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petite-madame · 2 months ago
The Order of The Avengers - Master post (2021 ~)
Tumblr media
Character Portraits - PART ONE
Tumblr media
Character Portraits - PART TWO
Tumblr media
The Order of The Wakandan Tribes
Tumblr media
Calendar 2022 - PART ONE
Tumblr media
Calendar 2022 - PART TWO
Tumblr media
“Look what the horse dragged in”
Tumblr media
The Stairs
Tumblr media
Digital Watercolor Portraits
Tumblr media
The Magician
Tumblr media
King Steve (B&W)
King Steve, color portrait
Misc Studies feat. Steve and Dr Strange
White hair Clint Barton
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softchaoticmuse · 7 months ago
“So, THAT is your comfort character?”
*points at the dead fictional man with a tragic past and unresolved trauma*
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star-spangled-man · 5 months ago
Me whenever i see another fictional character with questionable morals: Sure they’ve killed some people here and there, but they would hug me if i was sad
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dianas-shortgalpal · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
she’s simply the best
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greeksorceress · a month ago
“do you still like her? after all she did?” yes, i do, because she’s a fictional character and liking her doesn’t mean anything about my irl principles or morals. in fact, i think it’s very important for you, kevin, to learn the difference between fiction and real life. people are allowed to like fictional characters with questionable morals/actions without meaning they want something like that to happen irl. 
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sourstiless · 5 months ago
“yelena is canonically aroace in the comics as she has stated she’s ‘not lesbian’ and ‘not anything’ so please stop shipping her with other characters in the mcu because it is erasing her sexuality”
“the comics and the mcu are not the same thing”
hmmm…interesting reaction
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stellophia · 7 months ago
since fandom in general seems to be circling back to its 2012 era i propose we all throw mcu phase 4 into the trash and go back to writing 2012 Everyone Lives in the Tower found family fics but with like. shuri and shang-chi included
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bbelovas · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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gallifreyclaras · 6 days ago
just saw a headline that said "mcu's season 4 of daredevil needs to take lessons from thor ragnarok"
i dont know about you guys, but personally? i dont need matt to throw out a family friendly gag every minute, or for him and frank to argue about doing a "get help" style distraction for easy laughs, sandwiched inbetween 6 callbacks to previous mcu films and a panoramic circle shot showing each of the defenders in an action pose. i dont want that.
for all the main mcu has in its big explosions followed up by clever one liners, they're severely lacking in the things that made the defenders so good - their realness.
i dont want a family friendly squeaky clean daredevil, i want a matt murdock that is so flawed and angry and irrevocably broken by all that he has seen and experienced, a matt murdock that is so deliciously and utterly human that it hurts to see.
it hurts to watch him start fight after fight - many he knows he can't possibly win, he knows the odds are stacked against him, but he fights anyway. he fights because he knows that if he doesn't go out every night and save the little girls lured into alleyways by strange creepy men, and if he doesn't fight against the corrupted system condemning innocent men - then who will?
personally, that's the daredevil i want to see.
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mandaloriandragontrainer · 6 months ago
I can’t believe we’re 5 years into Tom Holland’s run as Spider-Man and I still see Tobey fanboys whining “iRoN bOy Jr. ReLiEd ToO mUcH oN sTaRk’S tEcH hE wAsN’t A rEaL sPiDeR-mAn” as if the entire point of Homecoming (and Far From Home’s final battle) wasn’t that he was Spider-Man with or without any of Tony’s gear. Not to mention this Peter has been a child in all of his entries so far and is already insanely powerful.
“If you’re nothing without the suit, then you shouldn’t have it” anyone?
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jacketpotatoo · a month ago
Tumblr media
Going through an art crisis so here are spideys
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mwagneto · a year ago
Tumblr media
i had a revelation
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jazzycasino · 10 months ago
Captain ‘Carter’ and Peggy having more promotion and merch than Sam Wilson as Captain America right now yeah I’m obviously going to have a problem with this¿
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actiontoongorlz · a month ago
Disney when they find out i ship their mcu heroes with black women:
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ultfreakme · 8 months ago
Before I got into the MCU people who watched it told me that all the movies are interconnected and meticulously thought out so everything makes sense, down to the finest detail so I shouldn’t just brush off little things when watching. 
