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I get it, I am super impatient. For one I can’t sit and watch long, boring movies so I think Alive was paced really well, coz it got my attention and then didn’t let it go. (which is nott an easy thing to do lol) But it’s deff a strong recc from my side (but if you haven’t watched Train To Busan yet, I d say give it a go before! it’s even betterr 😍)

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Do you sometimes feel need? Like in quote: “Haven’t you ever wanted something so bad that it becomes more than a want? I need to get out of this town. I need it like I need to breathe.”(Alwyn Hamilton “Rebel of the Sands”)? It’s like desire, which is burning in your heart. It makes you drunk, when you think about this. You are deep down in your soul restless, because of it. And this is, what makes you feel alive.

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In line with my obsession with all things horror, dead and detrimental towards my mental health and sleep, I watched ALIVE today. the zombie movie Netflix has been aggressively thrusting in our reccs via their suggestions for days now. (it’s great btw, different than the usual take on the whole zombie au and i liked that) but also just putting it out there that I am now in love with Park Shin-hye? like she was bad ass

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I feel so ashamed with myself

I feel so ashamed to publish my fic because I fear that the translations probably is going to be wrong

But at least I’m back in writing again and that’s okay

Specially because is a Mass Effect fic, something that I been wishing since the day that I finish Mass Effect 2 for the first time in the middle of the summer of this year

But I feel so ashamed that probably is not going to see the light

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Desde que não seja crime, faça e seja o que quiser, seja você, você é livre, não perca a sua vida e personalidade e nem restrinja a sua liberdade pelo que pessoas que não te amam ou pagam as suas contas, pensam. Só acho.

© Gigio.

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I watched #Alive 2020, the new Korean zombie movie… (SPOILERS)

It’s really dope… just as quality as Train to Busan but different…

TTB is about characters right in the thick of things as the virus is spreading and are trying to find save haven…

To an extent, the MC, Oh Jun-u is “safe” but completely isolated in his barricaded apartment… the news isn’t offering anything new, he has no food, his water and network access are cut off so he’s slowly dying both of body and mind not being able to contact anyone… very anxious watching a very ordinary human that is separated from the action doing the exact same thing the audience is doing and waiting for something to happen…

Things pick up when he meets a clearly more prepared counterpart, Yu-Bin… the dude took forever just to put on some shoes which is job number 1 in a survival situation…

But the whole thing is very rooted in the reality of how a normal human would react to everything… uncertainty, anxiety, loneliness, slow spiral into despair… all it took was knowing he wasn’t the only one left in his apartment complex to immediately change his attitude and reinvigorate his desire to live…

That “Hello”, “Goodbye” scene was freaking powerful y’all I couldn’t even….

The fact that Yu Bin had also considered committing suicide, and maybe it was realising Oh Jun-U was also alive (idk when he tried to save the police woman or when he was hanging out of his window listening to his family’s last voicemail) that made her see him and then have a little bit more hope… that would’ve made a really nice parallel that they’ve given each other hope… and just before she jumps out and rapels out of her apartment before Jun-U can make the first move, she asks him if he believes they can survive… and he doesn’t give a definitive answer she was hoping for but he does say he wants to live and that’s all she needed to take that leap and bro… her taking a LITERAL LEAP OF FAITH after saying how scared she is of heights but banking on their will to survive?


Idk if this was well articulated but yeah a really really well done film.

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