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Toshi is a big ol’ teddy bear

So cute -

Aughhh, thanks for the request!!!

~ Dari


Yagi Toshinori

  • it seemed nothing could go right
  • first thing, he was late to classes
  • mostly because of a hold up between the transport and a large villain that he was unable to help take care of, reminding him of his powerlessness
  • spilling tea first thing and ruining some of the handwritten notes detailing a change in the school system that he was unable to save
  • then proceeding that with the mountain of papers he needed to grade and having to scold Izuku for shattering a bone - yet again
  • he loved the boy but Recovery Girl gave him a good tongue lashing for not teaching him better
  • also kind of a little jab for his still lacking teaching skills, it didn’t hurt too much but he clearly had ways to go on the road to improving
  • coughing up an immense amount of blood, effectively ruining his coat
  • and keeping him from teaching his afternoon class when he was inevitably sent home from said blood loss
  • it began to pour and he neglected to check the forecast - he got into a taxi sopping wet
  • after making sure to leave the driver enough money to get his seats cleaned and for the trip
  • the cherry on top of this already frustrating day, he finds that the elevator was out of order so that meant he’d have to take the stairs
  • … he felt about ready to collapse, he was already sneezing and swaying woozily once he entered your apartment
  • like a gift from above, you descended, like an angel to usher him into a warm bath and dry clothes
  • sweeping his worries away in the instant he came through the door, Toshinori was whisked away to warm his body
  • you even put his clothes and towel in the dryer for the heady warmth it gave
  • cool water for his parched throat and a nice, filling meal waned the blood loss’s effects on his tired, tired body
  • now he sat with you, settled into the couch
  • all cozy and wrapped up in soft blankets to ward the chill, listening to the rain fall as you lavished him with kisses that made his heart melt and brain spin
  • the relief he feels resting in your arms is immense and he thank god for blessing him with you
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Here are my contributions to the fandom, you’re welcome.

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Character Song: this one has me right in the god damn feels…Every Time You Leave by I Prevail for All Might…the more you listen to the song and just think about it, it’s gut wrenching (no pun intended)


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Mha fan-manga Parts 4

Here’s the next few parts~

will post more soon 😋

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Midoriya has the limited edition All Might Power Fist hairpick wit the matching durag and you CANNOT change my mind about it.

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So there have been hints through the BNHA story that not only does time-traveling exist but that their current timeline is the direct result of such a time-traveler messing with history. Here’s how:

Everyone remembers how Izuku got his quirk right? Iconic moment right here


All might got his quirk from Nana. The method of transfer is fairly simple.  The previous holder feeds their DNA to the next holder and wishes they get the quirk. No problems so far… but how did the First holder know what to do?

See here everyone, including the First thought he was Quirkless.


AFO forced a stock-billing quirk on him… and nothing else. So as far as the First knew he now had one(1) shiny new quirk and nothing else.

So how the hell did he learn about his ability to transfer his quirk to another person. The chances of him stumbling naturally into a situation where he is feeding his DNA to some other sucker while at the same time intensely wishing for his quirk to somehow magically jump from him to this person… it’s pretty much zero.

So the only way he could have known what to do is that someone told him. But who could have done so, no one knew. Except… we have seen the second holder’s silhouette and it looks eerily familiar.


Now I’m no Bakugou fan but if they toss my angry child into some shitty quirk war history time I’m gonna riot!

On lesser note there was also small scene in the first episode when the students in Izuku’s middle school class were mocking his desire to go into UA. There seems to be a rule that Quirkless people can’t even take the exam to heroic course but then Izuku says:


It’s a blink and you will miss it kind of scene but why would they change that rule? For that to happen there should be some sort of demand for the rule to change and so far we have seen that this society treats Quirkless people like they are invisible at best and useless at worst.

It is not mentioned how long the rule has existed but the fact that there are no Quirkless heroes is telling. Like none, in any country, at any point in known history. Izuku would have known if there were any and fan-boyed like crazy but there were none.

You could argue it was due to lack of quirk that none dared to try but in spin off manga Vigilante there is a Quirkless vigilante and he manages to beat up Villains just fine without a Quirk. It cannot have been lack of interest either, Heroes are so glorified and children are indoctrinated into liking them at early age. Even the teacher in this particular scene just shrugs and says you all want to go into heroics right?

So the only reason there are no Quirkless Heroes is that they were forbidden from even applying to Hero schools. Can’t get education, can’t get license. 

But this likely very old rule changed, just like that. And just in time for Izuku to still have some hope to apply for Hero school. Suspicious!

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i’m around episode 8 season 2 of BNHA. thoughts i have thote in the last two hours of my binge sesh-

•baku NEEDS to stop eavesdropping. go eat your lunch bitch boy

•also shouto(? ice boy) deserves literally all the love in the world. i want deku’s mom to adopt him.

•purple boy bad. purple boy MEAN.

•no. no no. a fool and an idiot i am. purple boy WHOLESOME. purple boy MISUNDERSTOOD. purple boy is an aizawa kin.

•mic and aizawa are the absolute best MC’s and are completely and utterly biased. i want them to narrate my entire life.

•get the fucking BAG hatsume

•ida (?serious one).. SO precious. love him to death.

•shouto (?ICE BOY) is so fucking dramatic but good on him for apologizing to the kid he fuckin wrecked. also him using only ice to do that is such a power move and a fuck you to his dad


•my favourite out of context line in this series so far is “i need a cat. WHERE IS A CAT?”

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You must protect those precious to you….

I can’t wait for my tablet to get fixed TT_TT

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(( possible bnha spoilers ))

headcanon that shigaraki and kirishima are related because they both have black hair and red eyes (naturally)

and since shimura nana didn’t have red eyes that means the red eyes came from the other side of the family—the part of the family all might wouldn’t care about since they weren’t related to nana

which means it is entirely possible that kirishima could be related to shigaraki without us knowing because all might wouldn’t know


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anxiety bear - echo_of_sounds - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
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Im coming with you
All Might
Beep beep its the bad idea meter
All Might
Its at 101% capacity
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Idk why being critical of All Might is like controversial??? I mean for one it’s a main theme of the story but uuuh he also left an emotionally vulnerable 14 year old alone on a locked rooftop after telling him to give up on his dreams?? That’s high key negligence and that was our introduction to him???

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