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screaming--agony · 10 months ago
Dear Diary,
Since I can’t go outside and scream because cops would be called on suspicion of murder. From the absolute bottom of my soul and every last breath in my lungs, “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!”
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introvert-celeste · 7 days ago
Woop still feeling ✨worthless✨
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its-captain-sir · a year ago
hi this is a personal rant but it's in the tags cause I don't want to clog up people's dashes with whatever I say ✌️
#I'm just super stressed and way behind in school and when stuff starts getting like this my first reaction is to *.✧self isolate*.✧#which I've kinda done for the past week or so though there were times where i was just legitimately busy and wasn't online cause of that#but yeah I've been doing that and normally once i see that I'm doing that i metaphorically bonk myself on the head like no stop doing that#cause that is not a healthy coping mechanism!#but this time it actually seems to be helping me?#like i muted a bunch of fairly active servers I'm in on discord today and i felt like i had a lot less stress#cause i wasn't trying to keep up with those messages and check all the notifs in between trying to do work or pay attention in class#and i focused a lot better and got a lot of work done#so maybe my unhealthy coping mechanism isn't so unhealthy after all!#(that's a joke it totally is it just so happens it's working for me this time)#but anyways i think I'm gonna keep doing that for the foreseeable future cause i really do need to stop being behind in things#like it's not even just school work it's like every aspect of my life hskfhskfhsk#but like. doing this means i cut off like 80% of my socialization with people that aren't related to me#which probably isn't great! but idk what else to do#y'all should just interact with me on here more so i get that little bit of socialization smh#←that's a joke but also not really cause i manage my tumblr usage way better than anything else#so theoretically i Could get enough socialization to not go insane just from here#you know i had a point i was gonna make where was i going with all this hajdhakfjskdj#OH YEAH so i am gonna mute all my relatively active servers on discord for a while but for any friends/mutuals who want to talk#my dms are still open and if you @ me in any server i should still see it so feel free to do both of those!#and depending on how things go i might unmute everything on the weekends idk#we'll just see how this goes i guess#also whoops this got WAY longer than i wanted it to be#i don't even know half of what i said at this point HSJDHDKFUSOFU#y'all can just ignore everything except for that last bit about if you want to contact me on discord#megan.txt
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rel-ish · a year ago
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peculiarxafternoon · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pile 1 pile 2 pile 3
𝙥𝙖𝙘: 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙡𝙞𝙩𝙮 𝙘𝙝𝙚𝙘𝙠
hello hello! welcome to my second reading on this account! before we start i would like to thank you again for the love on the last one, i am so grateful <33
this reading is a reality check! now i do have a LOT of mercury in my chart, and a beautiful mercury in taurus, so i may come off as blunt. I'll try to be gentle, since this is meant to be a sort of wake up call of what's happening around you right now. take a deep breath and focus on your current reality. then, pick a pile intuitively.
! for entertainment purposes only !
! constructive criticism and feedback are welcome !
! decks used: rider waite tarot deck, mermaid tarot, astrological oracle cards !
Tumblr media
pile 1
(cards: seven of wands rx, ten of wands rx, two of swords, nine of swords rx, ten of pentacles, four of swords, judgement, the emperor, gemini, taurus, mars)
hello, pile 1! quick question, have you been avoiding the people around you? your energy feels very blocked, like you're dealing with a lot of things at the same time. you're trying to (re)gain control over a situation and it's taking a lot out of you.
i see you holding onto grudges or burdens from the past that don't serve you anymore. some of you may even have that martyr mentality or believe that the more wounded you look, the more people will want to be around you in order to help you out. thing is, that's not how it works, love.
it's time for you to stop whining about problems you can solve with the snap of your fingers. you are being represented by the emperor yet you see yourself as meek or helpless. why? did someone make you believe that you aren't powerful enough to handle the life you chose?
there are beautiful souls around you that want to help you on this journey. it could be your spiritual team or chosen family, or both, depending on how you see it. yet you have put yourself into this mode of stillness, of pausing and ignoring the problem until it goes away. some of you may even use sleep as a coping mechanism, or may not reply to messages from your loved ones.
it's time for you to make a decision. do you want to continue on this path of blindly navigating through life, or do you want to deal with the issues of the past (or even present) and move on to a path that serves you best? your dreams may be a big help when it comes to dealing with this situation, too.
mars is urging you to find what you're passionate about and start devoting time to it. do you want to learn a second language? do it! do you want to start working out? do it! do you want to take a dance class, or cook, or go for a jog in the middle of the day? do it! you have so much fire inside you, pile 1, yet you're allowing yourself to burn in the smallest of sparks. stop caging yourself, and start ignoring what others may think as well. you're not here to please or serve anyone. you're here to learn your lessons, and you're just taking the long way there by staying stagnant. go gettem, pile 1!
generally, don't forget what you're made of. if you couldn't handle your past, you wouldn't have been through it. if situations didn't have lessons for you, they wouldn't happen. you may not agree, but everything happens for a reason. you need to trust the butterfly effect, but most importantly, you need to trust yourself. one small step can change the course of your life for the better without you even realising it <3
potential placements: gemini or taurus in the big three, gemini venus, taurus mercury, fire signs but mostly aries.
pile 2
(cards: king of swords the star x2, four of swords x2, the tower rx, knight of pentacles, knight of swords rx, six of wands rx, eight of pentacles rx, uranus, cancer, leo)
hello, pile 2! how have you been lately? do you need to take a break? yeah? why haven't you taken it yet? there's quite a few things that i would like to say for this pile, so buckle up! first of all, you may need to take a chakra test or do some chakra focused meditation because some of you may have an overactive throat chakra. which in turn may lead to you speaking before thinking, oversharing, or simply just talking too much. there's no need for you to feel uncomfortable in stillness and silence, love.
it's a bit funny how you seem the opposite of pile 1. driven, ambitious (extremely so, may i add), willing to overwork yourself all in the name of achieving your best life. which is great and all, don't get me wrong, but where in your notion weekly plan do you have the "take a break" section?
you have big dreams, pile 2, and i am so unbelievably proud of you for going after them, or working hard to achieve what you want, but you will not be able to enjoy it if you can't pace yourself in the process. recognition is great! being renown for what you have created, for your blood sweat and tears is what most of us opt for, but you can't get that if you keep exhausting yourself like this.
in fact, some of you may even get mad at yourselves for not getting something right in the first try. that gifted kid mentality. you're doing great as you are, but not trying at all is the same as trying too much. also, refusing help will just slow you down, so if you need it ask for it!
to calm your overachiever-marina and the diamonds listener-former gifted kid self, i would like to tell you that whatever it is you wish for is coming towards you whether you want it or not. you're almost there but please make sure to enjoy the ride!
leo wants you to take pride in your progress so far. to feel enough with what you have already achieved, and focus on the way you glow now. you are a star, but you can't shine properly if you keep pressuring yourself to shine brighter, faster, better. i know this probably sounds frustrating, but that's life. don't forget to also nurture your emotions in this process, and take care of your inner world <3
potential placements: aquarius or cancer in the big 3, moon or uranus dominant, pisces, leo.
pile 3
(cards: three of wands rx, ace of cups, strength rx, the high priestess, knight of cups rx, four of swords rx, six of swords rx x2, the hermit rx, two of pentacles, virgo, aries, libra)
hello, pile 3! you guys have been the most confusing pile so far. like your energy is all over the place and you're trying to find time for everything while also taking care of yourself and trying to keep balance. you're like a working mom who tries to raise a child while having a clean home and a bit of personal life all together.
have you lost faith in yourself? was there a time when you had big dreams and they, for whatever reason, seized to exist?
i feel like throughout whatever is going through, the worst thing you're doing is ignoring your spiritual gifts. which is funny because the high priestess is staring me down as we speak.
there's some sort of journey that was cut in half, probably a relationship you saw a great future in but it ended up not working out, and now you're in this weird limbo of holding that person as close as you can while trying to let go. you've got the "everything reminds me of them" vibe one moment and the "i don't care about them, I'm moving on" the next.
i know your intuition is telling you to move on, i know you know you need to move on, but for some reason you decide to reminisce and weep over a situation that doesn't! serve you! anymore! and we both know that there's a glorious new beginning emotionally for you, if you decide to move on, but you're ignoring that too! pile 3, get your big boy/girl/person pants on, and get to work!
!TW! on a more serious note, some of you may be in an abusive relationship or situation that you feel helpless in. it may seem like whatever has happened will stay with you forever, and you're doomed to carry this weight on you for the rest of your life. pile 3, if that is the case you're not alone! please talk to the people you feel closest to about it and ask for their help! none of this is your fault and i know for a fact that you can get out of this situation, no matter what it is. !TW!
you are very strong and capable of moving on, pile 3! your intuitive gifts are going to be excellent help in what your next move is going to be. remember: magic is all around us. if you practice witchcraft, or if you want to get into that world, simple protection spells can be you charging a bracelet, or taking a warm shower, or wearing a bandana when you go out. don't try too hard and you'll see that you are surrounded by a beautiful universe. the world is practically clay at your fingertips, mould it into what fits you best!
libra wants you to weigh out the positives and negatives of this situation, cry it out, thank the universe for the opportunity and let go. get yourself out there, go for coffee with your friends or treat yourself with some takeout. maybe compliment a stranger! you never know when you'll make your next friend. also, it's very important for you to not isolate yourself through this and try to socialise as much as possible, even if you're forcing it. i have found that it helps my mood change tremendously, when i surround myself with fun people and try to have fun as well <3
potential placements: virgo or aries in the big 3, mercury in aries, mars in virgo, pisces, libra.
Tumblr media
! don't copy or repost my work !
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dyed-red · 2 months ago
In the spn mythos I read 'soulmate' less as a person who is made for you and less (despite this being my philosophy about the real world) being a person you choose
In the fucked-up spn canon with its lack of easy answers and constant low-key horror implications in all its worldbuilding, I read soulmates as a single soul literally ripped in two
SamandDean are one entity, one shared heaven, one soul
That soul, for whatever reason, was ripped apart and placed into two bodies
And it wasn't equal and symmetric down the middle like left and right or top and bottom. Souls aren't quite so geometric
It's like this:
Sam's insides were ripped out
He is catnip for possession, for violations of his autonomy, not his fault at all but it keeps happening to him because he is the prom dress (the armor), because he, his soul, is designed to be worn. He struggles from early childhood onward with an interior feeling he can't describe, of being unclean, of craving normalcy or security or what others have, and he tries to find it, runs to Flagstaff and Stanford, fills himself with power and demon blood and coping mechanisms to maintain control. He works so hard to maintain an internal sense of stability to combat that aching loneliness and emptiness he can't articulate.
And it all makes sense in the context of his life and what he suffers, but all of it comes back to Dean as his home, as what assuages that sense of gnawing emptiness, what stops him from spiralling out, what sometimes undermines his autonomy -- because Dean's permission for what may fill Sam is absolute, and he will either exorcise or permit it as he pleases because that interior belongs to Dean, to the spot meant to be occupied by his half of their soul.
(Fucked up I know, but SPN is like that, so bear with me)
Dean's outsides were ripped off
He bleeds out at the edges. He plays peacekeeper because he lacks a boundary between self and other, struggles to maintain any sense of distance. He is the weapon, the sword, Daddy's blunt little instrument, because he exists in a state of being unsheathed, edges sharp and ready to be picked up and used because there's no casing on him to stop others from wielding him as such. He looks to his father, to authority figures he respects, to others for guidance because he bleeds out and needs others to shore up his walls. He is overly invested easily and intensely, tells Cassie the secrets of his family after knowing her for weeks, because in the absence of the other half his soul to anchor his outsides and hold his guts in place, he looks to others to control and direct him.
Because all of this also does come back to Sam, who is the stable exterior Dean needs in order to stop himself from flowing out like a bleeding wound that can't be cauterized. Which means he will follow Sam anywhere, can hardly bear to be without him, will go where he asks, becomes jealous of those around him and desperate when his sights are turned elsewhere.
