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There should be an “All People Twitter” account on Tumblr so I don’t have to reblog “White People Twitter” and “Black Twitter Comedy” Tumblr accounts. This post will confuse aliens going back through all of our information.

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Validate me dammit:

The first thing 7 noticed was pain; she was no stranger to pain, it was about the only thing the people could feel in their natural state; but at the present moment, running from zombies in the woods it was far from ideal. Then she noticed the blood, that was a lot of blood; probably way too much blood for a human to loose, oozing out of the host’s midsection; and that’s when she started getting the other signals, organs failing, cells shutting down; the host was dying. 7 needed to get out, get a new host, but the reality of her situation hit her like a ton of bricks; she was alone, there were no other people around, just humans who barely tolerated her because they were concerned about her host, and would certainly not offer her anything.

This was it then, dead. 7 expected dead every day since the zombies appear, even more so since the marauders destroyed the homebase and left her wandering the ruined USA with only one of their old human allies as company; but now that time had come she was scared. She didn’t want to die, she wanted to live! There were so many things she hadn’t done, hadn’t even seen the sea, hadn’t told Leader that she love her, hadn’t gotten that rematch from 92! So she cried, there was no time for dignity in dead.

Then 7 heard Will calling her name, and next thing she knew, he was at her side,

“7, are you okay?”

“My host is dying” she struggled to answer “and there isn’t a new one, so I will die with her”

Will made a noise, it seemed concerned, but 7 couldn’t tell, her senses were failing with the body’s dead, but she went on anyway:

“Will…. Will… I know you don’t like me… but I think of you as a good friend”


“… if you… if you see my family again, can you tell them I loved them, please?”

“7, I… … I will. You know, for an alien parasite you were pretty okay”

“Thank you” and with that she disconnected from the host’s brain, she’d let her die as herself, it was the least 7 could do for her.

She exited the host’s body and waited for her time.

In their natural state, the people were blind and deaf, they had no mouth (they fed through their skin), and they couldn’t smell, their only useful sense was touch, and it wasn’t very acute; for someone who’d spent years inhabiting a human body and experiencing their incredible senses, like 7 had done, returning to their natural state was hell. Some called it “the void” and 7 could see why, they felt trapped in complete blackness, complete silence, there was nothing. All they could feel was what they assumed was the forest ground next to where their host had died; was this how 7 was gonna die? Waste away in a zombie infested forest feeling nothing at all? Maybe they’d get lucky and an animal would kill them. Either way, 7 was done for, and quietly wondered how long would it take; the people couldn’t survive long without a host, but how long varied from person to person, some would go out in a couple of hours, others would cling to life for days; 7 didn’t know which one they were, but hoped for the earlier, they couldn’t stand this emptyness for long. They hadn’t felt so helpless since they were a larvae; honestly the people were pretty pathetic on their own, if not for their ability to take control of other sentient beings brain functions the people would be completely useless; aside from their worthless senses, they were small and had no limbs aside from 2 almost vestigial fins, they were nothing.

With nothing to do but wallow on their impending dead, 7 tried to make sense of the sensations around them. The ground felt softer, wait no; maybe someone had pick them up? Maybe it was Will, giving 7 a decent place to die, that would be nice; they did care about him, even if he only saw them as an evil alien parasite out to take over Earth.

After goodness knows how long 7 felt something calling out to them, something they knew; and almost on instinct lunged to it. It was then, that 7 recognized the feeling, it was the now familiar electric feel of a human’s nervous system; they had a new host! Quickly 7 connected to the human’s brain to take control of it and in an instant there was noise, then they noted there was smell, human BO and dust, there was no light; the host open its eyes and 7 could see they were in the bedroom of one of the suburban houses that made up the human camp. 7 really had a new host, but how? Who was this person? So 7 dug into the human’s memories, and…


No, no, no, no. That didn’t make sense. Will had been 7’s companion since their neighboring bases had been attacked, but he didn’t care that much about them, he wouldn’t…

There was a mirror on a wall, and 7 went to it, almost tripping on the new host’s feet; 7 looked into the mirror, and Will looked back. 7 stood in shock for several moments.

He really had done it. He had given 7 his body.

“I thought you hated me” he told the mirror. Still confused by the surprising turn of events, 7 dig deeper into Will’s memories, trying to understand. It seems 7’s feelings hadn’t been as one-sided as he’d thought. Will did care about him; the human couldn’t let go of the disgust he felt for the parasite, but even so… They had traveled together for months, helped each other, protect each other, 7 had risk his own life and well being for Will more than once; and Will, he’d acknowledged it, he’d come to care for him, and when worst came to worst he’d decided to give the creature a chance; he’d given 7 his body so both could live.

7 wanted to cry “You really are a good friend, Will” he told the mirror once more “I promise I’m gonna take good care of you”

7 wasn’t sure what to do now. First he needed rest, Will’s body was worn out from the run in the woods, and joining a new host took a lot out someone even without 7’s brush with dead. Next he’d probably have to go; the humans of this camp weren’t all that happy with 7 before he’d taken over someone they considered a friend. And he still had to find his family; they were probably looking for a safe place to settle (they had larvae to take care of after all), and they had technology humans didn’t, they shouldn’t be hard to find.

Oh and he’d probably had to find Will’s family too, explain what happened; hopefully they won’t bee too mad at him. But for now, 7 affectionately patted Will’s chest and laid back on the bed. The road ahead was hard, there were zombies or worse yet, living humans; but 7 had a friend, and for now that was more than enough.

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Last one, #4

Alien #4: Snare-Oh

Species: Thep Khufan

Homeworld: Anur Khufos

Thep Khufans often make fun of Humans, as they believe Egypt to be a poor mockery on their society.

Despite this, however, most members of the species are directly named after Egyptian Gods, such as Ra, Osiris and Apophis.

No two Thep Khufans have the same design on their headdresses, though most do tend to incorporate an aspect from their name into it, such as snakes, birds and cats.

Obtaining a “Head Beast”, as they call it, is seen as a rite of passage among Thep Khufan society and the sign that an individual has reach peak maturity and can fend for themselves.

As a Thep Khufan gets older, they will unlock more abilities that get more and more complex over time. The two best examples of this are limited sand manipulation and the ability to speak to non-sapient insects, such as Dung Beetles and Scarabs.

(Thank you for sending these! It was great seeing your ideas!)

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Alien #3: Upgrade

Species: Galvanic Mechamorph

Homeworld: Galvan B

Galvanic Mechamorphs come in a variety of different colors, all with unique secondary abilities based on geological location.

The standard are the Greens, found on B’s northern pole. They act as guards for their main life energy source, the Helix. Upgrade, the Omnitrix’s DNA Sample of a Mechamorph, comes from this region. No unique secondary powers can be seen hear, but most do claim that the Greens are the most intelligent of all Mechamorph Colors.

Living on the southern pole are the Blues, where Ben 23’s Techno-Bubble comes from. They have the secondary ability of also being able to fuse with organic matter as well as machines, which is why Techno-Bubble could enhance Clockwork.

Lastly, on each main hemisphere, the last four colors are as follows: Orange in the North West, Purple in the South East, White in the South West and Gold in the North East.

Oranges have stronger optic laser blasts, Purples can sense radio waves and are quick problem solvers, Whites can purify and revive any of the other colors if they’re drained of energy and Gold can make any enhancements permanent, as well as trans-mutate most forms of matter into something that’s more valuable than it was previously, resulting in what some would call a “Midas Touch”.

There are rumors of a parallel universe in which the local Omnitrix has an Orange/Gold Mechamorph Hybrid within the DNA Catalog, though non can be certain, let alone if such a reality even exists.

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