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#all of us who came in later have to fight for urls like our lives depend on it
stavromulabetaaa · 4 months ago
wasn’t tagged by @pauleonotis but i followed their instructions to do this if i wanted to lol
1. Why did you choose your url?
it’s an extremely vague martin freeman reference. it’s from the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy book series, which martin freeman starred in the movie adaptation of. i chose it because at the time i was mainly a sherlock blog and tried to think of something adjacent.
2. Sideblogs?
i used to have a nsfw johnlock smut sideblog before the porn ban, which is now inactive. i’m also @drarryficrex where i reblog fics that intrigue me and want to bookmark for later. i apparently decided to start making rec lists too and have made two lists so far on that blog.
i’m also @drarrytiktok but i don’t post on there super often.
3. How long have you been on Tumblr?
10-ish years i think? on and off over the years, but pretty consistent during the height of the tjlc days and then back again for the past two years after a break.
4. Do you have a queue tag?
no and i still don’t completely understand how a queue works 😂 i’ve never used that feature and have never looked into it.
5. Why did you start your blog?
originally because it was huge when i was in high school and my friends had tumblr blogs. i came here for the aesthetic posts and stayed for fandom.
6. Why did you choose your icon?
because it’s a drawing of me by the lovely and talented @dragontamerdame <3
7. Why did you choose your header?
to match my hhgttg url
8. Post with most notes?
i think it’s this one, which was a late-night rambling about the man who lived. there’s also the chair post which doesn’t have a ton of notes but consistently pops up in my notifications every other week, and i don’t understand how people are still finding it lmao. then there was the drarry picrew post that i had no idea people would be so into and which started my obsession with drarry picrews.
9. How many mutuals do you have?
no idea! i’d say there are about 10 mutuals i regularly interact with though, even if it’s just liking each other’s posts or tagging for picrews.
10. How many followers do you have?
i honestly never look and don’t care. i only notice if i randomly gain a bunch of new followers at once because it’s in my notifications.
11. How many people do you follow?
12. Ever made a shitpost?
oh definitely. especially when i used to get drunk with @savetheghostswemakeforourselves over facetime and we would annoy our followers with sherlock liveblogging.
13. How often do you use Tumblr each day?
all the time 😬 i run my own business and can be on my phone pretty much as much as i want. a lot of the time i’m getting paid to sit around other people’s houses so tumblr helps with the boredom.
14. Did you ever have a fight/argument with another blog?
not that i remember? i possibly started some fandom discourse by accident once though.
15. How do you feel about “you need to reblog this” posts?
i typically don’t reblog things i feel pressured to reblog. i have a huge problem with people telling me what to do irl
16. Do you like tag games?
yes! i think they’re fun
17. Do you like ask games?
yep! i don’t get asks very often though
18. Which of your tumblr friends/mutuals do you think is famous?
meh, who cares?
19. Do you have a crush on a mutual?
i low-key crush on all my mutuals, y’all are so thoughtful and talented and welcoming. i have anxiety and adhd and i sometimes comment or message impulsively, and you guys always respond to my nonsense with kind words. thanks for putting up with me.
idk who’s done this already, i’ve seen this tag game making the rounds lately but i’ll tag @drarrymybeloved @sitp-recs @ohdrarry @tackytigerfic @seafrost-fangirl if they want to give it a go. or anyone else who wants to!
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shhh-no-ones-home · a year ago
rules of the game (3/3)* chris motionless x reader
part 1 part 2 part 3
originally i was not going to make a part three to this series. like i had thought about it but never figured id actually write it. but here it is anyways! i actually kinda like the way this came out and i hope you all do too, or at least those that like the first two lol. and i know ive said it a few times before but i believe this is officially my longest one shot, coming in at a whopping 2620 words! yay! it doesnt feel that long though, i promise.
*- First time, kinda aggressive
Song: from Eden by hozier
tag list: @musicsexandpizza69 @svintsandghosts @alilpunkrock @cynic-spirit @theoneandonlykymberlee @thisplace-ishaunted @lifeisabitchandsoareyou @satans-arse 
(there were two that i have been tagging that urls dont come up for anymore, so if you were on the tag list and still see my posts let me know if you would still like to be added and what name to use. i will gladly add it if you wish.)
"I can't believe this is it."
I whispered to Chris as the principal gave his speech. We were all sat on the bleachers waiting for him to finish so we could take the graduating-class picture.
"Yeah if he'd ever shut up."
Chris torted back, making me giggle.
"Do you think he just likes to hear himself talk or what?"
I asked, Chris trying to stifle his laugh.
"No, no, I definitely think that's it."
He commented. Then one of the teachers started snapping in our direction, making both of us shy away.
"Now, the moment you've all been waiting for."
We watched as he got off the stage, the photographer coming up and getting us in the frame. A moment later it was done and everyone was getting back up to find their friends. I sighed as they all moved around us, loudly I might add. Then Chris nudged me.
"Hey, what are you doing after?"
I looked at him and shrugged.
"I don't know, I think Jack said something about going to lunch maybe? Did he call you?"
He frowned.
"No, he didn't."
I raised a brow, noticing jack climbing the bleachers to get to us with loud stomping motions.
He called, taking his graduation cap off and throwing it at me. I caught it, laughing at him as he smiled widely at us.
"Almost done!"
He said excitedly.
"One more day."
I noted, handing his cap back to him before taking my own off.
"You ready for lunch?"
He asked and I nodded.
"Yeah, we all going?"
I asked and his smile got a little smaller.
"I mean I guess, but I was hoping it could just be the two of us."
He said a little hopeful. I was a bit surprised.
"Oh i-"
Chris cleared his throat.
"That's okay, maybe we can do something after."
I looked at him a little disappointed.
"You sure?"
He nodded.
"Yeah, you two go ahead. I'll catch you later."
He stood up, clasped his hand into Jack's for a bro-huh, and hopped down the bleachers. I looked up at jack who had a huge smile on his face.
"Ready to go?"
He asked. I nodded and stood with his help.
"Yeah, let's hit it."
I sat across the table from Jack and pushed my fork around the plate.
"You okay?"
He asked, re-situating in the booth. I nodded slowly, not looking up at him.
"Yeah. I'm great."
I heard him sigh.
"Is it so bad that it's just the two of us?"
I looked up at him with wide eyes.
"No, of course not. I guess I just feel bad."
He laughed a little bit.
"Well in all fairness three is a crowd. And I was kinda hoping this could be like a, I don't know, a first date?"
I was very taken aback.
I said, looking back down to my plate.
"Unless that's not what you had in mind."
He said, making me look back up at him.
"Cause we could do other things. If that's what your into."
I shook my head.
"No, no, that's not it. I just. I guess I don't really see you like that, jack."
He frowned.
"Right. Cause I'm not good enough? Is that it?"
He hit the table before running his fingers through his hair. I was a little shocked.
"Of course that's it."
He said a little more angrily.
"i dont even know why i thought this would work. stupid."
I was getting kind of scared. He looked around the room, anywhere but me. He laughed to himself.
"Ya know what, I'm gonna go."
He nodded a few times before pulling his wallet out and dropping a twenty on the table. He stood abruptly, almost knocking his chair over.
"I'll see you at graduation."
I went to say something but he walked away and out the door before I could even try. I stared at the table until the waitress came back.
"Is everything okay over here?"
She asked.
"Can I get you anything else?"
I cleared my throat.
"Actually, do you have a phone I could use?"
I stood outside the restaurant with my arms crossed over my chest and waited. Jack had driven me there, I was just glad we had stopped at my house to drop my cap and gown off first so I didn't have to leave it in his car. Jack ass. I shook my head at the thought before seeing Chris pull into the parking lot. I sighed in relief, wiping the tear that had managed its way down my cheek. He pulled into the space in front of me and immediately got out, not even turning the engine off. I watched him as he walked quickly to me, leaving his door open.
"Hey, what happened?"
He asked trying to examine me. That's when I broke down, full blown crying, as he pulled me into him for a hug. I held him tightly as he rubbed my back.
"It's okay, hey, I'm here. I've got you."
He said softly as I cried into his chest. It was stupid to cry about it but I was scared. The anger on jacks face was unlike any of ever seen on him before, and when he left I had no idea what I was gonna do. I felt Chris kiss the top of my head before petting my hair lightly.
"It's okay. I've got you."
He said again. I pulled away and wiped my face.
"I'm fine."
I said through a Shakey voice. He looked so worried as he held my arms in his hands.
"You don't have to lie to me."
I shook my head.
"No, I'm fine, let's just go."
He nodded.
I stepped out of his grip and walked to the passenger side, getting in the car and buckling the seat belt, waiting patiently for him to do the same. When he closed his door I jumped.
"Okay, y/n, that is not normal, what happened?"
I shook my head.
"Can we please just go home."
I asked, looking over to him seriously.  He frowned before doing as told, and pulling out of the spot.
"I'll kick his ass if you need me to kick his ass."
He said, making me laugh a little. He looked over at me and smiled.
"There's the y/n I know."
I sent him a knowing look.
"He wanted it to be a date."
I said matter-of-factly. He drew his brows as he cruised down the street.
"A date?"
He said in disbelief, laughing a little.
"That can't be right."
I nodded.
"I was a little surprised too. When I told him I didn't see him like that he kinda flipped. I've never seen him so mad before."
I could see the look on his face burned into my memory and I hated it.
"He got mad at you?"
I tried to think on it.
"I'm not sure if it was necessarily geared towards me but he was mad that's for sure. It scared me."
Chris looked at me confused.
"So I do need to kick his ass."
The sentiment made me laugh again. His scrawny self would not be able to take Jack in a fair fight. We both knew that.
"I just wanna forget about this. It was weird and I wanna spend time with someone half way normal. Please."
I pleaded as he came to a stop outside my house.
"You think I'm normal?"
He mocked pride, making me laugh again.
"At least you don't terrify me."
He frowned a bit.
"Hey, I'm sorry about that. That's not fair to you. He shouldn't have done that."
I nodded slowly.
I looked to him long enough to see him looking around.
"Where's your dad?"
He said, noticing the missing car. I shrugged.
"He's on a business trip till tomorrow afternoon. He should be home just in time to see us walk."
He hummed in response. I just stared at him for a second before an idea popped into my head. i sent him a look.
He asked a little skeptical. Within a second I had my seat belt unbuckled and was pushing forward to kiss him. He was a little surprised at first but kissed back anyway. When I pulled away I covered my mouth.
"I'm sorry!"
I said, noticing his dazed appearance.
"Hey, I'm not complaining."
He offered a goofy grin, making me giggle. I looked to the house and then back at him.
"Come on, we've got the house to ourselves."
I said raising my brows quickly and got out of his car. I paced to the door and unlocked it, hearing his keys jingle as they hit against his leg, dangling from his belt loop. After a second he was behind and I was pushing the door open. I turned back around and immediately brought him down to kiss me. He was a little slow to react but brought his hands to my hips anyway. I backed slowly into the living room, holding his head as we made out. He tasted like cinnamon this time, it was the gum he usually kept on him, it was nice.
When my ankles hit the couch I dropped, looking up at him with hopeful eyes. I sat back as he moved to straddle me,  bringing his hand down to caress my cheek. He looked over my face before connecting our lips again. He pulled away slowly and began kissing down my jaw. When he reached my ear lobe he bit it lightly.
"Want another hickie?"
He said softly, making me close my eyes and nod.
"Go for it."
I breathed out, bringing my hands to his hips as he kissed and sucked down my neck. I was reveling in the feeling as he moved further down.
"Do you want more than that this time?"
He said lowly. I looked to the ceiling for a second.
He sat back and looked at me.
"How much more?"
He asked with a raised brow. I smirked at him before picking his hand up, hooking my fingers into a black bracelet, and snapping it off his wrist.
"I think I could do that."
He said half impressed. I looked at him with a dark gaze.
"Good. I want today to completely turn around."
He connected our lips for a second before climbing off of me and pulling me to the side so my legs were on the couch and my back was to the arm rest. He pushed my knees apart before laying directly in-between them and kissing me again. I hooked my arms around his neck and moaned into him as he pushed his hips into mine. He kept the movement going and I could feel him getting harder against me. The thought alone drove me crazy as he moved back to kissing along my neck, this time tracing his hand along my body too. I did the same, lightly running my hand down his back. When I was down far enough I grabbed his shirt and started pulling it up. He took that as an invitation, sitting up and tossing it off. My eyes traveled down his body before being met with his jeans being very low on his hips. I bit my lip at the sight of the bulge growing in his pants.
"Are you still... ya know?"
He asked and I nodded, laughing a little bit.
"yeah, Just be gentle."
I said, sitting up and unbuckling his belt. He watched me intently as I unbuttoned his pants, pushing them down along with his boxers. His erection sprang free and my eyes got wide. I looked up at him and he smirked.
"I'll be extra careful."
He said seductively before kissing me and pulling up my shirt too. When it was on the floor he pushed me back and got to work on my jeans, undoing them quickly and pulling them down in one swift motion with my panties. I felt beyond exposed and self conscious for a second before he began kissing up my stomach. I sighed at the feeling, relaxing more.
He said as he worked his way back up my body. He slid his hand up my body, making me shiver before he gripped my boob in his large hand. I moaned at the sensation, feeling him knead it in his palm.
"You ready?"
He asked and I nodded.
"As I'll ever be."
He kissed me reassuringly before looking down. I watched as he grabbed himself, running his tip up and down me.
"So wet."
He mentioned before pushing his tip into me. My breathing hitched at the feeling. as he pushed into me slowly I looked up to the ceiling, clenching my jaw. It wasn't exactly painful but it was definitely uncomfortable.
"You still okay?"
He asked halfway in. I nodded.
"Just keep going."
He nodded back and did as told, bottoming out. I let out the breath I was holding in as he leaned back over me.
"It's okay, it'll feel better once you're used to it."
I nodded as he began pulling out. He was halfway out before he started pushing back in. I immediately gripped onto his shoulders, gasping at the feeling. He looked over my face.
"Do you want me to stop?"
I shook my head.
"No, we're gonna get through this. Together."
He kissed my forehead and pulled halfway out again before pushing back in. That time was much better, making me moan lightly at the feeling. He smiled down at me and did it again. I squeezed his shoulders as he kept moving.
He asked and I nodded, dropping my head back as he moved in and out of me.
"God yes."
I moaned. He kept moving, picking up the pace a bit.
"God yes!"
I called, him dropping his head to the crook of my neck. I could hear and feel his labored breathing as he moved. I pushed my hips up into his and he grunted against my shoulder.
"Oh my God, Chris."
I whined, dragging my finger nails down his arm. He had picked up a decent pace by now and though I was still uncomfortable, it was still a pleasure unlike any I'd ever felt.
He grunted out, pushing into me harshly. I let out a whine at the feeling, tears stinging my eyes. I felt his fingers trail down my torso before he pushed his index finger against my clit. I moaned loudly, pushing my hips up into him. I froze before feeling my body shake against him, a wave of pleasure overtaking me. I breathed heavily as he pushed into me again, moaning too as he paused. I could feel him twitch inside of me before pulling out and shooting his load onto my stomach. He practically yelled as he came undone, his face flushing red and his eyes dark. He panted for a second before falling into the couch next to me.
He breathed out, laughing as his hand made its way to his forehead. I laughed a little too, feeling fire between my legs at the loss of contact.
"If you ever need that again, don't hesitate to ask."
He joked, making me for-real laugh.
"I'll keep that in mind."
I said, my breathing finally going back to normal. He sat up.
"Here, let me go get something for that."
He stood up off the couch, pulling his pants back up and disappearing down the hall. When he came back he had a wash cloth in his hand. I watched as he wiped it across my stomach, getting his cum off of me.
I Joked. He winked at me.
"Any time."
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felixtok · a year ago
Safe With Me- Blood Bag (A.I.) Pt 3
Summary: So far, you’re surviving day one of living in the Hunter Hotel. Now if only Vampire King, Michael Clifford wasn’t plotting to whisk you away at first moments notice.
A/N: I know the cover art still has my old url but since i still have it saved for reasons, fight me
Warnings: Sexual themes. Violence in detail. Ashton being sort of a mentor. No Luke in this one sorry. I know you guys loved to see him. Michael being a murderous shit. Mentions of human subjugates, death mentions. Cursing.
WC: 4.6k
Series Masterlist   //   Ko-Fi
Tumblr media
Michael was different from the other blood suckers. Bloodsuckers? He could scoff at the word. He hated it, felt it undermined him completely. He thought of himself as more than a run of the mill vampire, ready and plump for the taking. He was more than the common glorified mosquito.
He brushed his hands along the bone colored banister. His fingernails were long and sharp, freshly filed to the perfect length. Michael loved to watch his hands wrapped around his victim’s throats as life seemed to drain from their eyes. There was always a mix of looks in their eyes, some were slightly excited, intoxicated under his glance, others riddled with pure fear and anxiety. He liked both, feeding off of every reaction.
As cliche as it was, Michael Clifford, the Vampire King enjoyed the thrill of the kill.
He could smell her for miles. Her scent filled all of his senses, his mouth watering. His tongue flickered up to one of his perfectly sharpened fangs, licking the sides of it. Something about her blood was sweeter than every other bloodbag around. Michael could practically taste her. He opened his pale pink lips as if he could feel her plasma on his tongue already. The moan that emitted from his mouth was one of just pure ecstasy and hunger.
“Sierra,” he said it softly, knowing that no matter where she was, he heard her. 
The human servant was at his door in no time. Michael could easily remember the day he got her. It was the same day he ruined that poor little hunter doctor’s life. Michael easily remembered watching the two of them, Luke and Sierra, go by him hand in hand and the whiff of the scent she had was overpowering him. She smelled like fresh lavender and vanilla coated in honey on tea, her skin looked even smoother. Michael could already see himself rubbing one clawed finger up and down her skin. He knew then and there he needed her as his own little blood bag as soon as possible. 
It would be too easy, and no fun, to just kidnap her. Michael enjoyed more thrill and suspense in his chases. Why not kill a couple people and make sure her golden boy of a boyfriend didn’t come looking for her too? Luke Hemmings ended up way too broken to even realize she disappeared. 
Michael would bet an eighth of his kingdom that the loverboy still hadn’t noticed. So much for young love.
Now all these years later, Michael had some of the best subjugates for him to taste. He was determined to keep that ideology. What kind of king would he be if all his followers didn’t see him with the best at all times.
“Yes, my king?” Sierra’s voice was soft. It was precious to know just how scared she was to be in his presence.
“Do you remember that boyfriend of yours?” Michael mused, a small smirk yanking his mouth up. He could feel her hesitation in waves.
“No, my king. I only know you,” she was well trained, Michael thought, but she was a liar. Michael made a note to punish her later for that lie. For now, he needed his plan to work.
“Luke Hemmings has something I want. Him and his little hunter friends. Assemble the smallest group possible of my best vampires,” Michael smiled, his grip on the banister tightening as he continued looking at his night view of a beautiful world. All in his creation.
“Daddy wants to bring home a new pet.”
“Jada, if you complain the entire time, I’m just going to let you get attacked.”
“Don’t be a dick, Calum.”
“Tell her not to be lazy then!” the boy I thought to be a goofy sweet was turning out to be a really big dick. Calum Hood meant business over anything and suddenly I was receiving the blunt end of what that business entailed.
