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#all might smut

yagi toshinori x flirt! reader

this has to be the longest thing I’ve ever written before, and I am very proud of it. it took 20,000 years and me shaking the rust out of my writing brain, but here we are.

this will be 2 parts, and the second part will be reader finally getting to detroit smash all might.

this includs alcohol assumption (by reader, toshi no drink), u have a very bad friend in this who just loves to watch u embarrass yourself, 1 very bad pickup line that reader regrets almost immediately, toshi self deprecation, reader being big horny, reader also has a potty mouth (I wanted to distinguish that reader is younger than Toshi, plus I also like cuss words so ha), and reader also possibly has a size kink, and a hand kink bc oopssss and I think that’s it.

pls be gentle w/ me, I’ve never written for toshi before 😬


Originally posted by hero-quotes-but-not-really

it was the first thing you’d noticed, well actually, you’d have to change that to the second thing you’d noticed. the first thing being that he was devastatingly pretty in a way you had never seen. the fact that had drawn your attention away from that was that he just seemed utterly sad, but that word didn’t seem to fit right- haunted.. that was a little better.

he looked like he’d seen heartbreak, like he’d seen something bad enough he’d never been the same since. the stranger had slump in his narrow shoulders that just radiated pain, you paused, watching him shift, and decided that his shoulders may have been narrow, but there was something there, something strong.. something that made you long to touch him. a paradox if you had ever seen one. your mouth was suddenly very dry.

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Small smut drabbles of having a quickie with Aizawa and Toshi.

Warnings: light choking 


Aizawa Shouta

Pinning you to the door, shoving lips firmly into yours, and grinding his erection against your waist, Shouta blindly fumbled with keys in the lock. After a click, he knocked it open and muscled you inside, not breaking the kiss as he manhandled you, sandwiching you between him and the other side of the door. His erection, though held down by pants and boxer briefs, pressed plenty hard.

“Sho- Fuck,” you moaned, gripping his hair when teeth buried into your neck. A leg pushed forward. Your hips moved on their own, riding his thigh hastily. 

Before you could find much excitement, he spun you around, chest to door, shoving a hand into the front of your pants and roughing two fingers inside. “God, you’re so fucking wet.” His guttural voice only stirred you more. It rocketed heat, making you hump backward. That made the two fingers fold fiercely.

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Thank you! I’ve been feeling a bit better, but I’m not getting my hopes up (as sad as that sounds). But today was good! Very relaxed and quiet! I hope your days have been well!

Toshinori doesn’t bite. He may nip your thighs and drag his teeth along your shoulder, but he doesn’t bite down. Giving pain or leaving marks just isn’t at the forefront of his mind during sex. And he’d hate for you to have to go through the trouble of covering them up.

However, though he might not say it, feeling your teeth on his neck in the moments before his orgasm, sends him over. He moans louder from the pinch of pain. Most of the time, that’s all he’s interested in. Pain doesn’t excite him like it may others. If anything, it can ruin the moment for him if it’s too intense, too quickly.

Double however, those rainy days when you spend all day in bed, naked, cuddling, having sex, and snacking, he doesn’t object if he sees hickeys in the mirror the next morning. Your mouth repeatedly sucking on the same spot, overworking his skin and blood vessels throughout the day is enjoyable because it isn’t sharp, sudden pain- It’s you gradually stimulating skin even when it’s already sensitive and raw.

They also make him feel a sense of love. It’s weird and hard to explain. He’s had so few people in his life and finally seeing someone love, cherish, fuck, and just experience his body is intimate…. as well as embarrassing so he scrambles to find a shirt that hides them.

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god like,, we know he’s a soft dom. he’s so sweet. definitely keeps you in missionary and cradles your head in both his large head when you’re about to cum. which, doesn’t take long- i mean, he’s huge! your little cunny didn’t stand a chance and now, no more than 5 minutes in, youre teetering on the brink of your first orgasm. how tragic for little ol you to be fucked completely dumb by the hour mark, all might’s hips still snapping almost gently into yours- no where near his breaking point. but the way your tiny cunt is squeezing and gushing on him, he might get there soon.

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all might x reader

18+ | smut | slight bulge kink | whiny! reader | use of daddy

authors notes: my hands at smut again. im sorry it’s so terrible T.T


you couldn’t help the whine that escaped your plush lips. your body shivering in anticipation to feel the sweet stretch. you wanted to feel the sting of his large cock entering your tiny cunt. you sniffled and couldn’t help but whine out his name with such a needy voice.

