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kenro199x · a day ago
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one-time-i-dreamt · 3 months ago
An alien species invaded Earth but they had no object permanence so we just hid in our houses until they forgot about us and left.
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70sscifiart · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
"Atomic Curse in the Blood," cover art by Theo Thomas, 1962
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thekingofwinterblog · a month ago
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You know what I find the most realistically sad thing about this?
This happened year earlier this year in universe, maybe just a few months if not less.
And people are already claiming it's a hoax. Like... The alien invasions probably killed tens if not hundreds of thousands of people(At least one skyscraper was ripped from it's foundation and must have toppled not too long after that, possibly killing up to 20 000 people all on it's own depending on whether the majority of people in it decided to hunker down or flee. And that's not counting the people it crushed beneath it.).
The sheer amount of destruction would also cost billions and billions of dollars to fix, and given Los Angeles isn't doing so hot in the real world at the equivalent point in time, it is fully possible this served as a complete death knell to the entire city, essentially meaning it never reached it's former glory.
It would be for 2020's amphibia umiverse, what 9/11 was for early 2000's america. An incredible and devastating tragedy that cost a horrible number of lives.
And already as early as that very year Americans were already calling it a hoax on national television, essentially telling every single person who lost their homes, their job, or family in the invasion, that they are liars who are part of a government conspiracy.
Can you imagine that? Like imagine telling someone, "My entire family died in the alien invasion", and the guy you're talking to goes, "oh yeah, suuure they did buddy.". Thats pretty much what happening here.
And The fact that i find it completely believable of modern USA, is probably the absolute worst part.
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haunz · a month ago
Tumblr media
If you’re good, alien girl will take you for a ride in her ufo ~
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noface-phantom7 · 4 months ago
Possession: The ‘Beetles’
A Case of SCP-3003-1: “Marce” and SCP-3003-2
“Peter, we’re gonna have to stay here for a while,” Jason says as the hood of the car slams shut with a loud thud followed by a loud groan. I pocket my phone for a bit, climbing out of my seat to meet him on the side of the car. “It’s as bad as the guy said.”
It was getting darker, but Jason and I had been stuck in this small suburb since this early afternoon while we were on our way to the camping site on the other side of the city. We were supposed to be in a company getaway of some sort with the creative and marketing teams, and I, being Jason’s secretary, had to travel in a separate ride from the others with him—yet we were here, stuck on a hill overlooking the small quiet suburb.
“Well the guy said he’d swing by early tomorrow,” I recall, we went to town a little while ago looking for a mechanic when Jason couldn’t figure out how to fix it. They didn’t have any, and we didn’t want to knock on every house to get help. There was one jogger who went by earlier, but he lived on the other edge of town and said he’d come back tomorrow with his brother who was a mechanic. “I think we’ll just have to wait.”
“Veronica got our text yet?” Jason asks, leaning against the car. I shook my head at this, eliciting a groan from him. He’d long since stripped his shirt off, drenched with sweat earlier from going down the road overlooking the small town. “This is a mess.”
“They don’t have reception there, I think.” I tried to reassure him, checking my phone again. “That’s hardly your fault.” I add, punctuating it by showing him that no one else in the teams has received any of my messages.
Jason just nods, looking over the town beneath us. A little over the town, we could see the city skyline already starting to illuminate with their lights. He sighs, before speaking again. “So are we sleeping here for tonight? I don’t remember seeing any nearby motel.”
“Yeah, it’s just for a night anyway.” I shrug, looking over the town again. “Think you can handle that?” I teased with a smirk, nudging Jason’s elbow who chuckles weakly.
Jason is still our boss—he’s what you’d expect of the usual son of a bigshot CEO who inherited the company who was used to posh luxuries and anything else that one would expect from them. So it was to my surprise that he was the one to suggest we have a little team-building weekend by going camping.
“It’s just for a night anyway. “ Jason echoes from me, smirking to himself as he replies. “We’re lucky we have the food with us, that’s a little relief.” he grins, turning to me.
Tumblr media
I returned Jason’s smile as we retreated back to the safety of the vehicle while it got darker outside. The streets beneath us were brightly lit, though the lights barely reached up our hill. It was still sufficiently bright though, at least enough to make out the surroundings of the car. We had to roll the windows down a little, though, to let the cool night breeze in as we ate a bag of marshmallows over some conversation.
Soon it was time to sleep. To my surprise, Jason was first to fall asleep. The seats could be reclined back so it wasn’t much of an issue for us to sleep in. In the dim light with the breeze ever so softly circulating inside the car, I could barely see Jason’s face but could make out the troubled expression. Jason wasn’t usually a heavy sleeper, but he didn’t flinch or wake up when I reached over to pat his shoulders, causing his expression to soften ever so slightly.
