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#alina x mal
wrote this because i felt soft and cute
long btw and i don’t know how to cut post so sorry
otkazat'sya!oc x sun summoner!oc + darkling being soft - part one???????
1 • once i was seven years old
wendy remembered the panic running through her veins the day they took pietro from the orphanage. the grisha had arrived in their beautiful keftas, their strides long and confident. they had the untested children lined against the wall. it wasn’t too many of them just her, pietro, and two others she didn’t really care about.
wendy wasn’t too worried either, the odds of her or pietro being grisha was astronomical, there was no reason for her to fret. this would be over soon and her, and pietro can go back to their usual mischief.
the grisha stood smiling (fake smiles, thought wendy,) while the stern man in red explained exactly what was going to happen, wendy didn’t much care for that either. no reason for her to listen, she was certain she wasn’t grisha. sure enough, the red kefta’d grisha pricked her finger (she didn’t even flinch) and nothing happened. she went back to the line without being told.
pietro was the last. he nervously went up, his steps so incredibly small (wendy frowned, he’s always so shy) until finally, he was standing in front of them. pietro hesitantly raised his hand to the grisha; the grisha pricked his finger. he flinched and yelped in pain, but that wasn’t the part that worried wendy, it was the light that came bursting from wound.
a blinding, scorching light. everyone looked away, (they’re going to take him away, thought wendy, her best friend ) except for her.
there was shock for a few seconds (‘ ‘sun summoner,’ ’ said the grisha) and then, they grabbed pietro, and hurried him outside into a carriage.
wendy had screamed and kicked against the woman who ran the orphanage(‘ ‘ leave him alone! ’ ’), and pietro unabashedly had mirrored her actions (‘ ‘ let me go! i don’t want to leave! ’ ’). the first time he was actually fighting back. they didn’t want to be separated but he was grisha and she, she was merely an otkazat'sya.
the woman hurled wendy against the wall, the woman’s eyes burning (‘ ‘ selfish, foolish girl! he’s going save all of ravka. ’ ’) as wendy bit her lip to keep herself from whimpering in pain.
she returned the woman’s burning gaze tenfold. the woman huffed and left, the rest of the children followed suit.
wendy ran outside, the carriage was gone. they were gone. (‘ ‘ stupid shadow fold! stupid black heretic! stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid! ’ ’) pietro was gone.
2 • i met darkness at the age of eight
wendy remembered she was playing in the meadow nearby with another one her friends, still her friend didn’t compare to pietro but it was still better than being an outsider ( ‘ ‘ i don’t want to be alone.’ ’ she cried a year ago), when she met the shadow summoner.
the woman came (wendy still refuses to learn her name), she seemed frightened, extremely frightened, she led her friend away who cowered at the shadowy figure passing through the meadow.
wendy knew who was approaching her, but unlike the woman and her friend, she wasn’t afraid. instead, she stayed seated on the grass and continued picking flowers for her flower crown.
darkness surrounded the flowers and grass beneath his feet (‘ ‘ stand. ’ ’), he did not kneel to reach her level. he stood above her, he will always stand above her.
wendy continued on her task, perhaps a hint of another color would make her flower crown pop with color, she liked vibrant colors. she plucked another flower from the ground (yellow, thought wendy, reminds me of pietro), and hummed.
the darkling watched her with a brow raised (‘ ‘ are you deaf, girl? ’ ’), his black coat blowing in the wind.
wendy didn’t look up (‘ ‘ no. ’ ’), she was almost done just a few more flowers, (i just don’t care, she thought) so picked another yellow from the grown.
he kneeled this time, he was still taller than her (‘ ‘ frightened? ’ ’). he wouldn’t be surprised, made himself in that image to keep not himself but grisha safe.
wendy wanted to scream but settled for a frown instead (‘ ‘ no, i’m not frightened, ’ ’ she still didn’t want to incur his wrath). she picked a blue flower this time. two more ( ‘ ‘ you took my best friend. ’ ’) and she was done.
the darkling sat down, an amused smile danced on his lips (‘ ‘ i see, you’re upset with me. ’ ’) he was mocking her, she could tell. it was the same tone the older kids used on her ( ‘ ‘ are you going to bring him back? ’ ’) before she punched them. this time, the darkling picked a red flower ( ‘ ‘ no, but he is being rather stubborn. ’ ’) and handed it to her.
