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#all for the game
rainbowd00dles · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
my Fall @aftgexchange piece for @lemonboyjosten who asked for Butcher!Neil and law enforcement!Andrew and my mind went to Killing Eve AU and I may be a little obsessed with it. I hope you Like it!
please do not use, edit or post my art to other sites
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chuck-the-goon · a day ago
Tumblr media
Neil would find the sweating hot if it wasn’t dripping into his eye (I missed these boys).
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rhykiann-a · a day ago
Tumblr media
i like to think they’ll get here and cuddly eventually,,, also a strong believer Andrew gets his finger tattooed ‘yes’ in Neils handwriting
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neil-jortsen · a day ago
neil: kevin, where are you going?
kevin: to watch jeremy’s game
neil: but we have our own game today???
kevin: nice, tell me later how it went
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foxes as people I saw on campus this week:
Nicky: a dude who tripped over one of the food delivery robots, stood up and (still stumbling) apologized to it
Allison: a girl with a long, sleek, blonde ponytail who had a killer rbf but then turned around, saw someone she knew (Renee), broke out into a wide smile and gave them a huge bear hug
Aaron: this kid I saw this morning who was in plaid pajama pants, eating toast and zooming around on a skateboard *downhill* looking totally done and unbothered by everything (I've been thinking about this legend ever since)
Renee: this girl who was part of the religious society and was standing outside the campus chapel next to a sign that said 'free lattes' and seemed super sweet and talking to people that were going in but then at one point during a conversation turned to her friend, who had been standing with her the whole time, and just (good-naturedly) slapped him upside the head cause of something he said
Matt: this dude who was laying on the grass under the shade outside the library and holding his phone straight up in front of him and nearly dropped it on his face
Neil: this kid I saw while walking to the parking lot who just slipped out the back door (the classroom was on the ground floor and some profs leave the door open for like, air ventilation?, so they're directly accessible from outside) in the middle of class with all his shit-computer, books, notebooks, etc-in his arms, backpack hanging off his elbow, and made like ten second eye contact with me before walking away. when I walked past the classroom he came out of, the projector said on the board-i shit you not-introduction to funeral directing i
Andrew: this dude who nearly ran me over while I was crossing the street (don't text and drive kids. also don't text and walk)
Dan: this couple who were walking together and stopped outside the door to part ways and as I was coming out of said door the dude said something that made her roll her eyes and say "asshole" but reach up for a goodbye kiss and had him grinning as they headed off in different directions
Kevin: this kid who crossed the hall so begrudgingly, stopped outside a classroom and stood there for like thirty seconds trying to buck up the strength to open the door and then said "" while backing away and leaving (felt)
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winterxjxsmine · a day ago
Imagine andrew exhausted after a particularly hard game tonight, ready to go to bed and forget the miserable feeling in the pit of his stomach, thinking he's going to be alone because neil is away for a game once again. These days they're both so busy and he doesn't see neil so often and this unsettling feeling in his heart grows every day because he misses him even though he wouldn't say it out loud, he misses waking up next to him, eating breakfast with him every morning, cuddle with him in their couch watching movies and being close, he hates not having him around. So imagine him expecting to return to an empty apartment once again only to open the door and see neil standing in the kitchen, cooking dinner for them. Imagine him frozen in his place, with his heart beating like crazy in his chest and neil immediately smiling warmingly at him when he spots him in the door and suddenly that feeling he was feeling all these days when he was apart from neil disappears, so imagine him starting to walk slowly towards his partner like he thinks his mind plays games with him once again, like he can't believe that neil is actually here, standing there, so close to him after so many days, imagine him wrapping his arms around him holding him close and hiding his face in the crook of his neck sighing with relief when he smells neil's familiar scent and a breath he didn't know he was holding leaving his mouth when neil wraps his arm around him too. Imagine neil whispering how much he missed him and andrew tightening his hold because he's home. He's finally home.
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neilmfjosten · a day ago
Andrew: *gets pulled over*
Police Officer: Papers.
Andrew: Scissors.
Andrew: *drives off*
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jensen57 · 16 hours ago
aftg hc of the day: occasionally neil will invite andrew to the library to study with him. obviously andrew assumes it's a date, only to find out neil actually intends on doing homework. neil will be reading and taking notes and andrews just there, impatiently tapping his pen on the desk because he packed lunches for this?? he's practically pouting the whole time, maybe reading a sentence or two every once in a while between staring glaring at neil. he only makes the mistake once though, and the next few times actually plans on doing work until all of the sudden neil catches onto the grumpy looks and all the times andrew tried linking their pinkies across the table. they're halfway there when neil makes them stop for coffee and donuts and go for a walk in the tiny park nearby and keeps looking at him like that. even though andrew want to be mad because it's been weeks of his suffering for neil to notice, it's nearly impossible because it's neil
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darlingbudsofrae · 2 days ago
Remember Chapter 14, TKM— that scene in the hotel when Andrew bursted in, slowly peeling the bandages off Neil's face— his face still devoid of emotions.
Tumblr media
Reading that, all I could think about was that scene where Neil asked Andrew to break his deal with him, having no idea Neil said that because he was going to get kidnapped and die and didn't want him involved because he is the martyr no one asked for, how Neil told him he wanted to go back for him and Andrew repeating pipe dream, pipe dream, pipe dream over and over in his head to ground himself. He tells Neil to not go back to him crying with a broken face, probably expecting him to run away from him now that they weren't bounded by a deal.
