek priestess in ancient Athens鈥 that鈥檚 cute. My mom is a reference to a nursery rhyme that has since lost all context and she loves harming flamingos.
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fyeahmovies 2 months ago
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If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. ALICE IN WONDERLAND (1951) dir. CLYDE GERONIMI, WILFRED JACKSON & HAMILTON LUSKE
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