I knew the true reason for this small team-building—Jason needs it too, since besides the other team leaders, he’s been carrying much of the brunt of the recent issues of the company, which I of course know, because I go through most of his stuff. And we’ve been friends since high school, so of course I knew Jason like the back of my hand. Slowly, his expression started to shift to calm the more I pat his shoulder.
I stared at Jason’s face again, a faint warmth stirring in my chest, as I reached over to undo his clenched fist. My hand was just stretching out towards his, to squeeze it open, when there was a bright flash and a loud zap from somewhere outside the vehicle. The sound was enough for me to snap up and out of my seat, looking over outside.
“What’s going on?” I hear Jason say, awoken by my sudden movement and the lingering flash. “What was that?” He asked, hand quickly reaching for the glove compartment where his knife sat. The troubled expression was back on his face as well.
“I don’t know,” I reply, staring back outside the window but fully closing it just in case. “There was just this flash and some sound.” I reply, squinting my eyes in the dark to make out some faint light in the distance between a couple of trees and foliage. I could feel Jason behind me, also trying to peer into the darkness.
I hear Jason unlock the door on his side, and I snap my head to his direction. “Wait, Jason.”
“I’m going to check it out.” He says, flicking his army knife open. “Stay here, okay?”
“No,” I protest, unlocking my own door as he slips out of his. “Absolutely not, it could be anyone.”
“I’m still your boss, Peter.” Jason tries, blocking my path. “Stay here, I’ll see who’s up there. Might just be some teens.” He says as he points his knife towards the faint glowing.
“We’re not in the office, Jason.” I respond, but he pushes my door close. “I’m coming with you.” I add, pushing against him. He relents with a sigh as he pulls the door open.
“Peter, I’m the one with a knife.” He tells me as soon as I stepped out, the metal in his hand glinting ever so slightly from the dim lights. “I say just watch out from here, have my back, call the cops if it’s something bad.” He says, not waiting for my response as he turns away.
Something in his tone made me shut up and nod, though I managed to reach over the side of the door inside the car and grabbed a flashlight. It was still dark over the foliage, much darker than our spot now, and he may need it. “Flashlight then?” I called. He turns back for a moment as I toss the light to him, before going on his way.
Jason disappears into the foliage, and in the quiet of night, I could hear a faint skittering and the slight buzzing of what seemed like insect wings. They didn’t sound like cicadas though, they sounded a little less loud but I could hear a familiar clicking sound.
“What’s in there?” I call out to Jason. There was still a faint glowing towards his dark figure, the shine of his flashlight making him look like a silhouette. “Watch out for the bugs!” I add, noting that he went there without his shirt on.
He didn’t respond, and for a split-second, I thought about following him or phoning in the cops. I called back to him once more, and watched as the dim glow disappeared, the clicking sound getting a little louder. I couldn’t see his flashlight anymore either, and I felt my heart beating a little faster.
“Ow, fuck!” I heard Jason’s voice break through the moment of silence and through the dark. “Fucking beetles!”
“Beetles?” I ask in his direction. That must be the clicking and skittering I could hear earlier, but that still didn’t explain the flash and the zap earlier. “Jason, you there?” I call, squinting in the dark. No answer.
I stood still for a moment, taking deep breaths as I decided my next course of action. I let a minute or so go, trying to steady my heartbeat, and called to him again. Still no answer. I let out a huff, and with a decisive nod, used my phone flashlight and ventured on.
The foliage was a little thicker than I thought, and the trees seemingly stretched higher as I shone my light on my way. There were patches of grass that were a little too grown, enough for me to almost trip over them. I could see a few small figures skittering away from my light, and I hurriedly went past them.
“Jason?” I call out, scanning my surroundings and swinging the light with me. “Where are you?” I called back again. I stepped forward to go on ahead, and felt a squish from beneath my shoe. I cringed at the sight, I had stepped on a beetle that looked a little different—at least from what I could tell in its mangled form. I shook it off, before pressing on ahead.
I could see the beam of a flashlight far ahead, so I picked up my pace. From my peripheral view, I saw what looked like a crushed pod the size of a coconut, feeling myself shudder as I imagined that being the beetles’ nest—if they even have one.
“Jason!” I nearly yelled once his flashlight was only a few yards away. Beside it, Jason was lying face down with a hand to the side of his neck. He must’ve heard me, because he snapped to his side and looked confused. “Are you okay?”
He looked a little disoriented, wincing as he rubbed the spot on his neck. He looked a little frazzled too, with some dirt on his back. “Beetles, must’ve tripped.” Jason tells me as I pull him up, a little off-balance. “Thanks.” He mutters.
“Come on, let’s get you back.” I answer, helping him to his feet. He mutters another thanks, still rubbing his neck. “How’s that sting? I think we got some anti-itch—”
“I’m okay.” He cuts me off, picking his flashlight and knife back up. “Don’t worry about me, I’m just sleepy.” Jason goes on ahead at this, and I follow to catch up. I risked one last glance at the crushed pod, unsure but I swear I saw it glow for a brief moment, then left it alone.