Sam and Dean are soulmates but it hurts
Because it's not romantic except in the horror sense. It's brutal and bloody and it fucks both of them up, makes them vulnerable to others and to each other. And maybe that's why Chuck did it, why the angels did it, why fate did it. Whatever rules these sorts of things in the mythos. Maybe it was because they needed a sword and a set of armor and they thought this would suffice. Maybe it was because they thought it would make them easier to control and more vulnerable to the right kinds of persuasion, to their archangel counterparts. Maybe it was always destined to be like this and no one chose at all for it to happen.
But because they choose each other, they overcome it. They overcome the agony it causes, the pain of separation, of being wielded by someone else, worn by someone else, of existing in imperfect proximity to one another with only stilted, imperfect language to articulate what they need from each other, how they feel and how deep that need runs, how hungry and ceaselessly the gnawing stomache aches, how raw and violently the shredded edges burn.
They figure it out despite all that. How to sacrifice for each other in ways that play to their advantage, by being wielded and being worn and doing it in service of each other. They use it and figure out how to save each other, even in ways that horrify and corrupt but keep them side by side. How to survive their own existential separation and yet fill the aching hunger inside, stopper the open wounds outside.
That's the difference between soulmates as what happens to them versus soulmates as what they choose for themselves, time and again. What damns them and what saves them.
(and if any of this is up your alley it is the running thesis in most of my fic, fluff and angst alike, both posted and WIPs I'm still finishing to post, because I literally keep coming back to and circling this notion more and more intently as I figure out how to give voice to it and how absolutely batshit it is and how unhinged it makes them. I am in a constant state of chewing glass.)
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smhalltheurlsaretaken · 3 months ago
I know Aragorn and Legolas having an argument in the movies right before Helm's Deep is mostly a bit of cheap added drama to heighten the tension, but at the same time it works really well with Legolas' background arc of learning to deal with the concept of mortality. (Sure Elves die, but you'll see them again in the Undying Lands, right? But this is different.) By TTT it feels like he's really getting it, especially with Aragorn's recent near-death and the very real possibility of him actually dying during the battle because he's super tired (Gandalf coming back might have contributed too: it's the reminder that it won't happen like that with anybody else. Mortals don't get sent back by Eru). So Legolas getting angry for seemingly no reason - because none of what he's pissed about are things Aragorn or anybody else could control - is a great way of showing where he's at in his emotional maturing. It's not that he's suddenly chickening out because the odds aren't good and he has become a completely different character who vocally objects to stupidly dangerous enterprises - he's certainly never been bothered by the very highly probability of his death before. But he's seeing people who have 'seen too few winters' about to get massacred (and to him it's all of them, not just the kids - all of the men of Rohan have seen too few winters to die) and it's just so unfair that he lashes out. At no point does he ever say 'we're all going to die,' it's always 'they are going to die,' because he's not despairing for himself, he's despairing at humans being humans. (By the way, all of that is a bit undercut by the Galadhrim coming to assist and getting wiped out, but I get why the movie needed them.)
It's also great symbolically that he switches to Elvish to talk to Aragorn - sure, he's doing it so that nobody will get what he's saying, but it's more than that. If he didn't want to be understood, he'd whisper or save it for when they're in private. He's switching to Elvish because it's his Elven nature that's doing the shouting - up to now, he's been trying to fit in with the mortals, talking Westron, walking at their pace and (more or less) refraining from calling them kids every other sentence... but he's finally letting his strange, not-like-you-guys side come through, and that side has had enough of the brief taste of the sorrows of the world of men. Aragorn initially answers in Elvish because he's trying to be a conciliator, the one walking between both worlds, as he's always been - the problem of Elves losing mortals is at the core of his family's issues, so he knows what's happening there - and he doesn't want to spook anybody either.
But then he snaps at Legolas in Westron, because he too is at the end of his rope. It seems pretty dumb of him, to the point it's kind of a meme (like... my dude... now they've all heard the part about dying), but it's really because there's more to the scene than two people despairing and trying to hide it. They're not really thinking about hiding it, in fact Aragorn is probably switching back to Westron pretty much on purpose. He's not in any state to comfort anyone, and so he reminds Legolas that he's mortal and forces him to confront that fact instead of serving as a recipient for Legolas' angry ranting/coping mechanism. He's not an Elf. He doesn't get to yell about death in Sindarin just because it makes it easier, it's as familiar to him as Westron is to the men around them. What's more, Legolas is concerned with an immutable fact of life while Aragorn's chief concern at the moment is his own ability to protect people, so while Legolas isn't doubting Aragorn but surrendering to pointless, almost childish frustration, that fatalism devalues his own efforts and struggles as meaningless. Yes, men die, it's what they do - but if Legolas thinks that's a reason to give up on them, then he'd best give up on Aragorn too, because he'll die as one of them.
((EDIT: I checked the Elvish, apparently the subtitles are missing something. Before Legolas says "they cannot win this fight, they're all going to die he tells Aragorn "men i ndagor" which roughly translates to "we are warriors" - thus further showing that his anger really has nothing to do with Aragorn's skills or with fear for their own safety. He is, again, angry that normal men are not like them. And Aragorn's retort is a reminder that while he may speak Elvish and understand Legolas best out of anybody present, he's still very much a man too.))
Legolas looks pretty shaken after that and wants to immediately follow after Aragorn, again because he clearly wasn't angry at him, but it's another nice bit of characterization that Gimli stops him to let Aragorn deal with his own stuff in peace, and that Legolas doesn't force the issue.
Coupling all of that with their next scene, it really all comes together: Legolas apologizes for doubting Aragorn, which isn't what he was doing. He says "we have trusted you this far and you have not led us astray" when he never accused Aragorn of doing that, or expressed the slightest fear for himself. He's apologizing - in Westron - not for what he felt but because of what Aragorn felt: he's giving Aragorn what he needs, the confirmation that he's a great leader than will see them all through this, and the acknowledgment that he's mortal, and it's okay. And Aragorn forgives him in Elvish because he's giving Legolas what he needs: the acknowledgment of his Elven nature and the understanding he was seeking when he vented.
It's two tiny scenes that could easily be left out (I've never seen the theatrical editions, idk if they're extended cut only) but they provide a ton of character depth for the both of them.
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lemonlordleah · 4 months ago
How to Support People with ADHD
The professor in my "Disability and suffering" class for social work asked me for practical ways she could support her teenager with ADHD. Figured I'd post my reply here in case any of you might find it helpful.
One of the major, long-term issues people with ADHD suffer with is crushing guilt and shame. People with ADHD are usually very intelligent and are frequently told, "if only you'd apply yourself!" or, "imagine what you could do if you put the work in!" which is so painful to hear when even doing something like brushing your teeth takes an enormous amount of effort because it provides no stimulation. We are always trying.
Having ADHD is like driving a racecar with no breaks. Forget winning, no matter how fast you are, you can't even reach the finish line if you don't have the ability to break or steer. In school, the finish line is homework, in work it's whatever tasks you're assigned, and in relationships it's being able to communicate effectively and have working memory of your partner's preferences and needs. I'm sure you can see how this is difficult for people whose brains are always jumping from one thing to the next, trying desperately to get enough juice to complete a basic function!
A practical solution for this is to simply not say such things to people with ADHD. Instead, if they’re your child or a friend/partner you’ve asked to give advice to, suggest ways that they can improve their executive functioning day to day. Tell them what you like about their mind and personality. And tell them that institutional success is not the most important thing in the world, because it absolutely feels that way for much of our lives, and it's something we don't do well. It's very easy to feel as though you aren't valuable when you think the things you struggle with are the only ones that matter.
For the rest I will provide a bulleted list with a quick explanation:
Keep in mind it's a neurodevelopmental disorder, not a behavioral issue: This difference is important. We physically cannot elect to focus because of the structure of our brain. While mental suffering is very real and can be just as painful as anything physical, our society tends to understand physical impairments more readily. This bullet is more of a framing mechanism for you (or other people with healthy executive functioning in your family) to help you cope when dealing with us! :p Trust me, most of us know how frustrating it is to live with, but no one wants to listen to an angry voice. So do whatever you need to do to try and keep your head cool when communicating your frustrations.
Exercise, diet, and sleep- These three basic things are important for every human being, but especially for individuals with ADHD. In particular, physical activity helps produce dopamine, which is what ADHD brains are severely lacking. This also helps reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and combat depression, which people with ADHD are susceptible to.
Live and let "stim" - Leg shaking, fidgeting, and other behaviors that might be irritating to those around us, are actually really important for ppl with ADHD to cope. It's very disheartening to hear someone we love say, "Stop doing that it's annoying," when we really can't help it. Instead, you could suggest or provide some quieter, less distracting options, while voicing you understand their need to preform the behaviors. Here is a good list. 
Don't scold perceived "laziness": That's a pretty big stigma people with ADHD live with; that they're lazy and don't do things because they don't want to. First of all, no one wants to do the dishes. But we can't make ourselves without a great degree of difficultly, even with a lot of grumbling and complaining. Almost every undone chore or project is just a result of us seeing something our brain finds stimulating and having our focus pulled away (IE: a Twitter feed versus an article on government policies). Sticky notes are an awesome way to help. My boyfriend put a sticky note on the jam jar that says, "Check for jelly spills! <3" because I'll make a pb & j, drop jelly cause I'm not that careful, and by the time I put it back in the fridge I've forgotten to clean it up. You can do that with anything. Just put it on the place your teen finds stimulation. This day and age I can almost guarantee it's an electronic device. Oh, and it's probably a good idea to ask first if they'd like reminders probably makes them feel more respected.
Try not to infantilize: Being talked to like a child is pretty infuriating for anyone, especially adults with ADHD because it insinuates we don't know better. My partner and I have had many-a-argument about how he speaks to me, and I'm happy to say we've resolved it. For example, if we frequently lose our keys, instead of saying, "If you'd just put your keys in one spot..." which is very obvious and something we are well aware of, you could try asking in a cheery way, "Did you remember to put your keys on the hook?" and if they say yes, say, "Nice work!" If they didn't remember, and you didn't scold them for it, they'll probably say something like, "Oh, right," and put them away.  Teens might act too cool for the praise, but if you're genuinely proud of them and they can feel it, I promise it will probably keep some of that worthless feeling from developing.  I'm 29 and I still beam like a kid when my partner encourages me that way. Likely because I didn't hear it much in school!
Know they won't grow out of it: ADHD brains finish developing later than others, and even still we have an impairment. If you have ADHD it's very likely it will be around forever. Adults just learn how to cope better.
Medication: Some people don't need medication, but I absolutely did. I avoided it for 29 years, and the second I felt it take effect I cried because it felt like putting on glasses for the first time. If they aren't already on it, that's a good thing to consider and ask them about.
Give them tasks that fit their strengths: If your child is super bad at doing the laundry because the repetitive task of folding makes them miserable, try giving them another chore. If you need them to do the unstimulating thing, just try and be understanding when they struggle, ask them what would make it easier, and do your best to help them stay on track. Tedious chores are best done after exercise if the person is unmedicated.
Teach them to group their tasks: The biggest cause of distraction for a person with ADHD is moving from one place to another (or on the computer, one webpage to another).  It goes something like this: I need to make coffee. I go to the coffee maker and see it's out of water. I go to the fridge to get water. I see a thing of chicken thawing, which makes me remember I need to feed my dog.  On my way to feed my dog, I see a pile of laundry off to the side, and remember I need to do laundry. So I take the pile of laundry to the washer, only to realize how dusty the top of the washer is. I have allergies, so I need to clean that. I go to find the duster - I think you see what's happening here. I get nothing done and I've 1/2 started a bunch of tasks. To prevent this, grouping tasks is really helpful. I keep my mug by the coffee maker, my coffee maker by the sink because it has a Brita filter, and my coffee grounds in a jar right next to the machine. I have ADHD proofed that process. Cleaning is another example. ADHD brains tend to put stuff in weird places, so sometimes we have to clean up a big bower bird nest of items. When I go into a room I look around and try to find what items belong in the same room. For example, I see a cup, a  half eaten meal that I want for later, some trash, and an empty water bottle. I gather those things up because they all go to the same place - the kitchen. For now, I ignore the random articles of clothing on the ground, because they and several other items belong in my bedroom. And if I gather them with the kitchen items, all that's going to happen is I'm going to leave a pair of pants on the stove. It gives the satisfaction of task completion because you are completing one part of a larger task, and it helps us stay on track.
