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peterkothe · 2 days ago
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The four-legged space-scavenger doesn’t need fancy death rays or gadgets, he just needs his intense speed, 360 degree vision, and four faster-than-light tank-kicking legs!!
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scrappedtogether · 3 months ago
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Relationships in Scooby Doo (10/∞) ~ Shaggy x Crystal (2.0)
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thegabitype · 8 months ago
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More Scooby Gang drawings from this week
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wanko-koko · a month ago
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throwbackmovie · 9 days ago
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Angela Bassett as Fran in CRITTERS 4 – 1992
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scatteredthoughts2 · 9 months ago
Alien Lights.
There was strange lights in the sky that night,
Zigging and zagging every-which-way;
Dimming then blazing, dark and then bright,
First black as pitch, then as bright as the day.
People were gathered at the top of the hill,
From all over town they came for the show,
Excited and eager and ripe for a thrill,
As the lights in the sky continued to glow.
I watched from a tree house a mile out of town,
With my high powered glasses I saw everything,
As the lights in the sky sent beams shooting down,
And the crowd on the hilltop started to sing.
They sang in a way, so eerie and strange,
T'was like alien music you hear on TV,
T'was a sound no composer on Earth could arrange,
And the sound that they made sent shivers through me.
Then the beams started glowing and fading away,
Getting weaker then stronger then sizzling the night,
The sound of the music continued to play,
Then nothing but darkness; and the night deadly quiet.
When my eyes readjusted to the dim and the gloom,
The hilltop was empty, not a soul to be seen,
The night was so silent, as quite as the tomb,
With the grass softly waving, where the people had been.
Half of our townsfolk were taken away,
And maybe they're gone to a home out in space,
And at night I go to the hilltop and pray,
That wherever they are, they are in a good place.
©Ambrose Harte
©Scattered Thoughts
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sinekrovka · a year ago
Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of our favorite TV series and fandom! If I'd been hit just a little earlier, I probably would have done it yesterday. :3
In any case, I congratulate all my fandom friends on our common little holiday :D
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Вчера состоялась 20-я годовщина нашего любимого сериала и фандома! Если бы меня вштырило ну чуть чуть раньше, то я вероятнее всего бы успел это еще вчера :3
В любом случае, поздравляю всех товарищей по фандому с нашим общим маленьким праздником :D
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drwings · 11 months ago
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Book cover friendly illustration up for grabs.
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winterpaladin-ao3 · 3 months ago
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Fending off an alien invasion? Just another day in Appalachia
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scrappedtogether · 5 months ago
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Relationships in Scooby Doo (1/∞) ~ Shaggy & Crystal
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theflowerhvrlot · 8 months ago
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"we were sent by our world to investigate signals from your planet.
(belated oops) day twenty-five: Crystal 🏵️ (Scooby Doo&The Alien Invaders)
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mothmossghost · 9 months ago
Hbo max is making a big deal abt how they added lots of scooby doo stuff for october but they don't even have ghoul school or the 13 ghosts or a pup named scooby doo or zombie island. Step up your game
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arjengelly · 2 days ago
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I’m tired of the Scooby Doo reboots and milking the multiverse… I only accept A Pup Named Scooby Doo as the origin story
How about a Scooby Doo next gen?
Mystery Inc. 2.0 is trying to solve the mysterious disappearance of their parents before the wedding day of Eddie Munster & Wednesday Addams (to which they’re all invited). The kids run into Sibella, Scrappy, Flim Flam and even Red Herring’s son, Reggie.
Sunny Rogers ☮️ 💛🤍💜🖤
Summer Doo 👽 🐶
Dennis Dinkley 😲 👾
Blake Jones 👠 ⚽️
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rogue-racer · 2 months ago
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clavina · 12 months ago
I just watched the Tomorrow War and I really enjoyed it! It was cheesy, it kept me engaged, there was no romance and to me it was quite realistic. The whole world is literally going to Hell in a hand basket while being eaten by aliens and what are the humans doing?
Rioting and spewing propaganda.
This is so typical of the human race.
Just see how humans turned on each other regarding climate change and the Covid pandemic!
Anywho, I definitely enjoyed this movie and I give it a 10/10!
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skarmazenuk · 3 months ago
They Came in Peace: The World Before, Part 2: They Saw
Tumblr media
Preorder your copy, today: https://bit.ly/3tisqdi
Read Part One, here: https://bit.ly/3irkMr9
They Came in Peace: The World Before
Ten years after aliens known as the Custodians came to Earth to take control of rehabilitating the world’s climate, rogue human elements still fight against the Custodian’s imposition of their curatorship of the planet, searching for their ulterior motive.
In the three-part preview of They Came in Peace, learn how, ten years before, The Custodians managed to successfully conquer Planet Earth in three days.
Part Two takes place on the second day - when first contact between the Custodians, and Earth is initiated.
Tumblr media
It was only the following morning that the world realized the ship had moved. Just a few degrees in the sky, but enough that it no longer completely blocked the sun. Enough light was getting through again that the world breathed a collective sigh of relief.  Exactly halfway into the Earth’s daily rotation, at midday – as measured from East Cape, New Zealand – the underside of the ship suddenly lit up.  Columns of white light traced their way down its “keel” and in blocky patterns across its lower surface.  And then it began broadcasting.
Every radio, every television, every Internet-connected computer and device came alive with text and sound.  Remarkably, while purely alien, the message was immediately understood by those reading or listening to it.  Two phrases were spoken, repeated for exactly sixty-one seconds before the ship lapsed back into silence.  Universally, the voice was that of a woman. Evidently, the Aliens aboard were in no hurry to begin a dialogue: those two phrases were the only transmission they sent that day.  But as Duncan Terrell soon after pointed out, the Aliens were obviously trying to reassure Humanity.  