Jason was quick to lie down the moment he entered the car, his back turned to me. I wanted to ask if he felt fine, but decided against it. From the look on his face earlier, he didn’t seem pleased, he may be rattled, and so I decided to just let him be and turn in as well. I wasn’t sure how long I spent looking at his back and watching him breathe, but sleep eventually came to me with the sound of skittering echoing in my ears.
I woke up with a start that morning, awoken by the rumbling of the car engine. I looked at the sun burning bright almost overhead through the window, and found Jason with another person just as they finished up and slammed the car hood shut. It must be the mechanic guy, I stared at them for a while and watched Jason shake his hand as he climbed back inside the vehicle, on the driver’s seat.
“Just in time.” Jason announced when he saw me awake, a rather goofy grin plastered on his face. “Leroy worked quick so we can go to camp early.” He had already donned one of his spare shirts, the bite on the side of his neck covered by the towel he had draped over his nape.
“Are you okay?” I found myself asking while he pulled the car onto the road. He seemed a little too ‘happy’ at the moment, I think. I would say he’s just happy to be back on the road again, but something felt…different. “Did you hit your head or something?”
“Hmm?” Jason responded once we were back on the main road. “No, why?”
“You’re awfully chirpy right now,” I state, earning a curious glance and a raised eyebrow from him. “It’s just eight in the morning. You’re never chirpy until twelve.”
“Maybe I’m just glad we’re no longer stuck.” He shrugs, focusing on the road. “Anything wrong with that?”
“Not at all,” I interject, staring at him. I could be imagining things, or maybe it was just because of the uncomfortable sleep and the noise from last night. I looked back at the towel over his neck, and slowly reached for it to see how the beetle had bitten him. “How’s your bite?”
As quick as I could touch the piece of fabric, Jason swatted my hand away with a scowl on his face, something he rarely did to me. “Peter, I’m fine. Leave it alone.” He spits, a brief flash of anger on his face that quickly reverts back to his earlier demeanor.
I could only raise an eyebrow at this and swallowed the lump in my throat. He’s acting weird, and I tried to recall if for some reason he might be having a weird allergic reaction to it. Nothing comes to mind, and I find myself retreating in my chair. “If you say so.”
The rest of the drive was in silence, and it went on for at least almost an hour. I’m already convinced something else was up with Jason—he’d usually try to talk to me while he drove, to the point that I’m already suspicious of something. I took the rest of the ride observing him.
“That’s really creepy, Peter.” He says at some point, when he finds me staring, smirking slightly at me. God, even the way he called me sounded and felt different. I rolled my eyes and turned away to hide the warmth creeping up my cheeks.
The next time we spoke was when we reached the campsite. Veronica and Ralph must have spotted us, and were waving at us as we pulled over. The actual campsite, if I recall correctly, was still a few meters ahead in a clearing near a small lake. We’ll have to stop here and make it back there on foot.
“There you guys are!” Ralph said, immediately going in to give us an embrace, making Jason chuckle. Veronica looked confused for a moment, then shrugged it off. “Thought you went and got lost, or something, boss.”
“Car broke down a couple of miles from here.” I tell them, already moving to unlock the trunk. “We had to wait ‘till morning for someone.”
“Yeah, I just got your message.” Veronica tells me, showing her phone. “Didn’t have any signal up until two hours ago.”
“We’ll talk about this once we’re in camp,” Jason cuts in, making a beeline for the trunk. “Come help?” he asks the two who both agreed quickly. There wasn’t much here, just a couple of extra sleeping bags, and a small crate of camping food enough for the twenty-something people here.
Beside the crate, something was wrapped with what looked like Jason’s shirt from yesterday. It was round, a little over the size of my head. I don’t know if it was just me, but it sounded like a ball of insects. I moved to pick it up, but Jason swooped in one second, grabbing the ball.
“What’s that?” I asked him, hauling the crate off the trunk and pausing to inspect the balled-up shirt. Jason was quick to bring it to his side, and I tilt my head at him.
“It’s nothing, let's go.” He says quickly, leaving me to wonder what it was about. I relented and followed them to camp, but also a little perturbed by Jason’s actions.
There were already some of the guys from the marketing team fooling around at the edge of the lake, and a few of the creative interns were quick to help us with our baggage. People cheered once they saw us, mostly swarming around Jason and that thing he had with him and asking him about yesterday.
“Let me take that.” Ralph says as he grabs the crate from me, I nodded without a word and handed it to him as he brought it to the biggest tent. I turned back to Jason, still busy entertaining the questions. I sigh, trying to clear my head. I might just be overthinking stuff.
Soon, it was almost noon, and a couple of the creatives were already cooking while the others prepared for the activities this afternoon. I helped around, of course, meanwhile Jason was probably off somewhere. He wanted to help set up the courses, but everyone was very adamant at letting him relax.
