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broresteia · a day ago
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more aftg
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fortheloveofexy · 2 days ago
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Did someone say surprise reverse collab?? ✨ lineart by @rhyva this time, color & render by me 🥰 literally had so much fun with this, thank you for another amazing collab ❤️
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xhoneyghost · a day ago
i have no explanation but hc that animals love neil. once a raccoon followed him home. aaron's dog cant hear the words "josten", "neil", "junkie" or "idiot" because he will get all worked up and start barking excited, looking for neil (aaron hates it). they went to a farm and a cow tried to lick neil's face like ten times. the neighbors dog goes to the window every morning to see neil going to his run and whines asking for attention. andrew is currently trying to convince neil to start an animal army so they can fight governments and rule the world.
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neil-jortsen · 23 hours ago
kevin: does everyone know what they’re doing?
neil: you mean the game plan, or in general?
kevin, taking deep breaths: the plan, neil
neil: oh thank god
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jensen57 · 2 days ago
daily aftg hc: andrew genuinely enjoys mapping neils muscles and scars out, no matter that he's had them memorized since the first time he saw them. neil isnt able to do the same for andrew so easily though. he can't keep the image of his back, shoulders, and wherever else andrew allows so readily in his mind. so, he starts counting. he knows there are 52 freckles and moles along andrews back, 20 on his left arm, 24 on his right. there's 2 on his left hand and one on his wrist. he remembers the numbers, and even though it may not be as clear as andrew's memory, he still finds his own way around it
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kevindayscrown · a day ago
You are not edgy and quirky if you say you hate AFTG but still obsess over it. Who you trynna impress, no one's gonna pick you over that 'hot take'.
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feawarr · 2 days ago
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thesoupinursocks · a day ago
imagine neil, andrew, and kevin getting professionally fitted for suits for a special event.
now imagine neil, andrew, and kevin doing a photoshoot together thats mildly homoromantic and leaves much to the imagination but HEVILY implies theres somthing goin on behind the senes.
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allforthe-gays · a day ago
the foxes in high school if they were not traumatized au
part 2 (ft. everyone being oblivious)
when andreil starts dating no one really notices, even though andrew and neil will mention their relationship but people sort of just think it's a weird inside joke. this is because of many reasons, but here's a few of them:
kevin knows they're together and will tell them to stop flirting whenever he is in their presence, but neil will always go "ew cooties" while andrew just looks offended, and people assume it's becuase he's been accused of flirting and not because his bf just said he has cooties
most people think andrew is straight because he regularly makes gay jokes and they think it's his weird way of supporting nicky (even if a lot of the jokes feel vaguely homophobic), and that him and neil just have a weird jock bromance going on
whenever neil wants to hold andrew's hand he very dramatically goes "give me your hand" in a weird voice and then andrew (very reluctantly) will put out his hand, and then once they are walking neil very dramatically swings their hands back and forth until andrew tells him to calm down
when they are sitting on sofas andrew sits at one end while neil sits side ways with his legs on top of andrew's lap, taking up the entire couch. everyone thinks they are just being assholes who are unwilling to share a couch (which yeah, they definitely are) but it's actually just that cuddling is very awkward when other people are on the same couch as you, so they're improvising.
andrew and neil will sometimes take kevin with them on their dates. kevin is horrifically bisexual and obsessed with aaron, so andrew says it's because he wants to keep an eye on him. neil says it's because kevin doesn't trust them to not do something dumb that ends with them kicked off the exy team. the rest of the school thinks that they are just the ultimate friendship trio. when kevin starts dating aaron people are like "omg but what about neil?" and kevin's just kind of like "he has andrew?" and people are like "but you're dating andrew, right?" and kevin is very eager to list of all the reasons he would never date andrew, and why aaron is husband material.
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toddellz · 2 days ago
Andrew falls asleep sitting up with his arms crossed over his chest like an old man but he also wakes up at the slightest of noise just to fall right back asleep because it's a trauma reaction, it's a little morbid but he's so used to it that he just continuously wakes up, falls back asleep, wakes up, falls back asleep, wakes up and falls back asleep until Neil is dragging him to bed to sleep properly so he can lock the door and let him get rest without springing up at every foot(paw)step in the hallway or cheer on the TV from the Exy game Neil is watching
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andrews-eyebrow-piercing · 2 days ago
“Was he supposed to honestly think some rabid goalkeeper could protect him?”
and he did, now they have cats together.
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strongqueercharacters · 2 days ago
Today we ask: what the fuck is Exy?
Exy is a fictional sport from the All For the Game series by Nora Sakavic described as the bastard lovechild of ice hockey and lacrosse. It is infamously uncleared described in the books despite games sometimes taking up whole chapters.
Today I address the 5 most pressing rules because I skipped therapy this week and need an outlet.
Q. 1) What does an Exy court look like?
Exy is played on something the size and layout of a soccer pitch but with plexiglass walls and ceiling. This is shorter but wider than an American football field but much larger than an ice hockey rink.
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This is unfortunately demented because there are only 6 players per team on the court at any given moment whereas soccer has 11. For scale this is how much space the 22 players on a soccer field have.
Tumblr media
Now imagine that's 12 people. You see the problem.
Also the ball in sports like lacrosse or hurling moves very, very fast and can travel long playing fields. Hurling, an Irish traditional sport and IRL sport where the ball moves fastest, has 15 players per side on a field only 10m longer than a soccer pitch.
