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#all for the game
<div> —  Andrew from AFTG I love this guy holy shit </div><span>Reap what you sow or burn the field down, the choice is yours. Be smarter next time, would you?</span>
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“She’s not interesting?“

"She’s useful.”

“That’s it?”

“You expected a different answer?”

“Maybe,” Neil said.

He looked back at Andrew and wondered at the cool smile on Andrew’s face. He was being mocked, but he wasn’t quite sure why yet. “Most everyone is waiting for something to happen with you two. Even Nicky thinks it’s inevitable. But Renee promised Allison nothing would come of it. Allison said as much to Seth. Why?”

“Does it matter?”

Neil gave an uncomfortable shrug. “Yes? No? It should be—it is—irrelevant, but…” He hesitated, but Andrew said nothing, unwilling to make this easy on him. Neil shouldn’t be surprised by Andrew’s attitude, but he was annoyed regardless. “I’m just trying to understand.”

“Sometimes you’re interesting enough to keep around. Other times you’re so astoundingly stupid I can barely stand the sight of you.”

Excerpt From: Nora Sakavic. “The Raven King”. Apple Books.

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i just changed the riko wiki

yall r welcome 💖💖

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There is literally nothing cute about Andrew or Neil

But they are so freakin adorable in that fic.

Downright adorable

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I’ve making headcanons about all of my hyper fixations for a while now and just dumping them on my friends so I’m gonna also dump them here.

If you’re into All For the Game , My Hero Academia, ATLA, The Raven Cycle stay fuckn tuned my doods bc I have a loooot of stuff rattling around my empty skull.

Not all of these are 100% mine some of them are already pretty popular and I’m expanding on them or I heard something similar and edited it to my own tastes

I’ll separate them by series,,,

Theres like one canon that’s mildly nsfw

TW: drug abuse


  • pro hero kirishima’s Red Riot™️ merch is insanely size inclusive bc he wants fatgum to be able to wear the hoodie that kiri’s pr team sent him but that’s not all,,
  • If he wasn’t super gay and in love with Bakugou he’d be very Into BBWs so again his merch is super size inclusive bc he wants everyone to be able to wear it
  • The company that makes the merch also takes requests for special made merch for people who’s quirks interfere with a “normal” size or dimension
  • ALSO ,,,,this man(kiri) is built like a fuckn MACK TRUCK OKAY he is 6’7” and cannot fit through doorways without ducking and turning a little to the side ,,, he is broad And still wears no shirt™️ ,,, this being said ,, bakugou is still around 5’8” and pretty slim don’t get me wrong he’s extremely strong and toned but he’s not huge,, it makes flying easier if he stays a little lighter ,,,,,,, the point is,, sometimes kiri will pick up bakugou with one arm and bakugou can’t even pretend to hate it anymore
  • Also,,,, fatgum has to use special pens and keyboards because of how big his hands are,,, he’s literally 8’2” I won’t take criticism on this
  • Fatgum actually loves wearing red riot and sun eater merch
  • Allmight and Inko start dating and one day when they’re out someone comments on how much all might “looks like a skeleton” and she absolutley lets loose on them for being so vapid and shallow and how “he’s risked his life to save people like you more times than you have ever even thought about being helpful in your life and it would serve you well to treat someone who’d die for you without even knowing you with more respect”
  • All might had to gently pull her away bc the guy was crying and she wasn’t anywhere near finished with him
  • Midnight is Asexual and aggressively pretends to be horny on main™️ because for one, it works with her quirk and two, nothing sells better than sex especially when you’re a woman.
  • Bakugou and kirishima use sign language to talk shit at Public events
  • Dabi is addicted to painkillers because he’s been on them his entire life,, he wakes up with the shakes and sometimes toga has to help him take his meds in the morning because he’s already in withdrawal
  • Tensei was the first one to realize that iida was autistic and immediately did copious amounts of research on ASD and how to be a good brother to him


  • sokka grows his hair as long as Zuko’s (except the sides obvi) and sometimes he’ll wear his hair in the fire nation top knot and zuko loses it every time
  • Azula gets help and now sometimes when she wakes up with the sun after a night of fitful sleep she goes to the courtyard to have tea with iroh. They never talk, but then again they never need to.
  • Sometimes after a hard day sokka falls asleep in the bathtub and wakes up to zuko warming the water back up and washing his hair for him
  • Suki lounges in zukos throne while zuko gets worked up about stuff and paces all around the room
  • Mai is on the ace spectrum
  • When sokka and zuko visit the southern water tribe zuko will firebend for the all of the kids in the village,,, they love him so much and sometimes sokka gets a little teary eyed watching him
  • Sokka braids zukos hair water tribe style and it’s the hottest thing maybe ever
  • Zuko takes sokka on shopping sprees pretty frequently and sokka fuckn loves it
  • One time someone has the nerve to call sokka “the fire lords sugar baby” and sokka just flips his ponytail over his shoulder Ariana style and says “and what about it?”