I smiled inwardly, happy to know I wasn’t the only one who noticed he needed the break. I saw him running over to the lake with Veronica a while ago, and an idea popped in my head. He didn’t have the ball with him there, which meant it could be in his tent.
“Let me just grab something.” I told Ralph who I was helping with tying the banners. He doesn't even acknowledge it much other than shrugging, and I was on my way. Jason’s tent was the one near the biggest one, where most of the others would be sleeping in.
Once I was there, I looked back at the lake to make sure Jason wasn’t watching me. When I was sure he was busy in the water, I unzipped the entrance to his tent. I frowned at the sight—there wasn’t anything inside besides his sleeping bag and his open duffel bag. I was the one to prepare it, and it looked just as packed and tight as it was. There wasn't anything here.
I groaned, exiting the tent. At that moment, Jason spots me walking by, and beckons for me to come over. Which I do, I was sure he didn’t see me, yet my heart kept pounding as I approached him. The others had already gone to dry off, leaving him alone there.
“Yep?” I asked once I was on the shore. Jason stood in the water, his powerful form drenched while the droplets in his skin glinted in the sun and his black shorts clung to his thighs. He was grinning at me again, wordlessly wagging his index finger at me. I raised an eyebrow at Jason, and stared at him with incredulity.
Tumblr media
“Are you on drugs?” I found myself saying, crossing my arms in disbelief. I know Jason wouldn’t normally do this, and this was one of the most possible reasons for his weird behavior. “You’re not acting like yourself, Jason.” I add.
In response, Jason just laughs at me before he leaves the water, drawing closer to me and towering over. He was a couple of inches taller, and it was a little intimidating this close. “Not really. But you’ll see later.” He tells me with a wink, before walking off. This time, I could see the bite on his neck which was about the size of the beetle from last night. It looked the same way as how insect bites looked, only bigger and looked gross.
I suppressed a shudder at this, frowning at Jason as I reluctantly joined the people gathering around the food. There really was something off and wrong about him, but I couldn’t tell anymore. And what could he possibly mean that I’ll see later?
The rest of the afternoon seemingly flew by fast—there were a couple of activities that everyone participated in, but my mind kept wandering back to what Jason said earlier. I couldn’t focus on anything at all, couldn’t knot nor think straight when we brainstormed on a strategy. Somehow, the entire time, I felt Jason’s gaze piercing into me.
It was soon night, and everyone had gathered around a huge bonfire—well, except for me. I had a bad feeling, and Jason sat near the fire with the balled up shirt on his lap. Whatever he was hiding under that, it had to do something with all this.
“Guys, guys,” I hear Jason say once the marshmallows were brought out to be roasted by the fire. “Gather ‘round, I wanna show you something.” from the far edge of the group, I observed as everyone immediately surrounded him.
It was the thing under the shirt—Jason was going to show them whatever it was. And it was only when he took the cloth off that the primal urge to run away rose in me.
It was one of those crushed pods I saw last night, only this one seemed to be in pristine condition and almost twice as big. It was emitting a strange bluish glow, and even from my distance, I could hear the skittering inside. My knees were shaking, urging me to run but at the same time kept in place by my curiosity.
“What’s in there?” I hear one of the marketing heads ask. “That an alien prop or something?” He teases, much to everyone’s humor.
“I am aware that we’re all here because of…issues.” Jason began to say, in yet another tone unlike his. “And I so happen to have found the solution.” he adds, tapping on the egg. At this point, I felt my own feet slowly taking me away, yet my eyes were on the mysterious egg-like pod.
Everyone’s eyes were on the item on his hand, and much like last night, the pod emitted a bright flash of light and a zap, almost everyone gasping in shock. At that moment, the top of the pod gives in, and bursts.
I run. From inside the pod, dozens of beetle that looked the same as the one I stepped on last night. Everyone immediately began to scatter, but I was the farthest and seemingly the only one out of their reach. I risked a few glances back, and saw the insects targeting and biting people who all collapsed as if paralyzed.
I didn’t waste more time looking—especially after accidentally locking eyes with Jason for a sustained second. Somehow, the bugs weren’t biting him anymore, not even while he looked on at the others trying to get away. I turned towards the forest, to where we parked the car earlier.
I could hear screaming from far behind me, most of them getting cut off by gurgling sounds, but I did not look back again. All that mattered now was to escape whatever those bugs were. The forest wasn’t sprawling, and it had a couple of signs that led me quickly towards the entrance.
As soon as I saw the car, I realized my mistake—I had left the car keys in my tent. I cursed to myself, and tried to find a rock to at least break the windows. Though I discarded the idea, knowing I wouldn’t be able to drive without the keys anyway.
From behind me, I could hear footsteps on the fallen leaves and breaking twigs. I didn’t know who it would be, but my instinct kicked in. Instead of running into the darkness, I ducked down and rolled beneath the vehicle.