That's all I can think of for now, and I'm sure it's way more than you bargained for. Hopefully it was helpful and not just an earful! Thank you again for the response on my post.
Here is Jessica McCabe's YouTube channel. I also highly recommend starting with her TedTalk. 
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thevirgodoll · 5 months ago
the man i love loves another woman. how do i cope?
Alright now. I love you, but this ain't it. I know it and so do you. I have been there, but I needed somebody to kick my ass, not hold my hand. I'm all for some good coping mechanisms, and on my blog I tell y'all we can cry about it, journal about it. You know the deal if you aren't new here.
But when it has to do with a BOY? Nah. We ain’t letting no lil boy win.
Don't ask yourself why he loves that other woman. You will obsess over her, when she isn't the problem.
Ask yourself why you love someone that refused to recognize your worth. What is so special about him? I mean really. What does he have that moves you so?! You may find that you are completely gassing him up, and forgetting about yourself!
Ask yourself what person in their right mind would skip over someone like you. The same way you are hung up over this guy, you could be blocking your blessings for the next. You deserve someone that loves you the way you loved him! It's out there, someone WILL match your energy!!!
Women put men first too much. What do I look like asking you to make a coping schedule for a man that probably is having the time of his life? Let me keep it blunt and to the point. He is living his best life, his world is spinning, and what are you doing?! Don't stop your world. You should be shaking the entire solar system with the power you possess. You are YOU! Nobody can be that. What happened to what I taught y'all to live the doll life?! Self care, mental health, affirmations, high maintenance attitude and self empowerment!
This Dollhouse wasn't built off of tears for other people who did me wrong, it was built off of the self love I had for myself! It was built because I wanted to give MYSELF what people could NEVER give me!!! 
Message me in a few weeks time. I better see you committed to this self love journey and working on your healing. Yes it takes longer than a few weeks to move on, but if you don't realize the basics now, it'll take you forever. I got you, you ain't alone. Now get out of my dollhouse!!! I’ll let you back in when you got some sense! 
Tumblr media
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damnedparker · 6 months ago
pairing: tasm (andrew garfield) peter parker x reader (afab & non-binary reader; no (y/n))
warnings: coming out! fluff, insecurities discussion but everything is a-ok :) again reader is afab ! im really only comfortable writing w my own experiences right now as writing is kind of. a coping mechanism for me
summary: a little ramen turns into a confession
this is rly just a self indulging fic... there's so little fics about nonbinary readers and stuff out there without it being vague so i just threw this out in my notes app cause i cant sleep. being home has really not been great for me regarding my identity sooo self comfort i guess. idk how to cope but peter parker would support me!
again this is pretty specific to my experiences with my gender and like... an ideal way for a coming out experience for me would be i suppose? so not everyone will relate or may agree w this scenario and thats totally okay! i just wanted to share in case someone else needed it like i did when i wrote it. i hope you all are doing well. take care of yourselves, and if no one else supports you i do, and peter definitely would.
Tumblr media
"Hmmmm...?" He signaled that he was listening, working on patching up a hole some drunk guy had managed to open in his spidey suit with a broken beer bottle.
"You love me, right?" Your question seemingly surprised your boyfriend, as the needle slipped and he poked himself, letting out an ow, shit before setting the project aside and turning his head to where you were standing in the kitchen, watching water boil for your ramen.
"Of course I do," he answered without hesitation, unnecessarily climbing over the back of the sofa to join you. His arms wound around your waist and he craned his neck to press a warm kiss to your cheek. "More than anything. Is something wrong?"
"I mean... no... not really, I--" you sighed, turning around and backing away from his hold slightly to lean against the counter. His eyebrows furrowed, clearly becoming concerned at the sudden space between the two of you. It was abnormal for the two of you not to be glued together. "I've just been... thinking. I've struggled a lot with who I am for... for ever since I can remember and I was talking with some friends recently, and," you felt like throwing up. You couldn't get the words out. "Would you still want to be with me if I... was... wasn't a girl?" It seemed to click in Peter's head as to where you were going, and he nodded, tentatively reaching for your hand to respect your space, but not knowing how else to be reassuring in that moment. If there was one thing you knew for sure about your boyfriend, it's that his love language was physical touch.
"I love you no matter what. It doesn't matter to me what you identify as--" he stopped himself, tilting his head. "Well, it does matter to me, I know it's important to you and especially if you've struggled with it, and I'm--"
"Peter," you stopped him with a squeeze of his hand.
"I'm rambling again aren't I?"
"Uh-huh," you smiled. He never changed. Peter mumbled an apology and nodded at you, encouraging you to continue. "I just-- I don't feel like a girl... I never have, really? I don't know. I know I'm not a boy either... I think I'm just. Somewhere in between, or off the map, something... I don't know..."
"Non-binary?" Peter supplied, tangling his fingers with yours.
"Yeah. Yeah, exactly, actually," you let out a breath you hadn't realized was stuck in your chest. "I'm... sorry if that makes things weird."
"You don't need to apologize for being who you are," Peter shook his head, bringing his arms around you again. "You're still you, no matter what. The love of my life."
"Are you sure...? It doesn't make you... less attracted to me or anything?"
"Are you kidding?" He tilted his head again, in that Peter way, almost like a puppy. "You? The hottest piece of ass in New York?"
"Don't objectify me when I'm coming out to you!" You jokingly scoffed and shoved his shoulder, then followed his movements by burying your reddened face in his chest. "Seriously, though? Do you mean it?"
"One thousand percent, baby," he squeezed you close, swaying you a little affectionately. "You're the same person you've always been, just with an extra boost of confidence in who you are. And I'm proud of you."
"Really?" You pulled back. He gently knocked his forehead onto yours with a toothy grin.
"Very. You're you, always will be. And I love you."
"I love you so much, Peter." You murmured, unconsciously reaching back towards the stove and bumping your hand into the absolutely burning hot pot still boiling water. You held back a loud swear, a bit of tears forming in your eyes at the pain. Peter reacted with lightning quick reflexes, gently pushing you to the sink to run cold water over the burn.
"See? You're so hot you burned yourself," the shitty joke flew from his mouth like it was second-nature. You were speechless, hitting his shoulder with the hand not under the stream of cold water. Peter was grinning, you laughing, and he sealed the moment with a loving kiss, pressing his body into yours. You were so happy you wanted to cry. Peter pulled away at the smile your lips were forming against his, pressing a few more kisses to the rest of your face before swiftly turning to finish making your soup for you.
The next five minutes or so were filled with conversation so casual you couldn't believe it was regarding you just coming out to your boyfriend of a few years. This was something you'd been contemplating since you were young enough to comprehend the idea, and something that had bothered you more and more recently. Once you had set your mind on talking to Peter about it, you had built it up so anxiously in your mind you imagined it being a serious sit-down conversation filled with frowns and tears. Instead, Peter was contentedly making your soup for you and asking you about names and pronouns like it was any other night in together. It made you wonder what you did to be so lucky to have someone so supportive in your life.
"Ramen's all done, let's see your hand," he made sure to turn off the stove before gently taking your hand from under the water. The skin on the back of your hand was pretty red and angry looking, but nothing too bad. Peter examined it like it was a bullet wound. "Does it still hurt?"
"Yeah, but I can deal," you winced when he prodded gently at it. He gave you an apologetic look, digging in a nearby drawer before tearing open a Band-Aid with his teeth. At this point, there were first-aid supplies stashed all over the house in case Spider-Man needed fixing up.
Peter gently smoothed the bandage over the main area of the burn, where a blister would probably soon form. He pressed a soft kiss over it for good measure.
"It's not often I get to patch you up instead of the other way around," he murmured. "How are you feeling?"
"It's a burn, P, it's not--"
"I mean, in general, sweetheart, I know that wasn't easy to tell me."
"I... feel good. Feels easier to breathe, I think." A small smile crept across your lips. Peter returned the expression.
"Good." He nodded, giving you a peck on the lips. "Can I have some of your ramen?"
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shankss-magnificent-ass · 4 months ago
My King/Alber head cannons
Author's note: a lot of this might be me displacing a lot of my trauma from my own abduction and abuse. So sorry?
King comes off as cool and aloof, but he's not
He's just social awkward, sucks at social ques, and is quiet from having spent the majority of his formative years being tortured.
Also if he has something medical wrong, good luck getting him to a doctor.
He has an adversion to anything involving medicine, unless you're his doctor and he really trusts you and you communicate what you're doing the entire time.
King is the king of commitment issues
Your relationship will pretty much be plutonic for YEARS before he opens up to you about anything.
He also has the emotional intelligence of a tea spoon, be patient with him
The first thing King did when he got out of punk hazard was start looking for his parents. All he found was his father's necklace, which he keeps on him. But he still looks for them every chance he gets.
King falls in love easily, but for the right people and rarely
He's an gray-aromantic pansexual kuudere
King is attracted to soft hearted sweet people, but he also likes his s/o to be chubby or muscular, he likes the squish.
If you show him anything even resembling tenderness or understanding, you will pretty much have King's attention.
King is a jealous man, he doesn't like sharing and he's low-key afraid you'll leave him.
He'll push you away if he's afraid you'll leave, because you can't hurt him if he leaves first.
Be patient and give him space, but show him you're still there for him.
Once you have his trust and he has accepted you aren't going to leave him or hurt him he'll become very clingy. You become as important to him as Kaido.
He loves head pats, but is loathed to admit it.
Now I don't think King would want kids, I think he'd be too afraid of them having to suffer the same fate he did. He also doesn't think a pirate crew is a good place to raise a child.
Also he's the type to hold a child at arm's length because they're smelly, wriggly, loud, and he doesn't know what to do with them. They're so small and fragile and he's ... The opposite
Pets and plants are okay though
He was and is Yamoto's babysitter
King likes music, he just hates Queen's
King is actually very romantic, and he likes doing stuff for you.
Will eventually ask you to call him Alber in private, but don't call him Al or he will eat you and not in the fun way.
If you are smaller than him he will carry you around in his pockets.
He has an entire wing of Kaido's palace to himself, no one but a select few are allowed there. You live there with him, and king wears casual clothes there.
King in gray sweat pants, fluffy socks, a t-shirt, and a cardigan 🤤😩😤🥺😍
Or naked if he's too tired to put on clothes after his post-work shower/bath
King likes when you watch him practice his swordsmanship
It makes him try harder
King will stick his feathers in your hair, at least in private.
The only time he lets you wear them out in public is formal events or if he feels someone is getting a little too chummy with you and he doesn't have time to mark you up.
If you fall asleep on him he'll carry you to bed.
King doesn't like too doing pda in public
He's afraid you'll be in danger for being too close to him.
King's main love languages for giving is acts of service, quality time, and gift giving.
King's love languages for receiving love are acts of service, physical touch (eventually), and words of affirmation
King very much is a "torture loving pervert", he prefers to be the torturer though.
He won't admit it's a coping mechanism for him to process what was done to him, but it is.
So if you're not into BDSM that's fine, he can work with that.
He will respect your boundaries though, he understands what it's like to be forced through that and would never force his fetishes on you.
Very much a dom, but a very flexible dom
Soft Dom
Hard dom
Chaotic dom
Pleasure Dom
Helpful Dom, who reminds you to drink water
Not a Dom
He's all of them
After sex he can either pass the fuck out or he becomes a clingy cuddly man.
He likes resting his head on your chest and having you run your fingers through his hair.
Sex positions he likes is crouching tiger, necking, reverse 69, and the anvil
King has to be on top most of the time, he has to keep the fire on his back going.
