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Tumblr media
All is a gentle spring 2022 shot by Nacy Kote
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Tumblr media
All Is A Gentle Spring Resort 2023 details
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Ima buy these and move to Scotland buhbye 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
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xumoonhao · 2 months ago
actually you know what life is indescribably beautiful and we will all one day experience he happiness we so rightfully deserve and we will get to live the life we always had in mind for ourselves!!!
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roughentumble · a year ago
I've had this fic idea for the longest time and your post about illusions reminded me of it, basically it's a total ripoff of djinns in spn showing ppl what they want most, very land of the lotus eaters
Jaskier's stuck in this idyllic illusion where he and Geralt are together and everything's perfect, they travel and fight monsters and Jaskier sings songs but Geralt never gets hurt and Jaskier doesn't sleep around, they're together and in love and it's wonderful
And then Jaskier gets ripped out of it, finds out it was all an illusion and he's devastated bc now he's had what he wants most and thinks he'll never have it again, not really, and it's driving him crazy
Geralt eventually takes him to Yen to see if she can help, thinking maybe there's lingering effects of being trapped in whatever illusion Jaskier was put in, and Yen's prodding trying to figure out what he saw in the illusion, what was so wonderful he nearly wants to be put back into it, and Jaskier finally snaps, "He loved me back!"
ohhhhh shit i dig this!!!
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thepoetryofascension · a year ago
a season of purity. a season of reverence. a season of soul. a season of love. a season of revival. a season of serendipity. a season of passion. a season of riches. a season of meaning. a season of illumination. a season of courage. a season of flight.
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finally have more tags
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theaterism · 6 months ago
clothing style, for all three of them!!
character headcanons - accepting!
it’s no secret that foxtrot likes sweaters, especially slightly oversized ones in darker or neutral shades (deep blue is still his favorite)! he also likes flannel shirts (often faded), plaid things in general, hoodies, zip-up jackets, and denim jackets on occasion. his clothing always has at least two (2) pockets bc he needs multiple places to store money, shiny things collected on a whim, tiny charms and cryptid-related knickknacks he keeps forgetting to give to a certain someone, wrapped strawberry candy (he’s grown fond of it), and various other stolen items. there is no sense of order to this, even if he claims otherwise. he wears jeans, sometimes cargo pants. if it’s too hot to get away with a jacket or sweater, he’ll switch to a lightweight long-sleeved shirt. nothing that foxtrot wears stands out too much; it’s all pretty casual and meant for practicality and easy movement for quick escapes. his clothing is often a bit loose on him. he likes sneakers, converse, lace-up work boots, or slip-ons. he always has hair-ties on his wrists, both for himself and in case someone needs to borrow one.
charlie typically wears comfortable clothing that she doesn’t mind getting stained with paint! most pieces of clothing she owns have some paint on them. she likes any shade of blue and brighter colors in general. i associate her clothing with springtime vibes! she adores denim overalls, especially ones embroidered with flowers and the like. she’s trying to learn how to embroider things herself, and though she isn’t very good at it (patience isn’t one of her strong suits, and she keeps getting distracted and forgetting to practice), she is determined to master it someday. she sometimes wears a bandanna or something similar to keep paint flecks from getting on her hair. she likes t-shirts and short-sleeved shirts in general, along with sneakers or flat canvas slip-on shoes. on certain days, she sometimes wears button-up shirts as well, usually ones stolen from foxtrot or victor.
victor’s clothing is always simple and plain. to an even greater degree than foxtrot, he prefers blending in and not wearing anything that makes him stand out too much. blue is a theme for the triplets, and victor is no exception in liking the color and wearing it often! he likes jeans, sweaters, plain t-shirts, zip-up jackets, and hoodies. his clothing is often warmer since he spends much of his time at the docks when he isn’t working as a stagehand, and it gets a bit chilly. he also wears sweaters and hoodies partly bc juliet the theater kitten likes sleeping on them.
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justthatspiffy · 5 months ago
for somebody who does printing and also worked housekeeping it is hilarious how much of a baby i am about my hands. they are princess hands and they will never harden to the work required of them and every time i break a nail or get a paper cut or a bunch of microabraisions across my knuckles i WILL get emotional about it
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muselexum · 11 months ago
How do you need to be loved?
Tagged by: @senringan​
Like Lovers Watching the Sunset
Tumblr media
Calm, focused, tender. You need to be loved in the way teenagers kiss in the rain and giggle behind hands. You need to be loved like a child, taken care of, watched over, focused on. You need to feel the warmth of the sun, you need to feel the love rushing through your veins. You need to be reminded that love is worth it, and it’s beautiful to experience. You need to be loved in a way that is refreshing, again and again.
Like the Burn Marks On My Hands
Tumblr media
You need to be loved gently, taken care of. You need to let yourself be taken care of. You deserve the kindness. You deserve to have fingertips pressed to yours, you deserve soft smiles and quiet laughs. You need to be kissed in the middle of the night, you need to be told it’s okay. You’re used to aggressive love, yet you, you need it gently.
Till the End of Forever
Tumblr media
You need to be loved unconditionally. You need to be reminded that love is not temporary, that you deserve it. That those who love you will not leave. You need to be loved the way angels love humanity, or how devils love angels. You need to be loved in greatness, in fullness, you need to be loved hard and fierce. Loud, shout it to the ends of the earth, your love won’t leave. You need to be loved when nothing else will be. You need to realize you are worthy even through the end.
Like the Snow Melts
Tumblr media
You need to be loved patiently. You need to feel the love slowly creeping in, a warning, a way to back away if you’re too scared. You need to be loved cautiously, as if you’re fragile. You need to be loved gently, because love is messy and muddy and makes your socks wet and hurts if the sun gets too close. But you need to let yourself be loved, because when you do, it’ll feel like spring.