Almost a whole minute after hiding under, I hear footsteps emerge from the forest and into my clearing. I peeked a little from my hideout and, to my surprise, found a couple of the interns, Veronica, Ralph, and one of the executives. I almost went out to ask them what happened, when one speaks, sending a shudder down my spine.
“Is this where he went?” That was Ralph, although the usual zest in his voice was replaced with something not quite his. I heard a couple of others agreeing, all the while I stayed as still as I could to not catch their attention. It was for more than a full minute, a couple of the coming close to the car and it seemed like they were peeking inside.
“Maybe he went the other way.” Veronica suggested, the others making sounds of agreement and I prepared to move out and run as soon as they disappeared into the tree line. I don’t know what’s going on, but that pod must have done something to them—as it did with Jason.
That didn’t happen, though. As soon as I heard them leaving, I felt something small yet fast crawling in my back. I wasn’t even able to roll around to shake it off, when I felt something like a stinger dig on my nape.
“Fuck!” I yelled, trying to reach for the bug on my neck as I rolled out of the car.
Almost immediately, the gang that surrounded me a while ago were back. This time, Jason was with them. And he was grinning unnaturally, it wasn’t something I’ve seen on his face before. It was the most horrifying expression I’ve ever seen on his face, and I found I focused too intently at him whilst my limbs started to go numb.
“Here it is, Peter.” Jason says, approaching me. I felt my head swimming, my limbs unmoving, as well as something that felt like it was pushing itself into my nape. “Welcome to the hive.”
One by one, I felt my sense leave me, it felt as if I was being ripped out of my own body, and the last I saw before I blacked out was Jason’s warm smile as he held my face in his hand.
I jolt up from the ground and found myself sitting up. Foreign sensations and thoughts of my host flooded into me, every part of himself and all that he is was quickly integrated in my being. It felt weird to now be standing with two feet, and another two higher up in my body as opposed to my many legs prior to acquiring this flesh.
Peter. Peter Simonds, that was my name now. I squeezed my ‘fists’ and felt my ‘biceps’, much tougher and powerful than my previous chitin body and mere stinger. I find myself smiling, my brothers and sisters surrounding me with similar expressions in their faces. I could hear their thoughts too, and I knew they were proud of me for assimilating this new host.
Particularly, the one inside the host who calls himself Jason. He was the one who led us here, and from both his and my host’s thoughts, we knew he had been waiting for this, and I knew that the real Peter inside me had always wanted to be this close to Jason.
And in what they call a cruel trick of fate, we have granted it to him. In a more literal sense.
“Well,” I tell him in my head, imprisoned forever inside the mind that used to be his. “We’re closer than ever now.” I grin to myself, feeling the real Peter inside me shrink and retreat even further in the deepest recesses of my mind, until finally, it was only I.
“Nice of you to join us,” Jason smirked as he approached me, and I returned it with a wink. “Peter.”
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Tumblr media
Extinction by Annibale Siconolfi
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malikontas · 2 months ago
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The Thing From Another World (Christian Nyby, Howard Hawks) (1951)
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Nutty scifi creation from @alexhowardxx on insta
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America the already-populated
Tumblr media
by @LakotaMan1 on twitter: X
Say it with me; America was not discovered, America was - invaded.
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Tumblr media
Roddy Piper and Keith David in They Live (1988)
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70sscifiart · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
R. S. Lonati’s cover to a Spanish edition of The World at Bay by Paul Capon
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one-time-i-dreamt · a year ago
Some sort of alien invasion took place on Earth, and through some means it became impossible for people to enter private property that they didn’t own.
Someone stepped on someone else’s private property and so the aliens dropped an airplane on them.
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haunz · a month ago
Tumblr media
hello humans ~ 👽 today’s feature is ..
rain drops + a cozy room + alien girl
How’re you spending your friday?
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noface-phantom7 · 6 months ago
Possession: The Other Invader
A Case of SCP-4444: Garber Gore
(Part One)
I wasn’t the first of my kind to come to Earth. I was the second, actually. And the only reason I came here myself is because our first attempt has been botched, both by the miscalculation of Garber, and then by the meddling of some groups. I was here to launch a second attempt, albeit more covert and discreet, to avoid being detected like they did with Garber.
Garber and I are part of a species of incorporeal entities that drift through space, looking for the next planet to invade and hosts to take. The last planet we were on is nearing its expiration date, and Earth was the best option we had. See, our species could be categorized as parasitic—we attach ourselves to organisms and feed on them. In this case, we feed on an organism’s thoughts. And it made sense that a rational creature such as a human is our best feeding place.
Humans also had a hierarchy of power and politics, and Garber thought he’d exploit it to make our invasion swift and easy. But he made a mistake, not only by opting to cohabit instead of fully inhabiting the body after he’s consumed their thoughts, he picked the wrong host—someone of high status with some people who grew suspicious. And he didn’t take his time, so his cover was easily blown. His attempt was laughable at best, and I am sure I’m doing much better. We had more idea with how to infiltrate the humans given that it was about two decades ago since Garber’s attempt.
