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thingsoverheardatua · a day ago
All Might: [on the phone with Aizawa] I am having a situation with one of the students.
Aizawa: Yeah, I think I know which one. Is he a cocky, angry blond with a red head following him around and looking at him like he’s in love?
Kirishima: [to Bakugou] You’d make a pretty girl.
All Might: Yes.
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psychomurderz · a day ago
Trying to predict the plot after ch.336.
1. Izuku will be able to convince Aoyama's family that he can help. That if they are together now, they will solve this issue. Izuku has seen what Afo does to those who don't honor the contract, so Aoyama's family is in danger anyway. That's why they need to team up with the heroes in UA.
Tumblr media
2. After talking to Nezu, Aizawa, All Might with Tsukauchi and Top 3, it is decided to leave things as they are. Pass the information on to Afo so he doesn't suspect anything, and Aoyama's family is out of danger for now. But in doing so, all the information provided will be clearly regulated by the UA leadership: something that Afo would have found out or could have guessed on his own anyway. The second traitor decides not to interfere for now.
3. Aoyama's unfolding story for all to see (it's not something he can keep quiet about in Class A). Quirkless. Neglect and bullying. Afo's involvement in his problem. Doctor Garaki's participation in it. The identity of the Doctor, who observed little Aoyama after acquiring the quirk and making a support belt to minimize the effects of the quirk on the body, is revealed.
Tumblr media
4. In Doctor Garaki, Izuku recognizes his Doctor Tsubasa, (perhaps Endeavor will also remember that this is the same Doctor that he and Rei went to see about Touya’s problem).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
5. Endeavor realizes that Doctor Garaki and Afo may have been behind who Touya became - Dabi.
6. Questions arise about Doctor Tsubasa. 1) He immediately told Izuku that nothing could be done to make him give up his dream. He did not offer a solution in the form of one kind mister, who can give a quirk . 2) Doctor Tsubasa had a grandson with whom Izuku and Katsuki went to kindergarten and elementary school. For some reason, he didn't go to Middle School with them.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
7. Tsukauchi quite casually recalls that, according to the analysis of Nomu from Hosu, Flying Nomu had a base in the form of a certain citizen of Tsubasa with a quirk of wings. Nomu, who captured Izuku in Hosu, and who died by Stain's knife. (And perhaps the body of this nomu strangely disappeared from the morgue.)
Tumblr media
8. Katsuki remembers or realizes that his fate in the League might have been as Nomu - Shigaraki then asked for help from Afo, who clearly wanted to help with something.
Tumblr media
9. One realizes that everything was strangely swirling in some way around Izuku even before Afo knew that Izuku was the ninth OFA’s holder. All Might is palpably nervous...
Tumblr media
10. Distant Future.
Aoyama decides to sacrifice himself, as he did during the license exam. The two targets he has already lit are his parents. Therefore, he will have nothing to lose. But at the very last moment, his classmates will save him.
Tumblr media
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teenandbeyond · 2 days ago
BNHA Boys {Cuddling you}
Here’s part 2? Still working out the kinks xD (If not, it's on my profile) ^
He definitely loves to cuddle, you learned that right away. Bored? You’ll be cuddling. Sleepy? Cuddling. Sore from heroing? Cuddling, but he’ll do so before he runs a warm bath for you. He loves being the big spoon when you cuddle, but sometimes he’ll relent and let you take that place. He doesn’t mind as long as there’s contact. But be careful, if you cuddle with Kiri, it’ll be a while before he lets go. 
When Kirishima cuddles with you, he wants to make you feel safe, warm, and engulfed in his arms. He’ll randomly pepper kisses on your face, along your shoulder, the nape of your neck. 
Cuddling with him can be both innocent and heartwarming.
Oh, he did not cuddle you at the beginning of the relationship, he could be close to you, yes. But initiating cuddles, no. He would panic, how does he approach you? When is there a right or wrong time? Do you like to be the big spoon or the little spoon, etc.
But after sighing at his unnecessary panicking, you gently guided him into a cuddle, turns out you didn’t really care who was the big or little spoon, you just liked being with him.
He absolutely loves it though, he likes being close to you, you calm him, so it’s like he gets to relax, before someone freaks him out again. He often falls asleep, which has given you a hefty collection labeled, ‘My Cinnabon Tamaki Sleeping’.
Cuddling with him is peaceful and gentle.
He...didn’t cuddle at first, but that was because he still tried to be that ‘Bad boy that’s not soft’. But once you let him know he didn’t have to play the front around you, he never went back.
Behind closed doors, he’s always ready to cuddle, he’ll usually try to play it off and lay next to you, subtly get closer...until you tell him to stop playing around and come cuddle. He also likes cuddling when he’s having a rough day or he’s in his feelings. And surprisingly he’s a total little spoon, he’d never admit it, but he likes someone else making him feel safe for once, not feeling like he has to be the tough guy that doesn’t get weak. He likes to feel like he has support, that he’s understood, that he’s valid, like he’s loved.
Something cute he does though, he’ll smile if you give him kisses and tell him you love him, after a few minutes he unconsciously draws hearts into your skin, you swear it’s the cutest thing.
Cuddling with Bakugo is subtle and cute.
Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t bold enough to just cuddle you. He was so paranoid about the perfect strategy, like Tamaki, until you just grabbed him up. He’ll get flustered and it’ll take him a few minutes to calm. You cuddle most when he’s got a lot of weight on his shoulders, he’s lost, or if he’s just craving your touch.
Deku doesn’t care if he’s a big spoon or a little spoon, he just likes the warmth he feels when it happens. When he wants to cuddle, he’ll shyly stare at you until you give him what he wants or make him tell you. You both will often talk quietly not wanting to break the moment, before one of you giggles.
Cuddling with Midoriya is bright and relaxed.
He obviously wasn’t a cuddler at first, it was tough enough to be able to get him as a boyfriend.
The first time, it honestly happed on accident, you both went to sleep during a long night of conversation and woke up tangled with each other.
He found he loved the feeling, poor touch starved baby.
He didn’t know how to ask if you could do that again, so he just innocently asked you how it worked after a week of contemplation.
You just slowly brought him into your arms, and cuddled him so hard. He didn’t want to leave though, he learned he liked to be touched by you, like mentioned, he was very much starved of touch.
The thing was, Shouto was unintentionally a tease, the mix of temperature against your body really messed with you, but you refused to ruin the purity of those moments, so you just settled for soft kisses on his face and running your fingers through his hair.
Cuddling with Shoto was just so uwu.
He definitely wasn’t a cuddler before he met you, another touched saved baby. He would die before he admitted that he absolutely craved your touch, it was like a foodie sitting in front of their favorite meal, irresistible.
It started when he broke down in front of you, you were surprised, he didn’t do that. He trusted you, and even if he didn’t say it, he needed you. You pulled his head to your chest and let him cry, after settling, you cuddled for the first time.He was hooked. He only did it behind closed doors, in your bedroom. He was a bit playful too.
One thing he loved, is when you traced his scars, told him how beautiful you though he was, how much you loved him.
Cuddling him was playful but undeniably tender.
He was touchy from the start, he found whatever excuse he could to cuddle you. He’ll always have you laughing heartedly and you’ll get him so flustered he lets off small amounts of electricity. He’ll scroll on his phone sometimes while you’re asleep, but he’s only scrolling through his folder of cute pictures of you. It’s his secret, but little does he know you have a folder of him too.
Cuddling with Denki is fun and it feels natural, if that makes sense.
He’ll cuddle you whenever he has the chance, you’re a good pillow, warm too.
If you run your fingers through his hair, he’ll be out like a light.
Then him sleeping inspires you to sleep, or you’ll fall asleep together.
Just imagine, he lazily kisses your neck with an arm wrapped around you, before he falls asleep a few minutes after.
Cuddling with him is somnolent and you both cherish each other without needing to say the words.
Honestly you both don’t cuddle much, but when you do, oh dear.
He’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get, tease Keigo, or soft Keigo. One minute he’ll peacefully cuddle you, and in another he could be kissing you all over. But either way, you love it. 
You love cuddling him when he’s sad to make him feel better, stressed, sleepy, whenever. You might be addicted to Keigo Tamaki.
Cuddling him is intoxicating and unpredictable.
You introduced the touched starved king to cuddling, you had a way of doing so without him having to feel paranoid about turning you to dust because of your quirk.
Since you’re the only person he can touch, he takes advantage, he’s a bit of a touch addict when it comes to you. You’re sleeping? He’ll cuddle you. Working in your room? Expect to multitask and cuddle him too. 
He loves that he’s able to touch someone with no worries, it gives him some type of normality..well, sort of.
Cuddling Shiggy is...beautiful in a way’s so loving that it almost suffocates you.
Enji Todoroki
He didn’t really understand the concept of affection with no reason behind it, so cuddling was foreign to him, but he’s been determined to change. He’s starting fresh with you, and really, it was his first real relationship. When you cuddled, he liked it, a lot. Then he felt guilt, that he never made his children feel affection from him, he made them miss out of this feeling because of his own selfish reasons.That made him be a bit clinger than you expected, he didn’t want to make the mistake of being unloving to you like he was in his previous ‘relationship’. He would try to play it off and be casual, but he’s Enji, that’s not happening.
Cuddling Enji felt new felt, really, really warm. Seriously, you didn’t need blankets often.
Same as Shinsou, you were a good pillow, but it wasn’t easy to get him to cuddle you. When it comes to Aizawa, there’s steps you have to take to date, but once you got there...He would cuddle you, not all the time, but when he was going through something, sleepy, or you missed him? Expect Aizawa to be cuddling you.
Cuddling Aizawa is soothing and rewarding.
Toshinori Yagi
Toshinori is used to being a “superman”, the strongest who always has a smile, until he met you. He learned that he didn’t have to force a smile with you (even if he still tried sometimes), he could be vulnerable. Cuddling you made him feel smaller, but he liked that, he liked being able to forget he was of legendary status for a second and he could just be...Toshinori. Not All Might, the “greatest hero”, that weight temporarily left his shoulders and kisses took its place.
Cuddling Toshinori was just raw and fond.
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the-storming-sea · 8 hours ago
AU WHERE izuku and yuuga get deaged to 5 (after a quirkless diagnosis but before afo gives yuuga the quirk) and maybe melissa gets deaged to 8 and toshi gets deaged to 13 and they (mostly toshi and izuku) spend the entire time deaged trying to defend the four of them from everyone else bc they’re convinced that the quirked users around them will try to bully and hurt them or make fun of them and–
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wrongmha · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What the previous holders have taught me is that it's not the sum of your parts that makes you who you are. It's not what you're endowed with, not intelligence or strength, but what you hold onto throughout the hardest trials of life. These people have shown me that real heroes are not born, they're forged.
Source: Red vs. Blue
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thatonetoast · 13 hours ago
Yall...Izuku and Aoyama's parallel hurts.
Izuku was born quirkless, just like Aoyama. They both got bullied as children.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Izuku gets a quirk from All Might, while Aoyama gets a quirk from AFO.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Izuku breaks down crying tears of relief as he's surrounded with so much support, while shortly after Aoyama is seen sobbing out of pain and fear.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I swear, Aoyama better have a happy ending. They are best friend material and would get along so well :(
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Tumblr media
Follow To See This Picture Daily
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zaff-mha · a day ago
Tumblr media
Regular beach filler episode: i sleep
Beach filler episode featuring Nighteye: real shit
Tumblr media
Nighteye sends All Might this selfie. Toshi gay panics so hard he passes out upon seeing it
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tarabako · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Anyway god bless America
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misslili265 · 2 days ago
I wanted take my time to read the manga of MHA but just can't... Ppl put spoilers all over the place without any warning. This take the opportunity from other fans have their own experience about read the new chapters ... Just not nice. Please guys don't be selfish, put at least a warn on it...