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a/n: short bc this has been collecting dust in my inbox and i am exhausted woo! | maybe 10(?) spots for spooks left?? idk how to do math anymore but ty bud for sendin this in hope u got some serotonin from it 

  • it’s no secret that onis are a lot bigger than your average humanoid, and toshinori is no different even though he is much more gaunt than what he used to be - so you have to build up to his whole fist - two fingers already making you feel so full
  • you lose track of how long it’s been, toshi always making sure to keep you stuffed with his own fingers when he has the time, and if not him, a toy out of the few he picked out to help stretch you out
  • not once does he let you cum during this process - he wants you to savor the feeling when he rewards you for finally taking his whole fist - wants to make sure you want it just as badly
  • at this point, toshi gets more pleasure in seeing you writhe around his arm, your eyes rolled back and a trail of drool falling from your lips as you whimper his name, ignoring his own leaking cock

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  • baby is so nervous!!!
  • he doesnt think hes that good looking, and his insecurities kind of get in his way
  • so when you said yes when he asked you out, he was so excited!!!!!
  • i dont think hes ever really dated, being busy with hero work
  • yeah, hes used to girl fawning over him, but those interaction usually last 5 minutes before he gets pulled somewhere else
  • he decided on the classic dinner and then dessert
  • when you showed up, he had to grab a napkin before he bled all over his shirt bc you looked GORGEOUS
  • made him even more nervous, poor baby
  • hed try so hard to leave a good impression, and when you laugh at one of his jokes he smiles so big bc wow your laugh is so pretty
  • after dinner, hed walk you to a nearby dessert place and buy you ice cream and then sit on a bench in the park and eat with you
  • hed genuinely enjoy your company, and he just thinks youre the sweetest thing
  • once your date ends, he’ll insist on walking you home
  • baby is too shy to grab your hand, so you have to do it first aw aw aw
  • he’ll definitely stall outside your door because he doesnt want that date to end
  • but when you finally have to go inside and you stand on your toes and pull him down to kiss his cheek goodbye, he blushes so much and starts stuttering bc poor baby is IN LOVE with you
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a/n: even tho the gov and mayor wants everything to b shut down they provided so many exceptions i still am an essential worker and have an 8 hr shift tomo 🤡 but woo! hope this was okay anon bud | 11(?) spook slots open idk how to count rn | prompts

  • consider a,,,near-feral toshi during a rut because ever since the last fight against his longtime rival AFO - his control over his powers and instincts have been harder to control - especially because he pushes himself to his limits every night to let everyone believe that he is still a reliable alpha/leader of the pack
  • still wants to be a considerate lover but it gets harder each time it happens - once he cums a few times or snaps out of it, whimpers fall from his snout and you can see the clarity return to his eyes
  • cue much slower and gentler sex, he apologizes for being so rough and you console him, other times apologies aren’t needed and toshi just takes care of you - pulling out slowly and cleaning you up with his heavy tongue, lapping up the mess both of you made 

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make a sex noise with small!might

“Toshiii.” Your whine took on a lilting tone as you straddled your boyfriend. 

He quirked an eyebrow at you as you playfully trailed your hands up and down his chest, careful not to jostle his injury.

“Is there something you need?” He teased, letting your foreheads press together. 

“I want you to touch me,” you huffed, winding your hands behind his neck. Even when Toshi was in his so-called inferior form, that didn’t change a damn thing about his large ass hands. 

Toshi rested his hands on your hips, tracing small circles on your skin. You tried to force his hands to crawl up your shirt. He refused. Nothing but a gentle smile on his face as he watched you squirm in his lap. 

“Toshi, please. You’re being so mean. C’mon,” you pouted and begged to no avail. He stopped touching you entirely then suddenly harshly tugged back your hair. A moan spilled from your mouth.

He leaned in and whispered. “What makes you think you’re in charge here?”

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Bubblegum - How do they try to get you in the mood?

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For all fanfic writers on this app


-love ur Crazy chick16

(if ur a writer and see this I request something with a happy end✨💕)

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All might says vagina with the same energy as Detroit Smash no i do not take criticism

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lust & love & light rain || toshinori yagi.

* pairing: toshinori yagi (all might) x fem!reader

* genre: smut, pwp, fluff, dating au

* words: 2,758

* warnings: aNd hE waS hiT bY a QuiRk trope, brief inference of pillow humping, safeword system in place but not used, dom!toshinori, sub!reader, cunnilingus, creampie, unprotected sex (use protection irl !!), overstimulation, multiple orgasms, degradation, daddy kink, praise kink, aftercare!!, mention of painkillers

* original request from toishi: plz all might big pp

* a/n: yes all might big pp. birthday gift to @toishi! sorry kiri and kenma. here’s an indulgent all might pwp. enjoy!

something is off with toshinori as he enters your shared home. there’s something you can feel in your gut as his bangs drape over the sides of his face, their golden color dulled; you can barely see his eyes, and under the shadows of his face, they’re a diminished sky blue. the light is gone, as if the sun was obscured by an endless sea of clouds. his expression is dark, as if holding something in, and his shoulders slump with the burden of a hero’s work.

“t-toshinori?” you ask as he shuffles his shoes off. he’s still in his hero costume, which is muddied and torn.

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Oh so I guess this is a prompt so I decided to do all three ;D

warning: smut, brat taming, minor degrading, a little rough play, gagging/ choking

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a/n:OOOHH here we go homies! Hope you enjoy it! Also if anyone knows who the artist is for the last picture on the first part if you can shoot me a message. Ive been looking everywhere. Thank you!

warnings: Smut, mention of tail kink, self masturbation, blood, profanity, degradation, minor abuse, profanity, threats. 