Like the Burn Marks On My Hands
Tumblr media
You need to be loved gently, taken care of. You need to let yourself be taken care of. You deserve the kindness. You deserve to have fingertips pressed to yours, you deserve soft smiles and quiet laughs. You need to be kissed in the middle of the night, you need to be told it’s okay. You’re used to aggressive love, yet you, you need it gently.
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wintercorrybriea · 14 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
All is A Gentle Spring Resort 2023
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yuniblob · a year ago
The Season of Success
Why is it you still strive hard,
Into doing exhausting things,
That you’ll eventually discard,
When you’ve finally reached spring?
Ah, the reoccurring spring,
Where flowers are prettily blooming,
And birds that are gleefully chirping,
The season of success.
The season you longingly yearn for,
That you sadly can’t obtain,
Like a bottle of liquor,
Tis’ why you’re alive, feeling in vain.
Success cannot come so easily,
Since spring, summer, fall, and winter—
Follow one another regularly,
Thus patience is the trigger, so do let it linger.
It may be your winter right now,
So it’s alright to quiver and shout,
Your worries may make you say ciao,
But you’ll find a solution for it,
Without further of a doubt.
We don’t know what tomorrow may bring,
But I ensure you, everything has a reason.
So, patiently going through the seasons,
Will take you, to your long-awaited spring.
— a poem made by me
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emptyheartfoolbrain · a year ago
Led Through The Mist
By The Milk Light Of Moon
All That Was Lost Is Revealed
Our Long Bygone Burdens
Mere Echoes Of The Spring
But Where Have We Come
And Where Shall We End?
If Dreams Can't Come True
Then Why Not Pretend?
How The Gentle Wind
Beckons Through The Trees
As Autumn Colors Fall
Dancing In A Swirl
Of Golden Memories
The Loveliest Lies of All...
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ambedoshowers · a year ago
I wish I could go back to my younger self and say “hey., yeah it’s all really shitty, I know you know that. But you know there’s a lot of good shit too., the stuff worth staying alive for, being there to see. There will still be a lot of bad shit., but you’ll find strength in each passing year. You’ll fumble and fall., and worry about this scary place your head is in catching up to you. But you’ll finally be in control., and that’s something worth staying alive for.”
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theonewiththefanfics · a month ago
Ten Things I Like About You (one-shot)
Synopsis: There is one rule for Y/N to accept Jason Carver's advances: if he wants to go out with her, the jock has to name ten things he likes about the resident 'Freak'Eddie Munson. Can he do it?
Pairing: Eddie Munson x fem!Reader
Warnings: swearing, Jason being a dick as usual, nothing else I can think of (minimally edited)
Genre: fluff mainly
Word count: 3085
Tumblr media
Y/N Y/L/N was an enigma at Hawkins High. Not unpopular by any means, but didn’t run directly in with the ‘it’ crowd either. She was friends or at least friendly with most of the cliques, but even with the ones she didn’t interact with, she didn’t bully or look down on them, simply coexisted without any problems. Eddie thought it was probably why he’d started to crush on the girl.
Typically, she’d be sitting by the cheerleader table, her and the Queen of Hawkins High Chrissy Cunningham being as thick as thieves unless Nancy Wheeler had taken some time off from their newspaper to come and eat a bit, but starting from a couple of months ago, from time to time, he’d find the girl by his Hellfire Club table. She wouldn’t bother them, wouldn’t talk, wouldn’t even look at them, simply sat down and started to push around the sludge-like mashed potatoes or scrutinize the way-too-orange looking mac‘n’cheese on her plate.
At first, Eddie wanted to snark at her, wanted to tell her to get lost, but the day Y/N had first taken a seat at the far end of their table, he’d noticed how she’d closed her eyes for a moment, took in a deep breath and exhaled. And then, when she did open her eyes – it was like a giant boulder had come off her shoulders. And he understood it. Maybe not exactly what or why she felt that way, but he did, and Eddie’d be damned if it didn’t make his heart skip a beat at the thought, she felt safe around him and his bunch, safe enough to let down her guard like that.
Slowly it had become a routine. Seemingly whenever Y/N had too much of something, she’d take a now unofficially assigned seat at the right end of their table and just sit there. She’d throw them a small smile and a wave, then pull out her Walkman and put the headphones on, disconnecting her from the surrounding world, and Eddie had sort of taken it upon himself to make sure Y/N enjoyed her forty minutes of peace unbothered. Maybe he’d sometimes let Robin Buckley or Chrissy take her out of the zen state, but for anyone else, Eddie would give the most menacing and crazy look he could muster, so the person tucked their tail between their legs and turned the other way, leaving the girl alone.
This was one of those days where Y/N needed to get away from the crowd, it seemed, as Eddie watched how her shoulders and back tensed more and more with every second the guys from the basketball team spoke around her while she sat next to Chrissy, before something in her snapped. She placed a gentle palm on the other girl’s hand, squeezed it and stood up, taking her food tray with her, as well as her book bag.
Loud “oh, come on, Y/N!” followed her, but she didn’t even look back, rather gritted her teeth so as to seemingly not let out whatever it was, she wanted to actually say.
With a deep sigh, she dropped the bag on the ground, and a bit more carefully placed the red plastic tray on the table as to not let the questionable meal of the day slip off.
She was wearing a pair of light baggy jeans, some graphic tee of an obscure-looking indie movie printed on, tucked behind the waistband and cinched with a black belt while a knitted patchwork cardigan kept her warm in the still somewhat cool spring winds.
