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#alice this is such a good set!!
dgraymans · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Get to know me meme: [3/5] antagonists - Queen of Hearts (American Mcgee’s Alice)
“You once rejected my attempts to control our lives, forcefully! But now you’ve allowed another to succeed in my role! You see the pattern of destruction, I know you do. The Train is trying to destroy all evidence of your past, and especially the fire! Now, who would want that? Who benefits from your madness?”
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james-winston · 7 months ago
[The historiography]:
"By 1972 the relationship between Lennon and McCartney had been broken beyond repair."
[John in 1972]:
Tumblr media
- Alice Cooper, Billboard Magazine, April 1999.
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aceofspadegrass · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I went ahead and checked who Enya was for the vibe and all I've learned is that she's the one that sang the song everyone plays when a sad moment comes on. So good on her!
Anyways, so obviously it's a case of Arisu showing up being his usual golden retriever self, and Kuina's being her friendly butterfly self.
Now, here's where it gets funny. For reasons Kuina can't really explain, every time she sees the man for some reason she can hear background music. Specifically Enya music, which considering everything is odd because why is it only Enya. Luckily the music sort of tunes itself depending on the mood so Kuina can roll with that.
Sometimes, for the same reason, Arisu gives her LGBT vibes. Severe LGBT vibes. So rainbows.
Chishiya, being the sort-of-good-enough friend he is, checks up on Kuina every so often, and at this point, Kuina just mentions her rainbow-Enya-making thoughts every time Arisu shows up, and Chishiya either believes her or thinks her imaginations getting out there. Kuina isn't sure how to entirely process it all, anyways. The rainbows? Sure, maybe it's a hunch she can comfortably use, but the fucking background music? Too much confusion.
Arisu, on the other hand, is very much unaware of his rainbow background music vibes, he's just trying to vibe at the Beach with his good pal Usagi. Maybe befriend a pack of girls. Maybe start an accidental mini-cult. Maybe get distracted by a random plant for a while. Living.
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cdralenko · 7 days ago
i haven't been consistently active on here in forever but. hello fellow Resident Evils how do we feel about welcome to raccoon city
#spoilers to follow in here#i thought it was bad. but i expected it to be bad so?? its not like i was disappointed#pretty much met expectations#i've never seen the OG live actions w alice or w/e just the cgi films#and infinite darkness#and i mean. i liked this better than infinite darkness just bc it was more interesting#but i think they really bit off more than they could chew trying to combine 1 and 2#make a 0/1 movie and a 2/3 movie if you have to combine shit. but 1 and 2 together... is really tough#i think it suffers a lot because it's so short and there are too many characters and concepts to introduce at once#PLUS having to restructure so much just kinda makes everything fall apart#avan jogia is still cute though. he was never not going to be#the rewrite of wesker's character was also so messy. and jill's entire character is sacrificed to give all her traits to claire for some re#-ason#i also would've been a lot happier had they swapped chief irons out for marvin#bc there's never time to get into all of irons' business but i fucking hate that man#marvin is chill and i'd be fine with him having some fun screentime#also cutting out barry was dumb. making lisa trevor a ''good guy'' was dumb#wouldve given literally anything to have a single tyrant in this movie#but yeah i mean at the end of the day. its got some bad jokes in it and maybe one or two good ones if you squint. the sets are really cool#rewrites aren't done super well. some bad dialogue. fighting scenes.... god#the scene with chris and the lighter..... why......#it's not ruining my life just because it exists though. it's just another bad resident evil movie idk why people are so up in arms about it#video game movies are always bad. and resident evil is ALREADY very cheesy and silly a lot of the time. perfect formula for a b movie#regardless. i would buy it on dvd for $5 just because it was still fun to watch#it's like the percy jackson movie. it got literally everything wrong that it possibly could've. BUT. if you pretend its not about RE...#it's almost a good time#ALSO. the shot for shot recreation of the tape from code veronica was a win for me#because i like that game even though i hate playing it#i just hope wtrc makes enough money that we get a code veronica movie. cause alfred ashford babe you were made for the big screen...#OH GOD. THE END CREDIT SCENE LMFAO
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female-sovereign · 2 months ago
Don’t Delete the Kisses mv is genuinely the best mv ever made imo
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aceofspadegrass · 4 months ago
What's this??? Niragi and chishiya turn into cats! Now its up to nijiro and Dori to take care of them. (Pre borderland)
Tumblr media
Characters: Dori Sakurada, Nijiro Murakami, Niragi Suguru (Technically), Chishiya Shuntaro (Also technically-)
Genre: Fluff. Just a bit of soft times with kitties.
