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#all the time i have in quarantine

hm thinkin about trying transtape

#like idk its an option now.... i have money n stuff, #itll be way less strain on my ribs and like you can sleep in it..., #idk im in a weird spot bc im dysphoric but i know HRT is right around the corner but im like still scared, #i have a referral but i need to tell my parents im going to that appt so like. its not going to be easy, #like i have no clue how theyre going to be about it now that its actually happening, #so i kind of want to try some other stuff in case that blows up in my face and leaves me twice as dysphoric but idk, #im waiting until my next therapy appt to make a decision i wanna ask my therapist what i should do, #but like. with quarantine i got used to not wearing my binder so much so like i get winded so easily if i decide to put it on, #but also if i leave it off im just mad at my chest all the time, #and my voice has been driving me nuts too.... i dont talk as much bc im mostly by myself and i open my mouth and just, #its like oh god thats what i sound like???, #ough dysphoria hours boys, #i want to start hrt so bad like i just. i want to get there, #ive been waiting forever and it feels like its never going to happen but in reality it could happen within the next month!, #i hate this feeling this is how i felt about graduating too, #everything is in such a standstill and id jump out and grab it if it wasnt for my family, #im nervous. i dont need more friction here, #like they said do whatever you want we support you but said i should wait until im like 25 or some shit are you kidding, #they keep coming up with excuses like we're not against it just uhhh some other thing, #like they were worried about my mental health and that it might be *too much* with me also starting school... im doing fine in school, #ive proven that so far, #so like. there shouldnt be anything holding me back but they just dont want me to and thats the core of it, #so theyll come up with something else i can just hear it now, #theyll be like just dont aiden wait please can you just understand we're worried about blah blah blah, #this is making my mental health worse! you cant just keep telling me i have to put my comfort aside without a reason, #although who knows maybe theyll just say okay fine but like, #still. they went back on my pronouns again., #what are they gonna do when i start physically changing?, #im scared they wont even be able to look at me. they already hardly can, #i know i shouldnt care about what they think but theyre the roof over my head. i have to live with them every day
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Thor: oh it's you guys—
Peter, deep voice: with all that is golden in body
Thor: uh, what???
Morgan: And mind *anime transformation pose*
Thor, growing more worried by the second: ???
Harley: And spirit *anime transformation pose*
Thor, seriously not knowing what this is: ???
Nebula: And soul *anime transformation pose*
Thor, freaking out because what is this: ???
Peter: we summon tonight the life of death and all it's entailing ghouls *gestures to door*
Thor: *shrieks*
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keep thinking about how bad 15x16 was it felt so weird and I just kept waiting for it to be over. glad it was only the normal level of bad but the fact that it’s the final season and it’s bad makes it worse. I like s15 so far but christ on a cracker that ep was rough just generally choppy and bad in the technical sense. anyway waiting for a palet cleanse hoping 15x17 brings it bitch at least we get the 15x18 promo

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this probably sounds a little weird, but i always find myself returning to this app in my most tired and vulnerable states. when i can’t find a comfortable place on the internet, it feels soothing to come on here. it’s a safe space that i’ve taken the time to curate and nurture, and i feel like it’s so easy to share my thoughts on here (compared to other platforms). this is also the only consistent social media account i’ve had throughout my teenage years… i think i made this when i was 14? wow. it’s like a capsule of this period of my life which has otherwise been obliterated by my bad-memory-brain-rot. i’m not sure who i’d be without my account. i know i sound lame, but at times this was the only outlet i could share anything on, and without it, i’d probably be even more uncomfortable sharing my thoughts than i am now. basically tumblr is a stupid app but i love it nonetheless : )

