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HIGH NOON JHIN   headcanon dump heyyyy 🤠

  • jhin is not entirely mechanical,  as in,  he was not created.  he was human once,  but due to both fortunate and unfortunate events he is now part machine and part man.  i mean this in a very literal sense.  some parts of his body are wired,  made up of old copper cogs and wheels,  while other parts are still entirely fleshy and pieced together through tendons and sinew. 
  • you really don’t want to ask him why he is the way he is,  or what happened to him.  you really don’t. 
  • what keeps him all together ?  magic of course.  there are notable runes carved into his side and on his new metal heart.  because of this he must keep a steady flow of mana thrumming throughout his body. 
  • he is also prone to get rusty so he keeps a very small but very potent vial of oil on his person at all times. 
  • he also has a toolkit for when he needs to quite literally patch himself back up again.
  • you might know him as the deadeye or the angel of death.
  • doesn’t have a typical “ old west ” accent,  instead he has a very deep,  very steady ionian accent,  although his speech pattern here is a lot more relaxed but still formal. 
  • but he might just call you “ honey ”  or  “ sweetheart ”  
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besides writing 12k fanfic chapters?? 💀💀

lol i am (was?) in band & that took up like all of my extra time outside of school esp during marching season

all i’ve been doing during quarantine is like…watching netflix, writing, waiting on college responses, & doing fucking hw

i’m just trying to graduate 🙃

may 1st😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 she’s looking delicious right now

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When you really should sleep but you’re tempted to work on your art but you have a massive migraine but your project is coming along nicely but it’s screen art so it’ll make your head worse but you really wanna finish this god-damn piece of shi—

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Ways to avoid AB2 spoilers before it’s out in France

  1. Draw about the franchise not caring if it’s wrong with the new canon
  2. Block tags, close your inbox
  3. Try your best to avoid Youtube recommendations and your Tumblr dashboard
  4. Catch up with all your Ducktales episodes you missed and get back into the fandom
  5. Go watch other movies at your local theatre to get distracted and excited by this thing and look up for this thing
  6. Reblog funny cute shit
  7. Do your original projects (I’ve been writing these days)
  8. Get back to your #BDRevolution #BlazingDragonsRevolution project
  9. Touch a bit some of your older fandoms again
  10. Discover Good Omens and get in that fandom too
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