Y/N looked comfortable, and that was also one of the things Eddie liked about her. She didn’t really follow the newest fashion trends. Sure, her clothes were mostly styled in a way that reflected whatever was in at that moment, but she did it in her own way. Eddie was pretty much sure, he’d seen that cardigan on her all throughout high school. She didn’t hide behind clothes to create a persona, she used that and make-up, or on some days none of it, to enhance who she already was.
“Shit,” Y/N muttered under her breath, bringing Eddie out from his thoughts as her fork clattered below the table.
Grumbling, she put her Walkman away to lean down and grab it, but the freshman Mike, who’d Eddie had recruited for the D&D club, beat her to it.
“Here,” the boy mumbled, and Y/N flashed him a grateful smile.
“Thanks. But I probably should get a new one. I don’t think I’m brave enough to put anything in my mouth that’s touched the cafeteria floor. Don’t want to be the cause of the new Black Plague or some shit.” She snorted. “Besides, I’ve made it to the end of my senior year. It’d be quite pathetic to kick the bucket like a couple of months before that.”
“Not as pathetic as repeating the senior year, over and over again,” Eddie chuckled from the head of the table, but Y/N didn’t laugh along with him at his self-deprecating joke.
“Just because someone’s not academically skilled, doesn’t mean they’re pathetic.” She was frowning. “I’ve heard you play, Eddie. You’re amazing. I have no doubt that when you get out of this hellhole, you’ll do big things. Just… just don’t give up yet, don't write yourself off like that.”
Eddie was one hundred percent sure he was blushing like a madman, but the soft smile she gave him made his heart soar at her kind words, let alone at the fact she had heard him play and had said he was talented. The man was just about ready to combust from the love in his chest.
Truth be told, Eddie was also academically inclined, it’s just that whatever the school threw his way couldn’t hold his attention for more than a second. He was excellent at math because of D&D, but when it came to finding the x on a Pythagorean theorem, he was lost because there was no intrigue behind it. He was an amazing storyteller, but his grammar wasn’t the best, and his handwriting was even worse, so most of the time even he couldn’t figure out what he’d written on the page, getting himself a fat D- for the unintelligible scribbles.
“Shit,” Mike muttered, bringing Eddie out from his daydreams and making him look up at the freshman, but his eyes were trained somewhere over Y/N’s shoulder.
Slowly he followed as she glanced backwards, and groaned as they noted Jason Carver walking up the Hellfire table, the whole club growing stiff and frowns etching themselves onto their faces.
“Not one single day of fucking peace,” Y/N mumbled under her breath and rolled her eyes.
“You okay?” Eddie leaned closer to her over the table. “Just give the word and I’ll tell him to fuck right off from here. I have no problems making a scene.”
“No.” She sighed, stabbing the fork into the food with a ferocity, Eddie could only imagine it was someone’s face. Hopefully that someone's that was sauntering their way. “Don’t. The shit he does and says to you is bad enough, so please don’t add any fuel to the fire on my account. Sorry, by the way.” She grimaced. “For all of that.”
Eddie shook his head. “It’s not like you’re saying those things, which by the way, thank you.”
Y/N frowned even more. “You shouldn’t be thanking me for being a decent person. Fuck how low has the bar gotten exactly?”
His snort made her lips quirk up in a smile, but all of it was wiped away when Jason cleared his throat. 
For a moment she closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, as if gathering her self-composure, before turning around in her seat with a raised brow. “Can I help you, Carver?”
“I just - uh - look.” Jason gave Y/N the most charming smile he could muster. “I know the guys can be a lot with the teasing, but I actually came here to say that honestly maybe we should do it, you know...”
She looked at him as if he’d grown a second head. “Should what?”
“Go on that date. I mean I think we’d look pretty cute together.”
“Yes, well, some people think hairless mole rats are cute, but you don’t really argue about taste,” Y/N deadpanned and once again Eddie snorted.
Jason threw him a scalding glare. “Something funny, freakshow?”
“Carver,” she snapped. “Seriously?”
The basketball player’s hands balled into fists, but it seemed like he knew throwing a punch at Eddie would be completely counterproductive. “Okay, look.” He averted his eyes to Y/N. “Can you just come back and sit with us? At least away from… them? I know that all of this,” he gestured towards the Hellfire Club. “Is just an act, okay. I know you’re trying to play hard to get, but at least do it with someone of your own status.”
“My own status? Who the fuck do you think we are?” the girl scoffed. “This is high school, Jason, not the Queen’s court.”
“This shit’ll follow you after high school, Y/N.” Jason looked up and down at Eddie as if he was vermin. “I’m just trying to help you make the right choices.”
Honestly, Eddie wasn’t even listening to what the asshole was saying as he watched in fascination as a plan developed in her head. 
“You know what, Jason, you are right,” she said. “I will go out on a date with you, and I will never talk to anyone at this table. In fact, I'll never even walk past here again.”
Well, there went any chance Eddie had.
Y/N’s eyes met his. Eddie gulped, watching her stand up and slowly saunter away. His heart was beating a mile a minute and even though he didn’t have asthma, he was sure this was how an asthma attack felt, breaths coming in shorter and shorter as Y/N stood behind him.
For a second there was non-verbal communication between the two, as Y/N asked with her eyes if he was alright with her touching him, and he gave her a barely-there nod. Then her palms slowly settled on his shoulders before sliding over them and down and down his chest until she had her chin perked in the crook of his neck, her fingers intertwined right below his pecks, and oh, God, Eddie was gonna pass out.
He was desperately trying not to squirm because if there was one place on his body that was ticklish, it was his neck and collarbones area, but Eddie would stay still like the dead if it kept Y/N’s chin on his shoulder.
She was hugging him, her breaths tickling his neck, as his mind whirred, not even able to process any words coming out of her or Jason’s mouth, the rest of the cafeteria background having turned into white noise. All that existed was Y/N’s scent, and her touch, and her body weight pressing against his back and oh god, oh god, oh god.
