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catherinnn · 2 days ago
Ten seconds.
Sirius Black x reader.
Reader and Sirius manage to have a picture of the first time they finally kissed.
warnings: my English, like one swear word and kissing, very fluffy.
a/n: this is first Sirius x reader fic I wrote, I had this idea from a tiktok and just thought of Sirius bc he's the only thing I think about lately, I hope you like like it <33
Tumblr media
Y/n was spending her Christmas break with all of the marauders in James' house. She firstly become friends with Remus in second year and eventually started hanging out with all of the group. She was in Revenclaw but never actually got along with anyone at her house, just her dormates, and when she started studying with Remus Lupin and Lily Evans in the library, she found out that she actually got along better with griffyndors.
Now they're in their sixth year.
James and Sirius were discussing about going to muggle London, they were already tired of being inside all the time and convinced James' father of letting them go there alone. That pair could be very persuasive sometimes.
Her relationship with Sirius has always been weird, if anything. Becouse when she first started hanging out with the marauders, James and Remus accepted her with open arms, Peter was rather quiet and nervous around her at first, but over time he started to trust and like her more, but Sirius was completely negated on this whole new marauder girl situation, she wasn't even in griffyndor, she was just a nerdy, cowardly revenclaw girl to him at first, how would she ever say yes to one of their pranks ideas?
But over time he realised that she was always on board with them, especially when they wanted to prank the slytherins, and even better if it was on Snivellus. She had some pretty good ideas and she was even better to escape from detention threats from professors or prefects. She could be really persuasive sometimes.
Eventually he accepted her as a marauder and as a friend to him, a really good friend. She always understood his problems with his family becouse she never got along with her mother either, she had a very toxic relationship with her since she was a kid. So every time he had a new letter from home, he would open it with her. Or when he had had a fight with Regulus in the halls, he would go to her firts.
On the start of their fifth year, Sirius-- well not just Sirius and rather all the boys in their year, had a surprise when y/n showed up more... developed, along with most fifth year girls.
He started throwing a flirty comment here and there to her every time they were hanging out, even if the marauders--or anyone-- were there with them, even one time he said something about her eyes in front of McGonagall, that was very embarrassing for y/n, but Sirius was still with a grin on his face when McGonagall throwed a funny look to them.
Now in their sixth year y/n had become more confident of herself, and started to respond to his flirty comments, in a more flirty way of course, becouse she enjoyed the smug on his face or his blushed cheeks sometimes--yes, she had made Sirius Black blush. But even with their flirty relationship, they were still just friends, they had both been in relationships in previous years with other people, but never made a move on each other, not even a drunk kiss at a party.
But anyways, here they were, all five of them, in muggle London just walking around, buying muggle books and vinyl records of their favourite muggle singers, when they found a photo booth cabin.
"Merlin, we have to get some pictures of us in it" y/n said.
"What even is this thing" James asked.
"You get in the box and it takes like four pictures of us, it's really fun" she responded.
"But they don't move like magic pictures do, they just stay still and they're in black and white" Remus added.
"That sound kinda boring-"
"We'll do it!" Sirius interrupted Peter, they all squeezed in the cabin how they could and took a lot of funny and cute pictures of the group.
They ended up having like nine stipes of pictures, but y/n wanted to take more.
"Alright, that's enough for me" said Remus getting out of the booth.
"Yeah, we already have plenty of pictures of us" James agreed following him with Peter
"No, c'mon let's take a few more" y/n whined, the other boys said no to this but not Sirius.
"Alright, we'll take some more pictures of us then, we're the best marauders anyways" Sirius comforted her, staying inside the cabin with her.
"I heard that" James yelled while he was already walking away with Peter and Remus.
So they payed for another stripe of pictures with the few muggle coints they had left.
For the first picture Sirius stick his tongue out looking at the little camera and y/n smiled showing her teeth, they waited ten seconds and for the click sound and changed their positions, they were now putting their middle fingers out to the camera, waited for the box to take the picture and then Sirius changed to look at her instead, he grabbed her neck and kissed her cheek, he stayed like that and y/n-- trying to not smile at his action-- throw a kiss to the camera, they waited ten second like that and before Sirius could turn his eyes at the camera again y/n turned her head to look at him now.