1.4k words
I did it, after so long of this thing sitting in my inbox. I hope I did it justice, even if I never mentioned how they even turned into cats in the first place! Look, I even made a custom liner for this-
Tumblr media
The knock at the door wasn’t foreign to Sakurada. Sometimes people come by to have a chat with him, usually either close friends coming over to visit, or occasionally a delivery person bringing him his packages. He gets up, his dog Fanta napping happily as he strides over to the door, opening it and being greeted by a very familiar face.
“ Sakurada! Sorry for bothering you, but-“ Sakurada holds a hand out to stop his junior, Nijiro Murakami, from bowing too far, a small box in hand. “ No worries. What’s going on?” Sakurada asks, stepping aside to let Murakami inside. Murakami nods his head in thanks as he steps inside, taking off his shoes and putting on the house sandals that were neatly laid out for any guests, Sakurada following behind as they head to the living room together.
Murakami sets the box on the table, the kind meant for carrying fruits like oranges or melons, and there was a faint noise coming from the inside. Curious, Sakurada bends down to peek into the hole at the side, eyes widening as a little face peeks out in return.
“ Are those….?”
Murakami nods, and he pulls open the flap, Sakurada peering inside. There, nestled on a nest made of a black and white towel, were two little cats, one of them half buried in the towel while the other was wide awake, staring up at Sakurada. The cat was a smooth white colour, with a slight tinge of grey at the top of its head as well as little spots on its body. The cat hops out and pads away, Murakami sighing as they watch the cat leave.
“ I found them huddled together near the studio, and the director said I should probably get them somewhere safer, since they’re filming and people are gonna be everywhere. This one, the black coloured cat?” He points to the one still in the box, which appeared to be shaking out of fear, pulling at Sakurada’s heartstrings. “ He was absolutely terrified at anyone who approached him, I think he was hurt before….. Poor thing.” Sakurada nods, just observing the cat. Unlike its counterpart, this one was the opposite, a dark colour with patches of a lighter shades on its body, much more frequent than the white one. “ Do they have names?” Murakami chuckles. “ Actually, yeah. See, when we were discussing the shoot, our characters names came up at one point. You know, Niragi and Chishiya? And, well-“ Murakami gestures at the box again, the kitten now peering up at the two of them from a hole in the towel, dark eyes nervous yet curious. “ They respond to it like it’s their names. So I decided this one is Niragi, and the white one is Chishiya! Like our characters! I think they were both boys as well, so it fits!” “ I see…. Isn’t this Niragi a bit skittish though? So it’s more appropriate to call this one the Niragi before the main plot. Pre-Borderlands.” Sakurada points out, Murakami nodding. Niragi had buried himself back into the towel, Murakami shutting the lid shut again to give the cat some privacy. Chishiya on the other hand was gone, hidden away where Sakurada hopes he wasn’t messing the area up. He’d hate to find it later covered in unmentionables because the cat decided to use it as his personal bathroom.
Still, he wasn’t sure why Murakami even decided to bring them here of all places. They were cute, sure, but he wasn’t a cat owner and didn’t have any of the proper materials to even watch over a cat long term, let alone two. If they were puppies, he’d be a little more prepared, and maybe Fanta could even play with them. But these were cats, and with one obviously skittish and the other clearly wanting nothing to do with them, they probably wouldn’t have gotten along as he’d hope.
Still, no point in not trying. He gets up and heads to the kitchen. They had to be thirsty and hungry, right? He could get them some water and some fish easy, Sakurada opening his fridge and grabbing some leftover fish. He turns on his stove, pouring a little oil to lubricate the pan. He chops up the fish into smaller, more manageable bites for the cats, and tosses that in, letting the fish cook a little.
The smell soon begins to linger, although not terribly strong of a smell, but out of the corner of his eye he spots a small presence of white staring at him from around the counter corner. Sakurada glances over and smiles, Chishiya not moving from his position, merely licking his lips at the smell. So he was hungry. That was good. Sakurada plates the cooked fish soon enough, and pours water into a bowl for the cats. He carries both out a bit further, setting them down on the ground and walking away. Murakami smiles at him in appreciation, and he opens the box, peering inside.