Tumblr media
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flannel-cladpika · a day ago
All Might x GN! Reader - Just Stay
A/N: I thought of this while traveling and had to type up a lot of it while there was a lot of jostling around happening
TW: Severe Injuries, Descriptions of violence but nothing gore-y, Angst, and Fluff
Tumblr media
Yagi Toshinori had known you since his days at UA. You were another hero course student in his class, someone who he saw everyday but didn't speak with all that often. 
As you two trained and studied together, you started to become good friends, to the point that he entrusted the secret of his quirk to you when you both were 3rd years(he was young and overly trusting back then). You swore on your life to never tell a soul. He’d even told you about his deceased mentor and the previous holder of One-For-All, a few tears falling down his face at the memory, as it had only been a few years since it had occurred. You leaned against his shoulder and told him you were sure that she would be very proud of his progress and accomplishments.
When you two graduated, you both went on to become world-renowned heroes, him becoming the Number 1 Hero in the country and the Symbol of Peace and you becoming the Number 2 and the Image of Strength.
People often said you two would be the ultimate power couple if you ever got together, but you both were too busy for romantic relationships, so you simply stayed best friends.
Then, after a decade of being No. 2 and the Image of Strength, your career as a pro-hero was cut short.
You had been off the clock, buying a present for Yagi's birthday the next day (you’d gotten him the newest home-video release from a movie franchise he loved that he hadn’t had time to get yet). You had had a long day of saving people, having prevented a school bus from falling into a river, stopping a giant Kong-sized villain from destroying a row of skyscrapers, and even keeping a train from ramming into a large grocery store, to name a few.  
Suffice to say, you were tired and ready to just go home, wrap Yagi’s present, and watch a few more episodes of your favorite show.
However, none of that was going to happen that night.
You were humming softly as you walked down an alley when you started to hear footsteps behind you. That’s odd. You thought. You usually took this way as a shortcut most days, and there was rarely anyone else there.
 You turned around to see who would be in such a place at night, but was met with a rather unexpected sight.
A few meters behind you, stood a villain that you had put away years ago. They looked like they hadn’t showered in days and their face had a new tattoo. They also seemed to have worked out a lot while in prison, cause they looked far more imposing than they did before.
None of this scared you though. You were the Image of Strength, and you had no intentions of letting this criminal have your fear.
Apparently, the criminal had broken out of prison, as they'd been considered a "low-risk" villain and were therefor sent to a low-security facility.  The prison staff had not viewed them as someone who needed constant surveillance, which made it fairly easy for them to escape.
The perpetrator used their quirk and turned their right arm into a row of serrated blades. They charged at you while screaming out their intention to kill you. You managed to dodge them with a sidestep and kicked them in the back towards the alley wall. 
You were about to call for back-up, knowing that it was better to be safe then sorry, but your phone was in your back pocket and you knew better than to take your attention away from the criminal for even a second. 
They stopped themselves before they hit the wall, turning their crazed eyes towards you. They rushed toward you with their blades aimed for your throat. You dodged, but their other arm suddenly manifested blades as well, and they caught you in the side, the force causing you to fall backwards. 
Your luck must have completely run out, because you felt your ankle twist the wrong way, causing you to muffle a scream. You knew it was more than likely a third-degree sprain.
With you now unable to escape their wrath, the villain then proceeded to.....well, it wasn't pretty. 
All you remembered before blacking out, was the excruciating pain all over your body as blades tore into your flesh... However, when you awoke, you were no longer in the alley, but in a hospital room, laying on a bed in a patient’s gown.
You looked around and noticed there were hundreds, if not thousands, of cards around your room. Some of the cards were clearly store-bought, but many looked homemade, as though they were crafted by young children. There were stuffed animals and trinkets on the window-sill and beside your bed,  where there was also a small vase of fresh flowers. 
You were thoroughly confused. How long were you out for?
Your ears suddenly picked up a familiar masculine voice coming from the other side of the hospital door along with an unknown female voice. The door slowly opened and there stood your best friend and Japan's Symbol of Peace, All Might, looking at the floor and stepping forward, acting like he'd done this a million times before. He hadn't seemed to notice you watching him, as he made no motion to greet you. His lips weren't in his famous smile, but rather, there was a melancholy expression marring his features. What had happened while you were out?
"Ahem!" you fake coughed, attempting to get the man's attention. Toshinori's head immediately shot up at the noise. 
When his blue eyes met your own (e/c) orbs, his expression brightened into a smile. Not the one he usually wore for the public though. This one felt more genuine and soft.
The muscular blonde was beside you in an instant, his arms around you in a gentle hug, like he was scared of breaking you. 
"You're awake! I was worried we'd lost you back there!" he exclaimed happily, though his voice was definitely filled with concern.
You raised your brows, gesturing around the room to all the get-well soon cards and gifts. "Umm...Yagi? How long was I out for exactly?" you asked, hoping it was less than a couple weeks.
The male pulled back, his expression downcast.
"(Y/n)…. you've been in a coma for over a year." he said solemnly, his sky-blue orbs never leaving yours.
Your eyes widened as you gasped. You faked a laugh as your lips turned up into a forced smile. "Toshinori... stop kidding, that's not funny. Tell me the truth." you said, hoping he was just joking around.
Said man shook his head remorsefully. "I'm not kidding. That newer hero, Endeavor, found you in an alley, bleeding heavily as your attacker was trying to get to you for another hit. The doctors say if he'd brought you in any later, you would have been gone. You were out for over 14 months. Many thought you wouldn't make it, as your injuries were so severe." he said reluctantly.
You just sat there, head trying to wrap around the new information. You were out for THAT long?! 
Just then, the door to your room opened to show a doctor with a clipboard and a remorseful expression.
"All Might, you can leave now." they said calmly.
You shook your head. "No. Whatever it is, I'm ok with him hearing it." you spoke confidently, taking the blonde's hand in your own, hoping for some support. He gave it a small squeeze and you felt a little reassured by his gesture.
The medical professional sighed. "Alright. (L/n), I'm sorry to inform you, but due to the extensive amount of major surgeries and partial removals of some of your vital organs, you are heavily advised to step down from hero work."
The world seemed to crumble from under your feet.
"What? Are you sure?" you asked, still not quite able to believe that the career you had worked so hard towards, the career you had put your heart and soul into, the career you had dreamed of having since you were a little kid and finally achieved, was now ending in one swift motion.
The doctor cleared their throat. "You are advised to stop working as a pro-hero. Due to your multiple major operations, your body won't be able to carry out the tasks of a hero in your position. If you were to return to work as normal, you would cause further damage to your body, putting yourself at a very high risk of going back into a coma, one you likely would not wake up from." they explained.
You gripped Toshinori's hand tightly as tears threatened to fall. "Okay...Thank you, doctor." you said, trying to keep your voice from shaking.
The doctor gave you an empathetic look before turning around and exiting through the door.
You burst into tears the second they were gone. Your entire universe just fell apart and you could do nothing about it. 
The tall blonde beside you brought you into a hug. You said nothing about the small droplets of wetness that seeped through your hospital gown as you hugged him back tightly. 
You both stayed like that for what felt like hours, silently crying as you contemplated what the future held.
-Timeskip- Many Years Later
You rushed to the hospital, having heard from Gran Torino that Yagi had been in a battle with All-for-One. To say that you were worried would be the biggest understatement of the century. 
You drove through heavy rain and strong winds, nearly hydroplaning a few times as you went as fast as possible. You were terrified for your friend.
When you made it to the hospital, Sasaki Mirai a.k.a. “Sir Nighteye” was already there, sitting in the waiting room of the operating wing with his head downcast.
“Sasaki, where is he? Is he alive?” you asked, trying to bring down your racing heartbeat.
The green-haired male looked up from his folded hands and faced you, his expression portraying only a fraction of the worry he likely felt. He rose from his seat and met you half-way.
“He’s in surgery now. I ....I don’t know anything about his condition at the moment. He was already in an extremely critical state when we got here.” the young hero said, clearly trying not to breakdown.
You took a few deep breaths to calm yourself before stepping forward to envelope the tall male in a comforting hug.
“Hey. He’ll get through this. You know he’s too stubborn to go out like this.” you spoke reassuringly.
Despite what the public and other heroes would believe, Sir Nighteye was still human, with emotions and fears. You’d known him since the first day Yagi took him on as his sidekick, and watched as he grew into the hero he was now. You’d seen how he looked up to your best friend, and you knew the younger male idolized the Number 1 hero, viewing him as the most incredible being on the planet.
You knew he had to be racked with fear and guilt at the situation.
The young man was startled by your sudden hug, but soon held you tightly, silently weeping into your shoulder as you continued holding him like a mother comforting her child, patting his head.
After many hours, a nurse came in, calling for the family of Yagi Toshinori. You and Sasaki quickly rose from your seats where you had both been nervously fidgeting and chatting, trying to distract yourselves from the situation at hand.
“That’s us.” you said confidently, striding over to the nurse. The lab coat clad male nodded his head, leading you two down a hallway.
“He’s still in a critical state, but his vitals are stable for the moment. We had to perform multiple surgeries, which included removing a portion of his stomach and some of the organs located in his lower left abdomen. He’ll have to stay here for the next few months, possibly up to a year, depending on how quickly his recovery goes." the nurse informed you both as he stopped outside a door.
“Only one visitor is allowed at a time. One of you will have to wait out here.” the man said before walking away.
You turned to your yellow-eyed companion before he could say a word. “You go first.” you said.
“(L/n), I couldn’t. You-” he began, but you shook your head with a smile.
“No, you go. I insist.” you said, urging the young man to go see his mentor.
Nighteye gave you an almost unnoticeable nod, not bothering to argue with you, knowing you’d win anyway. He stepped into the hospital room and closed the door behind him. You took a seat by the entrance and folded your arms, slowly drifting off into a dreamless sleep.
“(L/n)? (L/n)? You can go in now.” you heard a familiar voice call out to you through your half-asleep haze.
You looked up and saw the amber eyes of Nighteye looking at you with a blank look, a hint of concern in his expression.
You blinked a few times, trying to wake up a bit. “Huh?” you voiced.
“I’m heading back to the agency for the night. My apologies for taking up so much time with him. It’s late, would you like a ride back?” he kindly offered.
You shook your head with a weary smile. “No need to apologize, Sasaki. And I can get home fine on my own. Thanks for the offer though.”
With that, the tall man bid you a goodnight and left.
Once he was gone you turned to the hospital room’s door, your heart beating erratically. You weren’t sure if you were prepared for what sight might be on the other side. 
However, despite your reservations, you knew that you needed to see Toshinori, no matter what. He was your best friend, who’d stood by you whenever you fell down.
You opened the door gingerly, hoping to not make any noise as you entered the room and made your way towards the lone hospital bed. The bed’s occupant was facing away from you looking out the window. He was a bit smaller in stature and his signature cowlicks were drooping, yet he still possessed most of his body muscle.