King is very much into pleasuring his partner, he isn't going to let you tap out until you've had at least six orgasms and are physically shaking and show no signs of stopping.
If you're a brat he's going to put you through the ringer.
You will not be walking after sassing him.
He does love a brat because if makes punishing you that much more arousing.
Predator prey kink but no place for him to really indulge in it
King really likes marking his partners up, like you will not roll out of bed the next morning without bites and bruises from.
He is horny on main, but not in an*always want sex* kind of way
He's horny on main in a "really easy to ruffle his feathers and get him hot and bothered" kind of way.
For real, King can go from "I am a pious man, untempted by the sins of the flesh" to "I'm going to rip your clothes off and fuck you hard till we both forget our names"
And yes, sex with King is usually extraordinarily rough. Like there are a multitude of handprints on your person and your ass and sex are very sore.
But only if you're okay with it. If not, he can entertain his own fantasies without acting on them.
Sex with King, can also be very soft.
This tends to happen around anniversaries of bad things from his past.
Soft sex with King is amazing
Like no matter how much physical contact you two are having, it's never enough.
His hands are everywhere and he makes the sweetest sounds.
But most importantly King will trail kisses everywhere, he will worship you.
His pace will be slow, but deep, making you feel every inch of his cock as it stretches you out.
This is King's way of showing you he cherishes you.
King wants to memorize every inch of you so he has something to keep him company when he has not but his own company to enjoy.
He also wants you to remember his body, his warmth, his touch, and the pleasure he gives you.
Don't wear your hair in a pony tail or braid around him, he'll be too distracted by the thought of wrapping it around his fist as he takes you from behind.
Tumblr media
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mxdarling · a month ago
[Team up]
˚ ༘♡ ·˚꒰ᥕᥱᥣᥴ᥆꧑ᥱ t᥆ ꧑ᥡbᥣ᥆g꒱₊˚ˑ༄
•❅───✧❅✦❅✧───❅• •❅───✧❅✦❅✧───❅•
┌── ── ── ── ── ── ── ── •✧• ── ── ── ── ── ── ── ──┐
ೃ⁀➷: Summary: Yandere team up with grim and yuu because I forgot to change the summary gvsfdrhgd
ೃ⁀➷: Grim version. - Yuu version.
ೃ⁀➷: There may be spoilers, so if you don't wanna be spoiled of the story don't read.
ೃ⁀➷: If there is anything else triggering here that I didn't list in the warnings section, please tell me.
ೃ⁀➷: I don't condone this type of behavior, this is merely just for entertaining purposes and some sort of coping mechanism for me.
ೃ⁀➷: If you continue to read beyond this point, ignoring my warnings, I am not responsible for your actions from here on out.
ׂׂૢ Ramshackle dorm edition ׂׂૢ
└── ── ── ── ── ── ── ── •✧• ── ── ── ── ── ── ── ──┘
✎✍︎𓆩♡𓆪 - Romantic or Platonic?
✎✍︎💌 - Yandere or Non-yandere?
✎✍︎☒ - Warnings: Slight manipulation, Mentions of violence, Slight guilt-tripping, Mentions of violence, Yandere behavior, Implied bullying, Slight mentions of burning someone,
✎✍︎♂/⚧/♀ - Gender-neutral reader.
♡˗ˏ✎*ೃ˚ :Grim;
♡˗ˏ✎*ೃ˚ :Yuu/MC/Prefect;
➮ Ah, yes the outcast duo. The magicless prefect that got summoned by the magic mirror and the 'monster' that came to NRC without being summoned by the magic mirror. Of course such duo like themselves would cause some unavoidable rumors about them, both bad and good. Befriending these two won't be easy, considering how they both have been treated slightly like... outcasts.. Though the duo is a lot softer to you once you break down their walls..
➮ Both yuu and grim have agreed that they were gonna protect you, magicless or not. They were gonna protect you from any danger, even if you are capable of handling it yourself. They'd rather be safe than sorry. With grim being the one doing dirty work (surprisingly) while yuu pulls the strings. While it doesn't seem much, it actually is quite fitting. Grim being able to use magic, he doesn't have the knowledge nor awareness of how some things should go and/or what is going on. While yuu not being able to use magic, they know what and not what to say, when to say and how to say it, while also being aware of what is going on. Quite the efficient duo, don't you think?
➮ With that being said, this duo will probably be one of the more stable? out of the bunch. Seeing as how well their relationship with each other and how much they trust each other it's not possible for their friend to fell like they aren't even yandere for them at all. Their attachment and cooperation towards each other are what helped them get their darling, maybe they might be yandere for each other after all, mm?
➮ Both crave your attention and affection, though grim is much more demanding about it, yuu will kindly wait for you to give it to them. With grim being the more violent out of the two, he starts the fights more so than often if the attention is not on him or yuu, good thing yuu is there to calm him down. While most of the time yuu will be the one to stop grim from setting everything on fire, grim does resist his instincts sometimes but more uncommon than most. Yuu doesn't really like the idea of using heavy violence in general, especially if their darling is there witnessing it. Often softly scolds grim about it but knows he won't listen and just hopes he won't cause too much trouble. But on days where yuu isn't in the best mood, grim might just be off his leash for today...
➮ Like in my yuu's yandere type post, yuu knows the attachment grim has on them, and though they do value their relationship, yuu can't help but take advantage of it sometimes... Though it's not often used, grim mostly does their bidding with little to no persuasion, since they are yuu. Besides grim returns the favor by using the magicless prefect to make them buy things either for him or for you. But unlike most they don't mind being taking advantaged of by the other or taking advantage of the other, as long as it is for either the three of them, they don't mind, truly.
•❅───✧❅✦❅✧───❅• •❅───✧❅✦❅✧───❅•
[A/n: This would have been longer but I got tired rfdghffgfh]
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tarotbytanya · 2 months ago
🌷🌷 Monthly Predictions (May 2022)🌷🌷
Hey Beautiful People!
I am starting a monthly prediction series for each sign and I'd love to get feedbacks, comments and reblogs to support me.
If you liked this post, please check out my paid services or tip me through PayPal🌙💞
Check Sun, Moon, & Rising Signs!
1. Aries♈️ I am sensing abundance of good luck and destiny, sudden shifts and big changes coming in after a time of hardships. I also see that good karma would get rewarded this month. You might even meet your soul tribe or soulmate this month. There would be a crucial decisive moment crucial for someone in this month. Universe is working in your favour to help you reach your goals this month. A good period for manifestation and finding clarity.
2. Taurus♉️ I am seeing some sort of victory this month. I see been going through a lot of setbacks and obstacles which will seem to be all cleared up this month or you would find the ability to cope well and overcome these obstacles. This month brings a lot more success, drive, ambition and determination. I get the feeling that some of my Tauruses are very much into their career this month. You could be working hard on something with focus, discipline and control which will definitely start showing results. I also feel that this month you would be prone to feeling defensive or aggressive to hide that you are feeling emotionally vulnerable. I am also hearing success in sports or other competitions. Learn to find the balance between the heart and mind this month.
3. Gemini♊️ I see kindness, compassion and wisdom coming in from internally or externally. Again some of you would be finding the balance between your mind and heart. I am sensing a emotional breakthrough or change in emotional maturity wherein you're letting go of control issues. Geminis will definitely become more calmer, more sympathetic to others and tolerant. Some of you might dabble and explore their creativity, artistic ability and intuition too. This month your energy would be to chase mental peace and emotional nurturing rather than material wealth. I am also seeing a lot of time being spent around loved ones.
4. Cancer♋️ May might not be a good month for Cancer folks because I see stagnation and accepting a lot of miseries in life or staying in bad situation that makes you terribly unhappy because you are afraid of moving on or worried about what the future might hold if you leave. I also see some of you could be faking happiness around others. I also hear spring cleaning and detoxing. There is also a need to release toxic people, places, things which drain your energy. I also see some of you have an escape mechanism and avoid being vulnerable and open. Work on your emotional maturity and low self-esteem or low self-worth. Some of you maybe be returning home after a long period of travelling or living abroad.
5. Leo♌️ Right off I see you being disappointed or things not working out as they planned. I see a lot of procrastination and taking short cuts to get stuff done which is hindering you from reaching your true potential. I hear in love some of you could be throwing all your energy into trying to make something work that is not working for you. A lot of you would feel stuck in a situation. Also feeling burdened over something but the truth is you need to stop watering dead plants and move away from situations that aren't working for you. Shift your energy into something more meaningful and fullfilling.
6.Virgo♍️ Ooooh I am seeing a love of a lifetime, mutual love, respect, understanding, commitments getting deeper and more strong. This month is your love month for sure. You could finally meet a soulmate as well or kindred spirits. I see getting into new partnerships, new relationships or new friendships happening. Virgos you would also find the balance within yourself this month. You are learning to understand yourself, your own personal moral code and what you value in life. I also see that you have major choices to make or would be faced with a dilemma. You may be feeling uncertain about situations, people in your life or what direction you should take. These are important decisions you are faced with so don't go for the easy road instead for the one that seems right no matter how difficult path it is.
7. Libra♎️ This month is of religion, traditional values, cultures and institutions. You might be seeing a counsellor or mentor who will provide you with wisdom and guidance or a spiritual or religious advisor such as a priest, vicar, preacher, imam, rabbi or a monk. I see economic, religious, political, social, family, educational, social welfare and medical type of institutions you could be dealing with such this month. Some of you who are spiritual would be defining their new path or creating rituals of their own. I also hear someone going back to school or education.
8. Scorpio♏️ I see Scorpios have been resisting change or averting some sort of disaster in their life or delaying the inevitable. I feel that it stems from fear of future or fear of unknown. Some of you could be running from a big change because you fear the pain or heartache it will bring. I see an escape mechanism projected by you this month. This month you would be challenged to confront and address the issues that have been deep rooted and unchanged for long. You would encounter a situation that would shake your existing foundations in life but this is only to stir a new beginning in life. Embracing it would only help you seek peace. Don't hold onto people that are no longer supporting you in the way they once did. You need to let go of them and let them go their own way, so new people can come into your life.
​9. Sagittarius ♐️ Sagittarius would have the most drastic transformation this month accompanied with a time of change and new beginnings. Though this would actually be difficult, unexpected, sudden or even traumatic but it will bring with it a new lease of life. So embracing this transformative time is best and requires you to almost shed away your old issues or beliefs. Some of you who are stuck in past, you need to draw a line under it and move forward with optimism. I see so much positivity settling in once you move through this process.
10.Capricorn♑️ I see being engrossed with problems, responsibilities, being overburdened, overloaded and stressed. Capricorns by trait are also workaholic but you need to give yourself rest this month. You could be feeling restricted or being taken for granted. I see work could seem monotonous to you this month. Some of you are heading towards a burn out, having too much on your plate. I also see delays happening making you lose your sense of direction and focus. Fill this month with fun or spontaneity to cope up this month.
11. Aquarius♒️ I see you in Aquarius energy this month but there are feelings of hopelessness at times. You might be feeling drained of your lust for life and your faith in the universe’s plan for you. You need to take responsibility for yourself and your attitude to life. Some of you have not done inner child healing or healing from some trauma and need to seek a professional. I also see you struggling with self-esteem issues, self-confidence and self-belief. I also see anxiety and feeling overwhelmed cropping up. You just need to have a shift of change in your perspectives and you can do so through your creativity and art to induce healing.
12. Pisces ♓ Pisces may find themselves lacking in ideas, misinformation, confusion and feeling as a failure. I also see lack of intellectual ability, lack of mental clarity and an inability to concentrate. You might even be isolating yourself or not being able to communicate well with others or to yourself. Some of you artistically inclined would see creative blocks and frustration due to this. You might also be prone to making wrong decisions feeling injustice around you and a lack of assertiveness. For legal matters, things might not be in your favor so steer away from it this month.
Thank you so much for stopping by,
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harblkun · a month ago
With awakening being ten years old now, I'd like to mention an aspect that seems to be overlooked by the fandom: Kjelle's friendship with Lucina through their supports and Harvest Scramble conversation. I think both are very good but it seems like it was never talked about by the fandom. It's a shame.
