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#all He wants is our Love
howdydowdy · a month ago
i bet jiang cheng, like, studied for the cloud recesses salute ceremony. this earnest little teen sect heir who just wants his daddy to love him was probably like, "i am going to get a good grade in saying hello to lan-xiansheng, something that is both normal to want and possible to achieve," and i bet he practiced what he was going to say in front of a mirror, complete with choreography, for fucking weeks before they came to gusu. and then after all that hard work, what happens during the actual salute ceremony? he goes last, and who should stroll in just when he's getting started but wen fucking chao, who immediately steals the spotlight, insults his shige, and provokes everyone to draw their swords, in a hall of learning, on the first day of school. like some kind of hooligan! then after lan xichen calms everybody down with his sword-charming, does jiang cheng get to resume his salute? no he does not! wen qing jumps in with her own salute and gift, after which lan xichen declares the ceremony over. but jiang cheng never got a turn! nobody accepted his gift!! how is he supposed to know if authority figures approve of him if the other children don't let him show off the authority-figure-pleasing skills he has worked so hard to acquire???
#we never even got to see the jiang clan gift :( i would like to see it :(((#i fucking LOVE that wwx is like 'hey. you interrupted my shidi. what's your fucking problem?' like HELLOOOOOOOOOO#you messed with jiang cheng when he was in the middle of something important to him and made him and our sect lose face hdy#it is the only time in the entire series that wwx uses the word 'shidi' for jiang cheng and it's a great moment for that one 'shidi'#but anyway i noticed that jiang cheng never even gets to give his gift over and i was very mad on his behalf about it#idk maybe they continued after the wens left? maybe lan xichen just meant 'wen qing completed the ceremony'?#but the scene ends there so the fact remains we never see jiang cheng get to do the ceremony#and therefore i have decided he doesn't get to do it because that fits very well into my view of his character and you can't stop me#the untamed#jiang cheng#cql watch#my posts#the funny thing is that getting a good grade in saying hello to lan-xiansheng IS a normal thing to want and a possible thing to achieve#but because we're talking jiang 'i'm gonna stop in the middle of the street in caiyi to sternly remind my disciples to be on their best#behavior because everything they do reflects on yunmeng jiang' cheng here just ratchet it all up to 11#EDIT: wait i forgot wwx does use 'shidi' for jc another time...when they're kids and he's first come to live at lotus pier#and he's knocking on the door like shidi let me innnnnn and jc is like who are you calling shidi#but i think maybe this is the only time he says 'my shidi' when talking about jc to someone else?#yes i checked my notes and this is correct#in guanyin temple jgy refers to jc as wwx's shidi but then wwx immediately refers to jc as something way more formal#jiang-zongzhu i think#like ouchhh#but that's for another day#that's a DIFFERENT way for jc to get his lil heart stomped on
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bistephs · 2 months ago
POST-CRISIS JASON, VERSION 1: I want revenge against my former mentor/adoptive father, who I see as having failed me. I see the fact that he hasn’t taken vengeance for my murder as both a personal betrayal and moral failure. My methods are violent and unpredictable, and I’m not a good person, but I’m still shown to have my own moral code, however questionable it might be. I can be both an antagonist and occasional ally towards the heroes depending on the situation.
POST-CRISIS JASON, VERSION 2: I have literally no other motivation besides anger and jealousy towards the other, Better™ Robins. I will act ridiculously evil for plot convenience but still be easily defeated by the heroes. A minimum of ten panels per issue will be devoted to pointing out how Crazy™ I am. I’m going to kill a bunch of random people and shoot this 10-year-old now.
#like... yall wonder why jason fans 'pick and choose' his appearances when these are basically two entirely different characters#one is actually interesting to read about and the other is a plot device#and also! it's not like v1 jason can't be a villain! he's straight up the villain of utrh like!!!#genuinely one of the best parts of jason's early post resurrection character is his potential to go between ally & enemy & hero & villain#and to exist outside of the usual 'good guy'/'bad guy' dichotomy by not fitting neatly into either#while also being a character with a massive impact on comic book history (via death in the family changing batman storylines for years)#with all the associated baggage for both the in universe characters and out of universe readers#but yknow let's just make him the Crazy Evil Shooty Guy instead that's fine too#jason obv isn't the worst treated character in dc but he's one of the ones i get the most mad about#the potential this guy has is INCREDIBLE and dc just WASTES IT#jason todd#dc negative#anyways. whom among us does not pick & choose versions of our favorite characters when comic book canon is made of wet tissue paper#also want to mention how like#solely good and solely bad characters are FINE. a character doesn't have to be morally gray to be interesting & compelling#(see: cassandra cain being one of the most morally good & also most complex characters pre reboot flattening her out)#but dc has a habit of taking morally gray characters and making them Just Good or Just Bad and passing it off as character development#and really just like. erasing everything interesting about those characters instead#let characters be good let them be bad let them be both but for the love of god make them INTERESTING TO READ ABOUT
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fagmeat · 9 months ago
not that i think supernatural should be responsible for my mental health, but in the face of tragedy after tragedy, i should've been able to look to supernatural and its end with fondness and contentment instead of anger and betrayal.