The Raven cycle

  • Ronan has 100% killed Robert Parrish in his dreams and when he wakes up to see Adam next to him he almost immediately wants to go back to sleep and do it again for all the pain he’s caused Adam
  • Gansey is oblivious to the fact that he is indeed shredded,, when he gets really worked up he moves his arms a l o t like rolls up his sleeves, crosses and uncrosses his arms and The gang’s favorite is when the puts his hands on his head and subconsciously flexes,,,, literally entire gangsey will group swoon at him and he genuinely thinks they are marvelling at his passion for whatever he’s worked up about
  • Ronan watched broke back mountain once when he was like 16 and now all he can think about is being a gay cowboy ,,,
  • Adam will read people’s tarot wrong of theyre douchebags
  • Don’t you think it’s funny that the ganseys don’t have any straight children?
  • Blue has a T-shirt from each member of the gangsey (except Noah,, rip Noah) and shes created a terrible Franken-T-shirt by ripping them up and seeing them all back together in an extremely ugly patch work thing
  • Adam talks in Latin in his sleep and it really freaks his roommate out,, like a lot,, not to mention the fact that Adam already creeps him out to begin with bc he’s got that other vibe that comes from being tied to cabeswater and lindenmere ,, 6 out of 7 days his roommate is convinced that he’s a witch or a fairy or something
  • Ronan teaches opal how to bake and opal burns everything on purpose


  • Neil has definitely killed multiple people to survive
  • Neil’s mom definitely made him kill someone at least twice to make sure he could kill to survive on his own if they got separated
  • he probably definitely still has nightmares about each one
  • Matt and Dan both had a crush on Neil for like 30 seconds and absolutely talked to each other about him
  • Ppl always talk about how hot it is to crush a watermelon with your thighs,,,, Andrew could do it with his arms
  • Aarons ass is so flat and Andrew has an absolute dumptruck
  • Kevin started out as one of those annoying “obsessed with WWII” history guys and now he’s actually very into queer history and will rant about the lavender scare for an hour if you let him
  • The foxes lounge room(?) has a dart board with riko’s face on it to this day,, they literally have a drawer full of copies the same image of riko and every time one gets worn out they put a new one up. It’s more of an inside joke now but wymack still hates that little puke even though he’s dead so it stays up
  • Post-canon Neil gets drunk and teaches the team how to steal a car by hot wiring Matt’s truck
  • Matt does drag for halloween one year and Dan liked it a little too much *cough cough* she pegged him while he was still in drag
  • Someone once asked Renee if she was “saving herself for marriage like a good Christian girl should” and Allison knocked them out cold and stepped over the body
  • Neil calls Aaron ugly to his face literally any chance he gets (I feel like this one might be canon but I actually don’t know What’s real anymore)
  • Andrew Unironically wears a pink apron that says “kiss the cook” that Nicky got him for Christmas when he bakes

Okay I think that’s it ? For now?? Let me know if y’all want more,,,,, I’ll separate them next time I just really had to dump these and I didn’t want to make multiple posts.

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Neil, throwing his head into Andrew’s lap and looking up: Babe, tell me I’m pretty.

Andrew, lovingly stroking his hair: You’re pretty f**king annoying, that’s what you are.

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Neil josten was born in England, but then grew up in Baltimore, then went around the fucking world, yet I keep seeing posts about you guys saying he secretly has a British accent!

A more realistic take: he instinctively uses the same accent as the person he’s talking to

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It doesn’t make sense to me that people dislike Thea and Kevin but then ship Kevin and Jean. Jean is a direct correlation to the ravens, to riko, to exy, to everything that fucked Kevin up.

Those two ships are equally toxic in my opinion. And for Jean too. Jean could not possibly be in a healthy relationship to someone so close to his abuser. That’s not to say that Kevin was like Riko but they were always together they had a big bold line that connects them to each other that was almost impossible to separate.

When looking for someone for Kevin to be in a long term committed relationship with, you need to look outside the ravens, and I also think you should look outside of exy entirely. Kevin is exactly like Neil was where he’s expecting a sport to love him back but it won’t. He needs something good something positive outside of exy, wether it’s a history class he enjoys or a person. He deserves it.

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ok, it’s time to finally raise prices


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<div> —  <a href="">Все Для Игры - Нора Сакавич</a><br> </div><span>— Почему ты такой особенный?<br> — Я не особенный, — растерялся Нил.<br> — Эндрю никому спуска не дает. Но из раза в раз продолжает говорить тебе – да, почему?</span>
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anyone know what happened to all of stjosten’s work?🥺😭

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Idk if this has been said before but I am finding distinct similarities between Andrew and the Dread Pirate Roberts. What I’m saying is… FIC!!!

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