You pulled back the chair beside the bed so you could take a seat next to your friend. The sound alerted the pro-hero to your presence, breaking him away from his thoughts.
He turned towards you immediately. “(Y/n). You’re here. Sorry for troubling you over nothing. I’ll be healed up and out of here in no time!” All Might said, attempting to reassure you with a wide smile and confident tone.
But you’d known Toshinori too long for such tactics to work with you. You knew he was gravely injured, both mentally and physically. You knew he wanted to get back out there and be the No. 1 Hero again; to be saving people with the smile on his face that would reassure them everything was ok. You knew that, since  All-For-One was gone now, he wanted to go back to the way things were before so that the public wouldn’t lose sight of their Symbol of Peace. 
You knew that the fact that he couldn’t do anything right now was killing him inside. So, you reached out and grasped the blonde’s hand tightly, giving it a comforting squeeze and causing him to drop the façade. His fake smile turned into an exhausted expression, one of both relief and concern.
You laced your fingers between his and rubbed the back of his hand as you spoke. “Toshi, you know you don’t have to put on masks around me.”
All Might sighed in resignation. “Never could get anything past you could I?” he said, a weary but genuine smile crossing his lips. 
“Nope, you never could.” you laughed lightheartedly.
Yagi chuckled a little before coughing up a large amount of blood, his form shrinking a bit. 
Your eyes widened in shock, quickly getting tissues from somewhere nearby and handing them to the injured man. You watched as he took them and wiped his mouth and coughed up more red liquid. You then realized something.
“You’re forcing yourself to try and stay in your usual form, aren’t you?” you asked.
“I’m afraid I don’t know what you mea-” cough cough cough.
You rolled your eyes. “My point exactly. Now, stop trying so hard to look good. It’s just me. Goodness knows you’ve seen me in an awful state before.” you said, hoping that he wouldn’t argue.
The tall blonde sighed once again, and slowly, his muscles and sinew began shrinking away until all that was left was a skeletal figure that barely resembled your friend. Your hand never left his.
You were shocked, yes, but also glad. Glad that he finally allowed himself to fully relax and drop all pretenses.
You chuckled a bit, noticing his cowlicks had become side bangs that framed his face.
“What’s so funny? I get that I don’t look as muscular as I normally do, but you don’t have to laugh!” Yagi exclaimed, a look of indignation on his features as you kept laughing.
“No, no, no! That wasn’t it! It’s just...hehehe! It’s just that your hair looks the same as it did back at UA! You used to have those same side bangs back then.” you finally said, giggling a bit as you spoke. 
You had always liked the way his hair used to be back in your academy days. Seeing it like that was like a blast of nostalgia.
“Oh... I hadn’t noticed, hehe.” the blue-eyed man replied, a small grin working it’s way on his lips as memories of those days flooded his mind.
He remembered how you comforted him when he broke his arm during training in second year; How you playfully pouted when you were runner up to him at the Sports Festival in 3rd year; How you two would often spend your weekends in the dorms watching bad movies and eating homemade fries. 
He was reminded of all the times you stood beside him when he was lost and/or had no idea what to do. 
He thought of how, when he left to go study in America after graduation, you went with him for a few months to help him get settled in and so he wouldn’t be alone in a foreign land.
You’d always been there beside him, pushing him to be better through your friendship and competition. He realized just how big of an impact you had on his life and his dreams, and that now, he couldn’t imagine his life without you in it. 
“Well, Yagi, I’m glad to see that your reckless ass is still alive. I’m starving! I’m gonna go get something to eat from the cafeteria, and then I’ll be right ba-” you started, snapping All Might from his thoughts.
“No!” he exclaimed, reaching forward suddenly and catching your hand.
“Hmm??” you let out a questioning hum, confused by the man’s behavior. Was he really that scared? He hadn’t shown any signs of fear earlier.
Toshinori immediately blushed out of embarrassment. His body had just moved in it’s own, the only thought going through his mind was simply ‘Don’t Leave Me.’ Had the whole experience really frightened him that much? Was he losing his resolve?
No, that’s not it. He thought. That definitely wasn’t it. But then... what was it?
“Hey, Yags, you gonna let go of my hand any time soon? Look, if you want me to get you some? No need to grab my wrist like I’m leaving forever.” you said with a grin and a laugh.
The blonde’s heart soared at the sound of your laughter. Had it always sounded so angelic?
The blue-eyed male quickly released his grip on you, watching as you took back your appendage and continued grinning.
His heartrate sped up a little at the sight of your grin, his cheeks tinting a light pink. “Actually, if you wouldn’t mind, could you.... just stay? I haven’t seen you in a while and I was hoping we could catch up.” he said, looking at you with those bright azure orbs of his.
You giggled a bit. “Someone sounds a little clingy~.” you teased, before coming to sit back down in the chair beside his bed.
You took Yagi’s hand into your own and looked down at your entwined digits. “But sure, I can do that. What do you wanna talk about?” you asked softly, tilting your gaze up to meet your friend’s eyes.
All Might gripped your hand firmly but not uncomfortably so. 
“I think I’ve just realized something.” he said, his voice sounding calm with a hint of nervousness in it.
You hummed in response as a way to tell him to continue. The usually large man sighed, sounding unsure as he spoke. 
“(Y/n), do you.... have you ever...been in love before?” he asked.
You quirked your brow in confusion and surprise. “Why do you ask Yagi?” 
“Because I think I might be in love with someone, but I’m not sure. I’ve never ha the time for relationships or dating, so I’m kind of out of my element here.” he admitted, embarrassed about his lack of expertise.
You chuckled lightly. “What makes you think I have any experience with love?” you asked in an amused tone.
“You have more experience with being around other people and have always had plenty of suitors.” the man responded nervously. Was it too forward to ask that?
You let out a small laugh before squeezing the man’s hand reassuringly. “Yagi, why don’t you tell me how you feel about this person, and I’ll see if I can help you figure this out.” you suggested.
The male cleared his throat. “Ok, then.” he said stiffly.
“Well, they’re one of the strongest people I know. They’ve been there for me and believed in me, even when no one would. They have always been quick to call me out on my bull crap and tell me when I’m being too reckless though. Hahaha! They’ve gone through some of the most difficult hardships I’ve ever seen, yet still manage to smile everyday despite that. I would do anything to keep them smiling and hear their laughter. I can’t even begin to imagine my life without them.” Toshinori finished, his eyes nervous as he watched you.
You stood from the chair and hugged the blonde as tight as you could without hurting him.
“You big idiot. If you wanted to tell me you loved me, you could’ve just said it.” you said softly into said idiot’s shoulder.
The man stuttered a bit. “H-How did you-” he started, but you cut him off, pulling away just enough to look into his sky-blue eyes while keeping your arms around him.
“You said it yourself; you never could get anything past me. I can tell when you’re talking about me, Yagi.” you teased lightly. 
The tall male sighed in defeat. “You’re right.” he said calmly.
Suddenly, his head shot up as he seemed to realize something, opening his mouth to speak.
You brought your hand up to stop him. “Yes, I love you too, Yagi.” you said calmly, answering the male’s unspoken question.
You continued on, knowing he would likely ask you more. 
“I realized my feelings when you were helping me with my physical therapy after I retired. You never gave up on me, even when I was unconscious for over a year and had to re-learn how to walk. You still believed in me and trusted that I would come back. You’ve never left me behind, even after my retirement, and you’ve always supported me. I don’t even want to think about what my life would be like without you in it.” you said, bringing your hands up to hold the blonde’s sharp jawline as you leaned forward to rest your forehead against his.
Toshinori felt like he was about to cry. Here he was, battered and weaker than he’d ever been, yet he couldn’t be happier. This was the best day of his life.
The thin man relaxed into your touch, your warmth was so inviting.
“I love you (Y/n). I think I have for a while.” the blonde said softly.
You smiled as you give the male a quick peck. “I love you too, Yagi. Now, do you want any food or not? Cause I’m starving!” you said, about to get up when said man stopped you with his arm around your waist.
“Not before I get one more of those.” he replied with a small smirk. 
You chuckled, but leaned in and brought your lips back to meet his again, the contact lasting a bit longer this time. Toshi smiled into the chaste kiss, as did you.
You soon pulled away, your stomach creaming at you to feed it.
“I’ve really gotta go get some food, Yags. Do you want any or not?” you asked with a grin, getting up and standing by the male’s bedside.
“Just get double of whatever you get. I know you have a good sense of taste, so I trust your decision.” he said, a small smile on his lips.
You nodded. “Alright then. I’ll be back soon!” you said, quickly placing a tiny kiss to the blonde’s hairline and walking towards the door, off to get some much needed food for you both.
“All Might! I’ve always wondered; you keep that ring on a chain around your neck, but I have no idea why.” Midoriya said to his mentor.
Toshinori had been training the young lad to be his successor for a number of months now, even after he’d been forced into retirement after the his last battle with All-For-One, he still did all he could to train the boy.
The lanky man smiled as he remembered what the ring represented. 
“It’s my wedding band of course!” he said proudly, as though he was announcing it to the world when they were just in the middle of the woods.
Midoriya’s expression became confused. “I never heard about you getting married, All Might. Was it a secret wedding? Who was invited? Are they another pro hero? Why haven’t I met them? Wh-” the young boy fired questions at the man in rapid succession. He was going into his fanboy mode.
You had been looking for your spouse, having known he liked to go for walks and runs outdoors, and decided to check the nearby forest. You walked towards the sound of two male voices, one of them clearly belonging to your partner, and happened upon your husband and his pupil, who you’d only seen pictures of.
You laughed when you heard the lad’s many questions.
You’d been away for a convention the first few months of Midoriya’s training, Toshinori filling you in on all the details and sending you pictures of his progress with the beach. 
After you came back, you had intended to meet the boy your husband had chosen as his successor, but you suddenly came down with a horrible illness that had you on bedrest for months. Thankfully, the disease wasn’t contagious unless someone ingested any of your fluids, so Yagi tried to take care of you as often as he could.
Now, after a week of being sick-free, you had decided to go outside and maybe even invite your loving husband out for lunch. You were surprised to see him and young Midoriya training out there on a their day off, but you were still glad that you’d finally get to meet the lad.
At the sound of your laughter, All Might and his student turned towards you. The older male looked relieved, walking up to you and taking your hand.
“Are you alright? Are you sure you should be up and about?” he asked in a concerned tone.
You laughed a bit at his unnecessary worry. “It’s been a week now and I feel perfectly fine. I’m okay, Toshinori.” you said, lifting you hand up to ruffle his hair  a bit.
You suddenly heard a loud, excited squeal. You and your partner looked over at the green-haired boy who was practically buzzing.
“Oh my god, Oh my god, OH MY GOD! You’re Enforcer, right? You’re one of my mom’s favorite heroes! She would show me past newsreels of your greatest rescues and would say how you were one the best heroes out there, besides All Might, but still! After you went into retirement, you did a lot of charity work and traveling to help support impoverished people. You-” he started rambling again, and you just let him continue, watching as he geeked out over you.
You snuggled into Toshinori’s side, his arm coming to rest on your waist as you both listened to the teen go on and on. The chain around your neck caught the sunlight when you moved your head to rest on your husband’s chest.
The sudden glint of the metal caught the young boy’s attention and his eyes widened when he noticed the jewelry around your neck.
You noticed his expression and figured he must be in the process of putting 2 and 2 together. You smiled and pulled back from your spouse a bit and raised up the chain to show the wedding band that matched All Might’s.