wendy picked identical an red flower near her ( good for him, she thought). he weaved the flower in her hair (‘ ‘ i see now who he’s mimicking, ’ ’ he chuckles), it suited her.
one more flower to go. she reached over for a daffodil and weaved it together (‘ ‘ would you like to see him? ’ ’). she stopped and looked around expectantly (‘ ‘ he’s not here. ’ ’ said the darkling), the flower almost fell from her hair.
wendy pouted ( stupid jerk, shadow summoner, she thought), then huffed angrily as she finally, finished her flower crown. she fought back tears, she wouldn’t cry in front of him.
the darkling gingerly took the flower crown from her hands (‘ ‘ but you can see him, all the time if you’d like? at the little palace. ’ ’) he examined it.
wendy finally looked at the shadow summoner there was a bit of hope in her eyes, just a sliver and then (‘ ‘ but i’m not grisha. ’ ’) it was gone.
he gently placed the flower crown on her head (‘ ‘ that’s not what i asked, i asked if you want to see him? ’ ’). it was little too big for her head (his fault he was distracting me, thought wendy).
wendy nodded fervently, and the flower crown fell loopslidedly down her head. she decided in that moment that if the shadow summoner was just being cruel, she’d throw a rock at him, maybe kick him a few times for good measure.
the darkling reached out his large hand towards her, she saw a silver ring on his pinky. it looked sharp like the test a year ago. wendy reluctantly (if it means seeing pietro again, she thought) placed her small hand in his.
they walked hand in hand to a black carriage paired with black stallions.
wendy saw the woman on the corner of her eye ( ‘ ‘ you can’t take her. she’s not grisha, ’ ’ her voice shook). wendy didn’t see the cold look from the darkling but she saw the woman had cowered beneath his gaze. there was no more resistance coming from her.
wendy climbed into the carriage, it wasn’t empty there were two men in red kefta’s: one she recognized (‘ ‘ ivan, ’ ’ he said sternly) from a year ago (frigid man, she thought) and the other a complete stranger ( ‘ ‘ my name is fredyor, ’ ’ he smiled), a nicer stranger.
a small greeting left her mouth like the woman taught her to introduce herself. fredyor beamed at her, ivan didn’t seem to care.
the darkling settled in besides her, he tapped the ceiling and the carriage jolted forward.
it didn’t take long for the gentle rhythm of the ride to lull her to sleep (see you soon, pietro, wendy dreamed of him)
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forthisone · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
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starkovthings · 10 hours ago
Hi!! UMM I love your page btw- what would Malina's modern relationship look like?! I NEED TO KNOW ALSO BLESS YOU FOR THESE MOODBOARDS
Tumblr media
a glimpse
hiii omg I’m so glad you like them!! xx
still best friends to lovers
they live in London, but they don’t live together yet
they love to go to museums
on sunday’s they go to farmers markets and buy goodies and flowers (alina insists she always has to have flowers in her apt)
frequent late night cuddles
date night usually consists of trying new recipes they find on pinterest while listening to music
bread, cheese, wine and repeat
mal wakes her up in the mornings so they can go on nature walks (she always complains)
avid café customers
she loves watching him work out
mal and alina are thinking about getting a dog but they don’t know if they should move in together first
mal never fails to make her squeal when he comes up behind her, flooding her with soft kisses and tender squeezes
phone calls end up being hours
alina is always too shy to sing in front of him
they have monthly couple “book club” where they each pick a book for one another to read
she always says “when I hear your laugh I fall even more in love”
he teases her about everything
alina loves art and mal is her biggest fan
they both get jealous but he shows it more
mal calls alina his “sunshine”
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malstarkcv · 11 hours ago
modern!malina oneshot
Hello! This is where alina confesses her love to mal and he kisses her, fluffy I guess? Enjoy.
Alina had just stumbled across her dorm room across the hall, a heavy bag thrown on her shoulder that held her books and papers she needed for the classes she just had to study with genya.
Genya, her best friend lived in the other side of the dorm building which meant they had to travel and walk a lot to get to one another, not that alina minded, she liked it.. just not when she had to carry such weight on one shoulder while two other big note books in the other hand.
Alina huffed a piece of her dark hair away from her face as she went inside her room and shut the door with her foot. She dropped the bag to the nearest table and sighed.