My plan was to insert myself into a host with significant power and influence, but not someone in high office like Garber did. And I made a point to make it discreet, and allow myself to consume the man’s thoughts and slowly replace him. Once I have fully replaced the person, I could initiate the invasion.
It helps that despite being nearly incorporeal and had the ability to phase through matter, our species seem to appear like elongated rods with a point at the end—this point is what we use to insert ourselves inside the brain of a host to feed, and then later on takeover once we’ve assimilated their memories. By then, I’d fully sink inside my host’s brain and would be in full control.
It took a couple of months, I had to insert myself and cohabit the body of a random man first in order to gather intel and information. And of course, to adjust myself into the human world. It was weird, at first, but I got the hang of it. What even drew me in more were the ways humans pleasure themselves, and after a rather blissful experience from the young man I cohabited, I resolved to only possess the men.
After three months of simply cohabiting and lurking on the internet, I found my target. It was this man that went by Dr. Mike. He came to my attention once my current host at that time pored over the man on the internet for hours, and subsequently led me to the decision to use his influence and charisma for my gain. Another aspect of him that particularly caught my attention was that he had the conventional appearance that humans see as most attractive, and ‘sexy’, and I wanted to experience it for myself.
I bid my goodbye to my previous host almost immediately after that, and made my way to New York by jumping hosts and prompting them to take me as close to the city as they could. And it didn’t take long, it was only a matter of two days when I was inside the body of someone who lived close to the man.
As if I was lucky too, I stumbled upon them doing a photoshoot out on the streets the very same night. By then, I immediately made my move. It was my chance and I wasn’t going to miss it. And besides, he looked particularly ‘hot’ in his apparel that I wasn’t sure if it was me or my host that’s causing this body to experience an almost full mast ‘boner’. The more the doctor stood there, the stronger the feeling got.
Tumblr media
I didn’t waste any time after, and immediately jumped onto one of the guys behind the cameras to get closer. Once I was in, I subconsciously suggested he come closer to Mike, on the guise of telling him how he should pose. Mike leaned in close as the cameraman muttered some words to his ears by my instruction. At this point, I made my move. I can’t help but feel a surge of excitement as I detached from the cameraman.
As soon as I slid myself on the back of his head, phasing through the scalp and skull and directly penetrating the brain, I immediately welcomed the rush of his thoughts and memories. I burrowed myself deep, trying to expedite the process of possession. Mike stumbles back at this, a little confused, and at the same time I feel myself flooding almost every bit of him, feeling his sensations and every move as if it was mine. That was the first step, and I tried to keep myself as quiet as I could so as to not have Mike think he was going crazy with a voice inside his head.
The process was much faster, and the more I consumed his memories and thoughts, the more I gained parts of him in me, and the same as I feel myself slowly spreading into his body. Every sensation he felt, I felt even more now, as if it was mine and not his. I was even able to manipulate his deepest thoughts, his dreams, and warp his perspective. At some point, I could fully control his body so long as he stayed asleep.
Eventually though, I was able to take full control of his body for five minutes while he was awake, and he didn’t seem to notice it. Of course, I took this chance to pleasure myself. There, it seems, at that moment of climax was his weakest, and I would repeatedly exploit it to get him to relinquish control over his marvelous physique fully.
His last night in control though, was intense. I was about ninety-eight percent in control by that time and, after being able to fully influence his behavior, got him to avoid engaging in any pleasurable activities while I bombarded his mind with lust. It felt amazing keeping it in, despite the slight discomfort. After a week of holding it in, I had him do it himself.
As soon as he—or we reached the climax, I felt the last bit of the real Mike slip into the deepest recesses of his mind, until it disappeared completely, finally passing on the control of his body to me and claiming the driver’s seat as my entire form finally pushed inside his mind. The feeling was complete bliss, and it just took me over two months.
Since I’ve absorbed and assimilated into myself his memories, thoughts, every single trait and habit he had, I flawlessly blended in as if nothing happened. I still did his videos, went to work, and had as much fun as I could whenever possible. Life as him was great, and another activity I found that gave me so much pleasure is working out. Specifically, working out in front of a mirror while staring at my new form.
Tumblr media
It was a great success, and as of the moment, I’ve been inhabiting his body for nearly half and a quarter of a year. It feels amazing, and I relished it a lot. Though once settled, I knew I had to make the move for the invasion.Now all I need to do is to send a signal to my fellow waiting outside Earth.
I’ve been very lucky that this ‘Foundation’ hasn’t caught a whiff of me at all, I was simultaneously in the spotlight while doing my mission in covert. And I think I’m doing a fantastic job, with the next phase being to look for other suitable hosts I could get my fellow to invade, with my specific instructions on how to, of course. I even have plans of making Mike’s body my main body, while I release parts of myself to assimilate into other hosts and prepare them for our invasion.