Chief, the MCU is hot garbage mess where none of the writers, directors, scriptwriters, no one can agree on what exactly is supposed to happen. I’m sure 70% of the people in charge of writing hate each other and the characters they write for. Every time they had to make an Avengers movie, they begrudgingly chuck characterizations at each other, have zero agreement on anything and just, film their bullshit.
The MCU is so inconsistent it makes wattpad bad boy x good girl stories look coherent and better built.
The most glaring example is Steve’s arc in Endgame. It’s such a huge plot hole, if anyone thought on it for more than 3 seconds they’d have seen how terrible it is.
Another is Howard and Peggy. Are they so incompetent they let Arnim Zola, a notorious Nazi asshole, build a supercomputer in one of their secret bases when the story keeps insisting that they’re most badass of all?
The MCU is a group project where no one likes each other, no one met for more than 5 seconds, and each of them gave separate presentations on the same topic, and all of them did the assignment so laughably incorrectly that it’s not even funny anymore.
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christywantspizza · 2 months ago
I’m all for being hoes together!!
Could I request Ransom x reader + overstimulation?
You absolutely can! I’d like to request it too. Universe, you listening? I want Ranson to eat me out in a cable knit sweater until I cry, please. Thank you 😇 It’ll happen for us, nonnie 💖
So it took me a bit of time with this one because the more I wrote the more I wanted it to be the next "episode" in my All in a Day's Work series (although it can be perfectly read as a standalone one-shot, like the other two parts of the series). I've been planning a longer multi chapter in the series for a while and had been looking for the perfect way to start setting that up and you showed up with this nonnie and it just ✨ clicked ✨
I hope you like it and thank you so much for sending it 💖
Tumblr media
- trials and revelations -
Rating: Explicit [MINORS DNI]
Type: Smut with unexpected feelings
Pairing: CEO!Ransom Drysdale x Assistant!F!Reader
Summary: Ransom had been edging you for four days and you decided to take matters into your own hands. He decided he needed to teach you a lesson, not knowing there was something he was about to learn too.
Word Count: 2509
🚨 Tags and Warnings 🚨 Explicit sexual content; Boss/employee relationship; D/s relationship; Mentions of edging and orgasm denial; Sex toys; Overstimulation; Cock-warming; Bondage; Very correct use of a body mirror; Body writing and marking; Degradation and dumbification; Praise; Very dirty talk, like a lot of it, it's filthy guys; Multiple orgasms; Squirting; Vaginal sex; Ransom getting soft, that's a big warning.
Thank you so much @sidepartskinnyjeans for reviewing this one for me and soothing my anxiety. You help me be my best soft hoe self 💖
My Masterlist | My Ao3 | 🔶 Other works from this series 🔶
Why do you think this is happening?
That was the question that followed your last three orgasms and he was asking it again. And every answer you gave was deemed unsatisfactory and so your torture continued.
Ransom had been edging you for four days straight. Four days of being fingered, eaten out and fucked without being allowed to come. That morning when you stepped into his office, he bent you over his desk and worked a plug into your ass, then proceeded to eat you out and finger you almost to orgasm twice before he sent you back to your desk, desperate and frustrated.
You were taking notes in a corner of his office during a meeting when you suddenly felt the plug spark to life. Your gasp had four heads turning to you and Ransom asked if there was something wrong in a worried tone. Fucking bastard. Your face burned as you said it was nothing and apologized. For the remainder of the meeting Ransom toyed with you, increasing the vibrations and even making it pulse. You could barely write with how pent up you were, you couldn’t handle it anymore.
He spent the rest of the day tormenting you, and you knew he wanted you to beg him to stop. But you wouldn’t give him that pleasure. What else could he do, afterall? Fuck you on your desk in front of everyone? You ignored how your walls clenched at the thought and continued with your work the best you could.
It was about 4PM when Ransom decided it was time to go home and told you that you could leave early too. You knew what that was code for, and you weren’t about to spend another couple of hours being fucked to incompletion. You sneaked into his office, got into the adjacent private bathroom, and took care of the problem by yourself. You continued to rub your clit after the first orgasm, biting into your arm as the second one grew even more intense. The third one had you feeling boneless and you had to sit there for several minutes until you were sure you wouldn’t look like a newborn deer when you walked towards your desk and then out of the building.