“ – isn’t that right, Eddie?” Y/N’s voice invaded his ears and he blinked rapidly to get back to reality.
“I said a guy should prove himself to a girl before asking her out, right?”
Eddie swallowed, and nodded, his eyes unable to break from Y/N’s gaze. “Right, yeah. Of course. Definitely. One hundred percent.”
“So then.” Y/N looked at Jason. “Don’t you think you’d have to prove to me I wouldn’t waste my time with you?”
Jason had his arms crossed, glaring at Eddie as he sucked on his teeth, probably trying to figure out a hundred different ways as to how to punch in his nose, but reluctantly looked at Y/N.
“Name your price, Y/L/N.”
“You, Jason Carver, have to name ten nice things about Eddie here. And you have to say them like you mean them.”
Jason let out a laugh, and the rest of the gathered basketball team mimicked him. Eddie hadn't even noticed his goons had gathered to watch the spectacle. “What? I meant something I can actually do.”
“I can start.” Y/N shook her head and smiled as if she was oblivious as to what he’d meant. “But obviously you can’t use my examples, you have to come up with your own. For one.” She turned to the side and looked Eddie directly into his eyes. Yep. He was for sure dead. Had to be. Or definitely was going to be because he wasn’t breathing. Was his heart still working? He wasn’t sure. “I absolutely love how you can play the guitar. I think it’s amazing. It takes dedication and skill to keep up with something like that. And well, I’d say it certainly means you’re good with your fingers, which is an added bonus girls definitely appreciate.”
You know what? If lightning struck him then and there, Eddie would be completely fine by it. Was he a massive virgin? Yes, very much so, he’d never even fingered a girl before, but holy shit, he’d play the guitar until his fingertips bled, if what Y/N said was true, especially if that was her opinion.
“Come on, Y/L/N.” Jason let out a chuckle of disbelief, but Eddie could see he was seething underneath, and it was very much so an enjoyable sight. “Stop playing. Tell me what I actually have to do to get you on a date with me and away from these lowlifes.”
Y/N simply shrugged, pressing her cheek against Eddie’s, pouting as she did so. “What do you mean? I already did – name ten nice things about Eddie. It can be about his looks, what he’s good at, how he’s helped someone – anything. Here’s an easy one – his mind is absolutely brilliant. You have to have amazing imagination to come up with such complex Dungeons & Dragons campaign plots, and I think he’d make an amazing novelist if he put those ideas on paper.”
“He’s a freak.” Jason finally snapped, sneering with as much venom as he could muster. Eddie wouldn’t be surprised if he actually was a snake underneath that skin and hair gel.
Y/N snorted and straightened out, but her palms remained rested on Eddie’s shoulders and he couldn’t help himself but settle his own over hers. Their fingers intertwined and she squeezed his palm in response. He was in heaven.
“And what, you’re not?” Y/N scoffed. “Jason, you’re obsessed with chasing an orange ball around a court like you’re a fucking dog who needs to hear ‘good boy’ every time you almost put it in the hoop. You think you’re so nice and all when you’re the most judgmental piece of shit I know. I asked you to name just ten nice thing about Eddie, and you couldn’t even pull some bullshit one out of your ass, but I definitely can name ten things I hate about you starting with the fact that you’re so high up your own ass you can’t take ‘no’ for an answer. I don’t care about sitting next to you, let alone going on a date with you. The fact that you can’t see beyond your own prejudices, makes me know I did the right choice by telling you to go screw your hand the first time around.”
“You’ll regret this,” Jason sneered. “I’m trying to save you, can’t you see? You’ve been sitting with them so long it’s started to corrupt you.”
She raised her brow. “Will I? Because from my standpoint my future looks pretty a-okay. And saved from what? A fantasy game? You think an elf is gonna chop my head off in the real world? Or some orc's siren-like voice will lure me to my doom? Get a grip, Carver, and get out of my face before I smash it in for you.”
Jason was absolutely seething, his face flushed red while his chest heaved up and down, throwing one final look at Eddie who had a satisfied smirk on his own. “Just you wait, Y/L/N, and you’ll see the true nature of these – these Devil worshippers. And when you do, don’t come crawling back to us.”
“Jason, if you had the last glass of water on earth and I was on fire, I’d rather be consumed by those Hellish flames you’re afraid of than go near you with a ten-foot pole.”
And just to add the cherry on top, just to piss him off even more Eddie wiggled his fingers in a ‘bye-bye’ motion.
For a moment, Jason stammered, clenching and unclenching his fists as if readying himself for a pounce, but even with the whole basketball team behind him, he’d been humiliated by Y/N already, and if Principal Higgins came in to see a brawl, he'd surely believe the girl's version of the story, mainly because Chrissy Cunningham would a hundred percent stand by her best friend.
Eddie was sure he’d pay for her sticking up for him later, and no doubt Jason would find a way to make Y/N’s life a hell, but for now, they celebrated, as Carver turned on his heel and stalked away, the whole of Hellfire erupting in cheers and whoops.
“I’m so in love with you,” Eddie breathed out and Y/N threw her head back in a laugh. He swore it was the most beautiful sound in the world before he realized he’d said his thoughts out loud.
“Yep, and you said that out loud too.” Her smile was blinding, as she took the offered seat at Eddie’s side one of the boys sliding further, instead of retreating to the one at the end of the table. “But it’s okay. I – uh – I kinda like you too. It’s what made putting Jason in his place double the joy.”
Fuck it. It was high-time he shot his shot. “So, if I asked you out on a date would you tell me to go and screw my hand or would you give me a chance?”