“Yes, we’re married. We went abroad for our wedding and kept everything tightly under wraps so the media wouldn’t catch wind of it. We didn’t invite anyone for that reason.” you said calmly.
Midoriya’s eyes sparkled in awe. “I have so many questions.” he said, absolutely star-struck.
You laughed. “Maybe after your training. I’ll get lunch ready and we can talk then, ok?” you offered kindly.
The green-eyed boy simply nodded his head and bowed, letting out a loud “Thank you!”
You smiled and then turned to your spouse. “Toshinori, be good. Don’t push him too hard, alright?” you said sternly, already knowing that he would never do such a thing.
“Of course, (Y/n). I’ll see you in a few hours.” he said with a loving smile, giving you a quick kiss on the cheek as you turned back to start making lunch for the three of you.
A/N: This was my first time writing for All Might, so I hope he’s not too OOC here. Never specified reader’s quirk, since I wasn’t really sure what power to give them, so I just kept it vague. The Epilogue was a last minute thought that I had that I just had to write. This one took like 2-3 weeks to write, due to life and my inspiration coming and going. Anyway, hope you enjoyed it and thank you for reading!
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mirakeul · 2 days ago
on kisses under mistletoes | day 3 [toshinori yagi/all might]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
notes ; day 3!!! JLKJAKDJ this is cute but kinda hard HAHAHASKADHKJ day 3 prompt is christmas playlist ! im sorry for the late upload !!! <//3 but let me know what you think !
words ; 214 words
pairing ; toshinori yagi/all might x gender neutral! reader
taglist in the reblogs! join my general taglist here! if you want to join for this event only, send an ask/reply here!
on kisses under mistletoes masterlist
Tumblr media
if anyone told you that you would someday be with the former number one hero, laughing in your living room as the song, "all i want for christmas is you" by mariah carey is blasting through the speakers, you would have laughed at them and told them it was impossible.
but then again, you are in your living room, dancing with the former number one hero as he swayed you to the ever-lively tune of all i want for christmas for you. his hands were gentle as he held your waist, a small smile on his face.
he never imagined finding someone like you, especially after his retirement as the number one hero. he still couldn't believe he has someone waiting for him at home, the thought of you being there for him evoking a small flutter in his, otherwise absent, stomach.
"toshi," you said, waving your hand in front of him. "you there, love?"
he chuckled, setting a sweet kiss on your forehead then a chaste one on your lips. "i am, i was just thinking about what we could do for the new year."
you simply grinned, "maybe we could do something new." he agreed, pulling you closer as mariah ended her singing, the notes of, "baby it's cold outside" starting next.
Tumblr media
© mirakeul ; do not modify or reupload anywhere else but reblogs are greatly appreciated!
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liliththegardener · a day ago
Ch 2. All Of You - a Villain All Might x 3rd person F reader fanfic
Tumblr media
[All of You, Ch 2. 3rd person F reader x Villain All Might; refrained from giving her a name or hair/skin/eye color so you can self insert easily as you read. Stalker kink + praise kink + brat taming. This chapter goes as follows: plot, angst, smut, angst, smut, fluff/humor, preview of ch 3 smut. If you’re only here for smut, it first starts 2/5ths of the way in. This AU MHA fanfic was inspired by Attachment on AO3 by Samnit. Please check out StormCallArt for all the steamy Villain All Might art your heart could desire, her art is another big inspiration for this fic. Art credit belongs to her! If you could spare a comment with any feedback or a line/scenario you especially liked/disliked, please do so! Dubious consent, non-con touching, and non-con filming abound. Ayooo, they’re catching feels despite all those warning tags, I swear. 11k words chapter, so buckle up mf'ers. Enjoy!]
She woke up in a cold sweat, nauseous from pushing her quirk too far. The tendrils of light from the rising sun had yet to reach her windows, but the purple dawn sky illuminated her small apartment just enough to make out the silhouette of the man passed out on her bed.
It was not what she was expecting. She tried rubbing the sleep from her eyes 3 times before coming to the conclusion that, no, she was not just imagining things in the dark. All Might had...deflated?
His villain getup was comically large and pooling around him while Yagi Toshinori slept, completely knocked out and unaware of his surroundings.
Was this a side effect of his quirk or his injury? Did he have two forms? He looked similar, like a tall, lanky, scrawny version of All Might, but with sharp angular features from being severely underweight and longer unruly hair.
She swallowed hard, not sure what to do. If she called the police, would they even believe her? Would All Might and his cronies get back at her for getting him thrown in jail? Would her grandmother keep her locked up at UA, taking away all her newfound freedom? What if she just chucked him off the balcony and hoped for the best? She huffed a humorless laugh at the thought.
No, she'd need the morning to sort out the best course of action. She slid off the bed and made for her dresser, putting on clean undergarments and a set of scrubs whilst staring at the man in her bed the whole time lest he begins to stir until she caught a glimpse of bruises at her hips. He'd left a smattering of hickeys all over her neck and shoulders as well, she realized while gazing into the mirror. She traced her fingertips over them, a trail of unblemished skin following in their wake -- they were erased in seconds with no drain on her energy due to their simplicity.
She only woke up before him because she had opted to tap into his energy while healing him rather than only utilizing her own last night -- something dangerous to attempt and possibly even life-threatening to a patient. He had far more than she anticipated in terms of energy reserves, though...she wondered how much progress she made as a result of that excess. But she was reluctant to get close enough to check, afraid he'd come-to and grab her.
After rummaging through her desk she found a notebook and pen. She held the cap between her teeth, the ball-point pressed to the paper while she tried to find the right words.
"Don't be mad." *Don't be -- Don't be mad?! Oh my god, I must be the dumbest bitch on the planet.* She paled at the written words but her lips twitched, trying to not laugh.
"You can meet me at the office for your next session." *Okay, that's a little better, keep it clinical, right? Make sure there are witnesses? Nothing is unsexier than a doctor's office! No grinding or face riding to be had there.* She cracked a smile at her twisted sense of humor, trying to make light of the conflicted feelings she was experiencing over last night.
The address was scrawled beneath it. She eyed the note with uncertainty, worrying her lip as her mind raced.
She could heal him in this form too, she thought to herself. It'd certainly be less intimidating. But why was she still willing to do so in the first place? She sighed to herself. Because it was the most likely route to keep her and her loved ones safe, obviously. Even if it felt like walking into a trap, was there any point trying to subdue or evade the top villain in the country when he presumably had a whole network of people to do his bidding if needed?
She groaned and angrily chucked the spiral notebook at him from across the room. It managed to hit him square in the face, making her freeze. It'd be downright hilarious if he wasn't...him. Once she was certain he was still out cold, she grabbed her raincoat and purse, locking up the apartment behind her to leave unnecessarily early for work. She sure as shit didn't want to be around when he woke up.
-- -- --
Yagi finally stirred a few hours after her departure, feeling almost hungover and utterly exhausted, his abdomen throbbing with a dull pain. It took a few moments to recall last night, but the instant he did his eyes flashed open just to be met with lined paper obscuring his vision. He rapidly sat up, a notebook falling off of his face as soon as he was upright but immediately forgotten. He turned his head back and forth, searching the room for her.
Gone. She was gone. And he was...this. She saw him like this. He glared down at himself, seething. The words 'Don't be mad. You can meet me at the office for your next session,' were scrawled messily onto the notebook sitting in his lap followed by an address he had familiarized himself with in the last week. He barked a laugh at her sheer ridiculousness, palming his face and dragging it down across his sharp features in exasperation.
Yagi slid off the bed, using one hand to hold up his loose pants and belt while the other rustled his hair in irritation. He strode to the mirror to check her handiwork, having to stoop down to see his own face reflecting back in it due to his staggering height.
He stilled, staring at a face that was not quite his own. His eyes flitted down to take in more, a wave of confusion clouding his mind. He was not the gaunt wraith he had become accustomed to seeing these last 5 years. Still skinny and weak, but the hollows around his eyes had filled in and his sunken cheekbones looked fuller. He still had a sickly look about him but no longer looked on the verge of death while untransformed.
His breathing started to come in rapidly -- maybe he was imagining it but it felt like his lone lung took in more air than before. Yagi grabbed at his shirt and tugged it up, inspecting his abdomen in awe. The scar was mostly intact, but a small portion of it just below his ribcage had new ribbons of flat pale pink skin denting into the strange twisted puckering of his scar tissue.
He'd lost both his stomach and a lung in the attack. They were able to construct something stomach-like for him using parts of his remaining digestive tract, but it was nearly impossible to absorb any nutrients. And that was *if* he could even manage to feel hungry. His remaining lung was functional, but never at full capacity. He looked back into the mirror and tilted his head to the side, trying to fathom what internal mending she had done while healing him. As if in answer, his stomach growled loudly.
-- -- --
Her phone buzzed while she was perched on the lab counter at the rear of the office, her feet off the ground and legs casually swinging in the air. She pressed her shoulders into the wall behind her and unlocked the screen, the message preview showing a picture from an unknown number. Her eyes went wide and cheeks turned bright red, staring at a still-shot from the video he took the night before -- his face peering up from between her thighs, an unseen smile reaching his eyes, her hands entangled in his hair and urging him on.
"Whoa, who’s the big guy?" Hina whispered from behind her pickled plum onigiri while sitting in an office chair beside her.
She panicked, fumbling with the phone screen and nearly dropping it while she tried to dismiss the notification. Hina looked up, perplexed by the behavior, making her realize it wasn’t the photo she was talking about. Thankfully Hina had not caught a glimpse of the picture, but that also meant he was finally here. She slid from the counter and stood ramrod straight, afraid to turn and look out the window. "What color hair does he have?" She said uneasily, gaping at Hina rather than checking for herself. A soft chime rang through the rooms as the front door was pulled open.
"Blonde, you know him? Does he have some kinda *size* quirk? Y'know, like..." Hina wriggled her eyebrows with innuendo before her onigiri was unceremoniously pushed into her mouth by her friend. "What? It's not like he can hear me from back here!" She muttered, wiping away bits of rice sticking to her face.
“I sort of know him,” she whispered back, unsure how to explain while peeking over her shoulder. An unmasked All Might was ducking through the door frame when she looked toward the front of the office, the back of his hair a little unruly and his two long swaths of bangs framing his face. He was absolutely immense, but in a fitted pair of belted trousers and a tucked-in white button-up shirt he almost looked...normal. He even had a long tan business-like overcoat folded over his arm and umbrella in hand, looking as if he’d just left a meeting. Maybe there was a ‘raging asshole’ convention he was a panelist at nearby.
“Oh my god, are you two dating?” Hina scooted her wheeled office chair closer, craning her neck to watch as he sat in one of the wooden benches at the front where he took up two seats.
“Noooo, no no, nothing like that,” she hid most of her face behind a clipboard so only her eyes peeked out over the top, feeling her cheeks were still warm.
“Liar” Hina snickered, spinning her chair in circles with a big grin and a few stray grains of rice on her face.
She sighed and tucked the clipboard under her arm, taking her phone out to check the time -- he arrived 5 minutes before the end of her shift, but her appointments were already taken care of. She rallied up her courage to walk across the office and past the front desk, stopping only once she was directly in front of him so they could have a hushed conversation away from Hina’s prying ears.
“Sorry honey, am I early?” He purposely asked far too loud, flashing a deceptively charming smile.