“I’m not being lazy!” I rolled my eyes before using wide arms to gesture at my body, “If it isn’t noticeable I haven’t been active since high school.”
“Do you want an award or a pity prize?” Calum rolled his eyes. He clearly wasn’t impressed or didn’t care about my lack of physical prowess, “It will get you nothing here. All you’re learning is some basic self -defense skills. Stuff you should know. Both as a human and a woman.”
I sucked in a breath. He was right. Every woman should have basic self-defense training but still. I just didn’t want to hear it from tall, dark, and jackass.
“Maybe take a break, Cal. This is all a lot for her,” Ashton stood up from the corner of the room. I watched him walk over to us. He was still in the all leather outfit he wore earlier and it was taking everything out of me not to keep my eyes trained on him. Part of me felt like he knew just how sexy he was clad in leather with every muscle defined in his clothing. However, I knew he only meant business the same as Calum.
Calum just scoffed, shaking his head, “Whatever. I guess we’ll soon be finding out how pretty you are dead then.”
Calum walked off then. My eyes went wide at what he said and Ashton just shook his head.
“Sorry about him,” Ashton said, one large hand covering my shoulder, “He has a hard time dealing with our certain threat.”
“What even is the threat?” I just groaned, “As far as I know, it’s just a couple vampires think I’m juicier than most.”
“It’s more than that.”
“Well, you’re not telling me so I don’t know!” I tried not to yell but this all was so frustrating. My whole life was being torn apart for a threat of just a couple constantly being after me.
I already dealt with that bullshit being a woman.
“Fine, you may want to take a seat then,” Ashton guided me to the common room adjacent to the training room.
This room had double brown leather couches inside with a small table and a fridge. It also had a couple game consoles and a pool table set up. Oh, so these people did have fun.
“Go ahead and sit down,” Ashton told me. I sat on one of the couches as he grabbed two drinks from the fridge. He tossed me one before sitting beside me.
“In 1456, there was a young vampire. No one knew how exactly he came to be a vampire. Some think his mother consorted with a demon. Others say he was cursed. All we knew is that one day, there were no vampires, as far as anyone knew. Then within a year, a whole town was slaughtered. All brutally killed with throats ripped out,” Ashton sighed, “Michael Gordon Clifford, Vampire King has been alive that entire time. He has not been stopped. He has only grown stronger. And he is obsessed  with filling his body with the best blood ever.”
“And what makes mine so good?”
“We don’t know how you get your singing blood exactly,” he brushed his hair back, the action just causing his hair to fall back in his face, “All we do know is that legend has it, the better the blood, the stronger he gets. Some can even give him new strengths as a leech. Mind control and subjugation being one of them. He will do any and everything to get so powerful that he could conquer the human race.”
“Jesus, sounds like this guy needs an ego check.”
Ashton giggled, the sound relaxing, “He’s centuries old, Jada. His ego is mostly inflated.”
“So, we’re going to stop him?”
“We have to,” Ashton stood up walking over to the window, “On the night of the full moon he’ll come for you again. I know it. I know that if he gets your blood, it will be enough for him to enslave the human race.”
I followed him to where he stood. His eyebrows creased the lines along his skull, his thoughts heavy, “How do you know that?”
Ashton looked at me. His face was etched in pain crossing over a billion times. All he could do was shake his head, “He told my mother.”
Calum Hood used to be a blood bag. It wasn’t something in particular that he enjoyed talking about. The word ‘blood bag’ made him want to curl inward and puke. It made him remember not being a human for once in his life and only being food. He remembered being young and foolish. He remembered some woman coming up to him and calling him “sweet thing.”
He was 15 when he met her. Teenage hormones made it so any attention from any woman was enough to have him putty in her hands. Calum was young and with blood that sang Ava Maria so sweetly that one day when he was walking home from soccer practice, he found himself following some thirty-something year old woman and never seeing his family again.
Promising young Calum Hood who lived pop punk music and playing soccer was proclaimed missing for five years without one single trace.  
That woman, Celosia, had him as hers for five years. For five blissful years, Calum waited patiently on Celosia. Feeding her, bathing her, clothing her, loving the vampire woman who he believed to be older than time itself. She had him in her grasps. He would do anything for her to take a nibble out of him. Calum would lay down his life if it meant Celosia survived just one more night.
One day, the annual ball came around. Once a century, high and powerful vampires came from all over to a ball hosted by The King. It was an important time and an event that to miss would mean a sure and swift death. No one dared refuse an invitation.
 Celosia was, of course, invited. She was the most powerful vampire in all of New Zealand. Calum remembered watching her sigh as she opened the invitation, the old parchment paper more a relic than she was. 
The beautiful woman had hair blacker than night itself. Her eyes gave way to a heritage lovingly forgotten, a world older than one Calum would ever know. Her skin was a pale color, no reds or warm hues. She was so skinny that Calum could see the blue veins all over her skin. He loved to watch how they pulsed whenever she drank from him. How her mouth turned up in pure ecstasy. 
“Seems we have an event, Calum,” Celosia stood once the invitation burned to a crisp. They didn’t want the godly hunters on the trail, “You would do very well to go out and get a suit. I am letting you go this once. Take my card and my car. Buy something so extravagant, mon petit.”
She kissed him then. It was small and it was quick but it meant the world to Calum. He nodded as she handed him the card she used. She rarely ever used this, trying to keep as little a paper trail as possible. He smiled as he took it before she was pushing him away and leaving. He watched her go with a sigh.
Calum hadn’t left Celosia’s estate in five years. He could still drive, which was a shock to him, but part of him didn’t think he would know how to interact with the rest of the world. He found himself driving to a mall he frequented often with his friends before this all happened. Part of him wondered whatever became of them. All of him wondered if they cared that he left. 
He entered the first formal store he saw. An attendant came to help him and all he did was push her away. Calum knew that if Celosia smelled another human on him, she would be living, assuming he was trying to escape. It’s the exact opposite of course. Calum knew he would do anything for that woman.
He finally decided on one suit to try on. He got an attendant to open the fitting rooms and he went in, locking the door behind him.
“Five years is a long time, Calum Hood,” there she sat. Her hair was brown and curly and all over her face. Her eyes were a bright hazel color. She was an older woman but she looked like she still had all of her wits and athleticism. She was clad in leather and carried a tranquilizer dart.
“My name is Anne and I am here to save you,” the woman, Ashton’s mother, told him right before she hit him with the dart.
“Come with me, pretty girl.”
I woke up screaming.  My chest felt tight as I tried to steady my breathing. My head was pounding almost as fast as my heart. One of my hands was clutching my chest as I tried to breathe less like someone who just had the worst nightmare ever. I could already tell this shit was getting to me more than I would dare to let anyone know.
I finally finished my first full day in Hunter Hotel and here I am having terrifying nightmares of that vampire chasing me. He was as good as dead, I know. I saw Ashton kill him in front of me and everything. But still, the thought of him still being alive terrified the living Christ out of me. Better yet, the thought of another one of those vampires being after me was killing any spunk I had left.
I stood up, quickly throwing a robe and shoes on before heading down to the cafeteria. I remembered someone telling me it was open at all hours and I seriously hoped it had something sweet to eat and something hot to drink. 
If they had some melatonin, I would also take it. 
The cafeteria was still dark as I walked in, only a couple of emergency lights were still on. I grabbed a cup of parfait and got a brew of tea ready for myself.
Once it was ready, I went to take it up to my room.
To get there, I had to pass a lot of other rooms here. Both survivors and hunters alike stayed here so it was no surprise that a lot of these rooms, it was noticeable some people were still awake. I walked past each room, trying not to bring any attention to the fact that I was in the hall when I heard the sound of a tinkling piano.
The melody sounded familiar and it had me drawn to it, causing me to walk closer to it then I would have liked.
The person behind this melody left the door to their room at the end of my hall, just slightly ajar. Their hums came from the room, a perfect harmony dancing through the air. I smiled at the sound before leaning against their door.
I didn’t want to look in at them, disturb their privacy any more than I already was. Instead, I was content with leaning against the wall next to their door frame and enjoying the sweet melody.
I found myself still in love with music. I haven’t listened to anything in the day I’ve been here but part of me was too busy believing my life would change drastically and everything I once loved would be no more. That my life was dedicated to finding myself somewhere in this anti-vampire world with nothing else for me left out there. Including TV, music, and all the nights out with my friends.
Fuck, my friends. I missed them already. I still had my phone, I could text them. But what would I even say?
Sorry, I haven’t been answering, I was too busy running for my life with a vampire hunter.
Yeah, let’s be sure to lose my fucking mind while I’m at it too. I sighed. My life would never be the same and I couldn’t decide if that was a good or bad thing.
Isn’t it every girl's wish to be swept up in a world of wonder and beautiful people? Then why am I so hesitant to leave my own life?
“Come in, Jada,” Ashton’s voice knocked me from my thoughts. I looked around to see where his voice came from before realizing it came from the room I was currently leaning against.
“Oh, hey,” I came in slowly. Ashton sat at a baby grand piano watching me. He wasn’t dressed in his usual leather ensemble. Instead he had on a large hoodie and gray sweatpants, his hair all over the place. It was obvious he didn’t get any sleep so he decided to play.
A quick glance around the room told me just how long he has lived here. His whole life he’s been doing this. He had the tiniest dresser, all of which I assumed were sleep clothes and leather fits. One wall was dedicated to weaponry. 
Walking in I knew it was a suite, the living room being the place I stepped into. Looking forward, one door was slightly ajar revealing a messy bet with clothes all over it. Someone definitely couldn’t get any rest.
“How are you?” Ashton asked me, his Australian accent thicker given how sleepy he was. He patted the seat beside him on the bench. I quickly sat beside him. His full attention was on me. I looked down instead of choosing to feel the weight of his gaze on me.
“Can’t sleep.”
“That’s to be expected,” he said and gestured at the food in my hand, “I see you found the cafeteria just fine though. That’s great.”
“Have you ate?” I asked, suddenly remembering how he didn’t eat at breakfast. He shrugged.
“Yeah, I did. Thanks for the concern,” he turned back to playing a couple notes on the piano, “I’m sorry about all of this. I really am.”
“Don’t apologize,” I shook my head, “None of this is your fault.”
“You’re right,” Ashton groaned, I saw his body tense as if he was resisting the urge to slam down on the keys. He relented, instead just flexing his joints, “Damn, leeches.”
“Why do you hate them so much?”
“You mean, besides the fact they get off on killing innocent humans?” The hunter scoffed, turning away from me. He stood from the bench and paced the length of the room as he spoke, calming himself down before he spoke.
“My mother trained me,” he said, not stopping his pace, “She was the glue that kept us all together. She trained a majority of us hunters. She was the one who saved Calum from his vampire slaver.”
“Calum was a slave?”
“Not important right now,” Ashton moved on as if he didn’t just drop that bomb, “A couple months ago, we all received a call about a girl being taken advantage of by a couple of fledglings. My mother and a couple of older hunters went to go check it out. It was a trap. They were ambushed. A hundred or so bloodthirsty leeches against the seven of them. They had no chance.”
My face fell as he continued talking. He never looked up from the ground, “My mother was determined to make sure everyone survived. She pushed all the hunters out and set off a bomb. She ran out, trying to avoid the explosion but was attacked as the leeches dragged her back in. Her, the vampires, and the building went up in blood and smoke but everyone else was saved.”
“Ashton, I’m so sorry.”
“You didn’t kill my mother, Jada. In fact no one one did. She’s a hero. It’s fine.”
I don’t know why I did it. I just knew he needed it. I got up from the piano bench and stopped him in his tracks by touching his arm. Ashton looked up at me, his hazel eyes solemn and teary. I frowned but didn’t let that stop me from pulling him in to a hug.
I felt his body freeze up before he hugged back, burying his face in my hair. I busied my hands by rubbing his back. Who knows when the last time someone hugged this hunter?
“Thank you,” Ashton muttered into my head and I nodded. 
We stood like that for a bit in each other's arms. I knew I needed a hug too but probably not more than he did.
He lifted up his head after a couple minutes, locking eyes with me. His hazel eyes were in perfect view for me now, flecks of gold tinkering at the edges of his iris. He had eyes like none I’d ever seen. I guess I could chalk it up to the whole, superhuman thing but maybe he was just gorgeous regardless.
My eyes dragged downwards to his lip. A rosy pink color adorned his perfectly shaped lips. A small sliver of tongue wet his bottom lips as my gaze traveled over them. I was intensely aware of the fact that he was looking down at me watching my eyes but I couldn’t drag my eyes away from his lips. I could only think about kissing his lips and how comforting they would be. How sweet it could taste to kiss Ashton Irwin.
His hands grabbed at my chin, tilting it upwards till our faces met. My eyes shuttered close as our faces met.
A harsh knock sounded at the door and Ashton quickly let me go, pushing me roughly away. 
“Ashton,” I heard Calum’s voice outside, “We have a situation. We need you now.”
I was quickly forgotten as Ashton responded and rushed to get dressed. My face went bright red as I stood in the corner of his room wondering just what the fuck happened.
I left the room quickly, running back to my own and wondering just how I could get any more stupid.
I closed the door behind me and sunk to the ground. He didn’t want to kiss me. Why would he? He just wanted that comfort and I couldn’t blame him. The second duty calls, he was back to Hunter Ashton. Too nice to be considered a hard ass but too consumed in work to be anything more.
I looked out at the moon, noting it’s shape. More than a quarter of it was peeking out from the shadow. A couple days till the full moon. 
A couple days till Michael’s army came for me.
Michael was laughing. On a day like this, it was all he could do but laugh. He knew he had the hunters right where he wanted them. Running constantly, expanding their strength from mission to mission. He had vampires all over, weakening each group of hunters around. He laughed at every report he received. 
Two hunters are captured, sir.
Successful kill of about six, your majesty.
The whole troop is out, my liege.
His smile was far from faltering. He was winning the war that he created. Who would even dare to stop him now?
“Your Royal Vampireness,” Sierra walked in next. He hardly heard her come in but he sensed her more. 
Michael sat in his throne room, happily filing the sharp edges of his fingernails. They had to be more than ready for the upcoming battle. He could already see his nails wrapped around the neck of the world. Metaphorically, of course.
He was so close to the world being his.
“Speak,” he called out and the black haired girl nodded. She was impossible to listen to at times, still meek around him. If her blood wasn’t just so delicious, Michael was sure he would have ripped out her throat by now.
“Celosia requests your audience,” she squeaked out.
He rolled his eyes at her comment. Celosia, the Head Vampire of New Zealand, utterly annoyed the living crap out of him. Ever since her favorite blood bag was taken away from her by Anne Irwin, she’s been a thorn in his ass. Apparently, killing Anne Irwin wasn’t enough for Celosia. The vampiress wanted back her little chew toy too. Michael didn’t know he was a miracle worker too.
“Let her in,” he told Sierra and she ran off. 
Soon Celosia was walking in, accompanied by a new subjugate of hers. Michael didn’t even have to look at her but he could hear the new bloodbag. The sound emanating from her blood was so mesmerizing, he piped up immediately. 
His eyes trained on the girl instantly. He walked down the steps of his throne in front of the girl, in a split second. One hand traced down the jawline, taking note of just how pretty her neck tipped into her collar bone. Her blue eyes were wide on him as his other hand grabbed at her hair, slowly taking a sniff of it. The girl trembled under his touch and he smiled. He loved how he already had her shaking, not even having to say a word.
“Celosia. I take it you brought me a gift,” Michael asked the Head Vampire, stepping away from the girl.
“I did. I heard her blood from a mile away in my last trip to California,” Celosia thrust the girl at him, “I hope to put myself once again in your good graces, my lord.”
Michael grabbed the girl’s forearm. He didn’t have to put much pressure. He was already overpowering her. The girl attempted to yank herself out of his grasp. He tightened his grip as a slow growl came from her throat. She screamed before freezing.
“What’s your name, sweetie?” he asked her and Michael watched her throat move. Oh, to have his lips sucking out her blood right now.
“Cr-Crystal,” she stuttered out. Michael smiled at the name, “Pretty name.”
He turned back to Celosia who had a ghost of a fearful smile across her face. She was desperate to please Michael, “Very well, Celosia. For this treasure you have brought me, I will personally ensure that by the end of the week, you get Calum Hood back.”
“Thank you, my lord,” Celosia bowed before leaving. 
“Oh, and, Celosia?” Michael called to her. The head vampire turned to him.
Michael moved swiftly. All his years of life prepared him for things like this. He barely had to think about it. Within a blink of an eye, he was across the hall and right in front of her. 
He waited one second to smile at her before his freshly manicured hand was wrapped around her throat. His feet moved quickly pinning her against the farthest wall.
“How dare you try to bargain with your leader?” he growled at her. The vampire choked at the sudden loss of oxygen. Celosia clawed at his arms. All his guard had their weapons trained on her. Even if she did escape Michael’s grip, she was as good as dead.
“It could be one singer, or a million and one, and I will always take the first chance to kill vampire scum like you,” Michael growled into her ear.
Celosia whimpered, “Please, please, your majesty. I recant. I apologize for my disrespect.”
“Ask the gods that don’t exist to forgive you,” Michael plunged his free hand into her chest, breaking the flesh in one swift go. Celosia gasped as her life force was snatched out of her, her once slow pumping heart in Michael’s grip. He yanked it out of her before throwing it in the hearth in the middle of his throne room. 
Dark, black oozed from her as she went lifeless. Michael smiled at the sight before tossing her body to the guards.
“Rip her limb from limb and burn her alive,” his smile never faded as he trained his eyes back to Crystal.
“And you, follow me to my rooms.”
Crystal whimpered.
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kittykatwriteystuff · 2 years ago
Aziraphale and Crowley, Sitting in a Cottage, C-O-O-K-I-N-G
Pairing: Aziraphalex Crowley
Summary: a little fic based on the vlogger au by @mostweakhamlets that’s super super cute. I love it a lot. Set after the apocawoops, Crowley and Aziraphale have moved into a cottage in South Downs and Aziraphale has started a cooking vlog and Crowley has started a garden.
Word Count: 1683
Crowley was in the garden tending to his plants while Aziraphale was doing another livestream. It seemed like he recorded something almost daily at this point, but Crowley didn’t mind. If it made Aziraphale happy, it made Crowley happy. That’s how Aziraphale felt about Crowley’s gardening. He thought it was good for him, too. Gave him something to occupy his mind and hands, not to mention it was nice to have fresh food straight from the garden to cook with. Much to Aziraphale’s delight, Crowley’s mental and physical health had greatly improved over the last two summers of their living in the cottage at South Downs. It was good for both of them, Aziraphale decided.
He looked at his phone and squinted at it before putting on his glasses to read through some of the comments. “Anthony is doing much better, thank you for asking,” he squinted again as he read the url, “I do hope I pronounced that correctly. Erm, Antila is growing up well and is a healthy, happy cat,” he scrolled a bit more, “Ah! Cream cheese frosting is rather simple to make, actually. I think it’s one of those things that we convince ourselves is going to be far too complicated for us to do. If you like, I can do a quick demonstration on it. I did a video on it a few weeks ago when I did the carrot cake. It was scrumptious.”
Aziraphale moved about the kitchen, getting the supplies he needed for the frosting, talking the whole time. The side door to the yard opened and Crowley walked in wearing his usual sunglasses a wide-brimmed black hat, and a healthy layer of sweat, carrying a wooden crate full of fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables, a dirt-covered hand holding his phone to his ear as he spoke to whoever was on the other end. His gardening gloves were hanging over the edge of the box as he carefully kicked the door closed with a mud-covered boot, leaving a scuff mark that matched the others that had been left before.