“ Hey, it’s lunchtime now….. It’s okay, we’re not here to hurt you.” Murakami says, in hopes of reassuring the black cat. There was no response, Murakami frowning a little and looking up at Sakurada. Sakurada just gently takes the box and sets it on the ground near the water and fish, tilting it over so Niragi could come out eventually at his own pace. He steps away and sits across Murakami, the both watching the area.
It was a slow movement, but eventually the box shifts, and Niragi comes padding out, coming closer to the food and water. The two adults watch in anticipation as Niragi sniffs at the fish, then gingerly takes one piece. “ Yes…!” Sakurada mutters under his breath with a smiles, Murakami smiling nearby. Niragi drops the piece on the ground and slowly takes a few bites, huddled close to the ground as he ate. Chishiya was nowhere to be seen, Sakurada looking around. He swore he saw the white cat somewhere earlier….
“ Oh- Look, there he is!” Murakami points, and Sakurada looks back over, the white cat appearing from practically nowhere and approaching the water bowl, dipping its head and drinking without a single glance at either party, cat or human. Niragi practically scoots away the moment Chishiya came over, apparently even scared of the other cat despite no clear notice of the latter. The poor thing, really, if it was that skittish of everything. Sakurada hopes he’d be okay, the cat looked rather young still.
He laughs internally to himself. Maybe this Niragi would undergo the same personality change like the character would, becoming more confident and perhaps more destructive to whoever had the misfortune of keeping them.
“ You’re going to take them to a shelter later, right?” Sakurada looks to Murakami, who was also watching the cats eat and drink. Murakami turns his head towards him, mouth opening and closing as he thought.
“ I don’t know, honestly. Probably. I don’t know if I can handle them for that long, and I wasn’t really planning on adopting two cats out of the blue. They deserve better than that.” Murakami pouts a little, turning his attention back to the cats, Chishiya having already started eating while Niragi remained curled up nearby. “ But just for a few days, I want to keep an eye on them, you know? They’re just so cute, and we can post about them online so maybe they can be adopted that way?” “ You’re attached, aren’t you~” Sakurada smirks, Murakami sputtering.
“ Wh- Hey, okay maybe a little-“ Murakami gestures loosely to the cats, Chishiya now grooming himself. “ They didn’t run away immediately when I approached them, so I felt like, cool!” Sakurada laughs a little at that, smiling. “ You are pretty cool. Ahh, okay, we can take care of them for a little bit. But you’re helping me, okay? I have things to do too, and since you were the one to bring me them…” He leans over, nudging him playfully with an elbow. Murakami nods, smiling. “ Of course! It’s the least I can do!”
There was a small meow, and both men look down, Chishiya staring up at them with what Sakurada swore looked almost smug, then padding his furry little body onto Murakami’s lap, judging by how the younger man’s eyes widen as he stares at his lap. Murakami looks over to Sakurada with a loose grin, mouthing about how Chishiya had curled up oh so casually on his lap and pointing, Sakurada chuckling airily and nodding.
A second meow and the feeling of something nudging his leg catches his attention, and Sakurada looks down, Niragi ducking underneath the table instead the moment Sakurada took notice of the cat, his little tail still peeking out as Sakurada chuckles. Close enough, but he didn’t mind giving them shelter for a bit. It’d be fun, and honestly…. yeah, they were adorable.
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petrareads · a year ago
Mini Review: Loveless
4.5/5 stars
Okay I basically consumed this book which is a little bit of a bummer because I feel like I should have rationed it. I Even if the main conflict of the story has ended I wanted to keep reading about cute friendship times and cheeky romance. 
Honestly, I think this was my favourite out of Alice’s Oseman’s books (though I say that every-time, so it really shows that ~ growth ~ and experience and practice will do the trick haha)
We love some good LBGT+ representation. And even though I don’t identify with asexuality, I think a lot of us regardless of our sexuality can identify with wanting to be loved and the importance of platonic friendships. I’ve always been strongly friendship orientated so give me all that found family stuff. I thought that the book would make me miss lots of my friends and squeezing into beds with them and doing silly dances and staying up until all hours talking but instead it just kind of makes me smile thinking about those times and that I can have them again - whether with my old friends or new ones. 
But obviously I’m also here for that gay shit PLUS angst, so gay angsty sapphic love? I was not disappointed (if anyone knows any cute Rooney & Pip fanfic send it my way ;))
Although the book was somewhat predictable, I like that in a way. It’s comforting. Especially as the point of the book is more character-orientated than plot-oriented. Alice is really good at creating fleshed out and complex characters and I love all of them. 
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