Sated and relieved, you exited the bathroom and were met with Ransom’s wicked smirk as he leaned against his desk. Motherfucker.
“My house. 30 minutes.”
That was all you got before he left again. Fuck, fuck, fuck. You found yourself squirming in the car seat as you thought of the harsh spanking you’d likely get. Why is it called a punishment when it got you so turned on? Whatever he had planned, it was well worth the three mind numbing orgasms you’d had in that bathroom. Fuck him and his games.
Oh yeah, you were very wrong.
As you found yourself barely out of your fourth orgasm, all of them ripped out of you by a wand directly on your clit while his cock was inside you, unmoving, you cursed the moment you decided to sneak into that bathroom.
Ransom was sitting up, back against the headboard, with you straddling him, his free hand gripping the hair at your nape as he lifted your head for you to see yourself in the full body mirror he’d put at the foot of the bed. Your skin was damp with sweat, a soft sheen reflecting on its surface, your chest and collarbone marked by his mouth, and the sheet beneath you had a wet spot. You leaned back against his chest, exhausted, and he kissed up your neck. You wish he’d hold you, wish you could reach back and wrap his arms around yours, but he’d put you in a harness that circled your waist and thighs and cuffed your wrists to its side. You felt untethered and you wanted him to ground you, he always did that when he pushed you, it always helped. But this wasn’t for you to enjoy, this was a punishment.
He whispered that same goddamned question.
“Why do you think this is happening?” he asked, his calm and collected demeanor making a mockery of your sorry state.
He started asking you that when you first begged him to stop, and you had no idea the answer he wanted. Because I came. Wrong. Because I broke the rules. Wrong. Because I deserve it. Wrong. Every wrong answer earned you another orgasm and you had no idea how to stop it.
“Because you want to do it, you decide what happens.”
“Oh, so close, sweetheart,” he cooed. The wand at your clit buzzed back to life and you cried out, trying to flinch away from it but being held down by his grip on the strap at your lower back. “Don’t get me wrong, I very much enjoy this pussy clenching around my cock.” He pinched one of your nipples hard and you yelped. “Fuck, so good. I’m starting to think you wanna stay here with how tight she’s gripping me.”
“No, no,” your voice trembled as did the rest of your body with another orgasm approaching, “please, please, I can’t do it anymore.”
“Really? ‘Cuz it seems like you can. It’s already close, isn't it? Fuck, I think this one is gonna be a record. Should have timed it, see exactly how fast I can make you come.”
“No, no, no- Ah!” You cried out as he pulled on one of your nipples hard and your body was shaken by another wave of the most intense mix of pain and pleasure you’d ever felt.
You started rutting back and forth in his lap, trying to drag it out but he released your nipple and gripped your throat, pushing you against his chest and continuing to press the wand to your clit in it’s highest setting. Your wails echoed in the room and you were sure that if there was anyone in the house they’d think he was trying to kill you in there. You weren’t sure he wasn’t.
Your body continued shaking and you threw your head back as you gushed all over his thighs and the bed, feeling another wave crash violently against you, another orgasm when you weren’t even out of the last one.
He groaned in your ears and his hips bucked up into you. “Ugh, God, almost made me blow my load right there,” he said when you calmed down enough, pulling you into a messy kiss that you hadn’t realized you were so hungry for.
“Please, no more, no more,” you slurred your words between sniffs, as you parted, your voice weak.
“Why do you think this is happening?”
“I don’t know.”
“Why do you think this is happening?”
“I don’t. I don’t think, can’t think.”
“I knew you’d get there.” That was what he wanted? You’d gotten it? It was over? “If you don’t think, who does?”
“Who tells you what to do?”
“Very good.” He kissed your cheek and you felt a wave of relief. It was over, you’d made it. You took your punishment. Between all the exhaustion and heaviness you felt a spark of triumph inside you.
“And don’t you forget it.”
“I won’t, I swear," you responded mindlessly, making him chuckle
He unhooked your right wrist cuff from the harness and put something in your hand, gripping it with his own and bringing it to your chest. Your head was still settled on his shoulder but you felt the tip of a familiar marker slide over your skin. Curiosity getting the better of you, you tried to focus on the mirror.