Crowley walked over to Aziraphale and offered a quiet, “Hey, Angel,” before giving him a quick kiss in greeting and going back to his phone call.
The comments on the livestream went wild at the appearance of the ever elusive Crowley.
“I’m doing a livestream, dear,” Aziraphale told him.
Crowley’s mouth formed an ‘o’ as he turned to Aziraphale’s phone, “Hi guys. Er, I’m on the phone with our godson, so I can’t stick around, sorry,” and then continued on with his conversation as he set the crate of food in the farm sink before moving his gloves onto the part of the counter that was the designated the-sink-is-full-of-dirty-food-already- but-I-need-more-room-and-I-also-don’t-want-to-get-my-gloves-wet area of the counter so that he could wash his hands, “Of course you can come over. You know our door is always open to you,” a pause as he listened to Warlock’s voice on the other end, “You can stay as long as you like,” another pause, “You know you don’t have to worry about your parents. If you feel like you need a break from them or just a change of scene, you can stay here as long as you need,” another pause as he listened and dried his hands with paper towels, “I don’t care what your mother says, if you want to stay here, you’re staying here. You can go home when you feel like you want to.”
The conversation carried on, but Crowley was moving to a different part of the room to continue it in a bit more privacy.
Someone commented on the livestream, “Anthony would make a wonderful father.” several other people agreed heartily.
Aziraphale read the comment and smiled softly, “He really would. You should have seen him with our godson Warlock when he was younger. He presented as female in those days and was his nanny for a few years. Nanny Ashtoreth. At the same time I was their gardener, actually. Warlock doesn’t call him anything but ‘Nanny’. It’s rather endearing, really.” He smiled fondly at the memory, “Anyways, this frosting is rather simple. You just get cream cheese and confectioner’s sugar…” he continued in his instruction of the frosting while he made it and answered people’s questions.
After a few more minutes, Crowley came back into the kitchen to wash the things he had brought in, “I’m going to go out and pick up Warlock after I finish with these. He’s going to be staying with us for a few days at the least. But something tells me it’ll be at least a month or so.”
“Alright, dear. Could you taste this for me?” Aziraphale got a bit of frosting on the end of a spoon and held it out for Crowley to taste, holding his unoccupied hand under the spoon to catch anything that would fall off of it.
Crowley turned and let his husband put the spoon in his mouth, closing his lips around it and letting it sit on his tongue for a moment before swallowing it, “It’s good, Angel.”
“You think so?”
He nodded, “As far as sweets go, yeah.”
Aziraphale turned back to the camera with a smile on his face, “Anthony’s always prefered savory over sweet,” he said by way of explanation to his viewers, “I think that’ll be all for today. I’ll have a new video out by the end of the week,” he gave a few words of encouragement to his viewers and gave a little wave with a bright smile before ending the live stream.
Crowley washed the herbs, fruits, and vegetables thoroughly before putting them in their proper places and turning to Aziraphale, “I’m gonna pop in the shower. You going to come with me to pick him up?”
“Of course, dear. I just need to figure out what to do with all this frosting now. Perhaps Warlock and I can bake a cake and we could go on a picnic with the Them,” Aziraphale wondered aloud.
Crowley kissed his cheek, “Whatever you like, Angel.”
He smiled and thought aloud as he watched his husband walk in the direction of their bathroom, “Perhaps we could invite Anathema and Newt. Oh, and Sergeant Shadwell and Madame Tracy. We could make a day of it. It would probably do Warlock some good. And Crowley.”
A few minutes later, Crowley came into the kitchen in fresh clothes, with half his hair tied back in a mini bun, signature glasses on his face, “Ready, Angel?”
“Whenever you are.”
They went out to the Bentley and got in and drove to the Dowlings to pick up Warlock.
When they got there, Crowley got out of the car and pushed the front seat forward to let Warlock in and then closed the door behind him to talk to his mother while Aziraphale put his bags in the boot.
“Anthony, you will take care of him, won’t you?” Mrs. Dowling asked.
“Of course we will,” Crowley answered, Scottish accent and all.
“And you’re sure it’s not any trouble?”
“Not at all. He’s always welcome to stay for as long as he wants.”
She let out a breath, visibly relaxing, “Alright. Just, make sure he knows I love him, will you?”
“Of course, Harriet. He’s in safe hands, I assure you. Why don’t you go in and make yourself a nice cuppa and get some rest?” Crowley suggested kindly.
She nodded, “Right. Thank you, again. I think it’s been hard for him, me and Thaddeus fighting so much.”
“Have you ever thought of divorce?” he asked gently.
Harriet let out a long sigh, “I have. I think it’s been a long time coming, really. I’ve just been trying to make it work, you know? For Warlock’s sake.”
He put a hand on her shoulder, “Whatever you decide, You’ll always have mine and Francis’s support.”
She smiled at him gratefully, looking as though a great burden had been lifted from her shoulders, “Thank you, Anthony. I won’t keep you any longer. He looks eager to get out of here. I don’t blame him.”
Crowley nodded, “Don’t hesitate to call, dear. We’re always happy to help.”
She nodded, “Goodbye.”
“Goodbye,” Crowley got back into the Bentley and drove off.
“Do you think she’ll be okay?” Warlock asked after a few minutes of silence.
Crowley looked back at him in the rearview, “I know she will be. You’re mother is a strong woman, Warlock.”
Warlock nodded, “I know.”
They drove in silence until they got to the cottage, when they all got out and filed into the cottage.
“You can have your usual room if you like,” Aziraphale told Warlock.
Warlock nodded, “Thank you,” and went to take his things to his bedroom.
Aziraphale looked after him worriedly, “He’ll be alright, won’t he?”
Crowley nodded, “Of course he will.”
“Did you talk to her about…?” he trailed off.
“Yeah, I did. Seemed like she’d already had the thought herself. It’ll do her some good to get away from all of that. I don’t think she’s ever really had the time to really explore exactly who she is,” Crowley pulled out his basket of seeds from under the counter and started sifting through the packets, “Season’s changing soon. What would you like?”
Aziraphale went to stand beside him and went through the seed they had collected over the years, pointing at the ones he thought would be nice and making comments about what he could use them for. Crowley had a large section of his garden set aside for herbs, fruits, and vegetables for Aziraphale’s cooking. The rest of the garden was full of various things. They had a couple rose bushes in front of the house that he tended to, and a section of herbs for teas in the garden. They had two pear trees in the backyard as well. Over all, it was quite a sizeable garden. Aziraphale mentioned they might take some of their things to the farmers market to sell, but Crowley wasn’t sure if he was ready for that quite yet. Perhaps one day.
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fineliines · a year ago
okay so before things get misconstrued, i have seen the post @pocmuzings posted and i have quite a lot to say at least to explain my side of the story. you guys can make the choice to believe me or not but everything on this post is the truth on my end. this is very long and i hope everyone takes the time to read it but it’s just a warning this is long.
first and foremost, you need to understand that i have never once in my entire life said the n word. i grew up in a household where i always knew the weight of that word and it’s heavy connotations my entire life; my mom, grandma and cousins always used the word despite being spanish because they were very racist and stereotyped the black community. i knew of that, i was young when they used the word (probably around elementary school age) and never spoke up because i was a child. however, i’ve always known it’s not the right word to say or is it my place to say it as a non-black poc. i’m unsure if the person sending the anon meant to say i was using the word or if it was my friend at the time in the post but i have never EVER said that word. i would never use that word, i’m not ignorant on it and have always known what it’s implications were.
secondly, the problematic friend in question was someone i knew in my real life. we went to high school together, we met through a mutual friend who looking back on it, that mutual friend sexually assaulted me at one point and BECAUSE of that incident and numerous other things that happened in that small friend group, i pulled away and found solace in this person. his name was cameron, he’s no longer in the rpc so i really don’t care about putting his name out there to help keep track while i write this out. to give more background on this, cameron wasn’t the kind of person i could simply “get rid of” like i could have if he’d been someone i met online. like i said, we went to high school together, we lived in the same town, we became INSEPERABLE-- i vacationed with him and his family on MULTIPLE occasions. my mom and his mom became friends, we spent holidays together, etc. this wasn’t someone i could write off. we met when i was around 15 years old and he was 17 and we stayed friends from me being 15 to around the age of me being 21... in fact, i believe our last outing together was my 21st birthday but that’s irrelevant. i am now 24. throughout the time that we were best friends, however, i got him into rping and we were in the rpc together for an extended period of time. cameron has always been extremely problematic and this was something i didn’t necessarily become aware of until later on in our friendship. we started rping together in american horror story roleplays which is where i first started and in general, those rp’s were very very problematic and dark; it was a completely different time in the rpc compared to now and i am 100% aware of that. 
cameron became notorious for causing drama wherever he went. in the ahs rp we were in, something happened between my character and someone else’s, anon hate was sent to the gossip blog or w/e about my character and it got to the point where i, myself, was being told to kill myself through anon hate because of whatever ship drama was happening. i was 15 years old and people on the internet were telling me to kill myself. cameron stepped in, defended me in the only way he knew how, started drama with the admins for not doing anything to stop the stuff being sent to me or help me and we got kicked out of the group as the solution to their problem. from that moment on, cameron simply never stopped causing problems and i often found myself getting dragged into things with him because we were friends and i stuck up for him because he usually stuck up for me. at some point as i got a little older, maybe 17/18, i can’t remember, me and him joined this subplot rp that this person who sent in the anon was running. yes, cameron and i became friends with the person, she was the admin, things were fine for a while and eventually, things in the group started getting slow so cameron wanted to leave and me, being the person i was at the time, followed him because he was my best friend. i remained somewhat friends with the anon but i always felt like things were strained between us BECAUSE cameron was always up to something; whether it was causing problems in the anon’s various groups she joined or simply leaving because he got bored or just being a general bully, befriending people and manipulating them and being ugly and problematic and racist. i can’t remember the anon ever talking to me about being uncomfortable with his actions because it was years ago and i’ll admit that at the time, it wasn’t important to me because i thought things were fine because her problems with cameron weren’t ever explicitly told TO me. i will admit that from the ages of 15-18, whenever cameron started drama or was problematic or did shitty things, i blindly followed him and never spoke up. i didn’t speak up because i felt like he helped me and defended me and PROTECTED me from my assaulter in real life and all the anon hate i got from this group that i owed him my loyalty. again, please keep in mind, i’ve been friends with him since we were both in high school, he wasn’t someone i could simply write off or get rid of at the time.
i started realizing he wasn’t a good person when i got a little older. i decided to open up a group that was based off college kids and it was based off the college i currently attend, ucf--- genuinely i don’t remember the url of the group but @wonclerland was in it with me because we were friends. cameron joined, obviously and at the time that i was admining, he didn’t do much. people joined who i’d met through a previous rp and to be honest, that group of people and i were 100% a really stupid clique of mean people. they were really mean and petty and ugly and i never said anything to them or about what they said because i wanted to fit in and again, i admit to that. some girl joined the group who went by the name athena or it was her alias, i don’t really know but apparently, she had beef with that group of people who joined and they claimed she was racist but could never properly pull up proof to show me or whatever. as an admin, i was caught in the middle trying to hear every side of the story. cameron befriended athena and all hell broke loose.  i ended up going to playlist live for a day and mistakenly, i had asked one of the people in the little clique of mine to run the main while i was gone for the day. in the span of the 8 hours i was gone, the clique had posted athena’s unfollow despite her not wanting to quit and blah blah blah. i shut down the group because i didn’t know what to do and it make me anxious and stressed. cameron and athena formed a group of friends FROM that group and started to go on the girl who posted the unfollow’s instagram and comment hateful, bodyshaming things. they went as far as editing a picture of the girl on photoshop to look like shrek. i saw this all unfold and realized what kind of person cameron was and decided to TRY to sever ties with him. multiple times after this, i attempted to call him out on his ugly behavior on the tail end of our friendship. we would get into really violent fights in person and he’d come to target where i worked at the time to scream at me and yell at me in person. i called him out for being racist and problematic and using the n word- in return, he took down an entire roleplay we worked on together because he made all the graphics and left the page empty and blank while i was at work and couldn’t do anything about it. him and his boyfriend would call me names, made fun of me when i confided in them and came out as bisexual and told me i was just looking for attention and many other fucking instances where i was made to feel like shit. every time i called him out about stuff he did or said at all, i had to deal with abuse from in person and because i didn’t know how to approach the situation or deal with it, i let him get away with treating other people in the rpc like trash.
cameron and i grew apart after he quit the rpc. he ran out of aliases to use to destroy groups and i was working on actively trying to get out of the wake of destruction him and the friend group that yes, i followed around, left behind. i put forth the effort to work on learning about racism more in depth, i went to therapy to deal with the assaults and stuff i was going through and i used writing to cope with it and found a solid group of people that were actually decent. i admit that i was part of the problem by not saying anything to cameron, i was terrified of him and losing the only friend i had in my real life at the time. i know what he did hurt a lot of people in the rpc, including now the anon, and i realize that my silence until much later was not of any help at all. my activism now isn’t performative--- i’ve tried so hard over the last few years to learn and educate myself on the blm movement and i’m still learning every day. my intentions and heart have never been malicious and i deeply apologize to you, oksi, if you read this because i know it’s you that sent that anon. i’m sorry that my silence and lack of maturity and balls to confront cameron hurt you and i’m sorry for being a part of the problem. i’m sorry to whoever knew me back then and saw the people i surrounded myself with and that i was so focused on fitting in and belonging to a group (even a really fucking shitty one) stop me from speaking up when it mattered the most. i wish that this had been addressed to me privately so i could’ve talked to her and heard her side of the story but i understand that she probably felt uncomfortable and unsafe given our past and who she used to associate me with. i do not and will not ever stand for racism, i’m working every single fucking day to learn and spread resources and educate myself and to not overstep my boundaries or talk over the black community because it’s NOT my place. i can’t speak for the other person mentioned in this post and i hope she comes forward if she feels inclined to and tell her side of the story but this is mine. holding myself accountable for being a part of the problem. 
i’m sorry if any of this upset anyone and if this means i’m going to lose friendships or mutuals over this. i understand and it’s fine. i’m not looking to victimize myself at all and i’m admitting to the fact that i was complacent and silent and i’m really sorry. i’m not like that anymore and i’m always one of the first people to call horrible shit out, probably too much because i spent so much time NOT saying anything out of fear. and if you read any of this, thank you? i don’t know what this is going to do but i hope it helps shed light on my side of the story. again, oksi, i’m really fucking sorry- you don’t have to forgive me at all and i don’t expect you to but i hope you’ll at least hear this out and try to understand i’ve changed and i actively try every single day to be better than i used to be. thank you and sorry again.
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♥ super(hero) love ♥
Tumblr media
| hwang hyunjin x superhero!reader | sorry for any mistakes! english is not my first language!
part i | part ii (final)
Tumblr media
word count: 3.4k
warnings: tumblr!au, fanfic writer!reader x fan!hyunjin, enemies to lovers, fluff!!!, minor violence cause u know superhero stuff yadda yadda, some cursing here and there, (1) alcohol mention, 
A/N: just rewriting some old stuff :) | gender neutral reader (if you consider dude a gender neutral term lol)
“ Hi y/n! I’m sorry if i’m bothering you, but i just came by to say that i’ve read your last chapter last night and i can’t help but fall in love with your writing, you never disappoint! You’re always so creative when it comes to making stories and putting them into words, it’s almost like you’ve lived them! haha. So i just wanted to ask, where do you get your ideas? What are your inspirations? With love, Genie ;)”
Tumblr media
 Damn it. I stared at the ask i just received for a few long and tortuous minutes, definitely more than it was actually necessary. But hey, don't blame me for that, i mean, how in the hell i'm supposed to answer that? I can’t just go and say "Hi again Genie! Thank you for all the love, i really appreciate it! I get all my inspiration on my day-to-day life as a superhero. You probably have heard about me, i'm that one person with white clothes that shows all the time - if not every single day, in the morning news for saving and helping the city and their beloved citizens. Most people just call me 'the light hero' even though they know the right name for the supervillains, in special, Scarlet Devil - my arch enemy. In case you don't know my superhero name either, i go by Starlight. Kinda lame, i know. But it fits with the backstory of how i got my powers. Since it's a situation i went through, of course i'm going to know all the details in full experience and in first person, even that one where the protagonist rips his pants in the middle of a fight in the street and in front of everyone, only to reveal his red underwear constrasting the rest of the outfit, that is something i will never be able to forget, sadly. Hope i didn't disappoint you!" Let's be real, i could. Kinda.  But i won't be doing that for obvious reasons, i don't want even more people after my back because of this, the police is more than enough.
I sighed, pushing my chair closer to the desk and cracking my fingers so i could write something in return that didn't sound suspicious at all. "Hi Genie," i started, already struggling a little,"I really appreciate asks like this and i'm also happy to know that at least one person likes the lame things i write! :) I get all my inspiration from.." No, stop, stop. I can just go all in like that, i have to be subtle. Normal writers usually get their inspirations in a lot of differents things and ideas, if i say something like that there is a chance that it would come out weird. I think. "I get most of my inspiration in, well, superheros, of course. I read a lot of comics, books and i really like watching movies and animations with any types of heros. :)" Sent. That actually went a little better than expected. "Genie" whoever it was, sent another ask only a seconds after, i clicked on it already starting to feel anxious again. "That's so cool! I suppose you are into superheros in real life too. If so, are you fan of any of them?" Why did they had to send questions that are so hard and complicated to answer like that? The only superhero i know well enough to pretend that i am a fan of is Jeongin, you probably know him by Spark. But he also reads my blog and wouldn't let me live if i ever said i'm his fan, another thing i'm not really found of. Another superhero i'm really close with would be, well me, of course.
"Actually, i do. I'm a big fan of Starlight for some time, what about you?" I answered, my choice of words trying to be as lowkey and casual as possible, putting the right amount of weight in them. This person, whoever they were, seemed to be nosy sometimes like a shy high-schooler wanting to keep the conversation going with someone with that they liked and in a way, that was most likely the situation. They’re the only person who follows my blog for some time that i remember constantly sending me messages and checking up on me but the one thing that was different this time was that the person, my fellow readers, forgot to put the ‘anon’ option on this time, their blog url shined brightly and effortlessly on my computer screen.
This time, Genie took a while to answer, so i took that as a chance to take a look at their blog. Clicking on their url, i started scrolling down their posts. I couldn't help but cringe really hard when i started noticing that most of their posts was reblogs from fyeahscarletdevil and others fansites with cheesy compliments in the tags, they seemed to be a really big fan of the supervillain, my supervillain. The one who puts kittens in really high places where they can't come down anymore, the one who sets fire in close neighbourhoods backyards and gardens to ruin their grass and flowers they worked so hard on, the one who sets dogs out of their leashes suddenly creating an army of dogs or anything that would cause disturbance in the peace of those around him in the world. I want to say i am starting to see red out of anger but in all honesty, that would make me even more pissed. Red is his color, just like white is mine. Unclenching and relaxing my jaw, - bad habit, i know - i hadn’t even noticed Genie had answered. “Oh really? I’m a major fan of Scarlet Devil!” No shit, Sherlock. Duh. “I think he’s a great dude who fits perfectly in the whole ‘model’ supervillain concept! Especially when it comes to Starlight too! They both are made for each other and have a perfect chemistry, they would be nothing without one another like soulmates. I probably sound like a total nerd now, but thats what i think lol wbu? - Genie” They signed in the end, even though it was obvious it was them. Not only did this person ship me with my arch enemy, they were also a big giant nerd and a huge fanboy of the red devil. Rubbing my forehead, i prepared myself to write back a long and sharp reply arguing against everything they said, ready to win and probably lose one of my readers in the process. Or more than one, you never know how many creeps who are his fans are lurking on this website.
