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#all the young dudes
killublck · an hour ago
I honestly find all the comments about Ben Barnes fancasted as Sirius Black being very disrespectful.
It’s okay to imagine him as Sirius or fangirling for a damn Wolfstar fanfiction, but you can’t keep asking him about them during a damn Instagram Live while he’s trying to promote a series he’s really proud of. What do you expect, that he’ll start talking about how he would be the perfect choice for a film adaptation of All The Young Dudes? I was almost embarrassed for him when he got asked about it cause he looked so uncomfortable.
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artbyericalynn · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the marauders in skirts!!
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fairylupin · 2 hours ago
if chapter 148 of atyd doesn't scream comfort idk what does
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remusloopy · 3 hours ago
harry and sirius saw each other as a replacement for james
harry wanted a father figure so desperately and sirius just wanted his best friend back
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remumoonylupin · 3 hours ago
Daily atyd pain (but it’s just questionable today)
“Still, Sirius was having a surprisingly good time; as enthralled by the escalators and ticket barriers as Remus had been by Gringotts.”
Summer 1977: part 5
All the Young Dudes
Even if muggles can’t know about wizards, shouldn’t wizards at least understand the muggle world? Considering it is mainly muggle inhabited. Not just like some half hearted muggle studies class that’s only taken as an option.
Considering even James, who’s family are not exactly traditional pure bloods knows very little about the muggle world.. why didn’t his family teach him or at least expose him to the muggle world all around him?
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woahprongs · 4 hours ago
i’ve yet to see anyone really talk about the argument between james and sirius that happens after james and lily announce their engagement. these lines always struck my curiosity:
“what about your parents?! what do they think??”sirius was losing steam, but obviously not willing to stop being angry yet.
“they’re thrilled, actually! they love lily! and i thought you did too! you’re my best friend, i thought you’d be supportive!”
“oh!” sirius’s eyes gleamed, “because you’ve always been so supportive of my relationships!”
james’s eyes flickered towards remus, then back again - it was only a split second, but remus definitely felt it. what the hell was that about?
“you know that’s not...” james said, fiercely, jaw clenched.
remus took that as his cue to leave.
i’ve seen little to no people talk about this scene. and the few i have talked to about, asking the question if this implies that james, while being an ally, still struggles with homophobia, which is very likely in the time period, have just written it off as if this conversation didn’t happen.
and something i’ve noticed is that people, especially when discussing atyd, love to paint sirius in such a negitive light and discuss his every flaw. which, yes he does has flaws cause he’s a well written character. but he has a number of good qualities about him, hence why his character is liked.
but everyone loves to paint the others in such a positive light. which is fine, they’re amazing characters and i love them. but they tend to act like they don’t nearly have as many flaws as sirius. which is just simply not true.
with james specifically understand that you would want to focus more on the good aspects of him, as his depicted as a bully and bad person by jkr. so i feel that people feel the need to redeem him, which i complete get; i find myself doing the same. but when specifically discussing all the atyd, you have to acknowledge that he, like the rest of the characters as flaws.
we love and a appreciate james for being loving and accepting of remus and sirius. we call him “james the ally potter.” which he is. james is a great friend to them. but realistically, it’s likely that all while being accepting, he would still struggle with either internalized or causal homophobia.
and the few people i’ve seen talk about this, either dismiss it or just say “oh he didn’t mean it like that.” or “well, i headcanon that-“ or even “oh, sirius was referring to that conversation he and james had about remus after he found out about them-“ which to me, doesn’t make sense. none of that conversation had to do with james being confused about this relationship or unsupportive of it. he was telling sirius he can’t treat remus like he’s treated his past girlfriends. i feel that that scene was implying something else.
james is allowed to have flaws. i love that boy, but he is far from perfect, even in atyd.
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all-things-slytherin · 4 hours ago
My fixations vary depending on what fanfic I'm currently obsessing over. First it was cigs after All the Young Dudes, now it's aesthetic French songs after Sweater Weather and so on.
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fhear · 15 hours ago
Mott The Hoople - All the Young Dudes (Audio)
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hastamordertucorazon · 17 hours ago
The television man is crazy saying we're juvenile delinquent wrecks
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wintersshowers · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
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anythingforourxmoony1 · 18 hours ago
*everyone sitting in the common room studying*
*James runs in*
James: hey lupin! When are you supposed to be sick this month?
Remus: next Tuesday and may 26th I think. I can check later.
James: ok thanks!
*runs out*
Lily: wtf-
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360iris · 18 hours ago
Reading Chamber of Secrets after finishing All The Young Dudes has me prickling up at any mention of “Scabbers” and experiencing extreme melancholy for the lack of Remus Lupin content
I miss reading from his point of view :((( Where’s my Moony???
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nymphadora14 · 19 hours ago
Okay here’s the thing about all the young dudes
as much as i love angsty wolfstar and angsty remus it was too toxic remus and Sirius were toxic to each other i dont think they were portrayed accurately
But I do love remus’s and grant’s later relationship which was after 1981 and I love grant
The ending was a bit...underwhelming?
I think James’s parents were perfect tho
And I don’t think Sirius’s and regulus’s relationship was accurate
And I just read out of the blue its amazing how grant is living and how he explained stuff to teddy
In conclusion i need more fun marauders and more grant
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sadmoonart · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
I'm working on something :)
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daughterofaphrodite · 21 hours ago
Someone help, I’m reading All The Young Dudes by MsKingBean89 and it’s literally consuming my entire life. As you can see from all of my most recent reblogs, I can’t stop thinking about wolfstar. I need someone to talk to because I feel like my emotions are going to explode 😭 I’m on chapter 147. Anyone who want to have a group chat that’s read/reading it pls contact me. I’m so desperate for friends lol
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abee33 · 23 hours ago
Remus: awwww thank you so much you guys :)
James: we all got you a joint present
Peter: except Sirius
Lily: he got you a little something extra
Remus: thanks pads, you didn’t have to do that mate
Sirius: well come over here loops and I’ll give it to you
Remus: *walks over to Sirius who is grinning* umm okay...?
Sirius: *pulls Remus into a deep and passionate kiss before slowly pulling away*
Everyone: *cheering and whooping loudly*
Remus: *dazed* merlin, yours definitely wins
James: Oi no fair, you haven’t even seen ours yet!!!!
Remus: unless you fancy a snog prongs I think you’re out of luck
James: go on then, pucker up lupin
Sirius: Hands off prongsie,
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remumoonylupin · a day ago
Daily atyd pain:
“If we’re going to war with dark creatures, then as a dark creature I ought to be--”
“You’re not a dark creature.” James said, suddenly, “You’re our Moony.”
Sixth year: negotiations
All the Young Dudes
Of course werewolves are considered ‘dark creatures’, but moony? Honestly the hatred this makes me feel towards Greyback is unimaginable. Another thing I think about here is how Remus probably wouldn’t have even considered himself only useful as a ‘dark creature’ if it wasn’t for Dumbledore. He’s such a good wizard and so many of the people considered adults in atyd ignore it. The knock on effect this then has on Remus in his mid twenties makes me so angry.
Also James’ response and using ‘our’ moony, I just have to say makes me very happy because it feels so northern to me. :)
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lolhelpimtired · a day ago
omg wait to anyone who’s read all the young dudes by MsKingBean89, I’m on chapter 41 and is Achilles possibly related to crookshanks👀
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