She rested her chin on her palm, giving him a coy smile. “Well, can you name ten things you like about me?” 
Eddie leaned in closer, their noses almost brushing, wide grins on both of their faces. “Baby I have a whole list – would you like to hear it alphabetically or by the dates I noticed them?”
“Your pick, Eddie.”
By the time he walked that graduation stage and flipped Principal Higgins off, he hadn’t even gotten to B yet as the list was ever growing.
So was hers.
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A/N: :)
P.S. Eddie tags are open if anyone wants to be tagged in future stories, HMU or leave a message under the fic :)
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pepperboxe · 5 months ago
tag drop!
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satorins · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
≡ gojo satoru x f!reader
↳ all he wants is to please you, but when you take him up within your own hands — small and nimble wrapped around his length, a hopeful desire springs out of Gojo pushing him to want more as he imagines what it would be like to be the father of your children.
tw/cw: unedited. smut. explicit language. praise. blow job. satoru wanting to make a baby. cum eating. deep throating. gagging. unprotected sex. reader called: princess, angel, my girl, baby and referred to as a mom.
✉ : hmm hello (( : i didn’t get to edit it, so i hope you dont mind the mistakes and flaws (˵ˊᯅˋ˵) sigh but still hope you can enjoy !!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“I-is this okay?” You quietly muttered, unzipping his pants as you knelt in between his strong thighs while he sat on the edge of his bed, your hands grazing past his clothed bulge, his hardened flesh throbbing inside the constraint of his cotton briefs, nodding slightly as if it had a mind of its own.
Slightly flinching at your gentle touch, expectantly waiting with his brows furrowed, his pink lips peeking open, lips glistening with a light sheer of saliva as he lowly groaned whilst looking down at you. Giving you a breathy response, his exposed torso showcasing his toned chest as his stomach clenched tight, flexing his abs in prominent definition as his hips shamelessly bucked forward in desire for more of your touch,
“Mhm… more than okay baby,” Gojo whispered with a lingering chuckle. His crystal cerulean eyes blazed in lust, half lidded as he brushed his index fingers against the apples of your cheeks, softly traveling down your face to play with your soft lips, hesitantly pushing his thumb in, observing your every move, watching your every reaction with finite discretion as he awaited your next move.
Spreading out his legs, his briefs outlining his erection, the mold of his thick cock growing as his eyes bore into you, his breath becoming increasingly staggered with each gentle grazing of your fingers across his skin, gliding just above the plush of his inner thighs, just close to where he would preferably want your hands to be at — or rather be around.
“You want to touch it?” Gojo questioned, intertwining your fingers with his longer digits, measuring the difference in size, imagining just how pretty you’ll look with your small hands struggling to wrap around his cock, pumping his length as he shot his load onto the canvas of your face, dripping down your chin with his seeds eventually ending up over your breasts. His room being filled with the wonder of your breathless, heavenly, melodic moans filtrating his once somber bedroom — to fill every part of him, to fill every crevice of him with the essence of you.
Trailing his fingers down your lips, gently grazing the back of his index against your cheeks to the fine lining of your collar bones, to the hardened bud of your breasts exposed slightly under the fabric of your shirt, a playful glint passes over his eyes.
“No bra?” he teased with his white brows quirked, pinching your nipple and chuckling at your small gasp when you gave him a shy nod, hiding your face as you leaned your forehead against his strong thigh.
“That’s my girl,” Satoru breathed out, craning his back as he cupped your face, raising your face to look at him, Satoru felt his cock suddenly twitch the moment he looked closely into your eyes, the burning flame increasing in his core becoming harder for him to tame when he noticed, the reflection of him glazed faintly over your cornea as if he lived within your orbs — as if he lived within you.
With the sexual tension in the room blinding his self restraint, quickly leaning back on his elbows, making it difficult for you to hide from him, and giving him some leverage to calm down, “don’t hide your face, I want to see everything,” he murmured.
“Okay… l- let me just take off your briefs, Satoru” your hands moved synchronously to your voice, and before your hands could latch onto the fabric, just before exposing his chiseled v line on his lower abdomen, he stopped you.
“It’s okay, I got it,” he gave you a warm smile, craning his neck as he cupped your face to reach low to place a delicate kiss on your lips, “your hands are shaking baby,” he teased in between kisses just before he placed small peck to the tip of your nose before he made way to properly pull you in.
A moan escapes your lips as Satoru started to kiss your neck, trailing to your collar bones and giving a gentle bite to your shoulders as he simultaneously slipped his calloused hand under your shirt to massage your tits and tease your hardened nipples.
Groaning as his hands ventured over your body, the soft padding of his palms and his long fingers grazing past your skin, tickling just underneath your breasts, fully molding your tits inside his palms, "fucking beautiful," his lips praised you.
The kiss illuminates the room with the sweet noise of your lips intertwining as one and tongues dancing to the tempo of love.
Slightly grunted to remove his briefs, freeing his length as it lightly hit the bottom of his abdomen, the fabric pooling at his ankle. Continuing the kiss with his neck strained up while you met him from above. Hands coddling your ass, as your fingers played and tugged onto the edges of his hair, tongues venturing deeper as it crossed the boundaries of simplicity into a more fervent and passionate grounds of lovemaking, filling your senses with the aroma and the thickness of love.
In between open kisses, with one of his large palms cupped the back of your head, he whispered, “I’m all yours baby,” with a slight tug to your fleshly lips while his other palmed his length, where the tip of his head was pink, dewed with a droplet of precum on the tip of his slit. Your pussy immediately clenches, as the knot within your core tightens — almost unbearable for you to handle. And just like an overfilled bottle of honey oozing out as the dipper enters in, you felt the pool of your erection making your panties feel damp, almost close to leaking out and slowly dripping down your thighs.
was this sweet. erotic. love?