The alien message was:
World leaders delivered speeches welcoming the aliens, urging their citizens to remain calm and lauding the dawn of a new era of interplanetary contact, a new chapter in Human History.  But immediately after the alien message was transmitted, a cacophony of radio signals was sent towards the ship, from every corner of the world that could.  Even as their leaders were orating on the new future unfolding before the world, the world’s governments commandeered radio telescopes and every piece of communication equipment available, from police bands, military channels, even mobile cell towers were reconfigured to send signals up.  Amateur ham radio operators and even radio stations themselves kept trying to reach the alien ship, but whether the Aliens received or were able to process and understand all the signal traffic being sent to them or not, they did not reply.
“One problem we’re seeing is, we’re directing all these radio waves at the ship,” Duncan Terrell said that night, on his regular (and now world’s most highly rated) podcast. “If not for the content of the messages being generally friendly – something I think the aliens obviously understand, as they apparently have the equivalent to Star Trek’s Universal Translator, or Doctor Who’s TARDIS Telepathic Field, the aliens could see this as an attempt to make them radio-blind.  Essentially, all these signals could potentially jam their ability to transmit, working as an electromagnetic equivalent of a DDoS attack.”
The following day, once again at midmorning in East Cape, there was another broadcast from the ship.  This time the image of a woman with dark hair, dark eyes, and indeterminate ethnicity appeared on screens everywhere.  She smiled warmly and then began speaking. "Hello.  We come in peace.  The explorers you sent to meet us are safe, alive, and well, and will be returned to you soon.  We call ourselves the Custodians.  To simplify First Contact, we have adapted ourselves to appear as you do.  We have done this in every world we have visited, across this galaxy and many others.  We are Custodians because we seek out intelligent life in the cosmos and where necessary, help nurture it.  We have been watching your world for quite some time.  You have reached a tipping point that qualifies for and requires our intervention.  We are here to save your species and your world.
"For too long, you have exploited and damaged the ecosystems of your planet.  Your population growth is uncontrolled, and billions of your people live in war zones, in dangerous and dangerously unsanitary conditions, with disease, without proper food or shelter, and under abusive, oppressive regimes.  Even your wealthiest, most prosperous nations are rife with poverty, illness, violence, exploitation and environmental contamination and destruction.  Thousands around the world are dying as a result of completely preventable, curable, or avoidable circumstances while this message is broadcast.
“At the same time, your species is unique, magnificent; your arts and cultures are capable of incredible feats of beauty, of resplendence.  You are making technological advances in medicine and science that could extend your lives exponentially, improve their quality, and even create a wholly new, relative to you, type of life in the form of artificial intelligence.  You have the potential to leave your cradle world and star system and explore the universe with your own companion species…but the technologies you have used and, more importantly, the ways they have been misused have left you on the brink of extinction.  When we first began exploring the cosmos, we came across so many dead worlds…so many places where civilization had reached a pinnacle, on the verge of an incredible leap of evolution and technology, only to die instead.
“These worlds were as beautiful and unique as your own.  But just like your world, they had damaged their environment beyond its ability to be repaired, they had reached unsustainable growth, they used devastating weapons of mass destruction against themselves. Cosmic chance wiped out many of them, but many more – most – were simply the victims of their own success, imploding and self-destructing.  And so we redirected our efforts to finding these nascent civilizations, nurturing them beyond their self-destructive phase.  Sometimes we fail; sometimes, we lose worlds to our own good intentions.  But we succeed so much more often, and so many of the species we have saved now populate the stars that we must continue, steadfast, in this, our great mission: to seek out life, to nurture those species we find, and help them grow beyond the point of extinctive stagnation they have reached.
"As such, we have chosen to help your world, your people.  The process begins now.  The first step to saving your species requires that all governments of your world and nearly all government organizations shut down.  Your leaders must resign; your parliaments, congresses, senates, and committees must disband.  This includes your military. Emergency services such as police forces, firefighting, and hospitals are exempt, as are schools, hospitals, prisons, and other public institutions directly involved in the care of the people of your world.  For those of you who are dependent on your government for survival or employment, we ask that you abide, remain calm, and have confidence.  The economies that have enslaved you all will be replaced shortly.  No one will be enslaved by the Custodians, but you must follow our instructions so that we may save you and your world.  We are giving your governments until this time tomorrow to comply.”
The response was swift.  World leaders returned to their bunkers.  Within an hour, the United States, China, Russia, Israel, India, and Iran each unilaterally fired nuclear volleys at the ship.  The missiles barely cleared the atmosphere before being vaporized by the Custodians.  A moment later, every nuclear arsenal on the planet was destroyed. The explosions took out the weapons' ability to detonate, rendering them into piles of radioactive slag in silos, bunkers and weapons caches around the world.  The Custodians' spokesperson (though clearly, the term was inaccurate, at best) reappeared on every screen, radio and Internet connection. "While unfortunate, the reaction by the governments of your world is wholly understandable.  You are afraid; you are unwilling to accept that we are here to change your lives, unable to understand what is to come.  However, any further military action against our ship will be met with similar reprisal.  We do not wish to harm anyone.  But any who choose to fight against us will meet the same fate.”
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msboutofcontext · a month ago
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hah-studios · a year ago
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I could make an entire zine of Scooby and Amber just hanging out in the stars lol.
Support their starry dates on Kofi
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peterkothe · 12 days ago
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This alter-dimensional, kinetic energy absorbing alien invader, can take the hits, store them, and repel them back!
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scrappedtogether · a year ago
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Crystal and Amber’s Transformation ~ Scooby Doo and the Alien Invaders (2000)
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