5,700+ words

Part 1


(artist: moshigal156 @ devian art)


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I am 110% here for soft Toshi sex 💕


Originally posted by yyh-moved

Once the door behind him closed, Toshinori allowed himself to be as deflated as he felt. You were already waiting for him, sitting at the small island in the kitchen with the first aid kit open. You stood from your chair and, meeting each other halfway, embraced. Toshinori’s large, now-scrawny hands gripped tightly at the soft plush of your skin.

“It looks worse than it is,” he said. “I promise.”

“Come on, let’s clean you up,” you said, knowing the promise was empty. Even now, he still tried to put on a brave face, despite the exhaustion being evident in his voice.

After tending to a few wounds and a long, hot shower where you scrubbed each other’s backs, taking time admiring each other’s figures the whole way, Toshinori sat on the edge of your bed and rolled his shoulders back. You were behind him in a flash, and he hummed in satisfaction at the feeling of you massaging the knots there and in his upper back.

“You’re too good to me. I don’t deserve you,” Toshinori said.

“The Symbol of Peace doesn’t even think he’s worthy of a massage? Come on, now,” you teased. You followed it with a kiss on his cheek.

Toshinori smiled and, before you could get too far, reached across to cup your face with his hand. His fingers lazily brushed along your jawline and then he brought you in for a deeper kiss.

Your kisses were slow and steady, just how Toshinori liked it. You were a constant in his life that he desperately needed. You could tell he was terrified of losing that constant by the way his hands would grip at your sides near your ribs, or how he’d run over your chest, landing where he could feel your heart beat.

Toshinori spent his time with you like he was running out of it (because, well, he was certain he was). He thought you deserved better than the uncertainty and unlikelihood that he’d live a long, healthy life — you deserved someone like All Might, but all the time. But you seemed to like him better as Yagi Toshinori: raw, unfiltered and deflated. He used this fact to tell himself he was indulging you, but in reality he was indulging himself just as much when your lips and nude bodies met.

Toshinori moaned in your mouth at the feeling of your wet pussy lips rubbing against his cock. You had found your way on his lap and he had been fingering you while you kissed. He wrapped an arm around your torso, preparing to use the last of his strength for the night to move you on your back or side to please you, but you gently grabbed his hand and set it on the mattress. He moved it to your hip, not wanting to touch anything but your skin. You left it there.

“You’ve done enough tonight, Toshi,” you said against his lips. The way your warm, faintly minty breath felt against his mouth sent shivers down his spine. You continued, “For not just me, but everyone. Let me take care of you now.”

Toshinori just smiled at you — not his All Might smile but his real smile — and you replied exactly as he knew you would (because it always elicited the same response, and he loved it).

“There’s my Toshi.”

When you sank onto him, it was just as blissful as it was the first time. It always was, he thought. You felt similarly — Toshinori’s cock filled you perfectly, like the two of you were made for one another. You slowly rode him, going at a gentle pace that you knew he both enjoyed and needed given the fight with the League of Villains earlier. You enjoyed it too, since it allowed you to appreciate the details of how his cock felt inside you as well as Toshinori’s mannerisms during sex: the way his pupils would dilate if his eyes were closed, how he’d moan when you ran your fingers through his hair, how he pressed kisses against your neck when he couldn’t help but moan so they’d be muffled into your skin. You loved every sensation.

Toshi held you close as he came. Your hips slowed down to match the rhythm of his cock pulsing inside you, and he could feel you clenching around him in synch. His breath was heavy and he kissed you intently, only pulling away when he was truly out of breath. He rested his forehead against yours for a moment and, after a long pause, you pulled away slightly to pepper soft, long kisses along his hollow cheekbones. The orgasm had been intense for both of you.

Toshinori knew you’d eventually have to move to clean up and he’d fall asleep fairly quickly after this (especially on top of the fight earlier). But for now, he relished in this moment, and so did you.

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Originally posted by toshinori-yagi-dadmight

-Toshinori x f!reader-

smut drabble with a reader who struggles with attention (adhd) during sex

This never happens to me. It totally isn’t the biggest frustration of my entire life.

The chirping entered your attention. It sounded like two birds talking. It was a perfect day for them. Warm but not hot. Windy but not wild.

A hand squeezed your thigh. “Are you still with me?”

You snapped back to Toshi. “Sorry.”

“It’s alright.” He smiled, kissing down your leg.

His tongue slipped along you, lightly sucking on your clit before licking again. A finger edged in ever so slightly. It curved inside. He watched your body, attentive to any signs of pain or stress.

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includes: all might/toshinori yagi, eraserhead/shota aizawa, & dabi/touya todoroki

*nsfw content* (obviously)



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the way in which all smite is living rent free in my head rn

also all might

and yagi too

what the fuck he’s perfect in every way !!!!!!

anyways please let me have your children mr toshinori

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