She looked around the room and it was an absolute mess, clothes thrown out everywhere, cans of coke, trash literally all around the place.
then she had remembered she shared her dorm room with none other than freaking malyen oretsev. "MAL!" Alina managed to yell, as if he's anywhere around the place to hear. "Oh for fucks sake, mal.. Fuck!" Alina said and huffed once again.
And it's like she called him, the door opened and he came inside, a drink in his hand, she assumed it was soda he liked to drink because he lives off sugar. He took the last sip, flexing his jaw towards her as he placed the can on the table. Alina rolled her eyes and walked to pick it up, she showed it to him and then threw it in the trash. "It's that easy!" Alina yelled again.
"Oh right, yes the room is a mess. I came back to clean it, I thought you'd take longer at genyas.." mal admitted, the room was a mess that he made but he surely looked good as ever. Alina envied how he managed to look good every day while dealing with assignments and a pile of useless homework, exams every now and then, She wanted to punch him in the face for it. She hasn't realise she was staring and then blinked twice, looking away from him and her awkward tomato looking face.
"Well.. just do it quick." Alina said, completely forgetting she was mad at him, and that the room isn't even done cleaning. Yet her side of the room wasn't touched at all, if anything at all she's glad mal doesn't invade her private area of the room. That was only persevered for her.
"You alright?" He asked, grabbing a bag and putting all the trash that's scattered around his bed and on the floor that's near it. "Why?"
"I can't ask?"
Alina just nodded. "Whatever I'm tired, Finish quick I'll sleep." Alina said, giving her own shoulder a massage before she took off her boots. She figured mal nodded and then looked up at him, he was almost done with cleaning the place. "Where have you been?" She impulsively asks and then immediately regrets it, it wasn't her place to ask where he goes, not at all. "I went to grab a soda, needed my sugar." He answered, his back was given to her. As she managed to look to the side to see if he has any sort of reactions. Nothing, she dropped it.
She bit her lip, she hates how nervous he makes her feel, after she realised she's had feelings for him all these years of being his best friend, she would often catch herself thinking of him, wanting to be near him, asking her other friends if they'd seen him. They all would take it as normal as he probably would, but to her it was something else completely. She'd often toss and turn in her bed just thinking of him and of what she would say to him if he talked to her the next morning, it felt like a punch in the gut, he was her mal nonetheless but this time it's more in ways alina couldn't explain or admit herself, it caught her completely off guard, one day he was her best friend and then the other he was someone she wanted more of, a glance, a conversation, she felt too desperate and it disgusted her, she knew he doesn't like her that way, not one bit. It killed her more each day that he'll never look at her the way she was looking at him right before he just turned around and caught her staring at him.
"I forgot to ask, how do you like my hair like this?" Mal asked, Alina sighed internally, would she ever talk to him about her feelings? She would do anything other than ruin their friendship for her stupid feelings. "Yes, it looks good." Alina said, forcing a smile his way. "I know." He replied back before he hopped into his own bed. "Of course you do." Alina said and he just laughed, she adored it. She cringed at herself for feeling this way, her heart ached in her chest every time he spoke or looked at her, he would often hold her hand in the hallway or when they go for walks late at night around the building. Their hands fit perfectly together, she traced the scar on her palm and smiled, she loved it most when he held the hand that was scarred for him. She wouldn't have it any other way, she couldn't bare telling him how in love with him she is, she can't, and she won't- "mal-" she said. Looking up from her own palm.
"Hmm?" He said with the sleepy voice of his, was she gonna tell him? Can she even tell him? She swallowed the lump in her throat, and walked across to his bed. "I- I wanna talk to you about something." Alina said, standing on his bedside. He sat up, a concerned look on his face. "I figured, spill." He said, giving her his full attention. She sat down, which made her more nervous because they were closer and alina wasn't sure her legs could pick her up for long. "I don't know how to say this... I probably shouldn't." Alina said at first, his eyes not leaving her. "Did you kill anyone?"
"God no, mal-" alina said and let out a laugh, he smiled placing a piece of her hair behind her ear, which he did a lot before but for some reason it fired up her veins more and more as her cheeks heated.
She decided she should just tell him, she can't handle losing his friendship but her feelings were getting out of hand each day that passed he didn't know of it. Maybe if he rejects her it would be enough to understand she can't love him the way she does, or maybe he'll push her away, tell her he's in love with somebody else. Someone that isn't her.