Mindless Toy
You clenched at the sight and he chuckled. “So pretty,” he whispered, his teeth gently nipping on your jaw, just enough to bring your attention to him as you felt your mind drift. “Need you to listen now. I wanna fuck you, had this wet cunt warming me up for so long, squeezing me like that, all I want is to fuck you into this mattress.” You breathed out a shaky moan, frustrated at how you still wanted him to do that, even knowing how oversensitive you were. “You took your punishment so well, I’m impressed. We can stop if you want. Give me a color.”
Being with Ransom had never been an easy task. He was as intense as he was charming, and he knew how to push every button to make you hate to love all he did to you. But for all of his asshole demeanor, you’d found that you could trust him - not to lie, not to control you outside your affair, and not to hurt you. Every time you’d given him a yellow and asked for something to slow down or change, he took it seriously. No mockery, no dismissal. And you realized how important that had become. You had no fear of things becoming too intense for you to handle, you enjoyed crying and begging for more, for less, for him to stop or not to stop, and having him dehy you, manhandle you, do as he wanted. You loved losing yourself in sensation, because you knew that you could call it quits whenever you wanted. It was safe.
So, even with your body limp against him and tears drying on your face, you wanted him to do it, to fuck you, use you, come inside you. He was asking you to decide if you could handle it, and you knew you’d be able to, as long as…
“Would you hold me?” Your eyes focused on his, and maybe your huddled mind was playing tricks on you, but there seemed to be a flash of something soft and tender in his gaze.
He didn’t answer, just moved you to lay with your back to the mattress, parallel to the headboard so you could avoid the wet spot on the sheets. He took the harness and cuffs off you and positioned himself to enter you again, starting out with langid strokes, trailing kisses from below your ear to your collarbone.
You found yourself wrapping your arms around his neck, enjoying the feeling of him inside you. Having what felt like a month's worth of orgasms ripped out of you made you completely spent, so that tension didn’t build up in your core like usual, your body was only absorbing the sensation of his hard cock stretching you, sliding over your sensitive walls.
"Fuck, you're gripping me so good. This pussy loves me." He littered kisses across your chest and you let out small whines, running your fingers through his hair. Ransom slid one hand under your shoulder and the other went to hold your thigh. "That’s it, just keep doing that, yes, keep squeezing me. So perfect, God.”
You looked to the side, seeing both of you in the mirror. A smile stretched your lips as you saw his fingers digging into the flesh on your thigh, the strong muscles of his back moving when he thrust more purposefully into you, his hips faltering as his orgasm built. Your legs wrapped around him tightly and you let your head fall back and close your eyes, reveling in his weight pressing into you.
He shuddered as he felt you cling to him. “You’re so damn addictive,” Ransom said. He hadn't meant to, it slipped through his lips and he couldn’t find it in himself to stop. "Got an addictive fucking pussy, sweetheart." Your moan reached his ears and he lifted his head to see a soft smile on your parted lips. "Oh you like that, do you? Knowing you drive me crazy with this greedy hole?" You giggled through your moans, bringing one arm over your face. "None of that, c’mon. Tell me! What do you have? Fucking say it!" The hand on your thigh swatted it before gripping it again.
"An addictive fucking pussy," you blurted out.
“Made for my cock.”
"Made for your cock," you shouted confidently.
"Gonna fill you up, make a fucking mess out of this cunt. You want it? I'll stop if you say you can't take it." He knew you didn’t want to stop but he needed to hear you say it, hear how much you wanted him.
"No please, fuck, I want it, I can take it."
“Yes, you can. Love how dumb you get on my cock.” Later Ransom would think back to this sentence, to this moment, and regret letting himself go so much, telling you all of this, but right now, feeling your hands slide to his back to grip him, listening to you so lost in pleasure, so beautifully ruined under him, he could do nothing but let himself be flooded with awe. It stirred him on and he thrust into you with all he had, feeling his orgasm approach rapidly. It was all so dirty, so debauched, so perfect. “Fuck, you hear that? What does that sound like, huh?"
"A messy cunt." Your filthy mouth made his cock throb and his hips falter and he wished he could record you, because, fuck, he was sure he could come just with your voice.
"That's right, sounds like a pussy that's getting what it needs."
"Yes, yes!"
