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#all the laughs
mumblerant · a month ago
Being a priest is kinda fruity if you think about it, devoting your entire life to a MAN?? Basically just getting topped by god.
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nsfw-kill-me-now · 2 months ago
The post is mine, the gif is not.
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Is it just me or does Tyrian have PBA (pseudobulbar affect). It involves pathological bouts of laughter and/or crying, especially in stressful situations.
He often bursts out laughing when experiencing distress, such as when he disappointed Salem (dissolving into maniacal laughter while taking his self-anger out on a Grimm) and when he dislocated his thumb to escape cuffs (laughing in response to pain instead of crying out). This also happens during some of his more difficult battles (Tyrian vs Qrow, Robin, and Clover).
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missnobody33 · 21 days ago
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What you do when you are broken
What you do when you feel broken
Sounds same but different.
I can go outside and fix what broken,
I can smile, i can laugh when i see my friends.
I know what to do to make me feel better,
I feel real when I'm go home,
i don't lost me when I go home,
But i don't know what to do when i FEEL broken
Everything around me feel free, and saved,
Everything around me look fine and perfect,
Everything goes well and great,
But i feel like im the missing piece in this world.
I'm at the place where I am,
I want to love me but i don't know myself,
I want to know me but i can't find myself,
I want a lot of things but everything is like illusion,
Then i just lost "me" when i feel broken.
-kn 00:42p.m 8 Nov
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