From up this close, she could tell it was a hair away from a contemptuous smirk. Her eye might’ve twitched with frustration -- she could already hear Hina tapping away at her phone keyboard. “I’m going to break this fucking clipboard over your giant fucking head,” she hissed so only he could hear.
“I’d like to see you fucking try, sweetheart,” he whispered back, his eyes burning fiercely despite the bullshit smile plastered on his face.
Her phone buzzed in her hand, the message preview showing it was from Hina -- just the word ‘liar’ in all capital letters followed by a sea of eggplant emojis. She wondered just how many UA medical staff group chats Hina was in, as that directly correlated to how quickly the gossip would spread. “Don’t say another fucking word,” she murmured, casting a glance over her shoulder where Hina was completely engrossed in drafting a text.
“You left in such a hurry this morning, baby” he grinned mischievously, no longer keeping his voice down while rolling his long-sleeved shirt up to his elbows. Hina was pressing her lips together now, holding back a laugh but still staring down at her phone and typing away furiously. She *definitely* heard that comment.
“Oh my god,” she mumbled to herself, pinching the bridge of her nose and closing her eyes, willing herself to take a deep calming breath. She couldn’t heal him here while a coworker was present without all the right documentation, and it was clear there was no way Hina could keep a secret or cover for her. “Hina, I’m going to take off,” she called out and walked towards the hook where her things were hung. All Might rose from the bench and instantly fell in step behind her, grabbing both from the rack before she could reach out for them.
He offered her coat to her but held onto the purse, holding his hand out expectantly. She set the clipboard down onto the table beside them and stared down at his palm with a frown before reluctantly giving him her phone -- she had the distinct feeling she would not be seeing it again today, or perhaps ever. All Might tucked it away into her purse while she shrugged her lightweight raincoat onto her shoulders, her face strained while worried thoughts filtered in. Was leaving the office a mistake? She stared at her discarded clipboard while pulling her hood up over her hair, but was startled out of her concerns when her body was gently tugged toward his.
All Might was standing incredibly close, towering over her but tying the belt of her coat at her waist with her purse hanging off his arm, the smile on his face almost...content? Her brow furrowed, gazing up at him, trying to make sense of the strangely affectionate gesture and how genuine it felt in that moment.
Hina’s phone chimed as she snapped a picture of them, looking utterly shameless and leaning against the front desk counter. “I’ll close up shop. Have fun!” she tittered before grinning back down at her phone.
All Might held the door from outside and unfurled his umbrella as they stepped out into the rain. He stood out like a sore thumb walking on the crowded street, laughably taller than every other pedestrian with his insanely large golf umbrella hovering above his head. He kept his hand pressed into her upper back to keep her close to his side, his thumb and index finger gently gripping the back of her neck should she try to run.
“Do you just enjoy acting like a fucking enigma or were you posing for that photo?” She tried rolling her shoulders to knock his hand out of place, but the pressure only got firmer.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, darling,” he flashed a sadistic grin, his eyes wild when their gazes locked, his expression completely at odds with his words and tone. The look on his face sent a few nosy strangers scurrying.
She rolled her eyes and laughed, shoving her hands into her pockets. His mood swings had her continuously reeling, but sometimes a strange sense of calm acceptance let her find the humor in this treacherous predicament. It was better to feel detached over the danger she was in rather than endlessly panic, right? Or maybe she was just a basket case, she wondered as she turned her gaze to stare ahead of them.
His grin faded and brow quirked, watching her in silent curiosity as they walked.
-- -- -- --
“Your phone keeps buzzing,” he growled, watching her rear sway as she climbed the stairs leading up to his apartment.
“I’m sure Hina’s picture of us has already made the rounds with the UA medical staff, so you can pat yourself on the back for making my work life a living hell” she sighed, stepping away from the only door on the landing so he could unlock it. The hall and stairwell reeked of stale beer, a likely side effect of living on the floor above a dive bar.
After a rattle of keys, the door clicked open, revealing an industrial-like loft with high black ceilings and exposed muted-brown brick, sparsely decorated with hues of black, grey, and sage green. It was unexpectedly modern and borderline posh, especially when taking into consideration the run-down exterior of the building and general neighborhood.
Her mouth must have been hanging open because he took her chin into his hand to close it and tilted her head up to look at him. “Is it upsetting that unruly suitor of yours that you work with?” He was grinning fiendishly.
*'Suitor?' Who says shit like that?* She surmised he was talking about Makoto and tried knocking his hand from her chin unsuccessfully. His thumb reached up and grazed her lower lip, tugging it down just slightly while he stared at her mouth longingly. His heated gaze brought up a mixture of emotions for her, both aroused and irritated. “Suitors, not suitor,” she joked, glancing down at the thickly corded muscles of his forearm.
He released her chin to snatch her hand and practically dragged her into the apartment, his eyes flashing dangerously. “I've got a few pictures of us I could send too. Is that what you’d like, pet?” All Might slammed the door shut behind them and began gazing around the loft for just the right piece of furniture to bend her over.
‘Pet’? Another new nickname, but still better than ‘baby’ and ‘honey.’ She dug her heels into the floor when he started guiding her to the couch, nearly stumbling when he kept moving. “You’re starting to sound like a pathetically jealous boyfriend,” she muttered, avoiding his eyes when he stopped to look back at her.
“I’m very...unattached, I assure you.” He tilted his head, his expression impassive despite the fact his mind was consumed with thoughts of her for weeks now.
She yanked her hand out of his grasp, perhaps only because he allowed it, and rubbed her tender wrist. “Great. Excellent. Let’s keep this professional then, shall we?” She began removing her coat and looking for a place to set it down. “I have a lot of questions for you before we get started with the next round of healing.”
A vein throbbed at his temple, frustratedly looking from the armrest of the couch he wanted to fuck her over and back to her face, then to the coat in her hands and the collection of items tucked under his arm. “What sort of questions?” he ground out with gritted teeth, roughly grabbing her jacket from her and striding past to hang everything onto a standing coat rack. He kicked off his shoes and removed her phone from her purse to tuck away in his pocket before walking back to her, looking surly.
She paused, wanting to phrase it delicately. “You have another form, a different body,” she stated lamely, trying to look anywhere but at him. She was staring at the floor when she realized she was still wearing shoes on account of him dragging her through the threshold and busied herself with removing them.
“That’s not a fucking question,” he never took his eyes off her, even as he lowered himself onto the couch and leaned into it, draping his arms over the back as if trying to take up as much space as possible.
"Is it being that, um, severe just part of your quirk, or is it part of your injury?" She relented, turning and walking away to set her shoes by the front door. She took stock of her surroundings, noticing there wasn't any mechanism that would keep someone locked inside...perhaps this wasn't quite the hostage situation she had thought it would be.
"The injury," he kept his responses short and terse, not expounding further. He despised knowing she'd seen him weak and vulnerable -- perhaps almost as much as he hated that she had managed to escape his clutches.
"You asked me about healing major organs last night, but not about regenerating one," she turned back to face him, feeling a little more confident at a distance. His features darkened with irritation before she realized that also was not a question. "I felt you were missing two, your stomach and your left lung, is that correct?" She glanced down at her hands, trying to recall what she had picked up on with her quirk. "They reconstructed a new stomach from your digestive tract, but I may have inadvertently reversed that while regenerating it...did you eat today? More or less than usual?"
"More," he grunted out, the corners of his lips turning up when he saw how his answers were starting to piss her off.
She was glaring at him now, his lack of cooperation grating. "I haven't regrown it completely, so don't get carried away -- it's still not as big as it should be."
"How about I let you check?" He began unbuckling his belt, his gaze roving up and down her body with a lascivious grin.
She huffed out in exasperation, trying to not get flustered. "I didn't get a chance this morning to check on how much progress --" she began before he interjected, the memory a sore spot for him.
"You mean you ran out on me, girl. Because you were afraid. Because you knew I'd be livid," he snapped, a muscle in his jaw tensing.
"Tapping into your power was the only way I could make sure you kept your hands off of me," she moved across the room, stopping when she stood in front of him, trying to show she wasn't afraid anymore.
"So, I'm not supposed to pass out?" He leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees and interlocking his fingers, his features marred by fury. "You just fucking healed me without asking if I was ready to start and made sure it knocked me out?"
She put her hands on her hips and laughed coldly. "Oh, we're going to talk about consent now? What about my consent with...with whatever the fuck happened last night?"
"Tch, you like that kind of shit," his words were dismissive while he eyed her hungrily.
"You don't get to just assume something like that and hope for the best!" She ran a hand through her hair, not believing she had to have this conversation with a fully grown man.
"I didn't need to assume, *I know,*" he hissed, his face contorted with animosity.
"How the fuck could you possibly know something like that, you prick?" She folded her arms across her chest, scoffing at him.
All Might dug into a pocket and whipped out his phone, unlocking and tapping on it furiously until he pulled up the folder of lewd pictures and videos he had taken of her over the last several weeks.
It started as a muffled whisper, steadily increasing as he upped the volume: 'No, no, stop, please,' mixed in with the whirring sound of a toy interlaced with her panting.
He kept his eyes trained on her face, his lips stretched into a smug grin as her cheeks flushed with realization, listening to her breathy chorus of 'no' and 'stop' between mewling cries of pleasure.
She tried to grab the phone from his hand as the sound of her finding her climax played out for both of them to hear. He held it out of reach with one hand and grabbed her with the other, pulling her into his lap. "Delete it," she growled out, kicking and squirming in his grasp.
The thumb on his phone flicked to the next video file where it began to automatically play. She could see the screen this time -- an unfamiliar bed in a dark room, filmed through the window on a fire escape judging by the way the camera panned away intermittently.
'You said you liked it rough? Roleplaying?' a man murmured seductively through the phone speaker. 'You can keep going unless I tap you twice,' she heard herself say and laugh as they came into view on his screen, a man from her recent random hook-up pulling on her hair and pressing her into the wall while they kissed.
All Might's thumb dragged across the phone, fast-forwarding through the file. The recording was angled towards the man's bed where it appeared he had a hand wrapped around her neck, thrusting into her while she begged, sometimes to keep going and other times to stop but never once tapping out.
"You're a fucking pervert and an asshole," she breathed out, scrambling to get out of his lap and over to the phone held in his outstretched arm.
"I'm well aware, kitten," he sounded bored, locking the phone screen so the file stopped playing and dropping it onto the couch cushion just out of her reach.
"Stop calling me that!" She loathed the way some of his names for her made her core tighten and cheeks turn red.
He maneuvered her with both hands so that her rear was pressed into the hardening bulge in his trousers, crushing her back into his chest and burying his face in her hair. "I'm going to have to punish you for leaving without me this morning, *kitten,*" he growled out the last word she so adamantly pretended she didn't like, his hot breath tickling her ear. One hand snaked up to wrap around the front of her neck with notable pressure, the other hooking his thumb under the waistband of her pants and panties to pull them down past her wriggling hips. "Should I be gentle?" He brought that hand up to his lips, wetting his middle finger thoroughly with his tongue.
She pressed her thighs together tightly but her reddening cheeks betrayed her -- she eyed his now-glistening finger and massive hand, biting her lower lip at the sight.
"Always biting your lip," he tsked, the hand around her neck stroking her jawline with the pad of his index finger. "You think too much, princess," he murmured and tilted her head back to look up at him. She was glaring up at him through her long lashes, surely hating that pet name the most. It made a mischievous smile take hold of his lips as he leaned his head over to get a better view of her hips. "Spread your legs now or I'll spread them for you," it was both a threat and a promise.