"I- love you... and I know this is crazy to you because we do love each other, right? Like we're best friends for as long as I can remember and we've been together forever and- and it's made me whole and you're my absolute world- mal.. the love I feel for you now is not the love as when we were children. This- it's different, I'm in love with you desperately like i would shout it from roof tops and it's so ridiculous because you- me- you know? Goodness I-" the next thing she knew, he grabbed her face and kissed her, of any way she could have imagined his reaction it wasn't this one at all.
The kiss, her first kiss, was with him. Now, just after she poured her heart to him. He pulled away, a huge smile plastered on his face. "So- you don't hate me?" Alina asked, catching her breath. "Hate you-? Alina I've been in love with you way in the orphanage, you're all I've ever wanted, you're the whole of my heart." He said and with that, she kissed him again. Her arms around his neck. "Why didn't you ever tell me?" She asked, breaking the kiss. Looking into his eyes, she knew it was the exact reason as hers, having such friendship ruined for feelings. But she knew they can work it out, they always do. He grabbed her hand and kissed it, kissed her jaw, her cheek and then nudged her nose with his. "I would rather die than lose you... That's why I never spoke of my feelings for you, I should have and I am sorry for never doing it." He whispered, Alina nodded. "Me too, I'm sorry... for not realising it earlier." She said and he smiled, the smile that made her feel at home and at ease, she couldn't help but hug him, bury her face into his neck just like the old times, the room in complete silence but the sound of their breathing and in sync heartbeats.
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rey-of-luke · 12 hours ago
mal x alina x darkling | everything i did, i did for us
@mal-zoya it’s not a gifset but does a shitty fanvid count as contributing?
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thereadersmuse · 16 hours ago
Get you a man like Mal, who is literally one chromosome away from swiss cheese every fucking episode. Refusing to die because Alina is still breathing. The true hetrosexual audacity is people shipping Alina with the Darkling when Mal the Pal is literally R I G H T  T H E R E!??!
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mariailoveyou-guerin · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the meadow is for epic lovestory and endgames only Everlark and Malina can relate! living there raising kids! Malina paralleling all the epic ships I know that’s right romonie everlark jjpope
is badass main character thing to remember a meadow with your true love aka your home yes this @ alina starkov and katniss everdeen? Help
there so much parallels between them the color and flower thing the always the meadow scene the gets taken away from their homes and they run after them thing please edit people edit the parallels between everlark and malina now plz
they also parallel fitzsimmons romione sm best friends to lovers excellent and the marrying and raising their children in meadow/countryside
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ajsjskafjgjskjafkfal · 21 hours ago
All I see is team darkling or team mal
why not team Alina is a strong saint who has a strong motive that isn’t just hot boy like damn
Y’all are really so fixated on who Alina should be with rather than what she can do and who she can save
I’m team Alina starkov
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avenger-witch · 22 hours ago
Darklina / Malina Bullshit
Tbh, I would've liked it if Alina was single by the end of the trilogy. The Darkling was obviously toxic af (are y'all just going to ignore what he did to Genya and Baghra?). But Mal also sucked. I would've preferred it if he just went back to the First Army while Alina went to Keramzin.
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bellarayel · a day ago
I would just like to say holy hell?!?!?!?!? Like wth?!?
Shadow and bone have ruined me istg. I’m like addicted to it and like I don’t know— like well shit! its made me rethink everything about myself. DO I EVEN WANT TO BECOME A RADIOLOGY ONCOLOGIST?!?!? At this point, it’s made me want to low key drop all future plans and become an actor and hope I get my big break. Like seriously- the cast makes my heart hurt ❤️ If anyone lowkry has any acting tips about getting inyo the industry please help a girl out. ITS OFFICAL I DONE LOST MY MIND
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starkovthings · a day ago
Could you maybe do like a date night with Mal and Alina?
Tumblr media
Date night includes: yummy dinner and awing at the art at their favorite museum
ahhh!!! I hope you like it anon
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meliia · a day ago
So I finished the shadow and bone trilogy and I would like to talk about it. usually with fantasy I'm always iffy with the first book, so I only really got into it when Alina and Mal were hunting for the stag.
