alicerovai a day ago
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ALWAYS pt 21 馃挌馃き馃挌
So yeah I just published on Patreon the last episode of the first part of this comic, which will be split in two parts (otherwise it would be too long to be printed in one book)! Next Friday preorders of the comic book will be open! Stay tuned! 馃挄
Read next part now on my Patreon!
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gingerhaole a year ago
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When the one and only @alicerovai asks if you鈥檇 like to collab, you say YES! She gave me the snuggliest, coziest base and it was my rare pleasure to add Crowley and color. What do you think they鈥檙e reading and listening to?
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days-of-their-lives-zine 5 months ago
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First stolen kiss of the zine, provided by聽@alicerovai聽! Don鈥檛 miss the chance to see the full image in our zine!
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aziraphales-library 6 months ago
hi! i'm looking for a comic (i saw it on instagram, idk if it's on other platforms :/) of crowley and aziraphale, that's set in the beginning of the 1900s. i remember that oscar wilde had died and aziraphale used to know him,and he told crowley that 鈥 that's about all i read. i'm sorry if this is a difficult thing to find, but i'd appreciate all help! ^_^
Not at all!
I think this is the one you're looking for:
Purple Hours by @alicerovai
There is also another comic with Oscar Wilde done by the same artist, but in this one Oscar Wilde doesn't die quite so soon in the story and it's set earlier as well: Victorian Omens
~Mod N
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sweathands 2 years ago
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So I wanted to do a style study of some of my favorite Good Omens artists. I love love love these guys a ton. (and others but I was less sure about mimicking their styles) I don't know how much I nailed all of these but I gave it a shot because I really really admire these guys.
@gingerhaole @vulcansketch @alicerovai @speremint @pinkpiggy93 @strudelcreep @whiteleyfoster @narcoslug
The last one is my own style. Much love!
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torysdrawingstories a year ago
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A draw in your style I did for @alicerovai 鈥榮 contest.
I first uploaded to my Instagram if you鈥檙e interested in following me there @torysdrawingstory!
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plainblackcanvas56 a year ago
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Since I now have some more time to draw, here's a DTIYS - The absolutely stunning original is by the wonderful @alicerovai !
(I changed the outfits a little, since I always wanted to draw the husbands in carneval- inspired outfits. They're not as intricate as they could be, but I'm tired)
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theoverlordmisha a year ago
I saw this art by @whiteleyfoster and this follow-up piece by @alicerovai and had to write something. Now, I don't normally write fics because I get easily distracted, but I was inspired.
Rainy Days & Art Galleries
The British Museum Cafe had been the number four alternative rendezvous spot for decades. It wasn't used very often - the bench near the duck pond at St. James park being the preferred meeting location. Nevertheless, with the apocalypse averted and some extra free time on their hands to finally openly enjoy each other's company, an angel and a demon decided to duck into one of their old haunts to avoid an unexpected midday rain shower. There was no real need to escape from the rain, it tended to slide off the pair like water off a duck, but the duo had been feeling extra mischievous on this particular Thursday afternoon.聽
Crowley held the door open for Aziraphale, who meandered towards the pastry display, brushing imaginary rain drops off his suit coat. Eyes full of desire for the delicious treats, Aziraphale licked his lips and peeked over at his companion.聽
"Anything particular you're looking for today?" asked the young lady behind the counter.
"Oh, well that scone looks particularly- no, that cake, wait, um," the angel replied, glancing over at the demon. Crowley was of no help, still processing the glimpse of red from Aziraphale's tongue. "We'll just have the afternoon tea, please."
"Coming right up."
The pair strolled over to a nearby table and settled into their seats. A few minutes later, the tea arrived with a platter of pastries, and Crowley settled into his favorite activity: watching Aziraphale enjoy food. Something about the short pause and almost-silent moan from his partner when he took his first bite always distracted Crowley, and there was nothing else that could attract his attention. And Aziraphale was never one to pass up the chance to enjoy a meal or snack. Aziraphale reviewed his selection, grabbed a small cake covered in chocolate icing, and took a bite. If he conveniently licked his fingers after the bite, well, it wasn't his fault that he noticed the demon's eyes lingering behind dark lenses. Crowley cleared his throat, breaking out of his daze, and poured himself a cup of tea.聽
Crowley finally spoke. "You know, I don't think I've ever gone inside the gallery."聽
"Really, dear, you've never made it past the restaurant?"
"Well, I've been to the shop," Crowley mused, "always love those little shops. Guilt visitors into spending 拢20 on a souvenir they don't want? You'd think I had a hand in that."
"That does seem like your kind of thing," Aziraphale opined. "Well, we really must take a stroll. Not like there's much to do outside until the rain clears."聽
A crack of thunder from outside seemed to echo Aziraphale's idea. The demon sighed and relented. "If we must."
The pair finished their afternoon refreshments and made their way through the different galleries. Paintings, statues, artifacts stolen from other civilizations - the different items brought back memories of days past.聽
It was about halfway through the museum that Aziraphale suddenly stopped and paled. "Oh, bugger, I had forgotten that was here."聽
Across the walkway was an oil painting of a man sitting with his back to the painter. The man was sitting on a blue cushion, his head turned to the side. A particularly soft man, with a mess of white curls atop his head. Crowley balked, once again at a loss for words.聽
"Is鈥 is鈥 angel, is that you?" Crowley finally uttered.