Her breathing hitched at his words, eroding her resolve so much that she obeyed and opened her legs as much as her pants being around her thighs would permit. He slid between them, that saliva-slicked finger delving between her folds and finding her already wet.
"You want this," All Might groaned as he curled his long finger into her, savoring how tight she felt wrapped around his digit. He easily found the bundle of nerves within her while his thumb began stroking slow circles around her clit. "This is what you want, kitten," he sounded triumphant, feeling the sentiment warranted being repeated.
She raised her hips toward his hand, moaning softly with every delicious curl of his finger. "I hate you," it was a breathy whisper that he met with a dark chuckle rumbling in his chest at her back. She wrapped one of her arms around his forearm as he worked her over, her other hand reaching down and sliding into place over his, pushing it harder against him to wordlessly ask for more.
He started circling her sensitive bud with quick brutal control, letting her dictate the amount of pressure with her hand atop his. "Say it again," he growled against her ear as his finger quickened, razing that pocket of nerves inside her again and again until her panting turned into keening whimpers. "Tell me you hate me," his grin was borderline manic, watching her writhe with inexplicable infatuation, studying her, learning her.
Even if she wanted to speak she couldn't form the words; the tension building in her core was at the precipice of release. He moved as if he had memorized what every sound and every twitch meant she needed, devastatingly effective at bringing her to the edge as quickly as possible. She leaned her head back into his chest and closed her eyes, reveling in being so close.
"That's what I thought," he murmured when she couldn't respond, removing his hand from her neck so he could knead her breasts through her shirt. He could tell by the way her body was stiffening, how her muscles were clenching and pulling around his finger, that she'd be crying out in relief soon. "Eyes on me, kitten," he demanded, his menacing tone making her eyes flutter open.
"Such a good girl," he was smirking down at her as she began moaning, her core starting to convulse tightly around his finger in quick succession. "Come for me," his eyes held hers, loving the half-lidded gaze she had when subdued by pleasure in his arms. She was calling out his name as she melted upon his hand, mewling and panting and quivering, every bit of it far better than he had imagined.
She has closed her eyes at some point while hitting her peak, the stars flashing behind them fading by the time she opened them again. She was greeted with an arrogant grin when the world came back into focus, whimpering as he withdrew his hand from between her thighs.
He was already considering where to take her for the next round of pleasure, deplorably determined to fuck her by the end of the night. But her phone in his pocket began buzzing in long sequences -- an incoming call. He brought his hand to his mouth, looking away from her now-anxious expression to wick away every drop of her from his middle finger, undecided on whether he should let her answer.
"Just let it go to voicemail," she said weakly, afraid it was a call from someone at the UA medical residency. She didn't have the patience to navigate a barrage of questions, her mind muddled with the afterglow of orgasm.
Oh, that was a tone he was not used to hearing from her -- completely devoid of her usual fire and sass. He searched her face, suspecting she would deny they were together if he wasn't around, and unsure why that stung his pride like so. He didn't let it show on his face, but the very idea made him feel quite petty.
All Might pulled the cell from his pocket and accepted the call before switching it to speakerphone, all while she tried to slap it from his hands.
"Hey! Why aren't you responding to my texts?" Makoto's voice rang out, sounding both relieved and irritated when the call was answered.
She accepted defeat and leaned back All Might's chest, looking from him and back to the phone with a scowl. "I'm a little preoccupied at the moment, can this wait?"
"You said you weren't interested in dating anyone, but now my phone is blowing up with a picture of you getting cozy with some fucking giant?" The jealousy in Makoto's voice was readily apparent; he spat out the question like it was an insult.
She laughed at how childishly resentful he sounded, making sure he heard it before answering. "Was that all you needed to say?" Makoto's hurt feelings could wait -- she didn't owe him an explanation, especially considering their tumultuous history together despite their friendship.
Her laughter mollified Makoto, his ego clearly wounded. "I thought you were just sticking to your hookup app," he muttered as if that hadn't been an undeserved source of contention between them as well. "How long have you been seeing him?"
She knew where he was going with this, as Makoto was vaguely aware of her night with the man All Might had captured on video. She covered her face with her hands, clearly annoyed. "I've seen him a few times now. We're not dating -- it's not exclusive." A few times if she included today, sure, but she wanted to hedge any accusation of cheating in this fake dating scenario All Might had heedlessly put into motion.
He tensed beneath her, his free arm suddenly snaking around her waist and crushing her back into his chest possessively. She squeaked an 'oh!' of surprise when he squeezed her tight but looked up at him in warning. She didn't want to answer the call in the first place, so it was his own fault if he didn't like what he heard. Why the fuck did he care about her commentary over something that wasn't real?
Makoto responded with only sullen silence -- perhaps mistaking her sound to be one of delight and that's why she was 'preoccupied.'
"If that's all, I really need to go. I'm going to be away from my phone the rest of the night," she tried grabbing the cell from All Might's hand but he lifted it out of reach.
"Where are you?" Makoto's voice had an edge to it that made her pause, frowning.
All Might ended the call before she could respond, hanging up on him. He whistled teasingly as he started scrolling through all the text message notifications, the number somewhere close to 100 including all the group chat texts.
"Why the hell did you feel the need to do that?" She used both hands to try to pry the arm around her waist off. When that didn't work, she settled for simply righting her pants and tugging them back up to her hips.
"Which part? Answering or hanging up?" He raised his brows when he scrolled down to a message preview that included the picture Hina took of them and opened it, using her pin to unlock the phone.
"Both!" She slumped back onto his chest, coming to terms with the fact she wasn't getting out of his iron grip. A little choked sound escaped her when All Might unlocked her phone, not realizing he had likely seen her use her pin many times while watching her the last few weeks.
"Maybe I like to see you squirm," he offered without looking back at her, making the image full-screen and staring down at it.
The photograph was quite...nice. He was towering over her but his body appeared relaxed, a charming smile on his face illuminated with a contented glow. His eyes were cast downwards in the picture, focused on gently tying the coat belt at her waist with his oversized hands. She had been looking up at him with flushed cheeks and an expression that came across as assessing but pleasantly surprised, their bodies close together, her purse over his arm. They looked like a happy couple, making his heart pang strangely before he buried the feeling. He huffed, thinking to himself he was going soft.
He glanced back to her, seeing her eyes flit from him to the screen, trying to read his face. All Might locked the screen and tucked the phone back into his pocket, prompting her to try rising from his lap once again.
"Where do you think you're going?" He ground out, his demeanor instantly changing and arm flexing around her.
"I'm just getting up!" She tried wrapping her whole hand around his index finger to pry it from her hip, but somehow it held firm. How could she not even lift a single finger of his? "You are impossible!" She groaned, looking at him and hoping he'd let up on his grip.
"I haven't punished you yet," he said apathetically while starting to blatantly leer at her. Even in scrubs he could appreciate her soft perfect curves, generous in all of his favorite places.
"Yes you did," she breathed, immediately stilling like a deer in headlights.
"You think that was a punishment?" He barked a laugh and grinned down at her, his expression smug. "Tch, pillow princess."
Pillow -- pillow princess?! "Is that why you keep calling me princess?" She breathed, taking her time with each syllable, her eyes smoldering as she glared at him. How did he even know that term? He can't be bothered with a conversation about hard limits and safewords but he knows the nickname for someone that is only on the receiving end of pleasure?
"Want to get on your knees and prove me wrong?" He shifted his hips so she could feel the extent of his length, hard against her rear and even nudging up into her lower back.
There was a moment of hesitation, perhaps because she genuinely did not grasp the extent of his size yesterday, but in the end she rolled her eyes defiantly. "Wow, did you expect that to work? I can't heal 'stupid,' you know. Gotta fix that yourself."
She yelped, suddenly finding herself on her stomach in his lap, his left arm twisting a swath of her hair into his hand while his chest rumbled with a low growl. "I won't break you unless you deserve to be broken," he murmured, feeling a thrill when she acted like a brat. "But you are tempting me to make an exception, princess," his right hand groped hungrily at her ass as he spoke.
*Oh no, no no no.* Her body went rigid, well aware of what was coming next. Was she into spanking? Sure, it could be fun. But being spanked by All Might? "Don't you fucking dare," she hissed, glaring at him from over her shoulder. Her healing quirk didn't keep her from feeling pain, and she suspected it'd hurt like hell coming from him.
"You swear a lot for such a pretty little thing," he gave her rear another squeeze before grabbing the waistband of her pants and panties, yanking them both down in tandem, thoroughly enjoying building up the anticipation.
She tried to laugh nervously but felt like all the air had vacated her lungs. "I'm very sorry for running off this morning, okay?" it was a rushed apology, perhaps lacking some sincerity.
"Mm, no, you're not. But you will be," his voice was barely a whisper, making her strain to hear it. She started to protest but he drew his hand away before she could get another word out, bringing it back with a resounding slap that jerked her whole body forward.
She bit her lip to keep from whimpering, the hit jarring but not nearly as painful as she feared. He caressed her reddening skin, unable to resist giving one of her cheeks another squeeze and letting go of her hair to wrap his arm around her middle.
"Not hard enough yet, huh, kitten?" All Might smirked when she made no sound, admiring the way his handprint was already blooming across her backside. "Don't worry, we'll get there," he chuckled darkly before drawing his hand back to spank her again, notably harder this time, making her gasp.
"Do you want to beg me to stop?" He asked in a heated whisper, his smirk growing into a grin when she shook her head no. "You're being so quiet now, kitten. I'll fix that," he struck her rear again, the force making her yelp this time despite the pleasure jolting through her body.
He gently ran his fingers over the newly raw skin, making her shift in his lap, a shiver skittering up her spine. She pressed her lips together, resisting the urge to beg, almost certain she'd end up asking for more instead judging by the heat pooling between her thighs. She didn't want to give him the satisfaction.
"So stubborn," he sounded wretchedly amused, waiting until she was looking at him again before licking his lips in a deliberately slow fashion, seeing her face turn a deeper shade of red. All Might held her gaze with the next strike, watching her cry out, nearing her limit of his gradually increased hits.
She started to silently squirm, knowing it was useless but unable to help the desire to wriggle away from his offending hand. He groaned at the sight of her trying to get away, her ass unwittingly swaying tantalizingly in front of him, just before his hand collided with her rear a final time. She cried out again, her body recoiling in his arm, both hurt and pleasure searing through her.
Her eyes were glassy with pinpricks of tears but she blinked them away before they could fall, refusing to look at him and readying herself for another flash of pain. But he only grazed her aching, burning skin with the pads of his fingertips, admiring his handiwork of red prints on her rounded rear like it was a masterpiece of his own making.
She was panting softly by now, pressing her thighs tightly together and distinctly aware of how wet she was.
"I want to hear you beg me to stop," he removed his hand from her rear making her look up, finding him with his tongue lolled out and making his smallest finger slick.
She bit into her lip, her face slightly obscured by her hair, perhaps even hiding behind it.
All Might canted his head to the side, his gaze unrelenting as he lowered his hand past her line of sight. His wet digit slipped along the crease of her rear until it found her puckered hole and began circling it, his other arm keeping her from thrashing until he prodded his way in.