It wasn’t the first time you’ve seen his full length manifest in front of you, but it never seems to get any easier for you to grasp just how such a length of that size could ever fit inside of you — albeit this time fit into your small mouth.
Releasing a small whisper, hoping he didn’t hear, you muttered out, “it won’t fit,” and in response he assured, as his lips hovered over yours, his hot breath spiraling chills across your sensitive body,
“We always make it fit, baby,” his voice low and wanting, joking as he waited patiently for your next move.
Satoru never pushed for more, always treading in your waters as he moved in tune with your pace, always prioritizing you above himself. And you wanted to at least do your part in serving him back, when all he’s ever done was serve you — treat you like a goddess, his beloved angel, his love… his self proclaimed muse, and you wanted to do the same.
Normally if Satoru had the option of getting a blow job or him fucking you, he’ll easily choose the latter — stating that it was something about the way you sucked him in, or how your body was perfectly sculpted to be one with him, how warm you felt inside or how fucking crazy, a carnal dog in heat, you made him be. To have the control of your body as he fucked you from behind, to have you in the width of his hands as he pistoled his cock inside of you, to have you pushed down to the mattress with your high locked on his shoulders, balls slapping against your wet cunt as his seeds spilled out of you.
But today, the box of condoms he had stashed at his bedside were all used up from the nights prior, and he forgot to purchase more after coming back from work, so he suggested just giving you oral — a skill he’s warranted to almost perfection as he would boast with a cheesy smile and teasing touches… that he's good, promising that he won't do anything more, won't ask to do more, but you caught him off guard when you softly muttered, crawling on top of his thighs with your arms locked around his lean neck, lips tickling his lobes, "no, 'Toru... let me do that today, please? I'll do my best."
Gulping at the size of his length, the tip nodding back at you just before you wrapped your hands around his girth, you immediately felt his cock jolt in your care, and his stomach tightly clench as his two pretty veins that ran along his length pulsed as the warmth of your hands and the heat of his head made him even more sensitive.
“You’re so pretty ‘Toru,” you whispered, your cheeks heated at such words coming out of your mouth, immediately planting the side of your face to rest on his inner thigh as you shower his sensitive skin with gentle kisses while prodding his shaft slowly — purposely moving slow, allowing him to feel every fiber of your skin as you massaged past his sensitive length.
“Please,” he gasped, “don’t tease me,” he grunted with every soft stroke you gave, his eyes shut close to concentrate on his climax, brows furrowed and jaws clenched. Chuckling mixed with light gasps, "there's a limit to that baby," Satoru honestly confessed.
Taking a second to gather himself, you heard his lowly chuckle soon thereafter, when he noticed you simply staring at his cock. “it’s okay baby, we can do this next time, let me do this for y— ” Your hands moved to fondle his lonesome balls, “fuckkk,” Satoru moaned out, his chest heaving, increasing the level of stimulation as you placed soft open kisses and kitten kicks to his throbbing head, sucking in his precum with the tips of your lips, gently pulling on his balls as you watched your boyfriend through the wisps of your lashes.
Furrowing his eyebrows while he clenched his jaws, his thumb running softly past your eyelashes, causing you to melt into his touch, “if you’re not ready, I’ll be m-more than happy to do something else —“ Satoru was desperate, he just wanted to be inside you somehow or someway, and his restraint to play things slow was running short — he couldn’t, not today, not when there was no condom, not when the blaring alarms in his head told him to go for it, yet the softness in his heart told him to trust and let you win.
Satoru always chose the latter.
And cutting him short, showing your resolve that tonight was indeed his night, you looked up at him with the tip of his cock teasingly above your soft lips, his eyes concentrating and his cheeks flushed red, his sparking light blue iris’ shining through the damp room, his white hair flowing naturally down his head, gently covering up his beautifully sculpted forehead.
“No… I want to,” you adamantly responded.
Giving you a small smile, masking the threatening feel of his desire and lust almost overtaking the immense amount of reservation that he needed to not pin you down and have your tight walls wrap around his length as he fucked you dry; he instead gulped his saliva down his dry throat, almost burning as it traveled down his esophagus, causing his prominent adam’s apple to aggressively protrude up and down, and his lips to become dry,
“Baby, it’s okay… we don’t have to do this…” he tried once more — you looked beautiful with your eyes sparkling up at him. Gojo wondered what if — no… not yet.
“But I want to, you always do it for me. D-do you not want it?” You questioned, the heat of your breath caused his mind to almost fall blank. The short vibrations of your voice transferred to your lips almost making him go insane as they softly brushed against his head.
“Well, fuck… princess, you and are a bit different,” his eyes traveling to your lips, inserting his thumb into your mouth — just one push and he could be inside.
Satoru swears he lost it the moment he recalled your lips sucking his tongue in, the moment he felt the warmth of your mouth playing with his digit. Lowly groaning at your enticing image, electricity circuiting through his body as his heart beats blared through his ears, as the padding of your tongue would drive him into further ecstasy, while the small threat of saliva that was just about to drip down the edge of your lips sparkled at the corner, “of course I want you, I always do,” Gojo stammered, “but there’s no p-pressure to make me feel good, and we have no condoms — oh god…”
Breathless as if his whole self was raptured from his body, his thighs squirming and his stomach clenching with every brush of your tongue against his length, where the warm of your mouth blocked all sense of reality, morality, or belief from his heart — manifesting all of himself to you as he heard you gag at his length as the tip of his head knocked against the back of your throat.
“Fucking god, baby,” his hand gripped some of your hair, angling his cock just right so that it could easily go past the restraints of your mouth and into your throat, “You’re so warm inside.”
