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lunathecosmicfairy · a day ago
we are divine, spiritual beings. we are the universe - when we manifest, and ask the universe, we are asking ourselves, we are limitless, we are the creators, our desires are ours already! you can create yourself, and be whomever you what to be.
remember great power comes to those who are willing to listen to the whispers of their own spirit instead of the shouts of the world. tune in. power radiates around you without you even saying a word.
change your mindset. reprogram your mind. reclaim your life because it all starts in your head. keep learning. keep growing. forgive. love yourself. love others. love + honour gaia. welcome the blessings, abundance, & opportunities. align with life.
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ecaloshay · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
“lawful good water biscuit”
The op is on Tumblr: @glitterwarpaint.
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nesophontidae · a year ago
Tumblr media
Blame me and @bunbons for this abomination, but we needed an alignment chart for the fish and women opinion hats
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cancer-son · 4 months ago
I don’t chase. I attract.
What belongs to me will find me.
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prokopetz · 8 months ago
Alignment grid where the horizontal axis is “having my identity represented in media via robot metaphors is dehumanising“ versus “being human sucks, chrome me up”, and the vertical axis is “robots permit the explicit exploration of issues that human characters can address only indirectly“ versus “hrng, robot sexy”.
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Tumblr media
Made an alignment chart based on what you put as your name on a uquiz
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I’m at the Winter Solstice (what?)
I’m at the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (what?)
I’m at the combination Winter Solstice and Jupiter-Saturn conjunction
Tumblr media
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444bunny · 2 months ago
I release all past energies and thoughts that are residing within me , returning them to their original source. Now that space has been created , I allow myself to receive new energy , opportunities and blessings that have been waiting to enter.
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uncle-sketj · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Either Chaotic Neutral or Lawful Good.
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goldcoasthoney · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
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critrolestats · 25 days ago
Quick Answers 87
Tumblr media
Updated to end of Campaign 2 and ExU Season 1.
Our last Quick Answers came out just before Campaign 2 concluded, right before we got hit with a tidal wave of content in the form of Campaign wrap-ups, Exandria Unlimited, and a number of one-shots. In that time, a lot of critters had some campaign-spanning questions that, we soon realized, did not qualify as “quick.” Although we’ve answered a few requests here, stay tuned next week as we answer some of the more in-depth questions that require full, thorough articles to address!
How much gold did Caleb spend on paper and ink?
2475 gold.
How many times was Yasha mind-controlled?
If we take mind-controlled to not mean frightened or stunned (both of which also require failed wisdom saves): 10
Controlled by Obann before she met the Nein (confirmed C2E087, 2:29:44)
Controlled by Siff Duthar in the encounter in his research lab (C2E016, 0:56:53)
Charmed by the Incubus in the fight under Asarius (C2E055, 2:29:37)
Controlled by Obann again in the battle with the Laughing Hand (C2E069, 2:46:41)
Compelled to eat a flower on the island of Rumblecusp (C2E100, 2:47:51)
Compelled to swim towards Vokodo’s lair (C2E102, 2:16:49)
Had some of her memories taken away on Rumblecusp (C2E103, 2:12:42)
Hypnotized by Vokodo in his underwater lair (C2E105, 3:02:44)
Charmed by the Eye of Gaudius in the first Lucien battle on Cognouza (C2E139, 1:49:14)
Put in a Nightmare Cage by Lucien, Cognouza Incarnate (C2E140, 0:31:20)
How many hit points did Fjord's Ring of Fire Resistance save the Mighty Nein in Campaign 2?
Fjord’s 4500 gp purchase blocked a grand total of 21 fire damage:
(C2E121, 2:09:43) 4 down to 2 damage to Fjord, from fire elemental
(C2E121, 2:11:00) 6 down to 3 damage to Fjord, from fire elemental
(C2E139, 1:15:41) 32 down to 16 damage to Jester, from Eye of Ira
Other questions answered in this series:
Character sheet for Mollymauk at Level 15?
How often did the Mighty Nein wonder if they were the bad guys?
How often has a player character’s alignment change been announced?
What are the more in-depth questions you’re going to answer in the next couple weeks?
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444bunny · 16 days ago
Allow yourself to release the desire of wanting to bring people onto your path and put the responsibility of their growth on your back. Many things will shift in and out of your life the more you choose your own alignment , but not everyone is on the same path as you. Letting go when things have run their course is necessary — you must make room for the new to enter.
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