She hissed in an inhaled breath, wincing from the unfamiliarity but giving him exactly what he wanted. "I've never -- ah, no, no," she whispered, her face blazing red, too embarrassed to look at him. She wasn't sure if she found it pleasurable just yet, merely foreign and thrilling despite the begging. "No, please," she lifted her hips to pull away but his finger followed, burying in just a little deeper.
The sensation made her gasp again as he got down to his second knuckle, and she found herself tapping the side of his thigh, prompting him to withdraw his finger. "Good girl," he smiled deviously, ignoring her look of surprise that he had actually stopped the moment she tapped out.
She was so caught off guard that she barely noticed him pulling out his phone until he was getting her handprint-covered ass into frame. There was no point trying to move out of the shot given how tightly he still held her with his other arm -- not to mention how wary she was of another round of punishment.
All Might seemed to pick up on this reluctance quickly, the corners of his lips curving up smugly, "Oh, you're learning quickly, princess."
"I hate that pet name," she muttered, burying her face in her hands and sighing with frustration. What the fuck was she doing? This afternoon had not at all gone as she had planned -- she was certain laying bare-assed across a villain’s lap was not ‘ keeping things professional.’
“Yes, yes, and you hate me. Up for some hate-fucking?” His tone was unconcerned but he had a grin playing across his lips when she peeked out from behind her hands, his eyes roaming over her appreciatively.
“At least offer to buy me dinner and a drink first,” she mumbled to herself, running her hands through her hair to set everything back into place. He finally released her from the unyielding grasp of his arm, allowing her to quickly adjust her clothes and move from his lap. She felt light-headed when she was back on her feet, making her sway just slightly to catch her balance.
He eyed the swaying motion suspiciously before it dawned on him -- he groaned dramatically, “You haven’t eaten today, have you? Fucking typical. The moment you get stressed…” He trailed off before standing up and glaring down at her. All Might had stalked his prey long enough to know her habits, perhaps in far more depth than he originally planned.
“Are we adding ‘calorie counter’ and ‘therapist’ to your list of professional titles? Asshole, stalker, pervert,” she started counting them off on her hand when he reached down and slapped her already-sore rear, making her gasp. She backed out of his reach and fixed him with a withering glare before turning sharply in her heel.
She stormed off towards his kitchen, yanking open a tall stainless steel fridge door just to find it empty, save for some condiments. Was it really something to be surprised over? She stared into it dead-pan, not hearing how he prowled so closely behind her. “You’re a rude houseguest,” he said from above her, making her jump.
“Says the shitty host,” she shot back at him, not expecting the answering grin he gave.
“You’re more of a brat than I anticipated,” his voice was rough but he sounded amused as he grabbed her by her hair, forcing her to step back so he could close the fridge door and spin her to face him. All Might leaned down and pressed his lips to hers fiercely, making her eyes flutter shut and head spin.
She was breathless when he pulled back from the kiss and released her hair, a pink hue warming her cheeks. “It’ll grow on you,” the words slipped out before she truly thought them and their implication through.
He narrowed his eyes, regarding her cooly in silence.
His expression left her reeling all over again -- his moods were like a pendulum, constantly swinging back and forth. But so were her natural inclinations towards him, sometimes fearful and other times aroused; she was both repelled by and attracted to him. She was starting to doubt her ability to resist his advances, but she'd still make the effort at least. All Might had said he was ‘unattached’ before...she’d have to keep herself in check to make sure she remained unattached as well. *That* would only be possible if she could cease ending up mewling by his hand or mouth every time they met.
“Does the bar downstairs have food?” she asked to distract herself, looking off to the side, suddenly finding the front door fascinating while trying to avoid his gaze. “I could do a quick healing session before we go down -- I promise it won’t knock either of us out this time. And it'll still hurt, but nowhere near as much as yesterday must have.”
He pressed his lips into a grim line while considering. As long as she was being truthful, he couldn’t see a downside...other than the inevitable transformation back to his skinnier self, but he was nearing the end of his limit keeping this shape anyhow. All Might rubbed his chin, looking her up and down. “I can’t keep in this form much longer anyways. We can both change after.”
So it had a time limit, not just a form that came and went when he was asleep? She ventured a curious glance at him, seeing him unroll his sleeves from his elbows and begin unbuttoning his white dress shirt. “I didn’t bring a change of clothes in my purse. I’ll just wear my jacket to hide the UA logo,” she tapped the emblem on her left breast.
“I grabbed a few days worth of things from your apartment,” he said sheepishly, already expecting the glare she had set upon him. He shrugged off his shirt, leaving him in a thin white undershirt and belted trousers. He headed towards the back of the loft where the stairs leading to the open landing of his bedroom was, motioning for her to follow.
“How presumptuous of you,” she sighed and went after him, saving her argument to leave by the end of the night for later. As they climbed the stairs, she caught herself worrying her lower lip, her eyes eagerly following the swell of his muscles beneath his shirt, not having many chances to ogle him without being subjected to his smug satisfaction.
All Might unzipped a duffle bag on the edge of his oversized bed so she could dig through it -- he’d grabbed another set of scrubs and several casual attire tops and bottoms, a few bras, toiletries, and even her birth control...but conveniently 'forgot' to grab any underwear. She huffed out a laugh but didn’t bring it up, not planning on staying the night.
He sat beside the bag, now stripped down to a fitted pair of boxers and his white t-shirt, lifting the hem to inspect his scar. All Might had gotten used to the tan puckering of scar tissue, so the new flat swaths of pink skin interrupting the raised portions were fascinating to him.
Her mouth felt dry, willing herself to not blush all over again as she took in the view, his boxers leaving little to the imagination and his hard planes of muscles visible beneath both his marred and unmarred skin. “Right, so...Lay down.” Her bedside manner was not usually so painfully awkward.
All Might grinned broadly but laid back without comment, dragging his shirt up further to expose the trail of scarring that went all the way up the left side of his chest.
She rolled her eyes and climbed onto the bed beside him, keeping on her knees for now because her rear still smarted with pain. Her palms pressed into his abdomen directly over where his stomach would be, pausing when a glint of metal caught her eye just below his rolled-up shirt. Hah, his nipples are pierced? She was not expecting that, unable to conceal the smile that was keeping her laughter contained.
The moment he was about to grill her over it was very conveniently when blue light erupted from her palms, immobilizing him while she worked. Her brow furrowed in concentration, her previous amusement already forgotten as she tried to gauge how much progress she had made last night when utilizing his unexpectedly vast energy stores. His stomach regenerated to about a fourth of the size it should be, which was considerable given that she had first inadvertently reversed the corrective procedure prior to restoring the organ.
“I had scolded you for not telling me the severity and nature of your internal injuries, but I understand I began the process without your permission so I could...regain control of the situation. I am genuinely sorry for that,” She glanced up at him, knowing he could not respond just yet. “We’re a quarter of the way there with your stomach. I’d like to focus on that before we regenerate your other lung.” One of her hands slid up, palming his sternum for a moment before dragging it back down to rejoin the other. “I can get your stomach to about the halfway point tonight without either of us passing out if you’ll permit me to use some of your power in addition to my own."
The blue light dimmed but did not fully extinguish, giving him an opportunity to nod or shake his head in answer -- he nodded.
"Right, okay, close your eyes" she shut her own tightly and took a deep breath, steeling herself just before the light engulfed them both.
Rather than feeling as though his organs were being seared from the inside-out, he started off with a warm and dull throbbing that steadily increased to feeling unbearably feverish and a pain he could best describe as being kicked in the gut. She had to go slower this time to retain precise and brutal control of her quirk, a full hour passing before she was done.
When the blue glow faded away both of them had a sheen of sweat on their bodies, with All Might having already deflated to his weakened form, his shirt pooling around him.
"How the fuck was that 'quick?'" Were the first words out of Yagi's mouth, coming out with a groan as he clutched his stomach.
Her shoulders were slumped, clearly exhausted by the effort. "If I said 'want to feel like you're getting sucker punched for an hour straight' would you have accepted?" She tsked but ran her hands over his stomach admiringly, looking over the newly smoothed out pink skin that had replaced a portion of the thick rivets of scarring. Her face was flushed with pleasure with the outcome, a small smile playing on her lips.
He held his breath at the sensation and how she looked at his body, not used to a woman's touch in this form since the injury, the delicate sweeping of her fingers pleasurable despite the soreness he felt. Yagi's eyes followed her hands, already noticing the difference in the tone and shape of his body. She said she'd focus on his stomach, but the rest of him was still filling in somehow... He sat up, grabbing the collar of her scrubs excitedly and pulling her towards him, "What else are you healing?" he breathed, his eyes bright with hope. He despised looking like a shell of his former self, vanity compelling him to put that as a priority over all else.
She squeaked out of surprise when drawn to him, afraid he was angry with her until she saw the unbridled yearning in his face. "I'm not sure, I…" she stumbled over her words as she looked him over, realizing he looked slightly different from this morning. She'd describe him as lithe rather than skinny now. She blinked in confusion, "It happened with the hero as well. I couldn't entirely pinpoint it with him, maybe like repairing atrophied muscles? But it was more than that." Her eyes found his face again, seeing him searching her eyes for answers. "Before you and him, I was careful to never tap into my patients' energy to heal. Even with my other old or complex cases, they never experienced...well, whatever this is," she ended lamely, not knowing how to describe it.
He nodded firmly, thinking back to the hero on the screen weeks ago -- how he looked rejuvenated, like the pinnacle of health despite being bedridden for 12 years. Maybe even younger, or at least younger than he should have with the stress of being ill for so long. The plan to steal her away to heal himself was turning out better than he could have ever hoped, even better than he could have ever *dreamed.*
Could he really be himself again with enough time? Not this husk, this shell, this wisp of what once was? He let go of her shirt and climbed off the bed, going straight to his mirror. It was already happening. He touched his face, noting all the drastic changes since he'd begun using her. Yagi looked like an entirely new person, no hollow eyes or sunken cheeks, no longer a gaunt wraith version of himself. Yesterday he was practically skeletal, not that she had seen that; this morning he was simply scrawny, but now he was...lean. "How much more can you do?" He looked into the reflection of his shadowed blue eyes, his two swaths of long blonde bangs framing now-chiseled his features.
Yagi had whipped around, startling her. She had taken his fixation with his own reflection as an opportunity to discreetly disrobe, standing unabashedly in front of him in just her undergarments. He took his time looking her up and down, his smile slowly turning into a grin with every new inch of her body he could admire.
"I'm not entirely sure," she answered honestly, blushing under his gaze but not hiding herself away. She couldn't deny that she enjoyed the way she felt when he eyed her hungrily, even if she was set on turning him down -- that made it all the more thrilling. And she wasn't naive about how she looked; there shouldn't be any shame in acknowledging that she knew she was attractive.
Yagi wet his lips, breathing a little harder. Did he want to fuck her in this state? His body was filling in nicely, looking sinewy but It was not enough to abate the reluctance, how he couldn’t help feeling weak and pathetic knowing what he once was. But that wouldn't keep him from feasting with his eyes or imagining what he'd do once he finally has her pinned beneath him.
Her eyes trailed down discerningly, an appreciative smile forming on her lips, finding him roguishly handsome this way -- he was now built like an especially lithe swimmer, but somehow just as dauntingly tall as he was while transformed into his villain persona. Which reminded her: “What should I call you when we’re around other people?” She glanced back up at him, finding him staring at her quizzically for some reason.