Turns out Genie, was a very cute boy called Hwang Hyunjin who lived close by the neighbourhood i lived at, he was tall and acted very shy when he wasn’t talking about things that he liked very much, such as supervillains, dancing and comics. After our argument that day about which one was better - Starlight and the one who shall not be named, we got extremely close to the point i couldn’t go one day without texting him and in some nights we’re one of us couldn’t sleep, we would call the other and talk for hours. Since today, we both had the day free, he suggested that we met in person for the first time and the weather being intensely hot and stuffy right now, we settled in the shopping, going for a walk and eating ice scream while getting to know each other more and maybe even watching a movie together. But if that’s not obvious enough already, i have a major, gigantic, mega, blast, huge, enormous crush on him. From the way he softly laughed when he talked about this new move he learned with his group of friends who danced too, from the way he asked me how my day went and actually listened to me talking about it carefully showing he actually did care, the way he blushed at every compliment i gave him. I could feel my heart beat faster with the thought of seeing his cute moles in person and of even having an opportunity to hold his hands. But, was this a date? Does he even like me back? Would he stop talking to me if he found out i am Starlight? Would he start liking me only because he found out i am Starlight? No, i should worry about all of this later. I took a deep breath in hope to calm myself down, looking at my phone. I’m not going to bring it with me this time, what if Jeongin calls me for an emergency or him being a trickster and ruining the moment? I shook my head. Y/N, you can’t think like that. As much as Nini can be a little shit sometimes, he’s still your baby brother and you need to be there for him when he gets into trouble with your uniform, fists and powers ready to help him. Grabbing my phone, i ran by the door hoping i would be able to get there in time.
I checked my phone. And then, checked again. No calls or texts from spark boy and most importantly, Hyunjin. I sighed in frustration, am i about to be stood up by my crush in our first time meeting in person? Is it bad that i’m getting ice scream before he shows up? Too many questions, calm down, ok? You’re the city’s biggest hero, you got this. - Hyunjin, Jin, Jinn-i said out loud to myself to distract from my anxiousness as i paid the lady for the ice scream but my line of thoughts were interrupted by well, another voice. A soothing voice. - Genie. Did you call me? You have three wishes. - he replied jokingly with a sweet smile in his lips and holding three fingers up. I just stared at him, amazed, not sure of what to do. It was like an angel had just spoke to me. - W-What? - he asked softly, his cheeks getting red out of embarassment. - Nothing, i just...I can’t believe you’re really here... - I trailed off while hugging him tightly. The way he hunched a bit to put his chin on my shoulder making my heart beat faster inside my chest. Get it together, Y/N. - Wait, - he stood back a little, to look at my face properly - You didn’t think i would leave you hanging, did you?    - Well, it wouldn’t be the first time that happened. Nothing personal. - i said, trying to laugh it off. - Then you’ve been going out to dates with the wrong guys. If i couldn’t come, i would’ve called you or still had came here to let you know we can’t spend the day togethe- - D-Date? - i gasped quietly but he was still able to hear, his face getting a tad more redder.  - Ye-yeah, i mean, if yo-you want to, i’m okay with that with thi-this being a date. Yeah.- he shrugged, looking down while visibly embarassed. - Yeah, i want that. It’s a date then! - i added confidently after he nodded, acting like it was no big deal for me. - Is it okay that i got ice scream without you? Sorry, it’s just that it’s so hot today, i couldn’t help myself. We can go back to the line if you want to! - No, it’s okay. Shall we? - he offered his arm which i accepted, his boyish eye smile making it even harder for me to control the butterflies in my stomach. I was falling for his charms, indeed. After a few minutes walking side by side and commenting on the things we saw on the windows of the stores, i decided i should finally take initiative. - So, what did you do today? Besides coming here, of course. - i asked with an interested smile before turning to my ice scream, the cold on my tongue seeming to help me deal with the hot weather better. God, why is it so hot today? What’s going on with the weather? - I slept really late before waking up and coming here, i almost lost track of the time. - he laughed lightly.  - Oh, same. - i replied in a flat tone. Right, cause i totally didn’t take two hours to get ready for Miss ‘I woke up like this’ right here. - Unless for the time part. Did you stay up praticing your moves? - Something physical like that, yeah. - he said, serious. - Did you stay up last night too? - Yeah, actually. - i agreed, regretting instantly. I stayed up all night because Jeongin had trouble sleeping, nightmares which made him cause a blackout in the whole neighbourhood by accident. Me, being the good older sibling, brought him to the energy station of the city and helped him bring all the power back before tucking him into bed and waiting for him to sleep again. If only had it been that easy., tsk tsk. On my way to dragging my sleepy little brother back home, i was met face to face with my arch-enemy straying through the city’s street during the night, his shameless bad-boy persona flirting with me while showing off his dark jacket and threatning to set my shoes on fire making my blood boil again. The reminder that i shot his hand for touching me, leaving a lightburn mark. My brand. - Are you okay? - My date’s voice cut me off. I shook my thoughts away, i already spend too much time thinking about that damned boy who liked setting my life on fire. Sometimes too literally. - Yeah, i just have too much on my mind, i guess. I stayed up most part of the night because my brother couldn’t sleep..I had to hold him until he fell back sleep so he wouldn’t have nightmares. - Oh, i didn’t knew you had a brother! - he looked surprised, rolling his sleeves up while guiding us to sit somewhere more reserved. - He’s not really my brother, he’s like a....consideration brother, if that makes sense. It’s complicated. - In fact, it really isn’t. I really do consider Jeongin my brother, i take care of him at any and all times especially at matters that his parents couldn’t understand, his powers. But i can’t just explain that to any normal person. - I see. I have a brother too, actually. Older. His name is Chan. - he replied brightly. Frostkiller. No. Not every Chan you know is the frosty meanie who happens to be partner with the Scarlet Devil, i’m sure there’s a lot of Chan’s all there, in the world. Far away from here. I smiled back, making him laugh lightly, his eye smile showing up again and making my heart skip beats. He had his chin propped on the palm of his hand, his eyes looking down shyly, his pink lips pressed together in a small smile. - Aren’t you hot? I mean, i feel like i’m melting here even though there’s AC here. I don’t know what’s going on today with the weather. - Oh really? I don’t feel anything, i even thought today was a bit chilly, actually. - What? - i gasped loudly, stretching to touch his forehead with the back of my hand - Are you okay? You aren’t sick, are you? - Don’t. - he stated coldly, closing his hands around my wrist to stop me, his warm fingers digging on my skin. But it was a bit too late, my fingertips touching his forehead already, i flinched taking my hand back, fearing it would burn my skin. - Hyunjin, oh my god! You’re on fire! Aren’t you with fever, shouldn’t we head to a hospita- - No. I’m okay, really. Don’t worry about me, okay? I guess i’m just that hot, pun intended. - he opened a sweet smile, winking - I’m going to buy us something to eat, sit still. - i stared at him, mouth open, still on shock. What does he even mean with ‘i’m okay’? I felt like i just had touched a heated oven or fire. Pure fire. I stared at his back, confused. I have enough experience to know something was definitely up, something not common. My area of expertise. I opened my lips, about to argue back but something caught my eye as i analised his back. Red. I got up from the table, charging at his direction with my fists closed and ready to feed him his own teeth. - What do you want- Oh! - he turned around, his face flushing and his eyes getting a bit bigger because of our proximity. - Give me your hand. - i demanded in a stern manner while stretching out my own hand. - W-What? - he gasped innocently, not affecting me now that i know he’s not so innocent anymore. I pulled on his wrist, turning and examining his forearm and instantly finding exactly what i was looking for. - What’s this? - i questioned, trying to hold back the poison on my tone. He looked down, biting his lips nervously. - Ok, you got me. I stayed up last night cause i was partying with my team colleagues and one of them was so drunk he started playing with fire and i tried helping him before things got worse but he ended setting my sleeve on fire and burning me. I didn’t tell you cause i was scared of what you would think about me, i don’t want you to have the wrong impression. - I bit the inside of cheek, thoughtful. - It doesn’t look like a fire burn though? - he gasped like a fish out of water, i didn’t care about our surroundings and if we looked like a couple arguing, i let his arm go ready to throw my second accusation at him. - What’s this the- Before i could finish and stick my hand behind his back snatch the evidence from his pocket, i was interrupted. Dance the night away, let’s dance the night away! Ooh! I sighed loudly, taking my phone out of my pocket. and turning my back to him. - This is not over yet. - Hey, Y/N. Could you- the voice in the other side of the line said quickly but i cut him off. - No. I’m in the middle of a date as we are speaking, ok? I told you that earlier! I really like this guy and something sketchy came up, i can’t do my light thing right now. - i whispered the last part. -Bu-But, Y/N! - Here we go, the whining - I’m about to have my ass frostbitten! You need to help me! I’m your brother! Are you really just gonna leave your little brother freezing here? - Jeongin whined loudly, hissing noises echoing in the background. I flinched, already picturing the mess on the street with tall buildings half-frozen and snow covering the sidewalks and cars. - Is the grumpy old dude there? - Yes! And very much gladly, Scarlet Devil isn’t here yet. Lucky you. - Can’t you just tell him to calm down? I’m sure he won’t hurt you if you do that, he loves you just as much as he loves his penguins on North Pole. - Very funny, ha. Just come here, you firefly. - Fine! Let me make up an excuse then. - Thank you, Y/N! - he replied in a singing voice. - You own me a pizza. - i said flatly before hanging up. Turning around, my date boy scratched his neck, his cheeks visibly red and hyperventilating. He looked like he would melt away at any moment out of embarassment. - I gotta go. - Yeah, me too. My room mate texted me and he needs help with the, hm, - he coughed before continuing - Caking a bake,i-i mea-an, Baking a cake, yeah.. - Sure. - i nodded at him briefly and in an awkward way before leaving. - Bye. - Wait! - He reached for my arm - I can still text you, right? - he questioned shyly. - Not if you’re gonna keep lying like this to me, Hyunjin. - i see. - he nodded back after giving me a hurt puppy look and letting of of my arm. I felt my heart clench at the sight, i just wanted to hug him and give him a chance to explain himself but i needed to talk with someone first. I gave him a weak smile before going my way, knowing i had broken his heart. Maybe Changbin was right, i had a bad taste on guys.
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Mr and Mrs Jones: August 9th (Clint x Reader)
Summary: With the help of Coulson and his team, Clint and the reader attempt to escape from Roscoe.
Note: Hooray for the return of team misfits and Coulson being a Worried Dad™.  Warnings: blood, injury, gun shot, death
Words: 1804
My masterlist is in my bio or I’m on AO3 under the same URL.
Tumblr media
Coulson and his team were not ones for subtlety.
Daisy blasted her way through the bunker, destroying basically everything in sight. There wasn’t a door strong enough to hold her back and she cleared the path ahead effortlessly. May and Elena dealt with Roscoe’s security and armed guards that were stupid enough to fight back while Mac and Phil took point on finding you and Clint.
They worked quickly (but not quietly) through the base and found your cell within ten minutes of breaking the perimeter. The only problem was that by the time they got there, you and Clint were gone.
Roscoe had seen the Quinjet coming a mile off. He and his most trusted man had sounded a silent alarm and come straight for you. The door flung open and Roscoe grabbed you by the throat, tossing you against the wall. Tears blurred your eyes, the sudden impact causing a sharp ringing in your ears.
Clint dived forward to protect you but the brick shithouse of a man grabbed his arms and twisted them behind his back to keep him restrained. Not that that was enough to stop your partner, though. Clint crouched down and flung the man over his head in a move Black Widow would have been proud of but sadly it made little difference. The guard pulled a knife from his belt and pressed it against Clint’s neck, the sharp metal edge drawing blood until he finally stopped fighting.
You didn’t see what else happened to Clint for Roscoe leant forward and completely blocked your vision. His breath was hot and claggy on your skin and sent a shiver down your spine. You tried to turn away from him but he tightened his grip and forced you to meet his gaze.
    “I gave you every chance to return to the fold, to live a life outside of jail, and this is how you repay me? After everything I’ve done for you.” Roscoe squeezed your throat so tightly that stars began to fill your eyes. Your lungs burnt as you fought for breath, panic setting in as you realised he was actually going to kill you. “You are going to pay for this.”
He released his grip and you hit the floor with a crash, a sickening crack echoing as your already broken knee bent out at a completely unnatural angle. When you opened your eyes, blinking a few times to bring the world back into focus, he had a gun pointed at your face. “Get up. Move.”
You were forced up a hidden staircase (half dragged by the arm by Roscoe, who kept the gun pressed to your back the entire time) and eventually came out on the roof of the building. The bright afternoon sun was a stark contrast to the dim, flickering light from below ground and only added to your growing headache.
In the distance you could see where the Quinjet had landed near the base; even though it was cloaked, the plane shape hole in the trees was a bit of a give away. You should have felt relieved to know that Phil and his team were working their way through the defences - you could feel the building shaking as Daisy destabilised it beneath your feet - but they were too late.
    “Move,” Roscoe ordered, gesturing to the edge of the roof. Your hesitation to obey cost you. He emptied a round straight into your side at point blank range then shoved you away, grumbling about how you’d gone and ruined his suit.
Clint tore from the other man’s arms and just caught you before you fell. He put pressure on your side in a desperate attempt to slow the bleeding. “It’s okay,” he whispered. “You’re okay, Y/N. Stay with me.”
You buried your head in his chest, clinging to him for dear life. You had never felt a pain like this, it was completely indescribable. Tears rolled freely down your cheek as Clint held you tightly in his arms, the fear rising so rapidly that you thought you would explode. This couldn’t be how it ended. You didn’t want to die like this.
    “I’m here, sugar. Just look at me, alright? Hold on to me, honey, it’s going to be okay.”
He kept talking but you couldn’t hear him. Roscoe took a step forward and pointed the gun at you. There was a flash from the muzzle and Clint instinctively turned his body to shield you. A long second passed and a pair of hands slipped under your body, lifting you up. You fought it, clinging to Clint as you fought the hands trying to pull you away. “No… No, Clint…”
    “Hey, I’m here,” Clint said softly, brushing the hair from your face. He took your hand only to realise that he was covered in blood and dirt. He tried to pull away to wipe himself clean but you refused to let him go. You couldn’t.
Clint pressed a kiss to your temple and murmured, “It’s only Coulson. Come on, Y/N, stay with us. I promise I’m not going anywhere.”
The world spun as Mac - by far the strongest, and least injured, of the team - carried you to the Quinjet. You drifted in and out of consciousness but Clint remained a constant presence at your side, either physically or in your dreams. He never left you alone, just as he’d sworn.
It was a few hours later when you up in the Zephyr’s medical bay. Clint was unconscious on a bed beside you, evidence of his injuries clear to see. At some point he’d had a shower, cleaning away all the dust and dirt and blood from his skin, which only highlighted the thick cover of cuts and bruises on his skin.
    “He’ll be fine.” You glanced up to see Agent May sat in the corner of the room, an unopened book on the table beside her. Less than impressed by your partner, she said, “Simmons only sedated him because he’s a pain in the ass. I’ll tell Coulson you’re awake. He wants to speak to you. Don’t go anywhere.”
It took Coulson a whole seventy three seconds to drop whatever he was doing and race across the plane down to the medical bay. Of course, he completely denied running, even going so far to claim that he’d been in the next room across and had to finish his conversation before coming to see you. The sweat on his forehead and shortness of breath gave it away, though.
He pulled up a chair and sat beside your bed, concern radiating from him. For a second, it warmed your heart to know that he cared for you so deeply, even after years of infrequent contact, but that soon gave way to the gnawing guilt in your chest. Would he care so much when he knew the truth?
    “I told you to be careful, Y/N.”
    “I tried.”
    “Not hard enough,” he reprimanded you. He looked you over, grimacing at the state you were in. A thick brace now surrounded your knee, holding it in place and designed to keep the weight off as the shattered bone healed. Your bed gown was red with dried blood where you’d aggravated your wounds in your sleep. Although able to guess the answer, he asked anyway, “How are you feeling?”
    “Been better. Although,” you said, reaching up and tapping the drip bag to which you were attached. “These drugs are amazing. Your team must get injured a lot if you keep this on stuff onboard.”
Phil peered over to read what was in the solutions Simmons had prepared for you and smiled. “That’s the stuff for lightweights. You should try out some of our other drugs. They’re amazing, although we generally only use them when people lose limbs.”
    “That happens often?’
    “More than we’d like.”
You couldn’t quite tell if he was joking or not and were definitely not in the right state of mind to pursue that avenue further. Pushing yourself upright, you groaned at the effort and Phil immediately stood to help you. He grabbed you another pillow and propped it up to support you, not so subtly checking whether you’d pulled any more stitches in the process. Thankfully you hadn’t.
Still, your abdomen hurt like a bitch.
    “How bad is it?” You asked.
Never one to lie, Phil answered, “You’ll have a scar but Simmons is the best.”
Although you were relieve to hear it, that wasn’t what you’d been asking and he knew it. “No, I meant the mission, Phil. The Syndicate.”
    “Maya was apprehended a few hours after you were taken. Between your hard drives - Daisy grabbed everything before the base collapsed - and Claudia Cutterman’s testimony, there’s enough evidence to bring her and the others down. You did good, Y/N.”
    “Fury wants to see you to debrief next week once you’ve been discharged.”
That could only be bad news if Fury wanted a personal explanation. Phil confirmed as much: “He’ll want to know everything about these people and what they had you do. What will you tell him?”
You glanced over at Clint and sighed. If you lied to the Director, there was every chance that you’d bring Clint down with you and you couldn't risk that. As you’d told him before, you’d make peace with accepting the consequences to your actions no matter how bad. Even if it meant going to prison and never seeing him again.
If he was free then it would be worth it.
    “The truth.”
Phil frowned and you suddenly wondered whether he knew more than he was letting on. You wouldn’t have been surprised to learn he did - although you were curious whether the information had come from Clint or if he’d realised on his own - but then why was he being so kind? Why act as if nothing had changed?
    “Everyone makes mistakes, Y/N. People make bad choices. You made some good ones, too.” Phil said, almost reading your thoughts. “Trust isn’t easy to repair but it can be done.”
    “I am sorry, Phil.”
    “I don’t know what you’re talking about. But if I did, I’d forgive you. I’ll let you get some rest,” he said, a gentleness in his eyes as he stood to leave. Pausing at the door, Phil glanced over to Clint and shook his head, muttering something about your partner being an idiot in love. His attention returning to you, Phil grew momentarily serious, the weight of the world on his shoulders. “Are you sure you want to tell Fury the truth?”
    “Yeah, actually. I do. As you said, trust isn’t easy to repair but I’m hoping the truth might be a good place to start.”
    “And if it isn’t?
    “I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.”