To my recollection, even at peak FE13 fandom time, Kjelle was regularly ignored, unless it was for her Scramble convos with Severa, really. And I get it, the inclination to be turned off by a first impression. Upfront, Kjelle seems like a patchy Xerox of her mother, but with some more binary contrast tweaks. A tough gal out to prove herself, except she's meaner to the guys and even more obsessed with working out. Her Jock Extreme look looses out when it's tucked among characters like Owain and Noire who have quirks and traits that force you to take a second to stop and look at them, or Cynthia and Gerome who have wildly different brands of heroism. And if you aren't inspired to look into a character because of their facade or first look, well, the little cracks and character bits that are locked inside don't get seen either. That gets even harder when characters are not direct about what they are hiding or how they are coping. Does Kjelle cling to an idea of Strength because she's been fighting and surviving so long and hard she doesn't know how to do anything else anymore? How to "people"? Is it a hyperfocus or a coping mechanism? It's hard to say. It comes up often enough that I expect people are turned off by it the same way they might be of a real person with a regular hyperfocus—and in a similar sense, I'll admit Hana's constant "Fite Me" attitude in nearly all her Fates supports grated on me in that game. So Kjelle just kind of gets left aside or forgotten. In a game with such a large cast of vibrant and vivacious characters all vying for attention, it's not a big surprise. But coming back and rereading those supports after so long and seeing how desperately Kjelle is trying to bond with Lucina, poster girl for the game? Ah, it hits a little sadder, I think. You're right, those were nice, overlooked sets.
Tumblr media
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babu-haitani · 7 months ago
Can I request for pehyan benkei senju hakkai baji having a artist!S/O and they happened to find a painting of themself
Hi Siena!! As an artist, this request gave me so much serotonin and comfort! <3
Thank you for requesting this, I really enjoyed writing this one! <3
Portrait (Tokyo Revengers)
Genre: Fluff, Headcanons, Crack?
Pairings: Peh Yan, Benkei, Senju, Hakkai, Baji x G/N S/O
A/N: Hakkai in this story is Highschool! Hakkai, You know? with his sexy long hair? <3
Tumblr media
I know I headcanon Peh as someone who is sweet but I'm sure he would critique your work and tease you about it.
But don't listen to his words, he actually thinks it looks good and actually wants to cry.
You can say...It's his coping mechanism to not get teased by you for crying :>
"I just think my shirt should be more flashy, ya' know? Like It should have more purple, orange and yellow" You looked at your boyfriend with a frown on your face, Peh looked at you in a pout and then smiled.
"What?" He asked, you rolled your eyes at him and snatched the painting.
"If you don't like how I made it then don't look at it!" You glared as you attempted to hide the painting again but were snatched by your boyfriend. Your eyes widened and looked at him, his ears were red.
"NO!... I'll...I'll keep it...I'm just saying you should've made my shirt more colorful!" He complained as he looked at the painting, you stared at him, your lips slowly formed a smile as you looked at him who was looking at your painting full of love in his eyes.
"You could've just said you loved it..." You spoke to yourself as you hugged him.
"Did ya' say somethin'?"
"I said, I love you and your ugly shirts"
Tumblr media
Would never bring it up, He would wait.
And if the day that you would give it to him, comes...He would pretend to be surprised (but fails miserably...)
Overall, he is a sweet baby <3
"W-WOW! This looks really amazing, babe! Like wow! OMG!" Benkei energetically spoke, You stared at him confused, blinking your eyes rapidly at his reaction. He was acting different...
"Benkei...Sweetie..." You called out to your boyfriend, he looked at you with an awkward smile and you know that smile all too well.
"You found my painting before giving I gave it to you, didn't you?" You asked you saw him flinch but he frantically said that he didn't. You stared at him intently and raised an eyebrow, Benkei let out a defeated sigh and placed the painting on the table, and raised both of his hands in defeat.
"I'm sorry...But it does look amazing! I ain't lying!" Benkei explained, you smiled at him and gave him a tight hug.
"Don't worry, 'm not mad!" You cooed at him as you gave his chin some light kisses to which he wrapped his arms around your waist and gave you a peck on the lips.
"I love you, puddin'"
"I love you too, you big bear <3"
Tumblr media
100% would definitely brag it to his brothers.
If you have a weak heart, Senju isn't the girlfriend for you...Why? I just know that this girl is so sweet that your heart wouldn't be able to take all of it!
Senju barged into the door with her holding you and the painting on her other hand, Her two older brothers stared at her.
"Senju, you need to fuckin' stop breaking the door!" Sanzu scolded her sister, Takeomi puffed out a cloud of smoke as he handed Sanzu his black card, ordering him to buy another door.
"WAIT!! Before Sanzu leaves to buy another door! Come look at this!!" Senju yelled, letting go of your hand she held the painting and faced it to her brothers. It was a painting of Senju wearing her Brahman Uniform and she was smelling Daffodils.
"Wow...Did Y/N make it?" Takeomi asked as he looked at you impressed, you slowly nodded your head.
"Impressi---" Takeomi was stopped mid-sentence by Senju who gasped loudly.
"WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'IMpReSsiVe'???? IT'S MORE THAN IMPRESSIVE!! SHE IS A GODDESS OF ARTS!" Senju whined as she looked at the artwork you gave her.
This went on for about 30 minutes and you just stood there blushing profusely from all the compliments Senju was spewing from her mouth. The two brothers smiling on the inside because of how Senju reacted cutely. <3
Tumblr media
Like, Benkei he would keep it a secret when he found out about it.
The only downfall of him lying is...Yuzuha would tell you that he found out about your painting of him since he came to yuzuha for advice on how to react.
Would be all pouty because he feels bad for finding out about it earlier than he should have.
"W-wait...Can you repeat that again, Yuzuha?" You turned around to your Boyfriend's sister and saw her look at you with a teasing look.
"You heard me, He found out about that painting of him under your bed. You know? with Hakkai smiling with a flower crown?" Yuzuha continued as she took a sip out of her drink, you stood there flabbergasted. You were about to speak up when your boyfriend entered the kitchen with his hair tied into a messy bun while holding his pomeranian dog. He greeted you and his sister with a soft smile.
"Hi sis, Hi babe" He greeted both of you as he walked next to you, he gave you a soft kiss on your forehead. You lightly pushed your boyfriend and stared at him with a pout.
"You saw my painting but you never told me?... Do you not like it?" You asked with teary eyes, Hakkai looked at you bewildered as he look both you and his sister back and forth. Yuzuha shrugged and walked out of the room to leave you both.
"N-NO! It was really pretty! I love how it was so detailed!" Hakkai defended, slowly wrapping his arms around your waist and rubbing soft circles around them.
"Then how come you didn't tell me if it looked good or not?" You asked once more.
"That's because I don't want to ruin the surprise? I don't want to disappoint you when you finally gave it to me...so...I pretended I didn't see anything" Hakkai explained, At that moment you felt your heart bounce off your chest. Your boyfriend was just adorable!
Pinching his cheeks, you gave his lips a quick peck and smiled.
"Okay! I love you!" You cheerfully replied and gave him a smile but Hakkai just replied with a pout but still kept hugging you. <3
Tumblr media
He's a menace but he is suchhhhh a cutieeeee <3
He would try his best to paint you as well but would only end up drawing stickmen (But it's adorable so you still decided to keep it).
100% would brag it to his mom and would boast how his dad never did something like that for his mom. 100% chance that he was beaten by his mom with Le Chancla...
You looked at your boyfriend confused as he handed you a piece of paper, Looking at it you saw it was a stick woman that was wearing a red dress and flowers in her hand, on top of its head it was your name, surrounded by big and small hearts.
"Baji? What is this?" You asked him as you took the paper to your hold and looked at him with a confused smile. Baji averted his gaze from you and murmured.
"Baji...I can't understand..."
"I SAID IT's FOR YOU! I made that after finding out that painting of me that was hidden in your closet..." Baji explained, you saw how his ears turned really red.
"I know it's not as good as yours but...It's what the thought counts, right?" Baji pouts as he looked at you, you can't help but look at him and smile. Grabbing his hands, you gave it multiple pecks.
"So that was the reason why it disappeared...I was supposed to wrap it last night but was devastated that I lost it..." You spoke, Baji looked at you with guilt.
"Sorry, I just thought it was really good that I quickly took it home and bragged it to mom...I even got chased by her around the neighborhood because of what I said" Baji sighed as he sits down in front of you, with furrowed eyebrows you looked at him confused.
"What? what did you say to your mom?" You asked, Baji let out a deep sigh and trembled at the memory.
"I told her that Dad never made her a portrait because she was ugly and she got pissed and started chasing me, It lasted for 3 hours of running...3 HOURS!" Baji explained you can't help but let out a sigh but still smile and let out a soft giggle.
"But It was worth it since I get to brag your painting...It was really beautiful..." Baji spoke once more as he gave your hand soft kisses.
Baji ended up explaining the whole scenario of how he hid from his mom for 3 hours, he even explained it while standing up and doing actions from time to time. It sure did make you laugh. HE was adorable <3
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babybearcookie · a month ago
Stray Kids Age Regression/Caregiver HC
this was requested
Tumblr media
this is an age regression headcanon; if you don't like that, don't read it. age regression is a sfw coping mechanism, so i will be blocking anyone who might sexualize it
as a caregiver
first of all,,
chan is probably one of the most patient caregivers you'd ever have
if not THE MOST patient
he never wants to hurry you or push you further than what you need and are comfortable with
he'll help you of course
but with things like figuring out your emotions
or maybe smaller things like wanting to pick a snack to have
or building or colouring something
those things he'd never hurry along
time is precious in his eyes, and so is giving you space to figure things out on your own
and THEN if you ask for help, he'll come and help
or if you're in a situation that he can feel you wanting to step away from
then he's there too, showing that you can always rely on him when you want to
he's also the type take pics of you on his phone every time you do something cute
you're playing with a kitchen set he bought you?
you're into something playing on the tv?
you're pouting while sleeping?
and if you're okay with it, he'll want to show his friends the pictures
boasting about "look how cute my baby is"
the two of you also take walks in the park
he loves the times where you'd find a little bug or creature or just nature that you're intrigued by
he'll sit down on the ground, pull you into his lap and tell you about the thing, rly dad-like
maybe even pick it up if you're hesitant to, showing you that there's nothing to be scared of
when regressed
when regressed, chan has a lot of trouble articulating
which is why his words comes out slurred when he's speaking
he'll most likely mix english words into his korean sentences
unless he can talk only in english
and then there might be korean words mixed into his sentences there as well
he's most likely to regress when he's sleepy, head already fuzzy
he's mostly pretty quiet when he's small
unless he has a lot of energy heheh
he likes sitting back and look at people being silly
always with a biiiig smile and clapping while laughing
but even though he's a calm soul, he loveslovesloves play fighting!!!
when he has to climb over someone to get something or try to grab it from their hand as they're keeping it from him
idk,, he loves doing that, he finds it so much fun!!
if it goes on for long enough and he starts to get frustrated he might,,,
stomp his tiny foot and cross his arms, exaggerated pout on his lips :(((
he also just likes playing pretend
sometimes he's someone from a movie (most likely a superhero)
but sometimes he'll just be anything that he can think of
a dog, a bull, maybe even a dragon
he's been a bull a few times, loving the reactions he gets when he runs head-first into someone's legs hehh
also,, if he's going somewhere with someone
holding hands is a requirement!!
he will not go if one of his hands aren't being held
if you want a happy cutie chan, feed him
he'll most likely show you his adorable lil happy dance
wiggling his body
beware though, because he has a habit of playing with his food
so,, either contain him to an area where he can't do much damage or,,, be ready to clean up after him
Tumblr media
as a caregiver
i already wrote how i think he'd be like as a cg here
but i'll expand a bit more on some ideas ^^
being homeschooled by cg minho>>>>>>
tiny words of encouragement
you're working on a korean language book for kids
tracing over the characters in the book
spelling out some animals and simple words
like 안녕하세요 and 감사합니다
he sits behind you and runs his hand over your hair while he watches as you fill out the pages
so! much!! praise!!!