This in mind as we move onto those walls.
Tumblr media
The nonshatter plexiglass walls and ceiling would be for safety given how fast that ball would be moving. Ice hockey has walls but no ceiling b/c pucks don't get into the air or bounce as much as balls (though it has happened and yes people have been injured)
Tumblr media
However the concept of walls and a ceiling in a sport where a ball would move as fast as an exy ball would move is HILARIOUS.
Those cosest equivalents, lacrosse and hurling, that I mentioned are both outdoors with nothing to rebound off. This would be chaos murder pinball!
Q. 2 Is exy played indoors or outdoors?
This is a controversial one with fans of these books because having read the series several times I can only offer you my best educated guess.
As stated above, the court itself is a self-contained murder pinball box so stadiums could be open to the sky like football but descriptions of stadiums like Evermore sound as if they are closed roofed like hockey or basketball. Smaller, high school level etc, might need to be multipurpose/adaptable and therefore outdoors (as seen in book 1 in Millport)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Q.3 What are the actual rules of play?
Again, exy as written was "rules light" to put it mildly.
We can gather its got similar contact rules to ice hockey with the same contempt for people fouling the goalie or players not "in play". There are allowances for momentum and like ice hockey or roller derby there are multiple refs watching the game at all times because it moves so quickly.
These refs are outside the enclosed court area unlike hockey, more like roller derby that way, and we can assume from other multiple ref sports that there is a head ref for final decisions.
No offside though rule so its got that going for it (I'm still gay even after that joke)
Play has to stop to open the court doors because of the murder pinball aspect of the balls motion around the court. Refs can call a halt as they see fit. A player can call a halt to play if they are injured and can not continue the half. Play halts after any goal. Teams can use any halt to make substitutions but can only call a halt for the purpose of substitution once per half.
There are six positions striker, backliner (defensive line), goalkeeper, and dealers (offensive and defensive).
Q.4 What the fuck are dealers?
Dealers. Yeah. No one really knows so I apply best sports logic.
This brings us back to exy having only 6 players on a soccer-sized pitch. Soccer has mid-fielders to bridge the gap between forwards and defenders but the ball would be much slower than exy. Hurling (fastest irl ball sport) has 15 players.
Despite having more players, hurling has the positions half-back or half-forward, which are halfway between midfield and either full-forward (striker) or full-back (defender). This is the only logical model for what the difference between an offensive and defensive dealer is.
Do with that what you will.
Q.5 What is the protective gear like?
The armor is often left out of fanart i think because people it would be as bulky as football or ice hockey armor.
They'd ha e to use something like lacrosse armor for maneuverability. It would be made out of thick padded mesh. Helmets with face guards are an obvious must have.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
In lacrosse only goalies wear hard plastic throatguards but since its murder pinball, everyone gets one
That's all I've got folks. I'm doing outing myself as a Sports Gay™️ now.
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darlingbudsofrae · a day ago
i was going thru my screenshots when i saw this and NEIL U ABSOLUTE LITTLE SHIT—
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thespineoftherighteous · 18 hours ago
thank god Kevin got not just a decent but also a hella badass tattoo when he decided to cover up his "II" because imagine if this mf came back with like. an exy stick tattoo on the side of his face. Andrew would have sleeping on the couch for weeks.
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neqtunes · 2 days ago
Aaron: what do you call a sad strawberry?
Aaron: a blueberry
Andrew: Jesus fucking Christ get the fuck out with your shit ass puns
Aaron: listen here you fat sack of shit
Aaron: you’re being berry rude
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jensen57 · a day ago
daily aftg hc: if neil leaves a little later for his run, he's usually heading for the door right as andrews feeding the cats. unfortunately, that means when he stops to kiss him goodbye either one or both of the cats will stand and hit his feet or headbutt his ankles
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aftgbs · a day ago
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They're so obvious about it🙄🙄 fuckin embarrassing
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herondaleoffspring · 2 days ago
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the audacity of that boy 💀
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thesoupinursocks · 2 days ago
headcannon that when aaron minyard was younger he was a crust punk and put his hair into those shitty looking spikes all around his head and he pulled it off extremely well.
also headcannon that when andrew minyard was younger he was more into street punk and had a mohawk/mullet that he rairly put the time and effort into styling, so it was constantly just in mullet form.
they both dyed there hair so much when they were teens because when your hair is like the lightest blond ever naturally and your a punk???? what else are you even supposed to do at that point.
andrew constantly went with bright purple or red,
aaron constantly went with a neon green or blue.
neither of them knows of eachothers punk pasts but both of them have a feeling and refuse to bring it up until aaron has a mental brakedown in the dorm bathroom or something and buys manic panic dye for the first time in years (blue) and andrew happened to see and had this overwhelming sence of just "... oh." and proceeds to just walk away and not acknowledge it.
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lemonboyjosten · 23 hours ago
neil secretly has an obsession with the way andrew smells, that subtle cigarrette scent with a hint of honeyed sweetness is addicting. when neil comes back home after a date with andrew, he volunteers to take andrew’s shirt to the laundry so that he can bring the shirt or hoodie up to his face and get a whiff of it before it fades away. the familiar scent calms his twitchy nerves immediately, almost similar to how it feels when he has the weight of their ever present deal grounding and blanketing him with a sense of security on those days when he’s feeling rather shaken up. home, that’s what andrew smells like.
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