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I seen a UFO fucking alien ship at 5:15 in the morning Oxnard California holy shit I was tripping balls it was moving slowly through the sky and then when I switch my phone from camera to video and putting it back into the sky it was gone crazy shit aliens I got to see one in my lifetime

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Minimalista chegou.

#Ovni #ufo #utah #monolito #noviembre2020
#tecnologiaultrasecreta #Extraterrestres #andromeda #aliens #detectordenegativos #divulgación #tecnologíaextraterrestre #fly #telosianos #aperturadeconciencia
#liberacióndelplaneta #despertar #disclosure #despierta #universo
#cosmos #cosmovni
Monolito inspirador “extraterrestre” 😃 encontrado en Utah, neste noviembre de 2020, lembra o intrigante monolito parecido do filme de Stanley Kubrick recomendable ver de los años 70'as 2001 odisea del espacio.

Este es el comunicado oficial…
Utah Los funcionarios de vida silvestre se han topado con una extraña estructura similar a un monolito en el desierto de Utah, lo que provocó que Internet lanzara bromas y lamentaciones de Stanley Kubrick sobre la rareza de 2020. Tras una inspección más cercana, los funcionarios se dieron cuenta de que habían encontrado un monolito de metal que había sido instalado en una zona apartada de roca roja. El Departamento de Seguridad Pública de Utah publicó fotografías y videos de su personal maravillado con el objeto, que se estima tiene entre 10 y 12 pies (3-3,6 metros) de altura.

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A #mysterious metal #monolith, about three meters high, has been discovered in a #remotearea of #Utah. The structure bears an #ominous #resemblance to the one depicted in #StanleyKubrick’s 2001 #SpaceOdyssey.⁣

The monolith was discovered by workers from the Utah Department of Public Safety Aero Bureau, who were conducting a count of bighorn sheep in southeastern Utah.⁣

They spotted the #bizarre structure while flying over a “very remote” area of Utah’s #RedRockCountry. The crew landed to investigate the object and said that it’s firmly planted into the ground and didn’t appear to have been dropped from the sky.⁣

‘It is illegal to install structures or art without authorization on federally managed #publiclands, no matter what #planet you’re from,’ the agency said in a statement.⁣

We’re not saying it’s definitely aliens, but it’s definitely #aliens.

Tap the link in bio for more details.

#mystery #unknownobject #alien #mysteriousworld #utahgram #america #viral #video #metalmonolith #strangerthings #discovery #worldnews #worldnewsapp

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I never do novelizations (I don’t think?), but some of the last few books have left me either grossed out or unimpressed, so I went with something completely self indulgent. I love the movie and the characters, so the book would have more of what I loved, right? I went with the audiobook version because it’s narrated by the guy who plays Lt. Gorman in the movie!

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Finished ink drawing from invader zim!
Follow me on Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, and Tumbler at! https:// Yukonwolfspirit #Yukonwolfspirit @Yukonwolfspirit #invaderzim #humanzim #aliensarereal #greenguy #zim #alien #aliens #space #invaderzimfanart #invaderzimart #spaceinvader #artisticprocess #art #artistsoninstagram #artist #artisticexpression #howtodraw #markerart #marker #ink #inkdrawing #inkart #orignal #orginalart #mixedmedia #coolart #blackandwhite #multimediaart

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Days 16 and 17 of my Doodle-a-Day challenge. I’m on an alien-drawing kick, evidently.

First picture: Seisyavii, a ssoisssilit, eating a mango-like fruit from their home planet. 

The wing-like appendages on their back are communication-sails coated with chromatophores (ssoisssilit naturally have poor hearing, so they use them to communicate), and the antennae on their head are neuroprosthetic implants (quite common among their kind, frequently used to give completely new senses like magnetoreception). The jaws of ssoisssilit are fused along the sides, similar to seahorses (an inconvenient ancestral trait, like the partial fusion of the trachea and esophagus in humans or the txentx’s single pair of limbs), so they have extensible cartilaginous jaws that they pop out to eat, at the cost of not being able to breathe while eating since the nostrils are folded back. Their blood is coboglobin-based, hence the yellow flesh.

Second picture: Lotata, a lemaseq, takes a brief pause from reading a government report etched on a plastic tablet. He keeps a water-adapted nanotech swarm in the shape of a crown above his head, because while humans may be the political enemies of his kind, wow did they have the right idea with crowns.

Not as much to say about the lemaseq as a species since they’re still in development, but the stuff I’m sure on: they come from a high-gravity Super-Earth in the Large Magellanic Cloud, they’re mostly aquatic but can live on land as long as they’re near saltwater, their skeletons are made out of enamel, and their gills are located on their bellies in front of their third leg pair, making them adopt an odd posture on solid surfaces. Also they walk kind of like centaurs, particularly in lower gravity.

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