But damn was Siege and Storm fun. I see everyone on mainly booktok talk about how they don't like it but honestly, I liked it better than Shadow and Bone mainly because of the ending (and Nikolai of course). when I tell you I got so hyped when Alina and The Darkling had the face off in the chapel, I mean I had to do laps around my house while thinking it over. she really pulled the uno reverse on him and got a cool hair colour out of it.
speaking of Alina and The Darkling, I wasn't really feeling the chemistry between them in the first book, but the second book did a good job in making me actually feel for them. because yes, he betrayed her and is cruel towards her but I always think back to the scene when Alina is studying (i think) and The Darkling shows up and he says this one line: “Then I’d be alone too.”
something about that line really hit me. I feel the darkling did have some love for Alina, but i think it was twisted and blinded by his greed for the Ravkan throne. Aline truly was the yang to his yin when it came to power and maybe even love. I read Ruin and Rising after watching the Netflix show so I didn't understand the uproar about everyone upset with the name and after reading it I am also disappointed they let his name out that easily. in the book Alina and Baghra (rip my queen your death almost made me cry) are the only ones that know it basically meaning they were the only ones that knew the true him and when the Darkling is dying and he just wanted Alina to say his name, a tear almost came to my eye.
this is a really unstructured way of talking about this but here is my short conclusion.
Show Mal>>>>>Book Mal
Zoya you were kinda annoying in the first two, came to love you tho
Tamar and Tolya yall were cool, loved the axes
We love our King Of Scars
Genya you were fun and glad you got your justice against the king
David youre doing great sweety
Nadia you were eh
and finally, the apparat can seriously just fuck off. you think Alina wants to stay in that dusty cathedral and you think you can keep her there? she can literally cut people in half, you never stood a chance.
Ruin and Rising> Siege and Storm> Shadow and Bone
S&B Show > S&B Book
idk this was just something fun i wanted to do to get my thoughts out. might do it for other books, who knows
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starkovthings · a day ago
Tumblr media
First I love you
Islands in the Stream plays on her record player while Mal sips his tea on the couch in her living room.
Alina is humming along to the lyrics, her hips swaying as best they can since she’s sitting in her squeaky wooden chair. This perks Mal's ears making his eyes blink in her direction, the warm atmosphere makes his heart squeeze tight and burst from the seams.
The vanilla ice cream makes Alina hum at the goodness of the sweet dessert. She sings along quietly, she’s timid for him to hear her even though they've known one another since forever and she knows that her boyfriend won't mind.
“You do something to me that I can’t explain hold me closer and I feel no pain. Every beat of my heart we got something…”
Her lips purse together when she feels Mal's strong arms wrap around her shoulders, she giggles once he pecks her cheek over and over, his smile feels so soft against her cheek. Mal pulls back with a content sigh, she holds up her spoon up towards his lips.
“Keep singin” he encourages.
“Want a taste?” She avoids his request causing him to playfully roll his eyes.
“Thought you’d never ask”
Mal sighs dramatically taking a bite of the ice cream. Alina raises her eyebrows and rests her head back against his chest.
They stay quiet for a moment just enjoying the feeling of each other in the quiet moment of the evening that they created, locked away from the world.
Mal feels safe and he feels happy. Mal decides then that it’s time to tell her, he didn’t know how but he thinks this is the perfect time because there are alone. Nobody is here to interrupt them or make him feel rushed. She’s his light, she’s sweeter than honey and he lovers her.
“I love you” he decides to just spill it. He says it with force, it’s loud enough to hear over the music and he feels Alina freeze her jaw and she chews on a raspberry.
She squirms around and Mal let’s go of his hold on her. She turns her whole body to face his, he’s standing tall and she feels herself shrink at his towering stance and the candles around her small apartment illuminate his figure. She stands up quickly realizing the silence around them and she knows Mal is probably feeling so shy, you’d never think he would be, but she knows him too well.
“I love you” They both giggle at her reaction, she wraps her arms around him as he shows his pearly whites.
“Sorry… I- I couldn’t speak for a second. You make me nervous sometimes” she admits.
“You make me nervous too... funny after all this time, huh?”
“Mhm” she hugs him tighter.
“I love you, I love you, I love you” he whispers before kissing her hair.
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serpenteve · a day ago
alina starkov of the books was never ready for any kind of relationship, let alone made to navigate three separate love interests, one of whom is literally the villain???
i don't know why leigh characterized her so passively in the books but she was already so co-dependent and desperate for validation and approval and i felt like a satisfying character arc of watching her transform into someone stronger was kind of strangled by the plot and bad writing
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✧・゚: *✧・゚:* alina starkov x darkling’s daughter!reader
*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ after learning the truth, you and alina flee little palace
Eyes locked on the grey kefta in resentment. Grey. Not purple, red, or blue. Grey for an unknown Grisha. Grey for a Grisha who showed potential once — enough to be identified and then never again.