Did she like him this way? It was impossible to miss the way she looked him over. “Yagi,” he answered stiffly before prowling over to where she stood, standing intimately close. His confidence as All Might always ebbed or flowed in this state, and at this moment he found himself lacking when it came to the desire to touch her. He opted for sifting through the bag of her clothes he put together instead.
Her blush intensified with his new proximity, but she looked down into the bag, duly noting he had intentionally grabbed a selection of her most form-fitting leggings and a few low-cut tanks and short crop tops. “I can dress myself, Yagi,” she experimented with using the name, wondering if it was real or made up to protect his true identity.
She had an amused smile on her face while peering at the top and yoga pants he had fished out when he looked back at her with half-lidded eyes, a sheepish grin finding his lips. “I’m aware, sweetheart.” He eyed her reddening cheeks, resisting the urge to reach up and stroke one with his thumb.
She laughed and grabbed the clothes from his hand, deciding to go along with his selection just to play nice. She pulled the tank top over her head; it was dark blue and ribbed with a deep v-neck, usually something she’d wear with her leather jacket and jeans for a hot date. “Weren’t you going to change, or does the bar not have a no-pants rule?” She teased, glancing back up at him.
He was brazenly staring down at her cleavage once the shirt was in place, quite pleased with himself for thinking to grab it when he razed through her things earlier in the day. “In a minute,” he breathed. Watching her dress and undress daily had become quite an addiction over the last several weeks -- he reveled in it, especially when he could manage to watch from her balcony in the cover of darkness rather than the trees outside her windows. Seeing her dress *for* him was exponentially more exciting, and the next best thing to seeing her undress for him when the time comes.
She did her best to ignore Yagi as he stared, taking a step back so she could lean down to put her feet through her black leggings. *Of course* he chose these ones, they were nearly too tight, and she was quite certain she had been wearing them in one of the pictures he snapped of her behind. As soon as the waistband was up her thighs, he leaned over and hooked his thumbs under the fabric, not letting her pull it up further. Her breath caught in her throat as he pressed his front into hers, leaning over the top of her head to admire the way her perfect ass was spilling over the gathered spandex.
His hands were on her before he could stop himself. “This is always my favorite part,” he admitted, a grin still playing on his lips, his hands cinching the waistband further to make her rear lift pleasantly. “Plus I like to laugh at how you wriggle trying to pull them over your ass,” he whispered teasingly, knowing it’d rile her up.
“You want to fuck me so bad it makes you look stupid,” she was glaring up at him, doing her absolute best to not show the conflict of feelings currently being experienced -- affronted by the invasion of privacy but weirdly flattered. For fucks sake, did she need to add ‘stalker kink’ to her growing list of twisted dalliances?
He quirked a brow and shrugged, bouncing her rear atop the waistband a few more times before finally pulling the fabric up and over her ass for her. It was a tight fit, which is exactly why these were his favorite pair of leggings -- not to mention the stitching going up the center, making both full cheeks the stars of the show. She was always turning heads in these, which racked him with jealousy every time he followed her. “I should warn you I’m keeping a running tab on all your little smart-ass comments, princess.” He gave her ass a loud slap as if to underline the statement, making her gasp and wince.
“I didn’t think you could count that high,” she stepped away, her lips pursing almost into a pout while she rubbed her rear. She hadn’t thought to heal it yet and wasn’t about to dig her hand into her leggings in front of him to do it now.
“Keep ‘em coming, you’ll see,” he stalked off towards one of two large free-standing closet structures, each holding clothes neatly hung for his different forms.
She huffed an amused sound through her nose and sat on the edge of the bed to watch him, figuring she was owed at least that with his voyeuristic tendencies. If he noticed, he didn’t make it obvious, pulling his shirt up and off over his head without pause. But the moment it was off she found herself holding her breath, finally seeing the outline of his hardened length that was concealed by his top and realizing it was...well, just as large as when he was in his other form. Oh. *Oh.* Huh.
Yagi was pulling on a black long-sleeved button-down when he noticed her line of sight, making him smirk arrogantly, his cock twitching in response to the new thoughts trickling into his mind. Her eyes darted up to his, clearly embarrassed about being caught in the act but too stubborn to look away, daring him to make a comment. Such a brat. He wished he actually had to change his boxers to give her a real show, but the stretchy material was able to accommodate him in both forms, only just slightly loose now. His new shirt, on the other hand, was nearly tight with the added subtle bulk her healing provided -- his black trousers too, once he got them on, he noted with satisfaction. It was as if he finally could fill in the fitted clothes he bought for his smaller self.
His sense of style was not what she was anticipating, especially with All Might being known for his utilitarian black t-shirts, green cargo pants, and combat boots. He was rolling up his sleeves and slipping on a few black rings onto his fingers when she grinned, realizing he was a bit edgy even without his big spiked shoulder pads. She could easily see herself trying to pick him up in a bar, and she had to bite her lip to keep from laughing at the vision, wondering what line she’d use.
-- -- -- --
The bar was warm even with the AC whirring in the window, but the greasy food was great -- although Yagi had gone overboard with ordering, clearly not recalling the last time he felt this hungry and having difficulty anticipating how much would be appropriate. The bartender made a few jokes about him finding a girlfriend with good enough cooking to put some meat on his bones, but neither of them corrected him.
She leaned across him to pass a basket of untouched tempura to another patron, smiling sweetly and ignoring the way he drunkenly leered even while gratefully accepting the free food. She was blissfully unaware that Yagi had chosen their seats at the very end of the bar against the wall, placing himself between her and all the other seats, to specifically obscure her from any prying eyes. He flashed the man a particularly toothy grin, his pointed canines visible, one of his hands balling into a fist so his forearm flexed. Apparently, her healing had filled him in enough to look like a risky bet to take on in a fight, especially combined with his immense height, because the man quickly turned away entirely in his stool so his back faced them.
“Oooh, jealous, are we?” she whispered so only he could hear, grinning over the rim of her shot glass before knocking it back with an enthusiastic wince. It was her third one, and the bartender began graciously filling it for a fourth the moment it was back on the counter.
“Planning on calling out tomorrow, sweetheart?” he murmured while looking her over, admiring the way her ass looked while perched on the stool.
“Hah, I can’t prevent a hangover but I sure as shit can heal one,” she winked and then eyed the new shot, deciding to give herself a few minutes before downing it. “I was very popular at my university in the States, and dare I say high school too.” Her cheeks were pleasantly flushed from drinking, smiling up at him sheepishly.
“Can you stop yourself from hurling all over my apartment?” he asked, sounding jaded and looking at her shot glass, debating taking it away.
“Ah, no, I can’t do that,” she pressed her lips together in a thin line, furrowing her brow and looking from him to her glass with concern as if reading his mind. She slid it just out of his reach, eyeing him suspiciously...until her eyes trailed down to her chest, making her giggle.
“What is so funny?” He sounded irate and took another bite of his yakitori, glaring at her.
“Just thinking how hilarious it’d be to heal your piercings,” she scooted her stool away from him, bracing her foot onto his own stool to keep it at bay before quickly downing her shot. “Don’t worry, it won’t happen so long as you don’t take them out during a session,” she snickered.
Even at her distance, she couldn’t truly escape his long reach -- he snatched the glass away before the overly-generous bartender could fill it a fifth time, making her pout. “Don’t make me kick your ass, girl.”
She looked him up and down indignantly, clearly sizing him up, liquid courage causing her to seriously consider whether or not she could take him on in this form. Was he still as strong as All Might when he was Yagi? She doubted that. “I bet I could star-spangle-banner beat your ass if I wanted to, Yagi,” a playful smirk tugged at the corner of her lips, resting her chin in her hand with her elbow leaning on the counter.
His answering grin was unhinged, the blue of his black eyes bright and fierce, making her smirk falter and as she reconsidered her opinion. “I’ll break you if you keep tempting me,” he hissed with a heated whisper so only she could hear.
She wasn’t sure in exactly what way he meant that, but she wasn’t ready to find out. “Okay, okay, fine,” she relented, crossing her legs and squirming in her seat, hating how his words lit a fire in her core.
When the bartender offered to pour out another, Yagi nodded but took the shot for himself, cutting them both off by passing the glass back when he was done. He couldn’t remember the last time he was able to handle hard liquor with his stomach as it was, casting her a grateful glance that went unnoticed while she gazed up at the TV screen.
-- -- --
Yagi positioned his work desk chair to sit directly in front of the threshold of the bathroom, lighting a cigarette and leaning back into it while watching her silhouette move behind the fogged glass panes that enclosed the tall standing rain shower. There was no door to the bathroom since he lived alone; the moment she tipsily peered inside she muttered something along the lines of “I’m in the wrong line of work,” and “don’t watch me undress,” but she never said anything indicating he couldn’t watch her shower. She’d learn to be more explicit when asking him to make a promise, but for now he’d take advantage of the loophole she left.
He took a long drag of his cigarette, the panties she had stripped off while he promised to ‘not watch her undress’ hanging from his ring and pinky finger. Yagi silently wondered if she had ever noticed him stealing souvenirs here and there in his visits to her room, but since the question had never come up he suspected not. It’d join the others, he thought to himself while staring at the shape of her rinsing her hair, hearing her contented sigh as her face was upturned into the falling drops of water.
He had a clean, massive towel folded and draped across his lap, positively certain that there wasn’t another one to be had in the bathroom. She’d have to come out to him if she wanted it.
She carefully swung open the tall glass shower door as if afraid it would shatter -- everything about this bathroom was unexpectedly lavish and expensive-looking, like something out of a luxury hotel but custom-built for someone over 7 feet tall. She’d consider becoming a villain if it meant she could get a bathroom like this, she thought to herself all over again as she gazed around looking for the towel she saw hanging before she got in... But it was gone.
Through the tendrils of steam pouring out the bathroom’s door-less doorframe, she finally spotted him, a freshly lit cigarette hanging from his lips. Yagi’s belt and trousers were undone, his boxers pulled down and waistband tucked under his heavy bollocks, his impossibly thick and long length jutting out from his lap proudly. His left hand was curled around her pale blue panties atop the towel folded across his thighs, his right hand slowly and methodically stroking himself, Yagi not even pausing when her gaze met his lascivious stare.
-- -- --
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mandaholtzhausen · 2 days ago
So I noticed something recently:
Deku doesn't tie his tie right, it looks like a mess...
Tumblr media
AllMight's look nice and well done
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Here they are together
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mogamoka · 48 minutes ago
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I’ve start to lose track of which Erasermight doodle I’ve posted here or haven’t. If you’re interested, I’ve also uploaded them on my pixiv. Some nsfw-ish included.
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hayleymaltman · 10 hours ago
Could you imagine the rolls changing in the angel au fics of bakudeku? Like instead of Katsuki being the demon, he's the angel, like he has a tough exterior but he's actually a saint. And Midoriya as a demon. Not those mean ones obviously, but the one that likes to cause mischief. In fact, he probably didn't even mean to fall, he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.
And then Deku follows Kacchan around like a lost puppy and they form a bond (platonic or romantic, idrc, they're both good)
And yeah
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plusultraspecial · 13 hours ago
All Might is not shy and ashamed of having a big scar. He have strong spirit, chest with big mighty heart and playful personally.
He can be very naughty. Shyness is almost always pure act, in a playful fun way. He can switch so fast to a very confident man, sure in himself and of what he is capable of. Toshinori is smart man with huge spirit, honor. It's not that easy to make him lost his cool.
Tumblr media
He can make you a bento, and injure your enemy, if necessary.
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