Slurping up his length, one hand moving in an upward spiral motion at his base, never forgetting to brush past his frenulum and his puffy slit while the other fondled his balls.
“So good… j-just like that angel, even your mouth feels so damn tight,” Gojo growled as he progressed to push your head further down to take his length. Your nails digging into his skin, uncaring about the tears forming in your ducts, resisting the urge to gag yet go forth and taste the salty viscous heaven of his cum filling up your throat.
With your eyes closed, it was easier to concentrate around you. You felt the slight tickle of his pubes brush past the tip of your nose, as your jaws ached with every second you felt your man grow bigger in size with every slow and taunting thrust he made into your mouth. You heard the hitches of his breath increasing in sound, the heaves of his breaths loudly leaving his nostrils, and the tremors of his body becoming more noticeable as his body craned over you.
“mhm, fuck baby,” he moaned while his cock throbbed profusely inside your mouth, his hand lightly grasping the base of your neck , feeling the protrusion of his cock move in and out, “shit such a good girl, all for me yea?“ His voice was sweet yet full of a voracious desire to want more.
Grunting as he grabbed the sides of your head, pushing his cock completely into your mouth, your nails clawing into his thighs with your mouth full of him, your throat burning from the stimulation, your lungs aching for air.
Gojo imagined his cock buried deep inside of your pussy, stretching out your walls in accordance to his size, as his hips snapped against the plush of your ass while you screamed out his name and painted his back with the stripes of your mark. To have your thighs twitch while wrapped around his waist, your pussy absorbing him in, having him completely melt the moment he feels himself inside of you — utterly insane he believes, the power you have over him — the greatest of all is the weakest with you.
Flattening your tongue out for him to fit, your saliva graciously coating his cock as it trailed down the edge of your lips. With tears gathered at the sides of your eyes, uncaring if you were tired and forgetting about the first initial reaction you had towards his length, you felt yourself choking when the tip of his member knocked deep at the back of your throat, making your pussy to suddenly clench when you tasted the faint musty hue of his precum mixed in with your saliva.
Picking up your pace, applying pressure to his length while working your way up with both of your hands in coherence to your mouth, he lets go of your hair, as you sucked greedily on his tip just before swallowing him all the way down your throat again.
“Fuck,” groaning as he shot his head back, exposing the movement of his sharp adam’s apple after each gulp of spit trailing back his dry throat, abs beautifully clenched with pebbles of sweat on his chest, “sucking me in so good just like your pussy, fucccking god,” his head snapping forward, his eyes now a darker palette of blue as he stared deep into your eyes as your mouth continually pleased him.
“I’m going to cum,” Gojo murmured, closing his eyes and dropping his head back, concentrating on his release — not yet.
Releasing him from your mouth to get a chance for air, your hands edging him in greater measure. The slick of your spit dripping from his length, traveling down his sac to paint a fine line down his thigh and down his ass.
“C-can I come?” he gulped, eyes clenching tight as your tongue played and sucked on his sensitive balls, “where do you want me to come, angel?” Gojo pleaded, holding on to your wrist to have you stop for just a moment, but yet the enticing pleasure from the warmth of your mouth, from the softness of your puffy lips, and the tightness of your throat had him absolute gone in your grip.
“Come for me ‘Toru, I want it all, anywhere” you mumbled, causing him to flinch as the vibrations of your lips along his throbbing cock now felt too much for him to handle.
“YN…” Satoru panted, his chest heaving as he combed his hair back.
“Yea baby? Come for me,” you praised him, “give it all to me.”
Swallowing him whole again, hitting his cock faster with your tongue as you pumped him with your hands, uncaring if he threatened your gag reflex, or if he trembled with his frame hovered over you, cupping hold of your face, tucking you into the crook of his clenched stomach as he gasped for air.
His moans mixed in with the lewd slurping of your mouth, his fingers pushing into your cheeks — eyes shut tight as you tried to relieve the burning knot blazing in your lower stomach, clenching your pussy as your whole body started to manifest into a shudder from the temptations of wanting to touch yourself — to relieve of your sexual stress as you watched, felt, your boyfriend slowly unravel.
“I’m gonna cum, gonna cum and have you take all of it,” his length hot and tender, aching in your mouth, “fuck… baby only for you… fuck fuck fuck…,” his thick cum shooting into your throat, filling up your mouth with his release, tasting ever so fragrant and sweet from his good diet and bodily care, gulping in a large chunk of his load as he continued to empty out more of himself into you, pushing you further and asphyxiating of you air.
“Fucking, shit,” Gojo murmured, "you almost killed me baby."
Normally while you lay in bed, as he tied up his used condom, before cleaning off your body and getting you prepared for a warm bath, the conversation of having a family would arise occasionally as he looked at the sack of his white seeds pooled in the latex. Conversations always starting off with, “when?” or worries such as “do you think?” all ending off with the conclusion of “hopefully soon.” And softly whispering just to blow a fateful wish for himself, he would mutter while you were asleep, closely tucked into his arms,
“I hope our baby girl can have your kind personality, your glowing aura, your patience and wisdom, your beautiful face, and the expanse of your loving heart. And if it’s a little boy… well I hope he’ll be half as handsome as me because I can’t share anyone with you,” chuckling at himself as he nuzzled his nose into your temple.
The density of his load shooting into your mouth decreased while Gojo started to catch his breath, with his lips chapped and voice hoarse, he cupped your face to look at you from above, “don’t swallow it all,” kissing your forehead, “don’t want you getting a stomachache,” his eyes thoughtful through the whisps of his white eyelashes, as he watched you unlatch from his cock with a slight pop.