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unlcorecallout · 2 years ago
The truth about Unic (n0manisan, unlcore, etc). Our side of the story
For the sake of clarity: in the screenshots in this post, my names are “contemptuous damnable worm” (long story lol), “brad bitchard bird,” and “crowley.”
Unic was my friend. They were the first person to join my Incredibles server, one of my favorite fellow members of the fandom, someone I thought was cool. We talked a lot about headcanons together, they even compiled a Google Doc of our background character HCs, and for a while, life was pretty good. My impression of Unic: level-headed, smart, kind, and laid-back. I had no idea that secretly, my “friend” was none of those things.
Inklings of trouble started to creep in. Unic started asking us not to broach certain subjects in conversation. Some were fair (ace discourse for example). Others seemed a little stranger, but nonetheless we accommodated. We never questioned or judged when Unic asked us not to talk negatively about Syndrome, as he was their favorite character.
Tumblr media
I’m not privy to everyone’s private conversations, but I can say unequivocally that the only time I talked behind Unic’s back was once or twice when I and one of the others worried about having said something potentially negative about Syndrome and offending Unic.  We cared about them. We respected them. Unic was one of the group.
Tumblr media
More indications of trouble. A genuinely horrible human being on the fringes of the fandom, Benji/benjimators/bartender, came into our server and said inflammatory shitty things to provoke a fight until I had no choice but to ban him. Before Benji got banned, he stated that he’d chill out because “a friend” had warned him to stop. (I ignored this and banned him anyway. He had it coming.)
Tumblr media
At the time we had no idea who said friend was. Now we know it was Unic. Unic and Benji, though we didn’t know at the time, are close friends. That’s the kind of company Unic keeps: a homophobic, inflammatory, pedo-defending idiot. And not only that, but they deliberately kept this friendship a secret from us… for what purpose? If they had spoken up and said “Sorry, guys, he’s my friend and I feel bad about the stuff he’s saying,” nobody would’ve cared. We would’ve been like “Oh, alright” and we would’ve moved on. But Unic didn’t, because Unic is a snake and they most likely agreed with the things their friend was saying.
More trouble. Unic came into my DMs one day, paranoid that everyone hated them and was talking behind their back. I understood; I’ve been there. I assured Unic, completely truthfully, that nobody hated them or was talking behind their back. It was the truth.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Before I knew that Unic and n0manisan were the same person, I will admit I said something about them. I said that I liked n0manisan as a person but I was weirded out by seeing cute fanart of Syndrome on my dash. (Unic has “leaked” this screenshot themself, as evidence of cyberbullying or whatever, so there’s that.) 
Tumblr media
This is the only time anyone ever shit talked Unic/n0manisan in the server. Additionally, after Unic had been firmly established in our group and I had realized that they and n0manisan were the same person, I never said anything like that again. And actually? I stand by what I said. Woobified fanart of a noted serial killer, misogynist, attempted child killer and genocidal manic is fucking weird.
For a while, things progressed normally. Then I discovered Unic’s side blog. I was floored. The blog, at the time located at the url @mantashipping (now @monologue-loving), contained secrets I couldn’t have imagined. Which I guess Unic didn’t care if we saw, because the url was linked on Unic’s main for anyone to view.
Things I learned from visiting that blog:
-Unic didn’t agree with us that Yamino, a borderline pedo who makes her living drawing borderline pedo and incestuous art, is terrible.
-Unic thought that because we DO think Yamino is terrible, we’re evil toxic cyberbullies or something.
-Unic had been shit talking about us and the fandom left and right. For months.
-Unic is an “anti anti.” Charming.
-Unic disagreed with us on almost everything, including saying that Hevelyn (Evelyn/Elastigirl) plays into cheating bi/predatory lesbian stereotypes or what the fuck ever. (Excuse me while I roll my eyes to the heavens.)
-And, most importantly and key to this situation, Unic selfships with Syndrome.
That’s Unic’s most fundamental disagreement with us. Unic is a selfshipper and their most major F/O (fictional other) is Syndrome. They’re legit in love with him, they want to date him, in their mind they are dating him, they’ve made up a while fictional AU just for the purpose of dating him… Suddenly it became clear that Unic hadn’t been totally honest with us. “Please don’t make fun of Syndrome because he’s pretty important to me” doesn’t begin to uncover the extent of it. In Unic’s mind, anybody who insulted Syndrome was basically dissing their husband. I’m serious.
Shocked by this, I brought it up in our mod chat. This happened at the end of March of 2019. I’ll screenshot what exactly I said. I’ll also screenshot any other part of the conversation that took place that day. We have nothing to hide.
Tumblr media
We spoke about removing Unic from our friend group’s private channels (which I certainly would’ve discussed with them beforehand, by the way). This, because our friend channels are private for a reason; we discuss personal stuff in there, and if we can’t trust someone, why would we want them seeing those things?
But before that could take place, someone soon noticed that Unic wasn’t even in our server anymore anyway. I’m not sure exactly when Unic left, but it would’ve been shortly before we discovered their blog, and they did so without any warning or attempt to discuss anything with us.
Thus began the first stages of a really shitty, annoying, infuriating quasi-war.
So many things have emerged since then, and Unic’s blog has been a non stop parade of shit talking and lying about us, their former friends, without any attempt to open dialogue or discuss anything. Suddenly we became the enemy. We were painted as evil, mean bullies who’d formed our own toxic clique and who mercilessly bulldozed any poor innocent soul who got in our way. (Excuse me while I roll my fucking eyes so hard they pop out of their sockets.)
I and the rest of us got more and more bitter as we observed the shit Unic was posting on their various discourse blogs, opinions so antithetical to everything we believe in that I was horrified I had ever considered this pedo-excusing anti-anti freak a friend of mine. (Did you know pedophilic porn is okay if it’s fictional? Well, now you know, courtesy of the Unic School of Social Mores. You’re welcome.)
There’s more than enough material to fill a callout. Check out their blogs if you’re not convinced. They’re located at @monologue-loving (check the #vent and #anywaaay tags) and @ant-tea-ant-tea, their discourse blog which is a nonstop parade of bullshittery.
Unic wants to “call us out” too. Which… okay, I guess. We aren’t ashamed of anything we’ve done, and we aren’t going to let this person’s lies cloud everything. Yes, we raided other servers. Servers belonging to homophobes (jessalynlearns and her cronies) and assorted creeps (Elastigale server. Trust me, you’d probably get a virus just from wading through that cesspool). We raided those places and we aren’t ashamed. Should we be? The fact that Unic thinks these things are callout-worthy says a lot more about them than us.
And, of course, we’re being called out for not liking Syndrome. From the nonsense they’ve reblogged, Unic seems to think we dislike Syndrome solely because he’s a villain and/or because we like Evelyn better. Not because he’s, you know, a genocidal murderer who killed dozens of our favorite characters in cold blood? A slimy misogynist? Just a complete ball of scum?
Yes, I love him as a villain (or I DID, before all this happened). But I will never validate him as a person. I will never woobify him. I will never believe it’s normal or valid to want to fuck him. I will never apologize for insulting his Troll doll hair and his peanut-ass head. He is a Jimmy Neutron looking motherfucker who probably never showers and this is a FACT and I am SO glad to say it, and if Unic thinks I’m the ringleader of an evil toxic portion of the fandom because of this, then whatever. Whatever. Draw your own conclusions. But us disliking an evil character is not tantamount to toxic cyberbullying and I’ll stand by that.
I would be remiss not to mention what came to light within the last few days. Unic hoarded screenshots. The whole time they were with us. And this is what makes me really angry. They have screenshots that, based on the avatars and nicknames of the people in them, were taken almost a year ago. The screenshots, you can view on Unic’s blog and on incredibles-violet-fan’s blog (AKA purplepride, this person is a minion of Unic and lurked in our server as a spy, which is delightful). If you want to see the post in question where Unic snapped, it’s here. (I don’t know why they blocked out our names given the fact that we literally don’t give a shit if anyone knows that we said this stuff.) In this post we’re accused of being cyberbullies, radfems, ableists, and other highly-exaggerated bullshit insults. (I especially like the part where we’re accused of being acephobic or whatever, despite the fact that we said nothing of the sort. Unic is pulling lies out of their ass.)
These screenshots prove nothing; they show nothing that’s particularly embarrassing to us; they show nothing we even care about. Nothing has been “leaked” here; I’ll gladly leak these full conversations myself if anyone asks, I just don’t give a shit anymore. They do prove something about Unic, though. They prove that Unic is a two-faced snake who was pretending to be our friend while they secretly hated us and took screenshots of things to use against us later, months before they actually ended up leaving our server. That pisses me off more than almost anything else they’ve done.
Tl;dr—I had a friend in the Incredibles fandom; said friend turned out to be a snake, a freak, and a liar, who’s now trying to paint us in a bad light, but deserves to be exposed for who they really are. Unic, you already knew this, but your time is up and you’re never gonna be welcome in this fandom again. You nuked it all for no reason. Hope you’re happy.
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The shadow
Susan...oh, Susan, Susan, Susan. How come had she suddenly been pushed into this situation forming a perfect triangle? But more surprisingly, how unbothered I genuinely was about the whole mess. A line between a therapist and a whore seemed to be thinner than a Japanese rice paper. Was I really entitled to know every single malfunctioning detail of the marriage between Teddy and Susan to the point where I even knew how her pussy was styled? Was it really that necessary? Should a sensible man really bring his beloved wife to his nasty affair? Well, anyhow, if Teddy opened his mouth about his most secret private life matters, he opened the door for blunt criticism. I had my opinions and I was not afraid to share them.
“Wait,” he stopped suspiciously for a moment while throwing on a shirt, “Whose side are you on exactly? Mine or her’s?”
I hit him with a narrowed suspicious cat look and responded coldly: “You do realize you’re being a complete hypocrite here, right?”
“Yeah, WAS...crossing the line!”
“Mmmm,” I mumbled and shook my head, “You’re being a hypocrite and what she 100% excusable. Especially considering what YOU are doing right now, sir.”
“Oh my God! You’re on her side!?” he laughed. Yeah, I was, in the matter of fact...“on her fucking side”. If he wanted someone agreeing with him 24/7, he should’ve bought a blow-up doll...instead of a mistress!
I think Teddy was holding a small grudge against Susan about what had happened at the beginning of summer 2019. Oh man! What an unexpected move wifey had the courage to make. While Teddy was away on yet another business trip to the US, Susan had jumped into bed with a couple they both had known for several years! Under the influence of alcohol, of course, but...who really cares about the petty details?! Not only had submissive ass conservative wifey pulled a trick or two, but this all led to a “dinner party” later on where rules of a new 4-way relationship were about to be discussed....between all 4 of them. That’s where things started to go a bit South. As the night progressed and fumes of alcohol were tingling everybody’s conscious decision making, Teddy had disappeared to the first-floor bathroom with the other Mister Missis to discuss things further on a more personal level. Apparently, they had solely talked for about half an hour and, as it came out, the Missis was not exactly sure if she wanted to proceed with the whole thing. In a meanwhile, Susan and Mister took the legal right to occupy the second-floor blow each other off. Teddy thought it was “out of line”, this dinner was to “discuss...not fuck behind his back” while I was sitting there, listening to the whole mess like: “ disappear to the bathroom with another woman for 30 minutes and it doesn’t cross your mind that they assumed you were nailing each other? Perhaps taking the right to do the same? You damn moron! What gives?!” Leave aside a whole another agenda, which was Teddy nailing me on a regular basis behind Susan’s back. I mean, fuck sake! Who was the devil here really?! In the end, the couple pulled the plug and nothing more came out of it leaving Susie deeply heartbroken. Her kitty-cat, that had been dry as desert for a decade, had a month worth of rainfalls and then...nothing. The end! Now Teddy seemed to be somewhat resentful, even if he played it off as “no big deal”. As a result, Susan had become more present than ever in a very strange way due to Teddy’s venting. One big dysfunctional happy family we had become.
I was the first one to admit that I didn’t know jack shit about neither marriage or relationships. Just...didn’t get it! Never had and possibly never would. My experience with long-term (monogamous) relationships was non-existent, a big-ass zero. Never had one and accordingly so...I was oblivious to the matters of the heart. But one thing I did know - people in relationships were wasting their breath to literally, LITERALLY, talk tons of shit! Unnecessary and unimportant shit...all day long. Teddy and Susan were no exception. They were calling each other about twice a day and texting in between to do the shit. It would occur obviously more often when Teddy and I were traveling together.
“Tssst,” he’d sush me, “I’m calling Susan now. I’m being a good husband.”
It was his way of saying “My lady, it’s time for you to shut the fuck up so I wouldn’t get caught cheating!” And shut the fuck up I did for those 20 minutes, twice a day, as if I was not even existing in this world. Somewhere along the line, it had become a daily routine. I wondered how big of a percentage of perfectly behaved humans would find it all...odd, disgraceful, nasty, disrespectful...even evil? Not me, though. To me, it was just daily business as per usual. Their conversations were batshit boring anyways. Mostly involving their 2 cats. What more could you expect from 20 years of marriage? I rarely could pay any attention to them more than a minute and a half before my attention span shifted to other matters, but one thing I did note - all these calls ended up with Teddy reassuring: “I love you too very much. Bye now.” Such a good husband he was indeed!
Oh God, I have no clue how to explain the next episode without being crucified. Due to popular demand, I had recently leaked my “top secret” blog URL to the three musketeers - Sabrina, Jovana, and Klara. What a genius act, right?! Possibly yet another idiotic thing in my endless list of very questionable, and often poor, decision making. I swear shit was getting worse from one day to another! They say “You shouldn’t shit where you eat” and what did I do? Have explosive diarrhea all over the dinner table! Farting straight into my plate. Or was I seriously...not giving a flying fuck about much anything any longer?! Including possibly turning my best trustees against me through the honest confessions of the dysfunction that was my life. Nobody liked honesty anyways. Not really. So why would they?!
Life is never less than ironic. About 3 years ago Sabrina’s father left her mother and run to the sunset with his 30-something-years-old assistant instead. I know, a total cliche and also...a total mess. A universal story you’d hear on repeat like a broken record. Midlife crisis, boredom, not enough (if any) shagging, the love and passion that had burned into ashes over the years and blown away by the winds. Now I was the 30-something-years-old skank, “the other women”, the damn demon, in another story and I did wonder...was this actually going to hit home for Sabrina or was I going to get some type of “free pass” just because I was providing nothing more than light-hearted midnight entertainment/literature? You know, you can’t help but wonder at times if your tactless actions might actually be taken as some type of personal offense. Oh well...nothing was ever going to be just black and white. Better to get used to it rather sooner than later.
Now, shall we take a step back to where we left things off some while ago. Back to Australia. I could talk about how Sydney was growing on me fast and how I had never seen such high rate of sincerely well dressed, well put together, well polished, incredible looking people in one city IN MY LIFE. Everybody knew how to dress. It was a sight. Not even New York could live up to it, not to mention London. I could talk about how the weather had fucked with Teddy’s diving plans at Exmouth and how the whale sharks we were supposed to go swimming with...were being complete assholes by migrating to Mexico early this year. Precisely a week before our arrival. ASSHOLES! Lots of humpback whales in the debts of Indian Ocean, though. Maybe I could talk about the landscapes of the West Coast of Australia. It was a the turquoise sea. Odd, but fascinating. Or how I decided that from all the things possible, to go fishing. Just me, chilled beer, the therapeutic sea, whales popping up everywhere like mushrooms after the rain, and most likely...bunch of guys. I was not wrong about the last assumption. Being the only woman on the boat attempting to fish...Chrissake...I had to fight for my right to get the bait wrapped around MY own hook! As if the “princess” was an imbecile, incapable of shoving her little well-manicured fingers into a bucket full of rotting fish guts. Disgusting, repulsive, smelly and far from sexy, I know...but this whole thing felt also extremely primal bringing me back to the childhood days when I was hunting down frogs and cockroaches with my bare hands at “Podrapalu”. Looks can always be deceiving. The helpful attempts from the surrounding male species were highly appreciated, but there are times when a girl just wants to do things for herself! That was one of these times. And for the record, I did bring 2 decent weight fishies back that were grilled the same evening. Thank you very much! Or...I could’ve talked about the very last evening in Australia.
We had just arrived back from the “last supper” plus sunset gazing over the Indian Ocean and Teddy was taking his time outside to hang up his diving gear. It all gave me a perfect amount of time to discretely find another set of goods from my suitcase, light a candle and disappear to the bathroom. In the middle of my preparation, I heard the door bang followed by an announcement: “I’m going to call Susan now. You know what to do, sweetie.”
Sweetie? SWEETIE?!?! How...disgusting!
Tumblr media
Almost offensive. Whenever he picked up that silly habit of calling me “sweetie”, I’m not quite certain, but it had annoyed the heck out of me for a substantial amount of time already! I had a very pronounceable forename...why couldn’t he just utilize that? Unintentionally I rolled my eyes and finally confronted the situation: “Sweetie? Really?! In which kind of universe...” and I made dramatic circles around my face with a hand while looking straight in the bathroom mirror before continuing with my thought, “....has this face...written “Sweetie” all over it?! In which kind of dimension?! Give me a break!”
“FINE...BABE. Just shut up, okay!” his response echoed through the door.
“Will do...” I promised while rolling up a nude stocking.
Christ, we sounded nothing less than an old married couple. Was I supposed to be concerned? In any event, next time he was going to call me “sweetie”, I was prepared to punch him in the face without any warning! These lessons just had to keep on coming.
I heard his voice softening the moment Susan had picked up the phone across the world and their sweet-talk ran its usual course: “How are you?” “How was this?”, “How was that?”, “How are the cats?”....of course, can’t forget the cats. Blaba-di-blaba-di-bla. And I thought to myself...what a wonderful world! When the bathroom door opened, revealing my half-naked silhouette wrapped in something that I would imagine myself wearing on a wedding night, he kept his cool. There was something about this specific moment that was just so fucking evil and vicious that, for a moment, I did question myself...who the fuck did I think I was?! Perhaps it was the concoction of local Exmouth beer and Sauvignon Blanc running through my veins that night I could’ve possibly blamed, but it was all highly doubtable. I had picked up a gorgeous white set with pastel pink floral detailing right before the trip - so sweet, so innocent and damn hot! So hot it burns! “Like a virgin...touched by the very first time,” I remember humming in my head by the til and now I was lip-singing, without making any possible noise, the same theme in front of Teddy while he was starfishing across the bed, on call with the wife #1. Perhaps I could’ve waited for the end of this call to show some respect...
...but it so happened to be...that in my twisted was exactly the perfect time to fall on my all-fours, crawl up to him like a tiger, and slowly take my time...while going down on him. There couldn’t have been more of a perfect scenario.
“ everything okay?” I heard a voice of a woman on the other side of a phone after a short while.
“ has been a long day. I’m just very tired,” and another long pause took place in the conversation as if he was falling asleep while I was working on him like there was no tomorrow. I held myself back from laughing the evilest laugh a woman could laugh. What a sick bastard I was!? For real... Evil and sick and definitely a bastard! Shameless bastard.
Tumblr media
He looked at me and I looked at him. I swear I had horns poking out of my skull. They were talking about bullshits for some time until Teddy’s blood flow from the brain literally “faded” close to 0 taking over other parts of his body. 1 in particular.
“I think I’m going to go to bed now. Very tired...” he excused again.