he'd probably smile and fluff your hair when you look to him to see if an answer you wrote down was correct
maybe even kiss your temple when you are working
just because you look SO CUTE while being concentrated
after you're finished and he has checked your worksheet for mistakes he says that it's time to go to the playground
as soon as he says the word 'playground' you're up and running after your jacket and shoes
you're always so excited to go to the playground
there's mostly empty when you go
minho somehow always knowing when there'll be no kids
so you get to go on the swings and the slide without having to wait, and there's no parents looking at you weird
you even get to play in the sandbox with minho :D
when regressed
he absolutely LOVES being called baby
his favourite thing to be called ever!!
better if it's in korean
"minho aegi~~"
gone is minho, melted away
right under 'being called baby' on his list of what he loves most in the world is being cuddled
every chance he gets, he WILL cuddle someone
he will pull you to him and lock around you, koala style
he loooves when he's the one being the little spoon
held so dearly
warmth all around him
then he really feels cared for
like nothing in this world can hurt him
small and soft and just tiny
he comes with small sound effects
barely audible but they're there
he mostly doesn't mean to let out the small sounds, it's just something he does when he's doing something while small
loves when you play with his hair,,
like make tiny ponytails or pigtails
he looks adorable and he knows it!!
will poke you at random
he just loves the weird look he gets when he pokes you and doesn't say anything
will be like :o or laugh at most things
very curious baby
will giggle randomly after saying something
you have no idea why he does this, but it's pretty cute hearing it
Tumblr media
as a caregiver
i think he's not very outspoken about the care he shows as a caregiver
he'd rather be silent about any good deeds
like he'd do something for you without you realizing it and he'll just sit back and watch everything go smoothly with a smile
but with other caregivers he might share his concerns
he always thinks he can be a better caregiver, even if he's trying his best
he'd be the type to carry you in from the car if you've fallen asleep instead of waking you up
that's the best way to describe it
suddenly you wake up in your bed, last thing you remember is sitting in the car with binnie
and he won't acknowledge it if you don't do it first
he'd gladly lend his body to you if it makes you comfortable
you need a lap to sleep in? he's sitting down for you to use his immediately
you feel a bit cold? he's hugging you tight from behind to share his body heat
you're in need of something to hug? well, his arm is free and there for you to use for all your hugging needs
the second you're left alone for some reason, he'd have an itch to constantly check up on you to make sure you're alright
other caregivers might look at him and think that he's a bad caregiver because he doesn't coddle you and interact with you all the time
but the more they see him in action, the more they see that he always puts his baby's needs first, before anything else
he'd let you use his body as a tree to climb if you got too much energy
he'd also never get mad at you
if he can feel himself get irritated, he takes a breather bc he knows he can look really scary when he's mad and he never wants you to be scared, especially when you're regressed
when regressed
okay but little binnie is a jokester
he likes pulling his hyungs or caregiver(s) along with his little shenanigans without telling them anything
he's also LOUD
like very very loud
and hyper, but mostly loud
like, you'll never doubt that he's feeling small, just bc of the sheer volume this boy has
he likes hugs and skinship but gets easily flustered when that happens in front of other people he may consider his friends in headspace or people he looks up to
but he's also a little silly about it
like, as soon as someone cuddles him in any way, he'd run off, acting like it's the most outrageous thing ever
but when he turns around and sees he isn't being followed with the "threat" of more cuddles, he seeks the person who tried to cuddle him again, looking for more, secretly loving the closeness
but if he's sad or hurt you better give him hugs and cuddles STAT
he needs the tight hugs and the patting on his back with small shushes, or else he will NEVER feel good again (that's how he feels anyway)
his voice is DEFINITELY lighter when he feels small
like, he sounds so cute, no matter if he baby talks or not, just bc his voice is so light and he giggles loads :(((
he's also talking about himself in third person a lot
"can binnie have-" "changbinnie baby"
also, cute noises galore
those cute noises are mostly "da"
and he'll say them randomly and sometimes when he doesn't wanna say actual words
then it's his caregiver(s)' job to find out what the meaning behind "da!" is this time
and he's a v v scared baby, so remember to choose cartoons and movies and such carefully bc you might end up with a crying binnie or a binnie with nightmares
also, please give this boy a fidget toy
Tumblr media
as a caregiver
hyunjin,,, he's the type to baby you so much that you become very much dependent on him
changbin was the type to only fix problems when they presented themselves too much of a challenge for you?
well, hyunjin is the complete opposite
how dare there be anything in your way?
he'll fix all of your problems and then coo at you like you'd just experienced something bad
hyunjin with 1000% babytalk to you
i don't care that you may not regress young, he will babytalk you regardless
like,, the cringe way that you see those overly attached parents do to their spawn
he's also the type to have his entire focus on you
the building he's in could be burning and he wouldn't care bc you're there
...that's an exaggeration bc he'd save you from said burning building
bottom line is that he's not ever taking his eyes off you by his own free will
and if he can get away with it, he's definitely carrying you everywhere
he's also the first/only one i see being cool with being a caregiver for multiple littles
and he'll still try to give each one the same amount of attention, but he figures out at some point that it's just not possible
he'll still try though
he's the type to yell
but in fake/silly anger
"Yah!! why is my baby so adorable when asking for ice cream for dinner?! how can i say no to that when they're so cute??!! aaaahhh!!!"
he just loves his baby a lot (maybe too much) and he's not afraid to show and/or yell it to the world
when regressed
i don't know what it is about small hyunjin or why he's like this, but a big thing for him when he's little is saying small things in english
maybe it's the praise that goes along with it when he does it
maybe it's bc it's a language he's not the best at, so he feels smaller
but sometimes he'd just say some small english sentence, looking around at the people around him when he's done
he loves oversized clothing when he's small
he wants to be able to pitch his sweatshirts like a tent, that's how big he wants them
sometimes he wants them so much that if there aren't any oversized clothes for him to wear, he threatens you with not wearing clothes at all until he gets to wear a huge hoodie or something like that
he's a brat and loves teasing people but as soon as there's a chance of there being some sort of consequence for his actions, he's apologizing profusely and backtracking
either that or he's doubling down
it can be either in any given situation, you can never predict how he'll react
he's cute and he knows it, but if anybody else calls him cute he finds somewhere to hide
mostly under blankets but sometimes you'll also find him under the couch
completely flustered
he's almost always giggling
hiiiiigh giggles
cute n light
and he keeps jumping around, like a little bunny, mostly when he doesn't know what to do with himself
i feel like someone who'd be well equipped to handle him when he's small, would be minho
whether he's hyunjin's caregiver or just an uncle type, he's the one who can read hyunjin the best and deals with his antics effortlessly
Tumblr media
as a caregiver
physically reassuring !!!!!!
as a caregiver, he loves making sure his baby is okay by holding their hand,, placing a hand on their shoulder or back, or maybe even just hugging them
it's all to get their attention and feel him there
he does so much for his baby's sake, even if he doesn't really care for it
like, if you like a particular tv show but he doesn't, he'll go out of his way to watch it with you, just because he knows you enjoy it
he's also really good at giving praise
if he wants you to know that you did something that made him happy he'll say that ofc, but also the small things, like putting one of your toys away
"good job, baby!"
but if he's praised as a caregiver, make sure to keep an eye out for red ears, bc he's so easily flustered when the praise is for him
he may act like he's receiving it well and he's most likely like "of course, i'm the greatest caregiver of all time!" but his ears don't lie
he's silly but not in a very obvious way when he's in caregiver mode
he likes to make little jokes, inside jokes mainly, things he knows will get a laugh, to get his baby to giggle a bit and then he goes back for more cuddles
he tries to be so brave for his baby when it comes to animals, but when you're not looking, he lets out his scared expressions
he complains a bit if his baby wants to look at or touch creepy crawlers, but he will never limit your curiosity
he will usually just keep a good distance, himself
he may forget the small details sometimes
like, if you don't like peas or if you prefer your drink a special way
but he always knows things like how to make you happy, how to comfort you when you're sad
and when you know stuff like that, the little things don't matter all that much
when regressed
clumsy clumsy baby
like, if you go out with him, parks are probably the best bc then he has something soft to fall on when he stumbles
flappy hands when he's excited
now, because of his social anxiety, jisung needs extra special care when he's regressed
he needs personal grounding methods, an emergency plan for panic attacks and a list of comfort items
he also does better if he has one primary caregiver
then he knows who to go to and they'd know how to handle bad moments
a grounding method of his is probably the 54321 method
yk, list 5 things you can see around you, 4 things you can touch around you, 3 things you hear, 2 things you can smell and 1 thing you can taste
though, he does need to be guided through that, which is why a caregiver for him is a little essential
at least a babysitter
his caregiver/babysitter also has to make sure he has mobile games available or a hand console for video games
while he may not regress very young, he still needs a lot of care, equivalent to the care someone regressed younger would need
i imagine him being non-verbal if he's not somewhere he's comfortable and with people he trusts completely
so, a lot of tugging on clothes when he needs attention or tapping his cg's shoulder
very very easy to tears
bc when he's regressed, he doesn't hold anything back
it's his safe space to do so
also, pls pls pls bring his stuffie wherever you go
one he can hug when he's overwhelmed or feeling the need to self-soothe
overall happy baby unless he's in an uncomfortable environment with people he doesn't know
Tumblr media
as a caregiver
felix is such a sensitive person
like, we all know he's a big sunshine but he's also blames himself a lot and feels guilty easily
so, he might need to be reassured a lot that he's doing a good job
otherwise he might start thinking that he's a bad caregiver and isolate himself
he'd have some idea of what to do when caring for someone younger, as he does have a little sister, but he's also the middle child, so he would probably need a bit of help
i'm thinking that, yes, he'd take care of things like making you snacks, helping you with clothes, and all the other essential things, but as more of an older brother type of caregiver than as a parental figure
his go-to thing to do with you is cuddle
cuddle while watching tv, cuddle while reading books, cuddle while getting you to sleep/waking you up, it's just his favourite way to do anything
he's also rly possessive over you, so it just works out rly well if you're constantly in his arms
if his members were to talk to you when you're regressed or baby you, even if you weren't regressed, he'd quickly bring is arms around you, pouting that you're his
one of his other fave things to do with you is 'beauty salon'
you get all kinds of creative freedom with putting nail polish and makeup on him
when you're done, sitting in anticipation, waiting for him to pick up the mirror and tell you what he thinks, he always makes sure to be 'pleasantly surprised'
he knows, of course, that it wouldn't be anywhere near the professional looks he gets in comebacks and such, but he always loves what you do
(and even if it looks absolutely terrible, he always finds at least one thing to praise)
when regressed
so, have we all seen him patting himself to self-soothe? bc i have
anxious little bean
he just wants to be comforted more than anything
he will cling onto his caregiver at any given chance, but sometimes doubt gets the best of him and he thinks that people around him hate that he's this clingy
and then he tries his best to self-soothe with touch he remembers being comforting
like wrapping his arms around himself
or, in situations where he's trying to be lowkey or feels a bit worse about himself, he pats or strokes his hair
be on the lookout for these !!!!!! bc that means that he needs a prescription of ALL THE HUGS!!!!
cuddle piles are the best
he might also try to lighten his voice bc it doesn't sound right in his ears to have such a deep voice when being 4 or so years old
just making sure that he knows he doesn't have to do it and that's he's a tiny kid regardless should do the trick
oh yeah, and remember those animal onesies that were rly popular some years ago? the rly soft and snuggly ones? (ahem i have 3 ahem)
he will practically live in one if he had the chance
even better if the one he got is of a kangaroo
bc he miss home and then he got extra pockets heheh
he's the kind to silently tuck himself into his caregiver's side
like, under the cg's arm and head tucked into a crevice, most likely the chest or neck
and, for some reason, that mostly happens in the kitchen, when the cg is cooking something
speaking of kitchen!! he loooves baking cake with his cg
it's a time where he can have a dance party while baking and maybe even have a flour fight and then end up with delicious baked goodness
and if his cg tells him he can't have cake as a snack all the time, that's okay!!