You hated those lies. You hated the looks of resentment. You hated the whispers. You hated that you weren't wearing black. You hated you were taken as weak.
You hated that you weren't feared, loathed, and loved like your father.
You hated that you were in your room rather than the winter fete. You clenched your jaw, fist tightening around the golden brush. Real gold. It reflected in the light.
The others hated you for that, too.
You hated that you'd been forced to take a name that wasn't yours. That you could never address the Darking as father. You hated that you could only conjure your shadows in the hidden depths of your room. Saints! You often wished you could Cut them where they stood. When they snickered as you left your lessons with Baghra. "Anything yet?" Cynthia would ask, a mocking grin on her lips. You'd only force a smile. "Not quite. The Darkling hasn't been wrong about anyone before. We shouldn't start distrust now."
I could ruin you all, you'd thought over and over again. I could be the ruin of everything if I wished.
You didn't want that. You wanted peace. You wanted a home where you didn't have to hide who you were.
You knew you couldn't get that at Little Palace with your father. Each time you brought it up, he told you to wait.
You were tired of waiting.
Since you were thirteen, you often dreamed of getting a horse from the stables and running until your father came, telling you that you could use the Small Science all you wished if you just returned with him. You weren't sure why you hadn't.
The fear of drüskelle? The fear of the Darkling refusing to search? Or the Shu Han that would cut you open and pry into your core to discover the secrets you hid?
You could dream all you wished.
It never changed the fact that you were far too cowardly.
So you waited as long as your father wished. You waited until you could wipe the sneers and smirks off their face.
The time came with Baghra.
Her steps were quick, the door opening and closing before you could blink. Where music had once wafted into the room, it was now quiet. Baghra only moves to your closet. "Come now, child. We don't have much time,"
You stood from your padded seat, smoothing your shirt with nervous hands. "What are you doing here?"
Baghra grabbed your boots and cloak. She moved to the vanity, throwing jewelry, hairpins, and the brush into a bag. "You must go. Leave with the Sun Summoner. I've spared you enough time to leave before the Darkling notices you've gone,"
"Why would I leave?"
It was something you constantly asked yourself. Even if you were tormented and treated lesser, you were safe. You just had to bide your time. You had to wait until Alina was ready. Until you, your father, and Alina could destroy the Shadow Fold. Then, Shadow Summoners wouldn't be feared.
She places her hands on your shoulders. "I should've got you out sooner. I should've sent you away when he learned of your existence. I should've sent a warning to your mother," Baghra shakes her head. Remorse and anger swirl in her eyes. "You and the girl have to hurry. He's found the stag. None of you will be safe,"
Delight welled in you. "He found the stag? That's amazing news, Baghra! All he needs to do is give it to Alina and we'll be closer to destroying the Fold—"
"You don't understand. I can't blame you for this. I thought we had more time. I thought the stag would stay hidden. Leave Little Palace behind, Y/n. Get a chance at freedom,"
Her claw-like grip tightens. "He never planned on destroying the Fold. He was going to use the both of you for more power. Why do you think he hid you? Why he refuses to let anyone know about the Small Science you practice?"
"To protect me—"
"To protect his way to power. If I'm wrong, nothing will come from this. If I'm right, then you'll be free. Go, Y/n. You don't have much time,"
Time seemed to freeze the moment you left your room. Candles still blazed, their pumpkin and vanilla scent hanging.
The bag of valuables and enough to get where you planned to go hit your side under your cloak. Baghra insisted you not tell her where you were going. She hadn't trusted her son not to get it out of her.
In a dark hallway, Alina waited. She lets out a sigh of relief, the tension creasing her forehead and eyes vanishing. "I was worried," She says. She grabs your hand, leaning you to the carriage she deemed worthy. "They'll come for us. We just need to be gone before they get started,"
"We'd need to get across the Fold. If we book passage, they won't expect it. They'll search on this side before they even consider one incompetent Grisha and one who just learned their powers made it. Have you ever been?" You hadn't. You could hardly remember a time you left Little Palace. You'd spent hours in the surrounding fields on the white mare you were gifted. All you needed was a horse. If you managed one, you were home free.