"Don't be ridiculous," Aziraphale countered, a slight blush appearing on his cheeks.
"Angel, you know, in 6000 years you have not gotten any better at lying."
The angel scoffed. "I'll admit, I did spend some time with Rubens in the 17th century."
"Did you now?" Crowley teased. "Inspire him with your angelicness?"
"Oh, really Crowley." Aziraphale rolled his eyes before grabbing the demon's arm and dragging him to the next painting. If he noticed the demon's eyes wandering back towards the previous painting, he pretended not to notice despite the smug grin on his face.聽
It was a little while later when they arrived at the Renoir. Aziraphale, who had just managed to finally recompile himself, turned a deep shade of red. Crowley's eyes hardened and his body stiffened. Just under his breath, Crowley whispered, "I don't like this place."
Confusion and guilt passed through Aziraphale. How did two paintings of him, mostly nude, end up in the same museum? He had really not thought this through when he suggested they stroll through the museum. The pair continued along their way, but the demon was noticeably quiet and aloof. Aziraphale fought the urge to explain himself, knowing the demon would eventually bring the topic up. By the time the duo made it back to the Great Court, they had barely said a few words to each other. Crowley passed through the shop towards the doors. Aziraphale, unable to distract himself among the trinkets, followed his partner out of the museum and over to where the Bentley was parked.聽
Once the pair were back in the comfort of the bookshop's back room, Aziraphale finally broke the silence. "Crowley, you- you're not mad are you?"
Crowley huffed, loath to admit his feelings. Aziraphale continued to stare at the demon and after a pause Crowley couldn't help himself. "'m jealous," he muttered, sitting down onto the worn couch.聽
Aziraphale was at a loss for words. The demon was jealous? Of what? "What do you mean, you're jealous?"
"Exactly what it sounds like," Crowley whined. He wasn't sure why it was affecting him so much. Crowley had sat for a number of painters over the years, inspiring and tempting them.聽
"Oh, dear." Aziraphale lowered himself next to Crowley. After a moment the demon spoke.
"I guess I just didn't realize you had done that sort of thing."聽
"Honestly, Crowley, we've been around for 6000 years. It would have been stranger if I hadn't attracted the eye of an artist once or twice."
A chuckle escaped Crowley's lips, and soon he had broken out in a fit of laughter. The angel stared at the demon, unsure how to proceed. "I- I guess you're right," Crowley admitted. "I just hadn't expected to see so many humans admiring your backside."
"Well, why not?" Aziraphale scoffed, leaning back on the couch towards the demon.
Crowley snuggled closer. "Angel," he mused, "it's a nice backside."聽
Later that evening, hidden under the smell of old books in a dimly lit bookshop back room, an angel and a demon were entangled on a worn-out couch without a care in the world except for each other.聽
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nadsdraws a year ago
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Will you dance with me?
Quick sketch, because I completely forgot @alicerovai聽鈥榮 dtiys ends today!! My inspiration for Crowley of that times is of course Tennant鈥檚 Casanova (you have to watch it guys if you haven鈥檛 already and prepare for 100% angst) and for Aziraphale it鈥檚 his outfit from Bastille.聽
EDIT: There is a coloured version now too!
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alicerovai 6 months ago
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This will be everything I鈥檒l think of for the next two weeks and no one will stop me
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anemonart a year ago
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My version of @alicerovai鈥榮 dtiys. This was a tricky pose! I keep occasionally experimenting with differently colored outlines, since this post gave an interesting description of how Disney uses them. It鈥檚 a process.
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tooticking a year ago
me reading the new alicerovai comic knowing im gonna get my heart BROKE:
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lady-divine-writes 2 years ago
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This is my first foray into the art world. I have never drawn a person before. But I saw @alicerovai DTYS! and thought I would shove decades of fear aside and try this. This took me 41 minutes. I showed it to my son, an artist along with my Queen, whose opinion I trust. The general consensus?
He looks like a Founding Father. And not even one of the good ones, like who opposed slavery.
Well, I have till March xD
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adaed5art a year ago
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@alicerovai DTIYS. I had so much fun doing this. The hand was a bit difficult to draw, but I think I nailed it. Hope you all like it.
[pls reblog if you like]
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sweathands 2 years ago
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Continuing the artist appreciation thingy. I drew @alicerovai and @narcoslug ! Both cuties.
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brainoflaser a year ago
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I finally tried my hand at coloring traditional art digitally, this is the first one I made using Krita
It's also a piece for @alicerovai 's dtys challenge
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jadenightshade 2 years ago
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This is my response to @alicerovai Good Omens comic 鈥楩alling鈥. It鈥檚 still being made at the moment but I really like it. Although I must inquire-
What did I do to deserve this pain? It鈥檚 so good, but it鈥檚 so sad. Why would you torture me with something so beautiful, but so heart-wrenching?
I can鈥檛 wait for more though
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alicerovai 7 months ago
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Someone let him eat that salad pls
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