“I love you too very much!” were the last words I heard him say before pushing a red button on the phone and throwing it on a nightstand. Such a good husband he was. Probably the best.
And then we fucked.
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thedeviltohisangel · 2 years ago
How The Night Changes//4//You Mean Everything
Tumblr media
Olivia has a date to a gala that is not Duncan.
Warnings: physical fight, mentions of noncon acts, attempted noncon acts
my URL /writing will bring you other parts and also my series’ with Michael and Jim!
Thank you to @kellysimagines for the request!
“I was there because the President invited me, mom...Yes, Olivia was there too...No I didn’t get a chance to sweep her off her feet...Listen I have to go I’m in the middle of the grocery store, I’ll stop by before the gala tomorrow, okay? Love you too, bye.” Olivia watched him roll his eyes from where she was poking her fingers into the kitten crates, allowing them to playfully swat at her.
“Your mother wants you to seduce me?”
“Something like that,” Duncan muttered as he returned to looking at the varying kittens as he had been before his mother had called. “Did you decided on one yet? Any of them speaking to you?” Olivia had decided her new townhouse was too empty, her belongings from Paris not filling up as much space as would be necessary in order to make it a home. She decided she needed a cat to keep her company and she had enlisted Duncan’s help in accompanying her to the shelter to find. “I don’t know why you couldn’t get a dog.”
“Because I’m not home enough now to take care of one. My little kitten will be able to travel with me easier too.”
“Please do not be one of those girls that keeps her animal in her bag.”
“If that’s going to be a dealbreaker then…” She didn’t have time to run away as he lurched forward and ghosted his fingers over her ribs, the tickling sensation enough to make her squeal and attempt to curl in on herself. The volume of their laughter and their public display of affection was of no concern, the Secret Service making the shelter stay open later than usual to accommodate the special guest.
As Duncan paused to allow her to catch her breath, she noticed an orange kitten watching them intently from a crate at the bottom. Enamored, she bent down and placed her hand flat against the bars on the cage, the kitten mimicking her actions with its paw. “This one. Definitely this one. Let me go find that lady.” He watched her scurry off and bent down to assess the kitten she had chosen.
“She’s the best person to be loved by, you’re a lucky fluff ball.” All he got was a ‘meow’ in response.
“What do you think I should name her?” Olivia asked as she came back with a clipboard and a pen.
“How about something to remind you of Paris? Maybe Eiffel? You can call her Effie, for short.” He shrugged as he said it, returning to looking at the kitten while she mulled it over.
“That’s actually perfect. You’re much more sentimental than I originally thought of you.” She squatted down next to him and puckered her lips, Duncan pecking them. “Come on, you can help me carry all of her accoutrements to the car.”
When the SUVs pulled up to Duncan’s building and she made no sign of getting out he groaned.
“You’re not spending the night?”
“I have to take Effie home and get her settled. And I have to be at the White House early tomorrow for the gala. I’ll see you there though, right?”
“Yeah and if you look too good in your dress I might regret it.” She snickered as he leaned over and kiss her soundly, pulling apart with her lip between his teeth.
“Not fair! I’m not going to get to kiss you all day tomorrow.”
“The price we must pay to keep certain people out of our lives.” He opened the door and when his feet hit the pavement she called out his name.
“I love you.” The day after they had exchanged affirmations of their love on the beach, the two had murmured the words into each other’s mouth over and over before making a pact that they would only say it when they really meant it, it was not a feeling either of them took lightly.
“I love you more than you’ll ever know,” he replied. Effie meowed from her crate in Olivia’s lap. “You too Eiffel.” Duncan couldn’t help but be amused that even his girlfriend’s, if he could call her that, cat had him wrapped around her finger. “Until we meet again.”
She had spent the past few nights with him and he was unafraid to admit that he had gotten used to the feeling of going to sleep with her in his arms and waking up to her legs tangled in his. Had fallen in love with it even. As he walked into his dark apartment, her camel colored jacket over the top of his couch, he felt lonely. His bed looked cold and uninviting without her in it and his bathroom smelled bland without her rosemary scented shampoo wafting through. Duncan looked at himself and had only one blunt thought: he was fucked.
Olivia sat with Effie in her lap while her hair and makeup were being sorted for her mother’s gala to welcome the Prime Minister of Malaysia. She hadn’t heard from Duncan all day but she was buzzing with anticipation of seeing him that night. She had already fallen in love with the blue Roberto Cavalli dress that had been loaned to her for the night and she couldn’t wait for Duncan to see her in it. He had never seen her all dressed up and done up before and she hoped it would go just as the fairytale in her mind did.
A knock on the door startled Olivia out of her daydream, her mother’s head poking into the room. “Ladies, can I have a moment alone with my daughter, please?” The hairstylist placed the curling iron on the vanity, the makeup artist tucked the eyeliner into her pocket and the two walked out without even a nod.
“Do you no longer like the color I’m wearing? You said it made my eyes pop.” Olivia always expected her mother to have a criticism to present to her. She had never reached her full potential, and most likely never would, if you asked her mother.
“I need you to take a date tonight. Henry Macy. A big vote is coming up on my Equal Pay Amendment and his happiness would go a long way in getting his father’s vote.”
“Are you expecting me physically persuade him?” She felt sick to her stomach over pretending to flirt with another man that wasn’t Duncan, let alone if her mother was going to ask her to ensure his happiness by any means necessary.
“We’ll see how the night goes. Thank you, sweetheart. I’m sure even your attention will make it the night of his life.” Her mother left after kissing the top of her head, Olivia no longer as exciting for the evening as she had been before their conversation.
“Duty calls, right Effie?” The women tasked with making her glamorous emerged once again and got back to work. Olivia took out her phone and sent a text to Duncan: I love you and only you. Please don’t think tonight is a reflection of something else. My mother is making me. She didn’t want him to think she was ignoring him or that her laughs and touches meant anything substantive. She was his and he was hers and Olivia was just hoping they could get through the night still in tact.
Duncan stood in conversation with his mother and a group of people, but he wasn’t listening in the slightest. He had to resist his urge to pace while he waited for Olivia to make her entrance. He had spent all of last night and all of this morning missing her and then when she had texted him his stomach had dropped. The line about her mother had lead Duncan to anticipate that she would be walking in with a man on her arm. A man that wasn’t him. The mental image had made his blood boil and he was already on his second vodka neat in preparation for the reality to be in front of him.
“Duncan, you seem so anxious. Have you overheard something detrimental?” He shook his head at his mother as he swallowed the sip of alcohol he had just taken.
“No. Just can’t wait to eat is all.” He snagged a deviled egg from a tray as it passed him as a way to emphasize his point.
“Well I am sure Clare will be arriving soon. This will be Olivia’s first big appearance at a state event. We’ll have to really read up on the media reports tomorrow, see how she can fit into our plan.” Thankfully, Annette was called over by another group and she missed the way Duncan’s face paled at the mention of his mother and uncle working her into their master plan. He had vowed to himself over and over that any capital he had within his family would be used to keep her out of their dealings.
It was when the murmur of the crowd fell to a hush then rose back up to its normal volume that he knew they had arrived. He politely pushed himself towards the front of the room where they had entered in the hopes of catching Olivia’s attention before she was whisked away for the rest of the night. Duncan saw her bare back first, his mouth running dry at the sight of her in that blue gown, her leg slightly exposed and the strapless bodice providing enough of her for him to feast on for eternity. She must have brushed something shimmering over her collarbones because he couldn’t take his eyes off the way they reflected the light. He took a step forward in order to intercept her when he noticed an arm snake around her waist. A hand press itself on the bare skin that resided between her shoulder blades. An arm that wasn’t his. A hand that wasn’t his.
He felt his grip on his glass of vodka tighten and he placed it on the nearest table in the fear he would squeeze so tight he’d break it. It didn’t matter who or what the offensive appendage belonged to but it shouldn’t be touching Olivia. Touching the bare skin of the woman he was in love with.
“Duncan! It’s so nice to see you!” His anger faded only slightly as she finally caught his eye in the crowd and made her way over to him, her shadow in tow and his hand not moving from the small of her back. “It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen you.” The sparkle in her eyes at the game she was enjoying playing almost made it more bearable.
“Too long,” he mused in response. She braced her hands on his shoulders in order to reach his cheeks to place a kiss, whispering a promise in his ear that they’d find time to be alone together later. “And who is this?” Duncan aimlessly gestured towards her date.
“Henry Macy. Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Shepherd.” Duncan wasn’t ashamed to say that he made sure to present an extra tight grip when he shook his hand, Olivia watching him intently.
“Henry’s father is the most sought after caucus member in the Senate, isn’t he?” She was doing this for Duncan’s benefit, he was sure of it. Henry looked entirely uncomfortable having the reason for his attendance be broadcast in such a blatant manner but Olivia could not care less. Clearly her warning to Duncan had done nothing to stem the tide of rage that was flowing through him. Answering his questions in non-descript ways would have to suffice until after the event was over.
“I’m sure he receives quite the sought after attention then.” The three of them chuckled politely before an awkward silence set in.
“Shall I get you something to drink, Olivia?” She opened her mouth to respond but Duncan jumped in before she could get the words out.
“Cabernet, if memory serves me correctly.” She shot him a warning glance.
“It does. Thank you, Henry.” He awkwardly placed a kiss to her hand before heading in the direction of the bar. “Duncan, you must behave. You can’t be angry at me.”
“I could never be angry with you, Olivia,” he scoffed, “It’s that prick. He has his hands all over you and it makes me seethe.”
“Anytime you feel the anger becoming too remember that you’re the only man I love.” She took a step closer to him and whispered the next part. “That you’re the only man I’ve considered letting near my-”
“If you’re about to say what I think then please do not because that will do nothing to help me cope with that-” The offensive creature returned with her glass of wine before Duncan could finish his warning.
“Thank you,” Olivia replied warmly while taking a sip and keeping her stern gaze on Duncan over the rim of her glass. He was going to excuse himself to drinking something strong and straight by himself in the corner for the rest of night when her mother approached the trio.
“Duncan, it is so nice to see you. And to see you acquainting yourself with Olivia. I’m sure she’s introduced you to Mr. Macy.” Duncan put on his best political smile and shook her hand warmly.
“An honor to be here tonight, Madame President, and to be in your daughter’s presence.” It was. That bit of his act wasn’t fake.
“I was actually just coming over here to see if my daughter had offered you a personal tour of the floor, Henry. The usual groups don’t come down here but there is still a lot to see.” Olivia’s eyes widened in fear at the thought of her mother expecting her to go on a secluded walk around the White House by herself with this man she had just meant.
“She hadn’t but if you’re willing, Olivia, I’d love to go on one.” Clare didn’t miss the way the Shepherd boys nostrils flared nor did she miss the way his hand twitched as if he was stopping himself from reaching out to her daughter. Olivia looked at Duncan in a silent plea for help but there was nothing he could do without seeming impolite or exposing their secret. He wasn’t unaware of the rumors of the Underwoods using their youthful, graceful, beautiful daughter as leverage but Duncan didn’t think he’d have to see the look of terror in her eyes as it was being asked of her. Or that he would feel a blinding rage to protect her and make sure that any person who tried to have what was his would never be able to have anything again.
“Follow me.” She made sure her hand brushed against Duncan’s as she walked away from the party.
“Stay away from her.” Duncan looked at Clare in horror at her words.
“I’m sorry?”
“You heard me, Duncan. You go near my daughter in any capacity other than for a brief exchange of pleasantries and I’ll bury you.” A biting remark about the extent of the pleasantries he and her daughter had exchanged sat on his tongue but he bit it and nodded once as she walked away from him. There was no question in his mind that the stern glare he had gotten from Olivia only moments before had been a hereditary gift from her mother.
“You know, I’ve heard about the gifts boys who come on these private tours with you get.” Olivia turned around from where she had been leading Henry down a hallway.
“Just nasty rumors. No fear,” she chuckled as she wrapped her arms around herself and continued meandering forward.
“It’s the only reason I agreed to come, Olivia, and I intend on cashing in.” He angled her towards the wall and took measured steps until her back hit against the concrete.
“Stop that. I’m not doing anything with you other than going for a walk.” She moved to get out from the bind he had her in when his hand shot out and tightened around her wrist.
“If your mother wants my father’s vote, then I need something in return.”
“Get your hands off of me,” she spoke through gritted teeth.
“Don’t fight me, Olivia. It’ll only make me go slower.” It was in that moment she realized he wasn’t going to heed her pleas. He was going to take what she wanted no matter what she said in order to stop him. When his head angled to kiss her neck she screamed and used her one free hand to push against his chest which only served him to stumble back a step or two. That was her chance to run back the way she came, her frightened tears obscuring her vision. She didn’t stop until she ran into a body, looking up to see familiar blue eyes.
Duncan looked down at her crying form, the hand shaped bruise around her wrist, and looked up to see Henry adjusting his jacket. It didn’t take him long to put it together.
“Duncan, please. Please just take me home.”
“I’ll only be a moment.” Olivia squeezed her eyes shut, afraid to turn around. “You put your fucking hands on her? Does terrifying a woman make your dick hard?” Duncan wound himself up with each step closer to Henry.
“I’m sure you know of the things people say about that little slut around here, Shepherd. About the things that mouth can do.” Duncan’s fist connected with his jaw with a satisfying snap, his body following him to the ground as he connected again. And again. And again.
It was then that Olivia rushed forward and and grabbed his arm from surging forward again. “Duncan. Duncan, stop! Please! Please, stop!” He grabbed Henry’s collar and pulled his bloodied face closer to his.
“You even look at her again and I’ll fucking kill you.” Duncan let his body drop back to the tiled floor before standing up and turning his attention to Olivia. “What hurts? Where’d he touch you?” He picked up her bruised wrist gently, replacing Henry’s touch with his own in an attempt to remove the imprint from her mind.
“Nowhere. I was running away when you were on your way down the hall.” He nodded.
“The look in your eyes before you left with him...It made me uneasy so came after you.”
“Thank you,” she whispered. He shrugged off his jacket and draped it over her shoulders.
“I’ll have the car brought around. You head out. Let me make a call to get this taken care of and I’ll be right out.” She kissed him gently with a nod, sparing Henry one last glance before exiting the scene and entrusting Duncan to make it all go away.
That night as she lay next to him in bed she couldn’t help the ache in her chest that made her feel like she needed to let go of a secret she had been holding onto for so long. Or at least she thought it had been a secret.
“It happened once. Me exchanging a physical favor in exchange for political capital for my parents.” She turned her head to look at him, tears streaking down her cheeks in the moonlight. “It’s why I moved to Paris. I couldn’t deal with the dirty feeling. The shame.” Duncan pulled her against him soundlessly.
“You’re the strongest person I know, Olivia. You’re not less than because of it.” He wanted to cry with her. Her pain was his pain and it was washing over him as she trembled slightly against his chest.
“I felt I was unworthy of happiness and love because of it. You changed that, Duncan.”
“I’m never going to let a day go by where you feel that way again, ok? You can come to me with anything. We’re stronger together, right Livy?” He bumped his nose against hers. “I’d set the world on fire for you.” And she thinks in a way that he has already set her world on fire. They just had to make sure they didn’t get burned by the flames of their passion.
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asaucecoveredsomething · 2 years ago
1 and 11 for the voice ask meme if you’d like to do it 😊
Hey! I completely forgot to do this! Unfortunately, I'm at my parents playing with my nieces, so I cant do a recording unless you want very talkative toddlers in the background. Honestly, theyd likely take over and jabber nonstop. I'll just answer these here, and hopefully do an audio post later for you!
1. So, my URL has a bit of a story. Thursday at work my crew and I ordered Chinese through Door Dash. We get the food, and one of the to-go containers had leaked on everything. Sauce from my chicken and broccoli coated literally everything in the bag. I'm trying to pull all of our food and wipe it off to stick on my desk for everyone to grab their lunches. I couldnt figure out what was what, so I just told them there was a sauce covered something on the desk for them.
Its goofy, but my student leader suggested I make that my tumblr handle, and honestly, I freaking loved it.
11. I have 3 dogs, 3 cats, 1 fish, and 1 mule who lives at my parents.
My dogs are my babies for sure. The biggest is Rocky. Hes a 100lb Black Lab mix who's the sweetest dog you'll ever meet. He has no idea how big he is, and just loves loving his people. The next is Bear, an 80-90 lb Rottweiler/Chow mix. He for real looks like a fuzzy bear, and has a protective streak a mile wide. He was the run of the litter he and Rocky came from, so I used to carry him around everywhere, he's wildly attached to me and my nieces, and I truly believe he would attack someone if he thought they were threatening my nieces or I. I rescued Rocky and Bear from the woods near where their owners abandon them when they moved out. There were 6 pups, I managed to find 4, and my neighbor found the other 2. Then theres the little guy, Ranger. Ranger is a 60ish lb Pit Bull/Boxer mix who came from a rescue shelter. The poor guy had been through hell, hed been used as a fighting Pit, he was covered in cigarette burns, had severe ring worm, and had been beaten half to death. My husband took me to find a dog for my birthday, and I fell in love with Ranger the second I saw his eyes. All of the horrors hed been through just made him kind. I didnt even hesitate to pick him because his big, brown eyes looked so sad back in his kennel, and I have a massive weakness to sad dogs. He stays inside most of the time while the other two stay outdoors (they're farm dogs, and help work my parents horses and mules). My boys are the sweetest group of dogs I've ever seen.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My cats are my babies too. The oldest is Onix, and she was the first animal my husband and I got after getting married (we had Rocky and Bear for a couple years before getting married). Shes black and white, a little overweight (maybe 13 lbs), and attached to my hip. She's my baby, and wont let me out of her sight. Then theres Chess. He has an odd coloring, almost like that of a deer or wild rabbit, and I'm convinced he's actually an alien in a cat suit. He's definitely a weird little guy. Chess is a bigger cat, weighing about 15 lbs, but not a bit of it is fat. The last cat is River, the calico. She was rescued by my husband. He found her with 2 sisters on the side of the road with 1 of the sisters dead when she was maybe 5-6 weeks old. His mom wound up with the other living sister, and we kept River. Shes little. At 1.5 years old, she only weighs about 6-7 lbs, and is an itty bitty kitty. River also has bowed legs, an overbite, and a heart murmur.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My fish is a Betta named Aizawa. He was a Valentine gift from my husband this year. :)
My mule is a 2 year old sorrel Jenny who has a penchant for biting people when they arent watching her. Ellie is a drama queen, but what 2 year old isnt?
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Razor’s Edge
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel
 Warnings/Tags: Mentions of character death. Season 13 Canon Deviation, Kissing, Shaving, Good!Lucifer, Weak!Gabriel
 Prompts Used: Statment Prompt:
 He blinked at the scene before him, surprised but vaguely aware that this was far from the strangest thing to have happened to him today.
 Summary: When Gabriel came back from the dead again after being left behind in the Apocalypse World he finds himself ushered into the bunker, down on grace and cold. While trying to figure out how to shave, Sam comes by to check on him and teach the archangel how to perform the task, living out a fantasy of his own.
 Authors Note: Well here is my second submission for the Gabriel Monthly Challenge. I think this will have to be my last one for this month as I have 3 Reverse J2 Bangs to do and I’m only allowing myself a 1-week break from Stanford Art (finished another round of editing! Just 2 more to go!) Hope you all enjoy!