with all the tribulations these characters have been through, supernatural should have ended as a beacon of hope. there was no reason for us to expect it wouldn't. even within network constraints, they should not have made the final message of the show that "all your suffering will end after you die; life is but a stepping stone to your final resting place in heaven".
not during a year of suffering like this.
#this has all been said before and better but whatever. i'll still post this ig#it's just#like#i'm agnostic – i don't know what happens after we die‚ or if anything does#but if i had unwavering faith in an afterlife? if i knew exactly what was waiting for me#if i knew that my time on this earth was not all there was?#what would be stopping me from ending it all‚ just to stop this suffering? what would be the REASON to keep living?#because the way supernatural ended... dean was meant to be HAPPY dying young. dean was meant to be HAPPY in heaven#and sam? sam lived the rest of his life consumed by grief. his life flashed by in a montage.#nothing sam did‚ from the moment dean died to the moment he died‚ seemed to matter. sam lived the rest of his life waiting to die.#is that really what ''there will be peace when you are done'' is meant to mean??#if so i don't want peace#because life shouldn't be spent waiting to die. it should be spent enjoying whatever time we have left#it should be spent touching the lives of others and raising each other up to the best of our ability#it should be spent laughing and it should be spent pouring love out into the world#it should be spent holding your loved ones and being with them and there for them when they need it#i dunno.#i spent half my life wanting to die. wishing to die. planning to die.#i didn't care whether there was a heaven or reincarnation or nothingness. i just wanted it all to be over.#i've only just barely clawed my way out of that mindset#and i know supernatural isn't Good Television. i know it's not fuckin therapy.#i just think it would have been nice if supernatural‚ for all its flaws‚ ended on a note of hope.#death mention#suicide mention#in the tags but still#edit: and that isn't even MENTIONING castiel's ending that's a WHOLE nother issue r.e. queer love being terminal
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eijiroukiriot · 3 months ago
i’m thinkin kirishima thoughts
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streimiv · 2 months ago
I see your Zhongli begging and raise you: Kaeya begging. Oh it would be delicious to see any of the boys reduced to that (well, bennet and razor don't deserve that), but Kaeya? He doesn't beg, who do you think he is? He lost two fathers and a brother and still goes on smiling and drinking and making merry, he would Never stoop so low. Until, one day, his jokes go a little too far (jokes he tells to prove how unaffected he is by your presence, "you're not that special" he tells himself). (1/2)
(2/2) A comment a little too mean, a dig a little too personal. Suddenly your face crumbles, tears are welling up, and his knees hit the floor before he's processed anything, past how badly he's fucked up.
Oooh, that's a fun little scenario. All the better if you don't express your anger/sadness to him viscerally. You just blink back tears- tears that he is at fault for, tears that are restitution for his inability and unwillingness to let you in the way the both of you want- and grab your things. He reaches for your shoulder and, for the first time, you shake off his touch. He stares at his hand and then at you like you've struck him, his sapphire eye round and dark with fear.
"I, uh, I want to be alone for a bit," you whisper, not turning to look at him.
Your words hit him like a sledgehammer because, as gently as you try to put them, all he hears is his truth. The truth that has haunted him from the very first moment you became more than just a fleeting face. A casual encounter.
You don't want him anymore.
It feels like he's drowning. Feels like he's been dropped in a pool of ice water and he's flailing. The very thing he's feared has come to pass and the only person he can blame is himself.
Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no. Nononononono.
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navybrat817 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Love you ❤️
Tumblr media
Bahahahaha. I love you, too. ❤️ Thank you for that because it's perfect. 😂
Also, I would happily play with or put Scott's balls in my mouth. No questions asked. 😏
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bittysthesis · 4 months ago
idk my stance is that kent and jack did have the kind of relationship that fucks you up forever on a personal level. I genuinely think when kent says he misses jack he does mean that he misses jack specifically and not just a jack-shaped hole in his life, but I also think that both jack and kent since the beginning were incapable of separating each other from what they represented in their lives which is where the added fuckery comes in
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