“C’me here,” he groaned while he pulled you up to saddle his lap, "spit it out," he ordered while he cupped his palms over your mouth placing a kiss on your droopy eyes, hands softly running against your back, "so good to me," he whispered before groaning into a languid kiss — never missing to taste himself inside of you — the salty viscous fabric of his own cum in your mouth never tasted any better — pleased that a portion of his seeds lay in your stomach, almost wishing they were planted someplace else for future blessings and growth such that of a child.
Chuckling into the kiss as remnants of his cum spilled through the sides of your lips, imagining how pretty your daughters would be if they had your eyes, and how adorable your sons would be if they had your personality. He promised that he would raise them well…
maybe that could be the next step forward for this relationship?
But until then…
“Let me take care of you now, yea? Baby did so good for me,” Gojo mumbled as he showered kisses onto your face, his long fingers pushing into your small mouth to collect some of his cum that was left in your mouth, playing with your tongue as he felt you ride his thigh, immediately noticing the heat of your sex paint his thighs a clear fluid of your slick with each swiping of your pussy.
Where soon his exposed fingers trailed down your torso and straight into your shorts, moving past his favorite panties — cute with minimal lacing, teasing just rightly to accentuate your womanhood.
Cleaning out his hands with a napkin next to the bed, quickly coating three fingers with a wad of his saliva, to enter back inside your pants, to rub circles to your hardened bud, coating your pussy like a natural lubricant — surely, a baby was no worry for him, he’ll give you millions if you just asked.
Oh how he fucking wished he could shove up his cum inside your tight hole, make you bleed of his cum… but no, today he’ll just opt to fingering you —
Kissing your neck, his hot breath feeling moist and sticky on your skin, with each movement of his fingers gliding past your folds in motion to your hips, gulping as he felt the familiar pooling of his blood collect at his aching member.
“Ngh.. Satoru,” you mewled while pulling on the back of his hair, “Please…” your thighs quivering as the heat of this moment rushed through you, “fuck me.”
His resolve was stretching thin, his hands trembling at your words, “YN, we don’t have any condoms —”
Pushing your lips onto his, shutting him up from his thoughts and pulling him out of his self restraints, groaning into the kiss as you tugged onto his puffy lips, kissing his hot cheeks, running your tongue against the plush of his lower lip as you stared down at him with your arms around his neck,
“It’s okay… we’ll be okay,” you assured with another promising kiss, brushing his sweaty hair off to the side,
“Let’s do it,” you muttered, nuzzling your nose with his.
"You sure?" Gojo breathily asked again.
"I'm sure because it's you."
Short circuiting as he immediately pulled down your shorts, he noticed the gloss of your slick connecting in your soaked panties as he removed them, angelically glistening in the darkened room, “hah… ‘Toru…, hurry” you whined as you ground your hips into his palm.
Instantly feeling a shock of arousal shoot through his blood, traveling straight to his soft member to pool out, he gently bit at your skin to stay calm, “Shh.. shhh… baby you’re doing so good, a little more” he praised, littering soft kisses to your skin, "gotta stretch you out, yea?" absolutely resisting the urge to suck on your sweet spots, “wanna put a baby in you,” his mumbles morphed into a feverish growl, “want to see you plump with my child, want to fill you up with my cum till you beg for me to stop,” his wet lips trailed past your skin, his unoccupied palm hovering over your stomach.
Aligning the tip of his cock to your entrance, moving his head back and forth, melting at the warmth of your cunt, “You still want me to fuck you? Give me your permission,” he whispered into your ear, the softness of his breath and the yearning of his voice covering you in chills knowing he was at his last resolve.
“I want it all, I want all of you Satoru… give me — ahh! ”
Your voice went mute, your eyes fanning to the back of your head, as his forehead leaned against your chest, his strong arms tightly caging you at the waist as his heavy cock impaled you open, his throbbing length falling plush to your sensitive fluttery walls, brushing just past your sweet spots, as you both settled and connected as one.
Groaning as his tongue ran up your neck, looking up to see your gapping face, the canvas of your facade absolutely blinding his eyes — looking like a goddess in the presence of a mortal sinner — feeling his length getting bigger as he stuffed you full, “ngh, Satoru! I- I can’t! it's too much!" you begged, while he continued to observe your face, “shhh you’re so pretty, so so pretty, look at me baby it's okay... so warm fuuuck,” he stammered.
Feeling your pussy clamping down on his cock as his hands were now stationed at your hips, stripping the air out of his lungs as his head just so grazed at the tips of your caverns, just millimeters shy away from your cervix — the house for your soon to be baby — if the gods may allow.
“Tell me how many you want, I’ll give you all,” he promised just moments after pulling you down to fall flat onto the bed with you on top — chest to chest, and heartbeats erratically beating in one synchronous rhythm — with one arm around your back while the other stationed behind your head, cautious in his movements yet his cock burned deeper inside you, caving a path just for himself — only for him.
“I want one that has your smile, and your beautiful face” he whispered as his tongue trailed past your neck, “with your patience and wisdom,” and meeting your eyes for a delicate moment, “a daughter with the expanse of your loving heart,” and just before he would plant his lips to yours to seal the deal, you mustered up the strength to let out,
“And I want another that would be just as handsome," clenching down on him as you both simultaneously groaned, Gojo spreading out your ass for access to your womb, your breasts further pushed against him, "if not more than you, because I know..." shuddering as you felt his caged release shoot inside, filling you to the brim as you also reached your high, watching from below as the powerful Satoru Gojo laid helpless and vulnerable, his hips snapping into you with each pulsing release as he repeatedly called out your name, a man with a simple desire to be your all.
And falling onto his chest, hearing the honest beats of his heart screaming its love for you, you knew... you've always known the right decision was always him, you whispered out just before you felt your eyes shut close,
".... I know you’ll be a great father and love him well.”
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