  @gabriel-monthly-challenge @archangelsanonymous @revwinchester @archangel-with-a-shotgun  @archangelgabriellives @warlockwriter@ttttrickster
Razor’s Edge
   When Gabriel came back from the dead again, nobody knew how to react. He stood there in the doorway of the bunker, his body shivering though he tried to fight it off, a loopy grin on his face and arms outstretched like he expected a hug. If it had been Sam who opened the door, or perhaps Castiel he might have received one. Mary Winchester, on the other hand, raised an eyebrow before shuffling aside so he could come into the bunker and get warm. Things seem to both get better and worse for the archangel after that. He was tested just as he expected he would be, the Winchesters wanting to make sure he was who he said he was, and though he didn’t blame them, the process was annoying.
 Once it was all said and done, Gabriel looked up from his seated position at the table and began to explain. “I knew the second you shmucks started doing your creepy silent conversation thing that you were going to leave my brother’s sorry ass behind. What you may not have realized was that I know my brother, and while he can be a great big bag of dicks, I think he was honestly trying there for a while on fighting the good fight. Call me naive or whatever but I couldn’t just let him stay behind and plot his revenge… again. So, I decided to use the last of my grace to make a clone, and just like with Luci at the hotel; Michael bought it.”
 Taking a drink of the hot chocolate in front of him, provided by Sam who had seen his shivering, Gabriel swallowed the beverage before continuing. “Once Michael offered Luci a deal to get back to this world and his son, I let my big bro know that I wasn’t exactly gone. He pretended to take the deal, letting Michael think they were in it together before I made my move. Michael may have been stronger than Luci and I but with us working together we were able to kill the douche.”
 Jack was looking at Gabriel then, his eyes nearly pleading with him to know what happened to his father. While he didn’t approve of Lucifer having that kind of sway over someone so powerful, Gabriel could understand how having a kid might be the kick in the pants his big brother needed to get his act together. “He’s still there, we managed to snag Michael’s grace before taking him out so there’s plenty for him to open the rift later. The angels in that world still need someone to guide them, and Luci is going to sort out a few that seem to be more sympathetic and not on the short list of ones we already have to come over and help us recharge Heaven.”
 “Wait,” spoke Castiel, his eyes wide while he looked at the archangel in the room. “You mean to tell me Lucifer not only helped kill Michael, but he’s going to help our Heaven as well? Last time he had the chance to help restore Heaven’s power he vanished.”
 Dean was standing with his back to the wall, but at the mention of Lucifer helping he crossed his arms over his chest. Sighing, Gabriel looked at the last mouthful of hot chocolate he had left, tipping the mug up against his mouth until the remaining cocoa was gone. “I get it, believe me, I get it… but since you boys broke out Auntie Amara the mark isn’t controlling him anymore. Did it leave a mark on his grace? You bet it did… but he’s not the evil he was when he was locked away and having brought life into this world has made him, I dunno, softer I guess.”
 Getting a snort of disbelief from Sam who was sitting beside him at the table, the archangel rolled his eyes. “He could have killed me.” That statement made all eyes in the room swivel to look at him. “I literally only have a single speck of grace left, he could have easily have run me threw once Michael was dealt with… but he didn’t. He helped me open the portal long enough for me to squeeze through and that’s it, no tricks, not stabbing, and he had plenty of time to do either.” Sighing, Gabriel stood up from his chair. “Now if you guys don’t mind I would really like to stop this shivering and being cold thing, you have anything warmer I can use until I get some of my grace back?”
 Sam and Dean seemed to share a look for a moment before Dean rolled his eyes and Sam stood up. “Yeah,” answered the taller hunter, “I’ll get you set up, come on.” Following behind the man, Gabriel waited as Sam opened a couple doors, looked inside and shook his head before finally opening one and allowing Gabriel to step inside. The room was basic, a bed, a dresser, and a nightstand but it looked like the sheets were clean and there was clothing hanging on the inside of an open closet.
 “There’s been enough weird going on that Dean and I figured we would set up a couple of the spare rooms, we have mostly everyone from the other world on the other side of the bunker but there’s a couple of rooms left on this side. The clothes are ones that were here when we moved in, but we washed them and hung them up and cleaned the bedding. My room is just down the hall, two doors on your left and the bathroom is three doors down on your right. Toiletries are already in the bathroom if you wanna warm up with a shower if you need to shave just stick to the unopened razors and take it back to your room with you so it doesn’t get confused.”
 Looking up at the tall human, Gabriel nodded. The thanks was on the tip of his tongue, but he couldn’t get the word out even though he knew they didn’t have to do this all for him. Sam seemed to understand though as he gave a soft smile, patted Gabriel on the shoulder and then left the archangel alone. With a dramatic sigh, though nobody was there to hear it, the blond picked out some clothing that looked like it might fit him and made his way to the bathroom. As much as he hated the thought of needing a shower, he hated being cold more.
 Turning on the shower and getting clean was one thing, he had been around humans long enough to enjoy a hot shower on occasion, so he knew his way around. Shaving, however, was a whole new adventure. Opening the package of generic razors and stealing a handful of shaving cream, Gabriel thought it would be easy. By the time twenty minutes came around he still had over half his right side left to do as he kept stopping each time he nicked himself to curse before trying again.
  Around an hour after leaving Gabriel alone in the bedroom, Sam made his way to check on the archangel. While Dean and Cas seem to think the man would be fine on his own, Sam remembered how hard it was for Castiel when he was a human. Checking Gabriel’s room first and finding nothing, the hunter made his way to the washroom. Knocking on the door, he heard a grunt which he took as an invitation and peered inside. He blinked at the scene before him, surprised but vaguely aware that this was far from the strangest thing to have happened to him today. Gabriel was standing by the sink, half his face covered in a thick layer of shaving cream, the other half was partially full of small cuts while his hands were gripping the edge of the porcelain sink tightly a razor in his fist.
 Stepping into the room, Sam closed the door behind him and made his way to the archangel. Gabriel was a mess, and it was easy to tell that he was at the end of his rope with trying to shave. For a second Sam thought about showing him how it’s done, to lather his own face and demonstrate when he caught sight of the little black kit sitting on the sink. It was something he had always wanted to do, there was something about the fantasy that pulled at Sam whenever the thought entered his mind, a fantasy not unlike the ones Gabriel had stared in before.
 “I could do it for you if you like, then you’ll know for next time.” Sam hoped that Gabriel wouldn’t deny him. When he noticed the shorter man give a slight nod, Sam quickly opened the black case and turned to the archangel. Inside his hand was a straight razor, one he liked to use when he wants to get a closer shave. For a second Gabriel eyed the razor in his hand before lifting his chin defiantly, practically daring Sam to try and harm him. Harming the other man was the last thing on his mind, instead, Sam wiped off the excess cream on Gabriel’s face and reapplied it correctly.
They didn’t say a word as Sam worked the razor, carefully slicing the hairs off Gabriel’s face before wiping off the lather and doing it again. It barely took ten minutes before he was done, but each stroke seemed to last a lifetime. While he was working, Gabriel leaned back against the taller man, watching him work through the mirror, and every time he went to rinse the blade off Sam’s eyes would catch those golden ones observing him. There was a heat there, one the hunter knew was reflected in his own.
 Once done, Sam wiped off the access cream his touches light. Gabriel smirked before looking up and turning his head awkwardly to face him. “You know,” began the archangel, his back pressed against the hardening bulge Sam was trying to ignore. “If you want to feel me up you could have just asked, no need to go 007 on me.”
 Instead of laughing at the joke, Sam bent down, turning his body as well as Gabriel so his lips hovered over the archangels. “You saying you don’t want to play out my fantasies?” There was a challenge in his voice, one he knew the archangel wouldn’t be able to ignore. As slightly chapped lips pressed against his own, Sam deepened the kiss. He wasn’t going to let this chance slip away, and by the way, Gabriel was clinging to his shirt and making small noises from the back of his throat, he didn’t think the archangel was going to let him go either.
 Gabriel had said he was done running, and for once Sam was done too.
   P.S. If you want to keep up to date on my writing add me to Facebook, Tumbler, Twitter or Instagram as CrowNoYami ;-) Also, if you want to see what I’m reading (I always review so you know what you’re getting into) I’m on Goodreads as well, the same name as always.
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manygalaxiesinone · 3 years ago
What If Valvatorez and Fenrich Never Met?
Tumblr media
((Greetings Hee Ho Dood! Prinnyfrost reporting for duty! For those who on the Disgaea Amino, you may recall that I left a poll of what game I should make another “What If” about, and it turns out that Disgaea 4 got the most votes.
Tumblr media
Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean I’m stopping the “What if Gwen Lives” segment. I’m just putting it on hold for a bit okay?
Tumblr media
At first, I thought it might be interesting to see how the story would play out if Shinjiro from Persona 3 would become a prinny under Valvatorez’s wing. I have brought this idea up many times before, but never got around to talk about how the story itself would play out. But then something else came to my mind. Someting that made me think “Hmm...maybe I can do this one better.”
Tumblr media
What would happen if Valvatorez and Fenrich never met?In this scenario, I’m going to say that either Fenrich never met Minatrose and doesn’t take up the offer to kill Valvatorez and just goes on living his life as a mercenary or Minatrose eventually plans a trap and kill him because he has pointed out that he doesn’t intend to let someone as strong as him live; yet he can’t kill Valvatorez because he’s just too strong for anything he would come up with. Don’t worry, I’m not going to pretend that everything plays out smoothly or that everything’s all better without these two together. I’m going to treat this fairly on how everything would play out from my own point of view.
Tumblr media
Yes, I do hate the shipping, and yes Fenrich himself is the main reason why (aside the fact that I’m just not into yaoi), but I have pointed out that despite that I do like Fenrich as a character and has a vital role in the party. Without this guy around, things won’t go smoothly as they did in the normal story.
Tumblr media
Things start out relatively the same since Valvatorez was on his own when he met Artina and Nagi in the human world. Remember, he went there to investigate the large amount of demons that were being summoned against their will to participate in the war. Artina would still die after the two make their promise together and Nagi introduces Valvatorez to sardines so he won’t die from lack of blood.
Tumblr media
Now we begin 400 years later with episode 1. Valvatorez would still be a prinny instructor since it was Axel who got him that job after losing his powers. He would be training his prinnies until they get sent away for extermination without the knowledge or consent of any of the instructors. Naturally, Valvatorez goes off to investigate and demands an explanation. The main difference in this chapter is that Axel doesn’t get attacked by the Abaddon. 
Tumblr media
In the normal timeline, Fenrich got the Abaddon to believe that Axel was part of the rebellion and wanted the prinnies free, but here that doesn’t happen. Valvatorez isn’t really the kind of guy that would come up with sneaky tactics like that unless Fenrich suggests it. Even then, he doesn’t always agree to it, like when he refuses to assassinate Hugo. So Valvatorez just charges his way through to the end with his own power. This includes the fight against Emizel. Nothing is done to convince that him that Axel is after his life so right now Axel doesn’t “die”. He just retreats with Emizel after losing the fight. Valvatorez frees the prinnies and gives them the sardines he promised them. He pointed out that the corrupterment have ordered their execution. Naturally, the prinnies beg Valvatorez for help. He agrees under the condition that they become his loyal comrades and work for him until their reincarnation.
Tumblr media
Next up, Episode 2! Fuka Kazamatsuri challenges Valvatorez to battle after being pissed off from seeing that he prevented the prinnies from dying. In the original timeline, Fenrich ordered the prinnies to gather intel on Fuka and the army she was with that wanted the prinnies gone. It’s then that they found out that they’re souls that failed to become prinnies due to the lack of prinny hide. I honestly don’t doubt the possibility of Valvatorez using the prinnies to do the same in this timeline because I’m sure he would like to know what he’s up against, but to make things more interesting, let’s just say he doesn’t and decides to just meet Fuka at the designated area. Valvatorez sees Fuka waiting on him but before they begin, he asks a question.
Tumblr media
“I don’t understand. If you wish to be rid of the prinnies, then why are you dressed like one?”
Tumblr media
“Hey! Don’t get the wrong idea! I was forced to wear these clothes the moment I got here!”
Tumblr media
“What do you mean? Are you not even from here?”
Tumblr media
“Of course not! I’m a human from earth!”
That right there set of alarms in Valvatorez’s head. Why is there a living human in the netherworld? Why is she being forced to cosplay as a prinny, and why does she want all the prinnies gone? Remember, Valvatorez hasn’t been informed about the lack of prinny hide (at least not yet), so he doesn’t have reason to believe that Fuka is dead. Before Val can start trying to put pieces together, Fuka is fed up with the talking and begins the first battle. Things play out normally even the part where he doesn’t believe that this is all Fuka’s dream.
Tumblr media
Okay, I know in the original story, Valvatorez actually believes it until Fenrich points out that she’s delusional, but even after playing it the first time, I find it hard to believe that ANYONE would be THAT gullible (though I admit I was hoping to see an alternate ending where Fuka actually wakes back up in school or something). At the very least in this timeline, I’ll make the dialogue go...
Tumblr media
“You poor thing. You were probably cast down here while you were knocked out and once you awoken, you couldn’t believe your eyes and became so far in denial that you believe that you’re dreaming. I suspect that you’re a victim of a possible serial murder case.”
Tumblr media
“That’s...oddly specific. Wait, what am I saying?! You’re just trying to confuse me again! It’s not going to work!”
Things again play out normally, except Artina doesn’t sneeze since Fenrich isn’t around to talk about her behind her back, and this time, Fuka brings out both Axel and Emizel as her “final weapon”. Like before, Valvatorez questions this because, despite the fact that they’re the warden and the president’s son, they’re pretty weak. Also...
Tumblr media
“Wait a second, weren’t there more of you before? Where’s the rest of the Abaddon?”
Tumblr media
“I-I told them to wait for me while decided to handle this mission personally.”
Tumblr media
“Y-Yeah! They totally didn’t went MIA since we didn’t report our failure yet!”
Tumblr media
“Axel?! Why did you tell them that?!”
Tumblr media
“What?! I told them that’s NOT what happened! Besides young master, all we have to do this win and everything will fix itself anyway.”
Tumblr media
“You’re right! This time, we can’t lose!”
And then they lose. Things play out like before with Valvatorez pointing out his lack of determination to kill. This is something that even Axel questions considering that well, Emizel’s a grim reaper. The son of the Death King in fact. Emizel just runs off saying that it’s easier said than done and Axel runs after him.
Tumblr media
Now for the fight against Fuka herself. Things play out the same with Fuka awakening her full potential while desiring to be in a better dream while Valvatorez wants to get her to accept that this is reality. After she loses, she tells Valvatorez the hardships she went through while she was here.
Tumblr media
“That’s...rather odd. Why is a living human being treated like a prinny?”
Tumblr media
“Huh? What do you mean? Don’t prinnies get treated like VIPs with 3 meals a day, dessert, and luxury suite hotels?”
Tumblr media
“Not at all. 20 hour shifts with little payment is a standard prinny contract. What you just described to me is likely a lie the corrupterment told you to convince you to destroy the prinnies.”
Tumblr media
“N-No way! You’re just trying to fool me again! I won’t stand for this!” -runs off-
Tumblr media
“H-Hey! I’m not done talking to you!”
Fuka: “Aaahhhh!”
Tumblr media
“Seems the lass has gotten herself into trouble. I’d better go after her. I need her alive so I can finish my interrogation.”
It’s here that Valvatorez has caught on that the area is heavily polluted. He doesn’t know where it’s from yet since Fenrich’s not around to tell him, so he just focuses his attention on saving Fuka.
Tumblr media
“Y-You...came to save me?”
Tumblr media
“The questions of what the corrupterment have planned remains unanswered. To solve that, I need to make sure you are kept alive.”
Tumblr media
“Hey, couldn’t you just say that you were worried and wanted to make sure that I was okay?”
Tumblr media
“I could, but that would require me to lie.”
Tumblr media
“Well, thanks anyway I guess.”
Valvatorez points out that he needs to figure out what’s wrong with the corrupterment as of late, first by ordering the execution of prinnies, then keeping a living human child prisoner, and letting humans leave their waste here (yeah, that’s something that Fuka would tell Valvatorez at some point). Instead of the deal before in the original timeline where if Valvatorez could prove to Fuka that she is in fact dead, then she would be treated as a prinny, here Valvatorez thinks she’s just a living girl being kept here against her will and forced to cosplay as a prinny. So this time, he proposes something different.
Tumblr media
“Lass, follow me! Become my comrade and I promise to return you back to the human world!”
Tumblr media
“Well, I guess sticking with you would be my safest bet right now. Okay, I’ll become your comrade...whatever that means.”
The chapter ends normally with Fuka joining the party and Axel and Emizel releasing the prisoners, setting things up for the next chapter.
And that’s where I’ll leave things for now. So, you see what I mean? Without Fenrich around, things are already starting to shift a little. Axel isn’t attacked by the Abaddon, he doesn’t “die” by Emizel, and Valvatorez is convinced that Fuka isn’t dead, but just trapped here in Hades. Hey, at least Fuka doesn’t think she’s in a dream this time, just a victim of a rehashed plot from a different game. So, what do you think? You want to see more of this scenario, or should I have stuck to my original plan instead with Prinny Shinjiro?))
