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Fun Fact
In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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valiendomother · 2 hours ago
i got the first dose of the vaccine yest, and while i love my body and i’m thankful for my immune system’s reaction, this is a bit overkill
i feel like shit, like when i got the flu. and this is only the first jab, jesus
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amillionblankpages · 3 hours ago
lucie: i refuse to eat ghost broccoli
tessa: it's called cauliflower, now would you please just eat it???
lucie *stabbing the offensive vegetable to scrutinize it*: no, i know what i'm seeing here. this is DEFINITELY a ghost broccoli
will: i don't want to eat ghost broccoli, either
lucie: yeah, that's just GROSS!
tessa: it's jUsT cAuLiFlOwEr!
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puipuimolcarfan · 11 hours ago
Hey guys. I want to keep this blog absolutely about Molcars and keep it as a relaxed, cute space. But I think signing a petition only takes us two minutes.
You probably heard about Save a Ralph. IF YOU ARE A SENSITIVE PERSON PLEASE DO NOT WATCH IT. As it shows animal cruelty and Ralph's state and talk is already quite saddening. This is why I'm only linking the petition. If you're really sensible, quickly scroll before looking at Ralph in the header picture.
Bunnies and other animals suffer this everyday, including guinea pigs. Thankfully this petition includes them all. Please consider signing and sharing this link.
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jhalya · 20 hours ago
oh bb so many things! I'm not sure what's meant with speciality, so I'll just tell you what I like:
Your pace is always so gripping and never dull
Your prose is super original and never predictable
I like how unapologetically dark you make some characters.
I like that your Obi is never a simp.
You have a very specific sense of humour. xD <3 All the random, hilarious details, like Shirayuki being mad at Mitsuhide for making her buy Nikes trainers. xd
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Opinion on cats vs dogs?
OK, so I have had both all my life. And my opinion is:
I LOVE dogs. They’re great. Fun to play with, great for if you want to run around outside, 100% down for hikes. Dogs are wonderful to nap with. My dog is also a service dog, so he carries my shit for me a lot of the time. 
I ALSO LOVE cats. They’re cuddly, they’re nice to nap with. I love listening to purring. Talking to cats is such an interesting experience. 
So, my opinion is, it sort of depends on what you’re looking for. If you want someone to run around with and take with you everywhere, you want a dog.
If you want someone to chill with who doesn’t always want your attention, you want a cat.
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clownthejestser · a day ago
New The lost boys(87) headconnon
Dwyane reads to Paul on occasion when Paul finds a book he thinks seems cool, and Marko chills out beside Paul as Dwyane reads, and David smiles while listing in his wheelchair.
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onedivinemisfit · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What. The. Heck.
Well, I did say I needed to touch up the fanbaby refs. The ahem, new ones, made themselves I swear lol. This totally isn’t me obsessing over human procreation and baby designs noooooooo
Deets under
AnS (c) Akizuki Sorata
Art: Me
Nakuru - Hisakiki daughter, born shortly before her snek dad committed treason. Raised by Kiki and Mitsuhide, her second husband.
Kirika - Mitsukiki daughter, all the energy, all the bear hugs.
Teru - Kihazen son, only child of Kihal and Zen. Certified good boy.
Michiru - Mitsutorou love-child, conceived when Mitsuhide was on a rebound after Kiki’s marriage to Hisame. Torou raises him most of the year, but he spends summer at the Seirans’.
Michiru - Mitsutorou love-child, conceived when Mitsuhide was on a rebound after Kiki’s marriage to Hisame. Torou raises him most of the year, but he spends summer at the Seirans’.
Hakuya - Hakizana eldest son and heir to the throne. Strawberry bishounen.
Touma - Hakizana second son, is mute and speaks ASL. Unpredictable, and surprisingly commanding.
Umi - Hakizana only daughter, and elder twin. The responsible twin of the two.
Zenji - Hakizana youngest son, named after his uncle. The court baby and favourite, and the younger twin.
Chize - Suzuri daughter, oldest twin. Evil #1.
Miza - Suzuri second daughter, younger twin. Evil #2, with an extra dose of sadism.
Akemi - Obiyuki daughter, Obi’s little girl, acts like you crossed a cat with a magpie.
Shigure - Obiyuki son, cute little boy.
Kakeru - Kazuru son, from Izuru and Kazaha’s “first” surprise pregnancy. Smart lad.
Izumi - Kazuru daughter, from the “second” surprise pregnancy. Izuru’s little mini-me.
Tooki - Kageya’s son with Touka Bergatt, officially known as Eisetsu’s bastard son to hide his identity. Is vision-impaired.
Kasumi - Kageya’s daughter with Eisetsu. Shy little girl.
Yuji - Ryona son, older twin of Rona and Ryuu. Named after his uncle. Heir to his mother the Duchess’ title.
Riku - Ryona so, younger twin. The introvert to his extrovert brother.
Aoba - Ryona daughter, the baby of all babies.
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worstloki · a day ago
Friendly reminder that you’re amazing and very loved. Here, have a hug. Or a fist bump. Or maybe a cool sword. Or maybe all three?!?! :O You can pick :)
Thank yo u 🥺💚 I would like them all >:)
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cowsinlove · a day ago
literally they’re all trans
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snapewrld · 2 days ago
Severus having short hair and growing a beard after the war and Lucissa melting after they see him is all I need in life....
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elfmetal · 2 days ago
next person to piss me off i’m ripping ur arms off
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gamjabyte · 2 days ago
Love your bebes.. Favorite Bebe scene?
THANK YOU! And ummmm I love all Bebe Appearances... But i particularly love: > her in her 2nd form during the cake song > her eating the cheesecake with tea on her head + freaking out about turning into cheese > the Funny Background Moment where u can see Mami holding her back from her food while she wiggles > her trying to eat Mami’s hairpin and then falling (also when she falls off the couch)
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tiny-space-robot · 3 days ago
excuse me but, these subtle little clack noises ventriloquist dummies make when their mouths and eyes move?
Tumblr media
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