Alina watched as you climbed into the trunk. She followed. "I never made it across. Inside the Fold, yes," You remembered the whispers upon her arrival. The tales that had seemed far-fetched. It was more than a tight squeeze. Alina lied haphazardly on you, body digging painfully into yours. She whispered apologies, each met with an acceptance until you shushed her.
"Did you trust him?" You asked. You didn't understand the relationship between your father and Alina. You hadn't wanted to. Before, you'd just felt jealous and bitter. Alina wasn't much older than you. What did she have that you didn't? Dancing sunlight? You were both night and shadows. You were power.
"Yes," Alina sounded tired. Hurt. "I won't make that mistake again," You chewed on your lip. You were sick of the lies. "He's my father," Alina tenses wholly. She sucks in a breath. "I know. You — besides Baghra and my mother in her unmarked grave — are the only one who knows. If we survive this, I don't want it to be built on lies. I want— I want what Baghra said. I want to be free,"
Something flickers in Alina's eyes. "You're... You're a Shadow Summoner, aren't you?" For the first time in your life, you nodded. Your chest twisted painfully, heart slamming in your chest.
"We don't need him to destroy the Fold," Alina whispered. Your heart skipped as the carriage began to roll. "Just you and I,"
"Just you and I, Alina,"
It was both promise and a threat.
You and Alina were going to change the world.
No one, not even your father, knew it yet.
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dontgetsalmonella · a day ago
Alina and Zoya played the exact same game of Kiss Marry Kill...
Zoya won.
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esther-dot · a day ago
I need your opinion about Malina... they remind me so much of Gendrya and their dynamic or their headcanon dynamics. What it could have been at least. I remember reading the books and not shipping Malina as much as I ship them on the show. The show was just splendid making us all root and feel for them, even if Darklina has a great chemistry, Malina is presented as THE couple.
The broad idea of childhood friends to lovers is the same, but I think the personalities create a different dynamic. Gendrya has an edge, lots of push and pull. I love how they give each other shit. Malina is very soft, very vulnerable. They have their moments of trying to boss each other around too, but they’re quieter characters, so it doesn’t have that same live wire feel.
As for the Alina/Darkling stuff (I have a lot of mutuals who ship it so under the cut this goes)...
To me, Alina wasn’t pursuing the Darkling as much as she was pursuing being loved. It seemed like that aspect of their relationship was placed within the context of her feelings (which she believed were unrequited) for Mal. This may be different in the books, but it didn’t feel like a typical love triangle where the girl was torn between two men as much as, Alina thought Mal was not an option, and she was lonely, believed herself emotionally abandoned (because the Darkling intercepted her letters to and from Mal), and she wanted someone. It makes sense for her to feel the way she did, to reach out and take what she can, but I never thought there was any weight to her/the Darkling because it was never about him to Alina—it was about Mal. I didn’t even sit there and bellyache over the Darkling lying to her. I felt sorry for the girl who wanted to be loved, who was in love, but thought the person she loved didn’t feel the same. That’s what it felt like Malina was THE couple, all of Alina’s feelings are wrapped very tightly around it.
Since the emotional story was so Malina centric, they really needed to emphasize her connection to the Darkling in a different way imo. I thought the choice of words about her “appetites increasing” had a sexual connotation, and should have been worked into the story earlier because it seemed like the implication was there is a sensual nature to her powers, that she and the Darkling are connected to each other by it, that she is aroused by using it and seduced by that bond. If they had gone that route, I think I would have bought that connection between the two, but as it was...I thought the writing was there for Malina and missing for the Darkling/Alina.
(^I say all that as someone who hasn’t read the books and it sounds like people got very different impressions of the characters and ships from it.)
Anyway, I know this isn’t the impression most people walked away with, but to me, Malina had all of the good stuff, and they had it from the beginning. This moment
Tumblr media
does a hell of a job selling Alina’s feelings for Mal. I can’t find gifs for each of them but there are a lot of special expressions she has when looking at him.
Tumblr media
They’re distinct from her being happy they’re together face (which can be read as friendship), and really clobber you with everything she’s feeling and not expressing. And she also sells the sexual attraction too.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The way she swallows in the second gif. 😂 I really enjoyed them, anon, I even wrote a little ficlet for them (x), and I hope we get a second season because this stuff
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
is very touching, but I’m gonna need to see these kids fess up.
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