Just thinking about the new bodies got me excited, and I found myself grinning as I scrolled through my phone on my own list of names. I stared briefly at my reflection on the small screen, and felt a sly smirk form. I had this body now, and I’d get more. I loved the feeling.
Now that it was done with, I snapped an image of myself and accessed a private network that I’m sure the mothership near the moon could access as well. I couldn’t wait to tell the others, soon enough, the Earth and these bodies will be ours.
And no one would be able to stop us until it was too late for them.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Unity by Annibale Siconolfi
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Below the cut, find the first part of the three-part preview story for my new Novel, They Came in Peace; coming out April 6th! You can pre order here: https://bit.ly/3tisqdi
While full copyright remains with me, please reblog this work as often as you can, and share it and the preorder link wherever you can! And any AO3′ers out there - READ THE WHOLE BOOK BEFORE DOING YOUR FICS!
Tumblr media
The object was first spotted in the late winter by amateur astronomers as it crossed the orbit of Saturn.  Its smooth lines, perfectly symmetrical disk-shape and sheer size demonstrated it wasn’t natural.  That it was also slowing and changing course likewise confirmed suspicions that it was alien in origin.
Mania and hysteria and their ubiquitous partners, chaos and violence spiked: protests and riots spread like waves around the world.  Meanwhile, governments scrambled in a panic of their own— sharing information, stealing information, keeping information to themselves – for all the good that it would ultimately do them.
For three months, all anyone could talk about was the Saturn Ship.  Of course, it didn’t take long to discover that while originally spotted near Saturn, the Saturn Ship hadn’t come from Saturn.  At its observed rate of deceleration the ship, which must have been traveling incredibly fast prior to its arrival in-system, would take most of another year to reach Earth—assuming it was coming to Earth at all.
The world’s major religions retreated into Conclave, and from behind the sheltered walls of their temples and towers, conflicting messages of this being a “Test of Faith,” “Proof of God’s Divine Genius,” “A trick by the Devil,” and variations of the same came out loudly and regularly—often from the same sources and without a blink at the contradiction.
Fast, cheap and terrible alien invasion movies starring the celebrities du jour glutted streaming platforms and movie houses that summer and fall.  Nearly every show on broadcast, cable and Internet television made at least some reference to the Saturn Ship.  A number of science fiction authors even resigned their craft in frustration, anger, and disgust – how could they write about aliens when the actual aliens themselves were coming?  Four major sci-fi franchises were abruptly canceled.  Celebrity “Alien Experts” suddenly found their stock worth much more than it had been since the decline of allegedly “educational” cable channels.  Meanwhile, genuine celebrity scientists vehemently tried to remind people of the necessity of focusing on the facts and the evidence they had, and not on ridiculously unprovable theories and fantasies of half-educated so-called “experts.”  As always, sensationalism won out over substance.
When orbital telescopes finally got a proper look at the ship, their operators aboard the ISS were astonished: it was over a hundred kilometers in diameter, ten high and topped by a thin spire fifty kilometers tall.  Then the ship corrected its pitch, and the spire became a keel hanging beneath the alien vessel.  As the first clear images of the ship flooded the Internet, a hundred memes were generated.  “Good Guy Alien,” “Space Thumbtack,” “Bad Advice UFO,” “Alien Problems” and “Scumbag Ship” were the most popular, at least until someone managed to scrawl “Free Candy” across the ship’s hull in Photoshop, and then the “Pedo Alien” meme was born.
For a while, the ship was hidden behind Jupiter, but when it was seen again it was plainly vectored to intercept Earth's orbit. Now it looked like it was heading for an early January rendezvous.  The media rebranded the "Saturn Ship," calling it the "January Ark," the "January Ship," or referring to the "January Visitors."
By the time it crossed Mars' orbit and was inbound, a flurry of space missions launched from the United States, Europe, the Russian Federation, China, India, and even Israel.  The missions sent from Earth vanished when they reached the alien ship. The unmanned ones either collided with it and were obliterated or landed on its surface and stopped working.  The manned missions – thirteen of them from both public and private space ventures around the world – vanished, presumably taken aboard the alien ship.
Radical extremists, both religious and secular, were still carrying out attacks across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, but most of the ongoing military engagements around the world seemed to be winding down.  Even the Russian Federation and its various feuding, former republics found themselves ceasing fire.  Everyone was wondering the same thing: what was the point of fighting each other when aliens were coming to Earth?  By the time the ship was a month from insertion into Earth's orbit, most of the world's governments and regimes, including many current terror cells, were in a general state of ceasefire.  So began the longest period of true peace in modern history, the world focused on unifying itself before the aliens arrived.
Old clips of American President Ronald Reagan talking about alien invasions and how the world would unite to fight the invaders began circulating; none happier to circulate them than the American Republican Party and various satellite Political Action Committees, lobby groups and privately-funded, partisan “economic think-tanks.”