But Neil did came back— covered in bandages and gauze, a new set of wounds and scars and a huge nasty burn by his cheek almost nearing his eye, and Andrew plays that memory on the bus on loop as he stares at his rabbit, he probably remembers all those tics he took note of that seemed out of place, how Neil gave him that stupid smile when he considered and gave in, breaking a deal and a promise for the first time in his entire life— and he couldn't stop his mind from playing it over and over as he stares at him because when has his eidetic memory ever been so forgiving?
Tumblr media
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play-exy-be-sexy · 18 hours ago
hc Andrew constantly wore gay things before anyone picked up that he was gay. he wears bracelets, socks, maybe even shirts. he’s got some pins on his backpack. there’s a gay flag sticker on his water bottle. his exy shoes come from a Nike pride campaign. at one point he wears a shirt that says “i like boys” and everyone just thinks he’s joking. and then they find about andreil and go “huh, not a joke ig.”
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hlfgdlsbn · a day ago
I know you all want Andrew and Neil fit into the romantic norms but as someone who never got told “I love you” and never said it, it’s really important to me to see a (fictional) couple loving and caring for each other without explicitly saying it
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rhykiann-a · a day ago
Could you tell us more about that tattooed yes head canon you have?
Omg yes, tysm for asking I’ve been dying too! (:::
I know Nora said in the extra content that Andrew and Neil will never get married, but I feel like they wouldn’t need to anyways. They know that they’re for eachother, and after they’ve been together a while it’s pretty clear neither of them are going no where.
So like, imagine Andrew walking out into their joint apartment shirtless one day, and he just realises like- oh fuck, he would never have done that if he wasn’t with Neil. Neil’s helped him heal, without even noticing.
Then one day they’re comfy in their room, Neil mapping Andrew’s body like they do ever few months. He’s healing, but still scarred, and things change. Neil has a stupid orange highlighter and ends up just doodling all over Andrew’s body, little hearts and stars dotting the stretch of his arms and hands.
Andrew leans down to kiss him, waiting for an answer like always, and Neil just laughs while scribbling ‘yes’ onto Andrew’s finger.
The next day he comes home with it tattooed, and it’s a promise between them both. Neil chokes on his coffee. It doesn’t mean always yes, it means ‘yes, I choose to be here and yes, I will give you what I can.’ Alternatively, Andriel’s way of a simple marriage lmaoo
Brain rot x
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andrewsleftknee · 6 hours ago
Andrew with Aaron and Katelyn’s kids headcanons:
the twins often called Andrew “dada” because of how similar Andrew and Aaron looked. Aaron wouldn’t have been upset about this if Amelia’s first word wasn’t “dada” said to Andrew. Andrew and Katelyn find this incredibly funny.
Andrew still doesn’t smile that often, not even around Neil, but with his nieces he can’t help but smile. Neil’s background on his phone is a picture of Amelia on Andrew’s back and Alex running into his open arms. Andrew has a genuine smile on his face.
every once in a while Aaron will bring the twins to Andrew and Neil’s exy practices when they are a bit older. everyone on the team loves seeing them, and they always offer them fist bumps, and go extra hard for scrimmages while they’re there. the only picture of Andrew in the team locker room is of him helping the twins hold his racquet in the goal after the team cleared off the court. he’s tried to take it off, but he can’t help but feel something when he sees the picture.
Andrew bakes with the twins all the time. when they’re old enough to start helping with simple tasks, he’ll have them help. the older they got, the more he taught them about the recipes and how the baked goods were made, so by the time they were going into school, they were able to make all sorts of things by memory.
Andrew learns to braid hair just in case the girls ask him to do it for them.
sometimes the twins spend a night or two with Neil and Andrew when Katelyn and Aaron want some time without the kids. when Andrew and Neil move into their new house, they make sure that the twins have their own room and a backyard for them to play in.
Amelia loves playing with Sir and King, but Alex is terrified of them. Neil watches Amelia play with Sir, while Andrew shows Alex that the cats aren’t very scary with King (she’s the calmer of the two). Amelia also would try and help her, but she didn’t completely understand how to comfort people yet, so her advice didn’t go as far as Andrew’s.
when Katelyn told Andrew she was pregnant, he told her it was going to be a set of fraternal twins. sure enough, when she went in for her first ultrasound, they found out there were two babies. he then guessed that they were both going to be girls, and he was right once again. Neil asked how he guessed, and Andrew said that he just knew. Neil gave him a confused look and Andrew shrugged in response.
family holidays are always a nightmare for Andrew. it’s mainly Katelyn’s family, Andrew and Neil, and sometimes Nicky and Erik. for years Andrew would only go to a few parties Aaron and Katelyn hosted, but after the twins were born, he went to all of them. Neil would talk with Katelyn and her sister and Andrew would sit in the kitchen until it was his turn to hold the twins. Aaron would let him put them to bed on these days too.
the twins claim that Andrew and Neil are their best friends, and whenever Andrew hears that his heart feels so full. he loves his nieces more than anything.
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neil-jortsen · 2 days ago
the foxes: you know, adding “lmao” at the end of your sentence does not hide your pain
neil: …..yes it does, lmao
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meridasthoughts · 8 hours ago
we know that neil and andrew don’t usually smile, they just don’t, especially when there is nothing to laugh about
so, imagine them holding hands walking through the campus grounds
like a power couple
stoic faces, threatening as hell, 99% sure they are armed in some ways but they could probably ko you with bare hands
people crossing the streets just to not walk in the same sidewalk
the power they hold
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eloquent-apollo · a day ago
I just know that Kevin and Neil would enjoy the fitness gram pacer test
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