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#alice's visions

I’ve never got Alice’s visions… so hear me out for a quick second i’ve got a theory… 

So she wakes up as a vampire and the only thing that keeps her from losing it is that she sees Jasper and the Cullens right?!

But like how, she can’t have made that decision yet…

She says that the future is always changing, the tiniest detail being different can create a whole new reality… 

And on the logic that she can see super into the future, she MUST have been able to see Bella coming into Edward’s life as soon as she made the decision to move to Forks which would have been weeks or even months before she actually moved - so idk why in canon this isn’t what actually happened… 

Because if Alice saw Bella, she would have known exactly the day that Bella starts school, and would known that Edward couldn’t read her mind and that she was also Edwards singer - so Edward would have been prepared for that and made sure that he hunted and also wasn’t weird and rude and thinking about killing the entire classroom. But Bella would also still be super intrigued by this untidy bronze-haired, golden topaz eyed boy from her Biology class and his pale ass family…

Alice would have been like - she’s cool Edward- you’re going to get along stop beating yourself up that you’re this monster that doesn’t have a soul… she thinks your hot it a mysterious kind of way. Also Eddie bro - you’re going to want to sneak into her bedroom and watch her sleep, that’s not so cute, so maybe don’t do that, so maybe like go on a date with her first and go to dinner with her…

But wait… Edward is going to be experiencing this vision at the exact same time because he’s a flipping mindreader, so he’s super prepared, and is already lowkey, highkey in love with Bella even before they meet, but he’s like - play it cool Edward, maybe don’t give her the mixtape of songs you made that remind you of her brown eyes and the way her heart flutters when you say her name…

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“A moment’s madness
Compliments your innocence
I tried all night to initiate
And I only ever try to have fun
I’m only old when I don’t feel young
And if you’re with me, yeah
You can come, yeah, along”

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there are two things which annoy me particularly abt popular ways of seeing alice, mostly thanks to the movies, that 1. she has trouble controlling herself around blood (when she is one of the few able to stand it and help when bella loses a lot of it in the first book) and 2. that she is not truly terrifying and that the only reason she didn’t start slaughtering humans left and right after turning was bc of her vision and foreseen emotional ties/family, Not Her Morality

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