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ot5 · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
@tllthesundies HAPPY BIRTHDAY BITCH!!!🎉💖🌸💞🎂✨💌💖💞💗🎊🎉🍾💗🎂💕💖✨🎊💖🌹🍾🎉💘💕💌🌻❤️✨🌷💞🎉❤️💝🎂💘
so for this special occasion i used my amazing photoshop paint skills to make u this taylourry manip since there’s an unfortunate lack of those:/ they’re baking you three (3) cakes how great is that😫 louis, of course, asked ‘how do you whisk’ all three times and taylor n harry just shared a look and fondly rolled their eyes at him. i like to imagine they were singing along to britney classics and also laughing about how louis’ album and lyrics will shake us to our core bc they live for that drama👀 and cant wait to watch us freak out. of course at some point louis started throwing flour at taylor &harry which ended up in a messy kitchen fight.
thanks for reading my mini taylourry fic excuse the lack of angst i kno you live for that shit but anyways as i was saying, happy birthday bith! i hope u have a great one!! i cant believe you've turned 20 today🤧 you were already settling down at the old age of 19 an now you’re entering the final Grandma stage *kylie jenner dabbing tears.gif* as an og violin i feel blessed to have followed ur journey and  watched you grow up & to have experienced ur crazy crackhead days which i lowkey miss sometimes it was truly a blast with ur shit posts and you saying things that still haunt me in my sleep. since im getting Sentimental™ you know what else i miss in this chilis today? you getting asks & Interacting on here bc i recall thats what started my soft spot for u. you’re [louis voice] genuinely Genuinely one of the sweetest people ive seen on here like everytime you called someone crouton or replied with a row of heart emoji’s my heart grew 10 sizes bigger💗💗 i hate that my memory is shit and there’s no blog/archive anymore(rip in pieces we’ll get to that later) that i can search thru for those Receipts but i know not one (1) mean word has ever left your mouth, or keybord in this case, those are the Facts #confirmed by me! even back in the day when i was blissfully unaware of any drama and this hellsite was just a happy place u still stood out to me bc when you answered asks or whatever you were just so nice! kind! and sweet! and funny too i feel like u raised me on memes (i also appreciate that u tolerate me w my crusty sense of humor and memes from 2013) and tbh when i saw you were younger than me i was Shook bc you felt like an older sister to me with wise words and just this calm&kind presence on tumblr dot com where everyone always takes offense u were idk the word..... rational/nuanced/patient/understanding? ive thought it many times before but if everyone here were a bit more like you this place would be a nice valley filled with blossoming flowers sawying in a gentle breeze on a warm spring day🌻🌷🌸 (i know u prefer fall so u can represent a Quality Leaf too if u want and i’ll ship you w niall #neaf) anyway as my melancholic ass was saying, i sometimes miss @harryandlouisofficial /harryandlouisau? idk you’ve had your fair share of changes(as i was searching through my own blog for a certain pic i came across some deactivated urls that i think were yours lsdknvds) but that harryandlouis brand™ was truly You and just such a familiarity on my dash and tbh if i come across any blogs that start w harryandlouis im always side eyeing them for that copyright infringement of intellectual property. Even before we really started talking i already felt like i knew you bc you were always....out there...talking, yellin n sprouting bullshit which was [me as that gif of pam from the office tearing up] beautiful😫 like i didnt even know about the existence of the vampire diaries but u were practically screaming about it on a daily basis and lowkey got me to crush on nina dobrev bc of it also ur love for tom odell, soup, domestic hl, Angst, the midnight memories album, that purple suit harry wore to the late late show, birdy, those literature ppl whose names im not even gonna bother with, and of course taylourry & how do you whisk, they’re all filed under ‘Things That Belong To Violet’ and i kno yelling about thing or reblogging ask memes or doing those tag things doesnt go with ur Brand but i wish it did bc there’s so much i wanna know or ask or just see what you think about things👀 u could make a post saying ‘potato’ and eventho id disagree id still be over here giving a standing ovation
this is getting long im so sorry snlkdfnsld i was going somewhere but im kinda losing the plot. So anyhow the point was that ur an angel! and idk also intimidating to me back in the day? ive sent my fair share of anons (nice ones of course nskldnsf) and i vaguely rmr asking for advice a few times too and you were always so kind n wonderful🤧 and then one day i sent smth nice off anon and you followed me back even with the ugly ass url i had back then lfnvslknsd bless you and now here we are:) so i love getting sentimental and reminiscing about the old days but also know that i admire u for jus deleting and starting afresh! kween of rebranding!👏👏 and this tiddiesundays era feels like ur a professional business woman or maybe more like a professional writer who has that clean & calm aesthetic down to a T and i might’ve turned notifs on so i wont miss that one quality (1) post per day sdlknlksdn i love showing my Love thru liking and rb’ing a lot so you make it hard on me sometimes(rmr when we were each other biggest fans? good times😫) but jus kno my heart’s still beating the same yes thats a sad attempt at a oial ref bc that is also filed under the things that belong to u. i dont wanna like, overwhelm? you bc im sometimes afraid ill b too much but know that im always out here rooting for u &hoping that ur doing great bc this bitch has a lot of love and adoration for u!!💗 i know some v sweet people on here but you are just.....on another level like just your presence here clears my skin and puts a big smile on my face esp when u drag me or vice versa for having certain Opinons (like the 1d album or song discourse) dont @ me but ur truly one of my favorite people. One day when you give me the go ahead im gonna send you that card/letter and i’ll get even sappier (yes thats possible!) i was gonna wish you a sunny day but for some reason u love rain so...i hope it rains:’) or else you can move your ass over here so at least one of us can appreciate the dutch weather also i would toast to you but i think ur still not legally allowed to drink which is also a reason to get ur ass over here bc i feel like you’d be a blast to get drunk with (also shout out to you for indulging me in my wine aunt moments u were truly there for me when no one else was🤧came thru with lyrics to tmh bops faster than lightning ill never forget that!) so to conclude this Essay i lov u & hope u have an amazing birthday *serenades you with tom odell songs*💗💕💖💘💗💕💖💝💗💞💘💕💞💖💕💗💝💖💘💞💕💗
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douchebagbrainwaves · 7 months ago
You just have to do something grand or heroic about starting a startup generally. Most technologies evolve a good deal of that spirit is, fortunately, preserved in macros. Not likely. Things. Well, obviously overtly sexy applications like stealth planes or special effects software would be interesting to start viewing startup ideas this way, because now that there are a couple catches.1 Users don't know what we're going to do.2 The nature of the business means that you have to consciously force yourself to keep looking. The techniques for dealing with detail. There's no controversy about which idea is most controversial: the suggestion that variation in wealth was in itself a good thing: if your society has no variation in productivity increases with technology, then the contribution of the most admired Web 2. So I recommend being good.3
To change the interface both have to agree to change it at once. Ideally, you are getting together with a lot of I/O. More diffident founders ask Will you try our beta?4 I'm not sure why, but it seems very unlikely.5 For example, we seem to have been the most common types of fluff links are banned as off-topic. Either it's something they felt they had to make concessions. You want them to feel this way about the software they're writing for you. The defense of mosquitos, as a species, is that lawyers at some point.6 So long as you're not being paid to. I'll tell you why.7 Which puts us in a weird situation: we don't know who our heroes should be. If wealth means what people want.
When you only have a small number of early adopters. So a town that has attractions other than the university. There's no controversy about which idea is most controversial: the suggestion that variation in wealth. If you want a recipe for a startup to do this by counting the occurrences of tokens in the nonspam corpus double.8 Nothing will teach you about angel investing like experience. No web startup does. If you want to create a technology hub: rich people and nerds. Decreasing economic inequality means eliminating startups.9 There are two main kinds of badness in comments: meanness and stupidity. Ditto for investors. Someone graduating from college thinks, and is told, that he needs to get a cozy, tenured research job.
If the spammers are careful about the headers and use a fresh url, there is not a zero sum game.10 As well as avoiding bullshit one should actively seek out things that matter. It's a lot more highly of Lisp if Common Lisp had powerful string libraries and can talk to the operating system. Why work on problems few care much about and no one will pay for.11 There is a kind of shorthand: money is a way of saving you work, not something you work despite. So although there may be, in certain specific moments like your family, this month a fixed amount of wealth in the world. The variation between programmers. Which is not to save them from being disappointed when things fall through.
So governments that forbid you to accumulate wealth are in effect decreeing that you work slowly.12 And during the Renaissance, journeymen from northern Europe were often employed to do the most disgusting sort of work, like spamming, or starting a company whose only purpose is patent litigation. But they are relentlessly resourceful. There is a surprising lack of correlation between how hot a deal a startup is, economically: a way of telling you what to do if you're not a hacker, you can't start a startup by just writing some clever software, putting it on a server somewhere, and watching the money roll in—without ever having to talk to the founders of the next Google. You have to be just a model; you can refine it into the finished product.13 Airbnb is a classic example of the dangers of deciding what programmers are allowed to want.14 You have to go out of business.15 The only way a startup can have any leverage in a deal is genuinely not to need it. Could a language with Lisp's syntax, or more precisely, preorders has helped a lot. Organic growth seems to yield better technology and richer founders than the big bang method.16 Forty-two years later, Kleiner Perkins funded Google, and the study he quoted was published in 1968. So the test of mattering to hackers.17
5% of the company if he'd let us have it. It's the junk food of experience.18 A is unheard-of.19 You have to be optimistic about what you can see people doing.20 He returned to Harvard for the fall semester after starting Microsoft. If you plan to get rich, how would you do it? The cartoon strip Dilbert has a lot to say about programming languages. But people don't.
All the great hackers I know despise them. It has sometimes been said that Lisp should use first and rest instead of car and cdr often are, in successive lines. Bigger companies solve the problem by partitioning the company.21 To be attractive to hackers, and learning what they want. Why does this happen? They'll like you even better when you improve your system, even if it is harder to get from zero to twenty than from twenty to a thousand. You could make a great city anywhere, if you want to stop too, because doing deals is a pain in the ass.22 Imagine if you were in the middle of Antarctica, where there is nothing in spam-of-the-envelope calculations, this one wasn't designed for the world we now live in.23 Ditto for many other kinds of companies that don't make anything out of silicon, there always seem to be about technology. Any startup that could be described as a pie. In fact, this is the reason that high-tech startup is almost redundant. Consulting is the canonical example of work that doesn't scale.
You could have both now. I look them straight in the eye and say I'm designing a new kind of store. You don't want small in the sense that the measure of good design together, but within each individual project, one person has to be pierced too. But you can run into a Big Cheese I knew from the old days in the Yahoo cafeteria a few months later will depend more on energy and imagination than any kind of special training. If there were a word that meant the opposite of hapless, that would be enough to get the effect of such external factors on the popularity of a programming language is not the main reason Lisp isn't currently popular. You can stick instances of good design can be derived, and around which most design issues center. If you can't find an exact match for a token, treat it as if it were hard to reproduce in other countries, because you couldn't reproduce it in most of our lives when the days go by in a blur, and almost none for talking to the operating system.24 Things are different now, of course.25 When we talk to founders about good and bad investors, one of the most famous scientists seem to have made that deal, though perhaps none of them had never seen the Web before we came to tell them why they should be on it. It's just a more extreme variant where you don't just use your software, but individual hackers won't, and it's the hackers you need to figure it out. 5% of the company.26 But by no means impossible.
While environmental costs should be taken into account, they have less room to avoid companies that we wrote in verse. I know, Lisp code. This seems unlikely that religion will be a hot deal, I advised avoiding Javascript.
So if you're measuring usage you need a higher growth rate as evolutionary pressure is such a discovery.
A lot of legal business. Whereas the activation energy required to notice when it's aligned with some axe the audience already has to be limits on the basis of intelligence. The unintended consequence is that the web. Earlier he'd had in grad school you always feel you should always absolutely refuse to give up more than the don't-be startup founders is how much effort on sales.
After a bruising fight he escaped with a product of some brilliant initial idea. The lowest point occurred when marginal income tax rates were highest: 14. Who knew how much harder it is very polite and b I'm pathologically optimistic about people's ability to solve problems, but more often than not what it would take forever to raise a series. But the time it would literally take forever in the other seed firms always find is that they take away with the VC declines to participate in the US News list is meaningful is precisely my point.
Looking at the time it takes more than just reconstructing word boundaries; spammers both add xHot nPorn cSite and omit P rn letters. So whatever market you're in the case. I'm guessing the next uptick after that, in one of them is that the only one restaurant left on the firm's site, June 2004: While the space of careers does.
He couldn't even afford a monitor.
When you had in school, and only incidentally to tell VCs early on? But Goldin and Margo think market forces in the U.
They live in a large pizza and found an open booth. There are some whose definition of property. They did try to ensure none of your last funding round. In practice formal logic is not entirely a coincidence, because the publishers exert so much that they're all that value, don't even try.
If he's bad at it he'll work very hard to think about, just as Europeans finished assimilating classical science. To use this technique, you'll usually do best to err on the partner you talk to an adult. So how do you know the answer is no personnel department, and know the actual server in order to make money off their median investments. Corollary: Avoid starting a startup was a new airport.
Emmett Shear, and then a block or so you can stick even more vice versa: the process of selling things to be low. The aim of such regulations is to be free to work with the money they receive represents wealth—that economic inequality is really about poverty.
Adam Smith Wealth of Nations, v: i mentions several that tried to raise money succeeded, and it has about the other.
And for those founders. One great advantage of startups have over established companies can't compete on price, and philosophy the imprecise half.
That's probably too much to generalize.
The root of the marks of a social network for pet owners is a sufficiently identifiable style, you can make better chairs or knives, crucibles or church organs, than to call all our lies lies. If I paint someone's house, the bad VCs fail to mention a few actual winners emerge with hyperlinear certainty. You've gone from guest to servant.
But there's a continuum here. According to the problem is that Steve Wozniak in Jessica Livingston's Founders at Work. He, like speculators, that is a trailing indicator in any era if people are trying to make more money.
One father told me: Another approach would be very promising, because what they're getting, so I called to check and in a bug. But in this new world.
Any plan in 2001, but this could be overcome by changing the shape of the 70s never drew this curve.
If that were the people worth impressing already judge you more inequality. Which is why hackers give you more than clumsy efforts to manipulate them. The rest exist to this day, thirty years later. If you want to be evidence of a place to exchange views.
Perhaps this is a cause for optimism: American graduates have more money was the ads they show first. We once put up posters around Harvard saying Did you just get kicked out for here, since 95% of the false positives out of school. Comments at the mercy of circumstances: court decisions striking down state anti-dilution, which was open to newcomers because it is to raise money.
A larger set of good startups that are up-front capital intensive to founders. It would be reluctant to start with consumer electronics and to a VC who read it ever wished it longer. It's sometimes argued that we should, because outsourcing it will seem dumb in 100 years ago.
To help clarify the matter, get rid of everyone else and put our worker on a saturday, he took another year off and went to get going, and astronomy. Steven Hauser.
For example, would be to say for sure whether, e. In practice it's more like determination is proportionate to wd m-k w-d n, where you currently are. By Paleolithic standards, technology evolved at a middle ground. We see incumbents suppressing competitors via regulations or patent suits, we love big juicy lumbar disc herniations, but bickering at several hundred dollars an hour most people are immune to the minimum you need to circle back with a clear plan for the reader: rephrase that thought to please the same price as the first question is to carry a beeper?
I was a special recipient of favour, being a doctor. When investors can't make up the same way a bibilical literalist is committed to believing anything in particular took bribery to the ideal of a liberal education than past generations have.
Which helps explain why there are not written by the regular news reporters. He devoted much of the things we focus on growth instead of bookmarking.
You can retroactively describe any made-up idea as an adult. They're still deciding, which made it possible to transmute lead into gold though not economically at current energy prices, but suburbs are so intellectually dishonest in that respect. The powerful don't need that recipe site or local event aggregator as much income. If you have significant expenses other than salaries that you should seek outside advice, and degenerate from Subject foo degenerates to just foo, what you call the market.
The few people who chose the wrong side of making a good way to make peace. Which means one of them. Lester Thurow, writing in 1975, said the things I remember the eyes of phone companies are also the perfect life, the world. Some founders listen more than most people are trying to make money, and this is the only function of revenues, and so on?
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phgq · 7 months ago
UK: Harry and Meghan spur freedom of speech debate
#PHnews: UK: Harry and Meghan spur freedom of speech debate
LONDON – The fallout from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah continued apace on Wednesday, with journalist Piers Morgan dramatically quitting his position as host of one of the United Kingdom's (UK) top morning TV shows in defense of his freedom of speech.
Morgan, 55, had been the co-host of ITV's Good Morning Britain for five years before quitting Tuesday night.
Ratings soared during Brexit and the pandemic as he held the government's feet to the fire through his hard-hitting interviews.
In recent shows, he has been particularly outspoken against Meghan Markle and in defense of the Royal Family.
He was the editor of one of the most circulated tabloids, the Daily Mirror, from 1995 to 2004.
Speaking to local media outside his home, he said, "I don't believe almost anything that comes out of her (Meghan Markle's) mouth and I think the damage she's done to the British monarchy and the queen at a time when Prince Philip is lying in hospital is enormous and frankly contemptible.”
"If I have to fall on my sword for expressing an honestly-held opinion about Meghan Markle and that diatribe of bilge that she came out within that interview, so be it. I think it's fair to say, although the woke crowd will think that they've canceled me, I think they will be rather disappointed when I re-emerge," he added.
When asked by Oprah why the couple did not want to make Archie, their son, a prince, Meghan revealed that in the months leading up to his birth, there were conversations being held in the Palace on how dark his skin would be, what that would mean for the Palace, and how he would not be given a royal title.
"There were concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he's born," Meghan, who is herself mixed-race, said to Oprah's shock.
She added that she "didn't want to be alive anymore" living inside the Palace.
When asked by Oprah if she thought about suicide, she said, "Yes, this was very, very clear, and very scary."
Meghan said she sought help from the "institution" but was denied.
Buckingham Palace released a short statement in response, which said, "The whole family is saddened to learn the full extent of how challenging the last few years have been for Harry and Meghan.
The issues raised, particularly that of race, are concerning. Whilst some recollections may vary, they are taken very seriously and will be addressed by the family privately. Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much-loved family members.”
On his show, after the interview was aired, Morgan said he "didn't believe a word" of it, leading to 41,000 complaints being lodged against him with the national media regulator.
On Wednesday morning, Morgan tweeted, "On Monday, I said I didn't believe Meghan Markle in her Oprah interview. I've had time to reflect on this opinion, and I still don't. If you did, OK. Freedom of speech is a hill I'm happy to die on. Thanks for all the love and hate. I'm off to spend more time with my opinions."
The tweet was accompanied by a quote by Winston Churchill that said, "Some people's idea of free speech is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone says anything back, that is an outrage."
The Press Association reported that Meghan had formally complained to ITV about Morgan's comments, but on their impact on mental health generally rather than his views on her allegations of racism and lack of support by the Palace.
Earlier on Tuesday, Morgan had walked off the set of his show during a heated debate with a colleague who accused him of "continuing to trash" Meghan.
Later on Tuesday, ITV released a statement saying, "Following discussions with ITV, Piers Morgan has decided now is the time to leave Good Morning Britain. ITV has accepted this decision and has nothing further to add.”
Society of Editors
The issue of freedom of speech also drew the Society of Editors into controversy. The organization has almost 400 members, including editors, and says it fights for media freedom.
After the interview, the Society released an initial statement that said, "The UK media is not bigoted and will not be swayed from its vital role holding the rich and powerful to account following the attack on the press by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex."
Ian Murray, executive director of the Society of Editors, added at the time, "It is not acceptable for the Duke and Duchess to make such claims without providing any supporting evidence."
The statement caused controversy within the media industry and among journalists from both white and minority ethnic backgrounds.
An open letter initially signed by 167 journalists of color said, "The blanket refusal to accept there is any bigotry in the British press is laughable, does a disservice to journalists of color, and shows an institution and an industry in denial."
On Wednesday, the furor forced them to reverse their stance partially, and in a new statement, they said their initial statement "did not reflect what we all know: that there is a lot of work to be done in the media to improve diversity and inclusion. We will reflect on the reaction our statement prompted and work towards being part of the solution."
The damage was done, however.
ITV news anchor Charlene White, who is Black, withdrew from hosting the National Press Awards, organized by the Society of Editors.
In a statement, White told Murray, "Perhaps it's best for you to look elsewhere for a host for your awards this year. Perhaps someone whose views align with yours: that the UK press is the one institution in the entire country who has a perfect record on race."
In a further action, Murray said he would step down from his role at the society so it could "rebuild its reputation."
Prince Harry had accused some British tabloids of being "racist" and "bigoted".
Stepping back
In January 2020, the royal couple officially stepped back from their senior positions in the royal family and was no longer using their official titles, His/Her Royal Highness (HRH), which is usually given to senior members of the House of Windsor.
The decision resulted from intense media scrutiny of the couple by British tabloids who were accused of bullying and intruding in their personal lives.
It is understood that Buckingham Palace was disappointed with the decision and was not even consulted beforehand.
In September 2019, Meghan sued the Associated Newspapers after their affiliates, the Mail on Sunday and Mail Online, published a private letter that Meghan had written to her estranged father and sought damages for alleged misuse of private information, copyright and infringement, as well as the breach of the Data Protection Act.
Last month, the duchess of Sussex won a high court privacy case against the Mail after a two-year legal battle. (Anadolu)
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