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omg is this a coincidence or not that this is so similar to the ask i got from an anon about the assumptions xD 

thank you! i dont know if i suffered enough to count as suffering but like all those posts going around said, whatever trauma you have is justified and it doesnt matter how bad it was, so i suppose yes, that is true ahaha, i generally think most people have probably suffered more than me? i know i am privileged in some ways; but im trying not to quantify it bc again, everyones trauma is their own and is valid ^^ 

i do my best to help people! idk if im good at it or not but its the effort that counts right 😅

alSO ajsdklf U CALLED ME OUT HHH yeah i excel at avoiding my problems till its staring me in the face, about to crush me under the weight of its existence,  shame exuding from the angry storm cloud in the form of procrastination-regret, the smoke filling my lungs and choking me as i gasp for air, my eyes stinging from the invisible but deadly gas…u get the drift 

yes that was an extremely lame pun at the end 

well i did not intend for that to escalate that quickly lmao; so lets do this: SHIPPING? IS REALLY FUN!! xD heck yeaah OTPs 

fun fact: i used to have the characters i shipped in my email signature way back when (ikr i cant believe i had the guts) but i deleted it in hs bc everytime i wrote a professional email i was paranoid i was gonna forget to delete it/sometimes it shows up in the app when i send emails and sometimes it doesnt haha  

anyways thanks for the ask! 

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the upstairs roommates are now coming downstairs to hang out more often while im not there since ive stopped being in the common areas except for my work hours, which is GREAT and makes me think theyve been building dislike/resentment over me being here 24/7 longer than i realized. i hate being confined to a house i hate it hate it. at least i do have my small space to retreat to and its not like feb when that entire house was cat allergy infested and i couldnt be there for more than a few hrs at a time, i cant imagine doing quarantine there. But you know when someone doesnt like you so they go be extra nice to everybody else around you to highlight how awful you are, thats what this one roommate is doing. i feel like such a loser.

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i used to get really mad at myself for always being so drawn to softness and being understanding. there’s always been some small part of me that gets angry and wants to stomp my foot and say NO.

and i think its easy to get angry at yourself. so easy to fall into this idea that there’s nothing about you worth loving or caring about. so so tempting to think, ive made all these mistakes, hurt these people, done these unforgivable things. there’s nothing to love about me, and even if there were, it’s a trap. bc anyone who gets too close will suffer from loving me anways. and so many days, so many hours ive spent locked in that frame of mine. so so convinced, that im a hurricane sucking up souls and the hearts of those who meet me. a disaster on the edge. so easy to believe that not only am i unworthy, but doing those i love a favor by minimizing their interactions with me.

see isolation has always been a second nature to me for a reason. ive always felt like a plague. ive always told myself that in order to be loved, i must exist in the smallest ways possible. shrink. disappear. be invisible.

and it’s only just now hitting me, that’s the root of my deep need to understand those who feel like they aren’t capable of being understood. i ache to understand, and to be understood. to see, and to be seen in return. and it comes down to that every single time, no matter the question.

why did i hurt that person? why did i go out of my way to sabotage our relationship? i was scared they wouldn’t understand me. that they would reject me. why did i turn off my phone and stop responding to messages? i was scared id be too disappointing and they wouldn’t understand my pain and sadness. why did i put distance between me & that person i thought i liked? i figured they only liked the version of me they see & not the real me so i stopped letting them see me at all. why did i let that person treat me like that for so long? i thought they just needed someone to care when no one else would. why did i show them my pain when they didn’t really care?? i wanted to give them a reason to understand me and to show them i could understand them too.

time after time, every question, every failed relationship(romantic or platonic), it always comes down to me yearning for this absolute understanding that never seems to come and most of the time, it doesn’t come because i am terrified to let it come. to let it happen. to let myself be seen, really seen. sometimes i think to myself, that im isolated because it’s a natural habit & everyone else has too much going on to notice. but is that really true??? or am i isolated because i am avoiding the idea of being seen and potentially rejected or harmed? because anytime someone gets to close, i lock the door & give them a reason to doubt me and try to run?

anyways, here’s to learning how to love yes, but also learning how to be loved in return without letting doubt cloud your heart and mind.

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