He stayed still looking at her.
Ten seconds.
She had ten seconds to decide whether she should do what she had on mind or not. Ten seconds to decide whether to kiss him or not.
They looked at each other and y/n slowly grabbed his cheek.
Eight seconds.
He had plenty of time to look away, but he didn't.
Five seconds.
He stayed watching y/n, waiting for what he hoped her next action to be.
Two seconds.
She leaned closer and kissed him.
One second, the camera took the picture.
They kept kissing, their four pictures already taken and the booth was printing them out.
The picture string was waiting for them to grab it, but they didn't, they kept kissing each other.
Sirius had grabbed her head to kiss her passionately, he had waited so much for this to happen.
She put her hands to his hair and played with it while their tongues fought. She had waited so much for this to happen.
Eventually they pulled away from the kiss.
"Wow" he exhaled, y/n looked at him fighting a smile and losing.
"Felt like the right time to do it" she said.
"Totally" he agreed and gave her a peck on the lips, smiling.
They took the stripe from the booth and they had a perfect picture of their first kiss. The first of many.
After all of that, they got out of the cabin, he held her hand, and went to find their friends.
It hadn't passed much time for the rest, but for them it felt like it had passed a long time.
"Oh, there you are" Remus noticed them, not really minding their hands holding, it was normal for the pair to show a little affection, it happened almost every day, but this time it was way different for them both.
"Well, don't just stay there, show us the pictures" James asked, they looked at each other.
"I think this one is going to stay just for us" Sirius said, but this only made James more curious, he went to grab the stripe of pictures in his hand, Sirius pulled back and pushed him with the hand that was holding y/n's. Then both boys started fighting for the pictures.
Y/n just laughed while Remus and Peter rolled their eyes, this kind of fights happened all the time in the dorm.
"Get off of me you idiot, you're going to brake it" Sirius yelled, James ended up grabbing the stripe and when he looked at it, he almost choked.
"NO WAY!!" the other two boys went next to James to look at it also, and they both screamed too.
"Fucking finally!" Remus said "I was getting tired of the tension between you two."
The boys keps teasing the couple and they just smiled rolling their eyes but silently agreeing with Remus, fucking finally.
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skadilokiart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
A group shot of the Marauders on their way to Hogsmeade for last minute Christmas shopping. Padfoot still hasn't really gotten the hang of warming charms yet unfortunately.
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lunasstar · a day ago
Tumblr media
Marauders as movie scenes ( God's own country)
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asthxte · 2 days ago
remus: wow, i feel so happy right now
remus: ...
remus, narrowing his eyes: something’s wrong
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mrsfrecklesmarauders · a day ago
Now all my family knows I am into things that have Moons and Stars in them. But they don't know it is because of Wolfstar.
(Including Suns because of Grant)
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my-mood-is-always--no · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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withthethiefs · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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letraspal · 12 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
'Cause I knew everything when I was young I knew I'd curse you for the longest time
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wafflemae · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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zontik · a month ago
u ever remember one of your fandoms "oh yeah thats right im into this too" and then dive head first into the rabbit hole again
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paulineflorenzi · 5 months ago
hope you guys like it
(the last one is for wallpaper)
my ig: xodeadlina
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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waddle-avocado · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Remus and Sirius, seen here snogging.
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skadilokiart · a day ago
Tumblr media
Trans Sirius Black because I hate JKR <3
I painted this a whole back when JKR decided to say more stupid things on International Women's Day, so I transed Sirius's gender 😎
I'm a trans marauders fan myself so hating JKR is like my favourite thing, and headcannoning most of my fave characters as trans and queer is a hobby of mine :)
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whore-for-wolfstar · a month ago
How do queer people in books and movies just find each other? I'm so jealous.