But such clips had the usual talking heads on the Left asking, blandly, smugly, plaintively, “Who says they’re invading?  Why is it always about war with these people?” Only one “Left-leaning” satirist was astute, savvy and sincere enough to follow the question with a punch-line that was a three-minute montage of every significant alien monster movie battle or attack from the last hundred years, closing with a fade-to-black over the famous five notes from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
Leading historians, anthropologists, theoretical physicists, exobiologists, and other educated theoreticians were quick to point out the devastating culture shock that higher civilizations always caused when meeting more primitive ones, no matter their intent.  Columbus's impact on the pre-Hispanic people of South America was repeatedly called upon as an example; and just as the Indigenous People of the Americas suffered and died from illnesses imported with their European invaders, Humans had no immunity to any microbial life aboard this ship.
Experts also pointed out that anthropomorphizing a species of life that would literally be completely alien to our own was impossible.  They cautioned that we could not know the aliens’ intent in coming to Earth—whether they were benevolent, malevolent or if their interest was even in Humankind; as to the fear they were coming to mine Earth, experts observed that there were more ample resources in space or the outer planets, asteroid field or the Kuyper Belt, facts the sensationalists and fear-mongers deliberately ignored.
The only point the learned experts could successfully get across was that the presence of the ship and any aliens within would be completely disruptive to Human civilization and only by pointing to how disruptive it had already become.
Duncan Terrell, a young, personable celebrity scientist known by the nickname “Doctor Duncan,” gained tremendous mainstream popularity on television and online news networks and social media.  His expertise was sought after by anyone with a media presence.  Terrell had degrees in astronomy, astrophysics, mathematics, engineering, and chemistry.  He would give talks about the aliens, urging optimism, "Because, what other choice do we have but to hope for the best?  We can't prepare for or even attempt to defend against the worst." He was a longtime self-proclaimed geek.  If anything, he explained, the idea of aliens coming to Earth should be a time of excitement and celebration – as well as preparation.
As much as the governments of the world urged calm, as much as they exhorted caution and assured precautions would be taken, no one was truly fully prepared.  Humanity continued relentlessly broadcasting messages of welcome and peace.  Still, there was no reply from the ship.
One morning in mid-January, the world woke up without a sunrise.  Bewildered early risers in East Cape, New Zealand became first people on Earth to learn the ship was now in an orbit that eclipsed the sun so perfectly that there was no dawn—just the giant disk overhead and a ring of feeble light around it tracking its way from east to west across the sky.  No one liked to think of the fifty-kilometer long spike jutting down from the center of the ship’s disk, now pointing right at their fragile, blue world.
As the Darkest Day dawned, world leaders scrambled to bunkers, gathering experts along with them as generals spoke of war strategies and what action could be taken against the giant ship if it decided to continue depriving the planet of direct sunlight.  Temperatures were already dropping sharply across the globe.  Before the end of that first day, the news feeds were referring to an "Alien Winter" caused by the ship if it stayed parked in its current orbit.
Desperate attempts at communication, radio signals both threatening and pleading, were sent throughout the day.  Duncan Terrell spent an eighteen-hour day doing news show after news show after talk show after webcast, giving interview after interview.  The first question he was invariably asked was, Shouldn’t we have prepared for the worst?  His answer, becoming increasingly impatient as the day wore through his natural charm, was always the same: "We have a ship, the size of the Karman Line – the distance from the surface of the Earth to the boundary of what we call outer space – sitting parked overhead.  That ship has traveled from at least the nearest star, across unimaginable distances, and at great speed.  Out there a collision with something the size of a grain of sand would be unbelievably, catastrophically destructive.  I promise you, if NATO or the Russians or Chinese or any other countries with nuclear missiles fires at the ship, it will do absolutely nothing, other than maybe make them mad.  I still refuse to believe they’re here to do us harm.  Right now, I think they’re trying to get our undivided attention, and I think we’re demonstrating that they have our undivided attention. Unless you have a reporter aboard that ship, all we can do is sit and wait.  Aggressive posturing, which I find astonishing that my former colleagues on the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology are in sync with the Pentagon about, will do nothing but make us seem like primitive, violent apes.”
“And what if the Aliens expect some sort of aggressive response?” one reporter asked, snappishly.
Terrell sighed and shook his head, “If that’s the case, then I’d say they know us all too well.”
To be continued in “They Saw” coming Wed. March 23rd
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Yooo. What’s up everyone :3 I’ve had such a busy day at work. But it was good. This weather today is a nice 72 degrees Fahrenheit and I just feel so sleepy. Thinking about a haircut but I’m unsure. Listening to a true crime podcast chillin at home now :)
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“Your planet was always going to fall. There was nothing you could have done about it. But, if it’s any consolation, you were the only reason I didn’t take over your planet on the first day I arrived.”
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Tumblr media
Arrival by Max Bedulenko
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