he likes fruit too when he's regressed, so give him the job of rinsing the fruit while an 'adult' cuts it, and he'll be very content with that
also, be patient with him when he's just woken up bc he's pretty dazed
Tumblr media
as a caregiver
very very soft-spoken
could look like he's just a pushover bc he lets his baby get away with a lot of things
but he does have a limit
people just aren't quick to notice bc he's very soft about it
when he says "no more" he says it quietly
he doesn't need it to be broadcasted to anybody who isn't the one he's saying it to
and that's partly why his baby listens to him so well
he doesn't make a big scene about when his boundaries have been met, nor does he put you on the spot
he handles things privately and quietly
doesn't mean he isn't filled with sass that is ready to be unleashed at any moment
i don't think he'd sass his baby too much, but he'd sass his members a bit extra when you're around bc you always giggle and clap your hands at it
and maybe once in a while you'd also sass his members
the reaction from him is a bit of pride but most of all he thinks it's funny, when you haven't crossed a line
the other members can't believe how much his sassy nature has rubbed off on you though
the look at you and him in shock, mouths wide open while seungmin just smiles and shrugs
always has his camera ready for shooting some pictures of his baby
probably has a whole photo album just of his baby when they're regressed
his favourite thing is to take you to the aquarium or to the zoo
just somewhere you don't normally go
and then he gets to take pics of you being fascinated by all the things around you
when regressed
i feel like seungmin is the most independent when regressed
most times he's just in his own little world
he doesn't need a whole lot
of course, it'd be nice to not have to do things like cook for yourself, but when snacks exist and when you can buy entire meals, finished
he's old enough to work a microwave when he's regressed
so really, he doesn't need a cg
wouldn't complain if one fell into his lap though
that doesn't mean he doesn't thoroughly enjoy it when there are people around him
he loves being a little menace to his hyungs
so so so giggly!!
like, he giggles almost all the time when he's small
when he's watching tv, when he's eating, when he's running around, etc.
he doesn't treat stuffed animals all that nicely...
maybe it's because he's a little older than most of the group when they're regressed
he might, once in a while, like to cuddle with a soft stuffed animal when he's going to sleep but other than that, nah
he just pokes them in their eyes, pulls on their ears, just doing something that would make other littles gasp in horror
he's the only one where i'm pretty certain he also pet regresses
or at least likes to pretend that he's a puppy when he's regressed, i don't know but he's a tiny puppy sometimes
which means being even rougher with the stuffed animals, because if he can fit even an arm or ear of the plushie into his mouth, it's getting chewed on and roughed up
you know the way that dogs swing a toy around when they're playing?
Tumblr media
as a caregiver
if you don't care about if your stuff gets dropped or maybe ruined, go ahead and give them to jeongin
but um,, don't give him stuff that breaks easily
he's broken a few of his baby's figurines and it's rly a wonder that it happens sometimes
there's a shortage of bowls that aren't made out of plastic
so, he may be the caregiver, but you really look out for each other, since he needs a hand too
he loves singing songs to have his baby dance to them
(it's mostly gonna be trot songs, and if you complain enough; trot versions of skz's songs)
as he's not in a position to take care of anybody usually, yk with being the youngest in the group, he's not too sure in a caregiving role
he'd probably be more at ease being called a baby sitter, instead of a caregiver, as he usually just feels like he's making sure no fatal accidents happen on his watch
and that the house is relatively clean in the process
you'd think he may not be one for a lot of hugs and cuddles, but i'd say almost the opposite
idk, there's just something about being the one to take care of another person instead of being the youngest that makes him wanna cuddle his baby
not a lot but enough
like, for movies or when you ask for cuddles on nights you can't sleep
and ofc he'll hug you if you asked for it (of if you're too adorable for him to stop himself but shhh)
i think one part of being a caregiver that he rly excels at is brushing teeth
he'll be so careful when brushing his baby's teeth
he knows how to angle the toothbrush to get all the crevices from years of figuring out how to effectively brush his teeth with braces
and he knows how it can hurt if people are not careful when dealing with teeth and gums so he's super gentle
when regressed
now, not to be harsh
but he's a little shit
and he knows he's safe when he's regressed bc no one would dare hurt him when he's small
so he won't even get the usual shoulder punch he'd get when he isn't regressed
and he's about to make that fact everyone's problem
and when he knows he's on the verge of a punishment, he runs to hyunjin to save him
and he does. every. single. time
baby jeongin eats a lot and he does it quickly
you've made him a snack and turn around for a second to get some for yourself?
he's already finished and asking for more
you fear that one day he'll get an upset stomach bc of the speed of which he's eating but that day never comes
fortunately for you
if you want a little baby innie who's just cute and sweet and adorable, then you have to be there when he's just woken up
he's just soft and fuzzy there, just a tiny baby
when it's time for bed, he's also a bit quieter and lowkey
you tend to be that way after a whole day of annoying everyone around you
it's draining
but it's one of his cg's favourite time of the day
he's still a silly little boy, but he's more prone to doing what's asked of him
like, he'll be all silly, making jokes and talking back but when you ask him to raise his arms to get him in pajamas, he'll do it
the same with going to sleep
he's not a difficult one to get to go to sleep
he just needs a night light and sweet words beforehand and then he's good to go to dreamland
Tumblr media
A/N: this took me sooo long to finish, i'm so so sorry for the wait. i love doing headcanons bc i put a lot of thought and research into it, but it's also a lot of work, especially when it's an entire group and for both the caregiving and age regressing side PHEW i hope you enjoy it though!!
also, pls don't come for me, these were just some small thoughts on how i think they might be. i'd say i don't know them well enough to come to these conclusions easily, so yeah
feedback would be awesome if you could spare a second <3
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rattyoakenbitch · a year ago
❝𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐲❞ ─ 𝐜𝐨𝐫𝐩𝐬𝐞 𝐡𝐮𝐬𝐛𝐚𝐧𝐝
Tumblr media Tumblr media
but when he loves me i feel like i'm floating
when he calls me pretty i feel like somebody
❥ content ; little gn reader, sfw agere, corpse is a cg, mostly fluff with a smidge of angst
❥ warnings ; daddy issues, childhood trauma, hints of emotional & verbal abuse and of course age regression if ur uncomfy w that stuff. also pet names and the use of the word "daddy" but not in a sexual/smutty context!!! agere is not a kink!!!
❥ synopsis ; you age regress to cope and corpse takes care of you through it all
❥ a/n ; i got a request to write this agere fic a couple months ago on my wattpad! i myself used to be a part of the agere community but it has been years so i forgot a lot of what i learned. however, unlike age play and cgl, agere is just a coping mechanism and totally nonsexual!! pls do ur research before u attack members of the agere community (: ur coping mechanisms are valid!!!
Tumblr media
With a frustrated groan, you push yourself away from your desk, now spinning slowly on your little office type chair.
You had procrastinated and hadn't done any of your work, and even when you did try to finish it, you were easily distracted or discouraged by intrustive thoughts.
Your mind would never fail to drift back to memories of when you were younger. However, those memories weren't exactly fond or anything you'd even want to remember.
Yet they were there, either popping up unexpectedly or lingering in the back of your unconcious mind.
You were snapped out of your thoughts when you felt two strong arms wrap around you, causing you to nearly jump out of your seat.
Corpse hummed. "Are you done with your work yet, darling?"
"Can't finish it.. My brain doesn't wanna co-operate with me today, or ever," you whine, feeling angry tears begin to form behind your waterline.
Corpse sensed the anxiety and frustration in your voice and immediately knew the cause.
"You're not a failure, Y/N. Your father was wrong, and you know it."
"Yeah, but hearing his words in my head don't exactly help when I'm trying to work."
"I know, baby, I know," Still not letting you free from his embrace, Corpse held your significantly smaller hands in his. "But he's not here. It's just me, doll. You're safe."
He knew what he was doing. And he knew that you knew.
You pulled away from his hold, now standing up to face him. He as well stood up to his full height, looking down at you with soft, comforting eyes.
"A-Are you sure I can..?" You ask timidly, looking down at the floor to avoid his gaze. He nods encouragingly.
"Of course, doll. I'll take care of you."
He brings his hand to caress your face and tilts it upwards so your eyes met.
Your eyes dart across the room, looking anywhere but into Corpse's own eyes.
"Tsk, eyes on me, baby."
You hesitantly bring your eyes back to meet his, prompting Corpse to praise you. You feel the blood rush to your cheeks at this.
"You promise?? I don't wanna be a distraction, I-"
Wordlessly, Corpse brushes his thumb on your bottom lip, causing you to quiet down immediately.
"What are you saying? I always have time for you. Now c'mon."
You giggle as Corpse lifts you up into his arms bridal style and takes you to the living room.
You end up watching a Studio Ghibli movie together, tucked underneath blankets and with you snuggled up into Corpse's chest.
At some point during the movie, you unwrap one of Corpse's arms around you and take his hand. This causes Corpse to unconciously hold your hand in his big, calloused ones, adorned with metal rings.
You both look down to where he held you.
"Awe, now would you look at that. Your hand looks so cute, the way it fits in mine," he coos, causing you to sink further into your blankets, hiding your blush.
"Mm stop," you pout, only making Corpse chuckle some more.
"You're hiding because you're blushing?"
"Yes!! Now stop laughing, you big meanie."
Corpse only responds by lifting you back onto his lap, resting his chin on your head.
"Aww, you really are blushing like a rose," Corpse fawns. "Aren't you just a pretty little thing?"
You decide not to sass back and instead accept the praise.
As you both refocused your attention on the screen, Corpse lets go of your hand and instead runs his fingers through your hair. You hum in satisfaction, leaning into his touch. Corpse continues to do this all while he whispers sweet nothings and praises in your ear until you drift off into a blissful sleep.
After what feels like an hour later, but was really just thirty minutes, Corpse's phone chimes, his screen lighting up to reveal a text notification.
As softly as he can, Corpse reaches over to the side table to grab his phone. Despite his efforts, you wake up from the movement and the sudden lack of warmth that was once wrapped around your body.
You huff in annoyance.
"I thought you said you weren't busyyy."
"I know, little one. Sean wants me to join a game with the others. If you want, you can watch us play. We won't be streaming."
You nod in agreement, and once again, Corpse carries you into the studio, setting you down on his lap soon as he sits down.
You hear a little beep, followed by a variety of voices, all talking above one another. It comes to a stop, though, and you're relieved of the overstimulation as soon as they realize Corpse had joined the call.
"Hey, Corpse is here!"
"What's up, Corpse?"
"Hey guys," Corpse greets them. "I hope you don't mind that Y/N's with me right now. They're little again and I promised I'd spend time with them."
You heard some 'aww's' in the back as voices overlapped again.
"Oh, no, yeah of course we're okay with that."
"That's really sweet!"
"All right, guys, no cursing or excessive yelling! If you scare Y/N, you're gonna have me to answer to!"
Though they couldn't see you, you still shyly huddled closer into Corpse's chest. Corpse's friends, being your friends as well, knew that you were an age regressor and were fully supportive and accepting. So this wasn't the only occassion where they'd played with little you around to watch.
"Thank you," you mumbled sleepily into the mic before yawning and laying back down into Corpse.
He gives you a kiss on the top of your head before he goes back to chatting and playing with his friends. An hour passes, and then it's night. The cold nighttime air seeps in through the windows, causing goosebumps to form on your exposed skin.
Silently, you tug at Corpse's hoodie, prompting him to look down at you. Though you've been quiet throughout the past hour, Corpse hadn't forgotten about you.
He raises a brow, confused for a second until you grab at his hoodie again with pleading eyes.
"'M cold, daddy."
"Shh, okay, baby, I got you."