Everytime I read a book and I see a found family trope of a group of broken yet amazing non-straight and non-cis people finding each other, I get simultaneously happy and sad. Happy because look at them finally being around people who accept them. It's like a "look at my baby thrive with their new friends" feeling. But it's also sad cus I want that too.
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tea-and-lots-of-books · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
This is Remus Lupin and James Potter. Photo taken by Sirius.
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mrsfrecklesmarauders · 6 months ago
JKR: *Mentions Marlene, Dorcas & Mary once*
JKR: *Explains 3% of Remus, Sirius, James, Lily and Regulus*
JKR: *Makes Peter a traitor*
JKR: *Makes The Marauders bullies*
JKR: *Kills them all*
The fandom: *Comes up with Headcanons for these characters' sexualities, childhood, parents, favorite beverage, favorite food, the way they act when they are drunk, who they date, identities, the way they dress, favorite songs, how they act when they are sad, how they act when they are happy, how they act when they are angry, how they sleep, how they take they coffee or tea, mental illnesses, mental conditions, them as songs, Halloween costumes, Christmas Presents, sweets they like, jewelry they wear, friendships between each other, relationships between each other, when they lost their virginity, how they like sex, NSFW Headcanons, blood type, zodiac sign, religion, how they dance, what shows they watch, favorite movies, favorite superhero, favorite villain, them as dishes, them as drinks, what they wear for a club, what they wear for the beach, what they wear for the mountain, how they manage their social media, what kind of smartphones they have, if they are dog or cat people, if they are vegan or not, ideal jobs, jobs they actually have, future plans, if they want kids or not, dreams and hopes, worst fears, nightmares they have, them as colors, them as partners, them as our partners, how they decorate their rooms, how they act on the dentist's appointment, how they act on a doctor's appointment, childhood traumas, them as Greek Gods, them as celebrities, them as books, books they read, favorite author, favorite singer, music abilities, sport abilities, weird abilities...etc(insert more)*
Literally everyone else: You need help...
The fandom: *sighing* We know
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mssrsmoon · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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my-mood-is-always--no · 2 months ago
I didn't need to be called out like this today...
Tumblr media
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lady-random · 2 months ago
As we all decided "death of the author" I will start adding new, 100% canon, information:
• Madam Maxine taught Hagrid how to do the macarena
• The Black family used to go on vacations to France
• Sirius won the Most Handsome Convict three years in a row
•Regulus used to shout obscene things to James while he was playing Quidditch to distract him but it stuck so James couldnt talk to him without feeling harassed
• James used to blame Remus' "bad behaved rabbit" for their pranks
• Sirius is wanted in France
• McGonagall has a private section of cat weed on the greenhouses
• Blaise bet with Pansy that Drarry was end game, he still owes her 25 galleons because "It might still happen"
• Remus and Lily told all the purebloods that Mickey Mouse is a muggle God
• Once James threatened to hex Evan but Regulus heard and said that likes when he hexes him at night, James immediately left
•Dumbledore is a war criminal
•James and Sirius tried dog food, Sirius because of padfoot, James was just curious, they both liked it a lot and eat when nobody is looking
• Regulus convinced Sirius that they have a squib brother who was sold tho the Polish mafia
• Harry once went to a therapist and made her cry
• Mrs Dursley had an affair with a fortune teller
•The Daily Prophet had a 12 pages article about the scandal of the "LOST BLACK BROTHER" it involved pictures of random polish kids with black hair and an interview with a very confused polish farmer who didn't speak english
•Hedwig is pansexual
•Mr Dursley once found the fortune teller in their kitchen so Mrs Dursley gaslighted him to believe she was a maid they hired 3 years ago
• Voldemort stole his name from a old french cartoon where the dog was called VoldiMorti
• The Death Eaters lived in fear of accidentally touching the black mark while bathing
• When James started dating Lily, Regulus started calling him cheater, half of Hogwarts believed that they were in a relationship despite James' angry denials
• You're gay
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yxllowmoony · 3 months ago
straight sirius black scares the shit out of me
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