"Fuck, I can feel it in my balls. Milking me so well.” His voice strained as his abdomen tightened, his release so close.
"Ah, Ransom!" you cried out, and he never loved the sound of his own name more. "Always fuck me so well, fucking perfect cock. Let me have it, want it all.”
Your words swirled in his brain as he was pushed over the edge and came with a cry, rutting against you mindlessly to chase his high as you whined out his name. Your walls clenched around him even if you couldn’t orgasm anymore, just wanting to keep him in you, drink in every single drop of his pleasure.
Ransom sought out your lips as he slowed down in his need for you, the kiss clumsy as you were both struggling to breathe. Even after he pulled out from you, it took him several moments to be able to think again, laying his head on top of your chest. He caught himself listening to your slowing heartbeat, regulating his breathing according to yours, being gently brought down from his high by your fingers running from nape to his neck and back up again. When he opened his eyes he saw you tangled in each other in the mirror, your eyes closed. He let himself be lulled to a brief sleep, not allowing his mind to dwell on the foreign feeling that welled up in his chest, the twist in his gut brought on by the thought that you’d have to go soon. No, those were concerns for another day, another Ransom. One that didn’t have your soft skin pressed against his, one that hadn’t just lost himself in you. For a Ransom that would be able to pull away from you without feeling his heart break. Not this one, this one couldn’t.
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gay-jewish-bucky · 4 months ago
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bottombaron · 8 months ago
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taking screenshots for an episode 4 'breakdown' thing but it's taking just sooo long and I'm distracted with too many thoughts that I'm probably just going to trickle them out in separate posts
so here's one illuminating something I didn't catch before regarding Zemo's Riga apartment: it's suggested that Zemo hadn't been in the area since he was young. i'm assuming very young since he didn't understand the politics at the time and Zemo strikes me as the type to understand things like that at a very early age.
therefore it's logical to assume that the Riga apartment is an old family vacation home that was used for trips that involved a lot of business/political talk (always safe to assume Hydra here because when is it not?) and not a place Zemo had ever visited in adulthood.
which then brings up even more interesting points:
if Zemo hadn't been to the Riga apartment since childhood how did he know about the escape route under the bath tube? he must have been shown by someone when he was a kid, right? a parent maybe? did it have to be used before?
the Riga apartment being an old Zemo Family Estate totally changes how it reflects Zemo personally. it's now not a place he chose or furnished himself. it's again a part of his mask. the wealth and glamor doesn't speak to Zemo's true tastes or comforts or things he would have in his own home (necessarily). again, we know very little about who he truly is.
also there's a sort of sad nostalgia when you go back to a place you used to as a kid. did Zemo feel anything sentimental being back in a place that he used to spend time with his parent(s)? does it bring back fond memories of not knowing 'the politics' at the time? i'd like to know marvel, thnx.
him rummaging around in the cupboards looking for Turkish Delights is cast in a different light too. he literally doesn't know where they are! he's like a kid looking for sweets. making it even more sense that he finds them in some sort of vase, almost as if an adult was trying to hide them from a little thief. Zemo too, probably loved Turkish Delights as a kid and it was a struggle to keep them away from him.
furthermore, Zemo now jump-scaring Karli and cutting off her exit from the funeral makes so much more sense. instead of him just appearing out of nowhere without reason, it would be logical to assume that he knows the area like she would; as a kid he probably traversed all over the complex and would know exactly where she would run to get away.
anyway, it might have just been me that didn't catch this the first time but thought i'd share if anyone thought it was interesting or didn't notice it like I did. this is also why you should never invite me over to watch something because i'll unnecessarily deconstruct every little bit lol
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emys-123 · 4 months ago
That sequel of my favourite character, which I waited SIX years for, being entirely eclipsed by other characters who have their own shows and movies will be MY villian origin story.
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poisonandbiryani · 7 months ago
Recently we got this Muslim Arab queer person, playing the husband of a queer superhero in a Marvel movie. I don’t see this being celebrated enough. I have a huge problem with it. I am offended that people aren’t giving this enough attention. You just freaking adore cis-het actors playing gays. But when something actually significant is happening, no one cares. You all are bigots. You only want your fetishes to be showed on a screen and nothing else. I hate so many of you. You all deserve my hate.
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