Corpse pulls his sweater over his head, and on instinct, you raise your arms up as well. Corpse takes his hoodie and puts it on you, causing you to giggle in delight.
"There you go. Is that better?"
You beam, "Mhm!"
As Corpse shared this moment with you, he was still blissfully unaware that his mic was still on. That was, until he heard the choruses of "awe's" in his headphones.
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the-sweetest-slytherin · 4 months ago
Encanto Headcanons Part 2: Electric Boogaloo
First Post
❗Spoilers Below❗
Alright so we know Casita changed when Mirabel brought the magic back. On my first post, I mentioned how I thought Bruno's room would look, but I forgot to mention something. Because the house is no longer this gift machine, there only to create adultified children, I imagine that the madrigals would have places of work in the village, separate from La Casa Madrigal. For example, no more vision cave in the house. Instead Bruno works out of an ampatheatre or something in town, and keeps an appointment schedule. I feel like separating their work from their home would be beneficial to all the Madrigals.
I mentioned thinking that Bruno is artsy already, but I didn't mention this sweet thought I had: Bruno making a new painting of Abuelo Pedro during the time that they're rebuilding Casita, to replace the portrait that was lost when the house fell. I like to think Alma would cry.
Camilo has issues just like the rest of the family, but I want to focus specifically on one issue he might have on Tio Bruno's return. He was the only boy born in his family for a LONG time, so I imagine he's really tight with hermanito Toni. Once Bruno and Antonio start spending a lot of time together though, I can see Camilo getting jealous. Either of his tio, for becoming Antonio's go-to adult, or even of Antonio, for being so close with tio Bruno right away. Maybe he even shapeshifts into either/or and hangs out, in order to see "What's so great about him?"
Bruno seems to have this need to take blame, and I agree that it probably comes from being the scapegoat of the family and having to sheild his sisters (example: "ruining" hermana Pepi's wedding so that she could have a day to let all her feelings out) BUT AS WE KNOW that's unhealthy, and I just can't stop imagining scenarios in which Tio Bruno's trauma makes him a little too lenient when babysitting, followed by a conversation with his hermanas/hermanos about not covering up for the kids. He has to learn that it isn't back then anymore, and he doesn't have to worry that someone will hurt them for small mistakes.
Pepa and Bruno strike me as the kids who fought in the family, and as an older sibling myself, I feel like Pepa might overcompensate when Bruno first moves "back in" to Casita. Possibly even to her own detriment. For example, allowing Bruno to babysit Antonio for the first time. I imagine Pepa would be a nervous wreck all day, anxious to leave her baby alone with someone who, to him, is a total stranger. One blizzard later, Pepa returns home to find the courtyard a mess and her boys covered in fingerpaints. Sure, nothing bad happened, but she still wasn't ready to let Bruno watch the kids alone, and it caused her a lot of stress. She wanted to make her hermanito feel welcome but, more or less out of guilt, she pushed her own boundaries in order to do so.
As the eldest, and the healer of the family, I can see Julieta having kind of the opposite issue. She is so used to taking care of everyone that she might be a bit too much too soon for her baby brother. She might struggle with finding things to talk to Bruno about, things that aren't his identified "problems". Maybe she explains that Bruno doesn't have to do all his superstitious routines, or asks him what's bothering him, or tries to help him learn new, maybe more socially-acceptable coping mechanisms. It's all out of love, and she only wants to help poor Brunito, but her need to "fix" things might make her lose sight of her brother's feelings.
In that same vein, Bruno might have to learn to speak up for his needs a little more through Julieta. If you're a person who has a caregiving sort of nature, you'll understand that for Julieta, helping others is comforting in and of itself. Maybe she's overwhelmed or upset and, to help her calm down, Bruno admits that he has a headache, and they make supper together😭
Everyone wants to talk about "infantalizing" Bruno, but there is a big difference between infantalizing someone and respecting their boundaries/understanding their trauma responses. Bruno is still a grown man who can do things for himself, but he is also traumatized, and carries a lot with him still. He can still be a responsible tio to his nieces and nephews, a help to the community, and his own creative soul-- all while still acknowledging that Bruno is shy and anxious and a tad obsessive compulsive. Not all of that will ever change, and it's okay.
I imagine that Bruno would be the first to stand up for the kids once they get their gifts back. In that he would see how their parents might put unreasonable expectations on them based on their gifts, and point that shit out. I like to imagine the first instance being Delores. Picture it: Bruno in the walls, mid panic attack. Pepa looking for him, asking Delores where her tio went. Delores, wanting to help her tio, tries to avoid the question. Pepa, who is frustrated and probably on some level afraid to lose her hermanito all over again, maybe shouts at Delores, demanding that she tell him where Bruno went. Bruno, not wanting his poor neice to get in trouble over him, walks out from behind a painting and tells Pepa not to put that on Delores, that it's his fault, he's the one who ran off. I can even see him apologizing to Delores for getting her into trouble, which in turn reminds Pepa of when they were little, how Bruno would come in clutch for her in a similar fashion. Healing with the Madrigal triplets ❤
Alma seems to me like the type of person to dislike animals, or at least rodents in her house. I headcanon that as a young teenager, Bruno started keeping the rats that his mother would have otherwise disposed of in his room, and has been raising them ever since. When he left to hide in the walls, Bruno brought his pals with him. Over the years, he would sneak out of the walls at night to set off traps and catch the rats before they could hurt themselves, and his little familia de ratas just kept growing
I apologize but I gotta make this sad: Rats only live so long, so I have to think there were a few rat funerals going on in the walls over the years. Bonus sad: Delores hears the tearful eulogies her tio gives, and the mourning songs he quietly sings for the rats. So, she wears a black shawl to dinner in order to pay her respects, knowing that Bruno can see her through the crack in the family tree painting.
I can see Bruno being the only person in the family equipped to help Antonio mourn the loss of one of his animal friends for exactly this reason. Outside of Delores's silent support, he had to go through a lot of pet deaths alone. I imagine he would have had to do so when he was younger as well, maybe because his family didn't like/understand his bond with the rats. So I like to imagine that when one of Tonito's friends inevitably passes away, Bruno helps him through it.
Okay we'll call it here because this is getting long but rest assured I am NOT done
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yramesoruniverse · 3 months ago
Okay but if May is ALSO caught up in the fire at dispatch, imagine the emotional repercussions for Bobby, who lost his family in a fire before??
Anon! I've had this in my drafts for a bit, pondering the implications of May Day, the May and Bobby of it all, and one conversation in particular. And then we got this spoiler pic of May and Bobby from May Day? Not to mention Hero Complex? Oh hell yes.
This Bobby and May talk from What's Your Grievance has always felt like one of those 911 specials: a quiet character/relationship moment that is lovely and feels like a resolution, an answer of sorts. But is actually layered with meaning and foreshadowing, picking up chess pieces from the past and putting some new ones on the board to come back to a while later.
This scene was about the woman found shot dead in her own pool; May took the call and heard her die. It was May's first loss, and she spent the episode looking for answers and support — Athena was still struggling with supporting May at all and Michael very gracefully and lovingly acknowledges that the challenges May is experiencing in her work exceed his experience.
So, she goes to Bobby:
I get that I need to learn how to let go, take the uniform off and leave the job behind.
Well, that is certainly how your mother does it. I've never been able to compartmentalize that much.
Ok, how you do it? I mean, you've been a first responder a really long time, so...
Yes, it's true. I have been doing this job longer than you've been alive. But I didn't always know how to deal with the stresses that come with it. For a long time, my coping mechanism was a mix of vodka and Percocet. Which I do not recommend.
Copy that.
May, it's natural to go over the losses in your head. To think about all the things you could have done differently, knowing now what you didn't know then...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I mean...the layers of meaning, for May, for Bobby, even Athena? What it means to learn how to cope with being a HERO. Because you know you aren't one? Because you're human, too and won't always be able to save people? The ominous rumblings about Bobby, who he's lost, how he does and doesn't cope? The way Season 5 had May Grant — survivor of her own trauma — being the wisest of them all, leading her family through and to healing?
(Also? It's hitting me how we hardly ever hear Bobby talk about why he self-medicated. This was a rare window into the roots of Bobby's addiction, and how it's entangled with the job he still does, every single day.)
And now we have May Day and Bobby and this? We've got a storm coming, folks.
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girlnextmorgue · 2 months ago
Slender Mansion Room Headcanons (1/2)
NOTICE: This post is a reupload from my old Creepypasta fanfiction blog (now my main blog). If you've seen it before, that's probably because it was posted there first! I pinky promise that I'm not stealing anything, simply moving my old work here for organization purposes.
HELLO blog i havent written in quite a bit... ive mostly been focused on like life and stuff. BUT. i am here.. with general room headcanons for my slender mansion au... because i am mentally ill and this is my coping mechanism
this also got a little rambly and im sorryryryyrry
Jeff has a very messy room, but that's mostly because he doesn't bother to pick his laundry up and is too lazy to put things where they actually belong. His bed probably has a heap or two of clean clothes sitting on the end of it that he just kind of picks through whenever he needs something new to wear. Decor-wise, he doesn't really care much? He definitely keeps his room dark, and BEN probably got him those TikTok LEDs just so that the poor dude could have some lighting in his bedroom. He's probably got posters too, most of which stolen from the houses of his victims, so they're probably gonna have weird stains on them and the edges of them are gonna be torn. Obviously, he's got gaming consoles and a TV and a decent PC (because everything is ideal here) but his TV is definitely like.. on the floor. This guy has a desk and then that's kind of it for furniture. His mattress is also on the floor and he snags blankets and stuff from BEN's room if he ever needs them. Basically: Flaming garbage pile of a room, dude please clean up after yourself.
BEN is like... the opposite of Jeff when it comes to his room. This motherfucker is like gamer supreme, with posters neatly lined up on his wall and shelves with figurines and other collectibles. His room is definitely on the darker side but it's easier to navigate because there aren't heaps of dirty laundry and other questionable objects all over his floor. This guy has his TV mounted on his wall and one of those PCs that has the funky rainbow lights on the inside. He is pretty bad at putting clean laundry away, but he has the decency to put clothes he knocks over back on their respective piles. I also feel like he has loads of stuffed animals, but it's shit like the Fortnite Llama. He's probably got a couple of minions in there too. He's one of those people that will post super dope videos of his room and gaming setup with coordinated lighting on TikTok and shit. 10/10 would sleepover.
Toby's room is kind of messy, but he's the type of person where there is a method to his madness, or at least to the madness of his room. He isn't the type of person to like, keep his dirty laundry in several toxic mounds in his room, but he definitely is too lazy to pick some stuff up sometimes. He always knows where everything is though. I think he would like, print things out and put the pieces of paper on his walls. He probably has some posters too, and some other trinkets he's taken from houses or even other Pastas to decorate his room. I don't think he'd have a TV or a really heavy-duty computer, just because I don't really feel like those are things he feels like he needs to own. Maybe one day BEN would snap and get him something just so the dude can play video games with him and Jeff without having to sit in one person's room. I also think he'd have a lot of books but like, no motivation to read any of them. Just stacks of books and shit and he has no idea what the majority of them are about.
Tim's room is nothing too fancy. I can't really say that he feels the need to decorate excessively, and I don't think he's the type to have a huge attachment to material things. Like Toby, I think he'd have books, but unlike Toby, I think he'd actually read them. And they'd like, be organized and on shelves. Since he did spend a bit of time acting unprofessionally I think he'd have some interests in movies, so maybe he'd have a few posters here and there. I do think he'd have a TV, but nothing too fancy, and certainly no video game consoles or anything like that.
I see Brian in a similar way to how I see Tim; no real need to accessorize or anything like that. He's probably got his cameras on some nice shelves for the sake of organization (and for lowkey showing off how many he knows how to use). He also probably has his fair share of old VHS tapes, home movies, etc. that he can watch back whenever. I think it would be funny if he only watched shit on VHS in his room. Other than that, I think that he's also relatively organized and that he keeps things orderly in his room. He doesn't really have much in the way of material things just because he doesn't see any use in having so many things to keep track of.
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